AlbertAasac: ok, it does point to media-hub client though....00:26
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pittidobey: FTR, apport doesn't create reports on SIGKILL (that would be quite wrong), so dash crashing is something else than deliberate lifecycle mgmt05:59
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dholbachgood morning07:09
Manvindaris there any ubuntu touch port for MT6592?09:26
manvindaris there any ubuntu touch port for mediatek MT6952 SoC09:39
popeydont think so09:40
popeywhich device has that soc?09:41
manvindarAlcatel Onetouch Idol X+09:41
popeynice device!09:42
manvindarye but there isnt much resources available to play with it :D09:43
manvindarso there are no ports for any mediatek SoC's?09:46
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Internet Day, and happy Cat Day! :-D09:46
popeymanvindar: there may be09:47
manvindarthought 6952 had one.....cuz its Octa core09:48
diwicJamesTait, oh, what a coincidence! Maybe if we could combine "Internet" and "Cat" somehow...hmm...09:49
ogra_caternet ?09:50
diwicogra_, I'm thinking, maybe one could take a photo or video of a cat and share on the Internet...what do you think of that idea?09:51
diwicI must be the first one thinking that!09:51
JamesTaitdiwic, tbf, I thought it went without saying that Internet Day *is* Cat Day.09:53
JamesTaitBecause http://youtu.be/zi8VTeDHjcM09:53
ogra_diwic, hmm, we could form groups around that ... on a centralized web page ... you could personalize it with a picture of your face even ... that you put next to your cat picture collection09:54
popeyIt's crazy. It'll never work.09:55
ogra_and we could call that catbook ...09:55
ogra_since it shows your cat ...09:55
diwicsounds like a flawless plan...but not clawless09:57
oSoMoNanyone knows who would be the right person to review a url-dispatcher MR? (https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/url-dispatcher/more-sophisticated-urls/+merge/239514)10:36
popeyoSoMoN: charles_10:37
popeygoing by https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/url-dispatcher/trunk.14.1010:37
oSoMoNpopey, thanks (I should have thought of looking at the branch history…)10:37
coderuswhat is the right channel to promote application development for ubuntu touch?10:42
ogra_coderus, #ubuntu-app-devel10:43
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coderusogra_: thx10:47
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JStalinhow can i disable t9 for certain input, I'm trying to type url and it constantly changes feeds into Leeds11:34
mptkemmko, is there a bug report on fixing that SIM PIN dialog you showed me?11:37
JStalinbattery drains extremely fast with wifi enabled on nexus511:41
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brendandJStalin, which channel are you using?11:43
JStalini reinstalled to rtm yesterday11:44
JStalini was using devel recently, and it didn't even last 8 hours without much wifi usage, today it seems to be slightly better, but still11:45
brendandJStalin, rtm devel or -proposed?11:45
brendandJStalin, hmm ok. maybe a hw specific thing to hammerhead11:45
brendandtbh hammerhead is not really much supported11:45
stepgt i8552 !!!!!!!11:49
JStalinbut it will be supported in future, right?11:52
ogra_there will be pre-installed ubuntu phones soon ...11:53
JStalinone other funny thing, people talking with me hear their voice back12:03
JStalinand it doesnt happen on android, so its not hardware issue12:04
mterryseb128, jgdx: heyo -- I have a review for u-s-s that is targeted for 10/30: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu-system-settings/passphrase-continue/+merge/23936712:25
mterryWhat's the scheduling for the next u-s-s release?12:25
jgdxmterry, hey, I think ken's doing one. Asap I think.12:27
jgdxmterry, need a review?12:28
mterryjgdx, yes please!12:28
kemmkompt: no, not yet12:32
jgdxmterry, how do i install unity 8.01?12:38
mterryjgdx, from the jenkins bot debs in the other unity8 branch12:39
jgdxmterry, thanks12:40
pngo_is it possible to send/receive a mms msg?12:42
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jgdxmterry, I thought we did pot updates post merge? :) I.e. lowering noise in mps.12:47
mterryjgdx, oh I thought I remembered the opposite (though I would love that if true -- I can undo the pot changes)12:48
jgdxmterry, whatever works for you. The QML looks good.12:49
mterryjgdx, I'll drop the pot changes, one moment12:49
mterryjgdx, dropped12:51
mterryhopefully makes the diff easier to read  :)12:51
seb128mterry, hey12:53
seb128mterry, I can do review if still needed12:53
mterryseb128, jgdx is in process on it, thanks though!12:53
mterryseb128, jgdx: I'm a little uncertain on the timing of landing, since this branch requires the latest (unreleased as of this moment) unity812:53
seb128mterry, not sure, we can land in u-s-s trunk, we have  a separate vcs for rtm now and do backports12:54
seb128so step one is landing in trunk/vivid12:54
seb128then we can organizer a rtm landing12:54
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pngo_ubuntu 14.10 (r114), nexus 4, can not change time zone. only input shows. keyboard is not showing when input is tapped.13:05
pngo_can I change time zone via adb?13:07
jgdxpngo_, anything pertinent in the logs? Can you reproduce it?13:10
jgdxdoes the osk pop up anywhere else?13:10
pngo_jgdx: a reboot fixed it.13:11
pngo_jgdx, where can I find logs13:11
jgdxpngo_, depends on what's relevant. If the OSK failed only for the settings application or system wide, e.g.13:13
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pngo_jgdx, in this case only for this app13:13
jgdxpngo_, then /home/$USER/.cache/upstart/application-legacy-ubuntu-system-settings-.log13:14
pngo_2014-10-29 12:40:33,407 - WARNING - file:///usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/ListItems/SingleControl.qml:59:14: Unable to assign [undefined] to bool13:19
pngo_UbuntuWindow - regular geometry13:19
pngo_2014-10-29 12:40:33,737 - WARNING - UbuntuClipboard - Got invalid serialized mime data. Ignoring it.13:19
pngo_2014-10-29 12:40:40,149 - WARNING - file:///usr/share/ubuntu/settings/system/qml-plugins/cellular/PageComponent.qml:30:1: QML PageComponent: Binding loop detected for property "flickable"13:19
pngo_2014-10-29 12:40:43,091 - WARNING - file:///usr/share/ubuntu/settings/system/qml-plugins/cellular/PageChooseCarrier.qml:28:1: QML PageChooseCarrier: Binding loop detected for property "flickable"13:19
pngo_2014-10-29 12:40:43,091 - WARNING - file:///usr/share/ubuntu/settings/system/qml-plugins/cellular/PageChooseCarrier.qml:28:1: QML PageChooseCarrier: Binding loop detected for property "flickable"13:19
pngo_2014-10-29 12:40:43,144 - WARNING - file:///usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/ListItems/SingleControl.qml:59:14: Unable to assign [undefined] to bool13:19
pngo_2014-10-29 13:00:56,265 - WARNING - UbuntuClipboard - Got invalid serialized mime data. Ignoring it.13:19
pngo_2014-10-29 13:01:04,535 - WARNING - QDBusConnection: name 'org.freedesktop.timedate1' had owner '' but we thought it was ':1.90'13:19
pngo_2014-10-29 13:10:08,070 - WARNING - file:///usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/ListItems/SingleControl.qml:59:14: Unable to assign [undefined] to bool13:19
pngo_UbuntuWindow - regular geometry13:19
pngo_2014-10-29 13:10:08,461 - WARNING - UbuntuClipboard - Got invalid serialized mime data. Ignoring it.13:19
pngo_2014-10-29 13:10:17,406 - WARNING - QDBusConnection: name 'org.freedesktop.timedate1' had owner '' but we thought it was ':1.84'13:19
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MacSlowpngo_, please use pastebin.ubuntu.com for such things13:20
pngo_I will next time13:20
jgdxpngo_, you can now reproduce it? Even after the reboot?13:22
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barrystgraber: i think the keyrings on p.s.o are still broken.  afaict, image-signing doesn't sign channels.json13:45
mterrykenvandine, there you are13:47
mterrykenvandine, you are prepping a new utopic release for u-s-s?13:48
kenvandinemterry, not utopic...13:48
kenvandinemterry, i landed your T&C link fix in vivid and rtm13:49
mterrykenvandine, OK awesome.  There are some other approved u-s-s branches targeted for 10/30 but haven't landed in trunk yet13:50
mterrykenvandine, but at least one requires the latest unity8 which isn't in utopic either yet13:50
mterrykenvandine, was just trying to see how to coordinate them13:50
kenvandinemterry, yeah, those should land together13:50
kenvandinemterry, i guess get them together in a silo13:50
mterrykenvandine, well u8 can land first if it has time to13:50
kenvandineok, it won't break settings?13:51
mterrykenvandine, no it just exposes a property that settings wants13:51
kenvandineok, do you know when u8 will land?13:51
mterrySaviq, what is your timing plan for a u8 utopic release?  there is at least one u8 branch that needs to land before u-s-s does.  Can we bundle a tiny u8 release together with u-s-s or is there an imminent u8 release for utopic?13:52
kenvandinemterry, you mean vivid and rtm right?13:53
kenvandinenot sure we are doing SRU's for this13:53
mterryugh, right.  vivid  :)13:53
kenvandinegood...  :)13:53
Saviqmterry, today13:54
Saviqmterry, there's silo 513:55
stgraberbarry: hmm, I think I know why...13:55
stgraberbarry: try now13:56
Saviqmterry, which MP?13:56
stgraber(since channels.json had no reason to change, it never got re-signed with the new key...)13:56
mterrySaviq, can I add https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/expose-lockscreen-passphrase/+merge/239364 ?13:57
Saviqmterry, just did13:57
mterrySaviq, thank you!13:57
mterrykenvandine, ok -- so everything we need is in silo 513:58
mterrykenvandine, would waiting on that slow you down?13:58
mterry(I don't know when you planned your next vivid release)13:58
kenvandinemterry, your passphrase continue and shutdown dialog fixes are the ones on the rtm list for this week right?14:00
mterrykenvandine, yes14:01
mterryboth want changes in u814:01
kenvandinemterry, i was going to do one later today that included those 2 and one branch from jgdx14:01
mterrybut only one *requires* it to build14:01
kenvandineyeah, i was worried about the u8 part :)14:02
kenvandinei can land jgdx's first14:02
kenvandinethen prepare a second with your's14:02
mterrykenvandine, ok thank you!14:02
kenvandinemterry, can you also propose those against the rtm branch?14:02
kenvandinemterry, it'll speed things up, instead of waiting for the trunk merge then cherry pick14:03
mterrykenvandine, oh sure14:03
dobeypitti: yes, i know. that's what i said :)14:04
kenvandinemterry, thanks!14:04
Wellarkbrendand: I know you can appreciate line 37: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8732373/ ;)14:04
oSoMoNcharles_, hey, would you mind reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/url-dispatcher/more-sophisticated-urls/+merge/239514 ? it’s needed as part of an RTM bug fix14:05
brendandWellark, nooooooooooooo14:05
Wellarkbrendand: yes!14:05
brendandWellark, don't do that :/14:05
barrystgraber: perfect, thanks14:05
Wellarkbrendand: there is a valid reason to use two step construction with std::enable_shared_from_this ;)14:06
Wellarkbrendand: trust me, I'm an engineer.14:06
barrystgraber: and it's nice to see the phase actually work (at least for one update)14:06
Wellarkwith my epic skills and epic gear14:07
Wellarkmarcustomlinson: now I broke brendand... :(14:07
Wellarkhe probably fainted14:08
Wellarkshould we call the medics to his address?14:08
brendandWellark, i'm shaking in the corner14:08
brendandWellark, having hallucinations of being attacked by the dreaded Cleanup Stack14:09
brendandoh no here comes Active Object!!!!!14:09
Wellarkbrendand: now that you mentioned it....14:10
mpt“Sorry, the application phablet-config has stopped unexpectedly.”14:13
* mpt wonders why Apport thinks phablet-config is an application14:13
* Wellark proposes a patch to C++14 standard to enable two step constructors as a language feature14:14
jelknerI all!  Does anyone know anything about a "Flickr example application"?14:14
jelknerIt is referenced here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/QtLocation.PositionSource/14:14
ogra_mpt, because it is silly, it does that for all python things14:14
Wellarkit could have the form of <ClassName>(-.-);14:14
jelknerbut I can't find it anywhere.14:14
jelknerA google search only returns the same link I just posted.14:15
Wellarkmpt: it _is_ an application14:15
ogra_mpt, gets really funny if you remotely run python scripts on your desktop ... and cant find your apps anymore the next morning underneath the stack of popups14:15
Wellarkapps written in python are apps as well ;)14:15
ogra_apps usually have a UI though14:16
mptWellark, not in the sense that I meant when I wrote that error message. It’s a terminal command.14:16
ogra_and are not just scripts14:16
Wellarkwell, depends.. :)14:16
Wellarkalthough would be awesome to have a GUI for all of the phablet- tools14:16
oSoMoNtedg, is https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/url-dispatcher/more-sophisticated-urls/+merge/239514 targetting the correct branch for a RTM landing?14:21
mptWellark, yes, I’m trying (and failing) to use “phablet-config welcome-wizard --enable”, and I didn’t even know it existed until yesterday … A phone equivalent to <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributorConsole> would be nifty14:22
tedgoSoMoN, Not sure :-) We don't have an RTM branch for it currently. I guess we could make one.14:23
Wellarkmpt: bug oSoMoN and ogra_ ;)14:23
tedgoSoMoN, Though I'm not sure we'll ever land something on 14.10…14:23
ogra_mpt, !14:24
ogra_mpt, this is sweet !!! why didnt i know about iit14:24
oSoMoNtedg, would you mind creating one and re-targetting the MR? I’d like to land that today if possible, together with the oxide and dialer-app fixes14:24
ogra_mpt, phablet-tools will only work with properly set up developer mode indeed ... is that enabled ?14:26
tedgoSoMoN, sure14:26
mptogra_, with Developer Mode off it displays “subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command 'adb shell ls /home/phablet/.config/ubuntu-system-settings/wizard-has-run' returned non-zero exit status 255” in the terminal. With Developer Mode on, it does the same thing, but in Apport. :-P14:27
mptls: cannot access /home/phablet/.config/ubuntu-system-settings/wizard-has-run: No such file or directory14:27
seb128does anyone know where to look at a "doesn't receive smses from a specific number"?14:28
seb128not sure if that's an issue with my other phone or with the carrier or with the ubuntu phone code14:28
seb128 but sending smses from phone 1 -> 2 works, replying seems to work but 1 never get the reply14:28
seb128 1 being a krillin and 2 an android phone14:28
ogra_mpt, hmm, are you sure developer mode is actually on ? we use that phablet-config command on a daily basis in every image smoke test14:28
ogra_mpt, also is your phablet-tools package up to date with the patest from the phablet-team PPA ?14:29
mptogra_, other than the GUI, how do I tell?14:29
ogra_adb shell14:29
ogra_from a terminal14:29
ogra_or adb devices14:29
charles_oSoMoN, commented + approved14:33
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mptogra_, “adb shell” works fine14:36
mptand /home/phablet/.config/ubuntu-system-settings/ indeed does not contain a wizard-has-run directory14:37
ogra_        adb.shell('sudo -u phablet mkdir -p %s' % config_dir)14:39
ogra_        adb.shell('sudo -u phablet touch %s' % ran_file)14:39
ogra_hmm, i see it creating it in the code there14:39
ogra_mpt, please file a bug against phablet-tools and feel free to assign to me14:41
ogra_i see ti tries to ls the file before the dir exists14:41
tedgoSoMoN, https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/url-dispatcher/more-sophisticated-urls/+merge/24000615:03
oSoMoNtedg, seen that, thanks! I just commented to answer charles’ comment15:04
oSoMoNtedg, charles, the MR looks good to me, can one of you top-approve so I get it in a silo?15:04
tedgoSoMoN, charles has top approved it.15:05
oSoMoNah, I should have refreshed the page :) thanks15:05
oSoMoNawesome, now to get it in a silo15:05
oSoMoNtedg, does url-dispatcher have a manual test plan that I could link to in the landing request?15:07
tedgoSoMoN, Yes, it still uses the old scope design though. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/url-dispatcher15:08
tedgoSoMoN, You'll have to find the wikipedia scope yourself :-)15:09
mptogra_, nm, I installed all updates and now it works15:23
mptthough the setup still skipped the step I was interested in (setting lock security)15:23
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tedgoSoMoN, So I've got a webapp that I setup with the new fancy splash screen config. Which works, but the browser seems to initialize to white, then the first page (which matches my splash screen color), is it possible to skip that white init?15:35
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oSoMoNtedg, I imagine that happens in the time between the webview is instantiated and the content starts rendering15:43
oSoMoNtedg, we would need a signal in oxide to notify us when the content starts rendering, and delay showing the webview until then15:44
oSoMoNtedg, or a cheaper solution would be to wait for the page to be fully loaded, that wouldn’t require an extra signal15:44
oSoMoNbut that would also give the user the impression that the app is slower to start15:45
tedgoSoMoN, I'm not sure of all the implications of those, but yes, something like that. Perhaps with a time out, fully rendered or 5 secs.15:45
oSoMoNtedg, can you file a bug to track the issue, against webbrowser-app ?15:45
tedgoSoMoN, bug 138724515:49
ubot5bug 1387245 in webbrowser-app "White flash when starting webapp" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138724515:49
oSoMoNtedg, any chance you can attach your webapp (or a link to its homepage) to the bug, as well as the splash color you use? that would ease reproducing and fixing15:50
tedgOh, sure.15:51
jgdxkenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/cellular-split-radio-pref-and-data-fix-1378812/+merge/238304 is gtg for review16:00
kenvandinejgdx, i plan to get it into a silo today16:01
jgdxkenvandine, could you e-mail me when the silo is ready?16:01
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oSoMoNmandel, who handles landing requests for udm?16:33
sergiusensoSoMoN: I thought the idea of the test plans for landings was that any lander could land stuff16:35
sergiusensoSoMoN: but mandel owns it in the end16:35
oSoMoNsergiusens, yeah, I understand that, the question was more, who usually does it? (that’s in reference to bug #1387268, we’re gonna need an upload to utopic and vivid)16:36
ubot5bug 1387268 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "[regression] Cannot download files from the browser" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138726816:36
sergiusensoSoMoN: how did that happen? :-/16:37
sergiusensthe bug...16:37
oSoMoNsergiusens, I guess changes to udm landed in rtm only, whereas webbrowser-app changes landed both in rtm and utopic16:37
oSoMoNsergiusens, and the question really is: why didn’t the udm changes land in utopic?16:38
sergiusensoSoMoN: oh, that explains it; but how did the webbrowser land there I guess16:38
sergiusensoSoMoN: I thought the silo was one atomic thing16:38
oSoMoNI thought so too16:38
oSoMoNlet’s see if the spreadsheet has the logs for this landing16:39
sergiusensoSoMoN: so who put the new webbrowser into utopic didn't run the testplan as it clearly would of failed16:39
ogra_oSoMoN, for utopic you need an SRU ...16:39
ogra_oSoMoN, does that affect desktop ?16:39
oSoMoNogra_, it doesn’t affect the desktop16:40
oSoMoNonly devices16:40
oSoMoNsergiusens, indeed, the test plan wasn’t correctly run on utopic, it would have failed16:41
sergiusensoSoMoN: if it only affects devices, we just need to wait for vivid16:41
ogra_oSoMoN, then ignore utopiic16:41
oSoMoNsergiusens, that won’t solve it automagically though, the version in vivid still is the same as in utopic, so we need a new landing16:41
ogra_sure, you can do a vivid only landing16:41
ogra_point is that forr devices utopic is dead16:42
sergiusensthere isn't going to be a new image either16:42
ogra_if we have new images the aliases for  devel ad devel-proposed will be pointing to vivid16:42
sergiusens'series' are sort of dead to us16:42
oSoMoNgood that we don’t have to care for utopic too much (apart from desktop obviously)16:43
oSoMoNgiven that the bug only affects devices, fixing it in vivid will be easy (as opposed to doing a SRU)16:43
ogra_well, there are plans for a 14.10-rtm merger16:43
ogra_but in that case your rtm landing will simply override whatever comes from utopic16:44
sergiusensoSoMoN: ogra_ let's just copy_package udm16:44
sergiusensinto vivid16:44
ogra_feel free16:44
sergiusensthere's no way to test it and it will be overwritten anyways with an override16:45
sergiusensogra_: I can't :-)16:45
ogra_why ? who moved it to main ?16:45
sergiusensogra_: I'm not motu; just ppu16:45
sergiusensoh wait, let me check if that's on my list16:45
ogra_i think you got PPU when you did all the uploads for mandel16:46
sergiusensogra_: not on my list16:46
sergiusensogra_: nope; I just do silo landings for him16:46
ogra_ah, k16:46
ogra_sergiusens, so from utopic to vivid ro from rtm to vivid ?16:47
sergiusensogra_: from rtm to vivid16:53
sergiusensogra_: I'd make it source copy only, but your choice16:54
ogra_indeed, source only16:54
oSoMoNogra_, so you’re handling the source copy of udm from rtm to vivid?17:04
ogra_oSoMoN, yep, after the landing meeting17:05
oSoMoNogra_, awesome, thanks!17:05
DaSpiritHow stable is Ubuntu Touch, currently?17:06
sergiusensoSoMoN: the bug for unzip will have a fixed released for vivid most likely, so you can probably dup it17:06
ogra_enough to go on sale before end of the year17:06
DaSpiritGreat, does the install guide linked in the topic tell you how to dual boot Android and Ubuntu Touch?17:08
ogra_thats not officially supported ... so you have to refer to community info7docs for that17:09
DaSpiritHm, sounds risky.17:10
oSoMoNogra_, can you assign bug #1387268 to yourself ?17:12
ubot5bug 1387268 in ubuntu-download-manager (Ubuntu) "[regression] Cannot download files from the browser on devices" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138726817:12
ogra_oSoMoN, will do17:15
seb128replying from the indicator-message to sms acts like if it was working but it's not17:23
seb128the sms are not in the messaging app view and don't seem to be sent17:23
seb128is that a known issue?17:23
seb128using rtm 135 on krillin17:23
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Elleosergiusens: wasn't there something that needs recompiling against UDM due to ABI changes; wouldn't that cause issues if you just copied the UDM package without also copying whatever the other thing was?17:33
sergiusensElleo: right unity-scope-click... ogra :-)17:34
dobeysergiusens: did that change land?17:34
sergiusensogra_: once udm is done on vivid, can you trigger a rebuild for unity-scope-click17:34
sergiusensdobey: not on vivid; only rtm17:35
ogra_sergiusens, i dont think i can without a re-uplaod17:35
sergiusensogra_: right, I meant copy package really :-)17:35
sergiusensfeels like we are in a mess :-p17:35
dobeyogra_, sergiusens: i have a silo with unity-scope-click to copy to vivid, but i was waiting for a vivid image to test it againt17:35
dobeywe are in a mess :P17:36
ogra_no, we are at the start of a cycle :)17:36
mandelogra_, PPU??17:37
ogra_mandel, per package uploadrights17:37
dobeyand we have a distribution based off the previous cycle, which isn't finished yet :)17:37
ogra_dobey, right, thats why i dont get why people complain about vivid17:37
ogra_focus on rtm ....17:38
ogra_land your stuff in vivid so it doesnt get lost there17:38
dobeyogra_: because the spreadsheets that track the bugs are broken and looking at the "ubuntu" tasks instead of the "ubuntu-rtm" tasks17:38
ogra_i expect to have images ready later tonight for vivid ...17:38
mandelogra_, ok17:38
ogra_but that doesnt mean they will boot :P17:38
mandelsergiusens, oSoMoN AFAIK I did not land anything recently that would break the browser, can you give me a little feedback17:39
mandelbetter said, background17:39
dobeyogra_: the problem is if i just land thigns in vivid without testing them in vivid, i can't be sure if they broke or not17:39
ogra_dobey, well, if you land things in vivid but systemd breaks services, you wont boot the image anyway ...17:39
dobeymy stuff is already in rtm, and i'm just trying to land it in vivid to be sure it doesn't get lost :)17:40
ogra_and no, we havent switched to it by default yet17:40
oSoMoNmandel, it’s not a change in udm per-se that broke it, but the browser is now using a QML type recently introduced in udm (Metadata), which is not available in the utopic version17:40
ogra_but a lot of daemons come with systemd17:40
dobeyyeah, i know systemd might break stuff when we switch to it17:40
dobeybut that is out of my control :)17:40
ogra_well, systemd was just an example17:40
ogra_for desktop isos the general rule of thumb is "if alpha 1 boots" thats good17:41
mandeloSoMoN, ah, got you, so we have the wrong match between udm + browser17:41
ogra_and alpha images are like 6 weeks into the cycle or so17:41
ogra_if we are lucky, vivid will boot17:41
oSoMoNmandel, yup, exactly17:41
ogra_but i wouldnt bet on it17:41
dobeywell, that will have to change going forward, if we're going to do this convergence thing17:41
sergiusensoSoMoN: it's hard with silos, but it would be good for next time to hard depend (>=) on a package's version17:42
dobeybut i guess we'll burn that bridge when we cross it, too :)17:42
ogra_i assume phone/tablet will regulary have to branch off into rtm17:42
oSoMoNsergiusens, agreed, I hadn’t realized that we were using a newly introduced type, otherwise I would have requested such a hard dependency17:43
dobeyogra_: well, if we're going to have a converged platform by 16.04, i think that means we need to be using system images on all platforms, and get off the current archive/deb stuff, and if we have to keep diverging, we're doing the opposite of our goal :)17:45
dobeyback to ubuntu-download-manager and unity-scope-click for right now17:45
ogra_dobey, deb will never go away17:45
Adrian47Hello, for poritng new ubuntu-touc (based on 4.4.2) should I use ubuntu  or cm Makefile?17:45
ogra_we need them *at leat* to build the images17:46
ogra_dobey, and we're not alone in our world ... we cant just break all flavours by switching to a completely rolling model17:46
dobeysergiusens: what happened to your branch for unity-scope-click? i thought you had one that fixed the tests for the udm change?17:50
sergiusensdobey: I did, for rtm18:02
sergiusensdobey: but someone landed webbrowser standalone on utopic18:02
sergiusensdobey: and obviously didn't run the test plan18:02
sergiusensdobey: which broke because it's missing udm and in consequence, content-hub and unity-scope-click18:02
dobeysergiusens: i don't see your branch anywhere, and it's not merged into unity-scope-click, though18:05
sergiusensdobey: it should of been; was it overwritten maybe?18:06
dobeyi don't see how.18:06
dobeyok, found the MP18:06
dobeyoh it was merged 2 weeks ago18:07
sergiusensdobey: 1911 on the archived tab on the spreadsheet18:07
sergiusensdobey: I can't be held accountable for infra issues :-P18:07
dobeyif it merged 2 weeks ago, why are we having problems today?!18:08
dobeysergiusens: hrmm, should we just land silo 14 (row 44 in spreadsheet) then?18:09
ogra_Copy candidates:18:10
ogra_ubuntu-download-manager 0.9+14.10.20141014.1-0ubuntu1 in 14.0918:10
ogra_Candidate copy target: https://api.launchpad.net/devel/ubuntu/+archive/primary18:10
ogra_sergiusens, oSoMoN ^^^^is that the version you want ?18:10
ogra_oops, i should probably better copy to vivid-proposed :P18:11
* ogra_ changes the cmdline18:11
oSoMoNogra_, yes, that’s the correct version18:11
* ogra_ hugs the yes/no prompt of copy-package 18:11
dobey"Are you sure you want to quit? [y/N]"18:12
ogra_Copy [y|N]? y18:12
ogra_1 package successfully copied.18:12
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sergiusensdobey: utopic is having problems, not rtm18:20
dobeysergiusens: utopic?18:20
sergiusensdobey: and only because someone synced webbrowser into utopic without the others18:20
sergiusensdobey: yes, utopic18:21
sergiusensdobey: we are just preemptively fixing it for vivid18:21
* dobey thought utopic was released last week18:21
ogra_dobey, sad, aint it ?18:21
ogra_with breakage !18:22
dobeythere was a party and everything. i was there!18:22
dobeystop living in the past people :P18:23
dobeysergiusens: so should i rebuild my silo when udm lands into vivid release pocket?18:24
ogra_stgraber, hmm, now i'm confused ... looking at the /etc/group diff in https://launchpadlibrarian.net/188621599/buildlog_ubuntu_vivid_armhf_ubuntu-touch_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz i see a lot of phablet in there .... and actually that is also in my installed rtm image, how did that not fail when building rtm images ?18:24
ogra_did you actually mangle the md5 ?18:24
rickspencer3popey, is it fine for me to post some pics of the new music app?18:25
sergiusensdobey: yes; testing in vivid is still a no go right?18:25
ogra_unless someone makes images magically work :P18:26
sergiusensrickspencer3: it's so fast now that screenshotting is impossible18:26
rickspencer3I'll take that as a very sarcastic "yes" ;)18:26
sergiusensrickspencer3: but I'm not popey :-)18:26
ogra_rickspencer3, just dont use album art with nekkid people :)18:26
dobeysergiusens: yeah, no images built yet18:26
ahayzensergiusens, we've managed to halve the startup time :)18:26
sergiusensahayzen: is it releazzzed already?18:27
ahayzensergiusens, just letting it settle and checking for bugs...basically final process before a landing hopefully :)18:28
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gcolluranik90, ping18:40
nik90gcollura_: pong19:29
dakerogra_: ping19:39
ogra_daker, yo19:39
dakerogra_: is it possible to switch channel(from devel to rtm) without loosing stuff data ?19:39
ogra_you can use ubuntu-device-flash ... just dont use --wipe or --bootstrap19:41
ogra_that will flash over your existing install and not touch home data19:42
ogra_you will have to reinstall all your clicks though19:42
dakerogra_: ok, what's the recommended rtm channel ?19:43
ogra_alternatively you can use system-image-cli --switch (see the help of s-i-cli)19:43
ogra_devel-proposed ... as usual19:43
ogra_use --list-channels with ubuntu-device-flash19:44
dakerok, thanks i'll test that19:44
gcollura_nik90, are you able to review u1qt merge requests?19:49
nik90gcollura_: for the u1db project?19:49
gcollura_nik90, yes sorry for the typo19:49
nik90gcollura_: do you have a link?19:50
gcollura_nik90, https://code.launchpad.net/~gcollura/u1db-qt/fix-1387294/+merge/24003519:51
sergiusensogra_: you don't need to reinstall all your clicks though19:51
sergiusensogra_: only the ones that were once upon a time on the rootfs and magically dissappeared ;-)19:52
ogra_sergiusens, ah, i never used u-d-f without --bootstrap :)19:52
* ogra_ is OTA all the way ... once installed19:52
sergiusensogra_: doesn't erase user or system data19:52
ogra_yeah, i didnt know about system19:52
dakerogra_: system-image-cli --switch ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/devel-proposed , right ?19:52
sergiusensogra_: that's why I don't mind mount -o remount,rw /; apt install [package]19:53
sergiusensogra_: as I can full flash and forget :-)19:53
nik90gcollura_: I think kalikiana would be a better person to review that MP19:53
ogra_sergiusens, right, thats how i test packages .... and i think we should switch pahblet-tools to that behavior ...19:53
nik90gcollura_: I initially helped out with the triaging, documentation and testing of u1db branches19:53
ogra_it seems way cleaner than having everything writable19:53
ogra_especially since we reboot once after touching the file ... you never know what gets touched on boot ... or shutdown ... so your system could be different19:54
sergiusensogra_: I would normally agree, yes; mostly so for silo testing19:54
ogra_right, thats what i mean19:55
ogra_writable-image should actually give you a fully writable rootfs and wipe /etc/system-image/writable-paths19:55
ogra_i.e. all bind mounts and everything19:56
gcollura_nik90, ok no problem :)19:58
Adrian47Hello, for porting new ubuntu-touch (based on 4.4.2) should I use ubuntu or cm Makefile?19:58
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dakerogra_: works, data and apps are still here :)20:43
ybonhumm, I don't see anymore the setting to change the date format from 12AM/PM to 24h. Any idea?21:44
ybonsorry, the *time* format21:44
pngo_Yesterday I upgraded my phone to ubuntu-rtm channel and I found that Notes are not there. How can I install it?22:03
anpokfrom the store22:04
pngo_but why I have to log in/create ubuntu one account in order to install it?22:07
pngo_Can I install it via apt-get?22:20
popeyhttp://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTgyNTM lolz22:57
sergiusenspopey: wth!23:05
popeyalso http://liliputing.com/2014/10/ut-one-tablet-ubuntu-touch-coming-december.html23:05
popeysame young, enthusiastic guy who did https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/560448486/operating-system-u23:05
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Wellarkwe probably should hurry with the tablet interface http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTgyNTM23:56
WellarkSaviq: start whipping! ;)23:59

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