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daftykinsthe game's on boys!00:27
daftykinsfirst innings finished already00:28
daftykinsaww yeah Kansas are kicking some serious ass01:18
daftykinsalthough this leads to the idea that it's all rigged because it's going to as many games as it can, thus fuelling marketing and ticket sales01:53
diddledansuch a cutie01:58
diddledanthose big eyes!01:59
daftykinsdiddledan: http://i.imgur.com/dvVzwGJ.jpg02:02
diddledaninteresting. the director's cut of "alien" (the original of the quadrilogy) is 6 minutes SHORTER than the theatrical release was02:06
* diddledan reading the back of the dvd02:07
daftykinsodd for a director to want less02:07
diddledanthe disc has both versions, and lists the runtime of each02:07
daftykinsi wonder what the scene is02:08
daftykinsor scene(s)02:08
diddledanI wonder if I can do a side-by-side comparisson02:08
diddledanI'm in the process of ripping it off the disc so I'll have unencrypted versions of both02:09
diddledan(actually I'm doing LOTR right now)02:09
diddledanbut I will be doing the aliens02:09
daftykinsooh i never saw the third LOTR02:09
diddledanI have LOTR on VHS - when I finally got a bluray capability I decided it was time to replace them02:10
mappshi akk04:00
mappsstill up eh:D04:02
mappswhatcha upto04:02
daftykinsbaseball game just finished04:02
mappswho won kc?04:07
daftykinsyep! which makes it 3-304:07
daftykinsso it's going to the final04:07
daftykinsmapps: what's this Technicolor model then?04:13
mappstg789vn v304:17
daftykinsheh that's my exact one.04:18
daftykinsISP supplied.04:19
mappswonder how many gibconnect (gibtelecom) people are on freenode04:19
mappsonly 30000 people in country04:19
daftykinsgive that command a go then to see what speed your line is sync'd at04:19
daftykinsand also look at the web admin to see what speed is provisioned04:19
mappswill do once i sort a live usb:D04:19
daftykinschop chop ;)04:19
mappscant find a usb key gah04:35
mappsonly oe i got has stuff on it hm04:35
daftykinscopy it off ;)04:43
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mappsi will:D04:47
mappswatching american dad b4 bed..howd u watch ur baseball? that mlbtvs quite cool04:47
mappsworks well on tablets.phones and qualitys devcent04:47
daftykinsnah live games aren't available on that04:54
daftykinswithout paying a $25 sub04:54
mapps365 not streaming?04:55
mappsbet365.com streams baseball04:58
mappswondered if that was what you used04:58
daftykinsyou won't find me having anything to do with betting sites :>05:00
daftykinsthere's a free streaming site05:02
mappss i=o much tv to watch05:02
mappsgotham..the flash..stalker..intruders05:02
daftykinsit's pretty annoying though as you get blackout ads if you aren't watching it full screen05:02
mappsnot watched any of gotham yet tho05:02
daftykinsnah i've not tried that05:02
mappsu watch many tv series? flash seemed cool watched 1 ep05:03
daftykinsi don't really tend to watch anything new, got a finger in the pie of a few ongoing series though05:04
daftykinsBig Bang Theory, South Park, Family Guy (though i don't know why i still bother)05:05
mappslikes simpsons05:08
mappsits got dull eh for years now05:08
mappsmorninf shauno  actually got some sleep for once?:P05:39
diddledanhe was gone before midnight!05:40
shaunoproper normal I am :)05:42
mappssleep time for me05:51
mappsput brooklyn nine nine on and catch some zs05:51
mappsnight all05:53
diddledanit's wine only for osx/mach05:55
mappswas there no other way to run windows stuff on osx before?05:56
diddledanother way around05:56
diddledanosx on loonix05:56
diddledanspecifically an "is not an emaulator" of osx05:57
mappsi see05:57
diddledanso far they have rudimentary commandline app support05:57
mappswasnt there another windows-> linux thing besides wine05:58
mappsone for games specificaly i thought05:58
mappsor was it an abandonded project hm05:58
diddledanthat is without recompiling the objective-c code against gnustep05:58
diddledanwine+games used to be cedega formally winex05:58
diddledanthey don't sell to consumers any more tho05:59
mappshat was it cegega05:59
diddledanthey only sell to people that want to port their software to linux without doing any work05:59
mappsis i just wine for apps or something else now too?05:59
mappsnever used win apps on linux for years05:59
diddledannono it's still game-focussed05:59
diddledanthey just no longer sell it as a "games on linux" but instead they sell it to the game devs as "make your one game work on linux"06:00
diddledanafaict it's sold per game-title06:00
diddledanand probably based on expected revenue06:00
diddledanit's blinking expensive, too06:01
mapgot cutoff06:01
mapnick mappps06:01
diddledanhow far did you get?06:01
mapabout how its sold to game devs06:01
mapso is there anythng specifically for apps?06:01
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maps|wrkwill use my 2nd registered nick for now ;]06:02
diddledancommercially there's codeweavers' "crossover" which is essentially wine+shiny-gui06:02
diddledanif you don't need commercial support tho you're probably better sticking with the standard wine package06:03
maps|wrkfree isnt it?06:03
diddledanwine is nicely libre06:04
maps|wrkwell night..sleep time for me gotta go06:04
maps|wrkput brooklyn 99 queued up06:04
maps|wrkso il sleep to that:D06:04
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mappswill have to find a new comedy to sleep to soon or recycle an old one06:04
mappsendup having seen or heard every ep too many times heh06:05
mappsbeen through scrubs..how i met your mother..rules of engagement..8simple ruls..etc :)06:05
diddledannew bug \o/07:23
diddledanbug #138701107:23
lubotu3bug 1387011 in llvm (Ubuntu) "llvm cmake files incorrectly generated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138701107:23
knightwisemorning everyone07:50
knightwisehey MooDoo , how are you doing today ?07:55
diddledanit can't be07:55
knightwiseBut it must be , dear watson07:56
MooDoodiddledan: unfortunately, someone stole the night for me too07:56
knightwiseBastards !07:59
diddledanlanguage timothy!07:59
knightwise crud08:18
knightwiseversion of geary keeps crashing under elementary08:18
knightwisetrying to install latest version from source08:18
knightwisecmake error xml2po not found ?08:19
knightwiseany ideas what this might be ?08:20
knightwiseaha , did an apt get remove and apt-get install and it appears to work now08:29
knightwisethe version seems to have upgrade itself08:29
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Internet Day, and happy Cat Day! :-D09:46
davmor2popey: ^ if ever there was gonna be a good day09:46
popey\o/ Double whammy!09:47
zmoylan-pithrow in a laser show...09:47
MartijnVdSawesome day!09:47
davmor2MartijnVdS: you might like this compilation cd too https://play.spotify.com/album/5ufeHHYtjfinUjlPHRUcO809:50
diddledanreminds me of the stage show "Avenue Q"s song "the internet is for....."09:50
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:59
popeybrobostigon: i installed haiku last night10:00
brobostigonpopey: cool, which version?10:01
popey1.4 i think10:01
brobostigonR1A4 ?10:02
brobostigonanyways, i would have gone with a nightly, as the last stable release is several years old now. alot has changed in that time.10:03
popeyoh, I'll do a re-install sometime then10:03
diddledanI should know what haiku is?10:04
brobostigonthe last stable release, doesnt include things like the package manager, for example.10:04
brobostigonits a hybrid kernel OS, inslired by BeOS, using in part the newOS kernel.10:04
zmoylan-pia famous xkcd mentions it. http://3d.xkcd.com/806/10:05
zmoylan-piif i ever hear the phrase shibboleet i will go off script when helping people :-)10:08
diddledansince when has that cartoon been 3d?10:08
zmoylan-pithat was new to me too, was first link on search xkcd haiku shibboleet10:08
diddledanthey're all 3d now?10:09
popeysince you linked to 3.10:09
popeyjust remove that and they aren't 3d10:09
diddledanmuch better10:09
diddledanthat was doing to my head what a roundabout does to an american10:10
diddledani.e. turns me into a jibbering wreck10:10
knightwisei was wondering if there is a way to install the tools that come with Cali Linux onto another linux distro10:13
popeydammit. laptop locked up10:14
popeyhmm, ssh'ed in. killed chromium, laptop continues10:14
zmoylan-piwhat crime did it commit?10:14
popeyit just froze10:14
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citizenfivelooks like 14.10 is out. I will probably upgrade next week10:44
* popey sometimes wishes he'd stayed on 14.0410:45
citizenfiveare there any significant differences?10:45
BigRedSWe upgraded our admin PCs here to 14.10 last week with no apparent change10:51
davmor2popey: you said and let me quote you I want be upgrading this time I'm staying on LTS what happened to that plan exactly? ;)11:06
popeyyeah, can't remember why i did11:06
davmor2popey: it was all new and shiny right11:07
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foobarrywow. seen this video? gave me shivers. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=993124767370683&set=vb.213950138621487&type=2&theater11:45
diddledanI fixed a bug: https://code.launchpad.net/~diddledan/ubuntu/utopic/debtags/fix-for-1370043/+merge/23481411:50
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Seems pretty nasty, but what lead up to it? How are the police supposed to know who was/wasn't involved and who is/isn't armed? Is concealed-carry legal in that state?11:51
foobarrybit more info11:51
diddledanalbeit that my fix was rejected in favour of getting the same fix direct from debian11:52
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: A biased report. I am *not* saying the police were right, I don't have enough information to make a decision one way or another11:53
TwistedLuciditySeems to be a lot of police-hate doing the rounds at the moment. Not totally sure why.11:54
foobarryUS or UK?11:54
TwistedLucidityAlthough more USA at the moment.11:55
zmoylan-piwell if you go around shooting unarmed people people tend to not trust them11:56
TwistedLucidityzmoylan-pi: Who got shot?11:56
zmoylan-piwell police in uk are taser happy and there was that poor brazilian student a few years back11:57
TwistedLucidityBy that measure, then we should hate every group of people.11:57
foobarrysome place caleld ferguson? i don't remmeber reading much about it11:58
TwistedLucidityTragic mistakes happen. Some people are just plain nasty (police and general public). What we get to hear about mostly is the bad stuff as that sells. "Police do job" isn't going to sell papers or get clicks.11:59
foobarryi like UK police11:59
foobarrycannot offer educated opinion on the US but i don't like guns11:59
foobarryor that video11:59
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Don't go to N.Ireland then12:00
foobarryi've been12:00
TwistedLucidityzmoylan-pi: You know if the Northern police still carry?12:00
foobarryi think it was the first week you could go in shops in belfast without getting search12:00
foobarryaroudn 15yrs ago12:00
TwistedLucidityBy and large all the cops I've dealt with have been fairly decent. The USA ones are much more...stand off-ish. To be expected, that USA imho is a nation that live in a perpetual state of fear.12:01
TwistedLucidity"...the USA....that lives in..."12:02
TwistedLucidityThe police may not be perfect, but I'd rather have them than some baying vigilante mob (like those commentors on thefreethoughtproject)12:03
foobarryi didn't read the comments12:52
zmoylan-pireading comments on the web is exposing oneself to pure distilled stupidity12:53
foobarrythe dark heart of stupid12:53
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Thtat's a great title. Now you just need to write the boook13:02
zmoylan-pichapter 1: round them all up; put them in a field; and bomb the bunnies13:04
foobarryit was a dark and stormy night. Barry grabbed the 6-pack of beers from the passenger seat and got out of the car. Grimacing against the wind and rain, he trotted torwards the porch of the new-build semi detached house he had recently purchased on the ouskirts of Basingstoke. There were no longer any puddles on the smooth tarmac surface of his driveway, rather a mass of standing water. Fumbling his keys13:16
foobarry as he hastened to enter the warmth of his house, he dropped them in the muddy flowerbed. Muttering to himself as he crossed the threshold, kicking off his hiking style trainers that had never taken his chubby legs onto countryside, he flipped the lid on his laptop before he had taken his coat off. Water ran down his sleeve and gathered into small pools on the lid of the laptop. Impatiently he hit the13:16
foobarryF5 key. There it was, the message he had been waiting for. How he would reply in the next few moments would change his life forever.13:16
foobarrymy nephew wants a gaming headset 7.1 :S13:20
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: at such close proximity to ear, does the surround have any effect?13:21
TwistedLucidityHang on, there's a video about what it's all bollocks....13:21
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: This. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUDTlvagjJA13:22
TwistedLuciditySeems to be more about the recording if you ask me13:24
foobarrywow, bag head13:25
Myrtti7.1 headset?13:28
Myrttihow is that even13:29
foobarryi don't know13:32
TwistedLucidityA 7.1 headset is a normal, over-the-ear with various small speakers contained therein. They're best used with diamond coated audio cabled. The red ones go faster13:39
TwistedLucidityAs the video proves, a decent set of standard headphone and a good recording will give the same effects. You only have two ears after all....13:40
TwistedLucidityIt's simply harder with speakers to create the "sweet spot" where the effect would work. So we go for the multi-speaker set-up.13:41
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foobarrygaming headset has mic with noise cancellation etc, plus extra snake oil13:42
TwistedLucidityCue the audiophile to tell me I'm wrong....13:42
TwistedLucidityNoise cancellation is a thing, but even lower end 'phones can ship with it these days13:44
TwistedLucidityHeck, a PC with a mic could probably feed in the anti-noise regardless of how cheap the headphones were13:45
foobarrythe worst thing about audiophiles is their terrible taste in music13:48
diddledanhaha @ cat vomiting on popey14:01
diddledanwell not literally on14:01
diddledanon popey's sofa (so he says in tweetland)14:01
popeystupid cat14:06
popeyi should stop giving him truffles for lunch14:07
diddledanpopey, I love the timing14:07
diddledanright on cue14:07
TwistedLuciditydiddledan: cat barf > /dev/sofa?14:30
diddledanTwistedLucidity: while due-live-via-ubuntu-on-air; do cat barf > /dev/sofa; done14:31
foobarry./configure; make hairball14:41
MartijnVdSthere's an "emerge" joke in there too14:46
popeyhaah, they're great15:09
Myrtticarbon fiber is amazing.15:21
MartijnVdSSo is fibre optic cable ;)15:26
foobarryso are crisps15:26
foobarrywhy isn't chrome remembering my passwords anymore?15:27
BigRedSbecause security15:28
MartijnVdSGoogle alzheimer15:28
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MyrttiMartijnVdS: 1mm knitting pins. How does it even work!15:30
MartijnVdSMyrtti: I don't know. ask my mom15:30
MartijnVdSshe's the family knitting guru15:30
MyrttiI just got a pack of them and by golly they're thin15:31
foobarrymissis wants a jumbo flyer now15:32
foobarrythis knitting malarkey so £££15:32
foobarryand my house smells of farmyard15:32
Myrttipopey: indiegogo flexible funding... all flags are up15:37
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foobarrythat girl has annoying accent.15:42
diddledanpopey: the aspect ratio on the dual screen mode will be weird15:42
popeythe non-existence of it will be more of an issue I fear15:42
foobarrypyramid scheme of selling15:42
foobarryhah too late sucker15:42
foobarryalso, ARM or Intel?15:43
foobarryor both15:43
diddledanfoobarry: it seems at least part of it runs android and another part can run windows15:44
diddledanbut. windows does arm now so meh15:44
foobarrydoes it?15:44
foobarrywindwos RT15:44
foobarry!= windows15:44
lubotu3For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg lubotu3 equivalents15:44
Myrttithe girl is almost certainly a paid actress I think15:44
foobarryso full spec windows requires a denser motherboard than a black hole15:45
foobarrydetachable phablet15:46
foobarryall seems too far fetched15:46
foobarryand idealistic15:46
foobarrywhat's going on there?15:49
diddledan"Double the Resolution: when combined, the Dragonfly provides over 12 inches of vivid sapphire crystal protected display area."15:50
diddledanthey claim the windows bit will run an x8615:51
popeyso yeah, lolz15:57
diddledanthe "girl in the video" is supposedly here: https://www.indiegogo.com/individuals/481555815:59
diddledanI like the photo of the style you'd get in a dating scam of her in a car so you can't tell anything about her surroundings but makes it look like she is a social person by being outdoors15:59
foobarryand she has tattoos and stuff16:00
foobarryi can't work out what happened with the one from last year16:01
foobarrydid they deliver anything?16:01
diddledanI think the one from a year ago just got reposted16:04
diddledanthey look remarkably alike16:04
diddledanright down to the "specs"16:05
foobarrywhat package provides the basic sans/monospace fonts etc?16:29
foobarryx11 fonts?16:29
popeydpkg -S /path/to/fontfile16:30
popeyif you already have it16:30
foobarrythink it was urw or ghostscript fonrts16:33
foobarryhmm now not so sure16:35
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Azelphurso, did anyone hear the fighter jet?19:16
mappsjust done spinning..sweating like a pig19:28
popeyAzelphur: ^19:36
Azelphurpopey: yep19:40
mappswork site went down again20:15
mappsevery time its a big night..goes down20:15
diddledanpopey: Azelphur: I'm glad they're doing what they can to keep us safe20:31
diddledanplus points for sonic shenanigans20:32
diddledanwe need more sonic booms at random times20:32
diddledanhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/defence/11196635/RAF-Typhoons-escort-foreign-plane-into-Stansted-Airport.html <-- nice intercept of calm pilot relaying instructions that end with "or you will be shot down"20:34
mappsdont get why my raspberry pi stopped responding ip hadnt changed..wireless was on ip the same etc..someone went round to check20:37
diddledanmuch respect to the military!20:37
mappsi can ssh to it now its been rebooted..but thats no good i need it to run 24/720:38
diddledanmy server died early this morning. I've not had a chance to figure out what's wrong with it yet20:38
mappsthe wireless was on..and i could acces my ip cam showing my lounge..but the pi just dead yet it was on when my friend went round20:38
mappsbut apache/vpn wouldnt respond20:39
diddledankernel panic?20:39
mappsmainly want it to bypass country restrictions..watching the apprentice etc20:39
mappsand when i go to russia..pretty sure loads will be blocked there..latvia blocked quite a bit20:39
mappshow would i check..dmesg|20:39
diddledanI'm not sure you can once rebooted20:39
mappscouldnt access twitter couldnt access works websitre etc20:41
mappsall came back blocked wherever i had wifi in latvia20:41
diddledanyou know movie age ratings? what age range is "appropriate audiences"?20:43
mappswhat film says that20:43
diddledanmany trailers do20:43
diddledanthe green thing that pops up before a trailer20:44
awilkinsBBFC ratings are U, PG, 12A, 15, 1820:44
diddledanyeah I think this is american20:44
awilkinsI see "G" on Netflix content20:44
awilkinsFor "Generally suitable"20:44
awilkinsAlthough I've also seen it applied to a whole bunch of Anime that has more fanservice than I'm comfortable exposing to a 10 year old20:44
diddledanthis is the example that reminded me: http://vimeo.com/10859114120:45
awilkinsPermission denied20:45
foobarryguys. i have a tub of polyfilla that dried out quite a bit, it's soft but firm20:45
foobarrycan i rehydrate it?20:45
diddledantry this one: https://citizenfourfilm.com/trailer/20:45
diddledanfoobarry: www.dioralyte.co.uk20:46
awilkinsGuessing that it's the same as PG20:46
mappsis that a cinema rls heard of it but dunno much about this citizen four film20:46
awilkinsCitizen Four is about Edward Snowden, no?20:46
diddledanfoobarry: I made that site20:46
diddledanfoobarry: it sucks20:47
diddledanyes it is20:47
awilkinsMPAA don't list a rating like that20:48
awilkinsHow grand20:48
awilkinsMaybe it's some special "info-terrorist" rating20:48
awilkins"Only watch this film if you LIKE colonic examinations for the presence of thumbdrives at the airport."20:48
awilkinsAh, so it means the trailer is OK for the film you are watching20:50
awilkinsBasically pointless out of context20:50
diddledanso why include the banner on an internet video?!20:51
diddledanit's silly20:51
awilkinsGetting screen softlocks on my laptop20:56
awilkinsThey just stop the rendering20:56
awilkinsThey don't stop the event loops in the UI20:57
diddledanI'm getting those on my macbook pro too20:57
diddledan(when in ubuntu)20:57
awilkinsYou can fix them by ctrl-alt-F1 and ctrl-alt-F720:57
diddledandoes apport catch them at all?20:57
diddledanit does on mine20:57
awilkinsReckon it's to do with this21:04
awilkins[25923.628159] ACPI Warning: \_SB_.PCI0.PEGP.DGFX._DSM: Argument #4 type mismatch - Found [Buffer], ACPI requires [Package] (20140424/nsarguments-95)21:04
awilkinsOh, liking the new terminal feature21:05
awilkinsWhen you resize scrollback that was too wide it now reflows it21:05
awilkinsAha : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/131076221:12
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1310762 in linux (Ubuntu) "[HP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation] Ubuntu 14.04 random freeze and lock up" [Low,Incomplete]21:12
SocksevenAnyone know how to get the ram channel configuration on linux?21:15
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awilkinsHow do you configure your laptop to only use the Intel integrated graphics?21:28
hollyim a newbie to ubuntu i installed ubuntu 14 a week ago its now very slow and constantly freezing  i dont know what to do21:30
* awilkins has switched to Intel only in nvidia-settings21:30
hollyanybody help me21:31
hollyspeed up my ubuntu keeps freezing21:32
awilkinsholly, Is the disk thrasing?21:32
hollyonly used it a weeek21:32
awilkinsholly, Laptop?21:32
hollyi keep browising internet etc but it keeps freezing21:32
hollyyes laptop21:32
awilkinsLaptop with one of those combo / Intel / NVidia GPU sets?21:33
hollydont now my laptop is a packard bell easynote TE69KB series21:33
awilkinsTest for you, when it freezes, does ctrl-alt-F1 , ctrl-alt-F7 unfreeze it21:34
hollyit had windows 8 installed in it21:34
hollybut i got a friend to install ubuntu21:34
hollyhe did it in about 30 mins was ok at first now it keeps freezing very slow as well21:34
hollyohhh ok21:35
hollyill write that down21:35
hollybut do you get viruses with ubuntu?21:35
awilkinsWhile they are technically possible, if you only install packages from the official archives they should be virtually impossible21:35
hollyi installed bleachbit but dont really know what it is21:37
hollyproblem is i dont know how to install it21:37
hollyuninstall it21:38
hollyis there a programme like ccleaner which i use for windows for ubuntu21:40
hollyany alternative21:40
hollyi clear the history but it is still slow21:41
hollyand freezes21:41
diddledanawilkins: my optimus seems fully supported on my work laptop with the nvidia proprietary (NOT the proprietary-updates) with utopic21:44
diddledanI just this second installed that to test it21:44
awilkinsHmm. I think I was getting the lockups with nouveau as well21:45
awilkinsHave configured it to be Intel only and they seem to have stopped21:45
awilkinsScrolling in browser seems smoother as well21:48
mappslol modern familys so funny22:16
mappsone of the few series thats still good after 6 seasons22:17
diddledancompletely off-the-wall question but to anyone's anecdotal knowledge has canonical or some other actor ever considered adopting seamless live kernel upgrades similar to what suse and redhat are investigating and oracle already does with unbreakable+uptrack?22:48
diddledanuptrack - that should be ksplice22:49
popeythats a lot of work22:52
diddledanyeah, as far as I can see it requires lots of engineering on every update to ensure it applies seamlessly22:52
diddledanit's a cool concept tho22:52
diddledanmanpower is going to be the issue I guess22:53
diddledanand brains22:53
* popey notes 358 days uptime on a canonical box, and assumes it has ksplice22:53
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popeypretty sure they patented it too22:54
diddledanit annoyed me that oracle bought them and closed it off22:54
diddledanyou can still get the uptrack client for "desktop ubuntu" as a proof of concept22:55
diddledanor rather you could last I looked22:55
diddledanI'm gonna go looking now22:55
diddledanlooks like they're only working with LTS these days22:56
shaunoit seems less practical to have an uptime fetish on non-LTS releases, given the 9 month support cycle now23:10
brobostigonnew pebble android app update, no breakage yet.23:20
diddledanI just got confirmation of "fix committed" on a bug I created and resolved https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/geos/+bug/127491623:42
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1274916 in geos (Ubuntu) "missing php library support" [Undecided,Fix committed]23:42
diddledanmy patch was the bases of the updated debian package23:44

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