pstolowskitsdgeos, hey, i found weird special casing for favorites in the old manage dash - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/138669808:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1386698 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Canned queries to favorited scopes don't preserve search query string" [Undecided,New]08:21
pstolowskitsdgeos, i'm not sure if the new one will still be affecting (probably it will, since it's Dash.qml)08:22
tsdgeospstolowski: saw it, will have a look08:23
pstolowskitsdgeos, this effectively breaks canned queries if it's a favorited scope08:23
pstolowskitsdgeos, thanks08:23
tsdgeospstolowski: seems ~aacid/unity8/list_on_bottom_swipe fixes that08:44
pstolowskitsdgeos, ok, great. let's keep the bug open till it lands and then close it. thanks08:48
tsdgeoswrong encoding back to the launcher09:30
tsdgeosor maybe it never left09:31
tsdgeosi get CA¡mara09:31
tsdgeosinstead of Cámara09:31
* tsdgeos remembers filling a bug about this09:31
tsdgeospete-woods: ping09:34
tsdgeoswops made unity8 crash09:36
pete-woodstsdgeos: hi09:38
tsdgeospete-woods: libusermetrics seems to contains lots of translatable stuff that never makes it out to the user?09:39
pete-woodstsdgeos: yes. I was too enthusiastic when adding translatable stuff. a bunch of stuff only appears to the command line tools09:40
pete-woodstsdgeos: I removed it all for the "new infographics" implementation that has never ended up being used09:40
tsdgeosi see09:40
pete-woodstsdgeos: given the "old infographics" seems not to be going away any time soon, I would like to remove them, but can't land stuff like that because it's not critical / on "the list"09:41
tsdgeosvesar: congrats on the award :)11:18
vesartsdgeos, thanks! yeah it was a nice surprise:)11:24
Saviqvesar, not a surprise at all :)11:26
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Saviqtsdgeos, replied in https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/revert-resolution-flickable/+merge/23935411:39
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tsdgeosweird lp :/11:44
tsdgeosSaviq: approved, what are we missing for "the landing"?11:56
Saviqtsdgeos, nothing, afaict11:56
Saviqtsdgeos, I'm re-targeting to vivid now11:56
cwayneSaviq: ah, rtm 15 finally landed?12:07
Saviqcwayne, no, needed to retarget to vivid12:08
Saviqcwayne, but am landing today12:08
cwayneSaviq: wait so it wont land in rtm?12:09
cwayneor is it going to be synced12:09
Saviqcwayne, it will, but after a syc12:09
Saviqcwayne, just need to land it in vivid first12:09
cwayneright, ok12:14
mterryHey folks, if you have time, I have a branch targeted for 10/30 that needs a tiny review: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/expose-lockscreen-passphrase/+merge/23936412:20
mterry@unity ^12:21
Saviqmterry, acked12:23
mterrySaviq, thanks!12:24
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MacSlowtsdgeos, hey there... any news on the review for https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity8/swipe-to-act-fix-1358343/+merge/236091 ?13:03
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MacSlowdandrader, mind to review https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity-notifications/swipe-to-act-fix-1358343/+merge/23895613:35
dandraderMacSlow, ok13:37
MacSlowdandrader, thanks!13:37
mterryMacSlow, hey in the modal-snap-decision-on-greeter...  do you know why we had the explicit !greeter.shown bit?  Seems like we at one point wanted this behavior13:45
Saviqtsdgeos, would you have time to have a look at bug #1386653?13:46
ubot5bug 1386653 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Scopes fail to launch when the network stack is not up" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138665313:46
MacSlowmterry, first Design wanted the snap-decisions not to be modal on the greeter... now they want it to, because of "grab out of pocket"-issues.13:47
mterryMacSlow, ok so just a design reversal -- are there other snap decisions that we are affecting, besides the call?13:47
MacSlowmterry, no... the motivating use-case for this change is the incoming-call snap-decision notification13:48
mterryMacSlow, right.  I was just trying to see if there were other maybe-modal snap-decisions that would be affected by this change13:48
MacSlowmterry, I mean it will affect all snap-decisions of course, but that's not really a problem13:48
mterryMacSlow, right, I just didn't know which were common ones and if there were any that we really wanted to not be modal.  But I can't think of one13:49
MacSlowmterry, I think initially the reason for having snap-decision notifications not being modal on greeter/lockscreen was to still provide access to the emergency-call13:50
mterryMacSlow, ah interesting.  But users can just dismiss and then call, right?13:52
MacSlowmterry, sure13:52
MacSlowmterry, although the general "swipe-to-dismiss" is still idling in an MP13:52
tsdgeosMacSlow: didn't i review it? damn13:56
tsdgeosi do remember reading that code a lot :D13:57
MacSlowtsdgeos, nope... atleast nothing marked on the MP itself... I knowthat you looked at it in Washington13:57
tsdgeosdandrader: i can do it if you want, i had a long look at it already, actually on my mind i had approved it :D13:59
dandradertsdgeos, oh, awesome. have at it! :)14:00
dandradertsdgeos, reassigned the review to you14:01
tsdgeosSaviq: depends on whether we're happy with the photoscope fixes or not14:03
tsdgeosSaviq: i find there's something weird going on, but looks like a more deep qtquick thing, i.e. i can scroll mostly fine and then it just gets slow at some "random point"14:04
Saviqtsdgeos, 'stood, if you want to spend more time on this, do14:05
tsdgeosSaviq: i'm trying to find something, at least today14:06
mterryMacSlow, approved the modal-snap-decisions branch, do you need to get it on a spreadsheet?14:06
MacSlowSaviq, ^?14:06
Saviqtsdgeos, kk14:07
SaviqMacSlow, mterry, adding14:07
MacSlowmterry, Saviq: thanks!14:07
vesarthanks Saviq:)14:12
MacSlowSaviq, did you already select a silo for the next batch of unity8 MPs?14:18
SaviqMacSlow, vivid silo 514:18
MacSlowSaviq, ah found it thx14:19
tsdgeosMacSlow: why the "import QtMultimedia 5.0" in tst_SwipeToAct.qml ?14:26
MacSlowtsdgeos, hm... that looks like a copy&paste error... let me check...14:27
tsdgeosMacSlow: so as i understand it, every Notification now will have a SwipeToAct just not visible unless it's x-canonical-snap-decisions-swipe, right? Wouldn't it be better to put it in a loader so that it saves some cycles?14:30
tsdgeosSaviq: not sure if asking for a microptimization here ↑14:31
Saviqtsdgeos, makes sense, yeah, we should switch between normal buttons and swipe to act idealy14:31
MacSlowtsdgeos, isn't visible: false enough (thinking back to what Gerry told us at the sprint)?!14:32
tsdgeosMacSlow: no14:32
SaviqMacSlow, CPU cycles14:32
tsdgeosMacSlow: the component still needs to be created14:32
SaviqMacSlow, it will still get created etc., just won't be put on the GPU14:32
tsdgeosand then is just not painted14:32
Saviqor on the scenegraph, that is, even14:32
MacSlowtsdgeos, Saviq: ok I'll look into chaning it to use a Loader14:33
tsdgeosgood, will comment on MR14:33
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MacSlowtsdgeos, made Loader and import changes... rev131114:45
tsdgeosMacSlow: maybe use the active property instead of shuffling sourcecompoent?14:48
MacSlowtsdgeos, not sure what you mean14:49
tsdgeosMacSlow: use the active property to enable or not the loader14:49
tsdgeosinstead of changing the sourceComponent property14:49
MacSlowtsdgeos, ok14:50
tsdgeosMacSlow: that way you don't even need the Component wrapper14:50
tsdgeosi think14:51
tsdgeoslet me check14:51
MacSlowoutch... that messes up things14:51
MacSlowtsdgeos, I don't think I can get around Component and sourceComponent14:53
tsdgeoswhy not?14:53
tsdgeosMacSlow: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8733937/14:54
MacSlowtsdgeos, ah... didn't try it like that when using the active-property... works now...14:55
MacSlowjust doing few more of the tests to be sure14:55
tsdgeosMacSlow: you should also change this14:56
tsdgeosMacSlow: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8733964/14:56
MacSlowtsdgeos, tested and pushed15:00
tsdgeosMacSlow: you need to remove visible: !notifySwipeButton.visible15:01
tsdgeosthere's no such thing as notifySwipeButton15:01
tsdgeosand the loader active handles that now15:02
MacSlowtsdgeos, done15:04
tsdgeosMacSlow: last thing is, you should not remove the import "../Components/Flickables" as Flickables and comboList: Flickables.Flickable {15:06
tsdgeosthat's has nothing to do with your MR15:06
tsdgeosand is being handled in a separate MR globally15:06
tsdgeosbesides that it looks good15:06
MacSlowtsdgeos, hm... I got errors for that last week so I removed it15:06
tsdgeosplease don't15:07
tsdgeosor tell me which errors you have15:07
MacSlowtsdgeos, ok... I readd that line15:07
tsdgeosbecause i don't see how this could have errors15:07
MacSlowtsdgeos, hm... works without issues now with that Flickables import re-added15:10
MacSlowtsdgeos, pushed that change too15:10
tsdgeosMacSlow: and comboList: Flickables.Flickable { too please15:15
Saviqplease don't use Flickables any more15:16
Saviqthey go away in the next landing anyway15:16
tsdgeosSaviq: i'm just making it so that it doesn't conflict with your next landing15:17
tsdgeosit's existitng code he should not change in his MR15:17
Saviqtsdgeos, oh ok, just noticed Flickables15:17
MacSlowtsdgeos, ok... changed that too15:18
dandradermzanetti, does that make sense to you http://paste.ubuntu.com/8734196/15:19
MacSlowSaviq, tsdgeos: so I reverted the whole Flickable-relates parts15:19
dandradermzanetti, I noticed that the dash was showing up when doing the rotation, because it was behind the focused app and not being hidden15:19
SaviqMacSlow, yeah, that's gonna happen in my MP, if you wanted in on that, you should've based on my branch and made it prerequisite15:19
MacSlowSaviq, I got errors last week so I chagned it in my branch... since it all fine now, I guess there were some package-update issues inbetween15:20
mzanettidandrader: yeah... if I read it correctly it should be ok. didn't test it though15:24
MacSlowtsdgeos, top-approve too?15:29
tsdgeosMacSlow: see comment :)15:29
tsdgeosMacSlow: i want CI to run again15:30
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MacSlowtsdgeos, my firefox keeps acting up today... probably my ISP really15:30
MacSlowtsdgeos, I saw the "Approve" mark... but not your comment15:31
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tsdgeosSaviq: what's up with https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/fix-1333187/+merge/239990 ?15:47
tsdgeosSaviq: do i need to approve again? what's the changes?15:48
Saviqtsdgeos, needed to resubmit on top of my revert15:48
Saviqtsdgeos, I'll take care15:48
tsdgeosSaviq: so we have a patchset for the dbus bugs larsu and ryan found16:12
tsdgeosSaviq: any idea how to proceed, i don't think i am good enough for reviewing them16:13
tsdgeosby other than integrate them and make sure things don't go wrong16:13
Saviqtsdgeos, what projects do they touch?16:26
tsdgeosSaviq: qtcore16:26
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Saviqtsdgeos, accepted upstream?16:27
tsdgeosupstream wants me to review ^_^16:27
tsdgeoshttps://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/98353/ https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/98354/ https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/98355/16:27
Saviqtsdgeos, means you're good enough for them, you're sure good enough for me16:28
Saviqtsdgeos, if you want a second pair of eyes, tvoss should know... he did write dbus-cpp after all ;)16:29
MacSlowSaviq, one more for the silo 5 -> https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity-notifications/swipe-to-act-fix-1358343/+merge/23895616:30
SaviqMacSlow, can it wait for the next silo?16:30
MacSlowSaviq, hm... it should at least to with https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity8/swipe-to-act-fix-1358343/+merge/23609116:31
MacSlowSaviq, although that still needs top-approval from tsdgeos16:31
SaviqMacSlow, yeah, that's fine16:31
SaviqMacSlow, next time then16:31
Saviqnext one should be smaller/easier hopefully16:32
MacSlowSaviq, and then it would be nice to have these two, https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity8/modal-snap-decision-on-greeter-fix-1378827/+merge/239376 and https://code.launchpad.net/~tiagosh/telephony-service/swipe-to-answer/+merge/239983 all in one silo16:32
SaviqMacSlow, sures16:33
MacSlowSaviq, as they all relate to addressing the incoming-call use-case16:33
SaviqMacSlow, works for me, we could start building a silo already16:33
MacSlowSaviq, do you want that in an email for reference?16:33
SaviqMacSlow, no, I've got the logs16:33
SaviqMacSlow, let's do that tomorrow morning, either it's going to be after the unity8 landing or we'll have it for testing for design ACK16:34
MacSlowSaviq, ok... that works forme16:34
tsdgeosSaviq: any idea why no dbgsym package of qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin ?16:49
tsdgeosi thought we had of them all?16:49
Saviqtsdgeos, let me have a look at the build16:53
Saviqtsdgeos, that's vivid?16:53
tsdgeosSaviq: yes16:53
Saviqtsdgeos, http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/universe/u/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/ any of these?16:55
tsdgeosi guess the first16:55
tsdgeosthe name is just ifferent to make it harder?16:55
tsdgeosah no it's the same name16:56
Saviqtsdgeos, is it different?16:56
Saviqtsdgeos, what I *think* might've happened16:56
Saviqtsdgeos, that package wasn't built for vivid yet16:56
Saviqtsdgeos, so it's only indexed for utopic still16:56
tsdgeosthere's some trackes of the toolkit in a bindign loop i get16:58
tsdgeoswill have to compile the toolkit with debug myself tomorrow then16:58
Saviqtsdgeos, no no, you can get that package17:04
Saviqtsdgeos, it's the same binary that's in vivid17:04
Saviqtsdgeos, it's just not tracked in the vivid dbgsyms repo17:04
Saviqtsdgeos, but anyway, tomorrow, have a good evening17:04
* tsdgeos waves17:05
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