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raevolspammin': https://openmw.org/2014/openmw-0-33-0-released/02:46
darthrobotTitle: [OpenMW 0.33.0 Released! | OpenMW, Open source Elderscrolls III: Morrowind reimplementation, Morrowind remake, Morrowind remade,]02:46
nhainesNot interested in that today.  GOG released X-Wing and also TIE Fighter, plus KOTOR.02:49
rwwimplying you have time to play those when you're out getting DOUBLE AP02:50
nhainesrww: they're on my queue.  :P  Besides, I'm already L9, so I'm getting the silver badge anyway. :P03:05
raevoldidn't realize this was #nhaines, sorry :p03:06
nhainesraevol: get back to me with your awesome Morrowind reimplementation when I'm not celebrating LucasArts games.  :P03:08
nhainesAlthough I suppose one could buy Indiana Jones or Sam & Max and play them in SCUMMVM now.03:08
pleia2g'day Roguehorse17:23
RoguehorseHi..while you're here I want to apologize for missing the 14.10 release party @ Mozilla17:34
RoguehorseI would have _loved_ to have been there and have gotten caught up in other things missing many important events17:35
pleia2apologies go to jyo :) I was in north carolina17:40
RoguehorseLOL! My sister lives there, she has a place way out in the sticks17:52
pleia2I was in raleigh for a conference17:56
RoguehorseMy sister lives in Currie19:00
pleia2huh, north carolina is pretty big19:00
RoguehorseI always trip on the Atlantic being so warm..she used to live in Wilmington for a long time near the beach19:02
Roguehorseit is big19:02
pleia2October in the south is kind of nice19:03
pleia2I'm in Florida now19:03
pleia280F, humidity is kind of ick, but it's not that bad for year19:04

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