DammitJimdoes this wiki still stand for Server 14.04.1?13:39
mhall119DammitJim: you never know with the wiki, that's one of it's many faults14:44
DammitJimany other recommendations?14:46
mhall119AskUbuntu is usually more up to date14:47
C13L0heads up guys...rocket launch from Cape canaveral in 5 minutes :D17:12
C13L0live for those who cant step outside ^^17:13
C13L0and hi ubuntu florida :D17:13
mhall119hi C13L0 17:14
C13L0hi mhall119!17:14
C13L0everything looks like a go17:14
C13L0what a beautiful day it is17:14
C13L0countdown is on17:15
mhall119couldn't see it from here, but watched the video,thanks for the headsup C13L0 17:34
C13L0can you hear it where you are?17:35

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