wolfgergood morning10:54
brouschWhat the ... http://www.bk.com/android12:07
mrgoodbothttp://goo.gl/BTaeiR - BURGER KING®12:07
wolfgeronly sprint or verizon, too :-p12:14
brouschHow is Ubuntu Phone going to undercut that? It doesn't get any cheaper12:17
wolfgerUh... how about free *without* a 2 year contract? :-p12:51
wolfgerof course, that's not much of a business model12:52
wolfgerspeaking of taking a loss... brousch, would you say there's a point to continuing our game? It's kind of looking over to me, although I think I did better this time.12:53
brouschwolfger: You have a nice 3 eyed structure while I technically have 0 eyes, but if you want to pass I'll let it go12:55
cmaloneyI can't imagine what sort of crap would be on a BK Smartphone13:01
brouschThe King app!13:01
cmaloneyThe BK OS.13:02
brouschReplaces all of your social media profile pictures with The King. Cannot be uninstalled13:02
cmaloneyThat sounds about right13:27
mrgoodbothttp://goo.gl/nyRvo - DuckDuckHack13:33
cmaloneyThat's awesome.13:38
mrgoodbothttp://goo.gl/V4n3gv - Infra Versus Ultra | Neurotech13:47
mrgoodbothttp://goo.gl/4MXhNQ - The joys of looking at old Python code: | Craig Maloney14:58
cmaloneyI <3 reqests for quotes.15:52
mrgoodcatsome of them are kinda funny15:53
mrgoodcater wait15:53
mrgoodcati'm thinking request for comments15:53
cmaloneyYeah, that's not what I mean15:53
cmaloneyRFQ for building a new system15:53
mrgoodcatyea i get that15:54
mrgoodcatjust brainfart15:54
cmaloneyI always feel like I'm over-quoting time but experience tells me it'll take that long, if not longer.15:55
cmaloneybecause feature creep15:55
mrgoodcatanybody got inbox invite?16:02
cmaloneyNot I16:38
cmaloney.np squeekyhoho19:41
mrgoodbothttp://goo.gl/4G8Pjt - Helloween – Dr. Stein – Listen and discover music at Last.fm19:42
wolfgerHelloween? Is that like Hellokitty? ;-)19:43
cmaloneyOnly to Amazon when you misspell it "Helloweek"19:44

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