JanCdoes anybody know if USB/VGA devices like this are supposed to work in Ubuntu/linux/Xorg: http://www.frescologic.com/products_show.php?ms=3 ?12:45
tjaaltonnever heard, sounds similar to displaylink13:01
JanCtjaalton: my first thought when I saw a USB/VGA support question in #ubuntu-nl was also "displaylink" (which is supported IIRC?), but I would expect the manufacturer to mention that in their specs then...13:08
tjaaltonapparently usb3 displaylink isn't supported either13:13
JanCright, was just reading that13:13
JanC"""These series of chipsets incorporates HDCP 2.0 encryption barring the implementation in open source software. It is intended to support content protection, and DisplayLink has stated that it needs to ensure this remains secure under an open source environment."""13:19
JanCas if closed source drivers on Windows/OS X can't be "hacked" to circumvent this...13:26
JanCor just use a decrypting device/cable at the other end  :p13:30

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