nlsthznwow that maaz message, only more than 7 months ago >.<03:10
magespawnchat later all03:53
theblazehenMorning. What'd I miss?03:57
Kilosmorning nlsthzn have you at least slept some04:38
MaazKilos: By the way, amanica on freenode told me "tell Kilos I said Hi!  (I was a bit AFK and thus missed the meeting, will scan through it now..)" 5 hours, 47 minutes and 12 seconds ago04:38
nlsthznmorning uncle Kilos , yup I slept (even if it doesn't feel that way :p)04:38
Kiloslost sleep is almost impossible to catch up. takes about a week of 8 to 10 hours sleep a day04:39
theblazehenHey Kilos  nlsthzn 05:10
Kiloshi theblazehen battery charged?05:10
theblazehenKilos: he he, kinda. I can only charge at the PC, so at 74%05:11
theblazehenYeah, normally at like 90% in the morning05:12
theblazehenBut won't be using this phone much today... Data problems05:12
Kilosmore eish05:12
theblazehenYou say cellc reception sucks where you at hey Kilos ?05:12
Kiloswhat a hassle it is hey05:12
theblazehenYeah :(05:12
Kilosit used to be only edge05:13
theblazehenHmm.. Gonna PM05:13
Kilosbut im happy with 8ta 2+1 for R14905:13
nlsthznhi theblazehen 05:15
ApieKilos: more sir05:28
Kiloshi apie thats good05:28
theblazehenHi Apie 05:28
Kilosyou dont need to tell me who you are05:28
KilosApie (~kbmonkey@ has joined05:29
ApieI install an irc client on the phone. So I use this nick with it05:29
theblazehenApie: tried quassel? You use irssi on desktop IIRC?05:29
theblazehenThere is a quassel plugin for irssi, and quasseldroid is great on phone05:31
Apietheblazehen: I don't use quassel, I use a shell account over the ocean to ssh through. That one stays online :)05:31
ApieAndchat on the mobile. I like it, it is super small05:33
theblazehenApie: ah, OK :) 05:33
theblazehenQuassels worth a look at however05:34
theblazehenI keep telling myself that at least. It costs me R60 / month for VPS and backups :(05:34
ApieI don't like how so many Android apps ask for so many permissions. Andchat does not ask tho :)05:34
theblazehenAh :) well anyway, gotta go, writing test05:35
ApieGood luck!05:35
theblazehenThanks! Hope I don't need it!05:35
ApieIll look at quassel site 05:35
Kilosgood luck theblazehen 05:35
ApieQuassel seems to support ssl. You use it Kilos ?05:41
Kilosnope i cant get it to bloep05:41
Kilosi have it installed though, will look at it again05:42
ApieI should find some time to write up a meeting report05:47
Kiloswe we must ask nuvolari to write some reports too05:48
Kilosyou missed many meets05:48
ApieWork is silly these days. They need us record every thing we do with how long it takes05:48
ApieWe have to log 7 hours a day05:48
ApieThat is a lot05:49
ApieRealistically most people and myself struggle to focus that long :)05:49
Kilostime for an IT community strike05:49
ApieHa ha05:50
ApieJa I read somewhere that IT & developers are the most over worked. 05:50
Kilosthe country will come to a stand still05:51
ApieBut that was probably on a U.S. Study too05:51
ApieIts all the big cheese heads exploiting us geeks05:51
Kilosand every year more and more is expected in the same time05:52
Kiloslike if pro and cronies strike all the govt servers can be off. that will rock some boats05:53
ThatGraemeGuymorning peeps05:55
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 05:56
Kilosnow im gonna come to you for help, got xubuntu last night05:56
SquirmI'm still not packed :/06:01
Squirmmaybe 50%06:01
* nlsthzn sees that there is an IRC channel specifically about loco stuff - #ubuntu-locoteams will be hanging out and asking many questions there :)06:12
ThatGraemeGuynot sure how much help i'll be, i install my machine and then use it. your problems tend to come from fiddling around with stuff :P06:12
Kilosactually i think all my probs have been from bad drives ThatGraemeGuy not a glitch since i installed kde on the new one06:13
bdukMorning everyone06:15
Kiloshi bduk 06:15
Kilosbut the bad drives have taught me lots06:16
nlsthznhmmm... found this little gem - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamsBestPracticesandGuidelines06:22
Kilosmonthly reports we havent done i think06:24
nlsthznI will do the monthly reports today if all goes well06:25
nlsthznor at least I will add what I can to each month :p06:25
nlsthznhey oom Kilos ... I see that you have also been hacking at the wiki adding the stuff about the meetings06:38
nlsthznso there are two main wiki edits a month I can see so far...  the ZATeam/Meetings one and ZATeam/TeamReports06:39
Kiloshm... i think it was monkey . i went and looked only06:45
Kilosi dunno bout hacking06:45
Kiloskeep up the good work neelsie06:45
* nlsthzn hasn't done anything yet than open lots of pages :p06:47
Kilosfill them hehe06:48
Kiloswe dont realise how much maia used to do for us06:48
ApieThis is true Kilos 06:50
Kilossomeone must do something about this life thing that catches up to peeps06:51
nlsthznugh, logging into launchpad to edit wiki's takes FOREVER06:51
nlsthznthis may take until xmas even06:52
* nlsthzn goes to kill stuff virtually while he waits06:52
Kiloslol you and gaming06:56
theblazehenTest went well :D06:57
ApieGood theblazehen ! yey06:59
theblazehenAll my studying was almost literally just opening a book. Lol07:00
Kilosnice theblazehen 07:01
theblazehenGoing afk, signal sucks07:04
* nlsthzn is back :)07:33
nlsthznonly dies ones today07:34
nlsthznmust not be trying hard enough07:34
Kiloswbb wanna take one drive out here08:33
theblazehenHmm, time to build a list ;)08:42
ApieKilos: thx for that link! How interesting. I tested it, mtn does not send out my no09:03
Kilosnot good news though. many peeps use vc09:03
Kilosi have it on my ceel so ian can fone we with their 5 bucks an hour thing09:04
theblazehenIs it the cell number in reverse DNS thing?09:10
theblazehenCan't check link09:10
theblazehenWhen we more active than ##linux...09:11
Kilosyou want the link again?09:13
Kilosi can shorten it as well09:13
KilosMaaz, shorten http://mybroadband.co.za/news/security/113037-vodacom-exposing-your-number-to-every-website-you-visit.html09:14
MaazKilos: That reduces to: http://is.gd/z3wbkr09:14
charlgood morning09:20
nlsthznmorning charl 09:21
Kiloshi charl 09:27
Kilosdag bushtech 09:27
theblazehenKilos: data low :(09:27
Kilosoi   sorry i forgot09:27
Kilossjoe today and 2 more after that09:28
theblazehenYa :/09:28
Kilosi saw somewhere this morning R4 for 100m09:29
theblazehen13 MB..09:29
* nlsthzn will die without broadband and a reasonable data plan for mobile09:30
theblazehenCan't get it :( no airtime on my contract09:30
KilosTelkom has unveiled a new range of mobile deals, including a 100MB for R4 product which lasts for 2 days.09:30
theblazehennlsthzn: I get 1 GB/month on mobile09:30
theblazehenKilos: R40/GB? Nice...09:30
bushtechdag Kilos  Loop Xubuntu?09:31
nlsthznme too and it isn't really enough :/ wife decided to watch some youtube and the wifi doesn't extend to the room so got a nasty surprise this month :/09:31
Kilosya but in 2 day packages09:31
theblazehenKilos: 3GB/month for R120...09:32
Kilosthats cheap\09:33
Kilosbut i cant go contracts09:35
theblazehenKilos: why? I forgot09:35
Kilosincome is as stable as mtn09:35
Kilosnow you see it noww you dont09:36
Kilosluckily ian helps with data when he can09:36
nlsthzninteresting how most people here don't have contracts... and the price for data etc. is often cheaper than contract09:36
Kiloslol and at times i gotta help him09:36
nlsthznjust less convenient 09:36
theblazehennlsthzn: I get 1 GB for R69/month09:37
charlmorning nlsthzn, Kilos, theblazehen09:40
charlMaaz: coffee on09:40
* Maaz washes some mugs09:40
nlsthznthat is a good price me thinks09:40
nlsthznhaven't been in SA for more than five years except for a visit or two so can09:40
nlsthzncant say09:40
nlsthznI am paying more here currently... funny thing is the UAE is by far the most expensive when it comes to telecommunication in this part of the world :/09:41
theblazehenHi charl 09:41
charltheblazehen: are we talking 3g? in NL 1 GB will set you back about 10 euro per month09:43
charls that sounds rather cheap by comparison09:43
theblazehencharl: yeah09:43
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!09:44
* theblazehen might have a way to get uncapped 4G :D09:44
theblazehenBut will have a hit on performance :(09:44
charlMaaz: thans09:44
Maazcharl: Excuse me?09:44
charlMaaz: thanks09:44
Maazcharl: Okay :-)09:44
charlcan't type this early before having coffee :P09:44
* nlsthzn never made a torrent file of the RMS speech in Durban... wonder if anybody cares :p09:54
* Squirm looks around the channel09:55
Squirmsuperfly: 3 more days...09:56
* nlsthzn hopes there will be many more days than only 3... got stuff to do :p09:57
theblazehennlsthzn: I do!09:59
nlsthzntheblazehen, so you want the RMS video?10:00
theblazehenIf the ogv or whatever is less than 1GB then I'll seed on a 1gbps connection too10:00
nlsthznfile is only +-360mb mkv10:01
nlsthznI am downloading it again now...10:01
theblazehenAlright, ty. 10:01
nlsthznI will upload to a tracker and give a link on the mailing list later today for peeps to get it and seed it10:01
theblazehenMkv is RMS-approved?10:01
nlsthzndoubt it :p10:02
nlsthznbtw the link to the file is
Kilosnlsthzn, what about putting that on our page too10:02
Kilosor the link only10:02
nlsthznhave added links to it to the report10:02
nlsthznfor sept 201310:02
theblazehenI'm not gonna ssh in to make a torrent now.. Will wait for yours later10:03
theblazehenAlso: http://rms.sexy10:03
Kilosnlsthzn, and talk to them peeps about dropping the evaluation thing10:04
Kilossay for locos older than 5 years or something10:04
nlsthznnah, keeps em honest and hard working :p10:06
Kilosno man its a schlep for us10:06
nlsthznwe don't need to do it10:06
Kilosthey can hassles new locos10:06
nlsthznnothing like a free lunch10:07
Kilosto stay official we have to10:07
nlsthznonly free software10:07
nlsthznwe want, they want10:07
nlsthznsuch is life :p10:07
Kilosno man it like telling your mother if she doesnt buy you sweets anymore then she cant be your mother10:08
nlsthznnot really10:09
nlsthzn:) just because I want something to be true doesn't make it so or don't you agree uncle Kilos ?10:12
Kilosno man10:13
Kiloswe like 9 years old as a loco , is the re eavaluation gonna go on forever10:13
Kilosthey have mentioned cancelling it already a year or 2 back10:14
Kilosbtw what is happening about your arab loco10:16
nlsthznit got hi-jacked10:22
nlsthznoh and https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13877196/stallman_ukzn_20140906_960x540theora_128vorbis.mkv.torrent is the torrent file... not sure of a more elegant way of distributing the link 10:22
nlsthzntheblazehen, ^^10:22
nlsthznwill need peeps to start taking from me to see if it actually works :p10:23
nlsthznthe old group made a new open source group and they had a release party for 14.10 :)10:27
nlsthznthe "loco" I heard nothing off so I suspect nothing happened10:28
nlsthznphew... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports done(ish) ... it is possible there where activities that I missed... like release parties and hackathons but I don't have any links to blog posts and or social media links etc...10:34
Kiloswe can ask tumbles tonight. i think there was a hackathon thing last year10:35
Kilosmaybe superfly remembers moree10:35
Kilosmore as well10:35
Apienlsthzn: ill have a peek a bit late :)10:40
=== Rynomster is now known as SDCDev
charlnlsthzn: make that torrent file !!!12:09
charlnlsthzn: do it !!!12:09
charloh sorry you already did :P had to scroll down12:09
charlput it up on the pirate bay or somewhere where people can find it12:10
Kiloshi liamT 12:34
theblazehencharl: got a link to it?12:48
theblazehenAh, thought link for torrent. Ty anyway12:50
charltheblazehen: oh sorry the torrent is https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13877196/stallman_ukzn_20140906_960x540theora_128vorbis.mkv.torrent12:50
theblazehenKk, ty12:50
theblazehenWill seed later12:50
theblazehenIf I have free ram12:50
theblazehenI'm cheap.. My vps is using more swap than ram right now12:51
charlhmmm not sure how it's been encoded but omxplayer doesn't want to play it on the raspberry pi12:51
theblazehenOn irc while I wait for phpmyadmin to load12:51
charloh it's probably the ogg theora/vorbis12:52
charlwhich is good though12:52
charlooh the quality is horrible but that's not interesting12:53
charlvlc plays it perfectly12:53
charlooh it's 2,5 hours :D have to put some time aside for it then12:54
nlsthzndid anyone get the mailing list mail with the torrent file?13:16
ApieYup I got it13:18
nlsthznnever mind I see you have :p13:18
nlsthznthanks for the reply kbmonkey , er Apie :p13:18
ApieOn mobile :)13:22
Kilossame thing different name13:26
nlsthznI know :p13:26
* nlsthzn will be back later13:26
charlah this is very interesting13:38
ApieThe RMS talk? Yes it was great. Like to watch that recording. 14:08
Squirmhome time14:27
Squirmlast day of work has been finished14:27
ApieThat speed is disgusting when I can't get 1MB14:49
Kiloswhew thats fast hey14:50
Kilosno waiting to open sites14:50
KilosSquirm, when do you start travelling14:53
Kiloshehe https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0gEkvDCYAApOjh.jpg14:55
Kilosoh andrew gave it here last night methinks14:56
Symmetriaheh what are you struggling to get a meg to?15:00
Symmetrialol, I would go nuts on anything that wasnt giving me a helluva lot more than 1015:01
Symmetriamy internet access must feel like its all on the lan or I get pissy15:01
KilosSymmetria, your repo works fine15:02
Kilosbetter than archive.ubuntu.co.za thing15:03
Kilosand we have a long tailed monkey here15:04
theblazehenGot vps downloading torrent15:11
theblazehenNot started yet...15:11
Jp__hi there ,or must i say help me plz..........???????15:12
theblazehenHi Jp__ 15:13
Jp__hi blaz15:13
Jp__i am having problems with ubuntu 14.10 15:13
Jp__it shows my network is connected but i can't use browser 15:14
Kiloshi Jp__ 15:14
Kilosare you using 3g modem?15:15
theblazehenJp__: can you ping anywhere?15:16
Kilosyou dont ask for help here you state what your problem is then ask can anyone help then you wait patiently15:16
Jp__nope i have a network cable or i use the wifi but like i say ,it shows connected but no internet acces15:16
Jp__o ok cool 15:16
Kilostry disconnecting and reconnecting15:16
Kilosand whatch what it says15:17
Kiloswatch as well15:17
Jp__i can ping the rounter and its send but no receiving15:17
Kiloshave you used the router before 14.1015:17
Kilosso its setup to let you go online15:17
nlsthznfiy - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamVerificationGuidelines#Benefits_of_Verification15:18
theblazehenJp__: when you run "ip li", how many interfaces do you see?15:18
Jp__and i am working on a other laptop with the network so internet is fine15:19
Kilossort him theblazehen 15:20
* Kilos hates routers15:20
theblazehenJp__: does the one that's not lo0 or lo or whatever say DOWN,UP, or UNKNOWN?15:23
theblazehenDo you have an ipv4 address when you run "IP ad"?15:23
Jp__yes the lo (<loopback,up,lower_up.mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN mode default group defualt)15:27
Jp__yes i have a ip address15:28
theblazehenJp__: and other is UP?15:29
theblazehenIs there a route when you run "ip ro"?15:29
Jp__wel only the eth0 is up and the wlan is down15:30
Jp__yes there is a router15:31
theblazehenI'm out of ideas, and gotta go.. Maybe post on the mailing list, or wait for another guy to help15:31
Jp__thanks any why  blaze15:32
KilosJp__, can you login to the router. my stupid one i have to enable each pc to use the internet individually15:33
Jp__yea i can 15:34
Kilosjust look if it allows your 14.10 access to the net15:35
Kiloscharl, come up with some clever ideas man15:35
Jp__ha ha ha ha ha15:36
Jp__ok wil do so15:36
kbmonkey__Finally home yipee15:46
Kiloswe need more clever peeps here15:50
charlwat wat16:11
charlKilos: reading16:11
charlweird one, not sure16:12
charlseems like he's gone now16:12
charlthis RMS talk is _really_ good16:15
charltry to get the word out about it16:15
charlKilos: are you still running that twitter account ?16:16
Kiloswhen im not forgetting16:16
Kilosyou mean ubuntuza16:17
charlyes post the torrent16:17
charlwith nlsthzn's permission of course16:17
charlnot sure if he wants a link to his dropbox posted there16:18
charlis there a magnet link? then you can simply post the magnet link16:18
Kilosi dont know what a magnet link is16:19
Kiloslets see if the pro is here16:19
Kilosinetpro, ping16:19
charlit's a string of chracters that lets you find torrents16:20
charlor get the torrent up on ubuntu-za.org16:21
Kilosneelsie can put it there i think16:21
ApieKilos: how large is the Ubuntu iso download roughly?16:21
ApieI have data to get a copy :) thanks sir!16:22
Kilosyou going unity?16:23
ApieYes I think so. I want to use whatever is the default16:27
ApieWhat do you recommend?16:27
Kilosok its not bad16:27
ApieYes 14.1016:27
Kilosi havent looked at that'16:27
Kilosill stick to lts16:28
ApieOh lts is .04's hey16:28
ApieDonating some to them while I'm at it 16:29
Kilosand every second year only16:29
Kilosnext one is 16.0416:29
ApieI want to try latest. Want to give it to guys at work. 16:29
Kiloscool thats with mir and systemd16:30
ApieI'm already running systemd here. Half way there ;)16:31
ApieSjoe am tired today16:31
Apieeta 4d 12h16:32
Kilosyou need to go telkom modem16:33
Kilosthe 15716:33
Kilosi get isos in under 30 mins16:33
ApieThe modem is fine. Trouble is I live in a spot where the coverage crosses each other16:33
ApieThe map show me exactly on the spot 16:34
ApieShould speed up16:34
ApieIll try my wget while trick :)16:35
Kilosyou need it if its gonna take 4 days16:35
Kilosthats worse than gprs speed16:36
Apie2 days now. See 16:37
ApieHa ha. Win!16:37
Kilosstill worse than gprs16:37
ApieIf it hits max it will dl in an hour16:39
Apiemeanwhile I go prep some food 8)16:39
Kilosthats ok16:39
ApieThen I want to see what neelsie added to the wiki, and learn some more 3d coding math. Eish not enough time in a day16:41
Kilossjoe just saw a fashion how in paris where i could eat all the models17:30
Kiloseverything made from chocolate17:30
ApieHaha sounds sweet17:43
Kilosyeah, i love chocolate17:43
Kilosdont forget you gotta ask the pro and blaze for some feedback on sfd17:44
Apieeta 2h17:45
Kilosand actually ask in the lists for any other info17:45
Kilosoh thats not too bad17:45
Kilosim sure the dbnlug peeps have been doing things17:45
theblazehenKilos: what's this now?17:46
Kilosyou were at sfd 17:46
Kilosi think thats what its called17:46
Kilosyou and pro were there17:47
ApieLinks to events we had17:47
Kiloswe need some feedback on what you heard saw and learned17:47
theblazehenOK. Will chat with him when he's here17:48
theblazeheninetpro, you here?17:48
Kiloshe is here , just pretending to be busy17:49
theblazehenah, lol17:49
Kiloshehe he always tells me he is always here17:49
charlgood evening18:04
theblazehenhi charl18:06
charlhi theblazehen 18:08
magespawngood evening18:19
theblazehenhi magespawn18:19
magespawnhi Apie18:19
magespawnhi theblazehen 18:19
Kiloshi my magespawn 18:29
magespawnhello Kilos 18:42
magespawnso what is up?18:49
magespawni could not have said it better myself18:50
magespawnsee i knew something was up18:51
Kiloswhat can you add18:52
magespawnlet me have a look18:52
magespawnnothing to that at least, seems pretty comprehensive18:54
magespawni also have not done much over the last year18:54
Kilosoi what happened to langjan19:01
Kiloshe must need some help19:01
magespawnif he does, he will probably come back19:04
Kilosmaybe we should ask vince as well what he can add19:08
magespawngood idea batman19:08
Kilosthem lug peeps doing all kinds of things19:08
KilosApie, ping19:09
magespawnyup and they have regular real world get together 19:09
Kiloshi Private_User 19:09
magespawnKilos, is Apie a mobile kbmonkey?19:10
Kilosyip haha19:10
ApieYes magespawn. :)19:10
magespawncool beans19:10
KilosApie, ask vince what he can add19:10
ApieGood idea Kilos 19:10
Kilosall my ideas are good19:11
Kilosexcept for the bad ones19:11
magespawnhah and modest too19:11
Private_Userhi Kilos19:12
ApieThats a good philosophy 19:12
Kilosapie keep your ears open for someone coming up here from there please19:17
Kilosvince has a box of stuff for me19:17
Kiloshi bushtech wb19:18
ApieSure Kilos 19:19
Kilosya old drives and rams19:19
* Apie takes bananas out of ears19:19
Kilosya not a good place to keep bananas19:19
bushtechHi kilos 3g shaky again tonight19:20
Kiloshi Rynomster 19:35
Kilosyou lionthinker?19:36
Rynomsteryo Kilos19:37
Rynomsterim not lionthinker :p19:38
Rynomsterbut I wanted to talk to him actually19:38
RynomsterI also live in randburh19:38
Kilossjoe i forget now who he is19:39
Kiloswill remember when im half asleep19:39
nlsthznMaaz, tell kilos use the link, no problem19:46
Maaznlsthzn: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode19:46
MaazKilos: By the way, nlsthzn on freenode told me "tell kilos use the link, no problem" 20 seconds ago19:46
nlsthznoh you are here19:46
nlsthznthought I saw you left >.<>19:46
nlsthznthe dropbox is a public link19:47
Kiloscan you give me the link again please neelsie19:47
Kilosand then i need the pro to do it19:47
Kilosty sir19:49
Kilosinetpro, ping19:49
Kilospretending to be busy again19:51
Kilosohi superfly have you got anything to add to our approval page?19:52
* nlsthzn will look at the approval page tomorrow or day after tomorrow19:55
Kilosty for what you did today19:55
nlsthznI do so little and want to do more and will ;)20:04
Kilosgood ty , keep up that attitude20:04
nlsthznI love to fool myself and others20:05
Kilosill hound you20:05
nlsthznI still have seeded 0 of the stallman file... I have no idea if my torrent actually works >.<20:05
Kiloswe need someone to test it20:06
Kilosmagespawn, 20:07
nlsthznwell it isn't critical but would suck if it didnt'20:07
nlsthznwait, I can test it from the wife's PC >.<20:07
magespawnKilos, 20:07
Kiloshows your connection?20:07
nlsthznlet us do that nah!20:07
nlsthznnow I mena20:07
nlsthznno worries I will test it :p and seed it from two PC's then too :D20:07
magespawnokay as long as the power stays on20:07
Kilostry get this magespawn https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13877196/stallman_ukzn_20140906_960x540theora_128vorbis.mkv.torrent20:08
Kilosoops sorry20:08
magespawnallow others to copy from you 20:08
nlsthznseeding means you make the file available to others to download from you20:09
nlsthznwhat magespawn said20:09
Kiloshaha ty20:09
Kilosbut if its by dropbox then where does seeding from 2 pcs come in?20:10
nlsthznwell it works :)20:11
nlsthznthe dropbox link is only a file that a torrent client opens20:11
Kilosoh so the file is actually on your pc not up at dropbox?20:12
nlsthznthis is the info you need to connect to a server that has a list of all the people that has the file on their pc's and sharing it20:12
nlsthznthen you download the file from everyone on the list20:12
nlsthzneveryone shares a little of the file until you have the whole one20:13
Kilosthats the torrent thing20:13
nlsthznand then you do the same, sharing a little of the file for others20:13
nlsthznthat is how torrenting works20:13
nlsthznmany people sharing a little so everyone gets alot20:13
Kilosso dropbox only carries the link20:13
nlsthznthat is why it is fast if many people share (seed) it20:13
nlsthznyes, typically I could upload the "link" to a site like thepiratebay to share to everyone20:14
nlsthznbut we don't need that 20:14
magespawnwe could start out torrent site20:14
nlsthzn:) anybody could link it on their site or copy it and make it available.20:15
nlsthznmany options :)20:16
magespawnthat was supposed to read, we could start our own torrent site20:16
nlsthznnight magespawn and uncle Kilos ... sweet dreams20:16
magespawngood night nlsthzn 20:17
Kilosnight nlsthzn sleep tight and ty20:17
magespawni am also off, good night kbmonkey 20:27
magespawni am also off, good night Kilos 20:27
Kilosnight magespawn sleep tight20:27
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:36

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