Bashing-omgivello: Not giving up yet . From the liveUSB what returns -> sudo fdisk -lu <- and let's see if we can boot manually from grub, see what happens.00:00
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: might be something buggy in 14.1000:00
mybox1776Can anyone explain why this is happening?  http://pastebin.com/fckkSQfh00:00
mekhamiI'm having a hard time changing my default terminal to zsh00:00
mekhamiit keeps going back to terminal @.@00:00
mekhamior maybe i'm just dumb and i need to remap ctrl+alt+t00:00
Bashing-omgivello: That is an Xorg thing !  OK, what graphics card are you using ?00:01
lotuspsychje!floppy | mybox177600:01
ubottumybox1776: To mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone00:01
SchrodingersScatmekhami: what does terminal mean to you?00:01
mekhamiSchrodingersScat, i don't care to get into semantics here so if i mis-spoke just correct me and move on...00:01
mekhamiit kept going back to bash00:02
givelloBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8725876/00:02
mekhamior fish actually00:02
Blizzythis is the error I keep getting when I try to install Ubuntu on VirtualBox. http://gyazo.com/659c5b82de6a51a50371a0418d6b89ff00:02
mekhamiyeah it keeps going back to fish00:02
Bashing-omgivello: look'n00:02
SchrodingersScatmekhami: I asked one question to clarify, please !patience00:02
givelloBashing-om: Nvidia GTX77000:02
mybox1776lotus*  looking thanks00:02
KomputerKidWhere are you?00:02
givelloBashing-om: not sure I told you before but I'm on 14.04.1 btw00:02
KomputerKid' Hello?00:03
lotuspsychjeMathBlab: lower caps plz00:03
SchrodingersScatmekhami: it's hardly semantics, as well, one is the terminal emulator that you could use to run probably any number of shells, while the other is the shell that you run.00:03
KomputerKidMathBlab is a bot00:03
KomputerKidI know the guy who programmed the bot...00:03
STxAxTICI apologive for mathblab. Somoen triggered Eliza.....00:03
mekhamiSchrodingersScat, i answered your question.00:03
Ben64STxAxTIC: don't bring bots in here at all00:03
STxAxTIC(and i apologize for my typos too)00:03
mekhamii want to change my default shell to zsh and it's not sticking.00:04
k1lKomputerKid: please keep this channel clear for ubuntu support. STxAxTIC00:04
STxAxTICIt was just a test, relax00:04
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Blizzyso, what do I do?00:04
lotuspsychje!test | STxAxTIC00:04
ubottuSTxAxTIC: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )00:04
STxAxTICYou guys are causing more of a distraction by scolding me than the original distraction caused.00:04
KomputerKidWell I use arch Linux so :P00:04
Bashing-omgivello: shucks, GPT partitioning, No experience and I do not know how to manually boot the system from a GPT partition.00:04
entrerihey guys, how can I use Ubuntu on an Intel Atom Netbook with 4gb of RAM ?00:05
entreriUnity is impossible to use, it lags like hell00:05
Blizzymay I have help with my Ubuntu installation?00:05
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lotuspsychjeentreri: 4gig should be plenty, you sure your grafix card driver is loaded?00:06
daftykins!details | Blizzy00:06
ubottuBlizzy: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)00:06
k1lentreri: you can try the more lightweight desktop "Lubuntu" which uses lxde00:06
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somebodyentreri: You would probably want to get a different WM, like LXDE.00:06
k1lentreri: the problem is the very low cpu, not the amount of ram.00:06
Blizzyok, I am trying to install Ubuntu on a VBox, however I keep getting this error. this is the error I keep getting when I try to install Ubuntu on VirtualBox. http://gyazo.com/659c5b82de6a51a50371a0418d6b89ff00:07
givelloBashing-om: so I'm SOL?00:07
Blizzywhoops, I pasted too much.00:07
mybox1776Lotus*  If its not there in fstab, can I just add it?00:07
mybox1776nothing is shown for Floppy00:07
entrerithanks guys, I tried different Ubuntu versions such as Lubuntu, but they were not as good out of the box as the real ubuntu with Unity...00:08
somebodyentreri: Well, you have got to have a decent CPU unit on board to afford Unity.00:08
lotuspsychjeentreri: wich ubuntu version are you trying?00:08
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somebodyentreri: You might also want to try something different, maybe Cinnamon.00:09
mekhamisubl /etc/passwd00:09
ObrienDaveentreri, of XFCE00:09
entrerilotuspsychje: I tried the 14 one00:09
Blizzyso, do I try a different version of Linux?00:09
lotuspsychjeentreri: 14.04?00:10
Ben64Blizzy: verify the md5sum of the iso00:10
Blizzyhow do I do that, Ben64.00:10
Ben64!md5sum | Blizzy00:10
ubottuBlizzy: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:10
lotuspsychjeentreri: try what the guys suggested you and install lubuntu-desktop00:10
lotuspsychje!info lubuntu-desktop | entreri00:11
ubottuentreri: lubuntu-desktop (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.55 (utopic), package size 2 kB, installed size 31 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; powerpc; armhf)00:11
ObrienDaveentreri, or xubuntu-desktop00:11
lotuspsychjeentreri: you can test it from your existing ubuntu00:11
lotuspsychjeentreri: see if you get less lag00:11
givelloBashing-om: maybe I could try reinstalling grub? it seems like there might be an issue with it to me... maybe00:12
Blizzywhat language is ubottu written in?00:13
EriC^^python i think00:13
xTorettoxok, so now I got this "error: Cannot find libjpeg. Make sure your CFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variable are set properly."00:13
bekksBlizzy: Various languages.00:13
Bashing-omgivello: Honestly, I do not know to this time if this is a graphics driver issue, or a grub issue. Try'n to think how to isolate - with the keyboard locking up lends crenence to a graphics driver (xorg.conf) problem.00:13
Blizzythanks bekks and EriC^^.00:13
ObrienDave!ubottu | Blizzy00:14
ubottuBlizzy: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone00:14
Blizzythanks ObrienDave.00:14
xTorettoxDoes anyone know how can I get through "error: Cannot find libjpeg. Make sure your CFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variable are set properly."?00:15
Bashing-omEriC^^: givello Any knowledge IF we can purge Nvidia drivers and install nouveau in the CHroot environment ?00:16
bekksBashing-om: Yes, we can.00:17
EriC^^Bashing-om: yes, i think so00:17
givelloBtw Bashing-om we never tried launching x from the chroot in the end00:17
Bashing-ombekks: EriC^^ Thanks ! givello // I think ( so I think) we should give that ^^ a whirl.00:18
givelloBashing-om: sure, sounds good00:18
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang00:18
givelloBashing-om: though in a sense, I hope it won't work cause I really need the propriary drivers to game00:18
Bashing-omgivello: Not so easy of a thing to do, as X is running already from the liveUSB enviironment .. maybe we could export a display ?00:19
xTorettoxok, so now I got this "error: Cannot find libjpeg. Make sure your CFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variable are set properly."00:19
Bashing-omgivello: Look, IF and when we get this sucker booting , then when stable one could install proprietary drivers .00:19
givelloBashing-om: on arch I'd have done startx -- :1 which would have done the trick00:20
givelloBashing-om: yeah, I get you00:20
bekksxTorettox: sudo apt-get install libjpeg-dev00:20
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EriC^^givello: Bashing-om what you guys up to?00:21
Bashing-omgivello: What might be a test is to activate the full chroot, and export the display and test the environment ny starting gedit in the chroot environment,. See if the system screams and hollers.00:22
Bashing-omEriC^^: Trying to boot 14.04, past grub all we get is a purple screnn, nada else , even in 'text' mode .00:23
givelloBashing-om: yea sounds good00:23
CoburnHi guys, is there any way I can stop my Ubuntu server installation from blanking the screen? I'm not using Xorg, I'm using the framebuffer00:24
givelloBashing-om: could you past back the chroot script to me?00:24
xTorettoxbekks: thank you very much, I'll give it a try00:24
EriC^^Bashing-om: givello did you try setting any vga settings for grub?00:24
CoburnThe issue is, when the screen blanks, it will not turn back on00:24
EriC^^givello: did you mess with any .efi files?00:24
Bashing-omEriC^^: ^^ I have been unable to isolate to Xserver or a grub issue.00:24
Coburnso basically I need to shutdown and start it back up00:24
EriC^^Bashing-om: seems like a grub issue, i think00:24
givelloEriC^^: I think I haven't00:25
glennopupgrade to 14.10 but Xorg issues ... cannot start apps00:25
EriC^^givello: did it work before?00:25
Bashing-omEriC^^: MBR booting I could boot manually from grub, in GPT I do not have the knowledge, you ?00:25
givelloEriC^^: it was a working installation before last monday00:25
EriC^^Bashing-om: we can try00:26
EriC^^i'm using gpt so it'd be somewhat similar i guess00:26
EriC^^givello: you upgraded to 14.10 and this happened?00:27
Bashing-omEriC^^: proplem being I do not know how to direct grub to look for the boot files in the .efi partition.00:27
givelloEriC^^: nope. still on 14.04.100:28
EriC^^Bashing-om: it should already have found them00:28
givelloEriC^^: what happened is that it randomly stopped working. first I didn't have any graphical display, x failed to start and I was thrown into a terminal after some blinking00:28
givelloEriC^^: I tried to diagnose the problem, but apparently messed it up00:29
k1lxTorettox: e19 lists the depencies on the left side on the site you got the packages from. so make sure you have them installed00:29
givelloEriC^^: it seems that using startx was a bad idea on ubuntu00:29
Ben64givello: reinstall time00:29
EriC^^givello: did you run the find command from earlier?00:29
givelloEriC^^: after a while I ended up not being able to boot into a liveusb00:29
givelloEriC^^: and I finally realized that there was an issue with the DVI on my screen00:30
givelloEriC^^: now I switched to VGA on the screen side, with a converter00:30
EriC^^Bashing-om: givello found this might be worth a look reading now http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=218857200:30
givelloEriC^^: and it works for a liveusb00:30
givelloEriC^^: but no luck with getting the system to boot00:31
Bashing-omEriC^^: givello Look and reading too.00:31
givelloEriC^^: Bashing-om I'm starting to wonder if I did it right with the editing of that line in the grub00:32
givellopressing ctrl+x prints an x00:32
Bashing-omEriC^^: Trid that .. still with purple splash screen with both "nomodeset text " set.00:32
givelloso I did the other thing and pressed F1000:32
givellowhat if it didn't take me changes into account00:32
EriC^^givello: which vga do you have?00:33
givelloEriC^^: you mean the modeset?00:33
EriC^^nope like intel or nvidia etc.00:33
givelloEriC^^: not sure I understand00:33
givelloEriC^^: ohh00:33
xTorettoxbekks: now ./configure brings up "error: pkg-config missing luajit >= 2.0.0", what to do now?00:33
givelloEriC^^: GTX77000:33
givelloEriC^^: nvidia00:34
Bashing-omgivello: I prefer to make the changes in the grub command line and to do key combo ctl+x to continue the boot process, I do not trust what F10 'Might" be interpreted as.00:34
givelloBashing-om: so how do I do that? I press e then ctrl+c ?00:34
xTorettoxbekks: already tried to install it, its a config problem I guess00:34
givelloBashing-om: I can try again if you want00:34
bekksxTorettox: sudo apt-get install libluajit-5.1-dev00:35
stevecamis 14.04 or 14.10 the official ubuntu release?00:35
Coburnboth are00:35
Coburn14.04 is LTS00:35
bekksxTorettox: Recipe: "missing dep mentioned" "try using apt-cache search missingdepmentioned" "install missingdepmentioned" :)00:35
xTorettoxbekks: you answer, I paste00:35
bekksxTorettox: steep learning curve. ;)00:36
stevecamhave there been many issues with 14.10 lately?00:36
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
xTorettoxbekks: yep. trying to install from package is sth new, and I get really messed with versions00:37
EriC^^givello: try to reinstall the drivers or something as Bashing-om suggested00:38
xTorettoxbekks: "error: pkg-config missing freetype2 >= 9.3.0" xD anyway let me try to get over this one by myself00:38
Bashing-omgivello: 'e' for edit mode -> boot parameters screen, arrow down in this screen to the line similar " linux    /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-24-generic root=UUID=217ed9a7-e11a-4e32-8c05-992e8c8932b6 ro  quiet splash $vt_handoff " Arrow acroos to the terms "quiet splash" and replace them with the terms "nomodeset text" - without the quotes; key combo ctl+x to continue the boot process to TTY1 .00:38
EriC^^the guy in the thread said after nomodeset worked he found out his drivers were missing00:38
xTorettoxbekks: for each try for ./configure there's a new error message00:38
bekksxTorettox: Yeah, thats because of missing dependencies.00:39
givelloBashing-om: well, that doesn't work as ctrl+x ... prints an x on the line.00:39
givelloBashing-om: and pressing F10 has the aforementionned result00:39
Bashing-omgivello: Sheessshh .. Never ever have I seen that happen in this instance before !00:40
stevecamhow do i find out if support for my graphics card has been  dropped in the new release, im trying to install 14.10 on my laptop, after i boot into my installation i get an error message about low-graphics mode and wont let me use x at all, im using the Radeon HD 320000:40
Bashing-omgivello: An american ascii keyboard and keyboard layout ? .. EriC^^ At what point is X loaded in the boot process ?00:41
EriC^^i think lightdm starts it00:43
givelloBashing-om: a French azerty keyboard00:43
EriC^^Bashing-om: nevermind00:44
givelloBashing-om: but I'm fairly sure the layout during boot is just qwerty00:44
givelloBashing-om: as is it now00:44
Bashing-omEriC^^: Then at this point we are still on the buos drivers.. givello are you pressing 'ctl' and 'x' both at the same time ? (key combo) .00:44
givelloBashing-om: I am00:45
noob_i trashed several large files totaling 2.5 GB from Ubuntu, emptied Trash, then when I logged back into Windows 7, the files are gone from their former folder, but no space has been recovered. Help.00:47
noob_forgot to mention, those files from the ntfs partition containing Windows00:48
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stevecamnoob_, ubuntu and windows use different trash folder locations, are you aware of this?00:49
EriC^^givello: try to boot with nosplash --verbose text instead of quiet splash $vthandoff00:50
EriC^^givello: are you using RAID?00:50
noob_ok, so what happened when I placed Windows files into Ubuntu Trash and emptied it?00:50
bekksDefined "placed" - copied or moved?00:51
noob_I imagine there is a placeholder file someplace00:51
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stevecamthey go in to ubuntu trash, generally here /home/username/.local/share/Trash00:52
noob_using GUI,  dragged those files into the Trash and emptied such00:52
bekksnoob_: "dragging" across filesystems means "copying".00:52
noob_i wish I ran 'rm' but it has been a while00:52
stevecambekks, no need for that00:52
EriC^^Bashing-om: givello http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1997417&page=2 , solution is on page300:52
EriC^^maybe it's the same00:53
bekksstevecam: there is no need to do so, but thats what happens when you drag across filesystems without pressing the shift key.00:53
Bashing-omEriC^^: look'n and reading !00:53
noob_but the files no longer exist in the Windows folder where they originally were, don't know where they ended up00:53
stevecambekks, im talking about your behaviour00:53
noob_so, it was not a simple equivalent of 'cp'00:53
bekksstevecam: Whats wrong about telling what specific actions actually do?00:54
bekksstevecam: I wasnt offensive or such.00:54
noob_I'll remember the shift key next time,00:54
noob_i thought bekks was perfectly cordial, i know it's hard to get a point across sometimes00:55
bekksnoob_: Most secure way in GUI is "cut" and "paste", to be sure that you actually will move a file.00:55
EriC^^noob_: when you emptied the trash, you deleted the files i guess, you can still probably recover them if you want00:55
bekksEriC^^: he deleted copies of the files he created.00:55
givelloEriC^^: not using RAID no00:55
bekksnoob_: May I PM you shortly?00:56
stevecambekks, you were being trivial00:56
givelloEriC^^: even though, do you think I could try to update initramfs from the chroot?00:57
EriC^^bekks: ah missed some of the msgs00:57
kojak_I have a bootable image of an Ubuntu box. How can I clone it into an empty hard disk, so that it boots and all afterwards?00:57
Bashing-omgivello: EriC^^ Som no raid, and we are back to why grub does not see "ctl" .00:57
noob_i just want to reclaim the space. I copied the files from windows into the ubuntu partition that has more room,  then dragged these files from their original location into Trash.00:57
noob_please do00:57
bekksstevecam: I dont have to write a scientific essay essay about what happens when you drag files across filesystems. I dont get your point honestly, I dont get why you got mad at me.00:58
stevecamim not mad, noob_ did you try having a look at that folder i pointed you to?00:58
HoloIRCUserKojak, the command you want is 'dd'00:59
EriC^^givello: anyways, try the --verbose text , it might shed some light00:59
EriC^^nosplash --verbose text01:00
HoloIRCUserKojak, eg 'dd if=myimage.img of=/dev/sdb'01:01
noob_stevecam:  pardon, which folder is it?01:01
EriC^^noob_: as bekks said if you dragged them from nautilus to the trash then nothing would have happened01:02
EriC^^noob_: they should still be where they were01:03
givelloEriC^^: ok. I'll be back in a few minutes since its the same box01:04
EriC^^givello: ok01:04
Bashing-omjim1: Hello, A support question ?01:04
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brad__you got it01:08
stevecamjim1, if you join a room with a random name it will create a new one that can be used for testing01:08
givelloIt didn't work01:08
givelloso, as usual, ctrl+x prints x01:09
givelloand doing the changes then pressing F10 gives the same result01:09
EriC^^does it mention another keyboard shortcut at the bottom?01:09
stormzenI think I fragged my USB with this command:  sudo dd if=mbr.bin of=/dev/sdb1 when it was supposed to be sudo dd if=mbr.bin of=/dev/sdb ... I don't need to recover anything, but now it won't create a partition.  .. how do I undo this?01:09
givelloI wish I could be sure it worked though01:09
givelloEriC^^: yes. F1001:09
EriC^^givello: it didn't show any text about booting?01:09
givelloEriC^^: not even a blink before the purple screen01:09
EriC^^givello: ok, so you're in the liveusb now?01:10
givelloJust a dissapearance of the text from grub.01:10
givelloEriC^^: yep01:10
stevecamstormzen, you could possibly blank it with zero's, there should be a /dev/zero that you can feed in to it01:10
EriC^^mount the ubuntu installation01:10
givelloEriC^^: done01:10
stormzenstevecam, how is that done?01:10
EriC^^pastebin /var/log/syslog01:11
EriC^^in paste.ubuntu.com01:11
givelloEriC^^: you mean /mnt01:11
EriC^^yeah, sorry01:11
givellolet me check if there's anything about last bootbeforehand, tho01:11
givelloEriC^^: the state of syslog is the same as before01:12
stevecamsudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb01:12
givelloEriC^^: no new output01:12
stevecamstormzen, that was for you01:12
givelloEriC^^: since yesterday01:12
stevecamstormzen, but that will blank your entire device, if that is what you want01:12
kojak_HoloIRCUser, thanks!01:12
stevecamstormzen, will be unformatted, will have nothing01:13
EriC^^givello: check the /mnt/etc/default/grub01:13
HoloIRCUserKojak, you're very welcome01:13
Bashing-omEriC^^: givello " since yesterday " does not compute ! Something then is seriosly amiss .01:13
* squinty was thinking the same01:14
givelloEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8726527/01:14
stormzenstevecam, yes, that's the idea, thanks.  So, if you don't specify anything beyond if, and of, then dd does the whole device.  I think I understand.  I just found shred, and I'm trying: shred -n1 /dev/sdb .  Should that do the same thing?01:14
TyrentHas anyone here ever been on a cruise?01:14
givelloBashing-om: I say yesterday, but since an hour ago it's one more day ago01:15
givelloBashing-om: haha01:15
somsip!ot | Tyrent01:15
ubottuTyrent: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:15
givelloBashing-om: two hours ago actually. I should go to bed soonish, I work at 9 tomorroz01:15
stevecamstormzen, shred does a little bit more, i dont use shred, but from what i understand it makes it next to impossible to read old data by writing random data and then zero'ing it out01:16
stormzenas long as I'm here ( and waiting for my USB to finish shredding ), has anyone ever attempted to create a partitioned USB drive, first partition something like ultimate boot CD, second multisystem for booting multiple live CD distros?01:16
stormzenstevecam, Didn't think about it writing old data.  Yeah, that's a little overkill.01:16
bekksstormzen: I've successfully created a multiboot USB with about a dozen images.01:17
EriC^^givello: maybe try to add GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x76801:17
stormzen.. or has anyone installed Centos or RHEL 7 after installing Ubuntu 14 ( with or without rewriting the MBR? )  I did it without, and haven't been able to boot the new Centos system.  ( Can't figure out how to tell grub2 to boot it )01:18
Bashing-omgivello: Understand about the z time for sleep. I see nothing in the grub file to alter booting, looks default. Back now again to why the 'ctl' key is not recognized to permit booting with the changed kerenl command line.01:18
stormzenbekks, Did you document what you did , or follow a document?01:18
givelloEriC^^: the fact that my screen is 1680x1050 isn't relevant in that number I assume01:19
bekksstormzen: I just followed http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/01:19
stevecamstormzen, probably a little off-topic these questions, there is ##linux, if creating multiple partitions doesnt work you can also boot from disk images you have stored on the device, may be a little more practical doing it that way depending on your use01:19
EriC^^givello: i don't think so01:19
EriC^^givello: mount the efi partition01:20
EriC^^at /mnt/boot/efi01:20
givelloEriC^^: oh ok01:21
EriC^^givello: then run for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done01:21
EriC^^givello: then chroot and update-grub01:21
stormzenstevecam, did you say that my questions were off topic?  ( Asking for clarification )01:22
givelloEriC^^: you want me to change the resolution of grub too, right?01:22
stevecamstormzen, yes, but just an educated guess, im not an op01:22
EriC^^( do that before update-grub )01:23
stormzenok.  I was going to ask if that included the one about update-grub not finding Centos7.01:23
givelloEriC^^: ok, done01:26
givelloEriC^^: let me try that and I'll be back01:26
vinniecscuse me for my bad english, i have a one simple question. In addition to chromium, what is the most recent webkit browser present in the repository?01:27
smtbanybody willing to help an ubuntu noob with an installation problem?01:29
LinusTorvaldIIok go aheaad01:29
ObrienDavenot without knowing what the issue is ;P01:29
givelloDidn't change anything01:29
LinusTorvaldIIdetails smtb01:30
d1zzYLuLzi am trying to enter some rules into iptables..i enter the rule, do iptables -L and they are not in the list...any ideas why?01:30
EriC^^givello: ok, if you want you can try to press "e" and add vga=79201:30
EriC^^givello: i like that, it helped me with a vm issue once with grub01:30
smtbi upgraded to 14.10 but my unity does not work, i have tried everything in the forums, no luck01:30
givelloI wish I had partitionned that correctly with a separate /home01:30
EriC^^actually not grub, the vm wouldn't change to higher resolutions, but i guess it's worth a shot01:30
givelloId have reinstalled it already01:30
somsipvinniec: Maybe only Chromium and Konqueror (maybe QtWeb & Midori too) in the repos? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_web_browsers#WebKit-based01:30
smtbso i see desktop but no menu bar01:30
stevecamsmtb, i had a similar issue, my solution was to just stop upgradingf and do fresh installs01:31
givelloEriC^^: it's really a pain to reboot all the time, so I'll try it this time, but I don't promise I'll log back on01:31
smtbthanks, is there a way to do this from tty w/o losing any data?01:31
vinniecsomsip: chromium is very large, konquerror is for kde, i search for qtweb, midori is updated to 201201:31
givelloEriC^^: will you be online tomorrow night?01:32
givelloYou or b.... forgot your name dude01:32
givelloBashing-om, yes haha01:32
givellowouldnt auto complete01:32
smtbthanks, is there a way to do a fresh install from tty w/o losing any data?01:33
vinniecqtweb is not in repository but there is qupzilla01:33
vinniecsomsip: ^01:33
Bashing-omgivello: I also expect to be present tomorrow afternoon .01:33
somsipvinniec: there you go then. You may have to do some searching to check them all01:34
Shunyahow to install .bundlefile?   on google it's says sudo sh filename.bundle...01:35
stevecamsmtb, yes, but it may be a little trivial01:35
cognitiaclaevesbekks ( I was stormzen ), I thought I recognized that URL.  That doesn't work for the Ultimate boot CD.  That's why I started trying to partition the USB.01:35
OerHeksShunya, did you try that ?01:37
LinusTorvaldIIsmtb back up all data01:37
vinniecsomsip: I have done some research but apart dwb (too complicated to use) I have not found much updated01:37
ShunyaOerHeks, not yet...01:37
ShunyaOerHeks, is it right01:37
givelloBashing-om, EriC^^ Ill try that tomorrow then01:37
givellosee you then01:37
givellogood night or afternoon or whatever time it is where you live01:38
EriC^^givello: thanks, you too01:38
givelloand thanks for all the help01:38
ShunyaOerHeks... I'll goint to try it01:38
OerHeksShunya,  you might need headers too > sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`01:39
_gohi, after upgrade to 14.10, cannot start apps.  can i reconfigure Xorg?01:39
Shunyaok OerHeks01:39
jcvfenhi, how do make window menu always visible in panel, since the experimental tab in compiz manager is gone01:39
ShunyaOerHeks whenever I run that command I get these errors01:41
Shunya(vmware-installer.py:18719): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "murrine",01:41
ShunyaGtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module": libcanberra-gtk-module.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:41
somebodyOkay, I tried to do a fresh install from another USB live stick, this time 14.04.01 created under pendrivelinux.com's installer under Windows. However, I am running into the same error message. You can see details reported here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1386956 Can anyone offer any pointers?01:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 1386956 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity crashes while attempting a fresh install of 14.04.01 from USB " [Undecided,New]01:41
OerHeksShunya, yeah, old issue in 64 bit ubuntu > http://www.92wiki.com/en/blog/detail/how-to-fix-pk-gtk-module-and-canberra-gtk-module-error-messages-when-installing-vmware-workstartion-901:43
ShunyaOerHeks, I started installation... Is it necessary to fix that thing... before... or i can do it after01:45
firebbi want to auto start a command right after user's login, where should I add?01:46
somebodyfirebb: Go to the "Startup Applications".01:46
ubottuIf you want to edit your Autostart programs, open the Unity dash and search for Startup Programs. If you're on XFCE, use menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Session and Startup, if you're on KDE, use Kickoff -> Computer -> System Settings -> Autostart. For more details see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup. For LXDE see http://ubottu.com/y/401:46
Avicwhat light desktop environment should i install with freeNX ? i have trusty. thanks01:46
justin_pizzaI have a xeon 1231 cpu, and I want to use kvm.  When I check 'KVM-Ok' INFO says my cpu does not support kvm extension.  This doesn't seem right.01:46
bekksAvic: xfce or lxde01:46
Avicthey work with xreenx?01:47
bekksjustin_pizza: Why not?01:47
Avicthey work with freenx?01:47
bekksAvic: every DE "works" with NX, some more, some less.01:47
justin_pizzabekks: because its a newer cpu and looking at spec's it supports virtualization.01:47
bekksAvic: they all "work" - but the experience is what matters. Unity using NX is pretty - dont use it.01:48
justin_pizzabekks:  is there a reason why the xeon 1231 wouldn't support kvm extensions?01:48
Avici have installed gnome, kubuntu and xfce. i cant see the desktop with none, i'm getting desperate really now.01:48
bekksjustin_pizza: maybe they are disabled in the BIOS.01:49
justin_pizzabekks: I enabled it in bios01:49
bekksAvic: nxserver/nxclient or freenx?01:50
Avicfreenx, i installed successfuly, but cant see desktop enviornment and don't know how to configure it01:50
ObrienDaveAvic, there is a dropdowm on the logon screen01:51
bekksGet rid of that crap and just use NoMachines nxclient/nxserver 4.0.x version01:51
firebbbekks: :) I 'using lubuntu01:51
Avicin the nomachine client i only see virtual desktops,01:52
bekksAvic: Thats how freenx is intended to work.01:52
bekksAvic: Use NoMachines 4.0 version.01:52
Avici even installed vnc4server, but gets a gray screen only01:52
bekksAvic: see above.01:52
bekksAvic: https://www.nomachine.com/download01:53
Ben64or use something easy like vncserver01:54
Avici installed the vnc server too, but only see gray screen01:54
bekksAvic: Either use VNC or NX.01:54
Ben64because nothing is running on that screen, run something and you will see it01:54
Aviconly have 4.3 version here01:55
bekksAvic: https://www.nomachine.com/download/linux&id=101:56
Ben64run the vncserver, connect to it, open a terminal on the server and run DISPLAY=:1 xterm01:56
Ben64or maybe a different DISPLAY number depending on what vncserver creates01:56
Avici want the freenx in the server and the nomachine client in pc01:57
Avicwith windows01:57
Ben64that is more difficult and less supported than using vnc01:58
Avici was using debian with vnc, i changed to ubuntu trysty to install nx01:58
spaztikhow do i find out what graphics driver version I'm using? i know it's i915, but latest version on intel's linux site is 1.06; dpkg says  2:2.99.910-0ubuntu101:58
spaztikI've ran modinfo, etc... no versions are ever listed01:59
Shunyahello I installed vmware.bundle how can i uninstall it01:59
Avici want to use freenx, its better than vnc, but its betting my nerves01:59
Ben64Avic: you've been at this for a day now, is it really better?01:59
Avickubuntu is to havy, i like kde but...02:00
Avici'm in this things for a week...02:00
Avicmy vacations ...02:00
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest56237
Avicin freenx is there a place to put startkde & ? like vnc?02:02
Avicfirst install desktop, then freenx02:03
daftykinsAvic: i get the idea you're trying to use X on a VPS. why?02:03
Guest56237hey peoples, i could easily be in wrong place  here please advise - after a year of 100 linux distro crashes, i have arrived here, unbootable again, for you to help me save trusty, not murder linus torvalds, and move to redmond..02:04
Avicwell i need some gui, not full desktop, but want to be the faster i can get.02:04
daftykinsGuest56237: you can change OS if you like.02:05
Guest56237i have single 140.04 install in lvm, fsck crashes on boot, cannot get to grub, cannot start x from root#02:05
Guest56237cannot resize lvm from 14.04 live disk @ gparted..02:05
Ben64Avic: why do you need gui at all on a server? and why must it be freenx? you're making things so much more difficult than it needs to be02:05
daftykinsAvic: GUIs don't belong on servers.02:05
Guest56237if you friggin said that to me i will kill linux torvalds right NOW OK !!!?02:06
daftykinsGuest56237: you're not going to get any help here acting like that.02:06
Avicso you think that fluxbox is my better option?02:08
Guest56237the good news is that i am not really angry or a killer, totally kidding, since you are so smart .... well, whatever - windows people - HELL MAC people are more fun than this..02:08
Avicbut its difficult toconfigure02:08
Guest56237just tell me if you said the gui bit because i am in the wrong chat room and dont patronize me, i am looking for desktop support IF ubuntu still supports the software that you do not "sell"02:10
Aviccould vm be a solution daftykins?02:10
daftykinsGuest56237: you're not making any sense. form a coherent well written sentence and maybe someone can help you02:11
daftykinsAvic: what's the overall goal here... what do you want to use the VPS for?02:11
ObrienDaveguest56237, redmond is obviously about your speed02:11
Avicmostely is cli, but some programs are used with gui, i like them more.02:12
daftykinsAvic: i'm talking about the actual *tasks*02:13
daftykinsmentioning the programs could be useful though02:13
Avicso it should be some gui, but little. i need a lighter gui02:13
daftykinsyeah you're going about this completely wrong02:14
Avicprocesing video, but not heavy02:14
Shunyalinux got lot of libraries... to installl02:14
=== justin_pizza is now known as jpizza
Avicwell i cant look at the screen anymore, my head is exploding...02:16
daftykinsAvic: video on a VPS? doesn't seem appropriate at all.02:16
Avicis justt taking parts of the videos and rearaging the final video02:17
daftykinsyeah using a VPS for video editing, is really not a wise plan02:18
Avici'm almost giving up02:18
Avicwell basycally if i want to use ubuntu with freenx witch desktop should i choose?02:21
|rt|I've run into an issue with preseed and 12.04.5 images....hash sum mismatches on the repos...is this a regresion from 12.04.4, which works fine?02:21
Avicthe easy to work with freenx?02:21
xieyiHas anyone tried netbeans ide under ubuntu 14.10? Mine cant be launched correctly. Is it a common problem of the new version?02:21
somsipxieyi: what does not launching correctly look like?02:22
* rootpt is away: busy02:23
somsip!away > rootpt02:23
ubotturootpt, please see my private message02:23
TyrentHas anyone here ever been on a cruise?02:23
jpizzahow can I figure out why kvm extentions is not support on my cpu?02:23
jpizzaI have a xeon 123102:23
Avickubuntu is so big... kde in debian is smaller02:23
somsip!ot | Tyrent (still ot as you were told before)02:23
ubottuTyrent (still ot as you were told before): #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:23
Avicon a cruise...lol well good night everyone02:25
Avicthanks for the help02:25
mynameisdeletedso.. isit just me or does a lot of stuff in the new osx yosemite remind me of clearlooks themes for kde/gnome/untiy02:27
mynameisdeletedand does their file search look like unity file-search?02:27
SchrodingersScat!ubuntu | mynameisdeleted02:27
ubottumynameisdeleted: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:27
mynameisdeletedI think ubuntu/linux/gnu is being copied outside our open source comunity02:28
SchrodingersScat!offtopic | mynameisdeleted meant this one,02:29
ubottumynameisdeleted meant this one,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:29
PitchFdamn pirates02:29
PitchFis it true Mark as root on my ubutu?02:30
NoobianPrinceUsed Nautilus to move several NTFS folder into Ubuntu Trash,  the folders are gone from the parent folder, do not appear to be in Trash, but the space they occupied has not been reclaimed. Please help.02:31
PitchFis it true Mark has root on my ubuntu?02:33
PitchFi need to change my name to mark cause marks rule open source02:33
SchrodingersScatPitchF: do you install packages from the ubuntu repos? then you have to trust them anyway.02:34
PitchFmark shutlesomething mark zukersomething02:34
SchrodingersScatalso, !offtopic02:34
sacarlsonPitchF: only if mark is in the sudo group could he be considered root02:34
alerttest message02:34
xieyisomsip: my netbeans cant be launched02:35
SchrodingersScatalert: received02:35
xieyiBeing launched from console, it complains that "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/nio/file/InvalidPathException"02:35
PitchFwhat if mark username is root?02:36
OerHeks!find mark02:36
ubottuFound: python-markdown, python-markdown-doc, python-markupsafe, python-markupsafe-dbg, python3-markupsafe, python3-markupsafe-dbg, unity-scope-chromiumbookmarks, unity-scope-firefoxbookmarks, sisu-markup-samples, fsmark (and 67 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mark&searchon=names&suite=utopic&section=all02:36
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=== dooshtuRabbit1 is now known as dooshtuRabbit
skeeverJust testing. Pls disregard.02:46
jdmcancerHow do I check ubuntu for broken or missing packages?02:49
TabmowMy volume keeps on being adjusted down automatically, anyone seen this before? Upon googling some people think it is skype, which I have but I have disabled that feature and it occurs when skype is not open also. Anyone have any ideas?02:49
=== Streusel_ is now known as Streusel
toshiba_hello im new here and would like to say hi02:51
Bashing-omjdmcancer: Terminal commands -> sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade , sudo apt-get -f install , sudo dpkg -C .02:52
jdmcancerI suspect this because I'm having two issues, one my system won't play cd's, and secondly when I run software updater it says it failed to download repository02:52
toshiba_im also new tyolinux (zorin Os)02:52
toshiba_to sorry02:53
toshiba_has anyone run zorin os linux before i could use some pointers02:55
toshiba_its version 902:55
ObrienDavethis channel is NOT ZorinOS support02:55
toshiba_no but it is abhout linux02:56
toshiba_nevermind will go to excellewnt treatment chat service where everyone doesan't think thier but crack never stinks...by the way everyone but crack strinks when they are old farts like you02:59
daftykinsObrienDave: my my. that was an odd one!03:02
ObrienDaveamongst several LOL03:02
jdmcancerOK I tried those commands and this is what I got http://paste.ubuntu.com/8727430/03:06
Bashing-omjdmcancer: look'n .03:06
xieyidoes anyone meet the problem that the netbeans cant be launched in 14.10?03:08
xieyihow do deal with it03:09
Bashing-omjdmcancer: "yannubuntu/boot-repair" is not suppotred in 14.04, ppa-purge .03:09
=== _go is now known as _apps_gone
Bashing-om! ppa-purge | jdmcancer03:09
ubottujdmcancer: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html03:09
jdmcancerSo enter ppa-purgeyannubuntu/boot-repair?03:11
_apps_gonehi, installed 14.10, but the icons are not displayed.03:11
jdmcancerAlso I'm in ubuntu 14.1003:11
Bashing-omjdmcancer: Maybe as in -> sudo ppa-purge ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair <- and no support in 14.10 either.03:13
jdmcancerOK here's my results http://paste.ubuntu.com/8727514/03:15
Bashing-omjdmcancer: Sorta makes sense as "utopic" is the source, and the ap is not supported . Less others can advise better, just disable the source in "software Center" and wait for yannbuntu to update the repo.03:19
=== idiotbox_ is now known as arpan_chavda
gnustomeBorrowing my friends laptop with Ubuntu and I need to get leiningen installed to do some schoolwork.03:23
jdmcancerWhen I entered that in the software center the only result I got was for some boot loaders but it's not checked so I don't have that installed to remove03:23
daftykinsgnustome: phone your friend for permission03:24
gnustomeHe's running 14.10, and from your online package search tool it seems you only have it for 14.04.03:24
gnustomedaftykins: Already got clearance/ have my own account with sudo.03:25
daftykins!info leiningen03:25
ubottuPackage leiningen does not exist in utopic03:25
daftykins!info leiningen trusty03:25
ubottuleiningen (source: leiningen): simple build system for Clojure. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.1-2 (trusty), package size 1070 kB, installed size 1274 kB03:26
gnustomeSo is it smarter to install a leiningen deb from a mirror here http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/all/leiningen/download03:26
dawsonhow do i get a java runtime?03:26
gnustomeor to add the line on that same page for the sources.list repo?03:26
Bashing-omjdmcancer: check: cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit , tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit .03:27
dawsonhey i need some help on fixing a dialogue box saying i need java runtime while using wine03:29
ShunyaIs there other good browser i can use except firefox and chrome in my ubuntu03:32
daftykinsnot really, no03:32
daftykinswhy would you need another one?03:32
Shunyadaftykins, from 5 days... my chrome... is giving me some kind of error.. but now its fixed03:33
ShunyaI just need in case of this thing happen again03:33
daftykinsso that's firefox then?03:33
daftykinsand bear in mind you can always try clean profiles in browsers when problems arise03:33
Shunyayup firefox is there... but still want ...03:34
Shunyaclean profiles?03:34
Shunyajdmcancer is this thing for me?03:34
Bashing-omjdmcancer: Good, look'n at next .03:34
jdmcancerFor anyone who understands this and can help, thanks03:35
ShunyaOk, for me its difficult :) may be someone else03:36
Bashing-omjdmcancer: The source still exists " deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/yannubuntu/boot-repair/ubuntu utopic main " either disable it in "software sources" OR fire up a text editor and 'comment out' that source .03:36
daftykinsShunya: yeah, profile management. you can look up how to reset profiles for firefox and chrome.03:37
Surendil /msg Anuska still pissed?03:39
Surendilbleh, sorry03:40
jdmcancerI don't know how to do that, can I remove it with a command in the terminal?03:40
=== notzopsi is now known as zopsi
Surendiljdmcancer: edit sources.list03:41
after_rHello... so I was wondering if there is a way to replace the shadow in the Radience theme with a simple border?03:41
Bashing-omjdmcancer: The easier thing to do is look in "software Sources" tab -> other software, and uncheck that box . Else next is with a text editor, and yes, if one is real crafty, c terminal command can be nade up to 'comment out" that entry ( but it ain't me ) .03:42
jdmcancerSo there are three tings checked in there including  the one you were talking about, uncheck all three?03:46
Bashing-omjdmcancer: No, just the entry for /yannubuntu/boot-repair .03:47
Surendiljdmcancer: uncheck all, disable all repos03:48
jdmcancerOK done. So How do i know if that fixed it or if more needs to be done?03:48
Surendiljdmcancer: apt-get update03:48
=== shane is now known as Guest46370
after_ris there a progr03:49
Surendilafter_r: ???03:50
jdmcancerHopefully this finally fixed it http://paste.ubuntu.com/8727802/03:51
jdmcancerWhat do you think?03:51
=== andrezs is now known as andrezsanchez
Surendiljdmcancer: if repos added are not there or "Ign", workded03:52
daftykinsjdmcancer: good on you, it only took all day! :)03:53
=== andrezsanchez is now known as andrezsanchez_
daftykinsjdmcancer: for what it's worth, i told you to do exactly the above earlier today, but you ignored it :)03:53
Surendiljdmcancer: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y03:54
Surendilupdate system03:54
=== andrezsanchez_ is now known as andrezsanchez
Surendildaftykins: hahaha03:54
jdmcancerYeah well thanks for the help and I hope I wasn't too bad a headache but I don't know all this stuff yet03:54
jdmcancerit still won't play my cd's and it would before I went from 14.04 to14.1003:58
Surendiljdmcancer: cd's?03:59
Surendiljdmcancer: might need to mount the drive first03:59
jdmcancerYeah I'm still old school on that. I get sound on everything else but only some weird noise when I insert and try to play a cd04:00
Surendiljdmcancer: vlc?04:01
iMadperHey, I'm using microsoft ergo 4000 keyboard. There is a roller on the kb. `showkey --keycode` can grab the keycode and it's 418/419. However other program can't grab the key pressing, E.g, xev, emacs, xmodmap can't realize the key pressing. Do you guys think it's my window manager blocked it?04:01
iMadperI want to use the roller as "pgup" and "pgdown"04:02
after_rI basically have the same question as here http://askubuntu.com/questions/135135/alternative-to-little-snitch-app-firewall  Can someone give me a good Ubuntu-integrated solution if one exists?04:04
spaztikAnyone had problems with Steam games not rendering correctly? It worked on 14.04 but not 14.1004:04
Surendil after_r: iftop (terminal) - firewalld (gui)04:05
Surendilafter_r: but iptable -L04:06
Surendilshould show firewall rules04:07
Surendilafter_r: also, man netstat04:07
sacarlsonspaztik: did you try boot the last kernel?  I assume they don't delete it04:09
after_rim not looking for just a firewall04:09
after_rI want to be notified when an app tries to make a connection04:09
after_rand I want to allows it in a nice gui04:09
after_rbut ok04:09
sacarlsonafter_r: cool let's write one04:10
spaztiksacarlson: i just wiped a fresh ubuntu and installed latest04:10
Surendilafter_r: firewalld might do the trick04:10
sacarlsonspaztik: oh then you will have to reload install the old one again.  have to research what was running when it worked04:11
sacarlsonspaztik: i meant reinstall the last kernel04:12
sacarlsonspaztik: they are only about 14megs should take long to download and install with apt-get04:12
spaztiksacarlson: found it http://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/2/666826703693809496/04:13
spaztikfor some reason that worked out of the box on 14.0404:13
spaztikwonder why it worked out of the box, even though I used the same deb pkg from Steam to install04:14
daftykinsspaztik: but that's Mint04:14
spaztiksame issue04:15
daftykinsyeah, just checking you're not running it04:15
sacarlsonspaztik: oh so "force_s3tc_enable=true" fixed it?04:15
after_rSurendil: I'm looking at http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/raring/man1/firewalld.1.html and I don't see anything about per-app rules04:20
pcehi, i can't update, no space, i get the messange: The upgrade needs a total of 93.3 M free space on disk '/boot'. Please free at least an additional 6,178 k of disk space on '/boot'. Empty your trash and remove temporary packages of former installations using 'sudo apt-get clean'.04:21
sacarlsonafter_r: maybe have to integrate apparmor04:21
pcehow can i delete the old kernel or somehting?04:21
daftykinspce: can you share the output of "df -h" in paste.ubuntu.com ?04:22
sacarlsonpce: just keep the old kernel it's not that big04:22
=== duncan_ is now known as duncannz
Bashing-ompce: 14.04 ? terminal command -> sudo apt-get autoremove <- . else 12.04 will have to get fancy with dpkg command.\04:22
pcethanks guys, looks like Bashing-om idea is helping04:24
sacarlsonafter_r: seems there is a new way to restrict apps from net access now http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/68956/block-network-access-of-a-process04:25
after_rim reating about apparmour04:27
Surendilafter_r: apt-cache search firewall will also find any soft related with firewall rules and what you want04:27
Surendilafter_r: apt-cache show pack - brief desc04:28
Guest20073Can anyone help me get my Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3 headset to work with Lubuntu 14.04.1 LTS?04:29
sacarlsonafter_r: you can also monitor what app is using and how much bandwidth with nethogs app04:32
after_rthats cool04:34
sacarlsonafter_r: I still think you could write an app that first monitors and records each app that it detects as touching the network.  then activate alarm to play a sound when a new app is detected that is not on the your know app list04:38
sacarlsonafter_r: you can later also look at the log to see any new aditions and determine if they should be added to the ok no sound needed list or look to analize why they touch the net04:40
sacarlsonafter_r: I you want I can help you write it, if you don't find any apps that already do that04:40
after_rim not going to do that04:40
after_rbecause i need a way to temporary block access until i say its ok04:41
after_rand i think something like that exists already04:41
iIlL10Oohi, how to resize /dev ?04:42
sacarlsonafter_r: well you could add if it's first detected it is killed and rerun with the method above that restricts apps access to the network.  good idea04:42
=== Daryl_ is now known as Guest86047
sacarlsonafter_r: it's your dream so keep looking04:43
after_rhaha mkay04:43
sacarlsonillL100o  please change your name I can't auto tab it and can't find the symbols on my keyboard.   as for resize /dev  I thought those were devices not files04:48
AmnesiaHazeany chance anyone in here has some knowledge with setting up port knockin for ssh on ubuntu04:49
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: I'll have to look that up what is knockin04:49
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: maybe you want to change listen port for ssh?04:50
ObrienDaveport knockin?????04:50
=== iIlL10Oo is now known as wiiw
sacarlsonwiiw: thanks04:50
layziebonesdoes anybody here use codeblocks?04:51
AmnesiaHazeport knocking sorry04:51
ObrienDaveAmnesiaHaze, what is "port knocking"???04:51
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: I'm still running a blank here what's that knocking?04:51
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: port scanning maybe?04:52
ObrienDaveport forwarding???04:52
sacarlsonObrienDave: they get tougher ever day ahh04:53
wiiw udev            2.0G  8.0K  2.0G    1% /dev04:53
AmnesiaHazeA concept known as port knocking is a way of shielding processes that fit into the latter description. Port knocking works by covering the ports associated with a process behind a firewall until a specific, predetermined sequence of network activity occurs. At this point, the port knocking service reconfigures the firewall to allow access to the protected application.04:53
wiiwI want to change the max size of /dev04:53
AmnesiaHazeport knocking ssh deamon until it gets attempts on say 2222 3333 4444 then it opens 2204:53
AmnesiaHazefor authentation process04:54
=== zopsi is now known as notzopsi
AmnesiaHazean extra layer of protection for ssh i guess04:54
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: cool never heard of it04:54
* ObrienDave SMH and strolls on down the road. glad i'm an old fart ;P04:54
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: I just change the listen port to like 2222 instead of 2204:55
AmnesiaHazeim using keys and 2204:55
AmnesiaHazeim just curious kinda   and was setting it up  and i have it all correct apparently by this guide  i get no errors   but its not opening the port on my sequence04:55
=== notzopsi is now known as zopsi
AmnesiaHazeand when i cant figure somthing out it bugs me04:56
AmnesiaHazethought id ask before i hunt04:56
ObrienDaveway beyond my knowledge :)04:56
=== logos is now known as Guest94474
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: seems to be a knockd package to do just that https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-port-knocking-to-hide-your-ssh-daemon-from-attackers-on-ubuntu04:57
SurendilAmnesiaHaze: use nmap to check if port 22 is being used other app or see firewall rules, if it's blocking port 2204:57
AmnesiaHazesacarlson,   im using knockd04:57
daftykinsnmap is not used to find out what is using a port, heh04:57
Surendili know, but it's easier to use04:58
AmnesiaHazeSurendil,    iptables has 22 locked until knockd monitors the network traffic and sees the sequence then its supposed to open ssh port 2204:58
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: I see the knockd package in synaptic on ubuntu 14.0404:58
after_rhttp://www.douaneapp.com/ <-- maybe thats what I need04:58
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: I understand knockd now but what do you use on the other side to send the knocks?04:59
AmnesiaHazeJuiceSSH plugin from my android05:00
AmnesiaHazefor port knocking05:00
after_rhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/135135/alternative-to-little-snitch-app-firewall talks about it05:00
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: cool but what about another ubuntu box what is there knocking app?05:00
AmnesiaHazethe guide i followed suggests # nmap -p 5040 SERVER-IP# nmap -p 6010 SERVER-IP# nmap –p 6500 SERVER-IP05:01
AmnesiaHazeif those were your ports05:01
AmnesiaHazeam i allowed to post links here?05:01
cfhowlett!paste | AmnesiaHaze,05:02
ubottuAmnesiaHaze,: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:02
AmnesiaHazejsut urls05:02
AmnesiaHazeguide i followed05:02
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: ok Ic so a small script you can run before ssh.  cool, when I go to work for a bank I'll be sure to use it ha ha.  I'm just not worth hacking05:02
PitchFchu are you here?05:06
=== zopsi is now known as notzopsi
ObrienDaveyou got kicked from #OT and can't figure out why????05:07
sacarlsonAmnesiaHaze: if your into security you might look at docker that acts much like a virtualbox around apps that might touch the network that are in like sandboxs with limited resources05:07
PitchFi can figure out05:08
PitchFbecause im inconvinet05:08
ObrienDavebecause you don't heed the "family friendly" policy05:08
PitchFi come online to escape famalie05:09
cfhowlettPitchF, follow the rules.  it's easy.  or get kicked for violating.  also easy.05:09
ObrienDavewhat EVER05:09
PitchFi didnt do anything05:09
cfhowlettPitchF, ask your ubuntu support questions05:10
PitchFbut im usi9ng windows05:10
cfhowlettPitchF, then go to ##windows05:10
PitchFbut i have no quaestions about windows05:11
PitchFit just works05:11
ObrienDavePitchF, you cursed after being REPEATEDLY reminded of the 'family friendly' rules. your own fault05:11
FlannelPitchF: Please help keep this channel on-topic (that's Ubuntu-related technical support), chit-chat and other commentary is offtopic here.  Thanks.05:11
PitchFif you install classic shell i mean05:11
FlannelObrienDave: You too, thanks.05:11
PitchFi didnt cursed i swaer05:11
PitchFi was talking about spyware05:12
FlannelPitchF: again, discussing other channels isn't on-topic for here, if you need to deal with operator-related issues, that's #ubuntu-ops05:12
PitchFand systemd is just that05:12
cfhowlettPitchF, this ^^^^05:12
=== sabun^ is now known as sabun
PitchFi need batman05:15
narbehHow can I force an HTML file or the Lighttpd server, not to cache a page in users browsers?05:15
FlannelPitchF: Please take it elsewhere, thanks.05:15
sacarlsonafter_r: looks more like Leopard Flower was what you wanted.  when an app tries to connect a pop up comes on if not already set to access05:19
sacarlsonafter_r: almost exactly like I remember zone alarm did05:20
sacarlsonnarbeh: you will want to change the meta to expire sooner or in the past05:21
sacarlsonafter_r: oh ya your app http://www.douaneapp.com/ also did the same thing didn't see it05:22
narbehsacarlson: how can I do that ?05:22
narbehsacarlson: can you help please?05:22
sacarlsonnarbeh: I can try05:22
sacarlsonnarbeh: http://www.metatags.info/meta_name_expires05:23
sacarlsonnarbeh: I'm not sure about all browsers,  maybe some ignore meta expire?  and seems if the site becomes unreadable it will still use the last data it has in cache05:24
narbehsacarlson: thank you so much, i'll check it05:25
omkar_how to install opensans font in ubuntu05:27
blockygoogle-chrome is crashing when i have a lot of tabs open with PDFs saying too many file descriptors, is there a way to increase the limit?05:27
omkar_i googled abt the solution and installed opensans font under /usr/share/truetype/OpenSans but dind't h elp05:27
cfhowlett!fonts | omkar_05:27
ubottuomkar_: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/05:27
mefisto_after upgrade to 14.10 I have dependency problems. Can anyone suggest what I should do? http://paste.kde.org/pnyeh2cl305:29
dcmwaiHello all05:29
dcmwaiwould like to check... How can I recovery and wubi installation boot?05:30
dcmwaiI meant can I change the windows bcdedit to make it boot again... After I reinstall windows?05:30
kriskropdcan i unmount a directory and remount it with a new disk device while lsof indicated processes are using the old mountpoint? sudo umount suggests I cannot but i cant afford to easily close all my shells that had working directories set to the mount point. something happened to unmount my disk at /dev/sdd1 and send it to /dev/sde1 instead ._.05:31
cfhowlettdcmwai, wubi is abandonware, not supported, not recommended and incompatible with 14.04 +05:31
dcmwaicfhowlett, oop that bad..05:31
ubottuWubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug05:31
sacarlsonkriskropd: yes you can force umount to knock off all that are using it at the time and the remount another,  but it seems you proved that to yourself05:33
kriskropdsacarlson: wait what? no i can't figure out how to "knock off" all the processes using it - i didnt manually unmount the disk - some error occured05:34
kriskropdsacarlson: when I try to 'sudo umount /mnt/mountpoint' it says I need to close processes using the mountpoint first05:34
kriskropdlsof implies I have at least a dozen shell processes that was using the mount point - and i have those scattered throughout a big ol tmux session05:35
kriskropdim trying to unmount the mountpoint with this disk that got pushed to a different device so i can update the mountpoint to the correct device05:36
* kriskropd feels he needs to draw pictures x.x05:36
kriskropd"umount: /mnt/mountpoint: device is busy."05:37
sacarlsonkriskropd: fuser -km /mnt  might be what would work05:37
sacarlsonkriskropd: also umount -l /mnt05:38
sacarlsonkriskropd: if you need cleaner methods you might find them also http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-do-i-forcefully-unmount-a-disk-partition.html05:39
kriskropd:o lazy umounting - that was hiding at the bottom of the man page, thanks - ill try the fuser suggestion if lazy unmount fails - id rather not kill these shells if possible :s05:39
kriskropdyeah, umount -l is what i needed, thanks sacarlson05:40
kriskropd!cookie > sacarlson05:41
ubottusacarlson, please see my private message05:41
omkar_hello guys05:44
omkar_in kde my kde konsole is getting crashed everytime i launch it05:44
after_rdoes Ubuntu come with DKMS installed?05:44
sacarlsonkriskropd: I'm also open for donations ha ha , my bitcoin address 1KHQo9Lpk4TftbfgpHBcRqCiLVshRyEWFC05:44
after_rim trying to build this: https://github.com/Douane/Douane/wiki/Dependencies05:44
* kriskropd needs to get a bitcoin wallet to make bitcoin donations05:45
sacarlsonafter_r: oh wow you have to build it.  you sure it's not in ppa?05:45
cfhowlettafter_r, no but it is in the ubuntu ISO05:45
after_rit doesnt show up in apt-get search05:45
omkar_i have posted the error message05:45
after_rbut id want to build it05:46
cfhowlettafter_r, are you booted from the cd/usb?05:46
after_rin the ubuntu iso?05:46
after_rthe boot live system uses it?05:46
after_rI'm on a installed system05:46
omkar_please help me05:46
cfhowlettafter_r, it's on the .iso; /pool/main/d/dkms05:47
after_rwell yeah05:48
after_rits also int apt-get05:48
after_ri'll just install it05:48
sacarlsonafter_r: it's used in all kernal installs so must already be there05:51
sacarlsonafter_r: I see it used in virtualbox that has custom driver modules that link to kernel05:52
after_rwell i installed it05:52
after_rand it didnt say it was there before05:52
nusrcan i ask librebase questions becos ubuntu is my favourite go to help channel05:53
PitchFi need to slic my vbox how do i do that?05:53
sacarlsonafter_r: ok it must have been a depency of virtualbox then05:53
cfhowlettnusr, #libreoffice05:53
nusrcfhowlett: yeah but only ubuntu and 7-11 stay open 24/705:54
PitchFi have a old xp vhd that needs some slic magic to work05:54
Valduaresome issue with loopback or something,05:54
taken2Hello, I just got an Asus Chromebox and popped Ubuntu 14.10 on it (via chrubuntu)05:54
cfhowlettnusr, it's the internet.  everything is 24 x 705:54
taken2I noticed h264 playback was not in Firefox. I thought it may be an issue with 14.10, so I got 14.0405:55
PitchFyes cant you just axe chromeos and just run linux?05:55
ValduareIf I am on my main router I cant access servers that are under the same router…. but if I loginto wifi on a router thats plugged into the main router then I can access things fine… what would cause that   other non-linux computers can access servers just fine when on main router...05:55
nusrcfhowlett: but ubuntu seems to be populated with people who know how to do stuff05:55
PitchFnusr: negative05:55
taken2PitchF, yes, you can modify seabios and erase Chrome OS, but there is not need for me05:55
PitchFif you looking for people that know stuff go to gentoo05:56
cfhowlett!behelpful | PitchF05:56
ubottuPitchF: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.05:56
nusrPitchF: lol05:56
taken2Anyway, my question is just about h264 in Firefox05:56
sacarlsonValduare: can't access like can't ping there address?05:56
taken2I don't know anything about linux, but I read a post about h264 not being part of Ubuntu05:56
cfhowletttaken2, might want to ask #mozilla about that specific type of question05:56
Valduarecan ping05:57
Valduarejust cant access05:57
cfhowletttaken2, by default, it is not - yet.05:57
taken2then I read a post about how to add h264 as a hack for Firefox, but that it required 14.0405:57
cfhowletttaken2, did you install restricted extras?05:57
taken2So, I installed 14.04, but it didn't work05:57
crocketHow do I check if ufw is disabled?05:57
cfhowlettcrocket, terminal: ufw -status05:57
taken2The other issue is with Chrome and Netflix05:58
crocketcfhowlett, Is there a way to do it programmatically?05:58
taken2it only streams in SD05:58
cfhowlettcrocket, yest, but I don't know how.  sorry.05:58
taken2That's related to the user agent string, apparently, and I tried changing the user agent and such, but with little success05:58
sacarlsoncrocket: ufw -satus yes05:58
PitchFwhats programatically supposed to mean?05:58
cfhowletttaken2, did - you - install - restricted - extras?05:59
taken2I just wanted a quite little box to watch youtube, netlfix, and browse the web05:59
taken2I guess Ubuntu is still not capable of basic use yet :905:59
taken2I check in on Linux every 5 years to see if it can be used for basic web browsing06:00
PitchFtry steamos06:00
celrocWhat do you need it to do, taken2?06:00
taken2maybe in 2020 I'll try again06:00
nusrwhat are you talking about..i have h264 for screen recordings06:00
PitchFthey say you can wach netflix on ubuntu now06:00
taken2What do I need it to do? Watch a video in youtube and watch netflix06:00
celroctaken2: I don't know about Netflix, but YouTube should be working fine06:01
PitchFi cant watch netflix cause im unamerican06:01
taken2Right now, Netflix (via Chrome) is limited to SD, and H264 is not available06:01
taken2so, the two main things I wanted (outside of word processing) don't work properly06:01
PitchFyou need to upgrade firefox06:01
sacarlsontaken2: out of the box ubuntu doesn't have the codec installed for some things on your list.  you can install the extras needed on ubuntu or install Linux Mint that has the integrated already06:01
nusrtaken2: how about mozilla06:01
PitchFthe new one has h264 support06:02
PitchFcisco pluggin06:02
cfhowlettsacarlson, corect.  restricted extras add those codecs to ubuntu but ... he won't answer the questin06:02
taken2Do you have the latest version for Firefox?06:02
sacarlsontaken2: yes I can play all that stuf and youtube06:03
celroctaken2: Looks like it's Firefox 33 or there about06:03
taken2click that link, and tell me if "h264" has a blue checkmark (works) or a red box (does not work)06:03
PitchF33 is the latest stable06:03
celroctaken2: It's blue for me06:04
nusrcfhowlett: btw (unrelated to ubuntu but from a previous convo) arch terminal is still unusable. tried to ssh into it, but still can't get it to work..arch is beyond me atm06:04
cfhowlettnusr, grr.  sorry to hear.  usually there is some simple (but needlessly obscure) fix.06:04
PitchFwho uses arch anyway06:04
PitchFarch is a joke06:04
PitchFon you06:05
nusrPitchF: i wanted to have a look at BlackArch06:05
sacarlsontaken2: on my firefox I have all green on the top of that link06:05
cfhowlett!guidelines | PitchF06:05
ubottuPitchF: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:05
PitchFif you want something like arch install gentoo06:05
taken2I am using the latest version of firefox06:06
nusrtaken2: so how about downloading the codecs for h264?06:07
taken2nusr: let me know what you recommend06:07
sacarlsontaken2: when I run chromium I get all the boxes checked, more than I get from my present firefox install06:07
taken2I tried the trusty-media and gstreamer ffmpeg thing with no success06:07
taken2are you using 14.04 or 14.10?06:08
PitchFive eared you cant watch netflix in 4k on linux06:08
nusrtaken2: 14.0406:08
taken2PitchF: you can't watch Netflix in anything other than SD on linux06:08
taken2Chrome only supports SD with netflix, in Chrome OS and Ubuntu06:09
PitchFuse firefox06:09
sacarlsontaken2: if you don't have the skill or patiants to install the extra package that enables it all with a single click then install LInux Mint that has it preinstalled for you06:09
PitchFinstall the codecs06:09
PitchFyou dumb?06:09
taken2sacarlson: what codecs?06:09
cfhowlettPitchF, stop the personal insults immediately06:10
sacarlsontaken2: do you know how to install packages?06:10
taken2PitchF: You're using Netflix with Firefox?06:10
ObrienDavey'all never heard of compholio PPA? http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/06:10
PitchFi dont have netflix06:10
taken2sacarlson: I tried the trusty-media and the ffmpeg part for gstreamer06:10
PitchFits not availble here06:10
PitchFi just download06:11
PitchFstuff and watch06:11
sacarlsontaken2: I don't know I run Linux Mint so I didn't have to install anything06:11
taken2PitchF: Ah, well, Netlfix requires silverlight or (now) Chrome06:11
PitchFhave you seen the new moncey movie?06:11
PitchFplanet of the apes06:11
PitchFhave you seen that one?06:11
nusrtaken2: you tried the restricted extras and you don't have h264?06:12
PitchFfrom multiverse06:12
cfhowlettPitchF,  stay on topic or go elsewhere.  you KNOW this.06:12
* ObrienDave munches popcorn06:13
taken2Obriendave: yes, there are many wine-silverlight-etc pakcages to hack Netflix onto Ubuntu. The point is to use it natively06:13
sacarlsonValduare: can't acccess what?  if you can ping you can access06:14
Valduareit’ll just spin all day in the browser06:14
Valduarebut I can ping and ssh into and everything06:14
taken2nusr: I don't know where the restricted extras are06:14
Valduaredosnt do it on osx or windows just linux....06:14
PitchFObrienDave: how do i install popcorn on android?06:14
cfhowletttaken2, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:15
nusrtaken2: how I did it was to just use software center . then type in restricted extras and install the ubuntu ones06:15
sacarlsontaken2: try https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/ubuntu-restricted-extras/  there might be one more package you need these days06:15
cfhowlettPitchF, ask www.xdadevelopers.com for android support.06:15
taken2cfhowlett: thank you06:15
cfhowletttaken2, happy2help06:16
PitchFyou need some codec with ugly on its name06:16
sacarlsonbut I recall someone needed more than just restricted-extras.  I don't know since I never needed to install them06:17
PitchFi justy use pupy linux and everything works06:18
taken2cfhowlett: I think it's finished installing stuff, not sure, there is some Microsoft EULA. I hit "enter" and tried typing "ok" not sure if it is done06:18
PitchF199 megas06:18
PitchFtheres flash and all06:18
PitchFits the best distro06:18
cfhowletttaken2, that was to authorize the microsoft fonts.  it'll take a bit of time06:18
PitchFtry this distro06:19
taken2cfhowlett: I don't know how top proceed. It's just showing this EULA. Not sure how to move past is.06:19
cfhowletttaken2, tab to yes and accept.06:19
taken2cfhowlett: thanks06:20
PitchFif you dont agree to the EULA just make your pet press the key06:20
PitchFby accident06:20
taken2cfhowlett: It worked!06:22
PitchFwhat did you knew06:22
cfhowletttaken2, did it fix youur issue?06:22
sacarlsontaken2: so all the boxes blue now?06:22
cfhowlettsacarlson, restart FF required IIRC06:23
taken2cfhowlett: Yes, I can now watch HD video in h264 in Firefox06:24
taken2so, that means 1 of 2 issues solved06:24
PitchFcfhowlett: sacarlson was talking to taken206:24
nusrwhat did i say about people knowing how to do stuff on ubuntu06:25
taken2cfhowlett: The other issue has nothing to do with Ubuntu, and everything to do with Google/Chrome06:25
PitchFthis reminds me of the days you d have to install codecs on windows to watchy vids06:25
cfhowletttaken2, exceeds my knowledge.  ask away.06:25
=== rc0mbs is now known as rcombs
PitchFdont linux vlc come with the codecs embebed?06:26
taken2cfhowlett: The problem is the Chrome on Chrome OS and therefore Chrome on Linux, do not support HD video in Netflix06:26
PitchFthats why you install firefox06:26
taken2cfhowlett: But, that has to be resolved by Google/Netflix06:26
Tamarindi by mistake unionstalled python from my gnome ubuntu 12.04 using terminal..now the desktoop manager is gone.. how do i regain it ?06:27
cfhowletttaken2, indeed.  best o fluck06:27
taken2PicthF: Netflix does not run in Firefox on Linux06:27
sacarlsontaken2: send me your netflix account number and I'll check it out06:27
sacarlsontaken2: but here in thailand we need to run netflix over vpn06:27
PitchFi cant im not american06:27
taken2PitchF: Well, to be more specific, Netflix does not run on ANY browser but Chrome without silerverlight06:27
PitchFnetflix doesent work here as is06:28
nusrtaken2: can't you use user agent to change it to chrome?06:28
taken2nusr: no, you can't do that06:28
PitchFdosent run on opera?06:28
taken2nusr: I have had mixed success using a user agent string in Chrome to say I am using chrome on Windows 81.06:28
PitchFopera is chromebased06:28
taken2Chrome on Mac/Windows can do HD video in Netflix, but not on Chrome OS or Linux06:29
PitchFbut netflix dosent work in europe06:29
taken2PicthF: Netflix is now in many European countries06:29
sacarlsontaken2: seems moonlight will work for silverlight replacement http://www.mono-project.com/docs/web/moonlight/06:30
PitchFmy connection only goes up to 720p06:30
PitchFno more bandwide06:30
somsip!tab | taken206:30
ubottutaken2: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:30
sacarlsontaken2: or I guess now it's pipelight http://www.itworld.com/article/2697813/enterprise-software/install-silverlight-alternative-pipelight-in-ubuntu-14-04.html06:31
taken2I can use my PS3 to watch netflix in Super HD06:31
PitchFi hate tab completion on command line cause if the beepper06:31
taken2but the PS3 is noisy and is not a regular desktop computer06:31
taken2so, I bought the Chromebox06:32
PitchFi dunno who had thought it was a good idea06:32
sacarlsontaken2: test out pipelight and tell us how it works for you06:32
taken2sacarlson: Netflix is moving away from silverlight. The whole point is there will be no more "hacks" or workarounds06:33
PitchFtheres a new version of silverlight06:33
PitchFi didnt installed it06:33
sacarlsontaken2: just download every movie tv show on the planet with eztv.it06:33
PitchFmaybe you can use it on wine06:34
somsip!illegal | sacarlson06:34
ubottusacarlson: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:34
=== logos is now known as Guest16384
PitchFyou dont need to dl anything06:34
PitchFive never used it06:34
taken2hmm. Just experienced my first crash06:34
sacarlsonis netflix legal?  I guess it is06:35
somsipsacarlson: that torrent site certainly it06:35
PitchFbetter use tha kickass06:35
somsips/is/contains illegally shared content/ (same difference really)06:35
Surendilnight everyone06:36
taken2sacarlson: Anyway, as I was writing before the things crashed, Netflix is abandoning silverlight, and the whole point is that it will work natively (via Chrome) on all platforms without "hacks" or workarounds06:36
PitchFthat should work06:37
PitchFi never used it06:37
cfhowlettFlannel, thank you06:37
taken2I'm going to trash this install and reinstall 14.10 and see if the restricted package thing works in 14.1006:38
FlannelPitchF: Please keep this channel legal, and on-topic, thanks.06:38
somsipcfhowlett: that was Pitchf being kicked was it?06:38
PitchFthats not legal?06:38
somsipcfhowlett: ignore ^^06:38
PitchFtheres this site on the internet06:38
PitchFmust be legal06:38
PitchFgona try it see if it works allright06:39
nusrtaken2: maybe select "installed additional 3rd party stuff..codecs mp3 etc" when prompted during the installation.06:39
taken2nusr: maybe that's not an option because it's done via Chrubuntu ;)06:40
nusrtaken2: ok. just see how it goes06:40
=== root is now known as Guest12350
PitchFcan i ask to by chromebook with linux alredy instaled?06:42
taken2the other question I have is about GPU acceleration of video06:42
taken2on my Mac, h264 uses very little CPU06:43
ObrienDavebecause the GPU handles it06:43
taken2on this chrome box (with a more powerful CPU and much more powerful GPU) even 720p stutters a little06:43
taken2In the next version of Ubuntu, will video be handled by the GPU instead of the CPU?06:44
sacarlsontaken2: it might improve with proprietary video drivers if available06:44
cfhowletttaken2, depends on your system hardware.06:45
taken2This is Intel Haswell integrated graphics06:45
taken2it's an Asus Chromebox06:45
cfhowletttaken2, did you install the intel graphics drivers?06:45
taken2cfhowlett: I did not do any special installs06:45
sacarlsoncfhowlett: are there proprietary for intel?06:45
GirlDevHey on releases like TV shows does "x264" always mean better quality than "XVID"? I notice the XVID is always bigger in size, is it better quality tho? This is for HDTV06:45
GirlDevHey on releases like TV shows does "x264" always mean better quality than "XVID"? I notice the XVID is always bigger in size, is it better quality tho? This is for HDTV06:45
GirlDev*Sry double post06:45
taken2GirlDev: All things equal, H264 is better06:46
cfhowletttaken2, sacarlson https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads06:46
PitchFx264 better quallity with less bitrate06:46
cfhowletttaken2, sacarlson more precisely:   https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads06:47
taken2GirlDev: H264 is more CPU intensive, because it's more efficient06:47
PitchFi dont know why people still use xvid?!06:47
taken2PitchF: I just answered your question06:47
sacarlsoncfhowlett: seem not for me from that link Xeon E3-1200 is what I have06:47
PitchFyou really need some outadted cpu if you cant play H26406:48
cfhowlettsacarlson, I missed the link, but intel recently releases a native linux GPU driver that noticeably improves performance06:48
GirlDevAh cool, this is for scene releases, I notice they still rls XVID. Bigger in filesize, doesnt mean better quality though right06:48
PitchFi started watching h264 and never gone back to xvid06:49
PitchFthe gradients are always blurie on xvid06:49
PitchFyou get like dvd quality on 700 megas per movie06:51
taken2I think they should reduce the footrpint of Gnome System Monitor. It's taking up 12-30% of my CPU, heh06:53
GirlDevShould x264 look more blocky than XVID? I thought it'd be the other way around, since xvid is older I'm using MPC + CCCP06:54
nusrtaken2: you have good suggestions and seem to know a lot about video..how about submitting requests to the ubuntu team06:54
sacarlsoncfhowlett: I'm looking at my modinfo i915 to determine if I already have the new stuf.  as it seem it's opensource I think I have it already06:55
PitchFtaken2:gnome sucks06:58
JesusNazarethPitchF: Unity is better06:58
JesusNazarethbut then again I love debian06:58
PitchFi never used unity06:58
PitchFlxde xface are quite nice06:59
PitchFmate seems good too06:59
PitchFnever used mate06:59
sacarlsonPitchF: I"m a gnome dude.  my old software won't even run on unity06:59
taken2GirlDev: Yes, h264 should be better06:59
PitchFmight try that06:59
JesusNazarethPitchF: If you theme unity is it is good looking desktip06:59
PitchFmate is gnome done right06:59
JesusNazarethPitchF: mate is gnome 207:00
FlannelPitchF: Can you please cut back on the commentary? This isn't a discussion channel. Thanks.07:00
PitchFno its better07:00
* ObrienDave munches popcorn07:00
sacarlsonGirlDev: it's much dependent on the bitrate settings used in the video conversion process that have much to do with the video quality of the outcome.  I'm not sure witch codec is best07:03
nusrPitchF: yes another human who thinks so..i think gnome sucks too07:03
nusrPitchF: and despite consensus..unity is actually good....this is coming from a windows user who dumped windows just from 14.0407:04
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:04
taken2cfhowlett: I installed the Intel linux package but don't see a difference in CPU utilization. Do I need to reboot my system for it to take effect?07:05
sacarlsonGirlDev: to do a real compare you would have to judge two videos with same bitrate and same pixel scale and different codec07:05
cfhowletttaken2, possibly.  I think there's a command to restart gpu only services, but I don't know it.07:05
taken2cfhowlett: okay, I'll try rebooting07:06
PitchFpopcorn looks legit07:06
GirlDevAh cool, this is for scene releases, like the popular groups, so I think x264 is better than XVID. For example usually LOL rls x264, FUM rls XVID, XVID filesize is bigger07:06
sacarlsonGirlDev: ok and the pixel scale screen size X Y?  they also the same07:07
PitchFneed popcorn on my smarttv07:07
ObrienDaveFlannel, much more patient than I ;P07:08
cfhowlettObrienDave, same same ^^^^^^07:09
somsip!ignore | ObrienDave07:10
ubottuObrienDave: If you really don't wish to see the messages from a particular person on IRC, you can use /ignore nickname07:10
* ObrienDave is very familiar with the /ignore command ;P07:11
ObrienDavethanks :)07:11
somsipObrienDave: much better to use it and not keep doing the 'munches popcorn' to feed the troll then? :)07:11
ObrienDavenaw, i was waiting for them to get kicked LOL07:12
ObrienDaveanyway, OT ;P07:12
FlannelObrienDave: You were also adding to the disruption (and were almost kicked)07:12
somsipObrienDave: and if waiting takes a while, I find ignore is the best option. Agreed on the OT.07:12
taken2cfhowlett: Rebooting didn't change anything. I tried h264 and Flash, both used similar CPU amounts, with Flash using slightly less, and h264 playing a bit more smoothly. I was hoping this machine would make good use of the GPU, but that doesn't seem to be the case for h264 video in Firefox, at least.07:16
cfhowletttaken2, integrated graphics are not always the best option.  sorry it didn't give you your fix.07:17
taken2cfhowlett: Of course, I was just saying that the GPU is much more powerful than my Mac, so I thought it would do better07:18
taken2cfhowlett: My guess is these things need to be integrated first (Firefox, h264, Intel GPU acceleration)07:18
taken2cfhowlett: I'm not a computer scientist, but my guess is these components aren't taking full advantage of each other07:19
cfhowletttaken2, well that WOULD be nice, wouldn't it?  perhaps mozilla will get with the program here ....07:19
taken2cfhowlett: I was just trying to determine if this machine will meet my usage expectations or if I should return07:20
taken2It looks like returning it is the correct choice :(07:20
taken2Maybe Broadwell machines and the next version of Ubuntu these things will be ironed out07:21
cfhowletttaken2, well if THAT'S the choice, get yourself a linux friendly device!   dell xps 13, zareason, system 76 all are 100% OOTB linux ready07:21
SvetlanaThere also is h-node.org where you can search for free hardware.07:21
taken2The Asus Chromebox is tiny, silent, and cost $160. On paper I thought it would be great.07:22
cfhowletttaken2, dat memory: 16 gb?  dealbreaker for me07:22
taken2cfhowlett: Sure, but you can put a different SSD in it, add more memory, etc07:23
taken2My linux partition is only 9GB07:23
taken2plenty for what I wanted to do with it07:23
taken2and it was fun to take a device that is not supposed to run anything but Chrome and put Ubuntu on it07:24
taken2I like to tinker a bit here and there07:24
taken2The process was pretty easy, though07:24
ki7mtThat's my problem too, spend too much time playing with getting x,y,z to install and run, rather than running it.07:25
GirlDevsacarlson : GirlDev: ok and the pixel scale screen size X Y?  they also the same  <-- Sry for delay, was showering lol :P , what do u mean pixel scale07:25
taken2cfhowlett: Anyway, thanks for your tips and suggestions. We got h264 running in Firefox, so that was a major achievement. Thanks again. :)07:25
cfhowletttaken2, best of luck to you.07:26
sacarlsonGirlDev: a video can be scaled to any picture size  up and down07:26
sacarlsonleft and right07:26
GirlDevOh u mean like, same size window on monitor? Or resolution, I think it's both SD07:27
sacarlsonGirlDev: it take much less bandwidth  to compress a 640 x 480 video as with hdtv  1080 X ????07:27
sacarlsonGirlDev: they will again scale 640 X 480 image to fit your screen size and posibly make it grainy07:28
GirlDevOh I see, not sure of X Y, they're released by LOL & FUM & other popular scene groups tho, like usually LOL rls x264, FUM rls XVID, XVID filesize is bigger07:29
sacarlsonGirlDev: ffmpeg can display the specs of a video file that you can use to compare that includes bitrate  X Y scale ....07:31
GirlDevAh cool haha, Bitrate doesnt fully determine quality, its codec dependent too right07:33
linociscohi all07:40
linociscoI have problem installing Canon LBP 3050 on ubuntu 14.04 64 bit OS07:41
linociscoany relevent guide?07:41
marc-julianwell i installed ubuntu 14.1007:44
marc-julianbecause linux looks perfect, doesnt it?07:45
notorehow to run chkdsk?07:48
ilk__14.10 isnt all that stable bro07:48
ilk__just sayin07:48
ilk__dont put your kids photos on that07:48
somsipnotore: chkdsk is windows only. What do you want to do?07:49
marc-julianWell the 14.10 version is working fine for me07:49
ilk__yeah i have the server working but desktop keeps crashing on me07:49
ilk__idk legacy nvidia card or something07:50
notorei believe my hard drive is faulty i want to check it, when i use dell support diagnostic tool and scan hard drives on windows it crashes with blue screen but when i run chkdsk on drives everything seems ok, so waned to test something in ubuntu too07:50
marc-julianWell, my desktop didnt crash badly, it still was there07:50
notoredell diagnostic doesnt support ubutnu07:50
=== jack- is now known as Guest40399
ilk__on KDE /utilites/disks07:51
marc-juliandell diagnostic isnt good for ubuntu, because it can sometimes break07:51
somsipnotore: what are you trying to diagnose?07:51
ilk__i had a dell bluescreen on first boot of windows 807:52
somsipnotore: sorry - just read back07:52
ilk__notore how old is the media?07:52
marc-julianbut, does fujitsu support ubuntu?07:52
somsip!testing | notore (see smartmontools)07:52
ubottunotore (see smartmontools): To test your hardware, you can use the packages memtest86+ (for memory, can be started from the !GRUB boot menu), smartmontools (for hard drives), cpuburn (which MIGHT damage your processor if cooling is not adequate!). Additionally, lm-sensors can be useful to monitor temperatures and fan speeds - See also !benchmark07:52
notoreilk__, what do you mean media? hard drive? almost 4 years07:52
marc-juliani used a 151 GB for ubuntu 14.1007:54
ilk__me too, old IDE, from 200007:55
ilk__15 yrs old07:55
linociscoI have problem installing Canon LBP 3050 on ubuntu 14.04 64 bit OS07:56
linociscoany relevent guide?07:56
somsipilk__: you use a 15 year old HD and blame ubuntu for crashing? Maybe you should run through smartmontools too...07:56
ilk__the whining drive helps me sleep at night07:58
notoresomeone, when i run fdisk -l i get 7 drives, do i have to run tool on each of them?08:02
somsipnotore: you run the tool on the ones you want to check. Make sure you read the instructions for the tools so you know what you are doing and the effects of what you are doing08:02
notoreidk why there are so many drives :D but as i understood i need to run this command sudo smartctl -t long path08:03
somsipnotore: I've never used it, so if you're unsure you should check what you are doing08:04
notorewell in manual it says that its used for testing08:04
notorebut what it does idk lol08:05
marc-julianSometimes, its hard to use commands in terminal08:06
notorejust that i have one hard drive but i get 7 drives or partition when i run fdisk -l08:06
notoreso idk if should check them all one by one or i can check whole hard drive at once or its the same thing08:06
th3_mol3anyone know an easy way to change the resolution of login screen for multiple monitors?08:07
somsipnotore: you will have to do some reading. This is a random page for a short test http://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/Analyzing_a_Faulty_Hard_Disk_using_Smartctl#SMART_Tests08:07
notoreor maybe dev/sda is same as dev/sda1 dev/sda2 dev/sda3 and so on?08:07
ObrienDavenotore, sda is the physical drive. sda1, sda2, etc, are partitions within that drive08:08
somsipnotore: you are testing drives not partitions, so you will use /dev/sda /dev/sdb and not /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb2 etc08:08
somsipnotore: one at a time...08:08
notoreoh ok then it scheduled offline test probably because cant test the drive which is being used right now like so gonna restart08:10
JaekoDOWNLOAD THIS GAME IS FOR FREE http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-brave-ball/downloads/the-brave-ball-alpha-demo08:10
marc-juliani will edit my irc chat app08:12
=== xbashx_ is now known as xbashx
notoreah nvm its not mean that08:12
Marc-JulianI have to reconnect.08:13
Marc-Julianbut i just did that already08:14
th3_mol3can anyone help me? doesn't seem to be anything online08:22
Svetlanaonly if you ask08:22
th3_mol3anyone know an easy way to change the resolution of login screen for multiple monitors?08:22
th3_mol3using 14.0408:22
SvetlanaI would probably try to set it in configs of whichever user the display manager runs as08:23
mozzarellacan I get pepper flash on chromium08:27
SheepolutionI fucked up. I changed my login manager to Slim, and now I can't login. Maybe not Ubuntu specific but I don't know where else to ask.08:28
mozzarellaSheepolution: ctrl+alt+f1 and change it back08:29
Sheepolutionmozzarella: Yeah but here is the thing. When pressing that, my screen goes black08:29
mozzarellaSheepolution: does it show you a prompt?08:30
SheepolutionAs in, my screen doesn't see anything it can show, as if my computer is turned off, and thus my screen turns off08:30
SheepolutionWhen pressing on F1 it switches the window managers, but it gives me whole other options then the ones I have installed.08:30
Ben64Sheepolution: watch the language in this channel, and how are you unable to login08:31
Marc-Julianubuntu 4.10 was out of date.08:33
SheepolutionBen64: Excuse me for swearing. When I login, it doesn't go to my window manager. It stays at the login manager08:33
Ben64Sheepolution: that's strange, how did you install slim?08:35
SheepolutionBen64: I think just apt-get.08:35
TabmowMy volume keeps on being adjusted down automatically, anyone seen this before? Upon googling some people think it is skype, which I have but I have disabled that feature and it occurs when skype is not open also. Anyone have any ideas?08:35
SheepolutionBut it was a while I ago I installed it08:35
SheepolutionI just never switched to it until now08:35
Ben64ok then, how did you switch to it08:36
SheepolutionI asked here how to fix my login manager (because before this I didn't have any and went straight to my i3wm)08:37
SheepolutionThey said to do something like lightdm config  in the terminal08:37
SheepolutionThen I had options lightdm and slim.08:37
SheepolutionAnd I changed to slim.08:38
Ben64ok cool so you can change it back from terminal. do you have ssh installed?08:38
Ben64ssh server*08:38
SheepolutionBen64: I'm not sure because I'm not sure what that is.08:38
Ben64ah ok. then you could restart, get into the recovery mode from grub, and do it there08:39
MegaHi guys! I decided to install Ubuntu 14.10 as second system on my PC next to Windows 7 (actually as first :) I encountered a problem, it's about "Shrink volume" in Windows. I switched off hibernate and pagefile, I deleted related files etc ( over this instructions http://paste.ofcode.org/j5KBbayr8aaUMcP37wawph ) But nevertheless Windows lets me to shrink 2688MB only (I have 51GB free space on my SSD) Could somebody help me please? Thank you!08:39
Ben64!recovery | Sheepolution08:39
ubottuSheepolution: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode08:39
Ben64recovery mode will give you a root shell, you should be able to switch back from there, then reboot normally08:39
hateballMega: Use something like gparted-live to resize your partitions. Backup first as always.08:39
SheepolutionBen64: Okay cool, I will try that08:40
thoonaihey, I'm searching for a method to encrypt a file with a key file08:44
thoonaisymmetrically and gnupg somehow does not offer this08:45
Honey_nets_wayphp encrypt 128 k/bits08:45
Honey_nets_wayor use a tesla modulator b to b08:46
Megahateball: One more question, please. Need I make a special live-USB, or may I use usual .iso image that I obtained from  ubuntu.com/download/desktop ?08:48
hateballMega: gparted is included on the ubuntu-image, it'll work just fine08:49
hateballMega: Resizing takes time, so keep that in mind before you start :)08:50
Megahateball: Thank you! Have a nice day ^^,08:50
studentttuHello, I have a weird problem.  My sound in ubuntu is wrong its playing right-sounds on left ear and the opposite. It bothers me because my headphones are not unisex - I cant keep them the wrong way around lol08:54
VarroHelå. Is it possible to give disabled users a prompt to contact system admin when they try to log in to their account?08:56
Mathisenhello im using subsonic to stream my music but i want an easy way to get my podcasts also and that is a premium feature does any one know any free alternative for podcasts ?08:56
sarthorHI, using latest ubuntu-desktop, Right click and sendto is not shown in menu, How to enable that feature while nautilus-sendto is already installed.09:03
ObrienDavestudentttu, not possible. turn headphones around anyway09:05
studentttuObrienDave:  actually in google some guy got it to work in 2012 by just changing sound conf, but I wasnt able to do same in 14.0409:06
ObrienDavelook at your headphones. you will see a L and/or R on them09:06
Marc-JulianWell, i am a ubuntu user, and i very like linux.09:07
v_xdg-open doesn't work properly on my chrome. I installed playonlinux, and on google chrome when I click a playonlinux:// link, it launches a popup asking if I want to run xdg-open I run it, but nothign happens09:07
studentttuObrienDave:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=203604409:07
studentttuthat didnt work for me09:08
BWorldMy mouse keeps snapping to the left screen when I point my mouse to the center of the screen, from then I can only move the mouse vertically, when moving to the upper screen I can move it freely around between the other 3 screens, I have no clue what is going on. my xorg config looks okay, anyone heard of this problem before?09:09
ObrienDavestudentttu, new one on me. apologies09:09
dandreI am looking for a simple toolbar applet with a text box where I can write some parameters which will be given to a customised command. Does this exists?09:10
ObrienDavestudentttu, did you try a relog?09:11
sacarlsondandre: you can create launcher with custom params09:12
sacarlsondandre: just right click any of them, they should open and have a few boxes,  the command box then can be edited09:13
pengwuHi all09:14
pengwuWeb app does not work under 14.1009:14
pengwuHow can I fix it ?09:14
Svetlanadandre: Yes. Verve. And make your command an alias.09:14
Svetlanadandre: You'll have to type the whole thing, but if you use an alias then it's easier to type.09:14
Svetlanapengwu: Which web app?09:15
sacarlsonpengwu: for 1) there must be 4000 web apps  2) what problem?09:15
pengwuall of them09:15
sacarlsonpengwu: well phpmyadmin seems to work fine and it's a web app09:16
pengwuDo you know ubuntu unity web apps ?09:16
pengwuAll of them stop working09:16
pengwuI can't even install them09:16
pengwuI am not interesting  in PHP09:16
SvetlanaGive more detail, for communication's sake!09:17
pengwulike youtube webapp09:17
sacarlsonpengwu: are web apps like browswers?09:17
sacarlsonpengwu: try firefox09:18
pengwuTHX anyway09:18
pengwuThere must be a number of people have the same issue09:19
pengwu14.10 is doggy09:19
sacarlsonpengwu: sorry I use mate so I have no problems09:19
v_if web browser mime type is text/html what is mime-type for playonlinux?09:21
v_application/PlayOnLinux ?09:22
sacarlsonv_: maybe it's an exicutable?09:23
v_playonlinux ye it is executable so that is not a mime-type09:23
sacarlsonoh sorry playonlinux is mime for what09:23
v_I need to set a mime-type for it09:23
v_to open playonlinux:// links09:23
dandresacarlson: that's not what I am looking for, thanks09:25
v_how can I browser different mime types09:25
dandreSvetlana: verve is for xfce. Is it compatible with gnome?09:26
linociscoI have problem installing Canon LBP 3050 on ubuntu 14.04 64 bit OS09:26
linociscoany relevent guide?09:26
v_so complicated to make playonlinux:// links work09:26
v_and so difficult to find a list of different mime-types09:27
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest17641
v_okay. I found a list, but there is no generic for playonlinux. So I guess I need to create a mime-type for it somehow09:28
sacarlsonv_: as far as I can tell it's a tool to allow you to create gui type envirnments from with bash type scrypts09:28
Marc-Juliani am getting busy right now. :/09:28
v_playonlinux created a playonlinux.desktop on /usr/share/applications which I could point to with gvfs-mime --set mimetype?/mimetype? playonlinux.desktop but I don't know what to set there09:31
waressearcher2I run command: "bzip2 -c -9 sda5.tar > sda5_1.tar.bz2" and "top" shows that process "bzip2" uses about 30% of cpu, why ? its not 100% ?09:31
sacarlsonv_: I would think it's just a bash script so you can just run it09:32
sacarlsonwaressearcher2: maybe it's not a multi threaded app and you have more that one cpu09:34
v_sacarlson: how?09:35
sacarlsonv_:  how do you run an app?  type it in a console09:35
waressearcher2sacarlson: I have Core2Duo E216009:35
v_if I type that on terminal it won't work09:36
geirhawaressearcher2: probably IO bound. E.g. the disk can't feed it data fast enough and/or can't write the data fast enough09:36
sacarlsonv_: as it shows in the program it's a bash script #!/bin/bash09:37
sacarlsonv_: you may have to set the perms to allow it to run chmod +x  scriptname09:38
waressearcher2geirha: for example "cat /dev/zero > /dev/null" shows stable 99% CPU load ?  but it uses one core09:38
geirhawaressearcher2: Well, that one isn't reading from or writing to a disk09:39
waressearcher2geirha: iostat shows that reading from drive is just under 1Mb/s, so there is no "slow drive" issues09:40
geirhawaressearcher2: you're missing the point. The bzip process has to read some chunks from the file (on disk), process them, and get rid of the processed chunks (by writing them back to disk) before it can start taking on new chunks09:42
v_sacarlson: I saved that source code to a hearthstone-install.sh, saved it, and did chmod +x hearthstone-install.sh, then typed ./hearthstone-install.sh and nothing happened, in 0.1sec it executed09:42
geirhawaressearcher2: And the CPU is much faster than your disk09:43
sacarlsonv_: oh I may  have been wrong it also looks to be something like wine to run windows apps in linux09:43
sacarlsonv_: did you install playonlinux?09:44
sacarlsonv_: oh playonlinux if frontend for wine09:44
v_I need playonlinux to run that script I guess09:45
Avichello. i have been thinking. I need a desktop enviornment in the server where i have ubuntu. is there a way to install remmina in my windows 7?09:45
sacarlsonv_: so I would assume you also have wine installed09:45
v_yea playonlinux installed wine also09:45
=== Guest40399 is now known as jack
v_in playonlinux there is an option to run a local script09:46
v_on tools section09:46
v_I'm not sure if I could run it there09:46
v_yea. It works from running it there. Installing now09:47
v_thanks sacarlson09:47
sacarlsonv_: that looked to be the setup script for Hearthstone-Setup-enUS.exe  do you also have that?09:47
v_I have it somewhere actually, but not probably in the right place09:48
sacarlsonv_: ya that may be your problem09:48
v_can't the script download it09:48
v_or does it assume I have it on same dir as script09:48
v_I put it there now then09:48
ertyuihello there09:49
v_except I cant find it09:49
notoreanyone can help with smart test results http://paste.ubuntu.com/8730834/ read failure isn't good right?09:49
ertyuii would like to know how it calls the package using snmpwalk ?09:49
sacarlsonv_: sure if I wrote the script I could but I'm not sure they did as that would be iligal09:49
ertyuiubuntu says with apt : E: Unable to locate package snmpwalk09:50
sacarlsonertyui: try sudo apt-get update09:50
ertyuiapt-get update to install snmpwalk ?09:51
sacarlsonertyui: nope don't see that in the repository  just snmp09:51
ertyuieven after an update it gives same error09:52
ertyuimy question is simply how it calls the package snmpwalk ?09:52
ertyuion apt09:52
=== simonl is now known as Guest4746
sacarlsonertyui: sudo apt-get install snmp09:53
v_the script downloaded the hearthstone setup ok09:53
sacarlsonertyui: the question is how do I install the command snmpwalk,  what package do I need to install that contains it09:54
ertyuiyes that's coorect09:54
sacarlsonertyui: or do you want instructions on how to use the command?09:55
Avici want to use a vitrual machine in windows to be able to install xubuntu to install remmina to access the server using xubuntu also, is this possible?09:59
sacarlsonAvic: yes asuming your computer has the resources needed to do so with mem and disk space10:00
Avichow much disc space is needed?10:01
sacarlsonAvic: about 10gb10:01
Avicyes i have the space10:01
sacarlsonAvic: and about 2gb mem min10:02
Avici have 16 gb in windows10:02
nopfAvic: according to my experience running virtual{desktop,machine} solutions within each other you might get real problems using super (aka windows), maybe even ctrl-alt combinations and such. sometimes works, sometimes it's clumsy at best10:02
sacarlsonAvic: then I guess your good to go,  I don't know what that app remmina is so ???10:03
nopfsacarlson: it's like vncviewer a bit10:03
Avicremmina is a server like vnc but for linux to access other desktop10:04
Avicits much better than vnc10:04
sacarlsonAvic: teamviewer is cool10:04
Avicso what vm should i install?10:05
sacarlsonAvic: I"ve never run inside windows but virtualbox supports it10:05
=== max is now known as Guest70132
Ben64Avic: remmina is just a vnc/rdp client, nothing special. if thats the only thing you want to run, you can find a client on windows to do that, kind of silly to have a whole VM just for that10:07
dymHey! I have somewhat of a task here :) I have a host machine, hosting a vm that's networked via bridged networking and has a private ip ( and runs a webserver on port 80. The host machine has a public ip address via a VPN connection. What im trying is to establish port forwarding from the hosts' public ip address port 5000 to the vm's webserver. I tried using a shorewall DNAT rule saying and the redirect seems to occour, but never reaches it's des10:07
dymSorry - im using kvm/qemu + libvirt10:08
Ben64dym: your message ends with "but never reaches it's de"10:08
nopfAvic: i'd use virtualbox, because qemu doesn't seem to have an official windows binary. vmware is a comfy option if you love closed source10:09
dymrest: stination. http://pastebin.com/xnyXFcVK10:09
dymSorry Ben6410:09
Ben64dym: no problem, just figured you'd want to know if your message got cut off10:09
sacarlsondym wow that will take me a bit to absorb10:10
Avicso, virtualbox can be the way to go.10:10
dymsacarlson: how so? :)10:10
Ben64Avic: seriously, why are you wanting to run a VM for remmina10:10
jpdsdym: Is this actually going to be a publicly used web service?10:10
dymjpds: negative.10:10
dymjpds: well, for my purposes - yes.10:10
jpdsdym: So it's a test VM?10:10
dymjpds: No. It's a productive VM in my Home Network10:11
jpdsdym: Well, why don't you just install a VPN server on the host and have the VPN give you a route to your client?10:11
dymjpds: im utilizing a public ip from an online VPN server10:12
dymto make the VM host accessable10:12
Avici want to access the server desktop enviornment the best way possible, i tried vnc, rdp, freenx (this one i had all day yesterday and couldn't get it right) Ben6410:12
dymjpds: I have the feeling im not that far off with this configuration.10:12
Ben64Avic: so use vnc! for days you've been doing things the hardest ways possible10:12
rishabhwhenever i start my ubuntu operating system...pop up window comes up displaying system program problem detected10:12
nopfAvic: you should seriously consider migrating from windows fully. your heart seems to be already somewhere else :)10:13
rishabhplease tell how to resolve this problem10:13
jpdsdym: Right, what I do is I don't port forward, I just open my private subnet to my VPN clients.10:13
dymjpds: how that?10:13
Avici coul then play some other linux programs in windows :-)10:14
rishabhwhenever i start my ubuntu operating system...pop up window comes up displaying system program problem detected10:14
Avici'm afraid that in some way can damege windows tough10:14
rishabhcan anyone please help me out?10:14
Ben64!patience | rishabh10:14
ubotturishabh: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:14
SvetlanaClick 'more details' and go from there rishabh, give us more details10:14
SvetlanaThe dialog should have such button10:15
rishabhthere are two options only , cancel and report problem10:15
SvetlanaReport problem and it'll show more details there10:16
S0NiC_Hey Guys10:16
nopfAvic: you mean by running virtualbox? i don't think there are any known cases of that, if you don't have really bad malware made by TLAs10:16
S0NiC_I have a little problem installing ubuntu 12.04 on my samsung 840 pro ssd10:17
S0NiC_it says allwasy no disk drive was detected please choose your driver10:17
S0NiC_any ideas?10:17
sacarlsondym: for one thing I guess you can just configure apache to listen and work from port 5000,  not that I"ve ever tried it10:19
dymsacarlson: but what use would that be?10:20
sacarlsondym: well I still don't fully have a map of the full idea how you want the one to basicly proxy to your vpn home10:20
sacarlsondym: well the use would be you wouldn't have to setup dnat snat  as I guess that's the part your also missing is snat  or masqarade10:22
Avicto use freenx i vave to use the nx protocol, right? or ssh... if using nx i have to use the port 4000, its very confusing10:22
=== jason_cLi is now known as JasonJang_cli
dymsacarlson: wouldnt contrack render masquerading obsolete?+10:23
=== Simonking is now known as SimonKing
sacarlsondym: the other option maybe look at squid proxy10:24
Avicto use freenx i vave to use the nx protocol, right? or ssh... if using nx i have to use the port 4000, its very confusing... And i need to use proxy or not?10:24
akishi all. i am running 14.04.1 on an old pc with only 4gb hd. i installed minimal lubuntu to save space but every time the system is being updated and new kernel&headers are installed my  hd looses about of 250mb of free space. is there any oprion to save space deleting older kernel's version or any other way?10:24
sacarlsondym: I don't know I still use masquarade so I know it still works10:24
akisis this procedure recommendable? http://askubuntu.com/questions/2793/how-do-i-remove-or-hide-old-kernel-versions-to-clean-up-the-boot-menu10:27
=== SimonKing is now known as _aaaab
Svetlanaakis: I would say it's too confusing, has too many options, etc.  I would make a wiki page out of the synaptic bit, and perhaps add others too, but they need a thorough explanation with links to relevant manual pages.10:29
=== _aaaab is now known as _1Simon
=== _1Simon is now known as _9Simon
akisSvetlana: what can you suggest me to save space ot my tiny hd?10:30
Adephitvirtualbox can only install 32bit linux ubuntu?10:33
Adephitinstalled the virtualbox. but can only install linux 32bit software, is this normal?10:34
=== Adephit is now known as Avic
Svetlanaakis: run 'ncdu' or 'kdirstat' to see what takes the space.10:36
BWorldCould someone help me out with a little mouse related problem? I have 4 screens, and when I move my mouse to 50% to left on one of the 4 screens it moves immediatly to the left side and it gets stuck, I can only move it vertically, this is the only way I can move to the other screens and these dont have this problem..10:39
BWorldI am running ubuntu 1410:39
DJonesBWorld: Its called sticky edges, I think the setting is in the display settings10:40
azizLIGHThow can i see fps counter on games? what is the equivalent of FRAPS from windows?10:41
DJonesI think that may be the issue10:41
BWorldHmm, when I try to open up the display settings screen it reports the RANDR extension is missing (I am using nvidia drivers)10:41
BWorldDJones: Is there another way I can turn off sticky edges, and I dont have sticky edges on other screens btw10:42
DJonesBWorld: Sounds like I'm on the wrong track, reading the issue again, I don't think it is that, I'm not sure what might be causing it10:43
BWorldDJones: besides, I think it would be strange having sticky edges activated when I am at 50% of the screen...10:43
BWorldHmkay, I cant find much on google either, that brought me here10:43
hateballazizLIGHT: this is one way https://github.com/ValveSoftware/voglperf10:43
sacarlsondym: I also forgot about the proxy server built into apache2  assuming the system that touches the wan Internet side has apache2 already on it example http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_proxy.html10:45
=== tk__ is now known as tkheg
sacarlsondym: with that you can forward anything that touches a folder inside that wan sides address space www.example.com/home  to be forwarded to or whatever port you want10:48
=== jnhghy is now known as jnhghy_away
fmergeshello, have a problem with gnome3: System Settings > Network > Wired is not showing the list of network profiles. any idea?10:52
fmergesups, ubuntu 14.0410:53
sacarlsonfmerges: I never used gnome3 , is there no network-manager?10:54
fmergessacarlson: don't see any, even for Gnome Classic it wouldn't show up i needed to tweak quite a bit for getting it there...10:55
Greylocks /set aspell.check.default_dict "en"10:55
FilthyMacNastyinstall it in polish and try to operate it10:56
sacarlsonfmerges: maybe just try Linux mint, it already works with mate10:56
FilthyMacNastymate is wunderbar10:57
rezamoh !11:05
=== carlos is now known as Guest67040
auscompgeeksacarlson: gnome3 uses networkmanager, yeah11:09
fmergesauscompgeek: why i can't see anymore the list of Wired profiles I have, so that I can choose to which connect.. the nm-applet was very useful as it was..11:11
GanjaRAnyone here used log2timeline before?11:14
rezam#include <iostream.h>11:17
GanjaRI'm trying to obtain a chronological timeline of events that occurred on a suspects computer. I believe the tool 'log2timeline' can do this, however how do I execute this on an entire disk image? ( I have mounted the .dd image to a mount point '/mnt/dmount' on the SIFT Workstation (Ubuntu based).11:17
=== Malsasa- is now known as Malsasa
mgedminubuntu 14.04 lts server, upgraded all the way up from 7.10, spams this on boot: systemd-udevd[1802]: failed to execute '/lib/udev/socket:/org/freedesktop/hal/udev_event' 'socket:/org/freedesktop/hal/udev_event': No such file11:18
mgedminor directory11:18
auscompgeekfmerges: no idea, I don't use GNOME 3 any more. sorry.11:18
mgedminany idea how to discover why and how to make it shut up?11:18
=== IHateMyIsp is now known as Desu
White_CatI am trying to make ubuntu server 14.04 to work with Hyper V11:23
FilthyMacNastyWhite_Cat: got a hammer?11:24
mgedminhmm, /etc/udev/rules.d/95-hal.rules11:24
lmpkerwhat's that11:26
mgedminlooks like a password to me11:26
=== corey84- is now known as corey84
BramD_Hi, i just installed the latest ubuntu version. and i saw that in Dselect there was an option to manage virtual machines. That was just what i needed so i selected it... But now my question. What did it all install?11:27
mgedminBramD_, dpkg -l will list all installed packages11:29
=== dino is now known as Guest27060
sala-Loryhappy Halloween11:34
FilthyMacNastybring on the zombies11:35
salaciao Lory11:36
sala-LoryI'm among them (the zombies)11:36
FilthyMacNastyaim for the head11:37
sala-LoryI got my sword11:38
=== Desu is now known as MrElendig
=== MrElendig is now known as Desu
FilthyMacNastywell, you dont have to stop to reload11:38
=== logos is now known as Guest2110
=== zzz_Ridley is now known as Ridley5
sala-Lorykill the living dead11:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:40
BluesKajHi folks11:40
bazhangsala-Lory, FilthyMacNasty elsewhere please11:40
DJonessala-Lory: Do you have an Ubuntu support question? Please see the channel topic for whats appropriate for discussion in this channel11:41
sala-Lorysorry, bye11:41
ertyuihello there11:41
ertyuii can't able to use snmpwalk11:42
ertyuiwhat package need to install ?11:42
cfhowlett!info snmpwalk11:42
ubottuPackage snmpwalk does not exist in utopic11:42
ertyuii  simply asking the package name from apt11:43
ertyuiyou can't say apt is out of toppic ?11:43
FilthyMacNastyneener neener11:43
cfhowlettertyui, that 's not what it says.  what is your first languuage?  maybe better support ...11:44
Ridley5i like ubuntu11:44
Ridley5ubuntu make me safe & happy11:44
sacarlsonertyui: I already gave it to you sudo apt-get install snmp11:44
DJones!info snmp11:44
ubottusnmp (source: net-snmp): SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) applications. In component main, is optional. Version 5.7.2~dfsg-8.1ubuntu5 (utopic), package size 145 kB, installed size 493 kB11:44
Adephiti have installed the virtualbox in windows 7, but... if i want to see the desktop in my server... the virtualbox has a very small window :-| Its possible to see in a windows window?11:44
=== Adephit is now known as Avic
ertyuidon't care about the language i talk just only need to care about my question11:45
cfhowlettertyui, read more.  type less.  <sacarlson> ertyui: I already gave it to you sudo apt-get install snmp11:45
ertyuialso installed snmp package on my server11:46
ertyuibut i can't use snmpwalk command normal ?11:46
ikonia!info snmp11:46
ubottusnmp (source: net-snmp): SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) applications. In component main, is optional. Version 5.7.2~dfsg-8.1ubuntu5 (utopic), package size 145 kB, installed size 493 kB11:46
ikoniaertyui: so if your community strings are setup correctly, you should be able to do a walk11:46
ertyuii m sorry working11:46
sacarlsonertyui: try man snmpwalk11:47
ertyuiok perfec11:47
ertyuithx a lot11:47
=== jnhghy_away is now known as jnhghy
DJonessennn: Please don't keep doing that11:48
ertyuiwhat is this : 1FV9sivy3kLD3GViDdxLmabKnaee23fNko ?11:49
DJonesBecause this is Ubuntu support11:49
cfhowlettsennn, knock it off11:49
ertyuiis that a snmp query ?11:49
cfhowlettertyui, it is not.  ignore11:49
FilthyMacNastyit's his chastity belt key RSA11:50
cfhowlett!behelpful | FilthyMacNasty,11:50
ubottuFilthyMacNasty,: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.11:50
Guest2110hello ,can you help me?11:50
Avichello. i installed virtualbox in windows to run linux programs. But the window of the virtualbox is so small... i have to use the linux programs in that :-|?11:51
cfhowlett!help | Guest211011:51
ubottuGuest2110: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:51
White_CatI am trying to make ubuntu server 14.04 to work with Hyper V, it doesnt seem to connect to any network. what do I need to do to configure it11:51
White_Catit srrms to get an ipv6 address11:51
White_Catand only see one eth0 card instead of 3 I configured11:51
cfhowlettAvic, #vbox                + guest additions11:52
Guest2110when i write in terminal lsblk -fm, my usbpentdrive have sdc1 and sdc2 and when i umount /dev/sdc1 && umunt /dev/sdc2 , then i put lsblk -fm and don't delete sdc1 and sdc2 , what is the problem?11:54
jesse_Are there any movie players for the command line? (Not for use within X)11:54
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: what's Hyper V a kernel?11:54
Ben64Guest2110: lsblk doesn't show only mounted partitions11:54
k1l_jesse_: mplayer got some ascii mode iirc11:55
White_Catifconfig -a | grep eth seems to list all three devices11:55
=== LeRieur is now known as LeRieur_
White_Catis there a way to see a more detailed output, say ips of each?11:55
=== LeRieur_ is now known as LeRieur
White_Catjust remove grep11:56
White_Catthat was silly of me11:56
jesse_k1l_ thanks!11:56
White_Catbut they dont list ips11:56
Ben64White_Cat: it does11:56
Guest2110yes ben64 but how delete sdc1 and sdc2?11:56
Ben64Guest2110: what exactly do you mean by "delete"11:57
Guest2110i want mount in my usb only one , for example sdc111:57
White_CatBen64 I only see a fake ipv6 ip11:58
White_CatI think it failed to recieve a DHCP response11:58
Ben64White_Cat: quite possible, but ifconfig would show the ip address if it has one11:58
beastanybody there ?11:59
White_Cattwo dont have any ip listed11:59
White_Catthe other doesnt have an ipv4 ip configured11:59
jesse_Does anyone know the console command that will show all mounted partitions?11:59
White_Catsince this is on a LAN ipv6 shouldnt be even listed11:59
beasthey white i m new ubuntu11:59
Ben64Guest2110: i'm not sure what you're wanting to do still11:59
sacarlsonjesse_: mount11:59
Ben64White_Cat: everything gets ipv6 now11:59
beasthow to create partion in ubuntu and also later i install windows means these i need to file12:00
White_CatBen64, that does not answer my question now does it?12:00
beastwhich format support in both os ?12:00
Guest2110in my usb i have two partitions i only want one and then format for add a livecd12:00
Ben64White_Cat: it explains why ipv6 is there12:00
Ben64Guest2110: if you want to actually modify partitions, you can do so in gparted, but you will lose data that is in any partition you delete12:01
White_CatBen64 it doesnt12:02
beasthey ben reply for my question12:02
White_Catit is unable to connect to dhcp hence it shouldnt get any ip12:02
Ben64beast: that is not how this channel works, be patient12:02
beastBEN:  how to create partion in ubuntu and also later i install windows means these i need to file12:02
Guest2110i want delete a partition of usb is posible in terminal?12:02
Aviccdhowlett guest additions? do i have to install more, but in the site of virtualbox i cant see anything more to install. thanks12:02
White_Catif its assigning a random IP why isnt it also assigning an ipv4?12:02
Ben64White_Cat: and i'm telling you, everything gets ipv612:02
White_Catmy seat cussion probably has ipv6, thats not the issue12:03
Aviccfhowlett guest additions? do i have to install more, but in the site of virtualbox i cant see anything more to install. thanks12:03
Ben64Guest2110: as i've told you, you can do that with gparted12:03
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: did you install the network version of ubuntu?12:03
White_Catsacarlson it is ubuntu-server 14.0412:04
White_CatI am unsure what isnt working12:04
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: might take a look at /etc/network/interfaces then to verify that anyting is setup to try to get dhcp12:05
GanjaRAnyone here used TCHunt before?12:05
Conteit's possible to create a private channel? how i can do?12:05
mgedminWhite_Cat, can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces?  also, is network-manager installed?12:05
Guest2110give me error gparted when i want delete partition12:06
White_Catmgedmin I dont think I can copy paste yet12:06
=== greenmon is now known as greenmon2
White_Catsince I don have network I dont havessh12:07
White_Cathyper-v isnt copy paste friendly12:07
mgedminyeah, that must be painful12:07
White_CatI can paste a screenshot though12:07
=== greenmon2 is now known as greenmon
mgedminbetter than nothing :)12:07
White_Catoh its fairly short12:08
White_Catauto lo | iface lo inet loopback | aoto eth0 | iface eth0 inet dhcp12:08
Guest2110how to create usblive from iso image?12:08
White_Catrest is commented text starting with #12:08
White_CatI imagine this is fairly standard12:08
=== alessandro is now known as Guest72144
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: so your eth0 picks up an ipv4 address then?12:09
White_Catno it does not12:09
White_Catonly an ipv612:09
White_CatI think12:10
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: then I assume it's in your hyper V setup12:10
White_CatI dont see anything that resembles an inet4 ip12:10
andreas_Hello! I have problems getting my dualboot to work, First I installed Ubuntu and Win8 on the same HDD; only win8 booted. then I installed Win8 and Ubuntu on two different SSDs, booted into UEFI ubuntu, only ubuntu booted. went into boot repair disk and ran it, did not repair. Now I booted and installed ubuntu without EFI; still just ubuntu booting12:10
White_Catsacarlson entirely possible12:10
andreas_how can I get a GRUB screen when I boot up that shows me win8 as well?12:10
White_Catbut that doesnt make sense either :/12:10
andreas_any sugestions?12:13
BluesKajandreas_, try sudo os-prober, then sudo update-grub12:13
andreas_ok thanks12:13
darcuzthere are some italian?12:14
chuck_bmis there any schedule for 14.04 updates, like 14.04.2, with an updated kernel and stuff?12:14
DJonesdarcuz: Best channel would be #ubuntu-it if you need support in Italian language12:14
mgedmindarcuz, in #ubuntu-it maybe?12:14
chuck_bmio parlo un po di italiano12:15
andreas_BluesKaj: it only found linux images12:15
chuck_bmbut yeah, it's better #ubuntu-it12:15
White_Catsacarlson when I use hyper-v to connect to a virtual windows machine network works fine with same configuration12:15
White_Catits quite puzzling12:15
mgedminWhite_Cat, check /var/log/syslog for any messages about DHCP?12:16
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: nat or bridged12:16
White_Catits not bridged12:16
White_Catits a virtual switch12:16
White_Catswitch under a router so a nat I suppose12:17
logos_my usb have 2gb but in gparted watch 15 gb what is the problem?12:17
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: so it's bridged then.  oh but I thought you said you setup like 4 nics12:17
White_Catit has 3 network cards12:17
mgedminWhite_Cat, does /etc/network/interfaces enable all three?12:18
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: all bridged to the same network?12:18
White_Catthey connect to three different networks12:18
White_Cateach with their own internet12:18
sacarlsonmgedmin: no it only activates her eth012:18
White_Catits a bizzire system12:18
White_Catinterfaces makes no mention of other two devices12:18
White_CatI can add them if you like12:18
BluesKajandreas_ I'm not too well versed on UEFI booting due to the fact that I wiped the drive clean and reinstalled windows and ubuntu in legacy mode.12:19
mgedminwhoops, you pasted it, sorry, I missed that12:19
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: pointless to add the others as even one fails.  in virtualbox we can enable or simulate it unpluged.  be sure you have all those set correct?12:20
mgedminWhite_Cat, if you want to use those interfaces the yes, you'll have to add them to /etc/network/interfaces (OR install network-manager which autoconfigures everything, but is more commonly used on desktops, not servers)12:20
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: you can try manualy set the ip of eth0 or others and see if you can ping it from windows12:20
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: or try sudo ifdown ; ifup to get it to retry dchp12:22
sacarlsonWhite_Cat: sudo ifdown eth0;  sudo ifup eth012:22
mgedminright, forgot to mention that: run sudo ifup -a after enabling the other cards in /etc/network/interfaces12:23
pbxif the software updater icon wiggles in the launcher, but clicking on it does nothing, and alt-tab switching to it does nothing... what's going on?12:24
Avici have to install the ubuntu 5.10 in the virtual machine... with this outdated version remmina will be outdated to...12:24
Ben64Avic: you definitely do NOT need to install 5.1012:31
=== Adephit is now known as Aviv_
Quatrokingdoes something exist that allows me to login the moment I finish entering my password during login?12:42
solsTiCepbx: It's a bug. I have that too. Clicking on the update manager icon does not bring up the window12:42
Ben64Quatroking: nope12:42
Quatrokingsomething like windows 8's PIN login, where entering the last number will login automatically12:42
=== logos is now known as Guest98204
MsKoshiroi am new here ( linux/ irc )12:42
Quatrokingbummer, would've been nice, even though it's only a keystroke difference12:42
sacarlsonQuatroking: isn't that already what happens?12:43
sacarlsonQuatroking: you can make it have no keystorkes if you want12:43
Quatrokingsacarlson, no, I still have to press enter once I'm finished with typing in the password12:44
sacarlsonQuatroking: why not no keystrokes then12:45
Aviv_remna server is installed nativelly in xubuntu?12:45
Aviv_remmina server is installed nativelly in xubuntu?12:45
Quatrokingsacarlson, because I do want to keep a password on my laptop12:45
cfhowlett!info remmina12:45
ubotturemmina (source: remmina): remote desktop client for GNOME desktop environment. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.0-6ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 117 kB, installed size 415 kB12:45
QuatrokingI use it at uni and leave it unattended now and then, while locked of course12:45
Ben64Aviv_: remmina is not a server, it is a client12:45
sacarlsonQuatroking: well you can have passwords on your encrypted directories with stuf that needs protecting12:46
thoonaihey, gpg is not acception the --passphrase script? any idea why?12:46
cfhowlettAviv_, and it's "optional"12:46
Quatrokingsacarlson, Yeah but I'd rather not have people use my laptop at all12:46
Ben64Aviv_: you keep doing everything the hardest possible way. stop making it so difficult for yourself. use vnc, use a vnc client on windows, use vnc server on server. or even better, don't use GUI on a server!!!12:46
cfhowlettBen64, servers don't have gui!12:47
Ben64cfhowlett: Aviv_'s does :|12:47
thoonaiBen64: fullack!12:47
Ben64cfhowlett: this has been going on for days now12:47
thoonaiAviv_: use ssh12:47
Quatrokingsacarlson, honestly I'd really just like a login like win8's PIN login12:47
sacarlsonQuatroking: ok take the last letter off your password and still push return so you will have one less keystroke12:47
thoonaiAviv_: its simple, more or less intuitive and works fine mostly12:48
Aviv_ok, so...  ssh?12:48
thoonaisomeone using gpg? and --symmetric? and --passphrase?12:48
Ben64Aviv_: yes, ssh is normally how one would interact with a server12:48
thoonaiAviv_: yeah. its nice, I'm even doing irc on ssh right now12:49
sacarlsonQuatroking: or you could remap the last leter of your password to be active as caridge return and have an auto script at login that puts it back the way it was12:49
Aviv_but how i use ssh to see xubuntu?12:49
Ben64Aviv_: why do you need to see?12:49
Ben64its a server, they don't have desktops12:49
thoonaiAviv_: everything you can do with a Desktop, you can do via ssh, theres no need for graphical stuff12:50
Aviv_well it will be vnc then...  i need gui for some programs12:50
Ben64what programs12:51
thoonaiAviv_: and graphical stuff is clogging your internet connection12:51
Aviv_what makes me furious id that i managed to install freenx successfully but cant see the desktop12:51
Aviv_using the nomachine client12:52
Ben64Aviv_: what programs do you need to run with gui on a server?12:52
Aviv_must be somenhing in configuration12:52
Aviv_some i know uses cli, but i prefer gui. i have answered that same question so many times now here this week...12:53
Ben64you haven't answered it once yet12:53
Aviv_i know i wnt gui, so i think thats not relevant.12:54
Aviv_you are going to advice me to use cli12:54
Aviv_and i dont want to so...12:54
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thoonaiprobably someone knows how to tame gpg into accepting --passphrase flag?12:54
Ben64Aviv_: well you've been trying the wrong way for days now, maybe try accepting some advice now?12:54
thoonaiAviv_: I'm online since 30min, what programs do you need?12:55
Aviv_the right way for you is cli in the server i know12:55
thoonaicfhowlett: gpg?12:56
thoonaiby any chance?12:56
cfhowlettthoonai, no idea thus me = silent.  :)12:56
=== tcpman is now known as Guest53080
thoonaicfhowlett: meh :)12:56
=== Ridley5 is now known as zzz_Ridley
Ben64Aviv_: would you just answer the question already12:56
thoonaiBen64: I guess hes tryin to install LOIC ^^12:56
=== _apps_gone is now known as _go_unity
_go_unityafter upgrade to 14.10, cannot start unity or apps after starting system, help12:58
thoonaiI think Aviv_ is a troll ^^12:59
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
Aviv_what programs do i need?13:00
thoonaiok Aviv_ is a troll13:00
thoonaiprobably a linux irc troll (bot woven with a great configured eliza)13:01
mikromanI'm here for like half an hour and I'm exasperated with how stubborn he is. Poor Ben64 :D13:01
yorwoshi all :D13:02
Ben64mikroman: try ~48 hours13:02
=== tt_ is now known as Guest80811
mikromanhey yorwos13:02
mgedmin_go_unity, what happens?13:02
mikromanBen64: My condolences...13:02
mgedmin_go_unity, do you get a login screen?  can you log in?13:03
_go_unitylogon & enter password but the icons do not appear.  i do see the background and pointer13:03
yorwosI'm getting some weird things on my software updater . 2files new ,low latency linux headers+kernel , and then these 2 : linux kernel image for version 3.13 .13:03
_go_unityi can start the All Settings window but not much else.13:03
yorwosignore that ill type it full13:04
cfhowlettyorwos, paste it13:04
lizzie_i'm having sound issues, and am following this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure13:04
lizzie_the instructions say ALSA library version and utilities version are exactly the same version number, but they are not..13:04
_go_unitythere were messages that errors occurred but i do not see that on this system start now13:04
yorwosim using the gui second :D13:04
_go_unity(this chat session is running on a different pc)13:05
lizzie_theinstructions show that driver/library/utilities version should all match, but each oone is different13:05
Marc-JulianI am still using XChat in ubuntu 14.1013:05
lizzie_AND the driver version is k3.13.0-39-generic, not even CLOSE to the 1.0.25 and for the others13:06
lizzie_what is the significance of k3.13.0-39-generic vs 1.0.25?13:06
Ben64lizzie_: all three are different? thats not good13:07
_go_unityhow can i access the older error logs?13:07
Ben64lizzie_: this is what i got -- Driver version:     k3.13.0-37-generic Library version: Utilities version:
yorwosI'm getting some weird things on my software updater . 2 files : "linux kernel image for version 3.13.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP"  + "lowlatency linux kernel image". same for headers 2files.  is this normal ? i dont understand what the 1st of these files do , im only used to getting 2nd kind of files13:08
lizzie_ben, ok, i was concerned that the driver version was SO different... at least we've narrowed down my issue now..13:08
Ben64lizzie_: do a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"13:09
thoonaicfhowlett: I found my problems solution: --passphrase works only if --batch is flagged13:10
thoonaicfhowlett: ;)13:10
cfhowlettthoonai, that is some fine detective work, Lou!  Good job.13:10
lizzie_Ben64, 0 upgraded/installed/removed13:10
yorwosany ideas ? my cpu is q955013:11
Ben64lizzie_: no errors?13:11
thoonaicfhowlett: meh -.- I'm to stupid to read the manpage properly13:11
lizzie_Ben64:  The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:13:13
lizzie_  libtcl8.5 tcl8.513:13
lizzie_Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.13:13
lizzie_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.13:13
thoonaiso im off, bye13:13
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_go_unityI had a proprietary graphics driver installed before the upgrade to 14.10.  i could try to reinstall the ait/amd graphics driver?13:17
mgedmin_go_unity, that doesn't necessarily sound like a driver error...13:18
mgedmin_go_unity, can you launch a terminal (ctrl-alt-t is the default shortcut, I believe)?13:19
mgedmin_go_unity, if not, can you log in on a text console (ctrl+alt+f1) and make sure all the unity packages are installed ('sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop' will install the missing ones, if any)?13:19
_go_unityctl-alt-t does not start a new window13:20
k1l__go_unity: was it the amd site driver?13:20
_go_unityi started a text console13:21
_go_unitywhat now for text console?13:21
mgedmin_go_unity, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop13:21
_go_unitybtw i started a backup of home dir13:22
lizzie_!!ALSA Version13:22
lizzie_Driver version:     k3.13.0-39-generic13:22
lizzie_Library version:    1.0.2513:22
lizzie_Utilities version:
apt-getanyone knows how I can easily replace scrot's "--exec" function with maim?13:22
apt-get file=$(scrot (date +%Y-%m-%d)_scrot.png -e 'echo -n $f')13:22
lizzie_how do i get my library to match my utilities?13:22
apt-getthis, for example13:22
JuJuBee_How do I give a user access to configure network settings for a wifi adapter for example?13:24
_go_unityapt-get install cannot run, does not have lock.... how do i get back to the original window, so i can exit the update window?13:24
mgedmin_go_unity, ctrl-alt-f713:24
mgedmin_go_unity, now tell me how you're able to launch programs in the gui when unity is broken?13:25
_go_unityfrom change desktop and then go to all settings13:27
_go_unity(back door?)13:27
_go_unitythe install ubuntu-desktop returned that the software is already at newest version...13:28
_go_unityhow to trigger reinstall?13:28
mgedmin_go_unity, ok, your problem is an incorrect compiz configuration13:28
mgedminat one point 'unity --reset' was the way to fix that; now it's deprecated and no longer supported and I don't know what replaced it13:29
mgedminanybody here uses unity?  I like gnome-shell myself13:29
mgedmin_go_unity, one way to fix things is to install the compizconfig-settings-manager package, launch ccsm in the GUI somehow, find the Unity plugin and make sure it's enabled13:29
k1l__go_unity: again the question: did you install the amd driver form the amd site?13:29
* mgedmin had to help do this on a coworker's machine the other day13:29
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mgedmin_go_unity, your problem is not related to video drivers13:30
k1l_mgedmin: dont be too fast on resetting stuff if its a drivers issue at all13:30
mgedmink1l_, it's not13:30
k1l_mgedmin: it is most times.13:30
k1l_mgedmin: did you ever start a unity wihtout proper 3d support? it looks exactly like that13:30
mgedminokay, perhaps a bug in the userspace part of the video driver caused a compiz crash and that made compiz automatically disable the unity plugin13:31
_go_unitygoogle returns this from ubuntuhandbook ...13:31
k1l_mgedmin: are you sure about that or are you guessing?13:31
_go_unityAfter that, run the below command to restart Unity:13:31
_go_unitysetsid unity13:31
=== gcollura|brb is now known as gcollura
mgedmink1l_, guessing13:32
k1l_mgedmin: because there is a known issue with the 3rd party fglrx installs and upgrades causing a missing 3d support13:32
_go_unityto reset unity/compiz ...13:32
_go_unitydconf reset -f /org/compiz/13:32
_go_unitysetsid unity13:32
k1l_but since _go_unity doesnt answer my questions to find the real cause of the issue you can go and let him reset everything that doesnt help13:33
mgedmink1l_, I'm curious about the mechanism for this13:33
_go_unityk1l_, not pls repeat your q13:33
maxvihow can I setting VPN (PPTP) connection in ubuntu 14.10?13:34
_go_unityi believe that i installed the amd driver from the additional drivers tab13:34
maxviGateway - is it domain ?13:35
crankharderdoes logrotate log its activities somewhere normally? not seeing anything in syslog or some "/var/log/logrotate*" file13:35
crankhardertrying to figure out why I have a 26G log file when logrotate.conf says it should be capped at 500M13:37
=== zz_gthank is now known as gthank
imbezolhey guys. i find that every time i close the lid to my laptop and then come back to it the next morning the wifi doesn't work13:41
imbezoli have to hardware disable the wifi then re-enable to get it worknig13:41
_go_unitythnks for suggestions ... i will install the amd graphics driver, and, if needed, reinstall ubuntu-desktop.13:41
mgedmincrankharder, if there's a logfile.1 you can look at its timestamp13:41
imbezoladditionally the AP i have set to autoconnect never does.. i have to click connect on it13:42
crankhardermgedmin: there is, that doesn't help13:42
mgedmincrankharder, you can run logrotate -d /etc/logrotate.d/yourconfigfile and see what it thinks it should do13:42
imbezolmaybe it doesn't autoconnect after you've had it disabled.. i dunno.. but i shouldn't have to hardware disable and re-enable to get it working13:42
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ShishKababMy computer has been swapping a lot the last couple of weeks even though I haven't been using it differently than normal. 800M is in swap and it says my memory is full. I have to wait 5 seconds for doing anything. But when I look at the processes it doesn't look like everything added up equals the total it says it's using. Could there be something else using up my memory?13:44
sacarlsonimbezol: I think there is an option the shuts down the system with lid close instead of puting it in standby or hybernate.  as those modes rarely work with wifi through transition13:45
=== jack- is now known as Guest84291
CodeGosui often need to block/unblock incoming  connections to few ports, what command line command can block/unblock incoming connections to port A,B,C?13:45
imbezolsacarlson: hmm.. whereabouts would i find that?13:45
sacarlsonimbezol: preferences I think13:45
imbezolsacarlson: sorry to be daft, but preferences within which program?13:47
imbezolsacarlson: i don't see anything in network manager13:47
imbezolsacarlson: and don't see anything like that in system settings13:47
pgar23CodeGosu: You can use iiptables command to accomplish that13:47
pgar23CodeGosu: like this " iptables -I OUTPUT -s -j ACCEPT ; iptables -I INPUT -s -j ACCEPT "13:47
sacarlsonimbezol: on mine it's preferences>power management13:47
Adephitwell i give up... its possible to install vnc4server with xubuntu?13:48
=== Adephit is now known as Avic
Avicwell i give up... its possible to install vnc4server with xubuntu?13:48
imbezolsacarlson: oh you mean completely shut down the system, not the wifi13:49
mgedminAvic, yes: sudo apt-get install vnc4server13:49
Avicand installing xubuntu?13:49
imbezolsacarlson: hmm.. hoping not to have to do that because i have a lot of stuff open (including vmware and a host of windows apps for work inside it) at all times13:49
Yuthtsomeone here is an expert of cinema 4d ?13:50
moatazYhello there i wonder if there any bug about skype in 14.04 lts !? i instaled it and is not working right :(13:50
Avichoe do i instll xubuntu in the ubuntu 14.04 trusty?13:50
=== execb33f is now known as Guest86970
k1l_Avic: install xubuntu-desktop package13:52
Avicsudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ?13:52
k1l_Avic: yes, that will install the whole xubuntu desktop experience.13:53
Avicok, is much lighter than kubuntu, right?13:53
feurdHello everyone! Has someone been able to make the global auto-type feature work with keepass2 under Ubuntu 14.04?13:54
sacarlsonimbezol: I also note I don't see the power down with lid close in my power management so I don't know were I saw it,  and I don't use it as I don't have a laptop13:55
k1l_Avic: its is some lighter. but if you want really more lightweight go for Lubuntu13:55
Avicso lubuntu + vnc4server?13:57
k1l_Avic: i dont know what you want to do at all there13:58
=== mikecmpb_ is now known as mikecmpbll
nusrhow can i search for a file with a particular extension in a different partition13:59
nusrlocate .bbb find . -type f -name "*.bbb" would work, but how can i specify a different partition?14:02
imbezolsacarlson: i think i figured it out actually..  http://askubuntu.com/questions/348858/wifi-doesnt-work-after-hibernate-but-does-work-after-suspend14:02
mgedminnusr, find /mountpoint -type f ...14:02
imbezolsacarlson: applied that fix and it seems to work... the wifi works without doing anything now. i do still have to click connect on the ap i was on before but at least i don't have to mess with the hardware switch to get the wifi device to work14:03
sacarlsonimbezol: ya there ya go,  I think you can change that in power managment14:03
nusrmgedmin: mountpoint is the name of the partition right? what if it is "875 GB Volume"14:04
sacarlsonimbezol: maybe you didn't set your access point to connect as default14:04
robcsihi. does anyone know of free software that can split a screen into multiple parts for presentation purposes? I'm thinking of scenarios where I show different picturs, programs or any data in each part of the screen and it can go fullscreen14:04
imbezolsacarlson: i did.. it just doesn't respect the setting14:05
mgedminnusr, it's the directory where that partition is mounted; probably /media/user/"875 GB Volume"14:05
mgedminnusr, run 'df' to see14:05
sacarlsonrobcsi: standard plug and play you can plug in many monitors if you have multi video cards14:06
robcsisacarlson: yes, I know that, but unfortunately I have only one.14:06
sacarlsonrobcsi: I have two screens now and can drag an app from one screen to another14:06
robcsisacarlson: I know that, too. I have to solve this with one video card, one monitor14:07
sacarlsonrobcsi: well how did you plan to drive many monitors with only one?14:07
nusrmgedmin: ok 875gb volume is in /dev/sd1 so i type find /dev/sda1 -type f and what about the file extension type?14:08
mgedminnusr, nope; /dev/sda1 is the partition, not the mountpoint.  find wants the mountpoint14:08
nusrmgedmin: ok got it14:09
imbezolrobcsi: i haven't heard of an app that can do that but it would be interesting14:09
robcsisacarlson: I'm looking for something similar to MaxTo, AVManager14:09
sacarlsonrobcsi: well you can run more than one picture view at a time and scale them to any size on one screen and go full screen on any one of them14:09
imbezolrobcsi: you could do it for text with "screen" app, but i don't think that's what you're looking for14:09
robcsiimbezol: you are right, but I'm not looking for that14:10
mgedminrobcsi, window tiling?  I think <Super>Left/Right do that by default on Unity14:10
mgedminrobcsi, some hardcore people use tiling window managers like xmonad or awesome; I've never tried any14:10
sacarlsonrobcsi: oh or inkskape  maybe where you can drag images rotate them resize them as many images as you want14:11
nusrmgedmin: ok i've just been blinded by flies flying down my terminal... :)   how do i specify the extension i am looking for /media/qq/3AA449A6A449658B -type f  [what goes here? just .txt?]14:11
imbezolrobcsi: actually.. you could just have multiple desktops14:11
mgedminnusr, add -name '*.txt' to the end of the command14:11
robcsimgedmin: yes, I know. I'm trying to setup a monitor on a wall in an office and have stuff appear on it, but without having window decorations visible14:11
alreadytriedgooghey i need help installing chrome, i went to google.com/chrome  selected the right package for install, first tried with the open with software center option, didnt work, then i dl'd it and tried again and i keep getting auth errors. software center doesnt want me to have chrome for some reason?14:12
somsiprobcsi: tiling WMs do allow removal of window decoration. Do a search for some screenshots of dwm, xmonad, awesomewm, etc14:12
mgedminrobcsi, yeah, I'm pretty sure xmonad can do that... but I can't help you with it14:12
robcsisomsip: mgedmin: yes, I'm aware of them. there's also i314:13
alreadytriedgoogand i wanna get the version right from google not a ppa cause on my other machine i did a cli install for chrome and it doesnt work with netflix14:13
nusrmgedmin: it works...but it's coming out like a sputtering tap and not a full gusher like -type f14:14
nusrmgedmin: thank you14:14
mgedminnusr, yeah, disks are slow14:14
somsiprobcsi: a few others too - wiki has a full list. But if it's for a display, probably go with the one that seems easiest14:14
alreadytriedgoogbut version 37 of chrome works with netflix without having to use wine or anything else, so how do i get chrome installed without errors please?14:14
robcsisomsip: which wiki are you referring to?14:14
somsiprobcsi: wikipedia - habit to abbreviate to wiki14:15
robcsisomsip: oh, ok :)14:15
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, last time I tried the .deb downloaded from google, it worked for me (opened with software center, clicled install, entered my password)14:15
somsiprobcsi: eg: google://wiki tiling window managers14:15
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, what sort of auth errors are you getting?14:16
darthpuppyI'm installing trove on an ubuntu 14.04 and I am getting python-trove : Depends: python-sqlalchemy (< 0.9) but 0.9.7-1~cloud0 is to be installed when I try to install it.14:16
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, right but for some reason the password prompt isn't showing up in software center and it wont let chrome install14:16
robcsisomsip: I've been through many google results, but it's not a tiling window manager I'm looking for exactly14:16
Aviccan i install ubuntu 14.04 -> lxde + vnc ? Its this possiible?14:16
alreadytriedgoogyeah my password prompt wont show. i have a feeling that's why the installer gets auth errors14:17
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, authorization is cached for some time (15 minutes?), it won't just keep asking again if you authenticate right once14:17
somsiprobcsi: ok - I just saw the bit about awesomewm and xmonad and jumped in. I'll back away gracefully :)14:17
darthpuppyThis in on an openstack controller node if that matters14:17
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, what's the error that software center gives you?  copy/paste or screenshot to imgur.com would be best14:17
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, yeah but i just woke up, started my machine and went for chrome, i havent put my password in at all yet today14:17
robcsisomsip: your help is much appreciated, as is everybody else's. thanks for the suggestions14:17
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin,  ok 1 sec14:17
moatazYhello there i wonder if i can use skype through pidgin  :)14:18
alreadytriedgoogthis is what it says http://pastebin.com/RZUtQ1Yd14:18
sacarlsonmoatazY: it used to work before so I think it still does14:19
moatazYsacarlson: hello my Saviour u helped me before , i tried but got no luck wz it , and beside skype not working on my 14.0414:20
alreadytriedgoogthen the second message just says im not allowed to perform this action14:21
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, whoa, something is rather broken on your system!  "authentication service is not available"14:21
sacarlsonmoatazY: I'm running skype on 14.04 it just needs some touchs on pulse audio14:21
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, yeah thats my point, darn linux isnt working again14:21
moatazYsacarlson: umm , mine didt launch the app14:22
sacarlsonmoatazY: well the first thing you do is run it in a term and see what the error is then google it14:22
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, known bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/78511714:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 785117 in software-center (Ubuntu) "[MASTER] silently fails to install software after PolicyKit error" [Medium,Fix released]14:22
sacarlsonmoatazY: it was the first google that fixed it14:22
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, hm, what ubuntu version do you have?  what desktop environment do you use?14:23
moatazYsacarlson: but i didnt how to run an app from terminal14:23
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, idk what the problem could be, i dont do much on my computer except watch hulu and play on steam, why cant linux be stable and reliable its about 15 years old isnt it?14:23
alreadytriedgoogi use xubuntu 14.0414:23
sacarlsonmoatazY: well it's my beer time chat yall later14:23
moatazYsacarlson: enjoy iy :14:24
moatazYit *14:24
raviepic3help needed - i mistakenly uninstalled python 2.7 in the aim of installing python 314:24
raviepic3now i have the desktop manager removed !14:24
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, http://askubuntu.com/questions/464077/authentication-error-when-trying-to-install-or-uninstall-using-ubuntu-software-c has some troubleshooting suggestions14:24
raviepic3finding it very difficult to proceed14:25
raviepic3i googled and people told me to download the python manually and install and then install the gnome-desktop14:25
imbezolraviepic3: does apt-get not work anymore?14:25
alreadytriedgoogalthough linux has never worked right on my machine, it doesnt boot right, the grub never shows on the first boot, i have to reboot and hold shift, then i have to edit the start up option and add nomodeset. its just such a headache and all i want is my netflix14:25
raviepic3i installed the python 2.7 manually and then when i try to install gnome-desktop all i get is 404 for the urls14:25
edwinHanyone has any success installing 14.04 server on a hp proliant ml110? installer does recognize raid configuration but after enabling/activating it no hard drives can be selected..14:26
mgedminraviepic3, run sudo apt-get update14:26
FilthyMacNastyauso apt-get install gnome-session-flashback14:26
raviepic3imbezol: thanks for replying - i am not sure whether the error produced by apt-get install gnome-desktop or apt-get update --fix missing is due tooutdated source file or this python uninstall !14:27
mgedminraviepic3, this sometimes happens when new updates are pushed, the mirrors delete old ones, and your apt tries to fetch the deleted versions because it doesn't realize newer ones are available14:27
raviepic3mgedmin: ^14:27
mgedminraviepic3, lack of python shouldn't break apt14:27
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, they suggest something isnt installed, however i doubt i'd be able to install steam and games if i was missing software, seeing as how this pc worked before this morning either linux is really unstable and its losing my files or my 6 month old hard drive is failing and thats really unlikely.14:27
raviepic3mgedmin: have run apt-get update and apt-get update --fix-missing but all i get was 404 for several urls14:27
mgedminraviepic3, also you probably want to apt-get install ubuntu-desktop (if you use Ubuntu and not one of the other flavours)14:27
firebbhow do i upgrade my 14.04 to 14.10?14:28
izolateHey, does ~/.ssh/authorized_keys need to be a file, or can it be a folder consisting of keys inside it (for the sake of organization)?14:28
ElGatoSaezanyone can help me please14:28
mgedminraviepic3, 404 errors from 'apt-get update'?  these mean some of the repositories you've enabled are bad (or don't have packages for your ubuntu version); pastebin the errors if you wish14:28
ElGatoSaezthe backlight of my laptop has gone14:28
raviepic3FilthyMacNasty: have tried gnome-desktop and got all 404 for urls will try the flashback now14:28
ElGatoSaezi cant do sudo setpci14:28
ElGatoSaezit doesnt work14:28
mgedminraviepic3, 404 errors from 'apt-get update' are mostly harmless, do try apt-get install14:28
mgedminraviepic3, apt-get install --fix-missing doesn't do what you think it does; you need to apt-get install ubuntu-desktop14:29
raviepic3mgedmin: when i remove python, i think my xterminal is also gone !.. how do i access the terminal to copy and paste the errors ?14:29
raviepic3right now i am running the command on CLI mode with Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then switching back to GUI with F714:29
imbezolraviepic3: sudo apt-get install pastebinit14:30
nusrmgedmin: now that i have found the file on the partition i want to move it to my linux partition. i tried this but the error message says no file.      cp /media/qq/3AA449A6A449658B/Documents and Settings/user/My Documents/data/s/LE/New Folder/<nameofthefile.txt /home/qq/Documents/<nameofthefile.txt>  the error message says <nameofthefile> is not a valid directory...the file name was in a microsoft partition and has spaces in the name.14:30
ElGatoSaezanyone can help me please14:30
raviepic3imbezol: when i try to do that - i get 404 for all lines saying failed to fetch !14:31
raviepic3is that a cause of broekn source list ? if yes can i rebuild it ?14:31
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, further testing reveals its not a chrome issue, i cant install anything with the software center. is there a way i an remove the pesky need for auth to begin with? It's annoying just like windows user action center notifing you of every click you make!14:32
ElGatoSaezhelp me please14:32
imbezolraviepic3: but your networking is working fine otherwise?14:33
raviepic3imbezol: when the login screen appears - there it seems that the top bar is available.. so i connect my datacard using that in the login screen and then select the user to login..14:34
ses1984can someone point me in the right direction for this: what do i need to do so that when a user logs in, they get NFS shares mounted with their credentials?14:34
raviepic3because that top bar is not available after loging inside the gnome desktop imbezol14:35
mgedminraviepic3, what's your ubuntu version?14:35
raviepic3mgedmin: 12.0414:35
mgedminnusr, you need to quote the spaces14:36
ElGatoSaezcan someone help me please: when i turn on my laptop the screen goes black since the boot logo and i cant see nothing, i try ctrl + alt + t then sudo setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=00 but it doesnt works14:36
alreadytriedgoogi never should have left windows XP, does anyone know how to fix the software center?14:36
=== GawdDamnedNeeded is now known as NotNeededAnymore
ElGatoSaezwhats happening alreadytriedgoog14:37
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, you can install software using a terminal (sudo apt-get install packagename) even if software-center is broken14:37
alreadytriedgoogthe "authentication service is not available"14:37
nusrmgedmin: terminal says target is not a valid directory14:37
raviepic3mgedmin: sorry its 13.0414:37
mgedminraviepic3, that's your problem: 13.04 is no longer supported14:38
nusrmgedmin: just trying to copy it to /home/qq/Documents/14:38
alreadytriedgoogbut does the cli chrome install command install the latest version?14:38
raviepic3mgedmin: so what do i do now ?14:38
ElGatoSaezi will call a technical support14:38
raviepic3mgedmin: no way to recover from this ?14:38
ElGatoSaezno one helps here14:38
mgedminraviepic3, there's a special upgrade procedure where you edit your /etc/apt/sources.list and point to the old-releases mirror14:39
imbezolmgedmin: i'm thinking his best bet is to download 14.04 and do a release upgrade from command line using the disk14:39
alreadytriedgoogElGatoSaez, Linux has a tech support help line?? whats the number?14:39
imbezolmgedmin: probably fixable at the current level.. but would require some hacking14:39
mgedminraviepic3, http://askubuntu.com/a/91821/13614:39
* raviepic3 googles how to upgrade source list to point to old releases14:39
mgedminraviepic3, it's fixable easily, just follow that guide14:40
NotNeededAnymorewhat, linux has a support line?14:40
raviepic3mgedmin: thanks for the link  - will read it now14:40
k1l_!eol | raviepic314:40
ubotturaviepic3: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:40
alreadytriedgoogbout time, may i have the number?14:40
imbezolmgedmin: that might work too.. networking is probably ok.. he just can't find the right location for the files14:40
mgedminnusr, why don't you use Nautilus or Midnight Commander or something?14:40
ElGatoSaezalreadytriedgoog: nope ubuntu doesnt have a tech support help line14:40
ElGatoSaezalreadytriedgoog: i will pay for one14:40
ElGatoSaezalreadytriedgoog: private tech support14:41
NotNeededAnymoreoh. i guess he meant FAQ14:41
nusrmgemin: i could use the GUI and just move it, but i'm being difficult...want to move it with terminal14:41
ElGatoSaezalreadytriedgoog: not from cannonical14:41
alreadytriedgoogElGatoSaez, darn, for a os like linux they really need a help line. someone should start a charity for linux14:41
raviepic3mgedmin: terminal also gets removed if python is uninstalled ?14:41
imbezolnusr: you can edit your find line..   find /mountpath -name '*.XXX' -exec mv -v {} /destination \;14:42
raviepic3k1l_: thank you14:42
nusrwonder if linux support is friendly...i called microsoft support recently about using legit XP cd key and the guy just paused..and hung up on me14:42
alreadytriedgoogimma stay restarting the computer, that works for windows 98, maybe it'll work here too.14:42
NotNeededAnymorenusr: xp no longer has support14:43
mgedminraviepic3, shouldn't be14:43
alreadytriedgoognusr, if it wasn't for how terrible microsoft is, i wouldnt be trying so hard to learn linux lol14:43
NotNeededAnymoreyea i just got linux14:43
ElGatoSaezi restared the computer doesnt work14:43
raviepic3mgedmin: is there a way to invoke terminal so that i can paste these commands there without having to go to CLI mode ?14:43
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, have you checked if the policykit-1-gnome package is installed on your system?14:44
nusryea i dumped windows after windows8...and thank you for ubuntu!!14:44
mgedminraviepic3, ctrl-alt-t?  (or is it super-t?)14:44
NotNeededAnymorehopefully windows 10 will be fine14:44
DX7raviepic3 can't you just install terminator?14:44
ElGatoSaezits ctrl alt t14:44
NotNeededAnymorei tried the preview, it was really windows 8 esque14:44
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, well no, cause if it isnt installed now, that means it wasnt installed yesterday, and yesterday the computer was fine.14:44
mgedminnusr, well, cp "/media/.../filename.txt" ~/Documents/ should work if you have a ~/Documents directory14:45
raviepic3mgedmin: the shortcut aint working :(14:45
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, good point!  that might mean it died for some reason; try starting it up14:45
raviepic3DX7: terminator ? i have an unsupported release14:45
mgedminraviepic3, ctrl-alt-f1 is always a terminal of last resort14:45
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, is there a simple command to turn it back on? its a pain to restart this pc14:45
pdo_fn14How to enabling journalctl in Utopic?.14:45
mgedminraviepic3, open gedit or something, paste the commands you want to run from the web page, save as myscript.sh, then run 'sh myscript.sh' in the terminal14:46
mgedminraviepic3, otherwise it's hard to copy and paste between a browser and the linux console14:46
nusrmgedmin: not if you run out of memory..when that happens even alt control f1 does not work for me...is there anything that can be done when that happens? for example..if a vm is running and i open just that last browser tab..my system freezes14:46
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, that was command #2 in the askubuntu answer I linked14:46
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, aww i see, thanks14:47
raviepic3mgedmin: you are awesome :) will try that one14:47
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, failed14:47
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, what's the error?14:48
somsipmgedmin: highlight with mouse to copy, middle click to paste14:48
mgedminsomsip, on /dev/tty1?  good luck :)14:48
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, a big one http://pastebin.com/z9FJBZCa14:48
mgedminsomsip, (well, there's sudo apt-get install gpm, but it won't share your clipboard with your X session)14:48
somsipmgedmin: ah - didn't see it was a comole. I do now. My bad14:48
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, isn't that fun!  *sigh*14:49
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, starting to miss windows cause it just works14:49
mgedminalreadytriedgoog, yeah, maybe it's worth to try restarting...14:50
alreadytriedgoogmgedmin, alrighty brb lol14:50
mgedminizolate, I like your question!  unfortunately the answer appears to be "no": https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=48125114:50
ubottuDebian bug 481251 in openssh-server "support for .ssh/authorized_keys.d" [Wishlist,Open]14:50
mgedminizolate, also https://bugzilla.mindrot.org/show_bug.cgi?id=172#c1014:52
ubottubugzilla.mindrot.org bug 172 in sshd "Add multiple AuthorizedKeyFiles options" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]14:52
mgedminok, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/policykit-1-gnome/+bug/1000679 seems to indicate alreadytriedgoog's 2nd error is not important14:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 1000679 in policykit-1-gnome (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu 12.04: polkit-gnome-1-WARNING" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:53
rishabhCould not apply changes!14:53
rishabhFix broken packages first.14:53
rishabhwhy this problem is occuring in synaptic manager14:53
rishabh Could not apply changes!14:54
rishabh Fix broken packages first.14:54
alreadytriedhahaha, restarted computer, it asked for a password. all is well14:54
alreadytriednow onward to netflix!14:54
mgedminrishabh, a previous installation failed and now your system is in an inconsistent state14:54
mgedminrishabh, in a terminal you'd fix this by running sudo dpkg --configure -a; sudo apt-get install -f14:55
mgedminrishabh, I don't know if there's a more user-friendly gui way to fix this :/14:55
=== Sz is now known as Guest55319
rishabhmgedmin, after entering this i am getting14:57
rishabhsudo dpkg --configure -a; sudo apt-get install -f14:57
alreadytriedthe one thing linux has over windows that i love, wobbly windows :D14:57
rishabhdpkg: error: dpkg status database is locked by another proces14:57
nightwolf_who has tryed slax?14:57
mgedminrishabh, close synaptic14:57
raviepic3mgedmin: when i do dist-upgrade it says 0 of 0 and when i do apt-get update, it says GPG error: following signatures are invalid NODATA1 and NODATA214:58
mgedminrishabh, it locks the dpkg database while it's running for some reason (instead of just locking it while installing stuff)14:58
mgedminrishabh, what about do-release-upgrade?14:58
raviepic3mgedmin: sorry forgot to include that i folloed the command given in the link and replaced the sources with archives repo sourrce14:58
mgedminraviepic3, I have to go now, sorry!14:59
raviepic3mgedmin: thanks for your time and good day14:59
alreadytriedmgedmin, omg i have chrome and netflix now! i dont have to watch it on my stupid phone anymore! mgedmin i love you bro!!!14:59
ElGatoSaezokay now anyone can help me15:00
sazidAssalamualaikum and hello15:00
sazidWhat type of help?15:00
ElGatoSaezmy screen goes no backlight15:00
ElGatoSaezsetpci doesnt work15:00
yorwosok i dont know if any1 responded scroll max up i canm see but its gone15:04
yorwosI'm getting some weird things on my software updater . 2 files : "linux kernel image for version 3.13.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP"  + "lowlatency linux kernel image". same for headers 2files.  is this normal ? i dont understand what the 1st of these files do , im only used to getting 2nd kind of files15:04
CodeGosurecomend some simple ubuntu note app that appear immedietly on hotkey key press please?15:07
ElGatoSaezyou can set up that with ubuntu tweak15:07
__unikhello is there anyone using Enlightenment15:07
nightwolf_hi yorwos15:09
somebodyHey. I am running into a problem starting an alternate live disc from with 12.04.5 on board. It says "Failed to load COM32 file gfxboot.c32", which I used to get around by typing in 'live', but since it is an alternative installer, this doesn't work. Any ideas?15:09
nightwolf_had you tryed slax?15:10
yorwosme? what is that ?15:10
lostedhello all, I tried creating the locale “fr_FR” with the command “sudo /usr/share/locales/install-language-pack fr_FR” but it created “fr_FR.utf8” … how can I create only “fr_FR” please? thanks15:11
yorwosim using ubuntu studio15:11
nightwolf_it is a os that you can us on a usb15:11
yorwosim not interested ty15:12
somebodyIs there a particular channel devoted to the alt.installer that I can ask around?15:13
nightwolf_I use ubuntu to but I trys other os to15:14
minamohsenanyone with experience on cron jobs through files not commands ?15:14
yorwosbut its not what i asked15:14
yorwosi asked whats the difference between "linux kernel image for version 3.13.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP"  + "lowlatency linux kernel image"15:15
k1l_somebody: the alternate installer was dropped15:16
nightwolf_its just bigger then a 32 bit15:16
k1l_yorwos: low-latency is used for special cases. like soundproducing and such15:17
somebodyk1l_: I know, but I need it to get a FDE using the latest system version on which it's not broken, which appears to be 12.04.5, where it is available only from the alt. installer.15:17
yorwosyes whats that SMP thingy ?15:17
yorwosshouold i only install the low latency ?15:17
k1l_yorwos: what?15:17
somebodyAny ideas to get around the issue? I am simply trying to get a FDE installation that wouldn't crash on me.15:17
k1l_yorwos: just install the regular kernel image. it will sort it out for you15:18
yorwosis it trying to install 2 kernels on my system ?15:18
yorwosim using this for sound production15:18
k1l_yorwos: not if you dont select 215:18
k1l_yorwos: ......15:18
k1l_yorwos: so you will need the lowlatency one.15:18
nightwolf_the 32bit will work on a 64bit15:19
yorwoshow can i ignore the other kernel on updates ?15:19
k1l_nightwolf_: dont irritate the user here. there is no reason to not run 64bit kernels on 64bit hardware for the regular user15:20
k1l_yorwos: install the low-latency meta package. it will install the new ones if there are low latency ones15:20
xscesn05 /join #ISAchannel15:20
nightwolf_kil ??15:21
Adephithello i need how ~/.vnc/xstartup  should look like to initiate lxde15:22
cristian_cI've got a multimedia keyboard15:22
cristian_ceither /lib/udev/findkeyboards and sudo /lib/udev/keymap -i input/eventX commands, pressing multimedia keys does nothing15:23
cristian_csame situation with sudo evtest15:23
cannonhi all... someone know a linux native software to view photometrical IES diagram??15:23
cristian_cAny ideas?15:23
beeezHello, I need your help: I have a USB-loudspeaker and it didn't work (no sound). So I have edited alsa-base.conf (index for usb-audio is "0" now) and now it is working. But I have problem: There are three keys/buttons on the the usb-loudspeaker. Volume up, volume down and mute. This don't work. Can someone help me?15:25
White_Catas suggested here I installed network-manager15:25
White_Catwell its still installing15:26
nightwolf_what cumputer?15:26
White_CatI imagine there are easy(er) waysto define a static ip with it?15:26
White_Catthis is on an ubuntu server15:26
nightwolf_beez what cumputer?15:26
White_Catcan it pick current dns settings, subnet masks etc just leaving me the input for the ethernet?15:26
YamDX-7White_Cat you could edit /etc/network/interfaces15:27
White_CatYamakasY sure but I dont want to do this manually preferably15:28
nightwolf_beeez what cumputer??15:28
White_CatI am more interested in learning easier methods than resolving a problem like this :)15:28
beeeznightwolf_: I use Lubuntu15:28
yorwosum , besides those 4 files theres another file "complete low latency kernel"15:28
nightwolf_laptop or desktop?15:29
beeeznightwolf_: Desktop15:31
BlitzHereCan anyone help?15:31
BlitzHereFresh install15:32
BlitzHereUbuntu 14.1015:32
YamakasYWhite_Cat: what ?15:32
BlitzHereSingle boot, uses full disk with swap on flash drive - oh, and I chose btrfs as the FS for the heck of it. Want to know what's causing this15:33
BlitzHereAnd, yes, I can decrypt just fine from the live distro15:33
nightwolf_I ask some usb driver don't work on some os15:34
raviepic3i followed the directions in this link sorry forgot to include that i folloed the command given in the link http://askubuntu.com/questions/91815/how-to-install-software-or-upgrade-from-an-old-unsupported-release/91821#91821...... when i do dist-upgrade it says 0 of 0 and when i do apt-get update, it says GPG error: following signatures are invalid NODATA1 and NODATA215:34
raviepic3kindly help on how to proceed15:34
k1l_White_Cat: why dont you put your static ip stuff intoi the /etc/network/interfaces?15:34
YamDX-7thats what i suggested15:35
k1l_raviepic3: run "sudo do-release-upgrade" to get to a new ubuntu version15:35
nightwolf_try ubuntu it good for desktop and laptops beeez15:36
raviepic3k1l_: i am on datacard - how much size compared to the old one do you think the new version will cost me ? 700 MB ?15:36
beeeznightwolf_: But the keys on the loudspeaker had worked already - so it should be possible with Lubuntu15:37
k1l_raviepic3: you mean the update to a new release?15:37
nightwolf_maybe you need a update15:38
k1l_raviepic3: you have no choice of staying on the old release. that is not getting any security or bug updates. so you are vulnerable to shellstorm and stuff.15:38
alreadytriedwth is a shellstorm?15:38
alreadytriedsounds bad15:38
k1l_ah wait. it was renamed to shellshock :)15:39
PaRaD0xxRhi, how do I get the cursor to never blink in terminal in 12.04 LTS?15:39
* genii feeds k1l_ more cookies and coffee15:39
PaRaD0xxRI don't want it to ever blink15:39
* k1l_ thanks15:39
PaRaD0xxRrelated question is it possible to change the cursor color?15:40
raviepic3k1l_: right now i want to get out of this with my datacard internet... and then i can connect to my friends broaband internet and upgrade - is possible to do that way ?15:40
k1l_raviepic3: so what do you want to do?15:41
ShishKababfree -m is telling me I have 68mb of 2gb left, while when I add up the memory of all my processes, it comes down to 1386 mb. What's eating my memory?15:41
=== conner is now known as cbryan
k1l_ShishKabab: linuxatemyram.com explains the display of free -m15:41
=== conner is now known as cbryan
k1l_ShishKabab: most users read the first line which adds buffers and cache.15:42
raviepic3k1l_: when i do-upgrade it says no vali opengpg data found.. authentication of upgrade failed.. !15:42
raviepic3k1l_: i want to get my gnome-desktop back first.. then will do the upgrade on broadband internet later15:43
k1l_raviepic3: what is the issue there?15:43
PaRaD0xxRfigured it out myself, thanks!15:45
raviepic3k1l_: sources outdated due to my unsupported release anymore.. even after manually installing python15:45
raviepic3k1l_: when i do-upgrade it says no vali opengpg data found.. authentication of upgrade failed.. !15:45
ShishKababk1l_: Haha, mystery solved. Doesn't explain why I've been low on memory lately though. The thing has been swapping like crazy and it's making work very frustrating... Anyway, thank you!15:46
rishabheverytime i start my ubuntu operating system i get this error15:47
rishabhsorry,ubuntu 14.04 has experienced an internal error15:47
k1l<k1l_> raviepic3: and why should that break the gnome desktop?15:47
rishabhwhat's wrong with this ?? please someone tell15:47
k1lrishabh: click on the details button or see the logs what happend.15:48
raviepic3k1l_: gnome-desktop got broken because i uninstalled python 2.7 in an effort to install python 3 to learn django15:48
k1lraviepic3: oh, well. since ubuntu based quite a lot of python there might be a lot more broken then.15:49
rishabhk1l: executable path is showing /usr/sbin/pptp15:49
rishabhand problemtype is crash15:49
SheepolutionBen64: Hey, I had the problem with the login manager from a few hours ago.15:50
rishabhk1l: title is pptp crashed with sigsegv15:50
k1lrishabh: that seems to be some depredacted vpn stuff15:50
raviepic3k1l: no way to recover ?15:50
SheepolutionBen64: I came to tell you that it's fixed. Thanks for the help!15:50
rishabhk1l: vpn stuff15:50
rishabhso what should i do?15:51
k1lraviepic3: since this is a old ubuntu i personally would make a backup and make a clean new install with a 14.04 lts15:51
k1lrishabh: if you dont experience any issue , dont mind15:51
raviepic3k1l: ok,... on it15:51
raviepic3thank you15:51
rishabhokk..thanks K1l15:52
JabaTheHutpeople, does the latest ubuntu work with the latest Mac OS?15:54
raviepic3k1l: whats the safest way to backup where i can see progress and exceptions ?15:55
raviepic3rsync ?15:55
martin1969hello. i'm trying to show someone how to install add on in firefox.  how do i capture the screen of the drop down menu when i click on the menu icon in firefox? if i press screen capture icon, it captures the screen without the drop down menu.16:00
martin1969screen capture button, rather.16:00
Axemanjust installed ubuntu server - do i need to install SSH using apt-get? or should it alrady be there?16:01
JakeHey there, I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 and when I type the poundsign over ssh onto my weechat install, instead of a pound sign showing, two question marks are shown16:01
Fuchsmartin1969: either use scrot on a command line with a delay, or ksnapshot with a delay16:01
Fuchsmartin1969: run that, open the menu, wait. Done.16:01
JakeAxeman: I believe ssh is installed by default16:01
martin1969fuchs, thanks. i'll try that now.16:02
Axemanthat's what i thought Jake but this tells me to isntall it16:02
JakeAxeman: see if you can ssh on port 22 of the machine, if not you need to install it :)16:02
AxemanJake, that's sorta what i tried. got error, googled. said install. really? install? let me ask IRC, for sho ;-)16:04
martin1969fuchs, now that i installed scrot, how do i open it in the terminal?16:04
YamDX-7scrot -d 10 (10 seconds delay)16:05
YamDX-7scrot -h should give you some advise16:05
martin1969yamdx, thanks.16:05
YamDX-7the image will be in you home directory16:06
martin1969yamdx, you rock.16:07
Smrtz|WorkHey!  I'm using ubuntu as the root OS for my xen server, can someone help me figure out how to partition the drives with LVM for guest OS' please?16:08
YamDX-7I have my bright moments @ martin1969 ;)16:08
Smrtz|WorkI don't have an X environment, so I think the tool I need to use parted?16:08
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto16:09
Adephithow the ~/.vnc/xstartup should look like? startlubuntu & ---> or something like this?16:10
martin1969does anyone use gps like tomtom? i'm looking for poi (point of interest) editor. anyone have experience with it?16:13
spaztikAnyone know how to get the dropbox menu in the filemanager context menu? (i.e, https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/167) The app didn't seem to make the changes16:16
OerHeksmartin1969,  haven't found one ( for months) all i know is an online editor http://garmin.gps-data-team.com/poi_manager.php16:16
OerHeksnot sure it handles tomtom files also ..16:16
martin1969oerheks, thanks for the info. i think this is a class of  app that we should have in the arsensal.16:18
OerHeksmartin1969, true16:20
RarrikinsHow do I get do-release-upgrade to upgrade to 14.10 from 14.04? It just says "No new release found".16:20
martin1969just out of curiosity. is there an emulation software like Parellel for Mac, that enables ubuntu user to install and run windows app without having to install the entire OS?16:21
somsip!wine | martin196916:21
ubottumartin1969: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:21
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:21
Rarrikinsmartin1969: There's also VirtualBox if you have an install CD with the key.16:21
YamDX-7Rarrikins sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:22
YamDX-7should do the trick16:22
martin1969Rarrikins, i take it it's a paid application. how does it fare compare to other emulation software?16:22
somsipmartin1969: no - free16:23
YamDX-7hello vishnu16:23
Rarrikinsmartin1969: I haven't really used other software, so I'm unsure, but it is free (though the Windows you'd install into it wouldn't be).16:23
martin1969ahh, so you do have to install the OS.16:23
trismRarrikins: you probably need to enable normal release upgrades, lts defaults to only upgrade to the next lts, you can switch it in software-properties-gtk or /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades16:24
somsipmartin1969: wine is a compatibility layer. VirtualBox runs a virtual PC you can run under the ubuntu host, and put any OS on the virtual PC16:24
martin1969there is a software on the mac side that you can run windows app without having to install the entire os.16:24
alreadytriedanyone else sick of all this fake maple syrup here in america? Guess what the #1 ingredient in maple syrup should be? Not corn syrup!!! Rage!!16:25
OerHeks!ot | alreadytried16:25
ubottualreadytried: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:25
csst0111say I run something like : find . -iname foo* and I get a bunch of results like foo1, foo2 , foo3, etc - how can I use the n-th result in my next command ? Like vim nth-previous. Is it possible ?16:25
alreadytriedOerHeks lets try being more organic16:27
somsipcsst0111: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/59700/bash-capture-use-last-or-nth-line-in-stdout16:27
EriC^^csst0111: what are you trying to achieve ultimately?16:27
=== marco is now known as Guest17534
martin1969thanks for the help ppl. have a nice day.16:28
SergioADHello there16:28
alreadytriedhi Sergio16:28
SergioADI have an important question16:28
Axemansudo wget -O - https://swupdate.openvpn.net/repos/repo-public.gpg|apt-key add -16:28
Axemangives me an error16:28
SergioADhow can I remove the unity's replacement menus to gmenu?16:28
AxemanCannot write to â-â (Success).16:28
Axemanwhat am i doing wrong?16:28
Axemani literally copy/pasted that from openvpn.net's guide16:28
fribi have this issue where vlc hangs for around 15 seconds whenever i try to close it or a video ends.  what can I do?16:29
csst0111EriC^^: avoid writing the whole path to open the file I want16:29
SergioADin other words how can I remove the multiple classic style menus from Ubuntu and only use the one item menubar of Gnome apps (gmenu)16:29
PiciAxeman: sudo will not pass IO redirection operators.  do:  wget -O - https://swupdate.openvpn.net/repos/repo-public.gpg | sudo apt-key add -16:29
glcheethamAxeman, I don't think that's the right command, maybe you missed some when you ctrl c ctrl v'd16:29
SergioADI want install Ubuntu gnome but I fear it because the Gnome apps with not gmenu enabled shows a classic styled menubar over the CSDs16:30
Axemanthanks pici, will try16:30
Axemanglcheetham, that's what i figured the - hanging out at the end.16:30
Axemanbut that's what they have ou tthere.16:30
SergioADsomebody know what I can do?16:30
PiciAxeman: The - at the end means to take the info from stdin16:31
glcheethamAxeman, what are you actually trying to do?16:31
Axemanwell Pici that worked16:31
Axemanglcheetham, you think i have a clue? lol16:31
glcheethamAxeman , if you're trying to connect to an openVPN vpn there is a much easier way16:32
Axemani'm tyring to create an openvpn server16:32
Axemanthat i can connect to16:32
Axemanso i can get my pr0ns where ever i am in the world16:32
Guest56798Axeman: why not use an SFTP server?16:32
Guest56798Axeman: you dont need a VPN then, just port forward 22/TCP to your server16:33
Axemanlol not just pr0ns Guest56798 i'm being facetious16:33
dhanasekaranHi Guys I recently updated my ubuntu 14.04 to 14.1016:33
glcheethamAxeman, You should probably just get the package from the ubuntu repos16:33
dhanasekaranafter my upgrade mouse click not working any idea how tot fix thus16:33
glcheethamAxeman, Also, follow a tutorial from the ubuntu wiki16:34
Guest56798Axeman: if you install squid you can make an SSH tunnel which will then use the proxy and give you web access if you set the browser proxy to the tunnel port on the client16:34
dhanasekarankeyboard and mouse not responding after distribution upgrade please guide me16:35
glcheethamdhanasekaran, I always do fresh installs when upgrading, just to be sure problems don't happen16:35
Axemanglcheetham, i only see the bridged version - need dig to find routed16:36
=== Devon__ is now known as Devon_
glcheethamdhanasekaran, also, I think there was a guy on the ubuntu forums today asking the same question, perhaps you could find that thread?16:36
dhanasekaranglcheetham: I will check now16:36
AxemanGuest56798, i need access on mobiles too. i know i need a vpn - just not used to manually setting up ubuntu. i've used the openvpn access server virtual appliance. but can't afford to pay licensing so that my tablets and laptop and phone (5 deviceS) can connect16:37
=== acerspyro is now known as Guest78377
=== Guest78377 is now known as acerspyro
acerspyroUsing 14.10, some windows when maximized do this: http://i.imgur.com/yFcmDtG.png16:39
acerspyroI've seen it happen with Chromium and Blender so far16:39
acerspyroLook on the edge of the app bar.16:39
acerspyroThe window's display is kinda skewed to the right. Clicking is off a bit on these windows aswell16:40
=== Mike______ is now known as Mike__
Rarrikinstrism: software-properties-gtk worked. Thanks :)16:45
rivarunhi all. is there a version of debianutils with binaries that provide more options? for example i need some flags for `which` that are present in other unixes, but not ubuntu16:46
acerspyro[Nark3l0zvalsky]: please16:46
acerspyroNo spam, go away.16:46
decciHow to write this two commands as a single command: cd /vagrant/shell/u01/oracle/fmw/wlserver_10.3/wlserver/common/bin expect ./script.exp16:46
reisiorivarun: what other Unixes?16:46
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:46
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:46
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:46
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:46
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:46
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:46
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:46
unopaste[Nark3l0zvalsky] you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted16:46
reisiodecci: separate with a ';'16:46
acerspyrok gr816:46
rivarunreisio: other linuxes actually, like gentoo16:46
reisiodecci: or better yet, a '; '16:46
reisiorivarun: what flags?16:46
glcheethamubuntulooser and proud!16:47
rivarunreisio: all of them: http://unixhelp.ed.ac.uk/CGI/man-cgi?which vs http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/utopic/en/man1/which.1.html16:47
Guest56798decci: possibly:   expect /vagrant/shell/u01/oracle/fmw/wlserver_10.3/wlserver/common/bin/script.exp16:47
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:47
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:47
acerspyroIt's such a bad word play anyways16:47
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:47
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:47
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:47
[Nark3l0zvalsky]fuck you Ubuntuloosers16:47
teward!ops | [Nark3l0zvalsky]16:47
ubottu[Nark3l0zvalsky]: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang16:47
unopaste[Nark3l0zvalsky] you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted16:47
Guest56798jpds: thanks16:47
reisiorivarun: so I have to read this instead of you just answering me :p16:47
rivarunreisio: --read-alias --skip-alias --read-functions --skip-functions --skip-dot --skip-tilde --show-dot --show-tilde --tty-only --version and --help16:48
alreadytriedthat wasnt very nice of that Nark fella16:49
acerspyroSo yeah, anyone has an idea about this? http://i.imgur.com/yFcmDtG.png Note that the window's display is skewed to the right when it is in fullscreen16:49
alreadytriedjust cause we're learning a new operating system doesnt make us losers16:49
reisiorivarun: http://web.archive.org/web/20131222082758/http://carlo17.home.xs4all.nl/which/which-2.20.tar.gz16:49
acerspyroalreadytried: Not all of us16:50
acerspyroI'm pretty deep into Linux, and I actually come from Arch. I figure this guy must come from another Distro channel who thinks Ubuntu is for babies or something.16:50
Adephithow i start the lubuntu with vnc? startlubuntu & -->>> doesn't work, i get a gray screen16:50
alreadytriedfor babies? learning ubuntu is the hardest thing i ever had to do!16:50
rivarunreisio: i could do that. except ubuntu systematically does this. is there some political reason that prevents them from shipping the same binaries that other distributions ship? i had same trouble with `realpath`16:51
acerspyroalreadytried: You're from Windows, they are not.16:51
reisiorivarun: distros differ, that is what makes them separate16:51
k1lacerspyro: alreadytried dont mind the trolls. its not worth it :)16:51
acerspyroCan I re-ask my question?16:51
alreadytriedyeah im from windows :(   do people think people from windows are noobs? I'm new to linux and im really excited :D16:52
reisiorivarun: you probably have coreutils' realpath, with a different name16:52
rivarunreisio: i just expect standard-ish flags on standard utilities to be there. i'm not complaining, ubuntu can do what it pleases. i'm asking why it's like that16:52
reisiorivarun: mmm, I don't know the history16:52
Guest56798alreadytried: if you are new to Linux then thats all it is. I don't use 'noob', everyone is learning every day16:52
k1lalreadytried: the user who got kicked was an idiot trying to make trouble (called trolls). just dont mind them.16:52
mcphailrivarun: many of these decisions are made upstream in Debian. You could have a search on the mailing lists or contact the maintainer to see if there have been political objections to particular sources. Most of the time there is a good reason16:53
reisiorivarun: my guess would be that debian's which predates the one Gentoo uses at this time, whether it's inferior or not16:53
acerspyrok1l: Sometimes what you16:53
alreadytriedahh ok. yeah i never tried linux before ubuntu. but i deleted my windows install by accident so ubuntu is all i have now :D16:53
mcphailrivarun: sometimes they simply haven't got round to updating the package16:53
Guest56798Adephit: what are you going to be doing on the VNC sessin? There may be a better way to do what you need16:53
reisiorivarun: and before that it may have been in csh16:53
Guest56798alreadytried: feet first huh :)16:54
reisiorivarun: what you should really learn is that all these fancy parameters are unreliable16:54
reisiowhich does one job, and does it well16:54
alreadytriedhaha yeah16:54
reisioBSD guys shudder at, for example, all the parameters that 'tar' has16:54
reisioand how it can utilize gzip and xz16:54
reisioinstead of just using another pipe16:54
reisiothat is true reliability16:54
reisioas tar params actually have changed lots over time16:54
reisio(GNU tar)16:54
Adephiti can't do any other way Guest56798. whay i need to change here?: http://pastebin.com/QF61inzy  thanks16:55
rivarunreisio: so you've tested that version of which and it's unreliable?16:55
acerspyro_The network architecture here is terrible, I'm sure they run it on Pentium 4 machines running XP16:55
reisiorivarun: no I'm saying params in general are16:55
reisiorivarun: Unix apps are meant to do one thing, not a million16:56
acerspyro_I'll ask for the third time16:56
rivarunreisio: it's still one thing. just with more customization16:56
reisiowhat you should rely on, and no doubt can rely on _any_ implementation of 'which' to do is print a path16:56
reisioand that is all, that was all there ever was to rely on16:56
reisiorivarun: anyways, if you want to use Gentoo use it :)16:56
reisioI do :p16:56
acerspyro_http://i.imgur.com/yFcmDtG.png Note the window appearing as skewed to the right a bit, I an using 14.10 and this problem has shown up on Chromium and blender so far. Anyone knows what it is?16:57
zy3pDrcconf shows me atieventsd does anyone know what it do?16:57
reisiobut Gentoo is probably one of the least conformity concerned distros there are, so it's not its preference for standardness that produces the executables you apparently prefer16:58
sacarlsonacerspyro I really can't see any skew in the image so it must be in your monitor16:58
reisionot that I'd consider Debian using 'realpath' from something other than GNU coreutils to be particularly non-NIH :p16:58
bleechAcerGod damn it, that network.16:58
bleechAcer<- acerspyro16:58
bleechAcerDid anyone answer my question yet?16:58
reisiobut there may well be historical reasons for it, Debian is actually responsible for a lot of great apps we have now16:58
reisiobleechAcer: yes, I'm answering it now, I don't know if anyone did16:59
bleechAcerreisio: I didn't see it16:59
Sc0tty-if I run a make install but I want to run the make again, do I need to remove all the installed files or will it write over the existing ones?16:59
=== tcpman is now known as Guest65904
bleechAcerI timed out right after I asked16:59
bleechAcerWebchat can't keep a connection open16:59
alreadytriedis fedora, linux?16:59
reisioalreadytried: GNU/Linux, yes16:59
alreadytriedahh. one day i should learn the history of linux :D17:00
reisioalthough once upon a time it was merely a set of additional software for Red Hat, much as the BSDs were17:00
reisio(for Unix)17:00
reisionowadays it's the testing/unstable branch of RHEL(/CentOS/etc.)17:00
sacarlsonSc0tty-: normaly if you make with out clean then it will only compile source that has changed17:00
alreadytriedonly thing i know is that linux was made in 1991 by a guy named linus. right?17:00
bleechAceralreadytried: Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, SuSE, Debian, Gentoo, Knoppix, LFS...17:00
bleechAcerLinux is a kernel17:01
alreadytriedhey isnt knoppix the one with the penquin?17:01
bleechAceralreadytried: Yup17:01
reisioalreadytried: heh17:01
reisioLFS not exactly a distro17:01
k1lalreadytried: i bet the guys in #ubuntu-offtopic will talk to you about general linux stuff. we try to keep this channel for actual ubuntu support.17:01
bleechAcerk1l: It's all you do, send users to that channel :P17:02
bleechAcerreisio: You were saying you were about to answer my question?17:02
alreadytriedyeah good thinking, i type /join #ubuntu-offtopic right?17:02
FilthyMacNastyyuppers that will do it alreadytried17:03
alreadytriedok thank you very much!17:03
AdephitI have installed the lubuntu + vnc4server. but in vnc appears a gray screen,what do i have to change here ~/.vnc/xstartup : http://pastebin.com/QF61inzy  Thanks.17:04
bleechAcerAlso, fullscreen applications have issues with alt+tab17:04
bleechAcerSometimes, they end up crashing, but they will always cover up the entire screen even if another app is active17:04
tewardanyone know if there's a list of supported architectures for any given release lying around anywhere?17:05
bleechAcerteward: What do you have?17:05
afrokarlssonja mis sa nüüd siis teed tahad midagi oma peaga ka mõelda veel?17:06
bleechAcerafrokarlsson: pick the channel for your language17:06
tewardbleechAcer: i'm on amd64, that's not why i need the list ;)17:06
bleechAcerteward: of17:06
bleechAcerWell, I think it does i386, AMD64, PPC32, PPC64, ARM17:07
mcphailbleechAcer: ARM isn't supported on all releases17:07
Guest56798alreadytried: the mascot of GNU Linux is Tux, a penguin17:08
bleechAcercould also check on Wikipedia17:08
reisioGuest6242: well, the mascot of Linux... not GNU/Linux (or GNU)17:09
AdephitI have installed the lubuntu + vnc4server. but in vnc appears a gray screen,what do i have to change here ~/.vnc/xstartup : http://pastebin.com/QF61inzy  Thanks.17:09
reisioteward: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Linux_distributions#Instruction_set_architecture_support17:09
bleechAcerAdephit: Not much support right now, it seems17:09
reisioteward: simpler to use Debian for more exotic hardware17:09
=== rodrigograca31_ is now known as rodrigograca31
FilthyMacNastyAdephit: may I PM you about the vnc thing?17:10
Adephityes, thanks17:10
Sc0tty-how do I change my keyboard layout from US to EU in 14.04?17:12
sacarlsonAdephit: did you try vino-server  i thought that comes preinstalled.  I used to start it from remote with ssh back in the day17:14
Adephiti didn't17:14
sacarlsonAdephit: I've never tried your vnc4server17:15
Adephitbut i need to know how to start the lubuntu with vnc17:15
FilthyMacNastyanswer your pm17:15
Adephit ~/.vnc/xstartup : http://pastebin.com/QF61inzy17:15
sacarlsonAdephit: http://askubuntu.com/questions/12206/how-do-i-start-the-vnc-server17:16
givellohey there17:19
alexglwhat's the easiest order of installation for setting up dual boot. install win 7 > move partitions > create partitions for ubuntu > install ubuntu?17:21
glcheethamalexgl, yes installing windows first is definately easiest, but it's not impossible to go the other way17:22
=== Devon__ is now known as Devon_
givelloIs EriC^^ or Bashing-om around?17:22
it_anyone online?17:22
=== JasonJang_cli is now known as jasonjang
alexglglcheetham: i did it pretty much backwards. is the mbr a pain in the rear to move. or where would it even be on the efi partition? and if so can i write it to the windows one?17:23
tortibHello everyone.  I'm having a strange problem with Java & SSL not connecting to authserver.mojang.com ; I'm able to run curl https://authserver.mojang.com just fine and receive the JSON output.  However, when using java to make a connection with SSL it doesn't work at all.  Anyone who connects to my minecraft server receives an error stating the authservers are down (which they're not).  You can find out more information about it here -> https://bugs.mojan17:23
tortibg.com/browse/MC-71840 <-17:23
tortibI have tried talking to the minecraft support people and they're stumped so I figured I would try here with some people more familiar with linux.17:23
sacarlsonalexgl: ya windows install first and setup at least one partition in windows that you plan to use to install ubuntu in.  maybe 2 if you want to also have swap  and 3 if you want a separate /home17:23
=== luckybunny is now known as SoIiIoquy
alexglsacarlson: what happens to the mbr once ubuntu is installed, does grub move it?17:24
=== SoIiIoquy is now known as luckybunny
glcheethamalexgl, http://askubuntu.com/questions/92874/how-do-i-install-windows-7-alongside-a-pre-existing-ubuntu-installation17:24
sacarlsonalexgl: ubuntu will sence that windows is there and ask if you want to keep it.  just say yes save it.  all the rest is auto taken care of17:26
yeticrythe xfce project is stopped?17:26
alexglsacarlson glcheetham : what happened is i have brand new dells and they have 3 partitions initially, one for 40megs of something from dell, one for a few gigs recovery and one for main install win7. I nuked it all and started with ubuntu and then put on windows 7 but it goes straight to windows now. my question is if i can customize grub to have dual boot with win7 auto selected17:26
yeticryit's components is very old.17:27
sacarlsonalexgl: only think you might want to change after install is what boots by default as ubuntu will defualt to boot without any action17:27
bleezHabe a problem with my USB speaker. There are three buttons on it (volume down, mute, volume up). Unfortunately, they don't work - I don't know why. :/17:27
alexglsacarlson: i'll try that. I know it's resolvable, I just want to have a pretty clean start for making an image of the entire drive to clone it on rest of my machines.17:28
zerobaudCould anybody be so kind to the line in their .xinitrc that starts their WM?. like for example17:29
zerobaudexec ck-launch-session....17:29
zerobaudand also the line that starts their polkit agent....17:29
reisiozerobaud: what for17:29
Guest56798yeticry: xfce is alive and well, what gave you that idea?17:29
jhutchins_wkzerobaud: For what DE?17:29
zerobaudthe ubuntu DE,17:30
reisiozerobaud: the Ubuntu DE uses a DM to launch itself17:30
reisionot a ~/.xinitrc17:30
zerobaudreisio, ah I am actually not here for ubuntu specific help. I just needed a .xinitrc example17:30
reisiozerobaud: what for17:30
zerobaudreisio I am running gentoo and want fine grained access control for my libvirtd VM's. The problem is polkits agent does not start when it should17:31
zerobaudI can start it manually like this "/usr/libexec/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1" and everything works17:31
=== kso is now known as ksobkowiak
zerobaudbut when I put that line in my .xinitrc before I launch my wm. It says "Unable to determine session"17:32
reisiozerobaud: some reason you aren't talking to #gentoo? :p17:33
zerobaudresio, nobody who knows it is currently paying attention to irc...17:33
reisiozerobaud: what do you have now?17:34
zerobaudreisio a polkit agent that only works after I manually start it after my WM and X has started17:34
reisiozerobaud: what do you have in ~/.xinitrc17:35
tortibcan anyone help me with my problem? :(17:35
zerobaudreisio: LINE1"/usr/libexec/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &" LINE2"exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session i3"17:35
reisiozerobaud: I doubt you'd want to explicitly call it, at any rate17:36
reisiozerobaud: there are some lighter polkit agents, too17:36
zerobaudreisio I would love that, the gnome one isnt really needed17:37
zerobaudI loved the TUI based one but it wont launch when GUI's need it17:37
reisiozerobaud: lxpolkit maybe17:37
zerobaudcool, will try to install that and purge the gnome one. mayby it will solve my problem aswell. If not I will open a formal ticket17:38
* reisio shrugs17:38
zerobaudthanks for youre time!17:38
=== vms is now known as Elisenda
Baakohi guys i have install kubuntu on VMWare player but the screen size is really small17:39
Baakohow can i make it fit the whole screen?17:39
jhutchins_wkBaako: Do you have the vmware tools installed?17:40
OerHeksBaako, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Player for VMware/Tools17:41
Baakojhutchins_wk i just have VMWARE PLAYER17:41
EriC^^givello: hello17:42
givelloEriC^^: not sure if you remember me from yesterday night17:43
EriC^^givello: i do17:44
givelloEriC^^: I foumd a way to get some information out of the system while it boots17:44
givelloEriC^^: although not in standard mode17:44
EriC^^cool, how?17:44
givelloEriC^^: when using recovery mode, the system freezes on the recovery menu17:44
givelloEriC^^: but modifications to the boot line then F10 actually have an effect17:45
EriC^^i see17:45
givelloEriC^^: so in recovery mode I can see the text, nosplash, verbose mode17:45
givelloEriC^^: let me go back to the computer and see what error it printed17:45
givelloEriC^^: so, by deleting recovery from the boot line and adding nosplash text --verbose, I get those two errors17:47
Mike9863Yesterday my touchpad randomly stopped working. I've since restarted my laptop and it still isn't working. Can anyone help?17:48
givelloEriC^^: first, something about FAT and the fact that it can't find the iso8859-1 charset17:48
Scorpion3dehi, can anyone help to setup ssl on tomcat7? i have some probs and didnt find a reason17:48
WJBHow do i tell what an actual process is doing the output that i find in an ps -ef | grep query?17:48
givellowhich explains the unresponsiveness in the recovery menu17:48
givelloEriC^^: and the second, more worrying, is about not finding the efi partition17:48
EriC^^givello: ok17:49
givelloEriC^^: correction, it says error while mounting /boot/efi17:49
=== Kara is now known as Guest21593
givelloEriC^^: and the first error says FAT-FS: IO charset iso 8859-1 not found17:50
EriC^^are you in the live usb right now?17:50
givelloEriC^^: no, I'm actually using another computer17:50
EriC^^ok, boot into the live usb17:50
EriC^^mount the ubuntu installation17:51
givelloand unfortunately I won't get a hang of the usb drive just now, cause it isn't mine and the owner is away right now...17:51
EriC^^and paste bin sudo parted -l , as well as /etc/fstab17:51
givelloEriC^^: not sure we can do anything whatsoever without it17:51
givelloEriC^^: I already have that info tho17:51
givelloEriC^^: from yesterday17:51
givelloEriC^^: let me look up the irc logs17:52
potatoes_is crontab the only way I can schedule a process to run at a certain time?17:53
Kara__Hey all. Can anyone please explain to me what the term "architecturally-independent" means?17:53
potatoes_are there any other process schedulers17:53
EriC^^potatoes_: why would you want other process schedulers ?17:53
givelloEriC^^: parted -l http://paste.ubuntu.com/8724376/17:53
potatoes_I want to have a program schedule it self to run off certain criteria17:53
EriC^^Kara__: it means it doesn't depend on whether it is 32bit or 64bit etc.17:54
EriC^^potatoes_: such as?17:54
givelloEriC^^: don't have the fstab tho17:54
EriC^^givello: ok, /etc/fstab17:54
givellocan I get it from grub?17:54
EriC^^yes you could17:54
jhutchins_wkpotatoes_: That's what cron does, why not use it.17:55
Kara__EriC^^: I know that, but why shouldn't they be transferred or shared across different operating systems or different versions of the same operating system?17:55
givelloEriC^^: how :D17:55
givelloEriC^^: usb key incoming, yay17:55
EriC^^ok cool :D17:55
givelloEriC^^: will boot in liveusb17:55
Mike9863My touchpad isn't working on my user account. It works when I'm at the lightDM login screen and in a guest session. Can anyone help me fix this?17:56
potatoes_jhutchins: i supposeee17:56
EriC^^Kara__: architecturally independent means that they can be used on various architectures17:56
EriC^^Kara__: what's the whole context?17:57
Adephitanyone can help me using a server to access the lubuntu desktom with ssh. thanks17:57
EriC^^this software is architecturally independent? or ?17:57
Kara__EriC^^: Nothing much, just browsing through the FHS in details when someone brought up this term, has gotten me pondering then :)17:58
Kara__EriC^^: Something about files in /usr/share being "architecturally-independent"17:58
Axemanin ubuntu, is there a way to be sudo for a session?18:00
givelloEriC^^: 873484418:00
Axemanso i don't have to keep entering sudo for everything ?18:00
Mike9863Axeman: Type su in terminal18:00
=== MrAlexanB is now known as MrAlexandr0
Axemanauthentication failure18:00
dtcrshrAxeman: sudo su, su -, su root18:00
givelloEriC^^: or maybe not18:01
givelloEriC^^: let me re-read that haha18:01
dtcrshreither one will grant you this acess18:01
bubbasaurestelling people how to run root here randomly is not supported18:01
geniiAxeman: sudo -i18:01
givelloEriC^^: there18:01
EriC^^givello: ok18:02
EriC^^givello: also, sudo blkid18:02
givelloEriC^^: right away18:03
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=== MrAlexandr0 is now known as MrAlexanB
givelloEriC^^: 873589618:04
lelohey gys... ive updated to 14.10 on my lenovo y50 4k and now it gives me a black screen when I log into the system... I bet this has to do with the dual card situation this laptop have going on18:04
lelohow can I fix this?18:04
reisiolelo: /msg ubottu nomodeset18:05
Axemancp -r /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/easy-rsa/2.0/* /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/18:05
XubookI have a quick question if anyone can help... How can I move my bootable usb ubuntu to my harddrive?  Is this possible?18:05
Axemancp: cannot stat â/usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/easy-rsa/2.0/*â: No such file or directory18:05
reisioAxeman: tab completion is your friend18:05
Axemani'm not afraid of a command line - but this is not working so good.18:05
reisioXubook: what for?18:05
reisioAxeman: so well :)18:06
reisioAxeman: you using 12.04?18:06
EriC^^givello: ok, the UUID's check out in /etc/fstab, i wonder why it can't find the efi partition while booting18:06
leloreisio: thank you18:06
lelothe issue is now I am in irssi and cannot web browse, but I sill try on my phone18:06
Axemanno - i'm on 14.04 server18:06
Xubookreisio I used it to start out with linux, and now want to move it all to my harddrive.18:06
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bubbasauresXubook, his a full installed just the iso loaded?18:07
EriC^^reisio: grub complains about not finding the efi partition while booting, resulting in a purple screen, /etc/fstab UUID's are correct, any idea why it would complain about this?18:07
reisioXubook: why though18:07
reisioEriC^^: if it couldn't find the efi partition18:07
EriC^^reisio: (not grub really complaining i guess, the system logged this while booting)18:07
EriC^^reisio: could be grub complaining though18:08
EriC^^reisio: yeah?18:08
* reisio shrugs18:08
Xubookbubbasaures It is fully installed on the usb18:08
Xubookreisio It seems to be something interesting to try.18:08
reisioXubook: you want the data, or the bootable system?18:09
bubbasauresXubook, Couple of ways, clone it or copy and paste the partitions in gparted.18:09
EriC^^givello: maybe try to reinstall grub?18:09
bloodcagehey guys... anybody tried to install the kde plasma alongside ubuntu 14.04 and had problems like me with keyboard-layout , too?18:09
Xubookreisio the bootable system18:09
bubbasauresXubook, Some would dd, not myself personally, pretty basic stuff really.18:09
reisioXubook: how big is the device?18:09
FilthyMacNastyabout 7 inches by 5 inches18:10
Xubookreisio the usb is 32 gb hard drive is 250 gb18:11
reisioXubook: mmm18:11
FilthyMacNastyyou could use clonezilla to clone it to another machine18:11
givelloEriC^^: ok, any preferred instructions for doing so or do I just google it?18:12
Xubookbubbasaures do you have a link, I am a newb with linux.. sorry18:12
givelloEriC^^: haven't done it in a while18:12
reisioXubook: dd if=/dev/foo bs=1024 | gzip > bar.dd.gz18:12
Xubookreisio So I mount my bootable usb then use your shell script in terminal?18:13
EriC^^givello: it's fine, if you've mounted the ubuntu installation at /mnt, mount the efi partition at /mnt/boot/efi18:13
reisioXubook: don't need to mount it18:13
givelloEriC^^: alright18:13
EriC^^givello: then run for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done18:14
bubbasauresXubook, Are you backed up prepared for any contingency?18:14
givellook, let me do that18:14
XubookYes I am bubbasaures18:14
bubbasauresXubook, Cool, follow reisio they knew the way.18:15
bynariejhutchins_wk, is it safe????18:15
reisiodd using only 'if=' and redirecting to a simple file is pretty safe18:16
bynarieno no... it was just a joke18:16
EriC^^last time i checked dd was a low level copier not a bit hoover :P18:16
reedis anyone having serious troubles with Thunderbird Calendar? I can't reliably see my google calendars in there anymore, the installed version of Lightning is 3.3.2 while on mozilla.org the latest version is tagged 3.3.1... what's going on?18:16
Xubookreisio I get this, "dd: opening `/dev/foo': No such file or directory"18:17
bynariei cant DD to work.. everytime i use it to copy say a 1.5gb file, it says complete instanly18:17
bynariethen in file mananger my usb drive shows up in the list about 10 times18:18
XubookShould I change foo to the usb name?18:18
reisioXubook: 'foo' is the universla first placeholder18:18
reisioXubook: yes18:18
geniiXubook: You need to replace foo with the actual drive18:18
FilthyMacNastyfoo is my dog18:18
smrtz|workI'm trying to tweak my partitions using a live cd and gparted.  Can someone help me out please?18:18
EriC^^givello: then sudo chroot /mnt18:18
bynariewhat you need to do smrtz|work ???18:19
smrtz|workbynarie: I'm trying to resize my lvm2 partition so I can create and edit lvms within it.  it's currently too big.18:20
allureNotebook boots, opens lightdm and goes to black screen when I tyoe the password... The system is dual card with Intel HD 4000 and GT860M... What should i do?18:20
=== gcollura_ is now known as gcollura
smrtz|workI'm trying to get setup to use Xen, a hyperviser.18:20
smrtz|workAnd I'd like someone to confirm that I'm not deleating my functional install by doing so...18:20
bynariesmrtz|work, first off you need to make sure you have freespace on the drive, then just right click and hit resize18:20
givelloEriC^^: alright, done18:20
givelloEriC^^: sorry for the delay, had to find a way to copy it there18:21
bynariei used gparted all the time to resize partitions... nothing has ever bad happened to me.. yet18:21
smrtz|workbynarie: resize is grayed out, since the lvm2 is 1.36tb.  It's too big.18:21
givelloEriC^^: I ended up using the line from yesterday in the logs wich is identical18:21
givelloEriC^^: then what?18:21
bynarieunmount it first then resize it18:21
smrtz|workbynarie: unmount is grayed out too.18:21
allureGiving up and installing Debian... Hehehe18:21
EriC^^givello: ok, sudo chroot /mnt18:22
givelloEriC^^: done18:22
bynariei dont know then18:22
EriC^^givello: ok, grub-install --recheck /dev/sda18:22
smrtz|workbynarie: ahh, ok.18:22
Xubookreisio So I got this, the usb appeared to be under media... so I changed it around a bit.  Tell me if this output in terminal looks good? Should I reboot the computer now? "dd if=/media/erik/332b31cc-9749-443f-a9f6-c66f444305fb bs=1024 | gzip > bar.dd.gz dd: reading `/media/erik/332b31cc-9749-443f-a9f6-c66f444305fb': Is a directory 0+0 records in 0+0 records out 0 bytes (0 B) copied, 0.000534162 s, 0.0 kB/s"18:23
givelloEriC^^: installation finished, no error reported18:23
EriC^^givello: update-grub18:23
EriC^^givello: check /var/log/syslog btw, is there anything new there?18:24
givelloEriC^^: done18:24
givelloEriC^^: let me pastebin that18:24
givelloEriC^^: nothing new since the 27th18:25
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EriC^^givello: did you mention fixparts before?18:27
givelloEriC^^: I don't know what fixparts mean18:27
EriC^^givello: nevermind18:27
givelloEriC^^: I'll have to go soon, so I guess now I should try rebooting18:27
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givelloEriC^^: and if it works, yay, if it doesn't, I'll see you in a few hours?18:28
=== Carsten73 is now known as CarstenC
EriC^^givello: ok, give it a shot18:28
givelloEriC^^: right, let's try it18:28
reisioXubook: /media/ is the mount point18:29
reisioXubook: check sudo lsblk -f for the /dev name18:29
smrtz|workbynarie: here's some information I gathered from when I was on the native OS: sprunge.us/caTh  I need to shrink the root partition.18:29
reisioXubook: you also needn't reboot18:29
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pzkpfwCould anyone recommend a good gui system monitor that shows the activity of processes like the Win7 resource manager?18:30
reisiopzkpfw: don't cross post :/18:31
givelloEriC^^: no change at all.18:31
givelloEriC^^: I'll get back to you when I'm back from the bar :D18:31
bynariepzkpfw, task manager18:31
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smrtz|workWould someone mind helping me fix a partitioning problem please?  sprunge.us/caTh  I'm currently in a live environment, and I think I need to shrink my root partition?18:31
bynarieyes you need to shrink it.. but u said u couldnt right??18:32
smrtz|workbynarie: I cannot, bynarie18:32
bynariegoto ##linux18:32
bynariemaybe someone there could help18:33
spaztikWhich VNC/Remote Session is suggested these days?18:33
bynarielots of activity in that room18:33
spaztikBeen using splashtop on windows and it's amazing, but their desktop client for linux blows18:33
bynariespaztik, i use vnc4server and tightvnc18:33
smrtz|workbynarie: here's what I see in parted:  http://sprunge.us/SXBG18:33
smrtz|workbynarie: ok, thanks.18:34
kahtahs_how suitable would xfs be as root filesystem in trusty? at least kernel and grub2 seem to support it and installer let's you choose xfs as / under do something else.18:35
S3thc0nHello, I am trying to use apt-get update on 14.04 server, but it is unable to connect, although I can ping the adresses.18:36
reisiokahtahs_: 's'fine18:36
Axemanokay - i've gotten further18:37
Axemanerror on line 198 of /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/openssl-1.0.0.cnf18:37
Axeman139779246384800:error:0E065068:configuration file routines:STR_COPY:variable has no value:conf_def.c:618:line 19818:37
Axemanwhen i issue ./build-ca18:37
Xubookreisio Does this look better? sudo dd if=/dev/sdc1 bs=1024 | gzip > bar.dd.gz18:37
reisioXubook: yup18:38
FilthyMacNastyuse clonezilla18:38
smrtz|workbynarie: PM'd18:38
reisioXubook: might replace bar.dd.gz with usbstick20141029.dd.gz18:38
kahtahs_so it does boot up with xfs as root, but not sure how well error-checking is built-in. for example in dmesg i've seen: "FAT-fs (/dev/sda1): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck." but /dev/sda1 is the xfs partition not fat18:38
reisiokahtahs_: did it used to be fat?18:39
Xubookreisio Good, Thanks for your help.  After running the script getting output from terminal is taking a while.18:39
geniikahtahs_: Likely the partition descriptor is fat18:39
reisioXubook: you won't get any18:39
reisioXubook: if you want some output, sudo apt-get install pv (from universe), then make it dd if=whatever bs=1024 | pv | gzip > whatever18:40
Jordan_Ukahtahs_: Please pastebin the output of "sudo wipefs /dev/sda1".18:41
kahtahs_reisio: no, did dd/dev/zero and a standard trusty install before. so was ext418:41
reisioXubook: or run this elsewhere: while(true); do kill -USR1 $(pgrep -x dd); sleep 10s; done18:41
Picipzkpfw: please stop18:41
reisiokahtahs_: what does /etc/fstab say about it?18:41
potatoes_how can I pipe an attachment to send out through email18:41
reisiokahtahs_: why'd you dd/dev/zero ?18:41
potatoes_similar to like cat something | mail -s "tes..." email@ddy.com18:42
kahtahs_reisio: bad sectors18:42
reisiobad sectors, that's not a hardware issue?18:43
FilthyMacNastysure is18:43
reisiothen zeroing won't help18:43
reisioand for that matter, zeroing doesn't usually help :)18:43
reisionot the way people think it does18:44
FilthyMacNastyget spinrite it will move the data from the bad sectors and mark them bad18:44
reisiowhy spend the time, just replace the drive18:44
FilthyMacNastyR/R the drive is the best method18:44
kahtahs_reisio: it does. makes it possible to reallocate those bad sectors: http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/badblockhowto.html18:45
reisioFilthyMacNasty: R/R?18:45
reisiokahtahs_: waste of time18:45
FilthyMacNastyremove and replace18:45
reisioFilthyMacNasty: ah, indeed :)18:45
reisiono point investing in something that already has a history of failing18:45
FilthyMacNastybuy a terabyte, its cheap now18:45
reisioI think the best byte-per-dollar is more around 3TB now, but18:46
reisioyou might spread your cash around a bit18:46
reisioif you are on a budget18:46
Jordan_Ukahtahs_: Please pastebin the output of "sudo wipefs /dev/sda1". I understand that this command looks destructive, so you should definitely read the manual and confirm for yourself that it is not before running it, but please don't just ignore my request.18:46
kahtahs_Jordan_U: can't i just display the signature?18:46
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kahtahs_FilthyMacNasty: it costs money and that old machine isn't really worth it. smart still deems that hdd useable18:48
Jordan_Ukahtahs_: If the output of that command is only one line, then you don't need to use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com if that's what you're asking. If that's not what you're asking, then I don't understand the question.18:48
FilthyMacNastykahtahs_: then I would recommend running spinrite on it18:49
=== sarsaeols is now known as sarsaeol
studentttuHello. Im using a USB soundcard and for some reason the left and right sounds are mixed up. Is there a way to change them in ubuntu?18:49
studentttuI dont have the same problem in windows18:49
FilthyMacNastyheh, switch your speakers about18:50
studentttuIm using headphones which are very uncomfortable if I turn them the wrong way18:50
flexusi need java applets in chromium or firefox, how does it work ?18:51
kahtahs_FilthyMacNasty: which part of spinrite?18:51
qenghoflexus: you must use Firefox for a while.18:51
FilthyMacNastythe repair18:51
bynariestudentttu, everyting working OK?18:52
bynarieother than sound18:52
flexusdoesnt work in firefox too18:53
studentttubynarie:  yeah everything else is good :D thans for help18:53
bynariegreat np18:53
studentttubynarie:  just weird that sounds are mixed like that18:53
bynarieyea it is wierd... have you checked all of your sound mixers and whatnot?18:53
qenghoflexus: I suspect installing "default-jre" and running Firefox should be enough.18:53
reisioflexus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#Browser_plugin18:53
flexusqengho: will try the apt package18:54
studentttubynarie:  yeah, everything works fine in windows. It's just some weird ubuntu thing, and there is no setting i can find to change them.  Tried this too :  http://askubuntu.com/questions/111523/how-can-you-reverse-left-and-right-speakers-from-a-control-panel  but didnt work. Also tried this18:54
Jordan_Ustudentttu: Please file a bug report about this by running "ubuntu-bug -s audio".18:55
Jordan_Ustudentttu: I think those particular instructions swap the right and left channel for sound card '0' only, which is probably your internal sound card.18:56
studentttuJordan_U:  is it considered a mixer problem?18:56
Adephitwhat is the easy server to install in ubuntu trysty: lubuntu to access the server?18:57
studentttuor none of the above18:57
Adephitwith ssh connection18:57
FilthyMacNastyubuntu server 14.0418:58
tewardAdephit: ubuntu server 14.04, plus openssh-server on it so you can SSH in18:58
reisioAdephit: eh?18:58
kahtahs_Jordan_U: wipefs output: " 0x0                  xfs   [filesystem]"18:58
Adephitwhat openssh-server?18:58
FilthyMacNastysudo apt-get install ssh18:59
Jordan_Ukahtahs_: OK, that confirms that you don't have any FAT signatures on that filesystem.18:59
Adephiti have the lubuntu installed, but cant access it19:01
Adephiti need a server to access it19:01
He4dShOtlately ubuntu freezes19:02
He4dShOtand I can't understand why19:02
He4dShOtthere is nothing in syslog19:02
studentttuJordan_U:  I did the report, but I dont think anyone is going to understand what is wrong because the sounds work correctly otherwise except that right and left are switched and there wasnt an option for comments or left/right problems19:03
studentttuSo I couldnt explain the problem19:03
Jordan_Ustudentttu: How did you file a bug report? There is most certainly an area for comments and a detailed description on launchpad bug reports.19:04
kahtahs_anyway how's xfs error-checking integrated into trusty? random google says it never does xfs_repair automatically?19:04
studentttuJordan_U:  weird, I didnt get any link opened or anything it just said bug report sent19:04
Jordan_Ustudentttu: It should have opened a browser window asking you to add more information.19:05
erle-mp4/h264/aac videos don't play in my current utopic (current updates, no proposed updates)19:05
studentttuJordan_U:  it opened a log in windows for ubuntu one and I created an account but nothing else happened after login19:05
studentttuJordan_U:  should I make a new report?19:05
studentttu*log in window19:06
Jordan_Ustudentttu: Yes please.19:07
Adephitanyone can help me using a server to access the lubuntu desktom with ssh. thanks19:08
AdephitI have installed the lubuntu + vnc4server. but in vnc appears a gray screen,what do i have to change here ~/.vnc/xstartup : http://pastebin.com/QF61inzy  Thanks.19:08
Adephitor this....19:08
Adephitdo you knowwhat is wrong?19:09
studentttuJordan_U:  okay it should be there now19:10
Jordan_Ustudentttu: Please post a link to the bug report so that I can follow it.19:11
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flexusqengho: reisio thx very much both of you, the ice plugin on firefox worked for me. great19:15
pzkpfwcan htop monitor network traffic by processes?19:15
qenghoflexus: welcome19:15
kahtahs_pzkpfw: no, that's something for nethogs19:16
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ubottuUbuntu bug 1387326 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[USB-Audio - C-Media USB Headphone Set, playback] Playback problem" [Undecided,New]19:18
Jordan_Ustudentttu: I would try asking in #pulseaudio (note that you might have to wait many hours, or even a day, for a response as it's a small channel).19:20
ses1984is there a simple way to get ubuntu desktop to use network authentication against an ubuntu server? i also would like all the clients to share the same user to UID and group to GID mappings19:23
potatoes_I'm having an issue with Cron, I have a script I made scheduled to run however it doesn't find the paths correctly, or working directory, is there some way I can fix this so it runs it like I would be running from the CLI?19:23
potatoes_it's driving me bonkers19:24
Jordan_Upotatoes_: Please pastebin your script and your crontab.19:24
=== drew_ is now known as blain_the_pain
rbergpotatoes_:  you can set the path in your script19:24
potatoes_berg, I have it set to /tmp/stale19:24
potatoes_and my crontab is just your run of the mill * * * * * /tmp/stale/stale.sh19:25
rbergpotatoes_: you have the path set to /tmp/stale? are redefining PATH all together?19:26
Jordan_Upotatoes_: Please pastebin your script.19:27
potatoes_Jordan_U":  i wish I could but its copyrighted :(19:27
potatoes_and closed19:27
potatoes_my employer would kill me19:27
potatoes_oh crap19:28
potatoes_i think i fixed it..19:28
potatoes_i just added cd $WORKING_DIRECTORY19:28
oolooOnce again, there's nothing wrong with ubuntu, and it's working just fine. What do I do?19:29
geirhapotatoes_: don't forget to check that cd succeeded, e.g. by adding   || exit   after it19:30
Jordan_Upotatoes_: Hopefully you actually added something with proper quoting of variable expansions, like: cd "$WORKING_DIRECTORY"19:30
potatoes_geirha: you live everywhere19:31
potatoes_geirha: where do you not idle!19:31
geirhaDon't worry, I'm just stalking you19:33
potatoes_There could be worse people stalking me19:33
potatoes_so I'm not worried honestly :)19:34
bean1020does anyone know how to improve batterylife with ubuntu?19:35
bean1020I have a hp-sleekbook-1519:35
bean1020and battery life isn't where I want it to be wondering if I could do anything to improve it?19:35
Jordan_Ubean1020: Ensure that you have good graphics drivers installed, and try running "powertop".19:36
potatoes_buy a macbook :)19:36
Jelle_Hello guys. At the moment I got my Ubuntu server up and running, but I have to install the server-software for Jira. I followed the following tutorial: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Installing+JIRA+on+Linux , altho at step 2.1 I need to execute a .sh file, but I get the 'Command not found' error. I hope someone can help me out :)19:36
bean1020potatoes_,  lol yes a macbook lol19:36
GoldwingQ: i have a SIP phone that is using a VLAN that i can't remember. i did a full reset but the VLAN setting remains.19:36
bean1020Jordan_U, how can I make sure I have the right graphics driver installed?19:36
GoldwingI do see the IP on the display, how can i figure out what VLAN it's using?19:37
ubottuddd1970: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:37
Eleuinsudo sh ./file_name_of_shell_script.sh19:37
Jordan_Ubean1020: If you have an intel card, then you can just assume you do. If you have an ATI or Nvidia card, then to get proper power managemant support you may need to install proprietary drivers.19:37
Jelle_Eleuin: Then I get a super huge error. Jira support told me that I shouldn't use sh, but just use the script19:38
bean1020Jordan_U, I have an intel card so should be good there, what can I do with powertop?19:38
EleuinJelle_ try right clicking, then properties -> Permissions -> Allow executing file as program19:39
jonmorehousedoes anyone know how to install uuidgen?19:39
jonmorehouseI've tried e2fsprogs ... and am not getting it?19:39
Jordan_Ubean1020: Powertop is a command that will find different things that tend to use up power, like processes waking up the CPU, and gives you recommendations for eliminating those things.19:40
Jelle_Eleuin: I only have command line ubuntu. Can't get my VNC working :/19:40
Eleuinyou have cd'd into the directory that housed the file, right?19:42
Jelle_Yeah, when i ls I can see the file.. :/19:42
lonewulf85Hey in the default wallpaper selection for Ubuntu 14.04 there is one that changes every so often. Is there a way I can set up my own wallpaper packedge to do the same thing?19:43
EleuinJelle_ can you post the terminal result on paste.ubuntu.com19:43
Eleuinor is that not possible right now?19:43
=== georg is now known as Guest24798
Jelle_yeah one second :)19:44
Eleuinits a lot easier when i can see the error output :319:44
Jelle_http://paste.ubuntu.com/8736982/  here you are19:44
Eleuinthx m819:44
Jelle_Yeah I suppose so, but I didn't know if I could post screenshots or such :D19:44
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GoldwingQ: i have a SIP phone that is using a VLAN that i can't remember. i did a full reset but the VLAN setting remains. I do see the IP on the display, how can i figure out what VLAN it's using?19:45
EleuinJelle_: maybe try sh ./start-jira.sh19:46
Jelle_Too bad, already tried that too :/ I'm really confused19:46
geniiGoldwing: How is this an Ubuntu support question?19:47
EleuinJelle_ can you paste me java -version19:49
Jelle_Eleuin from the output?19:49
Jelle_Oh wait I think I just found a better error, one second19:53
a_hi guys, does someone own a thinkpad with ubuntu server? If so, how did you get the sound working?19:53
k1la_: what? thinkpad with ubuntu server?19:55
a_k1l: hi, do you mean if I use a thinkpad with ubuntu server?19:57
OerHeksa_, that was your question. it can be done, alsa sound on a server19:59
Jelle_Eleuin , got any idea about that java error?19:59
k1la_: yes. just to make sure. because with a desktop running it should be no issue at all.19:59
a_OerHeks: beste OerHeks, thank you for your reply19:59
Eleuinit really looks like java is your problem Jelle_19:59
k1la_: but with alsa/pulseaudio it should work. but i am not familiar what there needs to be done on a server20:00
Jelle_Any idea on what I could do to fix that Eleuin? It's a brand new ubuntu server actually20:00
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a_k1l: yes, it is true that the desktop edition doesnt give any issues about this subject. However, I prefer to use a minimalist OS without fancy GUI stuff20:01
k1la_: that is all fine. its just uncommon in this channel :) but with installing alsa/pulseaudio (like its used on desktops) that should do20:02
tannjiHas anyone heard of a problem with Ubuntu 14.10 having blurry text in windows, seemingly when they lose focus?20:03
smrtz|workI fixed my partitioning problem, but I'm still getting the same error: sprunge.us/TWLF  How can I tell lvcreate to create it on the Storage partition?20:03
a_k1l: ok :-)20:03
Jelle_Eleuin Do you have any idea to fix that java problem? :/20:04
Eleuinyou would have to edit the amount of RAM allocated to java20:05
ckdot@ all german guys here... i like to invite you to the aboutyou.de hackathon. we gonna pay everything for you (hotel, food). it's on 8th/9th november. if you like just contact me.20:06
smrtz|workbynarie: I was able to fix that problem.20:06
Eleuinthink its something like java -Xm<amount>M -Xs<amount>M but i am not entirely sure20:06
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after_rubuntu hotel! :)20:12
devhostIs there a way to identify which idiot changed the permissions of a file on our server? I'm on sudoer but can't read /home as it's locked down by NIC which I don't have access too.20:13
devhostI mean that I can't read user's home directories and thus .bash_history20:13
EriC^^devhost: you can try /var/log/authlog20:13
devhostWould that have information about chmod usage?20:14
OerHeksdevhost, did you encrypt /home/ ?20:14
EriC^^if he used sudo the command should be there20:14
devhostOerHeks: It's not /home it's the users folders within /home that I don't have access too.20:14
EriC^^devhost: you don't have sudo?20:15
devhostI have sudo on this machine20:15
devhostI cannot touch the files within /home because they aren't there20:15
devhostthey are on a NIC20:15
smrtz|workIs there an easy way I can delete a logical volume in the same physical volume as my mounted root directory?20:15
devhostand I don't have access to that20:15
devhostjust realized this machine is actually CentOS. :(20:16
jhutchins_wkdevhost: Please define your use of "NIC".20:16
devhostno /var/log/auth.log20:16
EriC^^devhost: try secure20:16
jhutchins_wkdevhost: Try /var/log/secure20:16
EriC^^something like that20:16
jhutchins_wkEriC^^: You got it.20:16
devhostOur NIC syncs userspace with a machine, I'm not the IT here. I'm just the admin of this one server.20:17
jhutchins_wkdevhost: Why are you talking about network cards?20:17
devhostI'm not.20:18
Naphatulhow do i set dhclient not to do arp probing?20:18
jhutchins_wkdevhost: Then please explain what "NIC" means in your context.20:18
devhostI don't really know how this NIC thing works. I just don't have access to userspace.20:18
devhostIt's all managed on another server.20:18
devhostIt's tangent really to the issue.20:19
devhostNothing in /var/log/secure I guess.20:20
EriC^^devhost: check root's .bash_history then20:20
devhostGood point20:21
EriC^^must be in one unless he killed the terminal before bash wrote the history, or erased the secure logs20:21
devhostMight be root, but I can't check other users bash_history20:21
devhostThat's what I was trying to say.20:21
EriC^^could be in root, worth a shot20:22
flexusreisio: the weasle plugin worked at first, after starting another java app it didnt work anymore20:23
Naphatulis it even possible to disable arp probing on dhclient?20:24
devhostEriC^^: found it, thanks, he must of assumed root and ran the command20:25
vfwNaphatul: I may be late to the conversation, but; Why?20:25
Naphatulvfw, it's a local network it's not much use, i'd preffer the few seconds faster connect time20:26
flexusgot this error in console at icedtea: http://paste.debian.net/129295/20:26
qenghoNaphatul: I think the server might use arp, but I don't think the client does.20:26
Naphatulqengho, rfc spec says client should check the address received, at least that's how i understand it20:29
Naphatuli'm pretty sure this indeed happen and made a small difference a while back but i don't remember much20:29
qenghoNaphatul: Okay, but that doesn't mean your client is doing it.20:29
qenghoNaphatul: Have any "tcpdump" log that shows it happening?20:30
vfwNaphatul: Is this your home network?20:30
Naphatulvfw, yes20:30
Naphatulqengho, no i figured i might look for the option first, turning it off won't harm anything20:30
vfwNaphatul: How about just static IP?20:31
qenghoNaphatul: Oh, but you're not looking. You're asking us.20:32
Naphatulqengho, i went through all the man pages for dhclient and didn't find anything20:32
Naphatulvfw, that's a possiblity20:32
vfwNaphatul: Yea, that's what I do.  That way, I know where evertying is.20:33
Naphatuli was hoping to keep name resolution since the router is doing it anyway and doesn't work for static adresses20:33
qenghovfw: I just put clients in my DHCP server, so I know where they are too, all in one place.20:33
vfwNaphatul: And if you know there won't be any other clients, you could even trun off the DHCP server on the router.20:34
Naphatulvfw, well there will be new clients, it's just that the router is set to give this mac adress the same ip every time20:34
OTRturn of DHCP20:34
vfwNaphatul: And what is wrong with that?20:34
vfwOTR: Why not?20:35
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OTRwhy yes?20:35
Naphatulit still uses dhcp but just gives it the same address, pretty sure it has to go through the same steps since the client doesn't know that20:35
vfwOTR: If you don't need it, turn it off.20:35
OTRbut you need it20:35
vfwNaphatul: So at this point you are using static assigned DHCP list on the router.  Right?20:36
OTRunless you got to much time on your hands to configure every single ip by hand20:37
Naphatulvfw, for a few machines, yes20:37
vfwOTR: Not necessarily, you don't always need it.20:37
Naphatulbut the majority aren't20:37
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OTRare you talking about ipv6»20:37
Naphatuldhcpcd has a handy --noarp switch i was hoping dhclient had it too20:38
vfwNaphatul: Right, so just set the dhcp pool for others (guest clients), and set your own PC's to static IPs, (ones thar are outside the range of the DHCP pool).20:38
vfwOTR: No, (but it wouldn't matter).  If you have clients set to static IPs, you don't need the dhcp server and so you can just turn it off.20:38
OTRdoesnt static ips defeat the pourpose of net?20:39
vfwOTR: In the event you do have a guest that wants to enter the network, you just give them IP information that you want them to use.20:39
vfwOTR: No20:40
Naphatultotally different things20:40
vfwOTR: It does not defeat the purpose of net or nat20:40
vfwNaphatul: Agreed.20:40
OTRyes you just like to give people something to waste time on20:41
vfwOTR: (This conversation is not about NAT.)20:41
OTRinstead of leting the machine do the work20:41
lelamalHi all! When I check for updates, on Muon Update Manager, I'm told a new version of Kubuntu is available. Then I click on Upgrade, enter my password, but nothing happens. I try to copy/paste the command from the popup window on a termianl, and this is what it says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8737605/20:41
vfwOTR: Are you sure your comment is relevant?20:41
OTRi guess thats a mater of opinion20:42
vfwlelamal: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade20:42
Naphatullelamal, can you try "LC_ALL=C do-release-upgrade" ?20:43
matrixa1Help! My Xubuntu 14.10 is charging my battery even though it's charged! Its ruining my battery!20:43
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vfwmatrixa1: How do you know?20:43
matrixa1vfw, because I'm checking the battery's charging/draining status20:43
matrixa1vfw, and this doesn't happen in windows20:43
matrixa1vfw, at 91% it says "fully charged", then drops to 90% and says "11 minutes util fully charged"20:44
Jelle_how can I check if my server got a firewall running? I Can't seem to connect to an application running on my server :/20:45
vfwJelle_: nmap20:45
bubbasauresmatrixa1, A windows comparison is empty rhetoric here is all.20:45
ikonianmap doesn't tell if you have a firewall20:45
lelamalNaphatul: same output20:45
vfwikonia: But it tells if a port is blocked or not.20:45
matrixa1bubbasaures, yeah, thank you, at least I can rule out that it's a hardware fault.......20:45
ikoniano it doesn't20:45
ikoniait shows one possible option20:46
Jelle_no idea what to look for in that output20:46
ThePendulumDoes anyone know why some wifi networks in Ubuntu show as both 'somenetwork' and 'somenetwork1'?20:46
vfwikonia: Do you have a better idea?20:46
Naphatullelamal, can you try switching back to english while upgrading? i had weird issues myself when using localization20:46
gacThePendulum: could be dual band, 2.4ghz + 5ghz?20:46
vfwJelle_: It will tell you it is blocked.  (But you also have to know if there is a particular server listening on that port as well.)20:47
Jelle_Yeah, I'm using the correct port20:47
gacvfw: it won't tell you if it's blocked - it'll tell you whether it's accessible. just because it isn't accessible doesn't mean it's firewalled on the server20:47
gaccould have crashed, could be running on localhost, could be not NATted20:47
bubbasauresmatrixa1, What you may not know is that the battery makers do not provide firmware for linux any is, backward made.20:47
Jelle_well my browser just keeps loading the page, endlessly20:47
ikoniayes, use ufw or iptables to list the firewall rules20:48
matrixa1bubbasaures, that suddenly stops working after a 14.10 upgrade? I think not20:48
alexgli need to move an option in grub, when in grub command mode, what can i do20:49
Jelle_so how do I check the firewall issues?20:49
ikoniaJelle_: what is the application you are trying to run20:50
after_rHello... I was wondering is there a way to set up Linux so that it blocks network access to all programs by default, and then I have a config file that says things like "Application at /bin/myapp can access ip, Application at /bin/otherapp can access any ip, etc.."  ?20:50
ikoniaJelle_: as in the sprint managment tool ?20:50
vfwJelle_: It will say filtered if the firewall is blocking it.20:50
Jelle_yeah, that tool :)20:50
after_rand then only those applications would have access to the specified apps20:50
ikoniaJelle_: ok, so that should be running on port 8020:50
after_rI mean specified addresses20:50
ikoniaas it's a web interface20:50
ikoniaJelle_: are you talking about connecting to the web interface or the web interface to the database ?20:50
ThePendulumgac: I'm pretty certain all our networks here are 2.4GHz only atm20:50
stethoJira runs on 8080 by default20:51
gacvfw: filtered can mean many things though...if the machine responds to ping (i.e. a NAT gateway) but the port isn't open (i.e. not portforwarded) you'll still get a filtered response if there is no filter on the server20:51
ThePendulumgac: Confirmed by a quick scan with my phone :P20:51
vfwJelle_: For instance, "80/tcp open  http" vs "80/tcp filtered http"20:51
Jelle_Should be 8080..20:51
bubbasauresmatrixa1, You "think not" is the key phrase honestly.20:51
ikoniaJelle_: ok, so you're trying to run it on port 808020:51
ikoniaJelle_: so by default ubuntu firewall should be blocking that20:51
Jelle_ikonia: I'm just setting my server up, so it is the initial setup20:51
matrixa1bubbasaures, thanks for your help20:51
ikoniaJelle_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW20:51
ikoniaJelle_: that should help you20:52
ZtaAnyone ever install Ubuntu on a Macbook pro for single boot -- ie. no MacOS?  I'm wondering if I *must* make a EFI boot partition?  Or is it enough with simply a root paritition.20:52
Naphatulmatrixa1, you might have a better shot asking #xubuntu, or/and report a bug20:52
chickHi im using ubuntu14 and my top bar has disappeared. I cant see my network status or power status and other notifications How do i bring the bar back up please?20:53
stethoJelle_: I've just joined the channel so missed the original question. If you've installed Jira on Ubuntu server using the binary it just works.20:53
Jelle_I typed ufw enable and now the firewall is enabled, so it was disabled before?20:53
ikoniaJelle_: no, it's enabled by default20:53
Jelle_stetho: Yeah I just installed jira on my server, but I can't connect to it in my browser20:53
stethoDid you install it using the .bin installer?20:54
ikoniaufw will block 8080 by default20:54
ikoniaso a.) make sure it's running b.) make sure the firewall is open20:54
vfwgac: Not ture, far as I can tell. Not with iptables anyway.20:55
Jelle_I think it is running, And i just tried 'sudo ufw enable 8080' but still not working20:55
vfwgac: I just tested with iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -m icmp --icmp-type echo-request -j DRO20:55
ikoniaJelle_: "think" it's running isn't a check20:55
ikoniaJelle_: verify it's running20:55
gacvfw: maybe not, but there are certainly network configurations which will bring up "filtered" when there's no firewall running on the server20:55
ikoniaJelle_: verify you can connect to it locally20:55
ikoniaJelle_: that isn't the right syntax20:55
ikoniaJelle_: READ the page20:55
stethoservice jira status20:56
vfwgac: Can you give me an example...?20:56
Jelle_service jira status is just giving me this: 'Usage: /etc/init.d/jira {start|stop}'20:56
gacnot right now as i can't remember the last box that i saw like it - i thought it was when a ping response worked but a connection didn't20:56
OTRwhy dont router come with a proxie built in?20:56
Jelle_Oh and Ikonia, I did read it :P20:56
gacbut obviously not that, as you've tested20:56
ikoniaJelle_: you didn't read it20:56
ikoniaJelle_: or you wouldn't be typing in non-existant commands20:56
ikoniaas that page gives you examples20:57
stethoOK, /etc/init.d/jira stop and then /etc/init.d/jira start && tail -f /var/log/syslog20:57
OTRwhy dont routers come with a proxie built in?20:57
ikoniaJelle_: a.) verify it's running b.) verify the firewall will allow the connection externally20:57
stethoOTR: Would need a faster processor and therefore make them more expensive.20:57
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acerspyrohttp://i.imgur.com/3mhNFup.png Some windows appear skewed to the right when maximized, but mouse aiming is still in relation to where the window should be. Seen with Blender and Chromium so far, anyone knows what's going on?20:58
Jelle_ikonia: I don't see anything about what you're saying it doesn't exist?20:58
vfwThere are a number of ways to test a port for repsonse and sometimes it would depend on what port/server it is.20:58
ikoniaJelle_: nowhere in that page does it say "sudo ufy enable 8080"20:58
OTRnew routers have better cpus that my 10 years old desktop20:58
ikoniaOTR: not really interested in router discussion in here20:58
ThePendulumEvery application trying to access our NAS on all accounts but mine on this laptop freezes. Any ideas how to start figuring this out? It's using cifs20:58
Jelle_oh a typo sorry, I did allow of course20:58
ikoniaJelle_: so a.) verify it's running - then move forward20:58
Jelle_well when I type GET / in my terminal, it is giving me output. Jira support told me that makes sure it is running20:59
Fleuvhisto, I've just completely re-installed apache still I'm able to access one of my old hosts which i can't find in my "/etc/hosts" file where can I find or how can I remove this host(s)?21:00
Fleuvlal histo -> Hi :)21:00
ikoniaJelle_ so if you do "telnet localhost 8080" do you get a socket ?21:00
Jelle_should I try restarting jira?21:00
stethoOTR: Do you really think a ten year old desktop is a good point of reference? My watch has a better processor than a ten year old computer.21:00
ikoniaJelle_: no need for that21:01
OTRproxies worked back then21:01
ikoniaJelle_: you know you have $something listening21:01
ikoniaJelle_: so what do you see if you do lesmith@68-184-130-106.dhcp.stbr.ga.charter.com] has quit [Read error:21:01
ikoniasudo ufw status21:01
ikonia(use a pastebin for the output)21:01
gacproxies work now, not sure of your point...21:02
acerspyroIs it that people don't notice my question or is it that noone knows the answer?21:02
vfwJelle_: You might use netstat on the server to see if you have what you thing you have.21:02
OTRi mean proxies are so usefull i m amazed why router dont have them builtin21:02
vfwJelle_: netstat -pantu21:02
Jelle_i get: Status: active, and 8080 Action allow and from anywhere21:02
ikoniaOTR last warning - we do not want router talk in here21:03
Jelle_yeah netstat is also giving me 8080 'listen'21:03
ikoniaJelle_: ok, so you know a.) your server is listening on 8080 b.) your server is allowing connections to 808021:03
ikoniaJelle_: so what's your client doing ?21:03
vfwJelle_: And what did nmap say about it?21:03
OTRhow do i setup proxie on my ubuntu?21:03
Jelle_I'm trying to connect to it in the browser, but it is just not loading21:03
Fleuvacerspyro, im not familiar with these kind of problems also I dont know the answer, sorry.21:03
Jelle_vfw: hmm, nmap? I missed that one21:04
ikoniaOTR what type of proxy21:04
gacOTR: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/squid.html would be a good starting piont, assuming you mean a web proxy21:04
Fleuvacerspyro: Are you able to fix it temporarily?21:04
OTRshould i run a ubuntu server install on a vm and route all traffic thru it?21:04
vfwJelle_: From the client:  nmap -p 8080 192.168.x.x21:04
acerspyroFleuv: ?21:04
FleuvOr do you have to close the whole program21:05
Jelle_vfw: so just my own terminal on my computer?21:05
ikoniaOTR why ?21:05
acerspyroIt only does it when maximized, it doesn't do it if it's windowed21:05
ikoniaOTR: what benifit would that give you ?21:05
vfwOTR: squid21:05
Fleuvacerspyro: Any other strange symptoms occur?21:06
OTRto have a private network21:06
Jelle_Wait I tried connecting to it, and now it is working! Awesome :D21:06
vfwOTR: And to filter content that you don't want... etc...21:06
OTRnot having the desktop facing the internet21:06
acerspyroFleuv: Well, as I said, the mouse pointing still relates to the normal position of the window rather than the buggy one currently shown21:06
OTRyes filter21:07
acerspyroAnd, maybe that's not related, but trying to alt + tab in a fullscreen window screws up21:07
OTRrun adblock21:07
Jelle_Hmm, shouldn't have been so happy. When I click to the next page it isn't loading either :/21:07
OTRfor eg21:07
vfwOTR: A proxy has it's uses, but only if the need is there would it be worth the touble to set on up.21:08
OTRblock unwanted protocols21:08
lelamalNaphatul: ok, thanks, I'll try that!21:08
acerspyroI can interact with all the applications, I can do keybinds and everything, but the fullscreen program is taking up the whole screen, so I have to go back in that program via alt + tab, and either do Win + D before alt tabbing or ask the program to go windows.21:08
NaphatulOTR, usually people use a firewall for that, and i'm not sure what 'protocols' you wouldn't want21:08
OTRjust the caching feature of proxie alone is a good enough reason21:09
OTRit could save like 50 percent of trafic21:09
whoppaz13I need help.  I have 2 installs of Ubuntu 14.04 on one hdd.  One that's functional and one that is not.  The non-functional one is Partition 1 and the functional one is Partition 6.  If I wipe out Partition 1, will I also lose the grub loader and not make it bootable anymore?21:09
vfwOTR: True, (it can cut down on outside triffic).21:10
ikoniaI don't think you'll see much benifit at home21:10
OTRyes i will21:10
Fleuvacerspyro: My experience with full screen mode on ubuntu is that it sux on most multi platform compatible programs21:11
Jordan_Uwhoppaz13: You should always re-run grub-install after making any partition changes (it's not always strictly needed, but it's easier to just always do it than to determine if you need to or not).21:11
Jordan_Uwhoppaz13: You should also always have a LiveCD/USB handy in case something goes wrong.21:12
acerspyroFleuv: Which is pretty much all programs available.21:12
acerspyroBecause Blender does it when I alt-tab from it while it's fullscreened21:12
Quatrokingdoes an open source client for skype exists?21:13
acerspyroQuatroking: Nope, the Skype protocol is closed21:13
Fleuvacerspyro: are you talking about fullscreen like watching youtube videos or playing games21:13
acerspyroPidgin can connect to Skype, but you still need the Skype program21:13
OerHeksSkype core is closedsource, client can be open21:13
Quatrokingthe skype client on linux is outdated by over 2 years and is pathetic21:13
whoppaz13Thank you Jordan_U.  I will try it out.  Would it matter though that its all on the same physical drive?21:13
acerspyroQuatroking: Probably not a solid solution, but I recommend switching to Google Hangout.21:13
vfwwhoppaz13: If you just need more space on the other partitions, you can just set partition 1 to a very small size, (like maybe only one or two meg), and that way, nothing will need to be changed.  But if you delete it, yes changes will need to be made so that your system will boot and run.21:14
acerspyroFleuv: Fullscreen programs21:14
whoppaz13I like that idea even better, vfw.  Gparted good for that??21:14
acerspyroFor example: Alt + F11 in Blender.21:14
acerspyroTry to Alt-Tab21:14
rich_skype is not just closed it is monitored telcom spyware.21:14
vfwwhoppaz13: Yes.21:15
acerspyrorich_: That's off-scope, tho.21:15
acerspyroFleuv: I use 14.10 btw, idk if I mentionned21:15
vfwvfw: I keep a gparted liveCD handy. http://gparted.org/download.php21:15
Quatrokingholy hell when I click away skype it keeps running in the background with no way to open it up again without restarting the entire process21:15
Quatrokingit doesn't even save my microsoft login21:15
acerspyroQuatroking: 32-bit only21:16
Fleuvhiihi, nope acespyro but yes were talking about the same thing21:16
OTRyou can do skype like chats using chrome now21:16
whoppaz13ok, cool. Thanks, vfw.  I appreciate the info!21:16
OTRso ive read21:16
Quatrokingacerspyro, i installed the 12.04 multiarch deb tho21:16
vfwQuatroking: Yes, that is the way it works. You would have to kill the actual application.21:16
reisioQuatroking: sure it's not just in the tray?21:16
lvlephwhat is the new command for gnome-sound-applet in 14.10?21:16
Quatrokingreisio, nope, it doesn't go to the tray21:16
reisioQuatroking: just use http://talky.io/ instead21:16
vfwQuatroking: pkill skype21:16
gacQuatroking: did you do it through dpkg by hand? or using apt/software center? there's a dependency required for skype tray icons to work in Unity, IIRC21:17
acerspyroreisio: What tray? Does Skype have any idea that Linux even had a tray?21:17
jhutchins_wkwhoppaz13: The MBR is outside of the partition table, so changing partitions won't have any effect on Grub's first stages. If you chanage the number of partitions on the disk, though, partition 6 would become partiton 5, and Grub might not find it.  You can fix that by changing the location in the grub configuration, or by using UUIDs instead of device numbers.21:17
reisioacerspyro: yes it has21:17
Quatrokinggac, software center21:17
Naphatulskype is a pain on windows let alone linux, dread every moment i have to use it21:17
reisioSkype actually relies on 100% GNU/Linux servers21:17
acerspyroLOL I KNEW IT!21:17
reisioMS bought Skype, its original creators were half sensible21:17
acerspyroThey couldn't run it on Windows, they just couldn't. Stability issues.21:17
reisioacerspyro: I'm sure the original authors thought that21:18
jhutchins_wkOTR: GoogleTalk has had video for a while, but it's not quite as reliable as skype.21:18
acerspyrojhutchins_wk: It has video21:18
acerspyroIt works perfectly, I use it commonly.21:18
Fleuvnah it works okay.21:18
lvlephwhat is the new command for gnome-sound-applet in 14.10?21:18
Quatrokinginstalled sni-qt, now I got it in the tray21:18
jhutchins_wkacerspyro: Yeah, it's getting better, but some systems still have trouble with it.21:18
FleuvSkype really could use some UI improvements in ubuntu21:18
OTRgoogle buisness is spying the users21:19
Quatrokingoh hey it actually logged in automatically now21:19
reisiowhy replace one proprietary trap with another one21:19
gacthe problem with discussing alternatives to skype is that most of these aren't options as skype is where the subscribers are...21:19
acerspyroOTR: what isn't nowadays?21:19
OTRits as bad as NS21:19
reisiowebrtc will kill them both21:19
jhutchins_wkFleuv: Not gonna happen, we're lucky they keep it up-to-date.21:19
vfwFleuv: Tell Microsoft21:19
jhutchins_wkI think continued availablity for Linux is probably related to the need to provide it for Android.21:19
vfwFleuv: Or, use google-talk21:19
OTRnobody uses netmeeting anymore :(21:20
reisioit's not as if it takes any particular effort to create a GNU/Linux package21:20
reisioand every Skype user on GNU/Linux they can advertize their own products to21:20
vfwjhutchins_wk: I don't think it depends on it, but it *is* a factor.21:20
Quatrokingsometimes I feel naughty for hanging out here because I can't wait for Microsoft Techdays 201521:21
lagboxhello .... does software updater not have a window anymore ? i can't only interact with it from the panel21:21
acerspyrogac: If noone ever switches, nothing will change.21:21
reisioQuatroking: free shrimp?21:21
Adephithello, anyone knows about the php of ubuntu, its different from the debian right?  :-( I want to see some info in my info.php and cant see it.21:21
ikoniain what way different ?21:21
Quatrokingreisio, damn straight! I can go to techdays for like 10 bucks because I'm a student21:21
clouddigI'm trying to follow this: http://ubuntu-cloud-installer.readthedocs.org/en/latest/single-installer.guide.html21:21
ikoniait's the same package set ?21:21
lagboxAdephit, what do you want to see ?21:21
gacacerspyro: oh yeah, agreed21:21
FleuvOkay so Microsoft said, why did you even removed Windows?!21:21
Quatrokingthat's a discount of, like, 390 bucks?21:21
vfwlagbox: I just use CLI for updates.  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade21:22
clouddigI'm getting the error E: Unable to locate package openstack21:22
vfwlagbox: (cut-to-the-chase)21:22
reisioQuatroking: it would be, if you weren't PAYING to be a student :p21:22
clouddigAny ideas?21:22
ikoniaclouddig: it's not called open stack21:22
ikoniaclouddig: there are many packages that make it up21:22
ansivirusAdephit, not sure i understand.. PHP is PHP.. if you want to see CLI php information just run php --version  or you can create a info.php and in there put <?php php_info();?>21:22
OTRyou can install android on any x86 machine for free21:22
Quatrokingreisio, I'm Dutch though, so actually I don't21:22
ikoniaandroid is nothing to do with this channel21:22
lagboxyea i do as well from time to time .. just trying to figure out why software updater has updates but when i click the icon i dont get any window but i can access its features from right click21:22
reisioQuatroking: sure you do21:22
clouddigso those instructions are out of date?21:23
Quatrokingyeah yeah, taxes and stuff21:23
clouddigikonia: so those instructions aren't valid anymore?21:23
reisioQuatroking: you are quite sane, I like you :)21:23
Adephiti'm just testing: /var/www/info.php -> <?php phpinfo(); ?>21:23
ikoniaclouddig: which instructions ?21:23
ikoniaAdephit: whats the actual problem ?21:23
lagboxAdephit, and what seems to be the issue ?21:23
ansivirusAdephit, open browser and http://localhost/info.php21:23
ikoniaclouddig: not interested in thos instructions, they are not ubuntus docs21:24
ikoniaclouddig: ask the guy who wrote them if they are still valid21:24
ikoniaclouddig: looks like it depends on a PPA21:24
clouddigikonia: oh. Are there Ubuntu specific docs to install Openstack?21:24
ikoniatry https://help.ubuntu.com or wiki.ubuntu.com there maybe docs21:24
test0Hi, I used sudo kill -9 0"21:25
ikoniatest0: why did you do that ?21:25
AdephitNot Found21:25
AdephitThe requested URL /info.php was not found on this server.21:25
Adephit apache server at <ip> Port 8021:25
test0to try to kill all processes21:25
test0but it didn't work21:25
ikoniatest0: ok, so reboot and it will work again21:26
ikoniatest0: you can't kill "all" processes21:26
jhutchins_wkOTR: Actually, android-on-x86 is highly dependent on the specific hardware you have.  It's not as modular and flexible as Linux, you need an image designed for your hardware.21:26
k1ltest0: what do you want to do at all?21:27
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.21:27
lagboxAdephit, sounds like apache isn't setup right21:27
test0i wanted to kill as many processes at once as possible21:27
clouddigikonia: it seems that ubuntu gives similar instructions http://www.ubuntu.com/download/cloud/install-ubuntu-openstack, but they work (so far)21:27
lagboxtest0, why ?21:27
test0just to see if it's possible21:27
test0it it not?21:27
lagboxhow about i just say no so you can stop your expirement21:28
k1ltest0: no, that doesnt make sense21:28
jhutchins_wktest0: Generally there's no reason to be able to do that.21:28
the-bosswhat experiment ?21:28
gacAdephit: if you look in the apache error log (/var/log/apache2/error.log, maybe? i dunno the location) then it'll hopefully have some information on why it can't find your php file21:28
wiakany of you using supervisor?, i get "su: must be run from a terminal" error when i try to run rtorrent via it21:28
the-bossback to basics?21:29
the-bossman look at this,teaching the su command..21:29
test0well I used kill -9 `ps -eo pid` and it seemed to do something21:29
ikoniathe-boss: drop it21:30
ikoniathe-boss: help or be quiet21:30
the-bosswhat i can do for help?21:30
ikoniahelp with the question being asked21:30
the-bossi was only jocking friend..21:30
test0i wondered if it was possible to make it simpler and kill 0 or kill -1 seemed to be supposed to do that21:31
k1lthe-boss: please keep this channel clear for real ubuntu support. we have #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat21:31
lagboxyou want to kill all process ... shutdown -rn now21:31
excognachi all, am trying to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 but looks like http://pastebin.com/NaLfqBxc something i do wrong...21:31
the-bossi can solve these problems easily if you tell what the question here..21:32
k1lexcognac: why -d?21:32
gacexcognac: you probably don't want -d, that seems to be only going for the next version up which is EOL and probably removed from the mirrors21:32
test0but if it's not possible to kill as many processes as possible then what does kill -9 `ps -eo pid` do? and yes turning it off kills the processes but i want to see what happens if you kill all the processes and leave it on21:32
ikoniatest0 the machine will hang21:33
test0i realize my question is probably rather silly but i thought it was technically possible21:33
ikoniatest0: thats what will happen, test over21:33
lagboxyea expirement over21:33
lagboxyou may want to reverse what you are doing if you are trying to find the "minimal" amount of processes21:34
excognacgac: same result wihout -d21:34
lagboxstart from rc up21:34
test0so how do I do that? that's not what happens when i do sudo kill -9 `ps -eo pid`21:34
Jordan_Utest0: If you want to talk more about this, please join #ubuntu-offtopic as it's not really a support question but more just having fun (which there's nothing wrong with, in the right channel :).21:34
excognack1l: thanks but it doesn't work without -d either21:34
gactest0: your kill -9 command is probably killing the single pid that you're providing it. totally different thing21:34
gacexcognac: is your 12.04 installation totally up to date?21:35
k1lexcognac: run a "sudo apt-get update"21:35
excognacgac:I'm fullz updated yeah21:36
k1lexcognac: maybe the mirror is down. so if it doesnt work after the update try to set to another mirror or the main server21:36
gacno, the issue is that it's trying to update to 12.10 which is EOL, and not the latest LTS21:36
gacexcognac: in your /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades file, is the Prompt set to "normal" or "lts"?21:37
vfwexcognac: grep Prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades21:38
Adephiti discover the problem :-DDDDDD thanks gac :-D21:40
lagboxyou da man21:40
gacAdephit: cool, what was the problem? trying to load the file from the wrong folder?21:40
lagboxwebroot issue ?21:40
SemajnadHello, I have a dedicated server running ubuntu desktop 13.10. Unfortunately, it's having trouble booting and is getting stuck on Stopping startpar bridge for notification of upstart job start/stop. It just hangs aand doesn't continue. Does anyone know why this might be?21:41
excognacgac: thx i set to to lts now21:41
Adephit./var/www/html/info.php not /var/www/info.php lol21:41
gacexcognac: cool, if it's set to LTS it should try and upgrade you to 14.04 which is obviously a current release :)21:41
k1lgac: yeah, thought this was triggered by the -d, but the release prompt must be set to lts.21:41
excognacgac:it!s doing it now!!21:41
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jononeoneHi, im tryiuing to get ubuntu tv to work on ubuntu 12.04 but it wont load after installation and reboot.21:41
jononeonei get this error:21:41
jononeoneunity-2d-shell: [FATAL] ASSERT: "m_barrier != 0" in file /build/buildd/unity-2d21:42
excognacvfw:tz for help, I set it to lts now works fine21:43
vfw jononeone EOL for 13.10 Desktop was July 17th, 201421:43
gacdoesn't explain why it suddenly stopped booting though :/21:44
lagboxgoogling that error pops up some bugs on launchpad21:44
vfwjononeone: Is it server install?21:45
SemajnadThe only other question is ( and this might be an easier solution ). I've created a second partition, I believe it's something like sdc6, and installed the same version of Ubuntu on, so I'm dual booting two versions of Ubuntu 13.10. How do I boot to this partition instead of the primary?21:45
SemajnadOh sorry vfw didn't see that message. I've installed the Desktop version.21:45
vfwjononeone: If so, you might try sudo apt-get install bride-utils21:46
RxTx127i have a question about ubuntu 14.10, when i login, unity does not start and i can't acces to my desktop, i can send Ctrl alt del so see process and see the background image, only that, someone have ever had this issue ?21:46
k1ljononeone: ubuntu tv? i suggest you ask the specialists on that.21:46
Ben64Semajnad: 13.10 is no longer supported, you should be installing 14.0421:46
jononeonevfw: no its 12.04 lts21:46
lagboxRxTx127, what graphics driver ?21:46
vfwjononeone: I thought you said 13.1021:46
SemajnadBen64, I need to get my data off first, as I have an unbootable 13.10.21:46
lagboxyea i have had nothing but problems with fglrx21:46
k1ljononeone: #ubuntu-tv should be the channel for that21:46
SemajnadHow do I boot to partition sdc6 instead of sdc1?21:47
Ben64Semajnad: so boot a live cd or usb or dvd or something21:47
lagboxtry alt+ctrl+f1 to get to virtual console and see if it locks up21:47
jononeonek1l: Ok do you know anything about the error?21:47
vfwjononeone:  sudo apt-get install bride-utils21:47
RxTx127all tty works21:47
lagboxthats good21:47
lagboxand if you alt+ctlr+f7 you go back to black ?21:47
k1ljononeone: sorry, but no21:47
RxTx127it work too21:47
teezwI have an usb-speaker and it works but I have one problem: On the speaker there are three buttons to control the volume (volume up, mute, volume down). Unfortunately, they don't work. Can someone help me?21:48
jononeonevfw: no version 12.04 witch sould be the only version able to install ubuntu tv on .. ?21:48
lagboxi know i had to adjust some compiz settings to get some things to not be a problem21:48
vfwjononeone: I'm sorry, I got you mixed up with someone else.  Disregard21:48
jononeonevfw: what does that do?21:48
SemajnadAt the moment I'm stuck with a remote dedicated server, looking at 200 pounds an hour for them to help, and a unbootable 13.10 Desktop OS. I have created a second partition with a new version of Ubuntu 13.10 on, but need to boot to that (sdc6) instead of sdc1. How do you boot to a new partition?21:48
lagboxactually i never had to use fglrx until i just upgraded and i am not happy about it at all21:49
RxTx127hum :/21:49
vfwSemajnad: sudo apt-get install bride-utils21:49
RxTx127not good21:49
Ben64Semajnad: how did you install 13.1021:49
jononeonevfw: i get this after running command:21:49
lagboxRxTx127, try installing xfce as alternative desktop and login to that and see if you get a desktop21:49
jononeoneReading state information... Done21:49
jononeoneE: Unable to locate package bride-utils21:49
SemajnadBen64:  The host mounted the ISO from their end because their KVM was playing up and I installed it on a seperate partition.21:49
SemajnadBen64: Hoping I could then boot into that aand recover the data using FTP21:50
Jordan_USemajnad: Start by installing a supported version of Ubuntu, like 14.04.21:50
jononeonevfw: no problem. :-)21:50
SemajnadJordan_U: I don't want to do that as the KVM is VERY slow. I have a working copy of 13.10 and just need to know how to boot to it.21:50
Ben64Semajnad: if it was indeed working, it would boot21:50
RxTx127ushh, i will try to back to default driver before, and if it not work i will install xfce ok ? :p21:50
Jordan_USemajnad: 14.04 shouldn't be any slower than 13.10, but it definitely is more secure, and actually supported here.21:51
lagboxsounds good ... trouble shooting is always fun :)21:51
SemajnadBen64: My primary install of 13.10 is not working. I have installed aa second copy of it on another partition and need to boot to that one instead.21:51
RxTx127yes :p i like problems !21:51
Ben64Semajnad: i understand that, but if you truly installed it properly, it would boot automatically21:51
SemajnadJordan_U: The problem is not speed or security, it's just the fact that I don't want to have to go through the install procedure again. I just need to know how to boot to sdc6 instead of sdc1?21:51
SemajnadIs it an easy procedure to change the primary boot parititon?21:52
Ben64Semajnad: why don't you boot the livecd again, and use that environment to recover your files21:52
vfwjononeone: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bug/98394221:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 983942 in unity-2d (Ubuntu) "unity-2d-shell crashes when using with a NX server" [Critical,Fix released]21:52
Jordan_USemajnad: This channel only supports supported versions of Ubuntu, period. I'm sure that you'll save much more time by re-installing a supported version of Ubuntu compared to the time you will lose due to not having support.21:53
freijonSemajnad: you could edit fstab to boot sdc621:53
SemajnadBen64 is Live CD just the 'Try Ubuntu'. Also, I don't believe I get network connectivity and what I really need to do is install an FTP Server so I can recover my files to my local PC.21:53
RxTx127purge all drivers and removin xorg conf21:53
RxTx127and reinstall xorg :) and reconfigure !21:54
Ben64Semajnad: everything works in a livecd, ftp, ssh, networking21:54
vfwSemajnad: You can't just use scp?21:54
SemajnadBen64: Thank you, I'll give that a go, I didn't realize it would :)21:54
delacwhen I set "Record file and application usage" off, what program(s) I'm disabling?21:55
SemajnadThank you, I appreciate the help. I'll try Live CD and recover my files from there.21:56
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excognacHmm. mz disked looks messed up, what's the matter here? http://pastebin.com/EzQw9ang21:57
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
excognac*my disk21:58
gacexcognac: your disk is 625142448 sectors, but the extended partition ends at 62515340921:59
RobinHood2015How do I convert an existing ext4 partition to BTRFS?22:00
lagboxi think google has the answer to that one22:01
reisiomight want to be able to answer such a question yourself, before moving to a beta FS22:01
Quatrokingwhenever I hibernate/suspend, ubuntu freezes when I resume22:02
Quatrokingwhat do22:03
RobinHood2015reisio: So you recommend sticking with ext4, then?22:03
lagboxQuatroking, what video drivers ?22:03
Quatrokinglagbox, I use the open source onces because my nvidia card is toasted22:03
Quatrokingwhen I use nvidia drivers my desktop literally looks as if it's on LSD22:03
mgolischRobinHood2015: why do you want btrfs? do you have any use for even one of its features?22:03
excognacgac:thx mate so, i just need to edit the partition table in terminal to the correct value, right?22:03
vfwRobinHood2015: You don't convert to a different filesystem, you reformat to a different filesystem (and wipe any existing data in the process).22:03
lagboxvfw you can convert filesystems22:04
gacexcognac: i can't really help with a solution - I've never seen that happen myself, and i'm not even sure how one *could* make that partition table in the first place22:04
mgolischactualy btrfs allows conversion from extfs22:04
lagboxthere are numerous tools for doing so22:04
RobinHood2015Well, I'm using TimeShift, a System Restore utility similar to Windows' for Ubuntu. The program is written by Tony George, and I've seen on his website that BTRFS is supposed to be awesome...22:05
vfwreading https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Conversion_from_Ext322:06
RobinHood2015It's actually supposed to let you be able to resize partitions while they are live, like NTFS does.22:06
a4hi guys, I'm trying to get sound working on my thinkpad, which still doesn't work. I've installed alsa and alsa-tools, then I added my username to audio (sudo adduser a audio). Afther I did those things, I restarted my system, and tried to play some music with mocp, which gave me the following error: FATAL_ERROR: No valid sound driver! I don't know what else I can do. Can somebody provide me some direction22:07
a4how to solve this?22:07
vfwI stand corrected.  There appears to be a conversion program btrfs-convert.  (Apparently can *can* teach an old dog new tricks.)22:07
vfwa4: alsamixer22:08
vfwa4: (What does it say about your sound card?)22:09
excognacgac: thanks, i think i'll mess with testdisk or so22:10
gacexcognac: back up first ;)22:10
vfwa4: Does it show any muted channels?22:10
excognacgac:ofc, it's in process22:10
gaci don't think it'll be a major deal as the actual partitions inside that extended partition do end inside the disk, so shrinking the extended partition container *should* be ok. but you never know...22:10
lagboxwhat could possibly go wrong ... famous last words  :)22:11
azizLIGHTi got updates notification, to which i said ok install, and now it says: System program problem detected. Do you want to report the problem now? Cancel / Report problem...22:11
azizLIGHTwhat the heck22:11
lagboxyay 5th element reference22:11
a4vfw: this is what alsamixer showing me http://imgur.com/pC9fctv22:12
vfwa4: F622:13
lagboxprobably shouldnt be using the hdmi22:13
vfwa4: or  m22:13
vfwa4: Is that your sound card?  ATI R6xx HDMI ?22:14
vfwlagbox: Yea, don't think that is it.22:14
lagboxi think it is probably the hdmi part of the card .. and it has another card listed22:14
lagboxsometimes the hdmi gets listed first for some reason22:14
vfwa4: F6  (see what you get.)22:14
vfwlagbox: At any rate, it shows to be muted.22:15
vfwa4:  MM  means it is muted22:15
lagboxits possible that card depending on drivers will always be muted ... ive seen odd things with those setups22:16
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a4vfw: when I press F6, I get two different Sound Card: 1HDA ATI SB, and Thinkpad Console Audio. The 1HDA ATI is setted all to high22:17
lagboxif i dont pass the right boot param i dont get hdmi audio22:17
vfwa4: So what do you see with Thinkpad Console Audio?22:17
vfwa4: (Is anything muted?)22:18
a4vfw: MM, wnen I press m, I get 00, but it can't be setted higher22:18
vfwa4: Up-Arrow22:18
a4vfw: nothing is muted now22:18
a4vfw: up arrow doesn't work22:19
a4vfw: it keeps on 0022:19
vfwa4: Right-Arrow to go to channel at right, Left-Arrow to move left22:19
vfwa4: (You must first select the channel in order to change volume setting.)22:19
a4vfw: still not22:20
halpmei need an help22:20
lagboxa4, what type of thinkpad and what version of ubuntu22:20
vfwa4: Open another terminal and:  lspci (See what it says about your sound chip)22:20
lagboxi would imagine their is a wiki page setup if this is a common issue22:20
halpmei wish to know where is 14.10 X deamon config file22:21
halpmewhere is it?22:21
halpmeit's not gnome anymore22:21
vfwa4: Some laptops also have manual volume controls, (and they will override software ones if turned down, or muted).22:21
lagboxhehe i have had to use audio tools to go in and play with virtual pins so i can get all my speakers working ... there sometimes is weird proprietary stuff going on22:22
vfwhalpme:  service --status-all22:23
vfwhalpme: (from terminal window)22:24
halpmevfw: what does it do?22:24
vfwhalpme: Shows list of services and tells their status22:24
halpmeand how does it solve the need to know where is config files for the X service?22:25
vfwhalpme:  init daemon control tool22:25
vfwhalpme: Oh, ok.  Startup scripts?22:26
halpmeno, enviroment configs22:26
lvlephmy media keys only work after logging into Unity/Gnome, but if I am using i3wm or am sitting in lightdm they don't work. Any idea?22:26
vfwhalpme: You want to know where the startup scrips are?  NO you want configuration files?22:26
halpmevfw: configuration files22:26
lvlephUbuntu 14.10 btw22:26
ASHER1where i can find download for this?22:27
ASHER1ubuntu 14.04  wubi.exe22:27
vfwhalpme: /etc22:27
gacASHER1: i don't think wubi exists anymore, does it?22:27
lvlephASHER1, http://askubuntu.com/questions/449486/windows-installer-for-ubuntu-14-04-lts-onwards22:28
vfwhalpme: An example would be printer deamon, (cups): /etc/cups/cupsd.conf22:28
gacoh, it does, my bad22:28
halpmevfw: well i asked for the X SERVER (not anymore gnome) conf files, i know they are located in /etc/but which subfolders and which files are?22:29
=== doge is now known as cups
lagboxare you looking for like Xorg.conf or something ?22:29
vfwhalpme: Ok  /etc/X1122:29
lvlephSo why would media keys work in Unity but not i3wm or lightdm?22:29
vfwhalpme: What are you needing to do?22:30
halpmevfw: just wanna read them22:30
gaclvleph: there's probably a daemon running in the background to listen to those specific key events, and take action on them. which, if it's a part of unity, probably doesn't run on the login screen and won't run in another window manager22:30
lagboxmight be some gsettings involved with those keys22:30
vfwhalpme: You might be interested in  /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:31
lvlephlagbox, I run unity-settings-daemon on start of i322:31
halpmevfw: what does it contain, except logs, which are regards of interest?22:31
vfwhalpme: Because, unless you have a proprietary driver module installed, the configuration file will not exist.22:31
halpmevfw: and the default configs?22:32
vfwhalpme: But if it does exist it would be in /etc/X11/22:32
vfwhalpme: /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:32
halpmevfw: X11 is not just the deamon who, next, call and start the enviroment who write GUI, effects and all?22:33
vfwhalpme: But you'll see what you have going on now in /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:33
lvlephhalpme, I don't think we understand what you want. I certainly don't understand half of what you are typing.22:34
vfwhalpme: less /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:35
vfwhalpme: See if that shows what you are looking for.22:35
k1lhalpme: the *dm (like lightdm) sorts all the xserver stuff on ubuntu. so if i understand you right you want to look at that configs22:35
lvlephk1l, the configs for lightdm only  really tells you session info.22:35
vfwhalpme: /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf22:36
icloudI want to pick icon-theme-name for lightdm, how do i know what icon-theme-name i have available?22:36
halpmevfw: i see the logs22:36
icloudthe reason im asking is that my icons are red Xs on light dm greeter22:36
lvlephicloud, you can look into http://www.maketecheasier.com/customize-lightdm-themes/22:36
vfwhalpme: Well, that won't show much.22:36
halpmevfw: lightdm.conf does not exist22:37
halpmei have users.conf22:37
lvlephhalpme, what are you actually looking for?22:37
vfwhalpme: /etc/init.d/lightdm22:38
vfwhalpme: But that's just the startup script.22:38
icloudlvleph: i was there, it doesn't tell me much,  i am inside lightdm.conf, i was able to change my wall paper for lightdm and pick the theme-name22:38
halpmeivaldi: in newest releases of ubuntu, GNOME was changed with a custom X system, i wanna know where is the config files for that22:38
vfwlvleph: I think he just wants to know where stuff is.....22:39
lvlephicloud, there is a lightdm-tweak or something22:39
lagboxwhat about gnome ?22:39
lvlephvfw, after asking multiple times and being ignored; I am just going to ignore halpme22:39
lagboxgnome isn't an x system22:39
vfwhalpme: Have you installed  gnome-shell ?22:39
halpmeivaldi: i didn't see, retype22:40
=== marklite is now known as markelite
givelloBashing-om: hey22:40
halpmevfw: no, no gnome-shell since it does not use gnome anymore22:40
phixWoah!  What's with all the updates today?22:41
halpmevfw: unless i want to change default with it, and i don't want that22:41
vfwhalpme: So you have a standard Ubuntu install?22:41
vfwhalpme: 14.04?22:41
lagboxubuntu defaults to unity22:41
vfw!unity | halpme22:41
ubottuhalpme: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity22:41
halpmevfw: 14.04 UU with some PKGS that does not impact on unity22:41
phixunity == buggy as all hell on my computer, I am sure it runs better on other peoples hardware22:41
lvlephI suppose I should check the change logs for 14.04 to 14.10 to figure out how things changed with media keys22:42
k1lhalpme: what? can you rephrase the issue you want to invistigate?22:42
lagboxactually 14.10 has fixed my issues with unity for the most part :) finally22:42
halpmek1l: i have 14.10 with some packages that does not impact on unity22:42
lvlephlagbox, 14.10 has broken my i3 well the media keys anyway22:42
lagboxmaybe you need to check with i3 docs22:43
lvlephhalpme, what language do you speak?22:43
halpmelvleph: italian and english22:43
lvlephi3 doesn't handle media keys22:43
k1lhalpme: like what packages?22:43
lvlephnon compisco l'italiano sorry22:44
halpmek1l: an IRC chat, chrominium22:44
vfwhalpme: I don't know how curent this info is, but:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/318253/how-do-i-customize-unity-on-ubuntu-13-0422:44
bazhang!info chrominium22:44
ubottuPackage chrominium does not exist in utopic22:44
vfwhalpme: (I am an xfce user, so....)22:44
k1lhalpme: that have nothing to do with the xserver22:44
OerHekswhats wrong with updates?22:45
k1lhalpme: so what is the issue there?22:45
Jelle_Hey guys. How can I give a certain service (Java) more RAM in my server please?22:45
halpmek1l: tools and tools, i wanna edit my config with my nano by myself22:45
phixummm there is a PPA for chrome22:45
k1lhalpme: what?22:45
icloudlvleph: i am just asking how to find out what icon-theme-names are available on my system22:45
halpmek1l: there is no issues, i wanna customize my system22:45
k1lhalpme: you are not making any sense.22:46
icloudlike for theme-name i just ls /usr/share/themes and for fonts i can do fc-list22:46
lvlephicloud, ahhh. This I don't know.22:46
lagboxdpkg -l | grep icon-theme | grep ii  ?  idk22:46
k1lhalpme: are you talking about theme changes?22:46
halpmek1l: no, no and no22:46
k1lhalpme: so what is your issue?22:47
halpmek1l: apache have httpd.conf22:47
halpmek1l: unity have ?22:47
vfwhalpme: I think there is a ppa for unity-tweak-tool (Not sure about it, I've not used it but may be of interest to you.)22:47
halpmevfw: as i said, i wanna edit my config files with nano and not using a tool for that22:48
bazhang!info unity-tweak-tool22:48
k1lhalpme: you mean dconfig?22:48
ubottuunity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.6ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 325 kB, installed size 2550 kB22:48
Bashing-omgivello: I am here, so I guess I still exist. Where are we at presently in getting you booting ?22:48
k1lvfw: its not a PPA anymore22:48
OerHeks!info dconf-editor22:48
ubottudconf-editor (source: d-conf): simple configuration storage system - utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.22.0-1 (utopic), package size 102 kB, installed size 488 kB22:48
vfwhalpme: Good luck with that.22:48
vfwk1l: Thanks info.22:48
lvlepharen't the unity configs all in gsettings or something22:48
halpmevfw: more than luck i need to know location22:48
icloudlagbox: haha ok, that works, i didn't know themes are installed as packages awesome22:48
lagboxicloud, im just guessing22:49
vfwhalpme: ~/.gconf maybe..?22:49
halpmevfw: gonna try22:50
k1lhalpme: like i said: its dconf22:50
Jelle_Hey guys. How can I give a certain service (Java) more RAM in my server please?22:50
givelloBashing-om: haha, good :D22:50
icloudlagbox: good guess thanks22:50
=== dilbert is now known as Guest94936
Bashing-omgivello: Booting ?22:50
givelloBashing-om: haha, good :D Eric^^ earlier tonight22:50
givelloI mean I worked with Eric^^ sorry22:50
k1lhalpme: so have a read: https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/dconf22:50
givelloBashing-om: but to no avail22:50
Bashing-omgivello: Was it indeed a grub issue ?22:51
lagboxcompiz settings come into play22:51
givelloBashing-om: we reinstalled grub, didn't work22:51
vfwhalpme: Maybe use  gconf-editor and browse /apps/compiz-1/plugins/unityshell/screen0/options22:51
halpmevfw: nothing,22:51
k1lvfw: gnome swithced to dconf last time22:51
lagboxCompizConfig Settings Manager22:51
givelloBashing-om: I'm not sure if you got the info but I got the system to give me error messages when booting22:51
givelloBashing-om: take a look at the history of the channel22:51
lagboxbut who knows what the right avenue is22:52
vfwhalpme: You might also have gconftool-2 - GNOME configuration tool22:52
givelloBashing-om: or I can explain you again if you prefer22:52
cognitiosHow do i create a channel?22:52
givelloBashing-om: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/10/29/%23ubuntu.html22:52
halpmevfw: is that a file? i wished to use a ASCII text file editor for that work22:52
vfwhalpme: http://askubuntu.com/questions/52025/where-can-i-find-a-unity-configuration-file22:53
Bashing-omgivello: I look at the log. see what I can garner . I be back.22:53
k1lhalpme: and: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search.py?lr=lang_en&q=gsettings   and http://manpages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search.py?lr=lang_en&q=dconf22:53
lvlephman, I can't find anything that tells me why multimedia keys would work in unity but not lightdm or i3wm22:53
k1lhalpme: that should be enough for you to read22:53
halpmek1l: reading22:53
givelloBashing-om: ok, thanks :)22:54
halpmek1l: used gconf-editor /apps/compiz-1/plugins/unityshell/screen0/options22:54
=== Guest94936 is now known as Dilbert23
k1lhalpme: stop. read the links i gave you22:55
halpmek1l: system program problem detected screen22:55
halpmek1l: readed22:55
k1lhalpme: yes. because you are doing it wrong. i told you to use dconf since its what unity and gnome use today.22:55
OerHekshalpme, random editting can cause problems :-D22:55
Bradopretty cool ubuntu logs their irc conversations...22:56
k1lhalpme: so go and really read what i linked you. and not just press buttons or copy&paste commands you find22:56
lagboxthere is some issue possibly with the media keys with how they are set ... missing the XF86 part of the value22:56
halpmek1l: ok i am doing it22:56
k1lhalpme: you asked for the hard way. so go the hard way.22:57
halpmek1l: i am22:57
lagboxlvleph, have you tried resetting those media keys ?22:57
ki7mtDoes anyone know if there's a backport for lintian / trust to bump the standards version to 3.9.6 v.s. 3.9.5 ?22:58
lvlephlagbox,  yes, using gsettings22:58
ki7mt.. s/trust/trusty/g ..22:59
halpmek1l: ok, there's no sign of dconf in that link only gconf*22:59
=== Zarthus is now known as Scarthus
halpmek1l: gconf-editor and gconftool-223:00
cognitiosHow do I create a channel?23:00
k1lhalpme: its dconf23:00
lagboxcognitios, an irc channel ?23:00
lagboxask in #freenode23:00
cognitiosthank you23:00
k1lcognitios: just join a channel. then its created. you need to register it. but that is a support issue of #freenode23:00
halpmek1l: dconf is writed where in that link?23:00
[Saint_]IS dist-upgrade failing on linux-generic dependencies a known issue in 14.10?23:01
k1lhalpme: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/utopic/en/man1/dconf-editor.1.html23:01
Bradoand not bother freenode23:01
k1l[Saint_]: no23:01
halpmek1l: it say "gconf is not the same as dconf/gsettings (it is the older config system)."23:01
k1lBrado: that is what that channel is for23:01
k1lhalpme: so? i told you that gconf is deprecated23:02
ki7mtwhy would there be a dist-upgrade if a point release has not been issues?23:02
Hephaestosi need some help with setting up my own irc server23:02
ki7mt... issued23:02
Ben64ki7mt: dist-upgrade has no relationship to a point release23:02
[Saint_]^ this23:02
Bradohttps://blog.freenode.net/2008/04/registering-a-channel-on-freenode/ ... Im bored23:02
lvlephokay, when I login using lightdm what does lightdm run to get unity up?23:02
ki7mtwhat's the diff then ?23:03
Jelle_I get  'There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue. ', how can I give more RAM to my java service?23:03
Ben64!dist-upgrade | ki7mt23:03
ubottuki7mt: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.23:03
halpmek1l: so dconf is deprecated and i should use gconf according to link, but i must use dconf because gconf is deprecated according to you, what should i do so? it's pretty confusing23:03
[Saint_]Ask Google what dist-upgrade is for23:03
ki7mtBen64, Thanks.23:03
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.23:04
bazhang[Saint_], ^23:04
ki7mtlol .. I've had that backwards for a long time them.. whoops !23:04
[Saint_]Anyway: TL;DR - dist-upgrade is failing to apply the kernel image due to a cyclical dependency with the linux-generic and linux-image-generic metapackages in the 14.10 release image23:04
k1lhalpme: gconf is deprecated23:04
[Saint_]bazhang: Ummm...thanks?23:04
halpmek1l: so the command is dconf /apps/compiz-1/plugins/unityshell/screen0/options/23:04
[Saint_]*I* know what its for....23:04
k1lhalpme: gconf was for gnome2. dconf for gnome3.23:04
Ben64[Saint_]: pastebin "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"23:04
[Saint_]bazhang: I suspect you wanted to direct that to someone else.23:04
[Saint_]Either that, or you misread.23:05
quillfordHow can I get my com23:05
k1lhalpme: i will stop searching stuff for you know since you dont listen but just click on commands you see without even thinking what you are doing. good luck23:05
OerHeks[Saint} channel policy is: we do not suggest to google23:05
Jelle_I get  'There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue. ', how can I give more RAM to my java service? Or should I try updatingj ava?23:05
bazhang[Saint_], you said to google it, please dont do that in future23:05
quillfordHow can I get my computer to basically be like a chromecast? I mainly want YouTube and possibly Netflix. I am currently on Ubuntu23:06
halpmek1l: maybe you are pointing me things that say another thing as you did and i am confusing23:06
rwwhalpme: the quote you gave says the *same* thing as k1l said.23:06
[Saint_]Please don't ask people to search out information they can find out themselves trivially?23:06
[Saint_]What kind of bullshit nany crap is that?23:06
bazhang[Saint_], correct. just dont answer if you dont know23:06
halpmerww: so i misunderstand, that make sense23:06
k1l[Saint_]: dont get distracted. lets focus on the technical support23:07
RobinHood2015Tried to convert my Ubuntu system to BTRFS, but when I did so and rebooted, I got "error: unknown filesystem," "Entering rescue mode..." and "grub rescue>". Did I miss a step in the conversion process?23:07
* [Saint_] remebers why he rarely spends time in this channel23:07
lagboxdid you update configs to tell it what filesystem is on the partition ?23:07
halpmerww: but dconf launched on the path suggested by link return nothing, so i don't have any idea of what i should do23:07
k1l[Saint_]: can you show a pastebin of the actual apt-get command failing?23:08
RobinHood2015Yes, I edited /etc/fstab on the partition in question.23:08
k1l[Saint_]: best is to run "apt-get update" before23:08
[Saint_]k1l: yes, indeed. sec.23:08
lagboxso what was the reason for switching filesystems ?23:08
Jelle_Is it possible to allocate more ram to my java-service please?23:08
RobinHood2015To unlock resizing of partitions while they are live, among other features.23:09
lagboxcan i ask why you need that ability .. im just interested23:09
halpmei am using dconf list /apps/compiz-1/plugins/unityshell/screen0/options/ and it give nothing as a result, so there's no variable on that folder, or i am pointing wrong folder, or something i don't understand but block me23:09
lagboxsounds interesting23:09
lagboxJelle_, perhaps there is a flag you can pass23:09
Jelle_lagbox: please tell me more :D23:10
lagbox-Xms <initial size> -Xmx <max size>23:11
Jelle_And where to set the service? Java in this case23:11
[Saint_]k1l: http://pastebin.com/LMBk8DfM23:12
[Saint_](absolutely clean 14.10 install)23:12
RobinHood2015Anyway, I'm thinking I forgot to do "update-grub" on the newly converted root partition.23:12
halpmewell i assume i must ask somewhere else23:12
[Saint_]removing the linux-generic metapackage doesn't help.23:12
lagboxJelle_, there might be a config type file for that service that you can alter23:13
vfwRobinHood2015: Then boot from the install media and do the recovery option.23:13
halpmethank you for your time anyway23:13
vfwRobinHood2015: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub23:13
vfwhalpme: Send pizza and beer23:14
[Saint_]k1l: any ideas?23:14
k1l[Saint_]: its doesnt fail on the package depency. it fails before23:14
Jelle_lagbox can you give me more information please :D23:14
lagboxnot really23:15
Jelle_too bad!23:15
RobinHood2015"sudo apt-get install boot-repair", correct?23:15
lagboxdoes that service have a config file in etc or anything ?23:15
lagboxplus what service is it ?23:15
Jelle_Java :P23:15
Jelle_' There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue. '23:15
lagboxjust java23:15
lagboxi dont think so23:15
Jelle_So I need to upgrade my server :D23:16
lagboxyea i dont know what service your talking about23:16
Jelle_well actually its Jira23:16
Jelle_but jira is crashing due to Java23:16
lagboxwhy didn't you say so23:16
lagboxgoogle   how to allocate more memory for JIRA ubuntu23:17
vfwJelle_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207997223:17
[Saint_]k1l: any ideas on a way forward here? I suspect I'm not the only one hitting this issue, as its a 100% clean, first boot, 14.10 image installed specifically to reproduce the error.23:17
[Saint_](I wanted to remove any possibility of user configuration snafoos)23:17
k1l[Saint_]: some special setup with /boot partition or encryption?23:17
Jelle_thank you sir!23:18
[Saint_]k1l: its just a 100% kosher "let the installer do what it wants" setup.23:18
[Saint_]single partition space, nothing fancy.23:18
givelloBashing-om: Ill go to bed sorry, here's hoping you or eric will be around tomorrow to try and fix it again...23:20
givelloBashing-om: if I cant get it to work Ill just save my game saves and reinstall, but I'd rather not23:21
k1l[Saint_]: what gives you "sudo update-grub"?23:21
[Saint_]k1l: it is a dual-boot environment, but that was working happily for several years prior.23:21
[Saint_]I re-images the Ubuntu section the other day, and everything fell to crap.23:22
k1l[Saint_]: i think the "grub-probe: error: not a directory." (line 160 in that paste) is triggering the issue23:22
RobinHood2015Okay, I'm back... I tried to update GRUB on my hard drive after converting my partitions to BTRFS, but the command returns "error: failed to get canonical path of `/cow'. What's wrong now?23:22
[Saint_]k1l: saint@saint-desktop:~$ sudo update-grub Generating grub configuration file ... grub-probe: error: not a directory.23:22
vfw[Saint_]: uname -r23:22
lagboxwhy would you need to resize partitions while running ?23:22
k1l[Saint_]: yes, that is the cause, not the package installation23:23
RobinHood2015to create even more partitions, naturally23:23
lagboxyea thats the part i am intrigued about23:24
vfw[Saint_]: ls /boot/vmlinuz-3.* |pastebinit23:24
=== edward_ is now known as XChat_2321
RobinHood2015Anyway, how can I fix GRUB to recognize that my partitions are now in BTRFS format?23:25
[Saint_]vfw: /boot/vmlinuz-3.16.0-23-generic  /boot/vmlinuz-3.16.0-24-generic23:25
RobinHood2015Or do I need to install a whole new bootloader entirely?23:25
vfw[Saint_]: So you have upgraded to kernel but you've not rebooted since then and are still running ?23:26
vfw[Saint_]: Or_______________?23:26
[Saint_]vfw: I've done nothing but what you see in the initial pastebin23:27
[Saint_]its an absolutely clean install specifically to replicate this error23:27
[Saint_]I've done nothing but apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade23:27
vfw[Saint_]: sudo apt-get update && sudo upgrade23:28
vfw[Saint_]: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade23:28
k1lthere is an issue somewhere with grub23:28
ObrienDave[Saint_]: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:29
k1li dont know if its the /boot partition, the write permissions on anything in /boot or with plain grub settings23:29
[Saint_]Is this "lets ask [Saint_] to re-do the things he quite obviously already did" day? ;)23:29
RobinHood2015kll: oh? you mean, a problem in that GRUB simply does not know BTRFS because BTRFS is such an unstable FS?23:30
vfw[Saint_]: Is it working?23:30
[Saint_]No...as stated earlier.23:30
vfw[Saint_]: Do it now.23:30
k1lRobinHood2015: sorry, was not referring to you23:30
lagboxwait you changed your boot partition to BTRFS ?23:30
[Saint_]After the failed dist-upgrade, apt-get upgrade shits its pants in exactly the same way23:31
RobinHood2015yes... was that a mistake?23:31
vfw[Saint_]: Let us know if it completes without error.23:31
lagboxi think os23:31
[Saint_]vfw: it does not23:31
k1lRobinHood2015:  but i am not sure if that works with grub that way23:31
vfw[Saint_]: apt-get -f install23:31
lagboxi forget what version of grub we are using23:31
kojakzitohow do I solve such a problem?23:31
lagboxit might support it23:32
kojakzitoapache2 : Depends: apache2-bin (= 2.4.6-2ubuntu2) but it is not going to be installed            Depends: apache2-data (= 2.4.6-2ubuntu2) but it is not going to be installed            Conflicts: apache2.2-common but 2.2.22-1ubuntu1.7 is to be installed23:32
kojakzitoim on 12.04 LTS23:32
[Saint_]vfw: shits the bed with the same list of errors23:32
k1lkojakzito: PPAs or other 3rd party .debs installed?23:32
RobinHood2015It's GRUB 2, isn't it?23:32
k1lRobinHood2015: yep. that is the standard on ubuntu23:32
gackojakzito: ubuntu 12.04 comes with apache 2.2, it seems like you're using a PPA or a .deb package which is for a later version of ubuntu, and your version doesn't have the correct dependencies available23:33
lagboxatleast on 14.1023:33
vfw[Saint_]: dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-extra-3.16.0-24-generic23:33
RobinHood2015so would GRUB 2 support BTRFS?23:33
vfw[Saint_]:sudo  dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-extra-3.16.0-24-generic23:33
kojakzitooh ok, im trying to install this package: apache2-prefork-dev23:33
vfw[Saint_]: uptime  (What does that tell you?)23:34
[Saint_]vfw: exactly what should happen in this case happens there - "/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: linux-image-extra-3.16.0-24-generic is broken or not fully installed"23:34
gackojakzito: from where though? the version provided in the 12.04 repo would be dependent on 2.2, because that's what ships23:34
k1lkojakzito: yes, but the PPA (or other stuff you installed not form the official ubuntu repo) doesnt like that23:34
vfw[Saint_]: uptime  (What does that tell you?)23:34
[Saint_]...wait? What? Why the hell is uptime relevant?23:34
gackojakzito: do you have a PPA enabled? or have you downloaded a .deb?23:34
* [Saint_] is beggining to suspect he shouldn't be taking some of this advice too seriously23:34
vfw[Saint_]: Ok, I'm done.  You are on your own.23:34
kojakzitoi havent downloaded any .deb23:35
lagboxtheir wiki seems to say ... in most cases23:35
gackojakzito: so how are you trying to install that package?23:35
k1lkojakzito: PPAs?23:35
kojakzitothats the only thing i did, sudo apt-get install apache2 apache2-prefork-dev23:35
kojakzitoi havent setup any PPA or anythign23:35
gackojakzito: what does "apt-cache policy apache2-prefork-dev" tell you?23:35
[Saint_]Jesus. Its just not safe to assume people know what they're talking about anymore is it. Question it, and get a rage quit. Hilarious.23:36
lagboxRobinHood2015, i am so crazy about my boot partition i leave it as ext223:36
lagboxto make sure any version of almost any bootable media i have can use it if needed23:36
Naphatul[Saint_], if you're doing tech support it's not safe to assume they know what they're talking about23:37
kojakzitoapache2-prefork-dev:   Installed: (none)   Candidate: 2.2.22-1ubuntu1.7   Package pin: (not found)   Version table:      2.2.22-1ubuntu1.7 500         500 http://do.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/main i386 Packages         500 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-security/main i386 Packages      2.2.22-1ubuntu1 500         500 http://do.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/main i386 Packages23:37
gacweird. can't imagine why the 2.2 version is depending on apache 2.423:38
* [Saint_] will have another stab at this after he puts this batch of disks through the shredder23:38
celroc[Saint_]: Mind if I take a shot in the dark at helping you?23:38
lagboxglitch in the matrix23:38
[Saint_]celroc: if you're confident, I don't mind at all.23:39
[Saint_]I couldn;t care about this installation in the slightest.23:39
[Saint_]Its more for the sake of curiosity23:39
celroc[Saint_]: Have you tried running "sudo dpkg --configure -a"? That's one way to fix broken apt-get messes sometimes23:39
k1lkojakzito: run a "sudo apt-get update"23:40
[Saint_]celroc: that fails with the same error(s), as one would expect.23:40
k1l"please put that in a pastebin then23:40
[Saint_]The root issue seems to revolve around "grub-probe: error: not a directory."23:41
k1l[Saint_]: i think its a grub  error somewhere like i said before23:41
[Saint_]And for the life of me I cannot see a way out from this.23:41
* [Saint_] nods23:41
celroc[Saint_]: I don't suppose you'd mind checking /boot and seeing if it has a grub and/or a grub2 folder, too?  Maybe it's looking for them, but they don't exist for some reason23:42
kojakzitok1l: here tit is http://pastebin.com/Z9fb5HLR23:42
[Saint_]celroc: http://pastebin.com/PVfQ1FUc23:42
k1lkojakzito: well, you got saucy repos in your sources.list23:43
k1lkojakzito: they cause the mess.23:43
gackojakzito: i was typing what ^^ said :)23:43
celroc[Saint_]: Well, if you want to try something for the fun of it, maybe run "sudo mkdir /boot/grub2" and see if that somehow fixes the error23:43
emacerI created a launcher for Unity which brings up a terminal application.  When the application exits, I want the terminal to close, but it doesn't.  Anyone know how to fix that?23:43
gacalso, potentially (but less likely), backports23:43
kojakzitok1l: should I comment them out from sources.list and try again?23:44
k1lkojakzito: you should remove them totally and never put them on again23:44
Ben64kojakzito: it is quite possible you've already broken a lot by having them in there23:44
kojakzitowow ur scaring me23:44
kojakzitolet me do that immediately23:45
[Saint_]celroc: same error23:45
kojakzitoso whatever saucy goes out23:45
[Saint_]The issue seems to revolve around my dual-boot setup that has worked fine for several years...23:45
celroc[Saint_]: Sorry if you already tried this, but have you ran sudo update-grub already, too?23:45
k1lmixing repos is a very bad thing. you are lucky if that issue is the only thing that was broken. apt will install the newest version of a package it could find. and in you case its possible that halfe your system thinks its saucy now.23:45
kojakzitook i just removed the saucy repo23:46
[Saint_]celroc: I have, that's what gives the error: grub-probe: error: not a directory23:46
kojakzitotrying again23:46
Ben64[Saint_]: is it a weird setup? did you install grub in some non standard way?23:46
k1l[Saint_]: what dualboot setup? did you check /boot? ls -al to see the permissions?23:46
[Saint_]Ben64: Install Windows; Install Ubuntu; done.23:47
[Saint_]Defaults for all.23:47
FilthyMacNastyeradicate all ntfs partitions and go from there23:47
Ben64FilthyMacNasty: not helpful23:47
Ben64[Saint_]: gpt? efi?23:48
lonewulf85Can some one help me getting my Bluetooth card working?23:48
celroc[Saint_]: Not to keep bothering you, but I'm wondering if maybe something's funny with the /boot/grub/ folder.  Can you run "sudo ls -ld /boot/grub" and tell me if its a symlink for some reason?  I remember that happened to me once a long time ago23:51
[Saint_]drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4096 Oct 30 12:44 /boot/grub23:51
celroc[Saint_]: Alright, that looks good.  Hmph.23:52
lonewulf85Please bluetooth is Ralink corp. RT3290 Bluetooth and I cannot get it to work.23:53
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lagboxlonewulf85, you may have to build the driver for it23:54
gaclonewulf85: given that that chipset appears to be in several Ubuntu certified laptops, i'd be surprised if it were actually broken23:54
Guest28273question for ubuntu server version 14 is there anyway I can run it live and not have to partition my HD the desktop version runs well live I just wanted to compare the differences but if not I can always take the cd/dvd and uses a VM . Other thing I noticed is they only make the server version x64 no x86 version for download not that it seems like a problem one should beable to menuconfig the ARCH or compile it from x64 arch to x823:55
Guest282736 shouldn't be that hard23:55
[Saint_]Hmmmm....I "fixed" it, by purging grub.23:55
[Saint_]Now, how do I go about repairing my grub install?23:55
Guest28273This question I posted is useless but I felt like talking23:55
lonewulf85gac, I do not think it is broken, when I swap my drive for Windows 8.1 it works in Windows just not in Ubuntu 14.0423:55
k1l[Saint_]: hmm. reinstall the grub package?23:55
bazhangGuest28273, try #ubuntu-server23:55
celroc[Saint_]: Does sudo apt-get upgrade work now, by the way?23:56
gaclonewulf85: but how is it "not working"?23:56
kojakzitook it worked but now23:56
kojakzitoi totally deleted /etc/apache223:56
kojakzitoafter doing apt-get purge apache2, and the nreinstalling it23:56
kojakzitoit does not recreate that folder23:56
kojakzitowhat can I do?23:56
lonewulf85gac, I cannot get it to turn on or anything.23:56
gaclonewulf85: so you don't have a bluetooth icon near the clock?23:56
lonewulf85gac, nope23:57
SuperLagTell me I'm not crazy... and that there *is* a GUI tool for gdisk. I can't remember what the name is, and "apt-cache search gdisk" doesn't reveal anything telling.23:57
gaclonewulf85: is there a hardware switch/software hotkey for it?23:57
celrocSuperLag: Would gparted be what you're looking for?23:57
lagboxgparted ?23:57
gackojakzito: you might find that you need to purge apache2* (to get rid of apache-2.4-common, or other similarly named packages)23:58
lonewulf85gac, there is one that works for both my wifi and my bluetooth but my bluetooth does not come on.23:58
SuperLagcelroc: lagbox: YES! Thank you for confirming I am not crazy. :D23:58
celrocEither that, or we're both crazy, too ;-)23:58
lagboxlonewulf85, have we even confirmed if there is a driver loaded at all ?23:59
kojakzitothank you gac !23:59
lonewulf85lagbox, I feel that there is not how can I build or find one?23:59

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