jeanI'm new using ubuntu studio, would you suggest to me sothing to understand quicly this software?04:37
Unit193Perhaps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UserGuide ?04:37
jeanok, thank you04:38
coelebshow to make gimp paint bucket tool behave like the one on older paint programs?06:43
coelebsso it wont leave thin white line between line and fill06:44
cfhowlettcoelebs, ask #gimp06:45
ObrienDaveso, why isn't the 64bit on the torrent page yet? http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/08:06
snowplowI've lost sound on my Asus KD72R laptop10:25
snowplowSeems it uses ALSA by default10:25
snowplowHow to fix it?10:25
yorwoshi all , I'm getting some weird things on my software updater . 2 files : "linux kernel image for version 3.13.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP"  + "lowlatency linux kernel image". same for headers 2files.  is this normal ? i dont understand whats different between those 2 files (1st time i see the SMP thingy)15:14
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delt_at mypar19:18
delt_at my parents house, trouble with the sound card on compaq laptop19:18
delt_output works fine, no mic input.19:18
caboose885delt_, was the mic input previously working or has it never been working?19:20
delt_works fine in windows, linux no go19:20
delt_using pulseaudio, default setup19:20
delt_pavucontrol shows no input signal.19:20
caboose885what model laptop?19:21
delt_compaq, alsamixer shows sound card as Nvidia MCP77/78 HDMI19:21
delt_compaq presario cq6019:22
caboose885so headphones work but mic doesn't?19:23
delt_speakers work... havent tested headphones19:23
caboose885I bet headphones might not work19:24
delt_output works fine, but no input from device. the application (ie. skype) shows up in pavucontrol's input streams but no signal19:24
caboose885it seems like it might be trying to push audio over HDMI only19:24
caboose885does it have two sound devices available in the sound manager?19:24
delt_trying to find a pair of headphones to test....19:24
delt_sound manager as in pavucontrol?19:25
caboose885try "aplay -l"19:25
caboose885from terminal19:25
caboose885yep delt_19:25
delt_headphones are working fine btw19:26
caboose885oh ok. Thats good.19:27
caboose885we are talking about the built in mic correct?19:27
delt_weird, everything else is working fine.19:28
caboose885so it looks like one user was able to fix their issue with adding the following line to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf " options snd-hda-intel model=hp position_fix=1 enable=yes"19:29
caboose885no idea if that will work for you though19:29
caboose885you will have to reboot I believe for changes to take effect19:29
delt_or unload/reload the hda module19:30
caboose885I had a similar issue with my netbook. By default my mic and headphones wouldn't work19:30
delt_rebooting is probably easier....19:30
caboose885delt_, try it :)19:30
caboose885whatever you think is better for you19:30
delt_okie, here goes...19:30
caboose885good luck sir19:31
caboose885hopefully it fixes it19:31
delt_thanks, rebooting now...19:32
* caboose885 twiddles thumbs19:32
user_caboose885, thanks! works, parents very happy :D19:35
caboose885awesome. Glad it was an easy fix.19:35
caboose885and I didn't break anythign19:35
* caboose885 wipes sweat away19:35
user_hehheh (: thanks !!19:41
user_so i'll be back later from home.19:41
caboose885alrighty. Good luck :)19:42
caboose885many of the questions I've seen asked in here could be answered in #ubuntu. Maybe include that in the topic that way if no one here is around to help the user doesn't walk away unassisted? Worst case #ubuntu tells them to ask in here :)19:48
delt_Hello again20:55
delt_the laptop lid bug is still present in 14.04.120:55
delt_screen turns off, no way to get it back on.20:55
delt_ok, with the nvidia proprietary driver, the lid doesnt black out the screen but causes other problems (this hardware is kind of dodgy)21:24
delt_so i have to use the nouveau driver, except with this driver, the screen blacks out when i close the laptop lid, only way to get it back is to reboot21:25
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