mlindnerSo I'm having some strange behavior and I'm wondering if its related to upstart13:49
mlindnerI have a script in upstart that launches a program, that program launches another program with system() call which opens something in "screen". Additionally, that top level program started from upstart makes another system() call to run ifconfig and route to change ip/gateway settings13:51
mlindnerInterestingly with normal behavior those final system calls to change IP/gateway break the launching of screen and no screen is created13:51
mlindnerbut if you comment out those system() lines then screen launches normally13:52
mlindnerwhen doing these same actions from a non-upstart environment or when the "stop prog" "start prog" is run the issue does not occur13:52
mlindnerI'm using start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE!=lo)13:53
mlindneris that guarenteed to mean everything else has started?13:53

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