bluesabreUnit193: docs still broken?00:07
bluesabredid a lazy test build of a lazy recipe00:08
Unit193bluesabre: Oh, warning, I moved the tests so now they'll fail the build if they don't pass. :P00:08
Unit193And yeah, but different breakage.  Translators thing doesn't work for another reason.00:09
bluesabrerecipe good then, putting it on -staging for vivid00:09
Unit193Compare https://unit193.net/xubuntu/fi/ln-idp49113396.html and https://unit193.net/xubuntu/es/ln-idp39481532.html to what you build in chroot, you'll no longer get the translators.00:10
Unit193Heh, glad you like it. :P00:10
Unit193bluesabre: If you're doing a daily, you can disable the tests so you don't get spammed.  Also, I have a daily setup, but it doesn't build a package, just uploads the docs.00:11
bluesabreare the tests likely to fail for a while, or be a once-in-a-while thing?00:13
Unit193Well, es tends to fail.00:16
elfyso looking at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~knome/xubuntu-docs/vivid-upgrading/view/head:/desktop-guide/C/migrating-upgrading.xml08:02
elfyseems that it was rather pointless me doing anything in the first place ;)08:06
Unit193Heey, you must have done good!08:06
ochosiknome, Unit193: intelligent hiding was unfortunately written for 4.10 and then merged into 4.11, which seemingly (without any obvious reasons though) has broken the whole hiding logic a bit, so that needs to be fixed first before we can ship it08:06
elfyyep so good that's something else I can ignore in future :)08:07
elfyhi ochosi 08:07
Unit193ochosi: Ah, so I shouldn't select that option, then.  Thanks.08:07
ochosihey elfy 08:08
ochosiUnit193: yeah well i'm not sure anymore what exactly it breaks08:08
ochosii think it breaks autohiding too08:08
ochosiif i ever get time, i'll look at it08:08
Unit193Chance it'll be fixored soonish?08:08
ochosihm, no08:08
ochosithe author of the original patch (JPohlmann) won't look at it anymore and andrzejr said he doesn't get why it's not workig08:09
ochosiso the worst-case scenario is that the patch will be reverted08:09
Unit193Won't look anymore?08:09
ochosiyeah, he's not contributing to xfce anymore08:09
Unit193That's sad.08:09
ochosiand true :>08:10
elfyI guess that's a QA doesn't need to worry then08:10
ochosielfy: your evince screenshot, is that supposed to tell me that the bug isn't present in unity..?08:10
elfythat was days ago ... 08:11
ochosiit also seems that they have more compressed toolbars, maybe their patch is somehow related to that08:11
ochosiyeah, but we haven't talked since then08:11
ochosi"days ago" -> the day before yesterday08:11
elfyyea - I'm older than you :p08:11
elfyyep - no bug in unity it seems08:12
ochosiok, good to know08:15
ochosiwell, actually a bit annoying too08:15
ochosibut yeah, i guess i'll have to ping around in u-desktop again until i find whoever is responsible for the headerbar patches08:15
elfyochosi: I've tried opening up a bunch of different pdf's in different orders and I don't seem to see any pattern08:16
elfythough anything that's an exported from odt to pdf doesn't seem to get the issue that I can see08:16
elfyochosi: blueprints all approved :)08:17
ochosithat was a really productive session on sunday08:20
ochosiat least we have a tiny head-start on V08:20
NoskcajDoes anyone here use bluetooth in *buntu?08:27
elfynot many do - which is why we don't test it any longer08:28
NoskcajI'm looking for someone to help with the bluez5 transition08:28
ObrienDavehelp, in what way?08:28
elfybluesabre must - he's the only one who reported against it last cycle08:28
NoskcajObrienDave, Making sure everything we ship works with it, and maybe helping me package stuff08:30
Noskcajhopefully patches aren't needed08:30
* ObrienDave knows nothing about packaging08:31
ochosiNoskcaj: i'm using bt08:32
Noskcajochosi, In a few week is it ok if i ping you for testing?08:33
ochosiis the stack anywhere in a PPA already?08:33
ochosiall i saw was blueman 1.99 in bluesabre's PPA08:33
Noskcajochosi, no PPA yet, i'll make one once i'm done with upower08:34
ObrienDaveNoskcaj, i have BT adapter, android phone, can that be of use?08:35
Noskcajprobably, i'll call for testing when the PPA is done. ty08:35
ochosiok, just lemme know then, thanks Noskcaj!08:41
bluesabreNoskcaj: ping me when we get there10:00
knomeelfy, no, not really pointless. it was a useful starting point and there are still parts of it intact :)10:16
knomeelfy, also, note that since the bug is linked to the blueprint, we don't need a work item for the same item10:16
jjfrv8slickymasterwork, knome, the discussion about the docs upgrading section change made me realize something...12:11
jjfrv8I think we might want to change the  wm-settings-manager entity.12:11
jjfrv8The current version with "icon-> Settings Manager" was kind of a workaround for the situation in Trusty12:11
jjfrv8Whisker got that nice update in U where Settings got added to the category sidebar and  there is nothing is called "Settings Manager" anymore.12:11
knomejjfrv8, right, fair point :)12:11
slickymasterWorkyes, absolutely correct12:11
knomefortunately we did it with entities, so we only have to change it in one place \o/12:12
slickymasterWorkdo you want to get on with that jjfrv8?12:12
slickymasterWorkor do you lack the time to do it?12:12
jjfrv8sure, I can work on it.12:12
knomeit's an almost trivial thing to do... the only thing left to ask is whether we want to explain that12:12
knome"go to [icon] -> [icon]" might not be the best way to put it12:13
knomei think we decided to keep the settings manager text because of that thing ^12:13
slickymasterWorkhey knome, morning ;)12:13
knomebecause if you know the name of the application you want to open, you can at least search for it in the whiskermenu12:13
knomegood day slickymasterWork!12:13
jjfrv8Yeah, I thought we might want to put some kind of explanation in there about how you can search for one of the settings dialogs or you could use that icon to see the whole shebang at once.12:14
slickymasterWorkyes, but I'm not sure if there's really a need to explain it knome 12:14
slickymasterWorkisn't that already implied?12:14
knomewhat about "[icon] -> [icon] (opens the Settings Manager)"12:15
jjfrv8except it's called "Settings"12:15
knomejjfrv8, in the GUI, right12:15
slickymasterWorkthe label in whisker is settings12:15
jjfrv8the dialog also says "Settings"12:16
knomeslickymasterWork, kind of, but really, the icons are supposed to be a nice additional touch and guide to find it12:16
knomeso what about:12:16
jjfrv8the icon tooltip says "All Settings"12:16
knome[icon] -> [icon] (<guilabel>Settings</guilabel>, opens the Settings Manager)12:16
knomemaybe i'm stubborn, but we've always called it the settings manager, even if the labels said something else12:17
knomeat least we should check if/what we call it elsewhere in the docs12:17
slickymasterWorkhey jjfrv8, haven't noticed that yet, but you're right, the dialog oes just says Settings now12:17
knomeultimately, consistency is the key12:17
knomewe can't call it three different names and get away with that :)12:18
slickymasterWorkI agree with your proposal knome -> [icon] -> [icon] (<guilabel>Settings</guilabel>, opens the Settings Manager)12:18
knomeyeah, that sounds like the least ambiguous and helpful12:18
slickymasterWorkjjfrv8: what do you think? ^^12:18
knomeUnit193, were entities translatable again? :)12:18
jjfrv8sounds good to me. I can work on the proposal12:18
knomei guess they are.12:19
slickymasterWorkgreat, do it jjfrv8, and knome or me will merge it12:19
knomeyep ^12:19
knomeor himself.. :)12:19
knomewe're the three that have the access to the main branch12:19
knomeand technically pleia2, but socially she doesn't have the privileges12:20
slickymasterWorkbtw knome, I noticed that you haven't add the LP bug number in the changelog, yesterday12:20
knomemy mistake.12:20
slickymasterWorkok, even better12:20
knomeshould probably change that so it is there12:20
knomewhoever merges the settings thing can add it12:20
knome(just add "(LP: #123456)" at the end of the row12:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123456 in xine-lib (Ubuntu) "podcast crashes amarok" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12345612:21
slickymasterWorkok, easy piezie12:21
elfyknome: what I mean by pointless is - there was no rush for it, I was trying to use it as a learning exercise, you and slickymasterWork took over, pushed it, etc so yea pointless from that perspective13:00
elfyknome: could you look at http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/admin/config/services/qatracker/series I get an error if I try and add vivid - we only have utopic available in builds, not sure if there is a bug or my perms are mucked up 13:26
jjfrv8slickymasterWork, knome, how does this look? http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/settingsmanagerchanges.php13:31
jjfrv8the first item would just be that single instance, the second one shows what all other settings entities would look like13:31
knomeelfy, nah. the markup was good13:55
knomeelfy, that was a great learning experience, and i think you did well13:55
knomeelfy, i'll look at the tracker... at some point :|13:56
knomejjfrv8, i'm not (yet) convinced13:56
knomeslickymasterWork, ^ what do you think?13:56
slickymasterWorkwill look at it in a second knome 13:57
knomeelfy, i see the vivid dailies in the list...13:57
slickymasterWorkjust got in from lunch and still have to smoke a cigarette before starting :p 13:57
knomeelfy, do you have another problem?13:57
knomeslickymasterWork, hahah :)13:57
slickymasterWorkhey elfy, sorry about that, but ours was a good intention13:58
knomeelfy, and the *29 builds show up in the admin as well13:58
jjfrv8knome, actually, I'm not convinced either. I think having two entry points to Settings (manager) from whisker is potentially confusing13:59
jjfrv8and then, of course, there's the issue that the icon could change depending on which theme a user has13:59
jjfrv8that's why I think it might be good to have a short section on whisker somewhere14:00
knomethough we can't link to that in every instance where we mention the menu14:00
knomebut yeah, if it was at the beginning of the docs14:00
knomemaybe a "how to read this documentation" section14:01
knomei would even say a new section between "What is Xubuntu?" and "Migrating and Upgrading"14:01
jjfrv8I like that ^. I've got to run but I'll ponder it and if you and slickster have any more suggestions, let me know.14:03
knomeand could be linked to in the "welcome" section in the main page too14:03
knomeideas: do a short glossary of the different tags we use14:04
knomeand then mention the possibility that the icons are not the same if the user changed the icon theme14:05
knomethat's a good one14:05
slickymasterWorkthat's what I was going to suggest14:06
knomeand maybe note about the navigation arrows at the bottom of the page14:06
slickymasterWorkperahps adding a note that whenever user change the them to a different one other than the default, the icons will chamnge14:07
slickymasterWork`perhaps 14:07
knomenot sure if that's the right way to approach it14:07
knomejust mention that "if you have changed your icon theme, the icons might not match"14:07
slickymasterWorkeither that or adding that new section you mentioned14:08
knomewe don't want to patronize too much14:08
slickymasterWorkthat's a a double-edged sword14:09
knomeanyway, how i see it that this section would not be the place where we teach them how to use xubuntu14:09
knomebut how to use the documentation14:09
knomeif we want to mention what you said, maybe it should be mentioned in the section where we tell them how to change icon themes14:10
knomebut i'm not sure if it's necessary14:10
knomeeither way works for me though14:10
slickymasterWorkI would go for the mention about the implications of changing the theme14:11
slickymasterWorklinked in the welcome section14:12
ali12341https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=738321 <- we should watch out for this one17:01
ubottuGnome bug 738321 in .General "GtkMenu has unnecessary scroll buttons" [Normal,Unconfirmed]17:01
elfyknome: - sorry - was talking about packages 17:01
knomeelfy, oh...? i'm not following then, but it's okay... especially if everything's okay :P18:50
elfyknome: no - it's not okay - Can't build packages for vivid - there is no vivid milestone, if you add milestones in series - then I get an error when trying to do that :)19:05
elfybut I'm not sure if it's because perms are screwed or ...19:06
knomei'll try to look at that later, busy now19:06
elfyyep ok - not a rush at all 19:06
Noskcajbluesabre, Could you please have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/ubuntu/vivid/xfce4-xkb-plugin/lp-73356319:44
pleia2were docs reorganized at all for this release?21:34
pleia2no, I just forget how to do docs21:35
pleia2nevermind :)21:35
pleia2knome: is pretty? http://docs.xubuntu.org/1410/21:37
pleia2I'll update startpage too21:37
knomepleia2, the startpage branch should be updated21:39
knomeyeah, looks like it should21:39
dkesselHmm online docs do not include the translations?21:39
pleia2knome: hm, last modified 10/07?21:40
pleia2dkessel: currently we don't build .html pages for non-english in our Makefile21:40
pleia2so no21:40
pleia2knome: want me to do MP, or you?21:41
pleia2knome: also, should look into getting you access to this system, since it's a historical fluke that I have ssh access it may take some time, might as well get started now21:42
pleia2because bus factor and things21:44
dkesselpleia2: I think I built non-english HTML docs from the makefile just the other day... It even included them in the start page. Is this a different branch than the installed docs?21:45
pleia2dkessel: ah, it may be possible but the simple "make" in the desktop-guide/ directory only produces english21:47
dkesselOK I think I used the root directory21:48
pleia2I see, yeah, that does build in es, fi and pl21:50
pleia2er, pt21:50
pleia2suppose we could upload these too, could modify the startpage to point to them21:50
knomepleia2, hehe :)21:51
knomehmm, right21:51
knomeif you feel like updating it, you can21:51
knomeotherwise i can do that straight to the docs branch21:51
pleia2I feel like putting socks on because my cousin is coming to pick me up any minute now21:52
knomeok, i'll update the branch for you21:52
pleia2I can do it later, there's no rush21:52
knomeit's trivial21:52
knomepleia2, done and pushed21:54
pleia2where did that tab go21:55
pleia2now my internet is acting like I'm at a hotel (oh)21:56
knome:D :D21:57
slickymastergood to see pleia2 working on docs :)21:57
knomeat least it's not acting like you're a hotel, like i first read21:57
pleia2slickymaster: just updating the website ;)21:58
slickymasterwell, anyway it's related21:58
knomeslickymaster, did you understand elfy's problem from earlier?21:58
knomewas he talking about the package tracker maybe?21:59
* slickymaster is feeling lazyI got the idea that it was about the package tracker, yeah21:59
knomei guess so..21:59
pleia2okie, http://docs.xubuntu.org/ is updated and I have socks22:00
* slickymaster is infarcted22:00
slickymastertoo many grilled lamb ribs for dinner22:01
* knome longs for the sockless pleia2 22:01
pleia2me too, but I didn't bring practical sandals with me22:01
knomeforestpiskie, package tracker now has vivid series, vivid daily milestone, and xubuntu desktop has a vividdaily build for the vivid daily milestone22:01
* slickymaster goes pour himself a rum22:01
knomepleia2, so you only took the unpractical sandals?22:01
knome"a rum"22:02
knomesounds like a lot of rum22:02
knomea bottle of rum?22:02
pleia2knome: yes, good for the beach! but not so good for a pub22:02
knomeyou should go barefoot!22:02
slickymasterlol, no, just a tall glass22:02
knomeslickymaster, 0.5l? :P22:02
slickymastertomorrow is still thursday22:02
knomeyou're incorrect22:02
slickymasterah ah 22:02
knometoday is thursday22:02
pleia2knome: is not allowed :(22:03
slickymasterfor you, not for me22:03
knomepleia2, stupid bar22:03
knomepleia2, just go to the liquor store and buy a bottle of rum and follow slickymaster's lead22:03
knomebottle of rum on monday22:03
slickymasterthat's the way to do it pleia2 22:03
slickymastergo for it ;)22:03
pleia2I don't see my family much, need to be social :)22:05
knomepleia2, heyyy... ask them to join your hotel room22:05
pleia2+4 yr old nephew22:06
pleia2er, cousin's child, what is that?22:06
knome(^ second cousin)22:23
geniiYes, second cousin22:27
slickymasterit's only second cousin if pleia2 is a 'direct' cousin of the child parent22:27
* slickymaster thinks22:27
pleia2yeah, I'm that22:27
pleia2our moms are sisters22:27
slickymasterbeing so, yes it's second cousin22:28
knomebluesabre, ochosi: bug 138741322:57
ubottubug 1387413 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Black screen after wakeup from suspending by closing the laptop lid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138741322:57
knomeand see #xubuntu for the backstory22:59
brainwashoh, yet another Thinkpad user with suspend problems23:08
Unit193Close lid => black screen issue, suspend + close lid = a-ok.23:54

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