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menn0mwhudson, waigani: email standup again?20:00
mwhudsonif you like20:00
waiganimenn0: yep, writing mine now20:00
mwhudsonyou guys don't like talking as much as tim, hey? :)20:03
menn0mwhudson: that and, then thumper know what we've been up to while he's away20:12
mwhudsonfair enough20:14
waiganimenn0: strictLocalID branch not working out?20:32
menn0waigani: just not seeing the point20:35
menn0waigani: looking at it now20:35
menn0waigani: many of the uses of localID still need to be relaxed because they're in generic code that could see old or new style ids20:36
menn0waigani: so what we have now (localID and strictLocalID) might actually be fine20:36
waiganimenn0: yeah, i thought that is what we concluded on Friday - but use strictLocalID unless you know you have to relax the check20:38
menn0waigani: yeah we were thinking that might be best20:38
bodie_I keep getting breakage in firewaller_test L139 TestGetMachinePorts ... mismatch at .Results[0].Ports[0].PortRange.FromPort: unequal; obtained 4321; expected 123421:55
bodie_anyone else seeing this?21:55
bodie_maybe I just need to go get -u -v, let me see if that fixes it21:57
menn0bodie_: strange. works for me.22:11
menn0wallyworld: ping22:15
menn0are you still looking at that blocker?22:15
wallyworldi fixed it last night, was hoping for a review from tim when  woke up, then only just realised he's away this week22:16
wallyworld http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/32122:16
wallyworldif you want to look22:16
menn0looking now22:16
bodie_there we go.  cleared up with a little more careful updating of tools22:22
menn0wallyworld: why is it important to not write metadata if it hasn't changed?22:28
wallyworldmenn0: because it otherwise updates the "updated" attribute and caused issues with the scripts used to publish the metadata22:29
menn0wallyworld: got it. the reason for the change wasn't clear to me.22:30
wallyworldnp, sorry22:30
wallyworldit came up in a conversation over the weekend22:30
wallyworldthe bug didn't mention it22:30
alexisbwallyworld, ping22:31
alexisbhey there wallyworld how goes it?22:36
wallyworldalright consider it's monday22:36
alexisbyay for monday!22:36
wallyworldor sunday evening for sime22:36
alexisbI sent mail regarding an lxc issue, looks like that may be a hot item (or going to get hot)22:37
alexisbI will find out more on monday22:37
alexisbbut just giving you an heads up22:37
wallyworldsure, ok. if it's the one i'm thinking of, i asked dimiter about it lasy week, and he's doing a temporary fi22:37
wallyworldthere's a proper fix as part of the ongoing network stuff coming up22:37
wallyworldbut right now it's all a bit broken22:38
alexisbyeah there seems to be 3 related bugs (outlined in the email) but I didnt go look at all of them in detail22:39
wallyworldit depends on individual machine network setups though as to whether it's broken or not22:39
menn0wallyworld: review done22:39
wallyworldi'll read the email in more detail and see what's up with it22:39
wallyworldthanks menn022:39
alexisbthanks wallyworld22:40
wallyworldnp. now go and enjoy the rest of your sunday22:40
wallyworldand hopefully we'll have a 1.21 alpha3 elease real soon now22:41
bodie_I'm trying to add some actions-related testing to charm but it looks like charm master breaks juju master22:53
bodie_so I'm not sure what to base it on -- the v4 branch appears to have the breaking change as well22:54
bodie_charm commit 190b3a5d removes charm/testing/repo/quantal/metered-custom, which is tested against in juju CharmTestHelperSuite.TestTestingCharm22:55
bodie_the charm revision listed in godeps is fine22:56
menn0waigani: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/322/23:00
davecheneydear lazy-irc, is the build blocked ?23:01
menn0davecheney: yep23:07
davecheneywell shit23:07
menn0davecheney: i think Ian is about to merge the fix though23:07
waiganimenn0: done23:10
menn0waigani: cheers23:10
menn0waigani: I like your suggestion. Changing now.23:12
waigani_menn0: ah great23:22
menn0waigani_: PTAL http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/322/23:28
wallyworlddavecheney: one part of that bug was a map ordering issue, and has been fixed. the other failures are due to compiler issues as per the bug comments23:31
davecheneywallyworld: my mistake23:33
davecheneyi missed those in the updates23:33
wallyworlddavecheney: np, it's a long conversation23:33
davecheneywallyworld: be aware23:33
davecheneygccgo on ppc is completely fucked up23:33
davecheneywe don't appear to be able to push the updated revision out properly23:33
davecheneythis issue is 8 months old now23:33
davecheneyit's nearly a toddler23:33
wallyworldwe need to escalate this then23:34
davecheneyok, not sure who to talk to about this23:34
davecheneyi haven't been involved in this since vegas23:35
wallyworldgive her the info and she can prod the right people23:35
wallyworldi think you are saying the issues have been fixed but we don't have the latest version in the archives?23:35
davecheneyif only it were that simple23:36
davecheneywallyworld: forwarding you mail23:37
wallyworldwill send it on23:37
bodie_shall I open a PR against charm v4 so that it is no longer a breaking change but includes the misnamed testing repo, which tests in juju core were written against?23:40
bodie_or shall we migrate to charm v5, since I also have some changes I would like to make which deprecate some tested bits in charm v423:41
waiganimenn0: done, looks good23:42
davecheneywallyworld: ok, done23:42
davecheneyimportantly, all version of trusty, even 14.04.01 are known to be BROKEN23:42
wallyworlddavecheney: thanks, i'l follow up23:42
davecheneyyou must enabled trusty-updates **BEFORE** installing juju23:42
davecheneyotherwise -> FAIL23:42
rick_h_bodie_: what's up?23:53
rick_h_bodie_: I'd suggest working with roger and uros  on charm updates. The v4 is in the list for core deps. Not sure what 'breaking change' is?23:55

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