Ubuntu-nicewhen you recently install lubuntu how much ram does it use?01:10
ianorlinUbuntu-nice: i386 or amd 6401:23
ianorlinit varies some with how much ram you have01:23
LinusTorvaldIIusually lubuntu starts off using 170mb ram after the updates are in01:38
LinusTorvaldIIi noticed this in my VM running lubuntu 1404 and giving it 2gb ram to use01:39
LinusTorvaldIIim sure that varies but should be in the ballpark01:39
ianorlinyeah it is around 100 for 32 bit and lilttel over 200 with my laptop with 4 gigs01:40
Ubuntu-nice64 4RAM02:08
Ubuntu-niceLinusTorvaldII, ianorlin02:08
WeedSavedMyLifeHigh All :)02:08
LinusTorvaldIIim here02:09
WeedSavedMyLifei have older laptop with 4gb ram, is 32bit ok even tho i have 64bit cpu?02:09
LinusTorvaldIIits ok but 64 bit is a lil better02:09
WeedSavedMyLifeyes ok thanks02:09
LinusTorvaldIIthey say the edge is 2gb02:09
WeedSavedMyLifeyes had win 8 on it02:09
LinusTorvaldIIwell i can help u with w8 sometime if u like02:10
LinusTorvaldIIits easy02:10
WeedSavedMyLifeLOL.... run's02:10
WeedSavedMyLifeno no02:10
WeedSavedMyLifei don't like02:10
LinusTorvaldIIjust sayin if ur stuck with it02:10
WeedSavedMyLifeplus i only email, chat, web02:10
WeedSavedMyLifeoh ok02:10
LinusTorvaldIIcool makes it easy no matter what u run02:11
LinusTorvaldIIwhich linux OS ru going to install?02:11
WeedSavedMyLifei'm actually runing zorin 9 lite, friend rec. 2 me02:11
LinusTorvaldIIahh ok lil kde huh02:11
WeedSavedMyLifei think02:11
LinusTorvaldIIor is lite different ...oh ok02:11
LinusTorvaldIIi thnk original zorin was kde02:12
WeedSavedMyLifeit's lightweight02:12
LinusTorvaldIIive used it02:12
WeedSavedMyLifeyes cutom gnome web says02:12
LinusTorvaldIIi think lubuntu and xubuntu are amoung the best of the light ones02:12
LinusTorvaldIIu have plenty of ram for all of them02:12
WeedSavedMyLifereally, i wanna try xubuntu 14.04.102:13
LinusTorvaldIIi have it02:13
LinusTorvaldIIits very nice02:13
LinusTorvaldIIit idles at only 240mb ram after the updates in my VM02:13
WeedSavedMyLifezorin 2 me picture's wise looks very polished02:14
WeedSavedMyLifethe gateway 2 linux they say02:14
Ubuntu-niceis lubuntu lighter?02:17
LinusTorvaldIIyes in my vm after updates it idled at 170mb ram02:17
LinusTorvaldIIbut as u can see when u have 4gb ram not much difference02:17
LinusTorvaldIIu have 4096mb hehe02:18
Ubuntu-niceyeah, right now using ubuntu02:18
Ubuntu-nicebut I want something else, think will try lubuntu02:18
LinusTorvaldIIits not as complete as xubunut but a great OS02:18
LinusTorvaldIImy fav version of lubuntu is actually peppermint02:19
LinusTorvaldIIhaha look at my latest linux wallpaper02:21
holsteinits complete, if it has all you want.. making it complete02:23
holsteinboth xubuntu and lubuntu are ubuntu.. so, you can add literally anything you like to either of them from the ubuntu repos. making them both the same02:23
WeedSavedMyLifeany way 2 get firefox with latest flash?02:23
holsteinthough, not shipping the same.. having the same access to the same software02:24
WeedSavedMyLifeadobe on linux 11.202:24
WeedSavedMyLifei need 15 for pogo.com02:24
LinusTorvaldIIi lubb my lubuntu02:24
holsteinWeedSavedMyLife: sure.. adobe is always welcome to provide you with flash.. but, they do not.. so *if* you want current flash, you  use the one they provide to chrome02:24
WeedSavedMyLifeok ty02:24
WeedSavedMyLifei'm reading and see that now02:25
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash02:25
WeedSavedMyLifety guy's02:25
YourPlaceOrMinehello all06:05
testmanHello. I am using updated Lubuntu 14.04 and I can't seem to figure out how to disable password after computer wakes up12:41
testmanI always get prompt that has "comment" in dop down menu and text field that requires user password12:42
testmanIn "power manager", I disabled "lock screen after going for suspend/hybernate", but password prompt still shows up.12:44
testmanAlso, I tried disabling light locker, but it always turns itself on somehow12:46
testdrtestman: first check what screen-locker is running. Could be "xscreensaver" or "light-locker". And light-locker is only started at x11-login-time and if you "killall -SIGHUP light-locker" it should be gone - but if using light-locker you can /have to disable the locking in the light-locker-settings every time12:47
Gyndawyrhello #lubuntu, I am really liking this OS but I have a problem with my hard drive. For some reason it's split into sda1, sda2, and sda 520:54
Gyndawyrsda1 contains the root filesystem and is 5.0GB, sda2 is "extended partition" and 2.9GB, and sda5 is "linux swap partition" and also 2.9GB20:56
Gyndawyrfor some reason, when I installed lubuntu it made the swap partition as large as the amount of RAM I have in my system20:56
Gyndawyrso now instead of having roughly 8GB of solid state space, I now have 4.5GB of solid state space... and this is a problem because stock lubuntu alone is taking up a fair amount of that20:58
Gyndawyrhelp maybe?21:03
ForTheWinthats a tiny hd21:05
GyndawyrIt is21:07
ForTheWinyou could probably use gparted to delete the swap partition and extend the main partition21:07
GyndawyrWhat are the consequences of doing that?21:08
Gyndawyralso, why does sda2 exist?21:08
wind0Hi all.  I'm trying to learn how to use Lubuntu but I'm stuck on emptying the trash for a USB drive... most Google hits start talking about the command line - is there no way to do this through the GUI? !21:20
ForTheWinGyndawyr: well, you wouldnt be able to multitask as many programs, and you could forget about using suspend21:22
GyndawyrForTheWin: I've got a USB pen that I could use for additional storage. Would I be able to use that in order to keep the suspend function working?21:25
just4humanshi all22:07
just4humansdoes anyone else have problem with installing icedtea from synaptic?22:08

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