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raymestalezHi! I am trying to create a new project, pressing "Create new kit" and getting the following error: "--Click exited with errors, please check the output---Error creating textual authentication agent: Error opening current controlling terminal for the process (`/dev/tty'): No such device or address"09:29
raymestalezWhat can I do about that?09:29
raymestalezHi! I am using ubuntu sdk, and I am trying to create Kit for my device. I'm going to the tab "Devices" and clicking "Autocreate", and I'm getting an error: "Kit autocreation for error is not supported". Do you have an idea why could that happen?13:25
bzoltan_raymestalez: Hello, what series you are on? What is the version of the qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu package?13:26
bzoltan_raymestalez: You could try to create the Kit from the terminal "sudo click chroot -a armhf -f ubuntu-sdk-14.10 create" and see what it says.13:29
raymestalezI am new to all this, I'm trying to find out the series and a version.... When I was creating a kit after while a new project it worked....13:30
raymestalez"sudo click chroot -a armhf -f ubuntu-sdk-14.10 create"  works13:32
bzoltan_raymestalez: Cool. Are you on Utopic or Trusty?13:33
raymestalezI mean my desktop computer is trusty. I am trying to create a kit for nexus 7 with utopic installed on it13:35
bzoltan_raymestalez:  what image version do you have on the nexus 7?13:36
bzoltan_raymestalez:  can you adb shell into that device?13:36
raymestalezYes, I can.13:38
raymestalezuname -a says:13:38
raymestalezLinux ubuntu-phablet 3.4.0-3-flo #15-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Sep 19 15:56:26 UTC 2014 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux13:38
raymestalezif that's relevant13:39
raymestalezOh, version of ubuntu is 14.1013:41
LeartSHi guys! I've justt started with the ubuntu SDK, I've created a i386 14.10 click target, opened the example Scope project, and I get a chroot error when trying to build it15:27
LeartSE: click-ubuntu-sdk-14.10-i386-f6fc3bba-b20f-4b4a-831b-492191562961:-1: error: Chroot setup failed: stage=setup-start15:27
LeartSfile not found: click-ubuntu-sdk-14.10-i386-<random chars>15:29
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bzoltan_LeartS: does the `sudo click chroot -a i386 -f ubuntu-sdk-14.10 create` command works? Do you have the click chroots?16:39
LeartSbzoltan_: I should have the chroots because the sdk took almost an hour downloading and installing packages the first time I launched it17:26
bzoltan_LeartS: Sadly, just the fact that it took long time does not guarantee that the chroots were created properly.17:40
bzoltan_LeartS: could you try to log into the chroot with 'click chroot -a i386 -f ubuntu-sdk-14.10 maint'?17:41
LeartSbzoltan_: yep. (btw, I made a typo in both the arch param and the f param and both times the app crashed)17:53
LeartSbut the chroot seems to work. g++ -v returns 4.9.1 when on my system I have 4.8.217:54
leartsbzoltan_: yep. (btw, I made a typo in both the arch param and the f param and both times the app crashed)                                    │ commandoline17:58
learts18:54:31   LeartS | but the chroot seems to work. g++ -v returns 4.9.1 when on my system I have 4.8.217:58
leartsIs there a guide on how to do all the things the sdk does, manually? I'd like to use emacs to write and use the terminal to build, launch the emulator etc18:01
leartsmaybe it'll also help me understand better what's happening18:01
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bzoltan_LeartS: I am positive that you can not do everything with emacs as you could in the qtcreator. The app deployment modell is rather complex for that.18:14
LeartSbzoltan_: ok. the chroot works, any idea what could be the problem while building from the sdk? the output is this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8791947/18:17
bzoltan_LeartS: I could try to reproduce what you have done.18:27
bzoltan_LeartS:  Would you explain to me in details what exactly you have done and what environment you have18:28
LeartSI am on Ubuntu 14.04. I installed the SDK, launched it, created a click target for 14.10 framework i386 emulator, opened the example QT scope project, and tried to run /bukld it18:29
bzoltan_LeartS: Ok, so you have created an emulator instance. What channel? devel or devel-proposed?18:30
LeartSActually I'm not sure I have created the emulator. After choosing the arch and the "version" it asked me I i wanted to use a device or an emulator, and I clicked next18:31
bzoltan_LeartS:  You can see your devices in the QtCreator's Devices tab18:37
bzoltan_LeartS: In the same page you can create new emulators18:42
gcollurapopey, would you like to try my new version of saucybacon? :)18:55
popeygcollura: sure would18:55
gcollurapopey, here :) https://db.tt/vEOw3yZN18:56
gcollurathe old db won't show up18:56
gcollurabecause most of the work has been on a new db backend18:56
popeygcollura: http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2014-11-02-185915.png  \o/18:59
gcolluraif you slide your finger from the bottom of the screen you should see something19:00
gcolluraI'm still not sure about the position19:00
popeyyou need to have a tab down there19:00
popeyso people know there's something to pull up19:00
popeynice work!19:00
gcollurapopey, in some stage that panel was placed on the left side, like the navigation menu in android, with a button near the title on the page to show/hide19:01
gcollurapopey, what would you prefer? the panel from the left, or from the bottom of the screen?19:09
popeybottom IMO19:10
gcolluraok perfect :)19:10

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