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Leviticus!ops | nooo waaaa04:59
ubottunooo waaaa: Help! Channel emergency! mneptok, Hobbsee, cjwatson, mdz, lamont, Keybuk, or thom!04:59
rwwjust a troll.05:30
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Noskcajhey gr33n-ion07:03
gr33n-ionsup :D07:16
bluesabrequick question... does pushing to an ubuntu branch result in an upload as well?12:05
bluesabrealways been unclear about that12:05
hjdcjwatson: Hello again. I saw that you synced cl-fad yesterday, would you mind doing the same for cl-interpol? (Would probably resolve the ftbfs issue for pgloader) :)14:57
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cjwatsonhjd: I'll sort it out tomorrow.  Requires a fakesync so didn't get caught in my initial pass.17:21
cjwatson(.orig has changed from the contents that the Ubuntu archive remembers from an earlier incarnation)17:21
tewardis there a list of packages which are automatically synced for vivid?17:31
tumbleweedteward: all packages, except the ones that are blacklisted17:33
tewardtumbleweed: do you have a list of blacklisted packages, somewhere?17:33
tewardtumbleweed: OK, one last question - we have a modified package here in Ubuntu, nginx, which has one built binary which is in Main.  A sync would really need to be a merge, so how does the auto sync interpret that?17:35
tewarddoes it just sync and its up to the devs to just reapply the changes that're needed to be kept, or does that need a manual merge17:35
tumbleweedpackages are only synced when they aren't modified in ubuntu17:36
tumbleweedmerges are done by hand17:36
tewardso I'd ahve to request a merge... figures.17:36
tumbleweedusually the last person to touch it does the merge, because they know what changes they made17:37
cjwatsonIf you want to look at the full logic, it's in the auto-sync script in lp:ubuntu-archive-tools17:38
tewardtumbleweed: right, well, in theory, the last person to touch it was me, but if you want to be really anal about it, the last person to touch the package was mdeslaur17:40
tewardbecause marc just sponsored a last-minute change for the nginx package.17:40
teward(which was to somewhat-mitigate POODLE)17:40
tewardso should I be poking mdeslaur to do the merge?17:40
tumbleweedno, you're the one on the hook, not him :)17:41
tewardtumbleweed: insomuchthat marc has upload rights and I don't.17:42
tewardany merge I do has to be sponsored.17:42
tewardguess i should dig up my 'how to effectively merge' guide17:43
hjdcjwatson: ok. Thanks.17:49
tewardtumbleweed: any kind of guidance on how to perform a merge?18:26
tewardif i have followed http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/udd-merging.html for creating a merge for a package, where should I push the resulting modifications to?  What is the pattern I should use for uploading this to launchpad?  (I'm used to the traditional debdiff methods :/)19:14
tumbleweedteward: you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging ?19:15
tumbleweedah, you read the udd docs19:15
tewardtumbleweed: MOM failed19:15
tewardthat's why i went the UDD route19:15
tumbleweedyes, you can push a branch and propose a merge, but those can be hard to review19:15
tumbleweedstill that's the reviewer's problem, not yours19:15
tewardtumbleweed: could I perhaps just do bzr builddeb, then gen a debdiff?19:16
tewardupload said debdiff to launchpad when i create a merge request bug?19:16
tewardtumbleweed: E:CouldNotFindDSC19:16
tumbleweedyes you can19:16
tumbleweedit all looks like it's there. I don't know where you saw that error. https://merges.ubuntu.com/n/nginx/19:17
* teward shrugs19:17
tewardi should use the automated reports, either way xD19:17
* teward yawns19:17
tewardurgh, i need more coffee19:17
tewardtumbleweed: ultimately the same report was shown from the bzr/UDD method19:18
tewardnamely that the debian/ files had those same conflicts19:18
tewardwhich i resolved19:18
tewardtumbleweed: who do I bother for a cursory review of the debdiff, as this is the first time I've gone the UDD route for creating a merge19:21
tewardshoudl i go bug mdeslaur who merged it before?19:21
tumbleweedif you propose a merge, it'll appear in the sponsoring overview19:22
tewardtumbleweed: thanks.  QUestion: how often does the sponsorship queue page get updated19:45
tumbleweedsorry, I can't remember19:59
ari-tczewLaney: I'd like to take a merge on shotwell, you're the last uploader. I hope you're not angry :-)21:45
Laneyari-tczew: go for it, happy to review also21:47
ari-tczewLaney: ok, I'll subscribe/mark you as reviewer! :-)21:48

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