lindolum how about gnome-terminal response?02:08
lindolfor example I try to command "ls" in gnome-terminal, It was slow response ( may be about 0.5 sec)02:10
lindolhow about you?02:10
tmusNot sure this is the right place to ask, but using ubuntu-gnome 14.10 with gnome3-staging ppa (Gnome 3.14) causes strange drop-shadow issues for me, Does anyone have an idea what causes the problem and what to do about it?02:26
darkxsttmus, its a bug in the intel graphics drivers02:36
tmusdarkxst, really? do you have a link to a description of the problem somewhere? possibly workaround?02:38
darkxsttmus, bug 138613302:42
ubot5bug 1386133 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Please update and then backport to Utopic version 2.99.916" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138613302:42
tmusdarkxst, searching around, I found some things to try, like switching to glamour - i'll look a tthe bug too, thanks a lot!02:42
darkxstapparently installing the updated driver from debian fixes it.02:44
knittlhi :)16:37
knittlI'm using the gnome 3.14 ppa, but unfortunately I have a broken theme (inactive windows have their title bar in the wrong color)16:38
knittlanybody else seeing this issue?16:38
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darkxstknittl, Adwaita or some other theme?23:40
d1ndrawhat's the best way to with development in GNOME? I currently have knowledge of C++ and Python. Should I learn more of a particular language? It can be assumed that I'm a complete newbie to developing something. Help would be greatly appreciated.23:58

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