ubot2Leviticus called the ops in #ubuntu-bots-team (waaa rww ban me)04:50
ubot2Leviticus called the ops in #ubuntu-bots-team (waaa rww ban me!)04:51
ubot2Leviticus called the ops in #ubuntu-bots-team (waaa rww ban me!)04:56
ubot2Leviticus called the ops in #ubuntu-bots-team (waaa rww ban me!)04:57
ubot5Leviticus called the ops in #ubuntu-touch (waaaaaaaaa)05:00
JanCseems like Levitcus found out there is no ban in #ubuntu-server yet...14:10
FinrodWhen I went into the #ubuntu-ops channel, I saw that only two other users are active in that channel, and no one is messaging anything for the last hour.  Also, no one is responding to my messages in #ubuntu-ops channel18:20
FinrodDoes that mean I am banned or somehow prohibited from the #ubuntu-ops channel?18:22
popeyFinrod: it means people are either a) away from their keyboard, or b) ignoring you for some reason. Probably.18:45
Finrodok, thanks18:46
FinrodIf this channel is not for support, what is the purpose of this channel?  And am I allowed to use this channel?18:47
popeyThis is for support for operators of Ubuntu channels.18:47
k1l_Finrod: the #ubuntu-ops channel is not a general support channel. its a channel to talk to ops about the moderation of the channels and /or to deal with kaicks/bans. the reason no one likes to answer you is because the way the discussions went and the actions that came after that discussions.19:00
FinrodDoe that mean I should leave the #ubuntu-ops channel now, and I am no longer welcome there, k1l_?19:01
k1l_Finrod: the #ubuntu-ops channel is for the purpose i just said. if you dont have an actual issue to talk with/about ops please leave the channel, because only ops-team-members are meant to idle (stay) there so it stays clear for users who want to talk to/about ops regarding the moderation of the core ubuntu channels.19:03
k1l_Finrod: everybody is welcome there but please only stay in there as long you deal with an issue.19:04
FinrodThe ubuntu-ops channel is the only channel where I am allowed to discuss my account problems, as far as I know, and now it is no longer working19:04
popeyubuntu-forums account?19:06
FinrodUbuntu One SSO accounts19:07
popeythat's not something the people in #ubuntu-ops can help you with19:07
k1l_Finrod: no. your case is no longer a user - op topic, your case got escalated to the ircc. so please talk to the ircc about the issues with your bans. the #ubuntu-ops channel is also not responsible for ubuntuforums login issues etc. please talk the the specific team.19:07
FinrodI am sorry. I don't want to cause any further trouble.  should I now leave both the #ubuntu-ops and the #ubuntu-irc channel?19:11
rww#ubuntu-ops you should leave because you have no pending business there (as it's been referred to IRCC). You're welcome to idle here, but for the avoidance of confusion I'd recommend parting here too and just talking to IRCC folks.19:12
FinrodI was kicked from the ubuntuforums channel too, last time I tried to address my Ubuntu One account problems.  Please note this.19:12
Finrodthanks for your help, rww19:12
k1l_Finrod: you are free to idle in here. but, as i said, #ubuntu-ops is not meant for users to idle there.19:12
k1l_and the irc ops cant really help on forums issues. that you need to sort with the forums crew.19:13
FinrodHow can I email the ubuntu forums admin without accessing my Ubuntu One account?19:14
rwwsec, I'll ping one of them and ask19:16
rwwFinrod: ubuntu-forums-council@lists.ubuntu.com19:20
Finrodthank you, rww19:20
HFSPLUS!ops | rww19:35
HFSPLUSfuck rww19:36
HFSPLUSrww, you suck19:36
FinrodHow do I get the name of my outgoing server, SMTP?  I am trying to send an email to ubuntu-forums-council@lists.ubuntu.com.  It looks like it bounced when I tried to send it by Hotmail.20:25
tewardgo to hotmail's website20:29
tewarduse their web client20:29
tewardsend email.20:29
FinrodIsn't there web client Outlook?  I already used that to send the email20:30
tewardalternatively, start here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/outlook/send-receive-from-app20:30
tewardFinrod: that's hotmail's website :P  web client == outlook.com since microsoft did all their stuff.20:30
FinrodI see20:31
FinrodDoes that mean there is a command somewhere in the Outlook client, which I am using now, to find the name of my outgoing server?20:32
rww#ubuntu-irc is for operator issues relating to the Ubuntu namespace. It is not a support channel, *especially* not for Windows software.20:33
k1l_see the faq of your email-provider. their support will provide the server settings for your email issues20:33
elky#freenode isn't either, fwiw20:34
rwwelky: #freenode is a general support channel.20:34
tewardalso consider using "Google" to find the info you need, Finrod20:37
FinrodWhere can I go to get help accessing the logs?  Which ubuntu channel should I go to?21:33
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.21:34
FinrodI cannot find the ubuntu forums logs in this location, where they are supposed to be:  http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/08/25/21:36
Unit193#ubuntuforums is a social channel, thus unlogged.21:36
FinrodI am trying to answer a question from an ubuntu forums operator, who requested the log.  He wants to see the log evidence of the exchange, for proof that a conversation actually occured, so I assume there must be logs somewhere.  His email suggests that channel is in fact logged, and he wants to see the log21:40
rwwThat's between you and the forums operator. We do not publicly log #ubuntuforums, so any log would have to come from someone's IRC client (probably yours or his).21:40
Finrodok, thanks21:41
k1l_Finrod: besides the public logs there could be your own logs, if you client is setup to log, too.21:42
k1l_so maybe he is assuming you have your own logs.21:43
Finrodyes, I have chatzilla21:43
Finrodbut the conversation happened before I began using chatzilla.  But I had copied and pasted the entire conversation into LibreOffice Writer, on Monday night, 25 August, and included it all in my email to him.  But he said he still wants the log, probably to substaniate it is true and accurate21:48
FinrodSorry, more likely AbiWord22:32
FinrodNot LibreOffice Writer22:32
FinrodI successfully sent several emails to the ubuntu forums and ubuntu IRC operators today, thanks to your help.  Hopefully, that will resolve all of my outstanding issues.  I appreciate your help and patience22:35

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