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s-foxMeeting time?17:59
meetingologyMeeting started Sun Nov  2 17:59:54 2014 UTC.  The chair is elfy. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.17:59
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elfyAgenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ForumCouncilAgenda18:00
elfyand more or less empty18:00
elfy#topic AOB18:01
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elfyso anyone got any other business for us?18:01
bapoumbaAOB ?18:01
s-foxAny other business18:01
bapoumbasorry /o\18:01
elfycoffeecat cariboo907 ping18:02
coffeecatnothing here18:02
cariboo907nothing here either18:02
bapoumba2 LoCo teams asked for their sub-forum be reopened18:02
bapoumbaOne I declined (zero activity for a few years)18:03
elfyaah yes, that one18:03
bapoumbaThe other elfy has accepted (spam on their own resource that became unusable)18:03
elfyI set the Peru one up18:03
s-foxI have no items for discussion, although I am going to be working on the mobile css this month18:03
bapoumbaah good s-fox18:04
elfy#action s-fox will start working on mobile css for the forum18:04
meetingologyACTION: s-fox will start working on mobile css for the forum18:04
s-foxWe have the list of outstanding tickets to go through18:04
elfymight be good for someone to take that to look at18:05
s-foxI know coffeecat and myself whittled down the huge list to something more manageable18:05
s-foxso would suggest looking at post #218:06
elfythe huge list is an index - just because something's been resolved - it doesn't mean it won't come back - as we've seen in the recent past18:06
elfys-fox: when I've added them I've added them to post #118:06
s-foxTrue, but it is a good a place as any to start. Oh you updated the list? I'll need to have a fresh look :)18:07
elfyyep - there's at least 1 new one on there18:07
elfyanything else?18:08
coffeecatnot here18:08
bapoumbaThere is one Admin that resigned18:08
bapoumbaSo we are down to 618:09
elfy#topic Team Report18:11
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elfywho's going to take that this month?18:11
s-foxI can do it tomorrow18:11
elfy\o/ thanks s-fox18:11
elfy#action s-fox to produce team report18:11
meetingologyACTION: s-fox to produce team report18:11
bapoumbawell, it can be done tonight18:11
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meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Nov  2 18:12:09 2014 UTC.18:12
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2014/ubuntu-meeting.2014-11-02-17.59.moin.txt18:12
elfythanks everyone18:12
coffeecatthanks elfy18:12
bapoumbathank you elfy18:12
s-foxIf you wish it done tonight, then someone else needs to do it :(18:12
cariboo907that was quick ")18:12
bapoumbaTakes 5 mins s-fox, if we are to talk after the meeting, can be done as mutlitasking18:13
s-foxI'm on my cell phone ;)18:13
elfynot so easy on an i-phone bapoumba ;)18:13
bapoumbaah :)18:14
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