qwebirc66352Sigh... nevermind, 6 hours of digging into the software... broken new ethernet patch cable00:07
qwebirc52953I'm about to go postal... I need serious help here.00:57
qwebirc52953anyone there?00:58
qwebirc52953not sure I can hang out for an hour...01:08
qwebirc52953I have multiple questions, but right now I'm trying to figure out why my XBMC client (cmyth) won't connect to my myth backend. I think it's the mysql password or maybe I haven't properly enabled external access to mysql01:09
SmallwoodDR82can you login to the db through command line?01:41
qwebirc52953well, I used to be able to...01:42
qwebirc52953I've been fiddling with things that i found on the web while waiting for help here, and I've probably screwed it up01:43
qwebirc52953I can't start mysql now01:43
qwebirc52953I'm trying to undo what I did01:43
qwebirc52953damn.. not working01:44
Zinnqwebirc52953: Please watch your language.01:44
qwebirc52953are you still there?01:46
SmallwoodDR82you need to get your sql db fixed before even attempting to get xbmc to connect01:49
qwebirc52953ok, I'm back in business01:49
qwebirc52953had to restart the box, but I can now log in with the generated password in the config.xml file01:49
qwebirc52953I can watch TV with the local frontend client01:50
SmallwoodDR82ok now use those credentials on xbmc01:50
qwebirc52953I've done that, and it's failed... let me go check again to be certain nothing has changed, but I was at this point an hour ago01:50
qwebirc52953no joy. it says "no PVR clients have started yet", but I've enabled the cymth and configured it. I've also enabled Live TV in Settings.01:51
qwebirc52953the adb logs say it can't connect01:51
SmallwoodDR82can you try command line from your XBMC box?01:52
SmallwoodDR82to your sql db01:52
qwebirc52953no... it's an Amazon Fire TV with XBMC app sideloaded - but it's not rooted01:52
qwebirc52953I can get to adb logs, but that's it01:52
qwebirc52953I can try from a terminal on my Mac, though01:53
qwebirc52953how would I do that?01:53
SmallwoodDR82i just use sequel pro on my mac01:53
qwebirc52953is that free?01:53
qwebirc52953isn't there some way I could just do this from a bash prompt?01:54
qwebirc52953ok, let me DL01:54
qwebirc52953says connection failed01:56
qwebirc52953do I need the DB name?01:56
qwebirc52953or the "Name" field?01:56
qwebirc52953I filled in the host, username (mythtv) and password (string in the config.xml)01:56
qwebirc52953and changed port to 654301:57
SmallwoodDR82when you setup mythtv did you use or the IP of the box?01:57
qwebirc52953IP of the box. Statically assigned by my router.01:58
qwebirc52953crap, nevermind... had the wrong IP01:58
qwebirc52953I'm logged in now from sequelpro01:59
qwebirc52953let me make sure I didn't screw up the IP on xbmc.... brb01:59
SmallwoodDR82ok verify your xbmc config with IP01:59
qwebirc52953O...M...G...    somehow xbmc took the value "1192.168.1.198"..... note the extra "1"02:01
qwebirc52953so, since I have a live human here...02:01
qwebirc52953as I was trying to debug this for hours, I found notes on the web about having to enable remote access to mysql02:02
qwebirc52953is this true?02:02
qwebirc52953the first thing I saw said to do this from mythbuntu control centre02:02
qwebirc52953I selected "enable" on the mysql option for "master backend role"02:03
qwebirc52953then I saw lots of other stuff about modifying the my.cnf file for mysql, which is what I was trying to do when you found me02:03
qwebirc52953was any of that necessary??02:03
SmallwoodDR82i never "modified" any files with my setup02:03
SmallwoodDR82all done through GUI/myth setup02:04
SmallwoodDR82i'm running xbmc as well02:04
qwebirc52953finally, is there a SIMPLE way to modify the myaql password? I don't like the generated one in the config file02:04
SmallwoodDR82not on FireTV but still...02:04
SmallwoodDR82there is a file you can change...02:05
qwebirc52953right, the config.xml file02:05
qwebirc52953that's it? just change the file and restart?02:05
SmallwoodDR82i feel like this is another step...let me see if I can find it02:05
qwebirc52953I saw all sorts of other posts about changing this password via mysql commands, and it was ugly02:05
qwebirc52953ok, great - thanks02:06
qwebirc52953oh, yes02:06
qwebirc52953any luck?02:10
qwebirc52953I've got it working now.... so at this point, I'm going to go play with it a bit. If you find any info, please just post it here. I'll be in and out.02:11
SmallwoodDR82I'll post if I find it...02:11
qwebirc52953thank you so much for helping, even though it was just pilot error... I have a feeling I've been chasing all sorts of things in vain02:11
SmallwoodDR82some reason I can't find the post I'm looking for02:11
SmallwoodDR82no problem...happy to sorta assist :)02:11
qwebirc52953It took me a long while to figure out that the password wasn't "mythtv"02:12
qwebirc52953that's one of the big things I figured out tonight02:12
qwebirc52953I just hate the one it chose... I'm fine with "mythtv", if I can figure out how to change it02:12
qwebirc52953so  - thanks again, and thanks in advance if you find the post with the info02:13
jac1dWeird issue, remote works at command line with irw confirming correct keypresses, but nothing seems to make it in to the mythtv frontend process.  What is required to connect the two?  14.04 with an MCE remote on a CommandIR USB receiver02:37
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