matv1discovered something pretty awsum! ubuntu touch can see into the future :P00:37
matv1notifications in the quick access menu shows that I will receive a call tomorow00:38
saidinesh5              http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2580575 hmm.. looks like this is what was causing issue for me00:43
saidinesh5sudo apt-get build-dep ubuntu-keyboard is pulling in01:34
saidinesh5Get:68 http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ utopic/main libxau-dev armhf 1:1.0.8-1 [9,438 B]01:34
saidinesh5Get:69 http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ utopic/main libxdmcp-dev armhf 1:1.1.1-1build1 [23.4 kB]01:34
saidinesh5Get:70 http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ utopic/main x11proto-input-dev all 2.3.1-1 [118 kB]01:34
saidinesh5Get:71 http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ utopic/main x11proto-kb-dev all 1.0.6-2 [269 kB]01:34
saidinesh5and other stuff01:34
saidinesh5now that sucks01:36
saidinesh5hmm.. so manually installing the needed packages01:36
saidinesh5so guys how to set up a qt build environment on the device itself?02:09
saidinesh5okay this sucks04:28
saidinesh5i think installing sshfs bricked my device04:28
saidinesh5and i cant even boot to android!!04:28
sabgentonCan you run any x11 app now?04:55
sabgentonWith xmir04:56
sabgentonDebating to go ahead and install touch on my nexus 404:56
sabgentonI could use my phone as a desktop as well that might convince me04:57
sabgentonAssuming the hdmi adaptor works04:57
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ubot5waaaaaaaaa: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - oubiwann, corp186, popey,  k1l,  Corey, wgrant, idleone, and ogra.05:00
satyensir,is Asus zenfone 5 support ubuntu05:33
saidinesh5sabgenton: i doubt it06:29
saidinesh5i was trying to install some build dependencies for ubuntu-keyboard06:29
saidinesh5which seem to pull in some X11 dependencies06:29
saidinesh5and that breaks my installation06:30
saidinesh5and definitely DONT install sshfs. that bricks the device.06:30
sabgentonsaidinesh5 can u unbrick?06:31
saidinesh5well it stopped booting06:31
saidinesh5sabgenton: tough one.. i had to reflash cyanogenmod06:31
sabgentonCould u use recovery to grab data first?06:32
saidinesh5umm havent tried that06:32
saidinesh5the install log of sshfs06:33
sabgentonsaidinesh5: im just assuming xmir will oneday alow x11 apps to run on the phone06:33
saidinesh5sabgenton: not sure there is much use for that though06:33
saidinesh5i remember the N900 wasn't soo plesant when i tried to use non touch apps on that touchscreen06:34
sabgentonsaidinesh5: well it would be nice to doc your phone and use as a pc06:36
saidinesh5hmm.. yeah i guess so06:36
sabgentonAlso to fill gaps the lack of apps there currently is06:37
saidinesh5hmm .. yeah i guess06:38
sabgentonsaidinesh5: out of interest has anyone tried installing x and gnome06:40
sabgentonOr unity 706:40
saidinesh5nah .. the x that got installed was out of accident06:40
saidinesh5when i did sudo apt-get build-dep ubuntu-keyboard06:40
saidinesh5just to confirm the bug, let me install it again06:41
sabgentonIf you could toggle between the two that would be ok06:42
sabgentonBut xmir would be better06:42
sabgenton(  if they ever get it going )06:42
saidinesh5you know what06:43
saidinesh5let me try xmri06:43
* saidinesh5 googles06:43
saidinesh5i think it broke again06:46
saidinesh5okay so i think the qt5-default and related packages on ubuntu touch are broken07:48
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popeysaidinesh5: "broken"?09:06
saidinesh5popey: well it somehow breaks Mir09:07
saidinesh5and then wont boot again09:07
saidinesh5until i reinstall ubuntu touch09:07
saidinesh5they seem to pull in some xorg related packages .. if thats what breaks mir09:08
popeywhy install qt5-default?09:08
saidinesh5cuz i wanted to compile something on the device09:08
saidinesh5basically i did sudo apt-get build-dep ubuntu-keyboard09:08
popeyprobably better doing that in a chroot09:08
popeywhich is what we use in the sdk09:09
saidinesh5my sdk is also broken09:09
saidinesh5not sure how09:09
saidinesh5it just fails to start the qmake09:09
saidinesh514:40:10: Starting: "/home/dinesh/.config/ubuntu-sdk/qmake-ubuntu-sdk-14.10-armhf-click" /media/Data/src/Maliit/skeyer/skeyer.pro -r -spec linux-g++09:10
saidinesh514:40:10: The process "/home/dinesh/.config/ubuntu-sdk/qmake-ubuntu-sdk-14.10-armhf-click" exited with code 1.09:10
saidinesh5Error while building/deploying project skeyer (kit: Ubuntu Device (GCC armhf-ubuntu-sdk-14.10-utopic))09:10
saidinesh5When executing step 'qmake'09:10
rayalezHi, guys!! I wanted to ask - will I be able to develop apps in python?09:13
popeyrayalez: we don't recommend it, but it's possible09:17
saidinesh5popey: so basically whats the issue with the qt5 devel packages on ubuntu touch?09:20
saidinesh5im using the latest utopic build from multirom09:20
saidinesh5243 i think09:20
popeylike I say, we use chroot, generally dont install those packages on the device09:20
saidinesh5popey: but ubuntu-keyboard source itself has buildOnDevice.sh09:21
saidinesh5which installs this stuff09:21
saidinesh5also popey could you point me to a wikipage where i can see more info about the chroot?09:21
popeysaidinesh5: http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/sdk/tutorials/click-targets-and-device-kits/09:22
praptothis is active channel?09:45
popeyprapto: yes, more so during the week than at the weekend09:53
saidinesh5popey:  btw09:57
saidinesh5"..developer tools are not installed."09:57
saidinesh5how do i change that?09:57
saidinesh5for some reason my ubuntu-sdk fails to even build a simple C++ app to run on the device10:05
praptoI have low end smartphone with mediatek mt6577. any tutorial to porting ubuntu touch to mediatek?10:30
saidinesh5so can someone help me figure out why my ubuntu sdk is broken?10:36
peacedogAny support for Allwinner A13 devices? Thanks.14:24
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices14:30
pngo_Does bluetooth work?14:34
mzanettiA2DP and HSP work well for me on Nexus4. Currently the only supported profiles though. I think OPUSH and some address book integration (not sure if HFP or PBAP) are in the works currently.14:38
popeyon the supported devices, yes14:38
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mardymzanetti: hi! did you ever use qmake in a click chroot?16:47
jelkner Hi all, I've been unable to get my GPS working on my nexus4.16:54
jelknerI've asked here about this before, and I was told to "return to the welcome dialog and enable GPS"16:55
jelknerbut I have not been able to figure out how to do that.16:55
jelkner/usr/bin/test_gps is giving my data16:56
jelknerbut neither OSM or Google Maps work16:56
jelknerThey both tell me GPS info is unavailable16:56
jelknerI just installed the SensorStatus app, which likewise won't give me GPS info16:57
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mzanettimardy: hey, no, I haven't done so yet.18:08
cwayneis there an easy way to fake using location service on desktop?18:17
jack____could you please tell me how to upgrade kubuntu from terminal19:12
popeythat sounds like a question for #kubuntu19:13
K1773Rjack____: then why ur asking here?19:13
jack____you know?19:14

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