Kilosmorning all04:29
Kiloshi kbmonkey 05:40
kbmonkeyHi Kilos 05:47
Kiloshi charl 05:48
kbmonkeyKilos: https://asciinema.org/a/1352006:36
Kilosi go see06:36
Kiloskbmonkey, is that the stickbooted06:39
Kilosor unetbootin wanting to make the stick still06:41
Kiloskbmonkey, 06:41
kbmonkeyYep, unetboot06:43
kbmonkeyCool recording terminal commands like that. 06:44
Kilosi like unetbootin have had one not work yet07:11
kbmonkeyIt is still going kilos07:21
kbmonkeyall I want to do is install ubuntu07:22
Kilosnormally it seems to hang for a while07:23
Kilosis it 66% i think then all of a sudden its done07:24
Kilosbut should take about 5 mins07:25
Kilosyou got something wrong with that stick07:25
* Kilos mails the monkey a blank dvd07:26
kbmonkeyAll sticks do this. Yes at 55% it hits a lage file. Progress only updates per file07:27
Kiloshow come you always have prob making sticks07:27
kbmonkeyIts the pc I tell you07:27
Kilosmust be07:28
kbmonkeyI only have probs with ubuntu. :(07:28
Kiloswhen in doubt use a hammer, the larger the doubt the larger the hammer07:28
kbmonkeyHa ha thx Kilos :)07:28
Kilosi actually did battle to install ubuntu from a stick once onto a tinycorelinux drive07:29
kbmonkey'df' says 950MB written so it's near done yey07:29
Kilosoh good07:30
Kiloshad to fdisk it then all went fine07:30
kbmonkeyMaybe I go for a walk. It gets done when I get back07:30
kbmonkeyYa I like fdisk07:30
kbmonkeyI see they changed fdisk menus. Looks more organized. 07:31
Kilosi just use fdisk off a win 98 cd07:32
kbmonkeyNeed more weekend. Want to do too much07:32
Kilosthen no need to learn new stuffs07:32
Kilosim really struggling with html07:32
Kilosits so simple and easy to understand if you can just remember the tag goodies07:33
kbmonkeyWhat part of html are you learning now?07:33
Kilosstill near the beginning , going over and over to try get it in head07:34
Kilosactually looks like a lekker language07:34
Kilosand easy to use07:34
kbmonkeyJa it is. I want to do more of javascript myself07:35
Kilosi can at least now remember <html> and <head> and <title> and how to close them07:35
kbmonkeyDo you have a site idea you are trying to make to learn?07:35
kbmonkeyOh what editor do you write in Kilos ?07:36
Kilosi dont want to make a site i just want to learn how to fix them07:36
kbmonkeysjoe diving in deep. :)07:36
Kilosi dont have a unity running anywhere anymore07:37
kbmonkeyAny decent editor will close tags for you. I pse geany, and gedit will too. 07:37
Kilosoh i have xubuntu on another pc i can try that with gedit07:38
Kilosya kubuntu07:38
Kilosbut the doing the text isnt the prob its remembering thats alltext 07:38
Kilosdunno where that last text came from07:39
kbmonkeyIt is easier if you have a goal or know what you want to fix 07:40
kbmonkeyOtherwise there is too much to learn at once :)07:40
Kilosi wanted to go fix sites on that other thing07:40
Kilosthey got 40 000 need fixing07:41
Kilosbut i dont want to start and messup then they block you out07:41
Kilosmorning superfly 07:43
Kilosmorn tab dont work07:43
kbmonkeyClicbworker huh? Looks interesting. I don't see any place of job listings07:45
Kilosyou have to do their evaluation thing then they decide what you are qualified to do and offer you stuff07:46
kbmonkeyHave you done the evaluation?07:47
Kilosboth i think or 307:48
Kilosbasic stuff they ask07:48
kbmonkeyIt is like elance but I don't think you will need to change website code Kilos :)07:48
kbmonkeyLooks like copy-editing and tagging 07:49
Kilosi went on then they give you what must be done07:49
Kilosthats simple enough07:49
Kilosbut remembering what to do isnt simple07:49
kbmonkeyGood good07:50
kbmonkeyNice to keep busy07:50
Kilosi went on with ian and he said its all basic if you follow their instructions07:50
Kilosthings like a car tire in a grocery page07:51
kbmonkeyLike a picture, or text?07:51
Kilosi can see thats in the wrong place but cant remember what they said to do with it07:51
Kilosproper webpages07:52
kbmonkeyIs there not a job description or requirement to say what needs to be done?07:52
Kilosyes a full explanation07:53
Kilosits only the remembering man07:53
Kiloskop doff07:53
Kilosfixing links too i think07:53
Kiloslets say that tire in grocery store07:54
Kilosi know its wrong just bang to sommer delete it. might need to find where it should be and move it to there07:55
Kilosby then ive forgotten where i started07:55
kbmonkeyJust keep the job reuuirement open on a second tab and refer to it when you forget. 07:56
kbmonkeyWork smart07:56
kbmonkeyIt's not about remembering, otherwise I'll never get my work done! My memory like a siv ;)07:57
kbmonkeyI make todo list. Lists of what I did, lists of what to do. Lists of lists!07:58
kbmonkeyCos I forget07:59
kbmonkeyUsb done!07:59
Kilosyay that took long08:02
Kiloslets hope it works08:02
Kilosman for me its all about the remembering08:02
Kilostoo min ram and corrupt swap partition08:03
kbmonkeyThe usb booted this time. I chose all the install options, it is now showing a busy cursor. 08:11
kbmonkeyNot sure if it is working. 08:11
Kilosya then must be working08:11
kbmonkeyIt does not show progress. It is stuck on the user name selection screen08:11
kbmonkeyMouse moves08:12
kbmonkeyI want more weekend lol08:12
Kilosit seems to be doing nothing but it is working in the background08:12
Kiloswould be better if it showed what its doing all the time08:13
kbmonkeyI have not even a chance to look what neels has added to the revaluation wiki! Oh damn08:13
kbmonkeyMaybe I go for a walk. Clear my head. Let Ubuntu work :)08:14
kbmonkeyA watched pot never boils08:14
kbmonkeyI have FreeBSD too I want to install. To learn something new. 08:17
Kilosyip i just had a breakfast banana sandwitch08:17
kbmonkeyI just had banana too!08:18
kbmonkeyAnd apple and mandarin08:18
Kilosi dont eat apples08:18
kbmonkeyI eat every day08:18
Kilosthey what got this world into the state its in08:18
kbmonkeyLol Kilos 08:19
Kiloshehe actually they just too hard to chew without teeth08:19
kbmonkeyBaked apples are very good08:19
Kilosbut sis makes a kinda coleslaw with cabbage and apple and stuff in08:19
Kilosso thats good i can just swallow08:20
Kilosand carrots 08:20
Kilosall graded so no serious chewing needed08:20
kbmonkeyNow I want apple pie!08:20
Kiloshaha my ex says vince is sweet08:23
Kilossuch a gentleman08:23
kbmonkeyHe is a genuine!08:24
Kiloshaha she says your little friend so i asked how big is he then she said oh he is big08:27
Kilosold peeps see things differently08:27
kbmonkeyKilos: something rong. Its still waiting at the same place :(08:54
Kilosit took so long to make the stick that most likely the install will take ages too08:55
Kilossomething not happy on that drive08:56
kbmonkeyI'm losing hope08:56
Kilosor maybe you have to hit an install button or just enter08:56
kbmonkeyI did hit the install button. It greyed out and it's waiting since08:57
Kiloswhat is on that drive08:57
Kiloswell if its greayed then its working08:57
Kilos what is on that drive08:58
Kilossomething in there isnt happy08:59
kbmonkeyNo errors in sys logs08:59
kbmonkeyIt's not windows08:59
Kilosan install that takes 30mins is a battling install09:00
kbmonkeyMust reboot pc out the first floor window09:00
Kilosno man fix it09:00
Kiloswhat is on the other partitions09:00
kbmonkeyUbuntu 10.0409:00
kbmonkeyWell its formatted oler now09:01
Kilosdid it give the option to install alongside?09:01
kbmonkeyYes. I chose not to09:01
Kiloswhat else is on there09:01
kbmonkeyformat the old09:01
kbmonkeyMy debian09:02
Kilosis there anything on that drive you want to keep09:02
kbmonkeyYes. Its all my work on there09:02
kbmonkeyAlso Mint09:02
kbmonkeyPartitioned for 3 OS's09:03
Kilos\ok then rstart it and choose the run live option09:03
kbmonkeyThat is little 09:03
kbmonkeyOkay oom. Good call !09:03
Kilosi had a kde that battled with installing till i ran it  live then installed from there09:04
kbmonkeyWork is backed up. I just don't want to destroy the parts09:04
kbmonkeyIt's this unetbootin I tell ya09:04
kbmonkeyRunning disc checker now09:05
Kiloshi Vince-0 09:05
Kilosdisk checker checks the stick09:06
kbmonkeyI know09:06
kbmonkeyNo errrors found09:06
Kilosya inetbootin is good09:06
Vince-0Haai 09:06
Kilosrun it live and see09:06
Vince-0kbmonkey, Kilos 09:07
Vince-0wat se julle09:07
kbmonkeyHi Vince-0 09:07
Kilosdie apie sukkel man09:07
kbmonkeyNeed new hardware 09:07
kbmonkeyLive works09:08
Kilosok in live on the desktop is an icon to install09:09
Kilostry that09:09
Kilosalso you need to see how many partitions you made primary09:11
Kilosonly 4 allowed09:11
Kilosso you have mint and 10.04 there already09:12
Kilosonly root parts should be in primary if you using so many systems09:12
Kiloseverything else in logical i think its called09:13
kbmonkeyOf course. 3 primary and one extended with 5 sub partitions. This is nothing new, I've had this layout for a year at least. 09:13
kbmonkeyI think my usb ports are shot09:14
kbmonkeyIt is stuck at the same place 09:14
kbmonkeyI try again another day. Will burn a DVD instead09:16
Kilossorry power died09:19
Kiloswhat i missed09:19
kbmonkeyI'll get a dvd tomorrow and try that way Kilos :)09:22
Kilosit isnt unetbootin09:22
Kiloshow many primary partitions are used with the other systems09:22
Kiloshi gremble 09:37
grembleAnything interesting happening?09:38
Kilosonly my monkey battling09:39
grembleWhat what is your monkey battling?09:39
Kiloshe cant get 14.10 to install from stick09:39
Kiloskbmonkey, !!09:40
Kilosbananas in the ears again09:41
grembleThis girl is about to get killed by a creepy clown09:41
Kiloswhat are you watching09:42
grembleI usually don't watch series09:42
gremblebut I can't get myself to do anything else09:42
grembleSo now I am sitting here in self-loathing and watching this09:42
kbmonkeyHappy horror halloween09:43
Kilostalk to me dammit09:43
kbmonkeyAbout what Kilos 09:43
Kilosabout this install man09:43
kbmonkeyI wana make green bean curry09:44
Kilosyou havent answered the last 4 questions09:44
Kilosmail me some too09:44
kbmonkeyIll try with a dvd in the week09:44
Kilosyou say you have backed up everything09:44
Kilosthen boot from stick and go install then choose  erase and use entire disk09:45
kbmonkeygremble: I watched the walking dead on halloween. It is great09:45
Kilosstick must work09:45
Kilosyour prob isnt with the install media but with everything on the drive09:46
Kilosdvd will be even slower09:46
kbmonkeyNo Kilos.  I am not destroying my other partitions. All my development tools are on there and I don't have the bandwidth or inclination to set those up again. 09:46
Kilossjoe. no spare drive?09:46
kbmonkeyNo. I gave spares to william09:47
kbmonkeyFor his classes09:47
Kilosi think you gonna find you have used up your 4 primary partitions09:52
Kiloshave you got a spare 8g stick09:53
Vince-0kbmonkey: what hdd is it for?09:53
Kilosor 16g09:53
Vince-0you should pull in here and whack 'em on my 10meg fibre at work09:53
kbmonkeyIt's my pc's hdd Vince-0. 09:59
kbmonkeyubuntu installer just hangs, is all. My current installs work good. 10:00
kbmonkeyI suspect faulty usb ports10:00
kbmonkeynope Kilos my partitions are all good. 10:01
kbmonkeyI give up today till I get the dvd tomorrow :)10:02
Kilosw2ell lets see what a dvd does10:02
kbmonkeyRun out of time10:02
kbmonkeyNeed to start cooking!10:02
Kilostime always too min10:02
grembleYou can also try dd if unetbootin doesn't work10:02
grembleI've completely switched over to using dd for my linux booting needs10:03
kbmonkeyEish ubuntu maak my tiete lam10:03
Vince-0use fedora!10:03
kbmonkeygremble: I love dd. It works every time except with ubuntu. It's a halloween curse I tell ya :)10:04
kbmonkeyVince-0: I got FreeBSD I want to give a go with actually10:04
grembleIt doesn't work with ubuntu?10:04
Vince-0sjoe that's brave10:04
grembleThat is fantastic10:04
grembleFreeBSD is very nice10:04
grembleIt is just an effort to get desktop things to set up10:05
grembleAlso can't use unetbootin/dd for *BDS as it does not have the syslinux hack to let it boot up10:05
Kilosstandby ThatGraemeGuy ?10:07
kbmonkeyI'r keen to get more hands-on with the install process. The point is to learn more about it :)10:07
grembleFreeBSD install process is automated. Try Gentoo/Arch if you want to play with the install process10:07
grembleNot that I am trying to disuade you from using FreeBSD. TI is awesome10:10
grembleIt even10:10
ThatGraemeGuynope, minetest :)11:02
charlgood afternoon11:09
Kiloshi charl 11:19
Kiloswb not_found 11:19
Kiloslong time since you been lost11:19
not_foundnope, it is standard for me11:22
charlhi Kilos 11:53
charlMaaz: coffee on11:53
* Maaz puts the kettle on11:53
KilosMaaz, coffee please11:53
MaazKilos: Alrighty11:53
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!11:57
KilosMaaz, danke11:57
grembleI have to do two cartoons for the newspaper but I have no inspiration to draw12:04
ThatGraemeGuyooh load shedding, thanks eskom12:08
grembleWell yes. They have to cut costs in infrastructure to afford the directors' salaries12:08
grembleThey are doing a bang-up job and therefore have to get paid a lot12:09
grembleI tea keeps being finished whenever I look at my mug14:20
grembleI think someone is stealing it14:20
Kilosive started making tea in a 1 litre stork container then topping up my beer mug as needed14:21
Kilosalso saves beer mugs from cracking14:21
grembleYou are a genius14:21
Kilosna just lazy, lazy peeps always look for the easy way out14:22
gremblePeople that are both lazy and creative are the best kinds of people14:23
Kilosbeing a mechanic you learn to make things that work. often you cant get some tool into a certain space or angle so you make your own14:25
grembleI know about that part14:27
grembleMy bakkie uses a really weird size nut for the oil sump14:27
grembleWe had to go borrow a special socket14:27
Kilosive made things over the years and now find one can buy similar things14:27
grembleAfterward we just welded a proper nut onto the sump nut. Now it works fine 14:27
Kilosask the pro14:28
Kilosyip make things work the way you want them14:29
bushtechwhy do "people" always feel the sump plug needs to be tightened till your eyes pop out?14:29
Kilosbringing the same attitude to computers gave many gray hairs though14:29
Kilosya thats stupid hey14:29
Kilosbest is to put pressure on the spanner then whack the plug with a hammer14:30
bushtechslight deformation of threads?14:31
Kilosthose hydraulic impact wrenches often work14:31
Kilosno man not with a 4 lb hammer14:31
Kilosyou just need the shock effect14:31
grembleI just want to know why it comes in a weird American size14:32
Kilosthe whole idea is to make it so you take the vehicle in and pay14:33
grembleScrew them14:34
Kiloslike with all modern cars you need computer diagnostic equipment to fault find for you14:34
grembleNo, I have a simple Bantam Bakkie14:34
grembleIt barely has powersteering14:34
bushtechbuying the right socket size a whole lot cheaper than a service14:34
Kilosi have a large set of metrinch tools14:35
Kilosthey fir everything14:35
grembleWe couldn't find one. My grandfather knows a mechanic though, so we got one there14:35
Kilosbut cost an arm and half a leg14:35
Kilosyou in pta hey?14:35
Kilossmall parts centre and some others i forget14:36
Kilossmall tool centre14:36
Kilosjust get the single sockets you need , ratchets and power bars are standard14:37
grembleI will keep that in mind. 14:38
Kilosthere is actually another manufacturer that has followed the metrinch pattern for sockets14:38
Kilosi cant remember who14:38
Kilosgedore maybe14:38
grembleI think my father has a gedore set, or my brother has it now14:39
Kilosthose metrinch sockets are magic. you can file all the corners off a bolt and it still loosens them14:39
Kilosmetrinch doesnt have the many notches it is a 6 sided socket14:40
grembleI dislike working on cars though haha14:40
Kiloswith rounded grip faces14:40
Kilosworking on your own is fine14:41
grembleNo it is not haha14:41
Kilosworking on other peeps cars is a pain14:41
grembleI would prefer not having to worry about it14:41
Kilos"since you fixed my carburettor my back brakes jam all the time" etc etc14:42
Kiloshate fixing other peeps stuff14:42
Kilospcs is different i enjoy that14:42
Kilosand dont charge anyway so there cant be comebacks14:44
grembleI hate it when you don't charge and there are comebacks14:44
grembleAs if everything I do comes with a warranty14:44
Kilosi mainly help my son on the odd occasion fix clients drives or recover data etc14:45
Kilosrest of the time i play freecell14:46
Kilosand forget to remember what i must remember to remember14:49
grembleI have no idea how freecell works14:49
Kilosits lekker time consuming and mahjong14:50
grembleDamn it is difficult to draw anime >.>14:50
Kilosask my daughter14:51
Kilosis that anime14:53
charldoesn't look like it15:25
Kilosi have no idea what anime is but i know she does it15:28
charlthis is more anime http://kaiverta.deviantart.com/art/hollow-ichigo-47851358915:29
charlnot anime, manga15:29
charlanime is animated manga15:29
charlbut i'm looking at her stuff now, she's very talented nevertheless !15:29
Kilosthats how she makes a living, with her art15:32
kbmonkeyhow is the site fixing-learning going Kilos 17:31
Kilosi did nothing today sir17:31
Kilosjust loafed17:32
Kiloshows the bean curry?17:32
kbmonkeyvery good17:33
Kilosemail some17:33
kbmonkeyit was too hot for the wire ;)17:33
Kilosi shoulda been an injun i can live on curry17:33
kbmonkeyit says virus detected when I try attach it to email!17:33
Kiloschange the .exe to .food17:34
Kilosload shedding because of a silo that holds coal cracking up17:36
Kilosat our biggest power station17:36
Kilosnow another investigation committee will be setup i spose17:37
kbmonkeyreally?! that sounds pretty darn dangerous17:37
Kilosthey say its due to lack of maintenance and vaardighede17:38
Kilosi cant think of the english word17:38
Kilossomething like experience17:39
Kiloswatching the news can be quite funny at times17:39
Kilosthats the word ty17:39
kbmonkeyha ha17:39
kbmonkeyadd "in" before that17:39
KilosMaaz, define competence17:40
MaazKilos: Competence \Com"pe*tence\, Competency \Com"pe*ten*cy\, n. [Cf. F. comp['e]tence, from L. competentia agreement.] 1. The state of being competent; fitness; ability; adequacy; power. [1913 Webster]  The loan demonstrates, in regard to instrumental resources, the competency of this kingdom to the assertion of the common cause.        --Burke. [1913 Webster]  To17:40
Maazmake them act zealously is not in the competence of law.                               -…17:40
kbmonkeythis bot is incompetant sometimes17:41
KilosMaaz, define incompetant17:41
MaazKilos: I don't know about incompetant. Maybe you meant Incompetent or incompetent?17:41
KilosMaaz, define incompetent17:41
MaazKilos: Incompetent \In*com"pe*tent\, a. [L. incompetens: cf. F. incomp['e]tent. See {In-} not, and {Competent}.] [1913 Webster] 1. Not competent; wanting in adequate strength, power, capacity, means, qualifications, or the like; incapable; unable; inadequate; unfit. [1913 Webster]  Incompetent to perform the duties of the place. --Macaulay. [1913 Webster]  2. (Law)17:41
MaazWanting the legal or constitutional qualifications; inadmissible; as, a person professed…17:41
Kilosya that17:41
Kilosand the reason why some cops cant fill in charge sheets is because there isnt enough money for training17:42
kbmonkeyit's a hard job17:43
Kilosya looks like17:44
Kilosand 2 eskom employess caught with 2 stolen transformers worth 650k17:44
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:53
magespawngood evening19:19
kbmonkeykilos went to bed already19:25
magespawnhi kbmonkey 19:27
magespawnmust have been a long weekend for the oom19:27
kbmonkeyhe mentioned power cycling 19:29
kbmonkeyload shedding, that's it19:29
kbmonkeyapparently there is a crack in one of the coal silo's19:29
magespawnyes, i saw a picture today, apparently the whole thing has collapsed19:37
kbmonkeyoh dear19:38
magespawngood night all21:30

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