TotallyNotMikeyPokay, im at the menu (live mode, install etc)00:00
hipitihopI have a Sennheiser PC8 USB headset which is shown in lsusb but not listed when 'sudo aplay -l' Can someone help ?00:02
hipitihopI'm on 14.04 with 3.13.0-39-generic00:02
TotallyNotMikeyPIts booting into the install now00:04
TotallyNotMikeyPIt failed on 'restore sound card state' :/00:06
Timoty Hello, anyone knows how to enable fixed-point in gccH00:06
lawn_gnomeTotallyNotMikeyP it failed?00:07
TotallyNotMikeyPyeah. doesn't seem to be doing anything elae now00:08
ubuntu_yhi all. anyone can tell me the best and secure vpn????00:08
lawn_gnomeTotallyNotMikeyP ok um...00:08
lawn_gnomewhat option did you hit?00:09
TotallyNotMikeyPi tried live mode a million times :/00:09
lawn_gnomedid you say to wipe and install it?00:10
rypervencheI just installed Ubuntu 14.04 on a separate partition on my system. I have Windows 8.1 on my first partition. When I boot I don't have the choice to boot into Windows. How can I resolve this? (Using UEFI)00:10
ghandii got some weird problems installing 14.1000:10
TotallyNotMikeyPhow do i choose to wipe and install? i want it on a seperate partition00:10
lawn_gnomeTotallyNotMikeyP: try booting windows and using the disk utility to resize its partition00:11
lawn_gnomethen install Ubuntu in the empty space00:12
Bashing-omrypervenche: IF booting to ubuntu -> terminal, try terminal command -> sudo update-grub <-. See if that picks up and chainloads Windows for ya.00:12
TotallyNotMikeyPwell it doesnt even get to the install part00:12
rypervencheBashing-om: I'll try that. THanks.00:12
lawn_gnomeTotallyNotMikeyP: huh?00:13
lawn_gnomewhat does it say before that?00:13
lawn_gnomecan you pastebin the boot.log?00:14
TotallyNotMikeyPnothing. it hangs at the splash screen.00:14
TotallyNotMikeyP sure, wheres the log saved?00:14
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rypervencheBashing-om: Doesn't look like it does. Only my Linux kernels.00:14
lawn_gnomeoh wait nvm00:16
Bashing-omrypervenche: In the process, Windows was not seen ?00:16
TotallyNotMikeyPis there not a 12.04 wubi i can use?00:16
rypervencheBashing-om: Correct. http://pastebin.com/c55JAugn00:16
lawn_gnomei dont know. are you using UEFI?00:17
Bashing-omrypervenche: Look'n00:17
TotallyNotMikeyPbios uefi?00:17
TotallyNotMikeyPnope. its just your typical bios00:18
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lawn_gnomego to the bios setup00:18
Commodore94Hi! Little question: In the Unix/Linux OS, a "System call" can call another "System call"?00:18
lawn_gnomewhat does usb options say00:19
Bashing-omrypervenche: UnGood ! .. what have we got on the hard drive ? -> sudo parted -l | pastebinit <- .00:19
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TotallyNotMikeyPnot sure, youll have to give me a moment, i cant figure out how to get rid of 13.0400:19
TotallyNotMikeyPoo wait a minute00:20
TotallyNotMikeyPive found a 12.04 wubi similar to rhe 13.04 one i used00:21
TotallyNotMikeyPmaybe i can use it.00:21
daftykinsmyself and other volunteers would highly recommend against ever using WUBI00:21
rypervencheBashing-om: I was able to mount it via NTFS-3g, but it looks as though fastboot was enabled, so I could only do it in r/o mode: http://pastebin.com/nxrfJBNH (gdisk at bottom)00:21
daftykinsTotallyNotMikeyP: don't do it if you can avoid it.00:21
daftykinsand it can always be avoided.00:21
rypervencheBashing-om: Oh, you wanted parted. One sec.00:21
TotallyNotMikeyPWell with all the problems ive been having trying to get the usb method to work on this machine id say its worth a shot :/?00:22
lawn_gnometry just using windows disk util to delete the ubuntu partition00:22
daftykinsi would seriously say no00:22
TotallyNotMikeyPi literally cant get to the install through all mt usbs :/00:22
lawn_gnomelisten to him ^00:22
lawn_gnomewhat machine?00:22
ghandimy grub doesnt want to get installd after upgrade http://pastebin.com/ETGVdRmd00:23
Bashing-omrypervenche: My concern is that the Windows install no longer exists, we need to see the partitioning from -> sudo parted -l | pastebinit <- .00:23
TotallyNotMikeyPits a stupid old compaq00:23
TotallyNotMikeyPfrom around 200600:23
Ahmuckis there a bare bones install for ubuntu?00:24
daftykinsAhmuck: yeah mini.iso00:24
TotallyNotMikeyPwhats that?00:24
TotallyNotMikeyPcan i make a drive from mini.iso?00:24
Ahmucki can't seem to locate it on this page http://releases.ubuntu.com/utopic/00:24
TotallyNotMikeyPmaybe i could give that a shot00:25
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:25
EriC^^TotallyNotMikeyP: try 14.0400:25
rypervencheBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/0JcPtCSU00:25
EriC^^TotallyNotMikeyP: is it installing successfully?00:25
TotallyNotMikeyPhmm ill try 14.04 first00:25
Bashing-omrypervenche: Look'n00:25
TotallyNotMikeyP no, it hangs before i even reach the installation part of the setup00:26
TotallyNotMikeyPduring the boot, i guess00:26
Bashing-omrypervenche: Single hard drive ? as Windows does NOT exist on this drive .00:27
soneteaTotallyNotMikeyP: what errors do you get when you press "delete" on the loading screen00:27
rypervencheBashing-om: Windows is on the first partition.00:27
rypervencheIs it not?00:28
Ahmucki have a windows program i would like to run but am not sure it will.  is Wine still the package i need?00:28
soneteaor where is it stuck on00:28
daftykinsTotallyNotMikeyP: is this system memtest stable?00:28
soneteaAhmuck: yes00:28
TotallyNotMikeyPill try pressing delete next time i try00:28
rypervencheBashing-om: ...that's just a data partition, isn't it?00:28
Ahmuckthx.  i had heard there was another program that ran games better00:28
TotallyNotMikeyPim just downloading 14.04 instead00:28
soneteaTotallyNotMikeyP: i can't remember if it's delete or enter00:28
lawn_gnomeits delete00:28
soneteaAhmuck: yes playonlinux is a front end for wine00:29
TotallyNotMikeyPalt-enter shows me the goings on00:29
soneteayou might want to install that00:29
lawn_gnomeor esc00:29
TotallyNotMikeyPthought it returns fail for 'restore sound card state'00:29
Bashing-omrypervenche: "ntfs            Microsoft basic data  " Not seen it in this format . Think'n .00:29
soneteaBashing-om: do you know your sound card model?00:31
Bashing-omsonetea: No I do not right off hand ( I do not have audio on this station ) .00:31
soneteaoops sorry Bashing-om meant to ping TotallyNotMikeyP00:32
TotallyNotMikeyPalright, time to try .0400:32
bray90820How would someone add a power button to a case that doesn't have one00:32
TotallyNotMikeyP: nah, im guessing realtek, its intergrated00:33
daftykinsbray90820: that's more a question for the 'hardware' channel00:33
bray90820OOPS I was in completely the wrong channel my bad00:33
rypervencheBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/3jX5sE1D00:33
lawn_gnomemy dog decided to curl up next to me. using him as a mousepad now.00:34
Bashing-omrypervenche: Let's have others with greater knowledge & experience with Windows look at this. ( need to look into " 105MB   fat32           EFI System            boot ", see what is there, too ) .00:34
daftykinsWindows and EFI00:34
daftykinslets see00:35
rypervencheBashing-om: I made that for EFI to work. It wouldn't install Ubuntu without it.00:35
rypervencheI'm very new to UEFI, so I could very well have done things wrongly.00:35
daftykinsrypervenche: wow that disk is a mess00:35
ghandiwell unicorn just crashed my system00:35
ghandigreat job00:36
daftykinsghandi: trust me, you won't get much assistance in here with that attitude00:36
lawn_gnomeghandi: details please00:36
ghandiwell i posted it like 15 minutes ago a pastebin00:36
nahtnamHey! I am trying to connect to my NXT core via bluetooth. I need to set the pin to 1234. When I do, pin options, and click 1234, and then press next, it shows a 6 digit number and then says then connection failed. I NEED 1234 to connect to the device00:37
Bashing-omrypervenche: If that is current, sure looks like a Windows operating system to me. As to why ubuntu's OS-Prober is not picking it up, beyond my experience.00:37
ghandiit tells that grub is not configure, thats ridiculous00:37
daftykinsBashing-om: did rypervenche share a partition output at some point?00:38
lawn_gnometry sudo update-grub00:38
rypervenchedaftykins: I did. Let me get it for you.00:38
Bashing-omdaftykins: rypervenche :: I will bow to daftykins at this time ( or any other too ) .00:38
ghandilol i did that i also tried to remove grub and reinstall it00:39
lawn_gnomegrub or grub2?00:39
rypervenchedaftykins: http://pastebin.com/HAanD1GE00:39
daftykinsrypervenche: can't say i'm familiar with gdisk, can you do a 'parted -l' and a 'fdisk -l' ?00:40
rypervenchedaftykins: Yes. One moment.00:40
nahtnamI really need to connect!00:41
lawn_gnomenahtnam: NXT has issues with linux00:41
rypervenchedaftykins: http://pastebin.com/8HGq8XaE00:42
nahtnamlawn_gnome: But bluetooth should work, right?00:42
lawn_gnomenahtnam: in bluetooth options you need to select the device then choose pin options.00:42
Bashing-omdaftykins: irt rypervenche not to this time: http://pastebin.com/c55JAugn , http://pastebin.com/c55JAugn , http://pastebin.com/3jX5sE1D . are all I have .00:42
nahtnamlawn_gnome: Yeah, I do that. I click 1234, and if I press close, and then click on pin options again, it resets00:42
ghandii hope it works again at least now it installs a few packages after i removed some init.d entries00:43
daftykinsBashing-om: ty00:43
Bashing-omdaftykins: I am in my learning mode .00:43
daftykinsrypervenche: so i see gdisk refers to that disk as having a GPT with protective MBR setup, which means it's some kind of quirky hybrid. i missed the start of your query, but presumably you're just trying to install ubuntu alongside Windows (which version out of interest?) to this disk?00:44
rypervenchedaftykins: And some back story. Friend with a working Windows 8.1 installation. He had first partition, then some unallocated space, and then a second partition that was just for data. I got rid of the second partition, created EFI system partition, swap, and linux partition. Then installed Ubuntu on the system, manually choosing those three partitions and installing the bootloader on sda.00:45
rypervenchedaftykins: gdisk always shows protective MBR on all disks that you have GPT on.00:46
daftykinsrypervenche: hrmm, it looks like it was a real mess already, as i can see old Windows XP folders as well as win7/800:46
rypervenchedaftykins: It apparently wasn't an update either. Straight installation to 8.1.00:47
daftykinsrypervenche: you can see the Windows.Old folders though, heh00:48
rypervencheYeah... :/00:48
daftykinsrypervenche: anyway i missed the actual issue at the moment?00:48
daftykinspresumably you've been pastebin'ing from the ubuntu install?00:48
rypervenchedaftykins: I can't boot back into Windows. update-grub is not giving the chainloaders.00:48
daftykinsah i see00:48
daftykinsit's definitely a new enough system to have an EFI?00:49
daftykinsas remnants of XP have me thinking oooooold :)00:49
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daftykinsit even has a config.sys and autoexec.bat :(00:49
skyfalli have an issue. im dual booting ubuntu 14.10 and windows 7.  im unable to boot into ubuntu now sometimes. it's showing PORT 2 PORT 4 and then keeps loading ubutnu. if i boot into windows 7  , the time and date is changed.00:50
rypervenchedaftykins: I suppose I can try to add the manual the grub lines. I'll give that a shot.00:50
skyfallcan anyone please tell me how to solve this issue ?00:50
EriC^^autoexec.bat brings back memories fooling around with the pc's at school00:50
daftykinsrypervenche: actually you said it was your addition, the EFI partition, so i suspect the system is actually installed in BIOS mode, you might need to wipe ubuntu and reinstall it in legacy too (despite the disk appearing GPT)00:51
daftykinsrypervenche: although it looks so messy to me that i'd probably backup the user data and nuke the thing from orbit and start again00:51
daftykinsi bet a lot of disk space is being wasted on those old Windows installations00:51
rypervenchedaftykins: Ok, I'll try a few things and then boot using BIOS mode. I suppose that would let us know if it is installed in BIOS mode or not.00:52
daftykinsrypervenche: *nod* good luck00:53
rypervencheBashing-om: daftykins: Thank you both for the help. I'll let you know if I can get something to work :)00:53
skyfallhello. ? anybody ?00:53
Bashing-omdaftykins: rypervenche For my info, does not Windows expect the EFI partiton to be the 1st partition. and is not GPT sector size 4096 vice 512 (MBR) ??00:54
n0w_Every time I start the system, xfce popups nautilus showing home directory. How can I fix it?00:54
ghandidas upgrade ist eine zangengeburt00:54
n0w_Every time I start the system, xfce popups nautilus showing home directory. How can I fix it?00:56
daftykinsBashing-om: sector size is more of a physical disk thing, it doesn't influence the use of MBR or GPT at all really. an EFI'd Windows install would have the EFI boot partition at the start yeah, so i don't think this was an EFI Windows at all. i think an in-place windows 8 install has stuck to installing to this disk in legacy BIOS mode due probably to seeing an older Windows version on there to begin with (you can see XP folders on the00:56
Bashing-omdaftykins: Thanks for the probable explanation. makes sense now to me. ( I bet no Windows boot code in the EFI partition ) .00:59
rypervenchedaftykins: Hmm, and it wouldn't be possible to have a mix of BIOS and UEFI systems, would it? I just realized the custom grub stuff would be for EFI, which Windows doesn't have.00:59
Ubuntu-niceI can't burn Ubuntu in a CD anymore :<01:00
Ubuntu-niceMore than 1GB size, why is this o.O01:00
daftykinsrypervenche: nah, the user would have to keep using the system's boot menu (if it has one) to select between the installations, if it's even EFI capable01:00
Bashing-omrypervenche: Must be one or the other, else Bios can not hand off to the boot code at a known location.01:00
daftykinsBashing-om: my pleasure :) indeed, it'd have nothing right now01:01
yeatsUbuntu-nice: because CD-ROMs can't hold that much data? ;-)01:01
rypervencheOk, I'll put the system in BIOS mode and reinstall I guess. Thanks again.01:01
Ubuntu-niceyeats: I mean, why is Ubuntu 1GB+ o.O was not 700MB+/-01:01
Ubuntu-nicebefore? is xubuntu or lubuntu ligther?01:01
daftykinsUbuntu-nice: it grew, can't fit on CD anymore. DVD or USB only, sadly. been that way for a few years01:01
EriC^^Ubuntu-nice: lubuntu is around 700mb or so01:02
yeatsUbuntu-nice: oh - it's been that way for a while - I think the expectation is that you're probably using a live USB01:02
Ubuntu-niceI'm in a old Ubuntu version, wanted to upgrade, that's why I noticed.01:02
EriC^^which version01:03
Bashing-omEriC^^: Ubuntu-nice Last I burned a Lubuntu disk 706 Mb .. Will not fit on a CD any longer either .01:03
yeatsUbuntu-nice: if you must use a CD-ROM, you might consider the minimal CD image01:03
yeats!mini | Ubuntu-nice01:03
ubottuUbuntu-nice: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:03
AirbanderHi Guys how make  a back on Xubuntu plz01:04
yeatsAirbander: what does "make a back" mean?01:04
Airbanderrestoration point or copy of the system that i have right now01:05
Airbanderbecause i have a message ask me to update my system from 14.04 to 14.1001:05
Airbanderi'm using xubuntu 6401:05
daftykinsAirbander: just don't bother upgrading if everything works fine, there's no real reason to01:05
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Airbanderok thanks01:05
yeatsAirbander: http://docs.xubuntu.org/1204/guide-keeping-safe.html#backup-regularly01:06
AirbanderThanks Guys01:06
Airbanderyeats & daftykins01:06
hardtailAhhh. I am going to change over to my laptop, then it's time to attempt installing Ubuntu for the 5th time harhar.01:07
daftykinsEriC^^: ah yes hardtail was asking after you the other day :)01:08
EriC^^daftykins: oh ok, thanks :)01:09
pantatosoo i was trying to set up two different accounts for two different folders i'm sharing via samba01:09
Ubuntu-niceThen, lubuntu is what I want I think01:09
pantatoand i ended up denying privileges to any login i try when i try to access from my windows box01:09
daftykinsEriC^^: oh although i don't know if said user knows your dual identities ;)01:09
pantatonot sure how01:09
Ubuntu-nicewhen you recently install ubuntu how much ram does it use?01:10
EriC^^daftykins: yeah, i've been using this nickname more often lately01:11
Airbanderhow to know if i have the last version of xubuntu ?01:11
pantatoi want to make /home/daniel/Desktop/stuff accessible on my windows box via username "daniel"01:12
pantatoand /home/csserver accessible via username "csserver"01:12
pantatobut it just says permission denied for both folders when i try to browse them01:12
daftykinspantato: did you use manual smb.conf edits to set up these shares?01:13
Ubuntu-nicehello Airbander01:13
daftykinspantato: pastebin your config please01:13
daftykinspantato: and also "ls -al" inside each of the folder shares01:13
Ubuntu-niceAirbander:  lsb_release -a01:13
Ubuntu-niceYou're welcome.01:14
pantatodaftykins, http://pastebin.com/HUcbkG6c01:14
Airbanderanother question guys if i make update from 14.04 to 14.10 theme will change ?01:15
Ubuntu-nicetheme? No.01:15
Airbanderbecause i have xubuntu (xfce)01:15
daftykinsAirbander: no point upgrading if everything works fine.01:15
pantatodaniel@tinkerbox:~/Desktop/stuff$ ls -al , ls: cannot open directory .: Permission denied01:15
Ubuntu-niceAnd you will update to xubuntu 14.1001:15
daftykinspantato: ok ls -al in the folder above if that happens for both01:15
Airbanderah i was thinking he will change my system to ubuntu themes01:16
Airbanderthe orange one01:16
Airbanderok thanks :)01:16
Bashing-omAirbander: 14.04 is supported for 5 years (2019), 14.10 is but a interum relaes, supported for but 9 months !01:16
pantatod--x--x--x  8 daniel daniel 4096 Nov  1 15:48 stuff01:16
Airbanderok guys thanks01:17
firebbwhen i trying to ssh into vbox, I get "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host". what's wrong?01:17
EriC^^pantato: chmod 770 -R ~/Desktop/stuff01:17
daftykinspantato: i was about to type the same as EriC^^ :D01:17
hipitihopI have Sennheiser PC8 USB based headsed. Seen by lsusb but not aplay -l can someone pls give me a hand01:17
EriC^^pantato: or chmod 770 ~/Desktop/stuff01:17
EriC^^daftykins: :D01:18
pantatodaftykins, and the same for the other folder i want to share as csserver ?01:18
pantatoshould i login to csserver on the box before doing that command?01:18
daftykinspantato: well lets see the permissions on it first01:18
daftykinsno that's not necessary01:19
pantatodrwxrwx--- 22 csserver csserver 4096 Nov  1 17:39 csserver01:19
pantatodrwxrwxr-x  5 csserver csserver  4096 Oct 31 17:15 serverfiles01:19
Hardtaillet's try this again01:20
EriC^^Hardtail: hi01:20
daftykinspantato: you also need to remove "public = yes" from your two share definitions, as that means to share without authentication01:20
daftykinspantato: comment those lines out with a leading hash01:20
Airbanderguys this command dont work  'findsmb'01:21
HardtailHey Eric^^!01:21
EriC^^Hardtail: daftykins told me you were asking about me?01:21
Airbanderor work in other distro ( i'm new in linux )01:21
pantatodone, should i chmod 770 those folders, daftykins?01:21
Hardtaileric^^ ahh. did you change your handle from 'eeee01:22
EriC^^Hardtail: ah, yeah, i use eeee as well01:22
daftykinspantato: well they have more permissions than they need, but just try those edits for now, be sure you restart the samba service then try again from the Windows box (which shouldn't be part of a homegroup, by the way)01:22
EriC^^Hardtail: what's up?01:23
pantatodaftykins, still not able to join01:24
daftykinspantato: ok what do the logs say?01:24
hipitihopIn earlier versions of ubuntu I used to be able to do `sudo mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb` and then  `sudo cat /proc/bus/usb/devices` but neither the path or usbfs seems to exist these days01:25
antitauHey folks - got a wifi problem I'm hoping someone can help with. I just installed Elementary OS (12.04) on a laptop with a Broadcom 43328 chip. A few other things didn't work so I upped to kernel 3.13 and did a --reinstall of bcmwl-kernel-source to get the wifi driver for the new kernel. Now it works but only finds the 5GHz channel from my dual band router which seems to be very unreliable compared to the 2.4 i'm usually on. Any suggestions? :-)01:25
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daftykins!elementary | antitau01:26
ubottuantitau: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.01:26
antitauelementary is just an interface on top of Ubuntu though...this is a lower level issue than Pantheon or something01:27
Bashing-omAirbander: Not sure of you goal here .. 'find' is a terminal command, must include a target and arguments . See: -> man find <-.01:27
daftykinsantitau: yes, but we don't support it regardless.01:27
AlexPortableHow do I start chrome with a custom profile?01:27
cfhowlettantitau, we have no way of knowing all the changes elementary makes to ubuntu and thus don't support it.  ask the elementary folks for help with their distro.01:27
antitaudaftykins, okay, I'm using ubuntu 12.04 with kernel 3.13 and my wifi only finds the 5GHz channel.01:28
daftykinsantitau: sorry, dishonesty does not make me start helping you.01:28
cfhowlett!flavors antitau haha.  these are supported.  if not on this list, not supported.01:28
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:28
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pantatodaftykins, which one shuold I look at? I've looked at a few and the most recent entry was [2014/11/01 18:03:32.534381,  0]01:28
pantatocores  log.  log.%m  log.nmbd  log.pan-pc  log.samba  log.smbd  samba.log01:29
AirbanderBashing-om my goal is learning network command i just search on net and try all command but this one didnt work01:29
pantatothat's what i see01:29
daftykinspantato: you should be able to find a samba log in /var/log with access attempt info. Windows logs too01:29
Hardtaildoes anyone know what sort of restrictions there are when developing games for ubuntu?01:30
cfhowlettHardtail, ?? you mean licensing?01:30
pantatohttp://puu.sh/czBMB/db3e1d8bc9.png <--- log.smbd , daftykins01:30
Airbanderah any sweet game in linux ?01:30
Bashing-omAirbander: man -k findsmb >> findsmb: nothing appropriate. :)01:31
cfhowlettAirbander, yes.  see the software cente01:31
Hardtailcfhowlett no I mean if I am developing games and I want to publish to ubuntu, what are the limitations?01:31
daftykinspantato: hmm i think i would rather start with a default config file again. what server version is this?01:31
Airbanderthanks guys for answers but how can i type in red coloe like Bashing-om and cfholett01:32
AirbanderThanks for answers by the way01:32
pantato14.04 LTS ?01:32
cfhowlettAirbander, on your irc client, type the persons name01:33
tewardAirbander: that's not them typing in the color - it's a feature of the IRC client, when your name is stated it highlights it in red01:33
BlizzyI'm trying to run Ubuntu on a VM on Windows. I've tried VirtualBox. what do I do?01:33
Airbanderah nice01:33
Blizzyhowever, VirtualBox won't work.01:34
tewardBlizzy: VirtualBox would be the way to go, installing it inside a VM.  Has it not worked for you or something?  If it hasn't, what errors or such showed up01:34
BlizzyI can install VirtualBox, however, I get an error when I try to install Ubuntu on it.01:34
Ahmuckwhat is the error?01:34
tewardBlizzy: what's the specific error?01:35
daftykinspantato: yeah so it would have been better to add your share definitions to the end of a stock smb.conf01:35
cfhowlettHardtail, see developer.ubuntu.com for guidance01:35
Hardtailthank yoiu01:35
willpowersI was trying to fix my graphics card issue and so I purged a few video related packages, and now I can't boot into the desktop.01:39
willpowersIt prompted me for my password and I can see the desktop background image, but Unity just doesn't load.01:40
willpowersIt hangs at the background image forever.01:40
willpowersAny ideas how to fix?01:41
willpowersI feel like the graphics card drivers must be semi-installed because it still shows the background image in full resolution on all three of my screens.01:42
hipitihopusbfs is no longer in modern kernels. What is the alternate way to list devices via hid udev , used to be able to mount /proc/bus/usb and then `sudo cat /proc/bus/usb/devices`01:42
daftykinswillpowers: nvidia?01:43
vbgunzforgive me but what is the simplest way to log onto a very restricted account and be able to log in as say sudo without ever leaving that account? sort of like sudo but with a very special password instead of just the users password. this has to be possible?01:43
willpowersdaftykins: Originally I had ATI drivers but I tried to uninstall them, then I switched to using Intel integrated graphics and I installed those drivers when I added a 3rd monitor, and things became rather buggy.01:47
willpowersBut now I'm running into more annoying video bugs so I tried uninstalling all the video drivers and now I'm locked out of my desktop.01:48
cfhowlettwillpowers, ??? drivers should match the hardware.01:48
willpowersI originally had an ATI card but when I added a third monitor I decided to use onboard video.01:48
rantarougreetings all, my name's rantarou. i'm an01:48
rantarouubuntu user from jakarta01:48
daftykinswillpowers: i don't even know why anyone feels the need to install drivers for intel, they're part of the kernel as default fine typically.01:48
willpowersAnyways do you know how I can get back into the desktop?  It just sits at the post-login screen with a full resolution background image and Unity won't load.01:49
daftykinsrantarou: hi, do you have a support question?01:49
Jon31hey guys, i am trying to install vpn on my server. i was recommended to use openvpn, but i don't understand why use openvpn because it requires you to use a client. I remember there was something simpler that allows you to establish a VPN connection without the need of a client. Was it PPTP? I can't remember. Any advise?01:49
daftykinswillpowers: test a guest session would be idea 1, to prove it isn't a user config issue01:49
willpowersdaftykins: I had to install aftermarket ones because I couldn't get my third monitor to work at the time.  I don't think the ones integrated into the kernel could support 3 monitors at the time.01:49
daftykinswillpowers: i see01:49
willpowersWhat's testing a guest session?01:50
willpowersI think I have guest login disabled, let me try.01:50
rantarouregarding to my asus notebook, does anybody have solved about wlan light wont turn off if you're not using the wlan?01:50
SchrodingersScat!info network-manager-openvpn | Jon3101:50
ubottuJon31: network-manager-openvpn (source: network-manager-openvpn): network management framework (OpenVPN plugin core). In component universe, is optional. Version (utopic), package size 20 kB, installed size 109 kB (Only available for linux-any)01:50
willpowersdaftykins: Guest login does the same thing.01:50
qanadinSo I installed windows on a completely different hard drive.  When I tell the BIOS to boot to the linux hard disk now, it doesn't boot.  It just sits on a black screen with the flashing cursor.  Is the MBR messed up on this drive now cause of the windows  install?  If so how do I repair it?01:51
cfhowlettqanadin, reinstall grub01:51
cfhowlettqanadin, wait wait01:51
qanadincfhowlett: Okay I will look for the instructions...01:51
qanadincfhowlett: k01:51
daftykinswillpowers: ok sounds graphics related then yep. what's the currently in-use card then? the AMD?01:51
willpowersNo I'm using the Intel onboard graphics daftykins.01:52
willpowersThere's 3 video outputs on the motherboard being utilized.01:52
cfhowlettqanadin, bios should be able to find that additional drive.  where did you send the windows bootloader?01:52
willpowersAll 3 monitors are still lighting up so I feel like the graphics drivers must be partially installed still.01:52
qanadincfhowlett: Bios can find the drive it can see it, as it allows me to select it from the boot up options.01:53
cfhowlettqanadin, experiment.  unplug the non-windows HDD and see if you get boot01:53
metrixI have a USB drive that I can't get to boot from BIOS (it works on another PC) is there a way to get it to load from grub2?01:53
qanadincfhowlett: windows bootloader should still be on the drive the windows system is on01:53
daftykinswillpowers: hrmm ok, well X's log would tell you. /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:53
pantatoone more question: http://puu.sh/czDnH/967be30c9d.png <--- how do I change it so I can at least go to the directory on other users ?01:54
cfhowlett!ops | umbrella alive: threats and profanity via pm01:54
ubottuumbrella alive: threats and profanity via pm: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang01:54
willpowersdaftykins: Okay I will check that log in another TTY.01:55
qanadincfhowlett: I will let you know here shortly.  Booting the system up now01:55
cfhowlettelky, nvm.  the ignore function seems to have worked.01:55
willpowersdaftykins: There's no obvious error messages in the last 50 lines of that file.01:56
qanadincfhowlett: with the Non-windows drive disconnected, boots to windows with no issues01:56
willpowersdaftykins: Just a bunch of modesetting/modeline stuff.01:56
daftykinswillpowers: no but the whole thing will tell you which driver is in use and whether everything started fine01:56
daftykinswillpowers: if you can install pastebinit you can share it with me01:56
cfhowlettqanadin, sounds like you might have a bios system level setting wrong.  over my head.  sorry.01:56
willpowersdaftykins: Failed to load module "intel"01:57
qanadinyep no problem01:57
qanadinI thought it might have been somethign to do with the new hard drive and linux on it01:58
daftykinswillpowers: assuming you installed something like, the intel driver from the x-swat PPA or wherever, i don't know what that driver module would be called01:58
willpowersdaftykins: I removed the intel-xorg driver and that's when this started.01:58
willpowersHow do I re-add it?01:58
willpowersFrom the CLI.01:58
daftykinswillpowers: was it from a PPA?01:59
willpowersI can't remember.01:59
daftykinswillpowers: why not just read your APT history to see what you removed? :)01:59
willpowersI don't want that version again, I want the latest one.01:59
willpowersI was having lots of buggy video problems.01:59
vbgunzI think I may have been looking for su instead of sudo02:00
daftykinswillpowers: ok, maybe you should jump on a live session, research the newest driver then switch back and install it02:01
willpowersdaftykins: What's a live session?02:01
daftykinswillpowers: booting from DVD/USB in 'try' mode02:01
willpowersThat's too much work, I have another machine right beside it that I'm on right now.02:02
daftykinswillpowers: well whatever works for you, i can't mind-read :)02:04
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pantatowell, it appears that i have to fully logout of my windows account and log back in if i want to access the other folder02:06
pantatoit doesn't allow me to just switch folders in the same session02:07
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firebbhow do i restart sshd?02:14
daftykinspantato: depends if you're letting it retain the user+pass or not02:14
daftykinsfirebb: sudo service restart ssh02:14
EriC^^firebb: sudo service ssh restart02:15
daftykinsoops i swapped those last two.02:15
firebbssh: unrecognized service02:16
EriC^^try service --status-all02:16
willpowersdaftykins: Any idea why it's trying to load that intel drivers module?  Can I make it just load the Ubuntu default ones?02:16
EriC^^see if something like ssh comes up02:16
firebbno ssh02:17
willpowersHmm I have no xorg.conf in my /etc/X11 directory. :\02:17
daftykinswillpowers: without seeing the log i can't really comment. it might just be a sequence of events a normal install goes through02:18
daftykinswillpowers: nobody typically does anymore.02:18
firebbwhat do those -/+/? mean?02:18
EriC^^if it's running ( + )02:18
EriC^^!find ssh02:18
ubottuFound: erlang-ssh, libssh-4, libssh-dbg, libssh-dev, libssh-doc, openssh-blacklist, openssh-blacklist-extra, openssh-client, openssh-server, openssh-sftp-server (and 71 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ssh&searchon=names&suite=utopic&section=all02:18
EriC^^firebb: did you install openssh-server ?02:19
firebbisn't ssh installed by default?02:19
daftykinsfirebb: no02:19
firebbEriC^^: no I don't remember I did that02:20
EriC^^firebb: ok, you need to install openssh-server02:21
firebbEriC^^: but why it says "connection established....but ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host" when I try to ssh into it?02:22
firebbEriC^^: this is done even without installing openssh-server02:22
EriC^^firebb: try lsof -i :2202:24
mcarri have ubuntu desktop 13.10 , and firefox isn't auto-updating02:25
mcarrand there is no option, or button to make it do that02:25
cfhowlettmcarr, end of life, no updates, no longer supported.  time to upgrade02:25
bubbasaures!13.10 | mcarr02:25
ubottumcarr: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) was the 19th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 17th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/saucy02:25
mcarrhmm. weird02:25
daftykinsmcarr: it's dead.02:26
mcarrupgrade ubuntu?02:26
mcarrcan't use apt for that i guess02:26
firebbyou can try do-release-ungrade02:26
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | mcarr,02:26
ubottumcarr,: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:26
mcarroh, ok02:27
cfhowlettfirebb, too late for do-release-upgrade02:27
firebbcfhowlett: yeah probably. he has to do-release-upgrade for each release ahead.02:28
firebbEriC^^: how do i check if sshd is running or not/02:30
mcarrthanks for the links guys02:30
BlizzyI am trying to install Ubuntu on VirtualBox, however, I keep getting this error. sorry that I can't copy and paste the error. http://gyazo.com/c87c93a73304f6cbdcf7c70ac4ab000e02:30
guest1177aI just got an Acer E1-572-5870 a few hrs ago at my local electronics store. I'm told that if I change (write to) the disk at all I will void the return policy. Does anyone here know of any particular hardwar challenges that come wtih this machine? Has anyone here owned one or helped anyone with any installation problems?02:31
daftykinsBlizzy: the VM might have been created with the wrong profiles, the ISO might be corrupted or some other issues02:31
cfhowlettguest1177a, what kind of messed up warranty is that?!02:32
BlizzyI've tried 2 different ISO.02:32
daftykinsBlizzy: different how?02:32
BlizzyI've tried Ubuntu 14.10 and Ubuntu 14.04.02:32
daftykinsBlizzy: also, have you asked in the virtualbox channel?02:32
guest1177aI know I want to run ubuntu only since I've been doing so for about the 12 yrs but I don't want to go for the install until I check with you folks for some knowledge.02:32
cfhowlett!vbox | Blizzy,02:32
ubottuBlizzy,: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:32
Blizzythank you, cfhowlett and daftykins.02:33
guest1177acfhowlett, That's what they told me (sux but I gotta live w/ it)  :)02:33
willpowersI can't seem to install the Intel graphics driver from the command line, and I can't boot into my desktop GUI because I don't have the driver. What should I do?02:33
cfhowlettguest1177a, I keep an ubuntu on a stick around my neck for those trips to the electronics store.  boot up and test.02:33
l0rdn1xguest1177a, I have never had luck with Acer for Ubuntu unfortunately02:33
cfhowlett!nomodeset | willpowers02:33
ubottuwillpowers: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:33
qanadinAnybody know how to get the GUI version of grub to load and not command line?02:34
willpowerscfhowlett: The X11 log says it was unable to find module "intel".02:34
firebbEriC^^: lsof -n|ssh --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/8782645/02:34
pantatodaftykins, it definitely asks me for a new user when i try switching folders in the same session but it simply denies it unless i log out and log back in02:34
willpowerscfhowlett: It just hangs at the background image after login and desktop doesn't load.02:34
cfhowlettqanadin, if you are seeing cli grub, then something went wrong.02:34
EriC^^qanadin: what do you mean>02:34
qanadinyeah all I see is grub> with flashing cursor02:35
mchelen1anyone aware of a bug with ubuntu openvpn and node.js? all my node apps fail to connect to remote servers over openvpn02:35
willpowersA .deb graphics installer should work from the command line too right?  Why does it seem like Intel's only works on a GUI?02:35
cfhowlettwillpowers, you can install the intel graphics driver via command line:  https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2014/intelr-graphics-installer-1.0.6-linux02:36
qanadinAt this point i am not opposed to reinstalling linux...02:36
cfhowlettqanadin, before you do that, reinstall grub02:36
cfhowlett!grub2 | qanadin02:36
ubottuqanadin: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:36
willpowerscfhowlett: intel-linux-graphics-installer is a GUI program.02:36
qanadincfhowlett: I did.  Said no issues02:37
cfhowlettwillpowers, ah.  so it is.  sorry.02:37
willpowersSo what do you do when you can't get into a GUI environment?02:37
qanadinubottu and cfhowlett:  It stated when I installed it there were no errors.  when I do a !grub2 it says can't find command02:37
ubottuqanadin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:37
willpowersHow do I search aptitude for any intel graphics drivers from CLI?02:37
cfhowlettwillpowers, dpkg - l | grep intel02:38
willpowersI think I need the xorg-intel package or something.02:38
willpowerscfhowlett: Hmm, doesn't look like the one I need is there.02:38
willpowersThere's a whole bunch of mesa stuff, and I'm not sure what that is.02:39
guest1177acfhowlett, I did run the 14.04 32 bit version in the store before I left  (I'll want to install the 64 bit version). So, how much of a gurantee is it that if the trial run is successful that the install will be also?02:39
qanadincfhowlett: That didn't work02:39
cfhowlettguest1177a, you tested in store and it ran?  very good sign.02:40
EriC^^firebb: no idea02:40
willpowersI give, I'll be back in a bit to bang my head against this some more.02:40
cfhowlettqanadin, still getting the grub>   prompt?02:40
guest1177al0rdn1x, thx for the input. A few yrs ago (around ubuntu 10.04 era) I recall people having trouble with the display/drivers.02:40
qanadinI am going to see i I can get grub2 to install02:40
EriC^^firebb: i have the same here02:40
EriC^^firebb: ssh isn't installed, and i can't connect to port 2202:41
firebbEriC^^: can you show your command?02:42
l0rdn1xguest1177a, yep np,  i just switched to a different laptop and Ubuntu works great... It was a few years ago when I tried the Acer so it might have improved not sure.02:42
qanadinstill getting grub> promt cfhowlett02:42
EriC^^firebb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8782709/02:43
guest1177al0rdn1x, right on. guess I'll give it a shot   :)02:43
l0rdn1xguest1177a, boot a live cd first and test everything out02:43
cfhowlettqanadin, wait 102:43
qanadincfhowlett: 10-402:43
guest1177al0rdn1x, for sure. I did get connected to wifi in the store running 14.04 live so I feel pretty comfortable going forward. Just wanted to check one last time before I start pushing buttons.02:44
l0rdn1xguest1177a, yep make sure you check the graphics also if your going to need them give me a moment and I'll give you a command to test it out.02:45
guest1177al0rdn1x,  I'd love the help. Thank you.02:46
l0rdn1xguest1177a, /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p02:46
guest1177aI'm working to burn the Ubuntu 64 bit cd now also02:46
l0rdn1xguest1177a, run that in your terminal from the live machine02:46
Blizzyso, I am getting errors when I try to install Ubuntu on VirtualBox. http://pastebin.com/qnBryZp002:46
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cfhowlettqanadin   http://members.iinet.net/~herman546/p20/GRUB2%20How%20To%20Boot%20From%20CLI%20Mode.html02:49
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dkoghi - can somebody explain how samba or CIFS (presumably) works when it allows a computer on LAN to recognize and connect to another one by the hostname it declares?03:02
dkogI'm troubleshooting something related and kind of guessing03:03
sacarlsondkog: I think one method that I saw is clients can pass the dhcp server a name at lease time03:04
dkogsacarlson: ok so it's not so much broadcasting names/requests as registering as that03:05
sacarlsondkog: I think there is more than one method,  you can set ip in hosts and the old windows method that I don't know the name of03:06
dkogright, I'm looking into the non-hardcoded more ad-hoc methods03:06
sacarlsondkog:  windows used some kind of broadcast method03:06
dickyhii all03:06
dkogI uninstalled a few packages (samba and cifs related) and now the dynamic discovery by name is not working, but I did other things too, so trying to pinpoint it03:07
sacarlsondkog: the dhcp method I would guess would meet you ad-hoc method, but you can research others03:07
sacarlsondkog: the old window method as I recall when it did work was not instant and took maybe hours before others would see them by name03:08
Levitcusthis is why your still alive03:09
Levitcus What if God, desiring to show his wrath and to make known his power, has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, 23 in order to make known the riches of his glory for vessels of mercy, which he has prepared beforehand for glory—03:09
Levitcusgod suffers long with the nonelect03:09
cfhowlettLevitcus, wrong channel for that.03:09
Levitcusi know =) this is why i am doing this03:09
Levitcus!ops | whats up rww  What if God, desiring to show his wrath and to make known his power, has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, 23 in order to make known the riches of his glory for vessels of mercy, which he has prepared beforehand for glory—03:09
ubottuwhats up rww  What if God, desiring to show his wrath and to make known his power, has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, 23 in order to make known the riches of his glory for vessels of mercy, which he has prepared beforehand for glory—: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flan03:09
dkogif DHCP allows registering by name as you suggest, and the other computers use the router (or same place as handling DHCP) for name resolution, then that sounds like a good simple way to do it03:09
cfhowlettLevitcus, if you know, stop violating the channel rules03:10
sacarlsondkog: the dhcp method on desktops is normaly default, on kubuntu or lubuntu you might have to do some added setup03:10
dkogI'm using Raspbian (Debian variant for Raspberry Pi), and my other machines were able to see 'raspberrypi' host on LAN until I fiddled with it, now I'm trying to figure out what system component was making that happen03:11
dkogbecaues I'm also working on making a read-only root filesystem, and that blocks writing to /etc/resolv.conf among other things, so lots of moving pieces now, trying to understand how they work instead of just guessing and "seems to work"03:11
cfhowlettdkog, raspbian not supported here.  sorry.03:12
dkogcfhowlett: understood, I was giving that for background, but I'm really asking general "what's responsible for ad-hoc LAN name recognition"03:13
cfhowlettdkog, noted   :03:14
sacarlsondkog: this is what I've found as I note lubuntu didn't set it up for you http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-get-linux-static-dhcp-address/03:15
dkogsacarlson: that looks helpful, thank you03:16
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willpowersWill anyone help me fix my video card problem?03:27
willpowersI uninstalled the driver and now I can't get back into my desktop.03:27
willpowersIt was the Intel X11 graphics driver.03:28
willpowersAll I can do is get to a command line but I can't figure out how to install that driver from the CLI.03:28
sacarlsonwillpowers: you should analize what card you have with lspci and then google to see if others are having the same or similar problems03:28
lewis1711is there anyway I can turn off my separate graphics card? my computer is overheating. trying to backup files so I can re-install ubuntu but it keeps switching off halfway through03:29
willpowersI don't have a card, I'm using integrated graphics.03:29
willpowersIt worked fine (albeit there was some glitches), so I was trying to fix them and I ended up purging the package, and then when I restarted I couldn't get into Unity.03:29
sacarlsonwillpowers: it maters not lscpi will display the built in alls03:29
willpowersFrom reading the X11.log file I can see that it says: module "intel" not found.03:30
willpowersBut I can't figure out how to get it back.03:30
willpowersVGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller03:30
willpowersI have three monitors plugged in to the motherboard.03:31
sacarlsonlewis1711: you can eather disable your builtin grafic card in bios or unplug the added card.  not sure you can disable a plugin other than not load the needed modules I guess03:31
sacarlsonwillpowers: I have the same video card.  it works plug and play on ubuntu 14.0403:32
willpowersscarlson: I heard that, but why won't it work now?03:32
willpowersIt seems like my system is still trying to find intel drivers.03:32
willpowersCan I configure it so just use the plug and play drivers?03:32
sacarlsonwillpowers: sounds like you broke it when you uninstalled drivers03:33
willpowersBut it should be fixable.03:33
lewis1711sacarlson, thanks for the hints, I'll give that a try if it overheats again and i have to reboot03:33
willpowersUnfortunately the only intel graphics driver installer seems to be a GUI tool.03:33
willpowersThe plug and play drivers wouldn't support all three screens when I tried initially anyways.03:33
willpowersSo I think I need the latest graphics driver directly from Intel.03:34
sacarlsonwillpowers: well all I can think of is reinstall the drivers you deleted or reinstall ubuntu 14.04 again03:34
willpowersI installed them with the GUI tool.03:34
willpowersI don't want to have to reinstall Ubuntu for this.03:34
Fudgeanyone brilliant with gsettings? org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys custom-keybindings03:35
lizzie_ how do i fix it when my alsa library does not match my alsa utilities version?03:35
sacarlsonwillpowers: last I looked 14.04 kernel already incorporated latest drivers for Xeon E3-xxxx03:35
lizzie_!!ALSA Version03:35
lizzie_Driver version:     k3.13.0-39-generic03:35
lizzie_Library version:    1.0.2503:35
lizzie_Utilities version:
willpowersscarlson: Well I think I removed them.  Now I just need to get the xorg-intel package back somehow.03:36
sacarlsonwillpowers: what version of ubuntu do you now have installed?03:36
sacarlsonwillpowers: without knowing what you removed it's too much trouble for me to guess what is needed03:37
willpowersIsn't there an apt log where I can see what I purged earlier?03:37
sacarlsonwillpowers: good idea research that03:37
Loshkiwillpowers: check /var/log/dpkg.log, then check to see if you still have a cached copy in /var/cache/apt/archive03:38
willpowersWhat about /var/log/apt/history.log?03:38
mahem1Is there no pepperflash for Saucy 13.10? The PPA doesn't seem to have it for 13.10. This tutorial doesn't show it either. http://askubuntu.com/questions/449103/chromium-34-and-later-cannot-detect-flash-plugin03:39
bubbasauresmahem1, 13.10 is eol03:39
mahem1bubbasaures: Oh, true. Darn, I guess I should have chose an LTS.03:40
bubbasauresmahem1, 14.04 is, back it up and upgrade.03:40
mahem1bubbasaures: Fair enough, thanks.03:41
willpowersscarlson: xserver-xorg-video-intel03:41
willpowersAnd since I purged it looks like all the dependencies of those got wiped too.03:42
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
Bashing-omwillpowers: Here is one thought, NOT supported here ! -> INTEL RELEASES LINUX GRAPHICS DRIVERS INSTALLER , in the process of installing the propprietary driver may find what dependencies are missing: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/03/intel-releases-linux-graphics-drivers.html .03:44
willpowersscarlson: I reinstalled the xserver-xorg-video-intel and it still doesn't load my desktop.03:44
willpowersBashing-om: That's explaining the GUI tool, I only have access to the CLI now that I am locked out of my desktop.03:45
Bashing-omwillpowers: " via command line ("intel-linux-graphics-installer") and use it to upgrade your Intel graphics drivers: " .03:46
Bashing-omwillpowers: Or does that activate a GUI utility ?03:47
willpowersHow do I get that executable?03:47
willpowersI think it activates a GUI03:47
willpowersThat's how I installed the Intel graphics drivers before when I could access my desktop.  My third monitor wouldn't turn on until I installed the latest driver using that.03:47
willpowersNow my XOrg.log file says "Could not load software renderer".03:48
sacarlsonBashing-om: I don't see any package and no wheris return for intel-linux-graphics-installer03:48
willpowersThe thing is, from reading the apt.log file, when I did `apt-get purge xserver-xorg-video-intel, it removed a bunch of dependencies.03:49
willpowersAnd now that I did `apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel`, it installed it, but I didn't get all the dependencies back.03:50
willpowersAnd thus the XOrg.log file is saying "Could not load software renderer" because one of the dependencies is missing.03:50
Bashing-omwillpowers: A command line way ! http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/how-to-use-intel-linux-graphics-drivers.html .03:50
willpowersHmm that looks old it's for 13.04.03:52
willpowersI see that there's a https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/14.04/main/ too.03:53
Bashing-omwillpowers: To resolve dependencies -> apt-get depends xserver-xorg-video-intel , apt-cacxhe rdepends xserver-xorg-video-intel <- make sure all listed packages are installed (??) .03:53
willpowersHow can I check and see if I already have that intel repository?03:53
willpowersI think I might already have it from previously using the GUI tool.03:53
sacarlsonwillpowers: I note you have been researching this isue now for 2 hours,  it only takes 14 minutes or less to just install a fresh copy of 14.04,  do you have some custome installs on this box?03:54
Bashing-omwillpowers: look in -> cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list , tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* <- for source.03:54
willpowersscarlson: Haha, I might do that if I knew how, and if I also knew that my files and programs would be safe.03:55
breedhi! how you guys doing?03:55
willpowersNo custom installs btw scarlson.03:56
sacarlsonwillpowers: you could just backup /home on a flash if it's not already on it's own partition and start a reinstall03:56
breedanyone can help me?, i cant run ccsm on ubuntu 14.04 lts, tryed few ways and times, installs, reinstalls... thanks!03:56
OERIAS?join #debian03:56
willpowerssacarlson: I'll do that if I can't fix it in the next 30 minutes.03:57
willpowersI don't want to risk any data loss.03:57
sacarlsonwillpowers: in the future if you want to go back to a prevouse point you should setup rsync backup and perform it before any big changes like you made03:58
willpowersI agree.03:59
sacarlsonwillpowers: there is also the new disk partition format that allows freeze points that can be recovered that I"ve never tried03:59
willpowersI heard you should just store /home on a separate partition and then you can easily reinstall Ubuntu.03:59
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willpowersOkay well I'm going to try those `depends` commands now. Hopefully that fixes it.03:59
celrocwillpowers: I have /home on its own partition.  Very handy when installing/reinstalling distros :-)04:00
willpowers`apt-get depends` says Invalid operation.04:00
sacarlsonwillpowers: so if you like to do what you just did maybe on your new install you will also want to try btrfs disk format https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs04:00
willpowers`apt-get depends xserver-xorg-video-intel` says Invalid operation, I mean.04:00
breedhi!!! :)) anyone can help me?, i cant run ccsm on ubuntu 14.04 lts, tryed few ways and times, installs, reinstalls... thanks!04:01
willpowerssacarlson: I'm more concerned about just getting this fixed so I can get back to work right now lol.04:01
willpowersIf I can figure out the depends stuff, hopefully I can get those dependencies all back.04:01
willpowerssacarlson: Here you can see the apt.log, and it displays all the dependencies that got removed too. http://i.imgur.com/7LA19NO.jpg04:02
Bashing-omwillpowers: Sorry, tired, the command is apt-cache depends <package-name> and apt-cache rdepends <package-name.04:03
willpowersBashing-om: it listed a bunch of depends on new lines, and then one that says Conflicts.04:04
willpowersConflicts: xserver-xorg-video-intel04:04
Bashing-omwillpowers: Right, those in the 1st section are required to be installed -> dpkg -l <name> <- .04:05
willpowersBashing-om: I have to type that for each one?04:06
Bashing-omwillpowers: Do not know how a package could conflict with it's self, less a different versions of same package .04:07
sacarlsonwillpowers: from that it looks like you pulled one branch that made the entire tree fall down.  I can't tell what's on top the tree to see what would need to be installed first.  I see ubuntu-desktop maybe that will recover the try but I dought it04:07
willpowersBashing-om: Might be something to do with which architecture.04:08
Bashing-omwillpowers: " I have to type that for each one" yep, I know of no short cuts .04:08
willpowersHaha this is funny.04:08
willpowersI guess I just need to reinstall Ubuntu if installing `ubuntu-desktop` doesn't fix this.04:08
willpowersBut I am just worried that backing up /home won't back everything I need up.04:09
sacarlsonwillpowers: my guess is even when you have something that looks like it works you will later find other branches missing that cause other problems04:09
willpowersStuff like server configurations, etc.04:09
Bashing-omwillpowers: manually resolving dependnecies is a real pain .. Imagine what it was like before package management (dpkg) was thought up !04:09
willpowersShoot me.04:10
willpowersI haz my desktop back.04:10
sacarlsonwillpowers: just think how much cooler your system will be with btrfs added to a new install ha ha04:11
Bashing-omwillpowers: ! big step for willpowers , and as sacarlson remarks, what next is broken ?04:11
willpowersSame annoying screen flickering when using certain websites though.04:11
willpowersI wonder if a reinstall might resolve that.04:11
hipitihopI need to run 'sudo modprobe snd-usb-audio' to get my usb headset working, but this does not survive reboot, can someone please help to make this stick04:12
sacarlsonhipitihop: there is a directory in /etc that contains modules you can add at boot, I would have to research the name04:13
sacarlsonhipitihop: /etc/modules  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Loadable_Modules04:15
hipitihopsacarlson, apreciate the pointer, no /etc/modules here but reading your link thanks04:16
sacarlsonhipitihop: then you must not be running ubuntu04:16
sacarlsonhipitihop: you will have to research the destro you are presently using04:17
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hipitihopsacarlson, thanks, it's a file not a dir, my bad and fyi I'm on ubuntu 14.04 Anyway this doc looks like it will get me going many thanks04:18
* hipitihop reboots to test04:21
samthewildoneI'm having trouble syncing google calendar with evolution, I'm able to get my chat working though.04:21
samthewildoneI connected my google account to the ubuntu online accounts.04:21
Ahmuckhi. i used to use ctl + c for copy and ctl + v for paste from term to desktop apps.  is this functionality gone?04:22
samthewildoneAhmuck, forgetting shift04:23
sacarlsonAhmuck: for me it seems to work for some apps but now all.  but in most it works for me04:23
sacarlsonnow = not04:23
samthewildoneAhmuck, I experienced this problem myself but, for ubuntu I believe you have to include the shift key. Something about bindings.04:23
Ahmuckok, so starting an app in the term i used to be able to terminate it gracefully using clt | or alt |04:24
hipitihopsacarlson, Awesome, worked. Many thanks04:24
Ahmucksame thing, now i'm stopping them with ctl + c.  am i missing something again?04:24
Ahmuckchange is good, but change that breaks long standing functionality is baaaaad.04:25
moondogAhmuck: keybindings are user-defined04:25
moondogmake them whatever you like04:25
samthewildoneI know this is going to be off topic but, any update on the Ati prop drivers or open drivers ?04:26
lizzie_Sound has stopped working on my laptop04:29
lizzie_I notice that alsa library(1.0.25) does not match alsa utilities( version04:29
lizzie_How do I correct this?04:29
sacarlsonlizzie_: for me sound has got more complicated as more devices are sound devices and I need to select what device to play or record from04:30
lizzie_sacarlson, it was working fine a week ago04:31
sacarlsonlizzie_: for me the fix is normaly found in preferences>sound;  I found my skype was fliping my mike to front and I needed rear04:32
OrangestarIs there a better place to ask a Pulseaudio support question or can I do it here?04:32
sacarlsonOrangestar: best to just ask you might get lucky04:33
OrangestarAight, well I can't seem to get pavucontrol or blueman to set my headset's audio profile to hsp/hfp04:34
OrangestarIt always stays at "off" and sometimes throws me an error that it just can't do it.04:34
OrangestarGoogling has been of little use. Most of the replies don't get this far or just say "it's broke, just stop."04:35
lizzie_sacarlson, you're saying that it doesn't matter that library and utilities don't match, then?04:35
OrangestarOh, and doing it from the command line just says "input/output error"04:37
samthewildonewell shotwell just crash while trying to push a photo to picasa.04:38
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mate|73404I'm using pidgin in ubuntu mate 14.04, I'm trying to set up pidgin to use freenode with IRC, whats the actual server?04:46
Orangestarirc.freenode.net i believe04:46
willpowersI need HELP!04:46
willpowersI want to reinstall Ubuntu but I need to know how to figure out what I need to backup?04:47
willpowersObviously my home folder, but what about other programs or settings?04:47
sacarlsonwillpowers: most important is /home  then depending on what apps you had installed like mysql and others you might need some things in /var04:48
willpowersI have virtual hosts and stuff.04:49
ubuntuaddictedi installed nvidia 343.22 from the nvidia website and when i boot i am presented with a black screen. it's weird cause there's no errors in xorg.0.log nor .xsession-errors04:49
willpowerssacarlson: I just don't want to forget anything or I will be in big trouble. :)04:49
sacarlsonwillpowers: all my virtual hosts files are in /home04:49
OrangestarIs he referring to virtual machines or am I missing something here?04:50
sacarlsonwillpowers: I also personaly scatter things from within /home with sybolic links to use space on other partitions but not sure you do the same04:50
just_jonthanks for the info on the server04:50
just_jonany tricks to getting ubuntu-mate to read DVD movies?04:54
willpowersIf I can just copy the /home directory that should be sufficient.  My projects all have provisioners that configure the vhosts.04:55
Amminadabhello over here04:55
OrangestarIf the programs you use aren't exactly hefty you could probably just redownload those.04:55
sacarlsonjust_jon: from ubuntu there are some packages to add codec  they have the word extra at the end.  maybe dvd has it's own package04:55
Orangestar /home is obviously the big one04:56
just_jonI added libdvdread4 and libdvdnav404:56
just_jonand then ran the script to set up css04:56
sacarlsonjust_jon: if you like mate then you might like Linux mint that has all the codec preinstalled for you including what's needed for dvd04:57
just_jonyeah, idk, I like more vanillia installations04:57
OerHeksjust_jon, after those steps, reboot04:58
just_jonalright, brb04:58
sacarlsonOerHeks: bummer just missed just_jon,  I hate that when that happens05:00
sacarlsonjust_jon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs05:01
just_jonthanks guys, I05:02
just_jonI'll check that out05:02
sacarlsonas I steel the credit from OerHeks that found the link above05:03
OerHeksstill not all dvd's will play :-)05:04
just_jonthats what I05:04
just_jonthats what I'm reading, I05:04
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sacarlsonOerHeks: just_jon oh the hardware region code thing?05:05
just_jonsorry, I'm missing part of my pinky and I keep hitting enter, I've never had this much trouble getting this to go, I've been using ubuntu and debian for years05:05
just_jonso this dvd didn't play but the other is playing just fine05:06
sacarlsonOerHeks: just_jon I recall some newer dvd try to inforce the region code wear as older didn't or provided methods to clear the region code stuf05:06
sacarlsonjust_jon: and some dvd just get old and fail to read on some readers05:07
sabgentonDoes ubuntu touch run x11 programs fine?05:09
sacarlsonsabgenton: I don't understand the question05:10
sabgentonDoes this xmir thing make traditional apps work05:10
sacarlsonsabgenton: xmir?  I will have to look that up05:11
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just_jonfar out, thanks guys05:12
just_jonI don05:12
just_jonI don't know why this movie won05:12
just_jonwon't play, but thats what you get05:12
soneteasacarlson: yes essential that's what it's suppose to do05:12
soneteaand is what xubuntu will later be running on05:12
soneteaerr nvm they decided not to use xmir05:13
soneteafor xubuntu05:13
soneteabut yeah xmir is used so that Applications that can only respond to X can run on mir05:14
willpowersHow do I backup /home?  When I do `cp -r /home/user /media/user/` it just sits there forever.05:14
willpowersBTW /media/user is an external hdd.05:14
Orangestarit's probably taking a while05:14
willpowersI need to find out how to find out how big my home directory is. I'm new to Linux.05:15
OrangestarYou can use -v to print in verbose mode, which tells you each file that's being copied iirc05:15
sabgentonsacarlson: based on xwayland05:15
soneteai wonder if there is a compatibility layer for mir-wayland in development05:16
willpowersWow my home dir is 162 gigs.05:16
willpowersI don't know how it got that big.05:16
sacarlsonsabgenton: yes I just read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mir_%28software%29  but I can't even get my apps to run in unity, it would require me to rewrite and port to it to make it work.  for me it was easier to just move to Mate05:16
Orangestarwillpowers: you can use the disk usage analyzer in ubu to determine what's taking up all that space05:17
sabgentonsonetea i heard xmir can05:17
OrangestarYou can also use GDmap but it displays it's results differently. It's a matter of taste05:18
sabgentonBut then read elsewhere it cant05:18
sabgentonWhich was confusing05:18
JouffluIt's been a while since I've used a LiveCD. Normally had one to test hardware. I can't find the LiveCD to download. Is this no longer a supported feature ?05:18
willpowersOrangestar: Roger that.05:18
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soneteaI hope they can get something that can do it, or else devs are going to have a pretty hard time05:18
alnrmy arrow keys in bash stopped working after upgrading from 14.04 to 14.10, tab completion works though. how do i correct that?05:18
sabgentonsacarlson: x11 unity?05:19
HikaruBGHi Guys05:19
HikaruBGnice Saturdau/Sunday Night :)05:19
sabgentonOr the new mir unity?05:19
sacarlsonsabgenton: yes unity runs on x1105:19
sabgentonsacarlson: the new one doesn't05:20
sabgenton( well i thought)05:20
soneteaunity7 is the last unity to run on X05:20
sacarlsonsabgenton: I ported one of my apps to unity and I failed to recover all functionality and the job was too big for me to handle so just moved to mate05:21
soneteaunity8 which is still in development will use mir05:21
sacarlsonsonetea: sabgenton oh when I played with it last it was on X11,  my apps today still run on mate without change05:21
sabgentonsacarlson: what was your app running in? Gnome?05:22
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sacarlsonsabgenton: yes it was developed in gnome05:22
sabgentonsacarlson: gtk app?05:23
sacarlsonsabgenton: I still note today that nautilus doesn't have all functionality it once had05:23
sacarlsonsabgenton: yes I think at some point I used gtk but under ???05:24
soneteanautilus is losing features with every gnome release05:24
soneteano more separators05:24
sacarlsonsabgenton: oh it was glade05:25
sacarlsonsabgenton: https://github.com/sacarlson/GenPlayList05:26
sabgentonscary if it was dependent on gnome05:26
soneteahad to be gtk205:27
sacarlsonsabgenton: I no longer support it05:27
sacarlsonsonetea: yes it looks like I later ported it to glade with gtk2 support05:27
soneteagtk scares me and I'm very thankful that unity is being ported to QT05:28
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sacarlsonsonetea: ya caja is now a super set of nautilus but I guess doen't run on ubuntu with unity05:32
sabgentonX11 is not supported (so far) so all GUI standard applications will not run05:33
eightvirtuesis there a keyboard shortcut to get to desktop in ubuntu like windows d in windows05:36
nukeblitzSo, the window spread option in Unity tweak tool has stopped working for me. Can anyone help? All it does it make the screen flash and displays an empty screen05:38
sacarlsonsabgenton: I would guess you can still run an x11 server from within it05:38
sabgentonYeah but im hoping this xmir thing will take off and enable support out of the box05:40
samthewildoneis there a way I print from terminal ?05:40
samthewildoneFor example, 'print pass'05:40
josmalaHow to change keyboard language without changing system language questionmark.05:40
samthewildoneor something along those lines ?05:40
sacarlsonsamthewildone: man lp05:41
samthewildoneI just did lp pass05:42
sacarlsonsamthewildone: but I'm not sure that would print graphics.  that was old days print text05:42
samthewildonesacarlson, I'm a man of text05:42
sacarlsonsamthewildone: oh then in that case maybe it still works05:43
josmala14.10 messed my keyboard layout from fi to us. And hopefully somebody answers this even without question mark which I cannot find.05:44
soneteajosmala: Wouldn't going into your setting manager and then text entry05:47
soneteaand then changing your keyboard input source do the trick?05:47
soneteajosmala: http://a.pomf.se/kkfzvk.png05:49
josmalaSonetea thanks. In text entry I had Finnish as only option that was on there, and but luckily it had option show current in menu bar and I could change through that.05:52
dkoganybody have experience using "wpa_cli" command line utility?05:56
josmalaNow graphics problem. I have monitor that does support only few modes while wine programs seem to want smaller resolutions, non-free drivers used to have some scaler to work with that but non-free hasn't been option for years.05:56
josmala(continued) So I'm using opensource radeon drivers 4670 and I would like to somehow get 640x480x16 mode to wine while monitor only supports 2560x1600.05:58
soneteajosmala: are these wine applications fullscreen?05:59
soneteaCan you change the resolution from within the program?06:00
josmalaNo and I cannot get the program even running.06:00
soneteaif you can't change the setting with xrandr then it seems like you'll have to get the game to not play in full screen, which might be a problem if the game is initlially in fullscreen06:02
linuxlinuxanybody is here?06:16
DtxeniouthaI think I'm here.06:17
soneteamaybe i am06:18
j4rh3rDhas anyone managed to install package manager on sublime text 3 on ubuntu 14.10? I'm getting an error, here's my locale http://paste.ubuntu.com/8784541/06:21
josmalaCan I somehow Give playonlinux installer that fails to download pathofexileinstaller.msi already downloaded PathofExileinstaller.msi06:24
icecube45Now here's a question.. without a desktop manager/window manager. Can I run a gui program via ssh or whatever, being as I don't actually need the gui aspect of it, but the program has no option to run without a winow06:26
asdfasdfhey guys, I have a serious problem here.. a mechanical voice speaks out loud every time I point my mouse over something.. it feels like it is made for blind people06:29
asdfasdfhow do I switch this thing off?06:30
asdfasdfit really pisses me off when this dude says "Window" or "Mouse pointer on close button"06:30
icecube45check under settings, should be something like accessability06:30
asdfasdfI already have checked that, but haven't found anything there06:31
soneteaicecube45: that's a good question06:31
asdfasdfI got this thing after I installed clementine dev version06:31
icecube45sonetea, any thoughts?06:31
asdfasdfI'm in panic06:31
soneteaI think i've seen it done before on a raspi where someone played a video using mpv06:31
icecube45Well, the thing is06:31
icecube45imagine I had an ubuntu server install, this means no xserver at all06:31
icecube45I still want to run this program06:31
icecube45b/c its what is on the command prompt that matters to me06:32
soneteaI think you would need X06:32
icecube45Yea.. there's the problem06:32
icecube45I'm wondering if I can trick it at all06:32
soneteaheh I've never seen someone do that before.06:32
soneteawhat program>06:32
icecube45its a game06:32
icecube45So yea06:32
icecube45trying to force it into a dedicated server :306:33
asdfasdfPlease guys, how do I fix that? Can't find anything on the Internet06:34
icecube45I told you06:35
icecube45universal access06:35
unopasteicecube45 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted06:35
soneteaasdfasdf: i got you06:35
asdfasdficecube45 I checked it down there, found nothing06:35
soneteaasdfasdf: did you get that?06:36
icecube45unopaste muted me06:36
icecube45apparently it disapproves of my enters06:36
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soneteaalternaviley System settings -> Universal Access, and turn screen reader off06:37
lewis17122how do I back up my home folder if theres "no space left on the device"?06:37
soneteawell i think you're going to need to get a bigger harddrive06:38
Rohan_14Hello i just want know what is the number after the line number of my gcc error take a look http://pbrd.co/1o3Fcqz06:38
lewis17122I tried to do it with rsynch but it aborted. sonetea I think there's an error with inodes or something like that, I don't think I've legit used up all space06:38
lewis17122but the point is I can't get in there and do anything as there's no space left on the device.06:38
soneteaRohan_14: is that the column number?06:39
Rohan_14sonetea: i dont know thats why i asked06:39
asdfasdfThank you very much, sonetea. It really annoyed me even though it was off. I turned it on and off and I am so happy now to not hear that fucking voice06:39
asdfasdfThanks again06:39
Rohan_14sonetea: what do you think ?06:40
soneteaRohan_14: lol i can check if you want, but im pretty sure it's the column06:40
sonetealine 14, column 206:40
Rohan_14sonetea: yeah its coloumn solved06:40
Rohan_14sonetea: thnaks sonetea06:41
icecube45sonetea, let me bounce some things off you?06:45
abhishekHello, how should I install Unity, am using Ubuntu Studio Xfce06:45
soneteasudo apt-get install unity-desktop06:45
icecube45So, sonetea06:45
icecube45I'm trying to run the server, right06:45
icecube45There is a commandline option to start it06:45
icecube45that will boot up fine, will require no input on the gui side of things06:46
icecube45but I need to force this to run a window, or at least think it is06:46
icecube45I have no gpu on this thing..06:46
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icecube45I can create a vnc session06:46
icecube45and vnc into openbox06:46
icecube45but cannot start the window there06:46
abhishek"sudo apt-get install unity-desktop" is enough to install the whole Unity environment?06:46
soneteaabhishek: i blieve so but let me check06:47
abhishekSonetea: I also intend to install Gnome after that06:47
soneteasudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:48
soneteai believe that will work06:48
icecube45is there a way for me to run opengl w/o a gpu?06:48
soneteaicecube45: hmm i wonder06:49
sacarlsonabhishek: you might like Mate desktop better.  I've seen links to install it on ubuntu06:49
soneteaicecube45: ha06:50
soneteasacarlson have you tried the offical ubuntu mate desktop yet>06:51
ZlacerHello all. I have problems installing 14.04.1 along Windoe 8.1. At the moment I receive error message unaligned pointer 0x74ee5818 after I have chosen Install Ubuntu from Live USB. Any ideas how to proceed.06:51
soneteaIt looks interesting06:51
soneteaZlacer: have you tried recreating the usb and trying again?06:51
sacarlsonsonetea: I"m not sure as I run from Linux Mint that has it by default06:51
soneteaor possibly redownloading the iso06:51
sacarlsonsonetea: and love it06:52
soneteasacarlson: It uses compiz right?06:52
soneteaand can into wobbly windows?06:52
icecube45So I can06:52
sacarlsonsonetea: I don't think it uses compiz by default06:52
soneteasacarlson: ah, i thought some versions did. What is its default WM for mint?06:53
Zlacersonetea: That I have done couple of times but to the same USB drive. Maybe I will try with another USB and then download again.06:53
sacarlsonsonetea: I think I even installed compiz and don't notice any change so maybe it also has to be activated06:53
soneteaZlacer: this probably isn't the problem but do you have secureboot?06:53
sacarlsonsonetea: I'm not sure how would I find out?06:54
abhisheksacarlson: just saw the screenshots of Mate, looks interesting, will surely try but 'looks' a bit noisy for me06:54
Zlacersonetea; I have secureboot and to my understanding I have disabled it. Although I cannot confirm that from Windows Powershell (running admin) as the command is not regornized. I will check the command and let you know in a moment06:55
sacarlsonabhishek: noisy as in too many icons?  you can remove and add them06:55
soneteaye mate should be pretty configurable06:55
abhisheksacarlson: flashy would be the word, sorry. do give me the command I will check it out06:56
soneteaah sacarlson it probably uses a fork of metacity06:56
sacarlsonabhishek: the link I did see required like 4 - 5 command lines to install06:56
soneteawhich was gnome 2's window manager06:57
sacarlsonsonetea: I show compiz still installed06:57
soneteasacarlson: do you want to use it?06:57
soneteayou have to do some command to make it run on startup instead of marco(metacity)06:57
sacarlsonsonetea: I also show metacity installed06:57
Zlacersonetea: Secureboot is off. I double checked running msinfo32 in Windows06:58
soneteaZlacer: strange06:58
sacarlsonsonetea: ya I would like to try it some time if I can switch it back easy06:58
soneteahave you tried any different ubuntu versions?06:58
Zlacersonetea: I haven06:58
soneteasacarlson: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/MATE#Use_a_different_window_manager_with_MATE06:58
sacarlsonsonetea: ubuntu version on my old system back to like 08 or 0906:59
soneteaZlacer: try 14.10 next time06:59
sacarlsonsonetea: cool I'll check it out06:59
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Zlacersonetea: I will do that. Just noticed something strange. Looking from Control Panel is says that I have 32-bit operating system, x64-based processor. Looking from system information (msinfo32 from command line) it says that x86 based-PC.07:04
soneteaZlacer: then try install the 32bit version of ubuntu07:05
soneteathat would explain why you get a pointer error07:05
Zlacersonetea: Will do that.07:08
sacarlsonsonetea: that link provided did look to provide me enuf details as to switch to compiz, or even if compiz is an option as a windows manager07:10
sacarlsondid = didn't07:11
soneteadoes compiz --replace not work?07:11
sacarlsonsonetea: I see this link that showed that command compiz --replace http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/1298  also noted it said it could be done from a terminal so maybe that would be the best to try first07:19
sacarlsonsonetea: so to exit my present manager I could ??? then just type compiz --replace on the terminal maybe after I login?07:20
soneteayes that's what you can do07:21
soneteayou can also have that run on startup07:21
sacarlsonsonetea: ya I'll wory about startup if I see it working first07:21
servetHi, by default my mic settings are not good; sounds crackling. I change them to alsa and choose the correct device using gstreamer-properties to get them fixed.  But, applications still don't seem to use those new settings and I still get that crackling sound with cheese and hangouts. Only Audacity works fine because you can do the settings from withing the app.  What can we do about that?07:25
=== OERIAS2 is now known as OERIAS
icecube45as a workaround..07:32
icecube45I can use xfowarding07:32
icecube45to a spare desktop machine07:32
icecube45kinda defeats the purpose07:32
icecube45but it works I guess07:33
soneteaehh yeah it sort of does, but i guess it does work07:35
tigerpledd HexChat: 2.10.0 ** OS: Linux 3.16.0-24-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "utopic" 14.10 ** CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3258 @ 3.20GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1000MHz ** RAM: Physical: 7,7GiB, 69,8% free ** Disk: Total: 234,5GiB, 92,0% free ** VGA: NVIDIA Corporation GM107 [GeForce GTX 750 Ti] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH1: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia2: USB-Audio - Logitech Webcam C930e ** Ethernet: Realtek Semiconductor07:39
tigerpleddCo., Ltd. CIe Gigabit Ethernet ** Uptime: 16h 0m 7s **07:39
Fudgeanyone familiar with trusty gsettings setting custom-keybinds07:42
sacarlsonservet: you should be able to make changes to sound setting while in the app from preference>sound  but I do find that my skype makes it's own changes at start up that mess up some of my other apps at startup07:42
sacarlsonservet: I later wrote a script for one of my apps that force my sound settings by command line to the way I want when I start it07:43
nusri am either unable to physically hear digital sounds (only analog) or i messed up my drivers by bleachbit.....07:44
sacarlsonservet: by adding a line like this pactl set-sink-volume 1 40% ;  not sure if that helps you07:44
servetsacarlson: Yes, but only a few apps allow this. cheese and google hangouts don't have that preference-sound menu...  Does that line set the sound volume?07:47
sacarlsonservet: yes I that line sets the volume input that I use.  but you can control any part of pulseaudio from the command line depending on what you need07:48
ubuntunewbieHi! I have a problem in my newly installed ubuntu 14.04 LTS box. I am unable to access certain sites like edx.org . I am able to do the same in windows07:50
sacarlsonservet: sound preferences can run outside of the app your controling sound for07:51
ubuntunewbieCould you please help?07:51
servetsacarlson: pulseaudio doesn't work well, it is crackling. That's why I need every app, at least hangouts, to use alsa with the correct device settings (ALC660-VD analog) ( that is the settings I use with gstreamer-preperties)07:52
servetsacarlson: anyother settings with pulse audio or o others don't work07:53
sacarlsonservet: oh ic so you bypass pulseaudio, then my method won't work in that envirnment07:53
sacarlsonservet: but that might be due to you having volume up listening on some other input or 1000+ other reasons in pulseaudio07:54
sacarlsonservet: I also bypass pulseaudo when I play with jackd07:55
sacarlsonbut again write scripts to auto switch07:55
sacarlsonubuntunewbie: try dig edx.org  ;  and dig @ edx.org07:57
=== GogoClub is now known as parkAve
sacarlsonubuntunewbie: from that you should be able to determine if the problem is in your local dns server settings as windows uses a hardcoded dns address as backup in the event of networks defaults08:01
jurisdan_can someone help me? i have a LUKS + LVM install and i made a 3,9 GB swap partition, but there is some error and it doesn't load08:02
sacarlsonubuntunewbie: that's also why the NSA always knows what you research from you dns logs that windows provides them08:03
servetsacarlson: is there a central controller for audio settings to set the defaults? or every app is independent?08:03
sacarlsonservet: yes in both alsa and pulseaudio they are controled accross apps.  however apps can also change the settings as I do with command line when I run mine08:04
farvagood evening08:04
farvawhat is the best way to upgrade my java version on a server machine? I am very new to linux so a helpful command line would be great08:05
sacarlsonservet: any app that runs and changes things effects all all most apps that use sound08:05
jurisdan_can someone help me? i have a LUKS + LVM install and i made a 3,9 GB swap partition, but there is some error and it doesn't load08:06
after_rHello... I have this behavior that I dont understand. When I run nmap from one of my computer and scan just one port of another one of my computers using the command `nmap -v -p 22 -sT --reason -d mac` it shows the port 22 as `filtered because no-response` but I know that the port 22 is open and I can ssh into it... why does nmap say its filtered?08:06
servetsacarlson: aren't there terminal commands for alsa like there are for pulse audio?08:09
sacarlsonservet: yes there probly is I just never needed them so didn't research it08:11
sacarlsonservet: as you might note if you shutdown pulse audio as I assume you did to use alsa that only one app at a time to access sound, so no rings on skype while you play music08:12
farvaI am trying to use this tutorial but the first command tells me it is unavailable: http://askubuntu.com/questions/183867/how-do-i-update-oracle-java-7-jdk-and-jre08:13
sacarlsonafter_r: I would have to look that one up08:13
farvacan some one help me update my java please?08:13
jacobmischkawebupd8 has a handy ppa for installing oracle's java https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/ubuntu/java08:14
OerHeksthat is one of the answers on that page08:14
jurisdan_can someone help me? i have a LUKS + LVM install and i made a 3,9 GB swap partition, but there is some error and it doesn't load08:15
mehdihey guys how can i change my $PATH ? i set sth wrong for java path08:15
jacobmischkaI'm having problems with touchpad detection on a new laptop, if someone could help me I would really appreciate it. I had thought it was simply impossible to be detected, but on one boot it was actually recognized for some reason, and I don't know why and I can't get it to recognize it again.08:15
farvajacobmischka: the problem with this is, when I run 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java' it returns with 'command not found'08:16
jurisdan_OMG, so many people and noone answer me :(08:17
jacobmischkafarva, um you could try apt-add-repository I guess, but there's no reason that command should be missing08:18
acelotfarva, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=add-apt-repository+command+not+found08:18
farvayea...command not found =[08:18
jacobmischkafarva, you can also add a repository via the "software and updates" application on the "other software" tab08:19
jacobmischkabut yes, you should look into fixing that problem08:19
OerHekssudo apt-get install python-software-properties # for apt-repository08:20
ubuntunewbie<ubuntunewbie> sacarlson : Thanks for responding and the info.Sorry for the delayed response.  I have run both the commands and the ip seems the same and I have configured the google dns as my secondary dns in my dsl connection config. I was able try curl to https://www.edx.org and I got some html code as a response. But when I curl https://courses.edx.org/login , thats does not yeild anything. The terminal just blocks 08:20
ubuntunewbiesacarlson: does this have anything to do with openssl not supporting sslv2 in 14.0408:22
servetsacarlson: I only tried skype to test it via a test call, it was pretty bad. No noise cancelling, fan noise was getting picked up as well as that crackling.  I use google hangouts. But, the behavior is the same with all apps.  gstreamer settings are not being used, they try to do their own settings, and they fail.  BTw, there is no problem with audio playback while using pulse audio.  So, I don't experience an issue with rings and wh08:22
sacarlsonafter_r: I looked at the man page of nmap to see what your up to .   what is the mac at the end?  I didn't know nmap works with mac address.  also might you be looking at yourself?  as when I do arp -n I don't see my present system I'm running it from on the list08:27
bhaveshWhat do I have to do to install this theme? http://linuxmint-art.org/content/show.php/flat+no+frame?content=165975&PHPSESSID=608:35
bhaveshI extracted flat_no_frames to /home/myname/.local/share/themes08:35
bhaveshthen what do I have to select in themes? I already have Adwaita as my theme and Adwaita again for window borders08:36
bhaveshAm I supposed to see flat_no_frames in Wndow borders menu as well?08:36
bhaveshI am using Cinnamon on Ubuntu 14.0408:36
jacobmischkadoes anyone have any idea as to why it was recognized once but not again? I see in the syslog when it was detected08:40
loalxde чет урлы постоянно открывает в фаерфоксе.08:41
loaupdate-alternatives наверно решит эту проблему, но мне хром надо с параметрами запустить.08:42
loaпоэтому я хотел определенный ярлык юзать08:42
loasorry for that, wrong channel.08:43
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=== Guest40106 is now known as rghvdberg
OERIASembrace the true faith, install Debian!09:01
Black-DevilHi, what's the name of the French Ubuntu canal please ?09:01
albvhi to everybody09:01
OERIASBlack-Devil, #ubuntu-fr09:02
albvit's the first time i join in here09:02
Black-DevilThanks you :)09:02
albvDo i join the italian chan for support or may i ask in here?09:02
shaaradhi albv09:02
albvhi shaarad :)09:03
OERIASalbv, you may join, but unfortunately it is an English-only channel09:03
OERIAS#ubuntu-it for Italian support09:03
albvWell, i'm here, if i don't bother i will ask you for some support anyway...i don't really where to crush my head09:04
albv*know -.-, sorry just finished the first coffee in the morning, i miss some words :D09:05
albvYesterday my sister bought a new ASUS F550LDV with windows 8.1 pre-installed. After ten minutes she asked me to install ubuntu09:06
albvi did it, not so many issues with the UEFI stuff09:07
albvbut i can't have any kind of internet connection, both wired and wireless09:07
albvif i plug in the cable nothing happen, and, after some google search, i finally turned on the wifi but still no signal detected09:08
albvdo you think you can help me someway?09:09
FearlessnessTry to reboot your pc and reset your router09:09
albvoh, my lan works perfectly..i am on my job mac, and in her windows 8 everything works smooth...09:10
albvso, it's not a network issue, i m sure about it09:11
FearlessnessWell this seems a bit weird but can you try to install other distro like linuxlite. My friend had this problem.tried linuxlite worked like charm09:12
FearlessnessOr if you want try to find and install the needed drivers for your wifi card09:13
mcfactortry to put the notebook in sleep mode (key combination: FN + F1), wake it up right afterwards and check your wireless card settings again09:13
matteroDoes anyone know if PopCorntime.io is safe to use?09:14
matteroI mean, is it open-source?09:14
matteroi'm not wondering about the legality of the service09:14
albvkey combinations doesnt work too (as the touchpad) but it's a minor issue, i will do it by terminal :D09:14
Guest12345So I've got Lubuntu (Utopic) installed on my laptop, and it recognises two sound cards... one HDMI, and one PCH. The HDMI was set to default, so I wasn't getting any output. I've created/edited the asound.conf file in /etc/ setting the default card to the PCH, and I'm now able to hear things. However, it only plays the audio from any one application at a time. I understand that I've to install a software daemon for software mixing09:15
Guest12345I installed esd, and gstreamer (as mentioned on the ALSA wiki) but wasn't able to find a properties panel to direct the applications to the daemon instead of each one directly taking control of the sound card. Any ideas?09:16
albvnothing changed09:18
=== XChat is now known as cynical
albvnetwork manager state says everything is enable true09:18
mcfactorok, do you see any SSID in network list?09:21
albvno no, actually i just see the wifi icon but there's no SSID list09:22
mcfactoropen terminal, type ifconfig, can you find wlan0 interface there?09:23
DTSCodewhy not just ifconfig | grep wlan0 mcfactor ?09:31
albvsorry, switching between to pcs it's a slow process :D09:31
albvi can see just eth0 and lo09:32
albvDTSCode: no result for that09:32
mcfactoralbv that's the answer...09:34
albvmcfactor: i don't have the wlan installed? is it that?09:36
mcfactorit's either ubuntu doesn't have a driver or it can't load it for some reason09:37
albv_sorry, line drop09:37
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
pr_how can i run grpahic s program in ubuntu like i do in  turbo c++ in window09:51
Wizardpr_: ?09:51
pr_how can i run grpahic sprogram in gcc in ubuntu 14.04  like i do in  turbo c++ in window09:52
WizardHmm, maybe somebody has written some compatibility library you can use.09:53
Wizardturbo c++ is quite ancient, isn't it?09:53
mcfactorpr_ I haven't heard about Turbo C++ for... 10-15 years :) anyways, what exactly do you mean? you mean how do you developer applications?09:53
pr_no just want to run computer graphics  program   ubuntu09:54
pr_help me out09:54
WizardTurbo c++'s graphics module is specific to this particular ancient compiler. If you want to use it on Ubuntu, you either have to find compatibility library or port/write it yourself.09:55
WizardUgh, seems this thing also uses conio.h :D09:56
mcfactorWzard actually Turbo C++ was a whole IDE from Borland09:57
WizardThan replaced by Borlad C++ Builder, than sold.09:58
sacarlsonwe should have asked pr_ what does his application do?  we must have one already ha ha09:59
bokobokoHello, why i cant see ubuntu install when im on windows? And how i can access its folders from windows? Thanks in advance10:08
bokobokoI have installed both in my machine(first windows)10:08
cfhowlettbokoboko, because windows doesn't see linux.  you can force it to but ... not advisable to share folders between linux/windows10:11
bokobokooh ok10:11
=== feri is now known as Guest12284
ActionParsnipHey guys, can someone please stop some accounts in Launchpad. Some users are spamming the questions area. Can anyone assist?10:25
KartagisI have an issue that the mysql service doesn't restart on boot even though the upstart links exist, so I put @reboot /usr/bin/service mysql start in crontab to no avail. what else can I do?10:32
=== n is now known as nennnd-
lindner_is there a way to force tumbler to create thumbnails for a specific folder and its subfolders?10:36
ActionParsnipKartagis: can you start it manually?10:39
KartagisActionParsnip: aye, no problem with that10:39
ActionParsnipKartagis: add the command in /etc/rc.local , above the 'exit 0' line and it will run at boot10:40
KartagisActionParsnip: all of /usr/bin/service mysql start?10:41
Kartagisunbelievable, still no10:45
=== effsd is now known as xhv
Novice201yHello. How in Nautilus I can do "cd .." to go one folder higher?11:09
strkall of a sudden the GDM screen does not show users anymore, ideas on how to debug ?11:15
strkI'm stopping/reloading gdm using /etc/init.d/gdm stop/start but it keeps coming out with just a blank (black) screen with the top-menu (accessibility/wifi/bluetooth) and nothing in the center11:15
strkactually, "stop" does not release the X window either11:16
strkkilling X forces the restart, but it still comes out that way11:17
strksyslog shows some assertion failures from gdm/gobject, like Nov  2 12:16:43 localhost gdm-simple-slave[5807]: GLib: Source ID 4 was not found when attempting to remove it11:17
strkand also something about X display permissions: Nov  2 12:16:43 localhost gdm-simple-slave[6462]: Failed to give slave programs access to the display. Trying to proceed.11:17
funktHi there I have got some real problems with 14.04 It seems whenevr I minimise a window or close a window ubuntu freezes any ideas?11:21
jarryd_do people chat here11:22
k1l_jarryd_: #ubuntu-offtopic is the social chat channel11:22
z3n_cFunkt maybe is your pc config11:22
funktI know thats what I am wondering its quite weird11:22
funktgraphics card maybe?11:23
z3n_cYou run it on laptop?11:23
funktyes z3n_c11:23
funkton laptop11:23
z3n_cRam ?11:23
funkthow do I find that out?11:24
k1l_funkt: see "dmesg" if there is some issue with your system or hardware11:24
z3n_cTop right is an icon seetings and click on "About this computer"11:24
funktwho what?11:24
k1l_funkt: and can you try another user and see if that is the same there?11:25
funktok so i will logout try a guest user and see if that will work is that what you mean k1l11:25
k1l_funkt: yes. to test if it is some user-setting you did on your desktop11:26
funktthank you k1l you were right guest session its fine11:27
funktnot sure what the heck I have done then11:28
k1l_funkt: see in .xsession-errors in /home if that speaks a bout some errors11:28
brenthey guys11:28
brentim currently using windows 8 to connect to ubuntu desktop using TightVNC. It works great but it isn't anywhere as good as sitting on the real machine. Comparing this to the likes of windows RDP its far worse. Anyone know if it is possible to connect from a windows machine to Ubuntu over RDP?11:30
funktthanks k1l cannot see anything11:30
n0w_Every time I start the system, xfce autostart nautilus showing home directory. How can I fix it?11:31
strka reboot helped with my gdm issue. I suspect a dbus isse (as I always do when I don't understand what's going on)11:31
cfhowlettn0w fix it to do what?  what's wrong?11:32
n0w_cfhowlett, stop open my home directory automatically11:34
n0w_cfhowlett, how can I do it?11:34
=== lizbeth is now known as liiiiisaaa
cfhowlettn0w_, settings manager > system > Session and Startup > Session > clear saved sessions11:35
n0w_cfhowlett, ok I'll try it!11:37
=== rintarohagemi is now known as sop408
brentjust had a look around, in relation to RDP what would an ubuntu "instance" be?11:42
lotuspsychje!vnc | brent11:45
ubottubrent: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX11:45
lotuspsychjebrent: for single use, you can try teamviewer aswell11:46
brentthis is all within my home network so security isnt a concern11:47
news75hi, i'm trying to enable the checkbox "coming events on evolution" in the clock tab in Date and Time application. I would not install all Evolution to enable it. I'have seen that there is already a process called Evolution-calendar on my pc. how I can enable this check box to add my events to ubuntu indicator calendar ?11:47
lotuspsychjebrent: if your machines are connected to internet, remote desktop software is potential danger for other intruders11:48
poliHello all! Besides being a very experienced sysadmin, for some reason I am having a terrible time trying to install Ubuntu on a Alienware 17 laptop. After solving countless install issues with even some ugly hacks now I am trying to get Ubuntu server to boot (desktop will just not install). Though on my first boot GRUB2 is dropping to prompt complaining about "error: failure reading sector 0x0 from `cd0'". I cannot find any cd0 entry on /etc/grub.d or /boot/grub.11:49
lotuspsychjebrent: ssh between your home boxes could be a good idea also11:49
lotuspsychjepoli: desktop doesnt wanna install on your laptop?11:50
polilotuspsychje: Graphic install will usually lock up just before partition screen. Kubuntu has the same behavior.11:50
lotuspsychjepoli: you sure you waited long enough? that point of setup is always bit of bottleneck11:51
lotuspsychjepoli: this is ubuntu 14.04 you trying?11:52
polilotuspsychje: I left it there and went for a coffee... Configuration of the laptop might be an issue. It was pre-formatted with Intel RST, 2x1TB drives and a  80GB SSD.11:52
polilotuspsychje: Tried Ubuntu 14.10 and Kubuntu 14.10.11:53
=== captain_fixerpc1 is now known as captainfixerpc14
polilotuspsychje: When I tried to get a LVM partitioning on the HD neither would even boot up.11:53
lotuspsychjepoli: i suggest you try 14.04 first, to see if its not some grafix driver issue11:53
lotuspsychjepoli: what kind of grafix card inside that laptop?11:54
polilotuspsychje: I will try that. I am getting the most random weird results even from kernel. Softlocks and Hardlocks even when Overclocking is disabled.11:55
lotuspsychjepoli: what Os came default on that laptop?11:55
polilotuspsychje: The main one is NVidia GeForce GTX880 and the Intel-on chip that comes with the i7 491011:55
polilotuspsychje: Windows 811:55
lotuspsychjepoli: is that an optimus card?11:55
polilotuspsychje: Yes.11:56
lotuspsychjepoli: i would try doublecheck bios, if secureboot disabled, no security locks on ssd and try install 14.04 LTS11:57
lotuspsychje!optimus | poli11:57
ubottupoli: The Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/11:57
poliubottu: Thanks! That will surely be one of the next issues...11:57
ubottupoli: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:57
k1l_use nvidia-prime now. bumblebee is deprecated11:57
updater6 packages can be updated. how do i do that?11:57
polilotuspsychje: Thanks! That will surely be one of the next issues...11:58
lotuspsychjek1l_: tnx for info11:58
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-prime11:58
ubottunvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.7 (utopic), package size 11 kB, installed size 102 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)11:58
polilotuspsychje: I am walking baby steps so far. Trying to find out how to boot the thing.11:58
lotuspsychjepoli: make sure you download this package k1l_ suggested11:59
updateri am running ubuntu 14.04 and i see it says: 6 packages can be updated. 2 updates are security updates.  on startup. how do i perform the update?11:59
polilotuspsychje: I will. Thanks.12:00
lotuspsychjeupdater: sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade12:00
Kartagisif I regenerate my existing certs because of the heartbleed, does the ca need to sign them again?12:00
kngharvdear all, my attempt to upgrade from "14.04" to "14.10" amd64 ubuntu-gnome has been a complete failure.   it said that the system is left in an inconsistent state.  and all attempt to rescure by dpkg --configure -a, apt-get install -f, aptitude build-dep, etc, all give me the same message:  process stop due to too many errors"   What can I do at this point?12:00
updaterlotuspsychje thank you12:00
=== bryan_ is now known as neuralblock
froghow can i pull up a screenmesagge, of a task i started via ssh, after i restart my PC?12:01
frogscreenmesage = whatever it is called12:02
polilotuspsychje: And when I boot grub manually, it drops to initramfs prompt. I am doomed.12:02
kngharvi would like to know if there is a way to "upgrade" again.   i have a 14.10 usb, but it only have "install" option, no "upgrade" option, i am afraid that it will erase everything, including all the software i've installed, and change my userID, which I would like to keep it the same12:02
cfhowlettpoli, wild card suggestion: try lubuntu12:03
policfhowlett: I am already trying ubuntu server, I will mind the graphics when I get the basics... but thanks for the advice.12:03
cfhowlettkngharv, use the existing partitions, do not format /home.  you should be fine.12:04
kngharv@cfhowlett:  but it will reassign user iD, right? and I do have back up what software I've installed?12:06
cfhowlettkngharv, it will NOT change the user id.  on install you specifically select the existing /home and all your info will be retained.12:06
frogi think i need somethign called tmux or so...12:06
cfhowlettkngharv, don't backup your software, backup your data12:07
kngharv@cfhowlett:  thank.  I will give it a try, neveously.   I've been using Ubuntu since 8.04, and this is the first time when upgrade end up in disaster.  sigh...12:08
cfhowlettkngharv, backup your data.  worst case: you have to rebuild the system.12:09
cfhowlett!home | kngharv12:09
ubottukngharv: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving12:09
kngharv@ubottu:  my home partition is already in a separate partition.12:10
kngharv@cfhowlett:  i *AM* backuping up the data as we speak... i am using dd to clone the harddrive to an external one.   but the process has been slower than i thought.  my haddrive is 1TB and it's been 21 hours... and it's not done yet  (my external usb is hooked to a usb/2.0)12:11
cfhowlettkngharv, yea, dd is meticulous and slow.  go out for a pint, take a nap and check it afterwards.12:12
gamerhello people :)12:15
gameranyone online? :O12:16
kngharv@cfhowlett, @ubottu  thanks.  i guess i just have to wait until dd is done and reinstall everything12:16
cfhowlettgamer, ask your ubuntu support questions12:17
cfhowlettkngharv, with that much data, I'd suggest you investigate ongoing backup solutions.12:17
gamerI have question about irc channell actually..12:17
gamerthis is my first time using irc12:19
cfhowlettgamer, stop hitting the enter key.12:20
k1l_gamer: we have #ubuntu-offtopic for social chat. this channel is for technical ubuntu support only12:20
kngharv@cfhowlett:  i suppose to set up with rsync to back up my data to my NAS on daily basis, never managed to get my rsync script to work properly.   I am a 20+ years Linux newbie... sigh...12:20
cfhowlettkngharv, :)   sounds like you have important stuff saved.  ##linux or #ubuntu-server might have some guidance for backup solutions.12:21
Walshquick question, how do you  search for software through the terminal? sudo query apt-get Teamspeak or something along them lines? struggling to find the command.12:22
cfhowlettWalsh, apt-cache show package name12:23
Walshthat's the one! :) thanks12:23
Walshso what would the line be for teamspeak for exame?12:23
Walshapt-cache show package teamspeak ?12:24
cfhowlettWalsh, apt-cache show teamspeak12:24
Walshokay, thanks. Shame Teamspeak isn't showing up.12:24
cfhowlett!info teamspeak12:24
ubottuPackage teamspeak does not exist in utopic12:24
k1l_teamspeak is not in the repos anymore, iirc12:25
Walshokay, so just download it from the website?12:25
Walshso, how do .run files work? I'm brand new to ubuntu. I only got it installed yesteday.12:26
pupilWalsh: sh file.run12:26
pupilor ./filename.run12:27
Hardtailmorning all12:28
pupilit's evening here12:28
Walshanother noob question, how do I accept the terms and conditions? it just says (END) at the bottom12:31
cfhowlettWalsh, scroll down the page and you'll probably see a radio button.12:32
Hardtailpupil good evening then :D12:32
WalshI'm at the bottom of the page and theres nothing there...12:32
=== pupil1 is now known as pupil
BluesKajHowdy all12:39
oneonewhat up?12:41
Finetundragood morning all. I'm having an issue where if I reopen my laptop it doesn't detect signal from the router. anyone know what's wrong?12:44
AlexPortablehidden ssid?12:44
AlexPortablealso no other ssids visible?12:44
mauriciowhat is the topic here?12:45
AlexPortablemauricio: #topic12:47
nusr_how can you modify the graphics that are available in cowsay or add new ones?12:47
AlexPortableAny way I can customize indicator-synapse to work with other engines?12:47
AlexPortableother search engines*12:47
EriC^^mauricio: type /topic12:47
mauricioi don't understand haha12:47
Parameziushello, i have ubuntu 14.04 and i need to install pygtk12:48
Parameziuscould anybody help me, i can't find that package in the software center12:49
EriC^^!find pygtk12:49
ubottuFound: python-zbarpygtk12:49
mauriciopython packages?12:49
Novice201yHello. What can I do when freshly created user gets "must be setuid root" when trying to make home for him?12:50
ubuntuaddictedim experiencing a weird issue, when i install the nvidia 343.22 driver from their website it fails to initialize but doesnt really say why in the log12:50
EriC^^Paramezius: there's also python-gtk212:51
EriC^^!info python-gtk212:51
ubottupython-gtk2 (source: pygtk): Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.0-3ubuntu3 (utopic), package size 535 kB, installed size 2956 kB12:51
Parameziusi need to install Gramps and it needs pygtk12:51
Parameziusok, let me see...12:51
LanDianyone can help me with hamachi ?12:51
EriC^^Paramezius: how are you installing gramps?12:52
Parameziuswith synaptic12:52
EriC^^ok it should pull the dependencies itself12:52
Parameziusit is already installed but it doesn't run12:52
EriC^^open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install gramps12:52
EriC^^ok type12:53
ubuntuaddictedcan anyone help me with the nvidia driver12:53
EriC^^open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install --reinstall gramps12:53
Parameziusok EriC^^12:53
nusr_how can i view contents of /usr/share/cowsay and open an ascii file in that folder?12:54
EriC^^nusr_: ls -la /usr/share/cowsay12:54
k1l_nusr_: why not use the command cowsay?12:54
* Bis pets k1l_ 12:54
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest20679
nusr_kl1l_: i want to modify the ascii and add the new angela merkel ascii12:55
nusr_EriC^^: thanks12:55
AlexPortableanyone uses chrome?12:55
AlexPortablehow can i launch with a custom profile from the commandline12:55
k1l_ah ok, so use any editor you like12:55
ubuntuaddictedAlexandro, yes12:55
EriC^^nusr_: gksu gedit /usr/share/cowsay/<filename>12:55
EriC^^( to create a new file there )12:55
ubuntuaddictedAlexandro, i think you would use %U on the end of the launch command12:56
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, add %U onto the end of the command i think12:56
nusr_EriC^^: gedit opens but the file does not contain the ascii12:57
AlexPortableubuntuaddicted: why?12:57
nusr_tried with vim and same..blank12:57
* Bis feeds EriC^^ delicious cheese12:57
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, you asked how to launch chrome with a certain profile12:57
AlexPortableyes but what does %U does?12:58
EriC^^nusr_: which file?12:58
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, it tells it to use that users profile12:58
AlexPortableso ./chrome %U namehere?12:58
AlexPortableubuntuaddicted: nope, it opens anything i put behind the %U12:59
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, ah i see what you're saying. wait, when you say profile do you mean like what google chrome syncs with?12:59
AlexPortablei mean the profile i create for multiple users on the pc12:59
Paramezius3609: ERROR: grampsgui.py: line 384:13:00
Parameziusi reinstalled and this is the error i get when i try to run it13:00
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, chrome should be using the profile of the user that currently logged in, thats what the %U does13:00
ActionParsnip1EriC^^: trusty and later doesnt need gksu for GUI apps now. Sudo has been fixed :-)13:00
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, there's no name after the command, it's just ./chrome %U13:00
EriC^^ActionParsnip1: really?13:00
AlexPortableubuntuaddicted: huh?13:01
nusr_EriC^^: it worked. i had the wrong directory earlier and didn't use .cow13:01
AlexPortablei made multiple chrome profiles13:01
EriC^^ActionParsnip1: nice!13:01
AlexPortableand why isn googlizer in the repos?13:01
ActionParsnip1AlexPortable: never heard of that...13:02
poliSo... "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#3 stuck for 23s! [host:1179]" Overclocking is off, Turbo mode is off. Kernel is 3.16.0-23. Any ideas?13:02
ActionParsnip1AlexPortable: its in the repos dude13:03
ActionParsnip1AlexPortable: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/googlizer/13:03
ActionParsnip1!info googlizer13:03
EriC^^!ru | vlad__13:03
ubottuPackage googlizer does not exist in utopic13:03
ubottuvlad__: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:03
ActionParsnip1!info googlizer trusty13:03
ubottuPackage googlizer does not exist in trusty13:03
vlad__its english chat?13:04
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, try to look into the --user-data-dir option of chrome13:04
ActionParsnip1AlexPortable: I move my cache folder to tempfs using a symlink :')13:05
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, so it would be google-chrome --user-date-dir=/home/name/.config/newconfigdir13:06
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip1, can you help me with gettig the nvidia 343.22 driver to work?13:07
peinsHello everyone13:07
peinsis there any way to make IRC server to remember previous messages?13:07
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, sorry, the directory would be /home/name/.config/google-chrome/newprofilenamehere13:07
ubuntuaddictedpeins, i would imagine there's logging for an irc server yes.13:08
peinsjust use ~/ instead of home/name13:08
ubuntuaddictedpeins, are you asking from a irc client perspective or you actually run a irc server?13:09
peinsI actually have IRC server. Me and my friends want to get rid of skype (for Voip we already use teamspeak server)13:09
peinsThe only issue with irc so far is that it does not save messages like skype does13:10
ubuntuaddictedpeins, which irc server software are you using?13:11
AlexPortableubuntuaddicted: --user-data-dir= doesn 't works13:12
peinsuse ./.config instead13:12
peinsright now i use unrealircd, but not sure if I will stay with that one13:12
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, if you issue google-chrome --help you can see setting the --user-data-dir is what you want for loading a certain profile.13:13
peinswhat's the issue he is having? I might be able to help. Had issue with profiles in chrome.13:13
=== tcpman is now known as Guest37897
cfhowlettpeins, false.  messages can be saved to your logs13:14
ubuntuaddictedpeins, he wants to launch chrome using a certain profile13:14
k1l_peins: that is more a task for the client to save messages13:14
ubuntuaddictedi need help figuring out why the nvidia driver 343.22 isn't loading. the log says it failed to initialize but nothing more specfic13:15
peinsYeah, but what I want is for it to be more server sided13:15
peinsubuntuaddicted, are you using nvidia optimus (bumblebee?13:15
peinsAlso, perhaps any of you would recommend good reaplacement to skype?13:16
ubuntuaddictedpeins, no, i have a GTX 760 in a desktop.13:16
k1l_peins: google hangouts :)13:16
ubuntuaddictedpeins, me and my friends use teamspeak. for video we use jitsi13:16
peinsthen sorry ubuntuaddicted, i cant help with desktop :( Only use laptops with shitty nvidia optimus -_-13:17
peinswe dont really like google hangouts13:17
peinsyeah, we also use teamspeak. But we also are looking for reliable messaging client. it should be hybrid for windows/linux as most of my friends (all of them) use windows13:18
ubuntuaddictedpeins, yeah, we hate google hangouts also but it is really easy to setup and use. i don't like it's compression.13:18
ubuntuaddictedpeins, i beleive jitsi is cross platform13:18
mib_mibis there a way to open a browser with a global keyboard shortcut?13:18
peinsubuntuaddicted, I also dont like the idea of using google services for everything haha13:19
peinsubuntuaddicted, I will check that out, thank you :) does it support messaging?13:19
peinsmib_mib, just set up custom shortcut in setting :)13:19
ubuntuaddictedpeins, yes13:19
mib_mibmib_mib ah, well to be honest i'm on OSX =D13:20
peinsubuntuaddicted, thank you very much. Does it require any dedicated server?13:20
AlexPortablepeins: how do i launch chrome with profile from commandline?13:20
ubuntuaddictedive never had issues with the nvidia driver in the past but i tried installing it for kernel 3.17 yesterday but couldn't ebcause that kernel was compiled with gcc 4.6 and my system only had gcc 4.8. so i switched back to kernel 3.13-39 and now i can't get the nvidia driver to load at all13:21
ubuntuaddictedpeins, no13:21
anonymous_хи алл13:21
anonymous_hi all13:21
peinsAlexPortable, try to see if you can rename profile to the one you are actually using now :P13:21
peinsubuntuaddicted, i just gave up with nvidia on my laptop and i am using now only intel hd. It is really unstable. Especially compared to amd gpu I used on my last laptop :(13:22
ubuntuaddictedAlexPortable, google-chrome --user-data-dir=~/.config/google-chrome/newprofilenamehere13:22
peinsubuntuaddicted, he might be using chromium13:23
ubuntuaddictedpeins, ive been reading great things about the intel driver. latest kernel and mesa=good FPS in games. the oibaf ppa has that stuff in it if you're interested13:23
peinsubuntuaddicted, yup, thats what i am using it now. Not the best fps (intel hd 3000) but works probably even better than my crappy gt520mx in windows :O13:24
ubuntuaddictedpeins, ah yeah, the hd 3000 isnt as good as the newer hd 460013:25
ubuntuaddictedwell this is really irritating. i install the nvidia driver using the .run file but it just won't load. fails to intialize and it says to check the kernel log but that doesn't show anything either.13:26
peinsubuntuaddicted, yeah, gonna buy new laptop soon (lenovo y50). That one, i think, will have hd 4600. Still thinking if it is worth dual booting with windows or make linux only...13:26
ActionParsnip1ubuntuaddicted: there are nvidia drivers in the repos13:26
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip1, i didn't think the later 343.22 was in there13:27
ActionParsnip1ubuntuaddicted: whats in the newer version you need so much?13:28
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip1, many bug fixes. specifically a 3.0 shader bug when running unigine heaven13:29
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip1, i'll try the nvidia driver from the repos as im stuck trying to use the website provided ones. i normally never have an issue13:31
ubuntuaddictedwhats weird is that im currently not using nvidia or nuovue driver, i think im just using a frambuffer driver, LOL13:33
ubuntuaddictedit's almost as if the nomodeset option in my kernel boot line is being ignored13:34
ubuntuaddictedmaybe someone can help me with a differnt issue. i installed some ubuntu mainline kernels like 3.16.1 and 3.17 and realized that those kernels aren't supported by ubuntu (more specifically i can't get nvidia to work them due to cc compiler check) and now i can't figure out how to remove them. can anyone help me remove them?13:39
ubuntuaddictedwhen i issue sudo apt-get remove linux-headers-3.16.1-* linux-image-3.16.1-* it returns that it couldn't locate the packages13:41
=== ARMEN_ is now known as EREVAN
ubuntuaddictedwhen i click on the .deb package i downloaded, it opens in the ubuntu software center but i only see reinstall, no option to remove it13:43
=== Paradisee_ is now known as Paradisee
ubuntuaddictedwow, the room got really quite. lol13:47
nusr_i modified an existing .cow by just changing the ascii and keeping everything else the same but i'm getting this cowsay: Can't find string terminator "EOC" anywhere before EOF at /usr/share/cowsay/cows/angelamerkel.cow line 4.13:51
wgwinnI'm currently reading over http://askubuntu.com/questions/97153/install-ubuntu-server-to-a-flash-drive-permanently and i wanted to know if it's possible to consider installing ubuntu server directly to a thumbdrive without copying it from a harddrive ?13:51
=== dino is now known as Guest21809
wgwinnMy primary issue is that i have a 4x zfs-array, and 4 sata slots. so no space to jsut add another drive to boot to/from13:53
ubuntuaddictedok now this is weird. i opened synaptic and located the linux-header-3.16* and 3.17 stuff, i choose to completely remove them but they somehow still appear in my grub menu13:55
jpdsubuntuaddicted: That'd be linux-image.13:55
ActionParsnip1ubuntuaddicted: run: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo update-grub13:56
ActionParsnip1wgwinn: sd card boot...13:56
ubuntuaddictedjpds, oh yeah, forgot about the image. thanks13:57
ubuntuaddictedsudo apt-get --purge autoremove didn't do anything14:00
ubuntuaddictedfinding the linux-image in synaptic and completely remving them worked though14:00
k1l_ubuntuaddicted: use ppa-purge to get rid of your PPAs.14:00
k1l_that will remove the PPA and the files the PPA installed.14:01
ubuntuaddictedk1l_, i never added any ppa. i individually downloaded each .deb14:01
ubuntuaddictedk1l_, thanks though. ppa-purge is awesome. i've used it before14:01
ubuntuaddictedk1l_, i especially like how it downgrades the packages and removes the ppa14:02
gh0stn0teanyone have got any issue with an intel i915 gpu + nvidia card on  ubuntu 14.4 with the latest kernel?14:02
ubuntuaddictedwhereas just apt-add-repository --remove only removes the ppa, it doesn't downgrade the packages14:02
nusr_yes  i have climbed to the next wrung of ubuntu asesomeness...i have my own cowsay ascii!! woohoo...thanks k1l_ and EriC^^14:03
ubuntuaddicteddoes anyone know which version of the nvidia driver is nvidia-current in xubuntu 14.04?14:07
k1l_!info nvidia-current trusty14:09
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.117-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 4 kB, installed size 35 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)14:09
Kartagisif I regenerate my existing certs because of the heartbleed, does the ca need to sign them again?14:09
Jason___Can anyone here help me with a problem14:09
Jason___I've been trying to fix this for like two days now.14:09
KartagisJason___: only if you ask14:09
Jason___I installed ubuntu right14:09
Jason___and whenever I try to power off14:09
Jason___it'll reboot14:09
Jason___I'm on arch now and it does the same thing14:10
shaaradJason___ : try sudo shutdown -P now14:10
Jason___I tried turning off wireless lan in bios14:10
Jason___I tried that14:10
Jason___still boots14:10
k1l_Jason___: do yourself and us a favor and keep it on one line14:10
k1l_Jason___: and since arch got very different setups please see the arch support in #archlinux14:10
shaaradkil_ : but still shouldn't the 'sudo shutdown -P now' work?14:11
k1l_shaarad: not if a issue calls the restart on the acpi side while shutting down.14:12
shaaradwhat is acpi exactly?14:12
shaaradeven I am not that deep into ubuntu14:12
Jason___I'm back and er14:12
alo21hi, is there a way to enable trash? When I try to delete a file, it asks me if I would like to delete it permanently14:13
Jason___I'm new to this irc thing. When I try joining #archlinux it says I have to be identified with +r or something. I'm using weechat14:13
k1l_shaarad: Advanced Configuration and Power Interface, a standard for all the mainboard related stuff like poweroff etc14:13
k1l_!register | Jason___14:14
ubottuJason___: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:14
shaaradJason___ : register your nickname on the server you are joining to14:14
k1l_Jason___: for more details please see the #freenode channel. they will assist you on that issue with the channel14:14
shaaradk1l_ : thanks bud14:14
ubuntuaddictedmy xorg.0.log is showing that modesetting is being loaded despite having nomodeset within my grub boot line. how do i fix this?14:16
ubuntuaddictedsomehow i have a desktop BUT it's using a framebuffer?14:18
frank_oHi! Why am I getting `ImportError: No module named apt` when doing `do-release-upgrade`?14:19
k1l_frank_o: did you fiddle with python lately?14:20
frank_ok1l_: Yep14:20
k1l_there is the issue14:20
psso3Hi, I am an advanced ubuntu beginner. I want to deal with web-server - which webserver do you recommend for starting?14:21
frank_ok1l_: I swear to God I wish Ubuntu was as simple and straight-forward as OpenBSD14:21
frank_ok1l_: The entire system coming to a halt just because I installed a different Python, that's not cool14:21
k1l_frank_o: its not that easy as you try to show it here. you changed stuff that a lot of system apps rely on. so i would not blame ubuntu for your fault14:23
psso3Which webserver do you recommend for beginners?14:26
somsippsso3: Apache is the most widely used, so has lots of support and guides out there14:26
LoganGrayas with anything else.... with more options, more choices... comes more complexity14:27
Walshwhats the best IRC client for ubuntu?14:28
nopfWalsh: irssi14:28
onlawhere can I set the default application to handle .torrent files? I have the Transmission installed by default, and I just installed qbittorrent as an alternative. I only find the system settings - details as a GUI for setting default apps, but it doesn't list an app for torrents.14:28
RDX400Walsh, XChat14:28
onlaWalsh: irssi14:28
onlaif you provided more background info, then you could get a better answer to fit your preference :)14:29
shaaradwoah Walsh, I just asked the same question on ubuntu-offtopic14:29
nopfWalsh: maybe use chatzilla14:29
onlalike, what clients you have used earlier and did you like them. Do you need a mouse or do you want it to be more lightweight14:30
shaaradnopf : how to remove the XYZ joined or left messages from main chat in irssi?14:30
onlain one particular irc channel, or on all channels?14:31
nopfshaarad: try /help ignore14:31
shaaradnopf : thanks14:31
onlaI am using /ignore -channels #ubuntu * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS in my .irssi/startup file14:32
YourPlaceOrMineonly 4gm ram on laptop, 32bit would be right choice?14:35
RDX400YourPlaceOrMine, you can even choice 64 bit it doesen't matters :)14:36
YourPlaceOrMineRDX400, oh ok yea this is 64bit, had win 8 on it14:36
YourPlaceOrMineok ty14:36
RDX400YourPlaceOrMine, your welcome :)14:37
k1l_YourPlaceOrMine: if the hardware can work 64bit there is no reason not to go with 64bit14:37
YourPlaceOrMinekll_, thanks!14:37
=== Mr-Potter|Drunk is now known as Mr-Potter
Walex2k1l_: allegations that many programs compiled in 64b mode take up a lot more memory are unfortunately true14:38
Walshany tips on changing mouse sensetivity? I have followed a few tutorials online but they don't seem to want to work.14:38
k1l_Walex2: there are special cases where 32bit might be still better choice. but these users know that they are that cases. for the regular user 64bit is the way to go14:39
walsh_just got Irssi sorted, I'm used to the windows clients though aha.14:41
k1l_walsh_: there are gui clients like hexchat, too.14:43
Walex2walsh_: there is the 'xset m' command. and there are mice with sliders that control the sensitivity14:46
alexxiohi all14:47
alexxioiam experiencing a little bug on network configurations14:48
abhishekHello, I want to set unity as default, using Ubuntu studio with XFCE as default.14:48
alexxioi have wifi of my ubuntu pc connected to my network, then i connected via cable ethernet a raspi. i configured wifi with dhcp and eth1 with static ip. every X seconds i have to recofnigure eth1, otherwise i loose connection via ethernet..i just have to restart the ifconfig eth1 up , then i reach the raspi, then after some second i loose again connection...why? what can i do to let it last forever?14:50
walsh_Right, I have a problem with FB Messenger now. In the top right it states I have FacebookMessenger but when I run it, it's just a blank box.14:52
ubuntubonsoir tout le ;onde14:53
EriC^^!fr | ubuntu14:53
ubottuubuntu: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:53
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest35750
joel_que finalidad tiene este programa de chat?14:53
Guest35750bonsoir y a t il un frenchu dans la salle??14:53
somsip!fr | Guest3575014:54
ubottuGuest35750: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:54
abhishekI want to set unity as default, using Ubuntu studio with XFCE as default...how should I do it?14:56
Finetundragood morning all. I'm having an issue where if I reopen my laptop it doesn't detect signal from the router. anyone know what's wrong?14:57
shaaradFinetundra: type ifconfig in terminal and see the output category wlan014:58
abhishekanyone knows how to set Unity to default, using ubuntustudia with xfce default15:03
sam-essypunaise !!15:03
Finetundrashaarad, what am i looking for there?15:07
shaaradFinetundra : have you got any ip address from that wlan0 interface?15:08
Finetundrashaarad, yes15:09
shaaradFinetundra : so you are connected to that network. Maybe you are getting signals but it's not being shown15:10
Finetundrashaarad, i've reconnected to it by turning off wifi then back on, but thats the only way i've been able to fix it15:11
shaaradSo that's the problem of wireless signal indicator and not your network15:12
shaaradeven I am not an expert, I wanted to help in narrowing down the problem of whether it is a network issue or just the indicator issue :)15:13
walsh_hey guys, getting an error now with Flash player, wondering if you could help me. Failed to load "libpepflashplayer.so", any idea's? it says I have flash installed when I try installing it.15:13
Finetundrashaarad, this is also the only computer here that does that but this issue does not occur with other wifi networks15:14
abhishekanyone knows how to set Unity to default, using ubuntustudia with xfce defaul15:14
eintw1ckHi is there a way I can reverse h2xml?15:14
lotuspsychjewalsh_: on chromium?15:15
shaaradBluesKaj any idea on Finetundra's problem?15:15
samthewildoneI'm getting an error when trying to copy a 5.3 file to my usb15:15
samthewildonesomething about error slicing15:15
lotuspsychjewalsh_: did you test multiple sites like youtube?15:16
mrlamiwow!  very packed channel15:16
walsh_I did, it was working before but Sky Go wasn't, so I followed a tutorial on how to get it working with Sky Go now then youtube stopped working.15:16
mrlamiwhat is the difference between using "apt-add' and "source" to add a repository?15:16
walsh_how do you highlight people on irscc?15:17
lotuspsychje!tab | walsh_15:17
ubottuwalsh_: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.15:17
walsh_aar right15:18
lotuspsychje!ppa | mrlami15:18
ubottumrlami: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge15:18
walsh_ubottu: thanks15:18
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:18
lotuspsychjewalsh_: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?15:18
mrlamilotuspsychje what is !ppa?15:18
walsh_lotuspsychje: I don't think so, no.15:18
=== despolia is now known as Despolia
walsh_lotuspsychje: I used this link = http://xpressubuntu.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/sky-tv-on-ubuntu/15:19
lotuspsychjewalsh_: try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:19
CarogaHi all15:20
walsh_lotuspsychje: once I've done this I close the terminal and restart my browser?15:20
lotuspsychjewalsh_: sure, you can try15:20
=== nick7665 is now known as WickedGame
CarogaI'm trying to add a new set of disks to my ubuntu server where I am using LVM. I added it as a physical volume /dev/sdc, and created a volume group. Whenever I run pvscan I see it's there, but I also see that the other 2 volume groups have a number appended to the Disk's location.15:21
walsh_lotuspsychje: still getting failed to load "libpepflashplayer.so"15:21
lotuspsychjewalsh_: this might be interesting aswell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/pipelight/+bug/136651415:22
CarogaDid I forgot to do something ?15:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 1366514 in Pipelight "can no longer play sky.com movies" [Undecided,Invalid]15:22
lotuspsychje!lvm | Caroga15:22
ubottuCaroga: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto15:22
mrlamiTY ubottu15:22
walsh_lotuspsychje: that's the link I used and it worked fine but stopped youtube from working.15:22
walsh_lotuspsychje: Sky Go is still working fine, just YouTube.15:23
lotuspsychjewalsh_: whats your firefox version plz?15:23
walsh_33.0 Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu canonical - 1.015:23
walsh_lotuspsychje: 33.0 Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu canonical - 1.015:23
lotuspsychjewalsh_: should be good..15:23
walsh_lotuspsychje: it was working perfectly fine earlier until I did the thing with Sky Go, is it easy to do a fresh install of Flash?15:24
lotuspsychjewalsh_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/521234/my-flashplugin-doesnt-work-on-firefox15:24
walsh_lotuspsychje: I tried this, didn't work either.15:25
walsh_lotuspsychje: I tried removing Adobe Flash Plug-in and reinstalling it.15:26
lotuspsychjewalsh_: how about pepperflashplugin-nonfree15:27
walsh_lotuspsychje: still nothing, I'm just going to quickly restart15:28
BluesKajshaarad, sorry, I've seen this issue before, but I wasn't able to help, it looks like a bug that occurs after upgrading to 14.10 on some laptops15:28
AziroshinWhere is /dev/shm configured on ubuntu? I cannot find it in /etc/fstab, and I would like to change the mount point.15:28
AziroshinI would just add an entry to the fstab, but as /run gets initialized at every start, /run/shm would be missing and mounting the tmpfs would be unsuccessful.15:30
Walshstill not working.15:30
shaaradFinetundra : Sorry, even I don't know the solution. Maybe some other guy might be able to help15:31
AziroshinLet alone symlinking /run/shm before that "mystical" process setting it up jumps in and does whatever.15:31
h16hwhen i connect my android over openvpn, i'm unable to ssh to a ubuntu box behind that vpn network..but if im in the same network without vpn (like wifi), i can ssh fine. the client gets stuck at ssh_msg_kexinit sent15:31
lotuspsychjeWalsh: can you open ff from terminal, see what more erros you get?15:31
Walshlotuspsychje: how do I do that? I only started ubuntu yesterday aha15:32
Slamd64hello. is there a way to upgrade xorg server to 1.16 on ubuntu 14.04 lts?15:32
abhishekanyone knows how to set Unity to default, using ubuntustudia with xfce defaul15:32
lotuspsychjeWalsh: open a terminal and type firefox, then goto youtube and try play video15:32
Walshlotuspsychje: GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed15:33
AziroshinOkay, there is /lib/init/fstab. Kind of interesting. What's the benefit of seperating this out of the /etc/fstab or /etc/fstab.d structure?15:33
lotuspsychjeWalsh: nothing more when you try a youtube?15:34
Walshlotuspsychje: nope15:34
AziroshinPerhaps because people might be more inclined to put /etc on its own partition?15:35
Finetundrashaarad, all good15:36
lotuspsychjeWalsh: other browsers play youtube fine?15:37
WalshI haven't got any others installed15:37
Walshlotuspsychje:  I will install chrome now15:38
Walshwget -q -O - https://dl-ssl.google.com/linux/linux_signing_key.pub | sudo apt-key add -15:38
lotuspsychjeWalsh: and you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed right?15:38
Walshlotuspsychje: is there anyway to see if it's properly installed?15:38
lotuspsychjeWalsh: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:39
Walshlotuspsychje: newest version15:39
lotuspsychjeWalsh: real strange..15:40
Walshinstalling chrome now15:40
Walshlotuspsychje: installing chrome stable now15:41
lotuspsychjeWalsh: you getting black screens on youtube?15:41
Walshlotuspsychje: no, a yellow cross with the missing error15:41
Walshlotuspsychje: I just installed Chrome and it's put a YouTube icon on my bar and it works in there...15:42
lotuspsychjeWalsh: did you try flashplugin-installer15:42
Walshlotuspsychje: yeah15:43
lotuspsychjeWalsh: graphics drivers are installed correctly?15:43
Walshlotuspsychje: okay it's sort of better... audio actually works but video doesn't on Firefox.15:43
Walshlotuspsychje: indeed15:43
Walshlotuspsychje: it works perfectly fine on the youtube app.15:44
lotuspsychje!it | Guest2720615:44
ubottuGuest27206: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:44
lotuspsychjeWalsh: im out of ideas then :p15:45
lotuspsychjeWalsh: you on 14.04 or 14.10?15:45
Walshlotuspsychje: it's not a problem for now, I have that app thing which I can use for YouTube. noob question: How do I launch chrome once I've installed it?15:45
lotuspsychjeWalsh: you can drag n drop the icon to left unity bar15:46
lotuspsychjeWalsh: or just start it and rightmouse on icon 'lock'15:46
Walshlotuspsychje: I think I just fucked up Flash with Firefox because Chrome is working fine aha15:46
lotuspsychjeWalsh: did you try adobe-flashplugin?15:47
SchrodingersScat!language | Walsh15:47
ubottuWalsh: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList15:47
lyntoochrome as built in flash15:47
lyntoonot firefox15:47
Walshlotuspsychje: sudo apt-get adobe-flashplugin ??15:47
Walshlyntoo: I had it working on Firefox before but fucked it up somehow15:47
lotuspsychjeWalsh: sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin15:47
shaaradWalsh: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList15:48
somsipWalsh: if you need unsubtle - stop swearing please.15:48
TrudkoHi guys , how do i change command create by package in ubuntu?15:48
lyntoook ... something wrong in flash plugin15:49
Walshlotuspsychje: I got Package 'adobe-flashplugin' has no installation candidate'15:49
Walshsomsip: sorry boss.15:49
lotuspsychje!info adobe-flashplugin15:50
ubottuPackage adobe-flashplugin does not exist in utopic15:50
Walshlotuspsychje: event not found15:50
somsip!info flashplugin-installer15:50
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (utopic), package size 7 kB, installed size 137 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)15:50
Walshevent not found15:50
WalshI'll just soldier on with Chrome, it's not a huge problem. I'll look into it later.15:51
Walshthanks for the help lotuspsychje , really appreciate it.15:51
lotuspsychjeWalsh: np, good luck15:51
Walshlotuspsychje: thanks bud15:51
Aziroshinlotuspsychje: Maybe you can bookmark this to try it at a later time: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/10/enable-flash-for-firefox-ubuntu-14-10/15:52
AziroshinI just found this, no guarantees. :x15:52
lotuspsychjeAziroshin: he's on 14.0415:52
AziroshinGah, never mind. I misgathered that then, I suppose.15:52
AziroshinBecause the bot gave back utopic I somehow jumped to the conclusion that might be the distribution we're talking about.15:53
puehey guys. ubuntu comes with preinstalled vim?15:53
puewhich vim returns null15:53
raubpue: AFAIK yes15:53
lotuspsychjeAziroshin: oh right, thats my bad indeed15:53
puebut there's vi, and it says vi impoved15:53
pueraub: but i can open it with "vi"15:54
raubvi improved == vim15:54
pueraub: not with "vim"15:54
SchrodingersScat!info vim15:54
ubottuvim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.4.273-2ubuntu4 (utopic), package size 956 kB, installed size 2341 kB15:54
Aziroshinlotuspsychje: Never mind. :)15:54
pueraub SchrodingersScat but in console, vi works, not vim15:54
somsippue: you get vim.tiny be default IIRC15:54
SchrodingersScat!info vi15:54
ubottuPackage vi does not exist in utopic15:54
lotuspsychje!info adobe-flashplugin trusty15:55
puesomsip: so, i can just add an alias to vim for vi and its ok?15:55
SchrodingersScatpue: since vim is optional, that would make sense?15:55
ubottuPackage adobe-flashplugin does not exist in trusty15:55
raubpue: Don't think any linux distro comes with real vi; they all have vim which is probably calledvi in ubuntu15:55
puepreinstalled vi is not the same as vim then?15:55
raubpue: So, you could always alias vim to vi and be done15:55
raubpreinstalled vi is vim15:55
pueraub: thank you very much15:56
somsippue: depends what you want to do. Just run vi when entering 'vim', then yes. If you want full/different functionality not included in the default vim, you may need vim-gtk or vim-nox, etc...15:56
raubIf you want to see real vi, you need to try solaris or aix15:56
Finetundrawhat would cause random video freezing?15:56
Aziroshinraub: Wouldn't it compile on Ubuntu?15:56
raubAziroshin: probably would15:56
pueone more question. how can i check whether i have ubuntu-restricted-extras or not, how can i understand it from command line?15:56
puewith -z ubuntu-restricred-extras?15:57
puei mean [ -z ubuntu-restricted-extras ]15:57
pueor dpkg --get-selections?15:57
raubpue: that is a package so you need to use a package tool like dpkg15:58
pueraub: so, --get-selections will work i guess15:58
pueraub: thank you very much15:58
raubSo I stupidly upgraded my 14.04.1 vm withotu snapshotting. And now I found out I cannot NFS mount any longer15:59
pueoh, guys. vi is not vim. you can try it out.16:02
AziroshinHow would I go about mounting a filesystem in fstab during boot on mount point that on a tmpfs?16:06
AziroshinAfter all, that tmpfs will start empty and not have the directory to mount on created yet.16:06
AziroshinWill the mount points be created automatically in case the mounted filesystems are tmpfses as well?16:07
AziroshinWell, I guess I'll find out... XD16:08
ubottuGuest27206: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:09
alexxioi installed a program with make install. how can i see where the file were installed?16:09
lyntooex of tmpfs : tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,size=32M 0 016:09
lyntooin fstab16:10
ubottuGuest27206: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:10
Finetundrai just reopened my laptop to this:   [xxx.xxxxxxxx]: mei_me: destination client not found 0x00000985        or something like that. i know for a fact that everything from destination to 0x00000985 was there though. what do i do?16:12
ubottuGuest27206: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:13
Finetundrathe x's in the brackets are a rapidly increasing numerical value16:14
chuckTFhi folks - can someone tell me where Unity Tweak looks for themes?16:16
lyntoo~/.themes   ?16:17
chuckTFlyntoo, off root?16:17
lyntoonop of user16:18
lyntoo/usr/share/themes   with root access i think16:18
chuckTFlyntoo, ok let me try that - thank you16:18
lyntooi did not use unity...can't not valid that16:18
lyntoomore graphical i use is gnome.... i hate new generation of desktop ;)16:20
MrSavageHow can I run a command on ubuntu that pops up a gui but makes it so that if i close the terminal, then the gui doesn't close as well?16:21
Finetundrathe x's in the brackets are a rapidly increasing numerical value16:21
Finetundrai just reopened my laptop to this:   [xxx.xxxxxxxx]: mei_me: destination client not found 0x00000985        or something like that. i know for a fact that everything from destination to 0x00000985 was there though. what do i do?16:21
AziroshinOne blunt way would be to simply open it in a screen session16:21
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
lyntoothink is something like ~/path/to/script16:22
AziroshinOh dear. I can't seem to figure out why /run/shm is't available in a chroot.16:23
daftykinsMrSavage: run it from the dash icon instead of from a terminal16:23
AziroshinI even mounted the actual shm into the chroot's root directory and made the actual host system have bind mounts to that location. Even with that radical approach, the chroot simply behaves as if there was nothing mounted on /run/shm.16:24
onlafans keep too much noise I don't like it. I set pwmconfig and something but meh. the cpu fan spins at some 4000rpm and more when the temp is over 40C, but when it reaches 38-40C it spins at around 3800rpm which is still noisy16:24
MrSavagedaftykins: you mean that search thing?16:24
soneteaMrSavage: alt+f216:24
daftykinsthe 'new' Alt+F216:24
AziroshinThere is a work around that has been suggested on some website, using --chroot-directory to chroot - the problem is, I am actually using "schroot", which changes the game completely again I suppose - beginning with the fact that it doesn't have that option.16:25
soneteaor you could run it through tmux16:25
MrSavagedaftykins: I didn't install it this software, i extracted it from a .tar and put it in /opt and /usr/local/bin16:25
daftykinsand now you're gone16:25
SchrodingersScatMrSavage: can maybe background it with &16:26
soneteaMrSavage: the alternative is install tmux and running it through there16:26
TrudkoHi guys , how do i change command create by package in ubuntu?16:26
kostHAs anybody find exacty steps for using usb bootable device for putting xp and has this achieve?16:27
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SchrodingersScat!list | Guest2720616:29
ubottuGuest27206: SchrodingersScat: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:29
=== control is now known as Guest94008
dlsenseimy ubuntu software center not opening16:38
dlsenseiwhat can i do?16:39
SchrodingersScatdlsensei: could maybe open it from a terminal, see if it says anything, software-center seems to open it for me16:41
dlsenseihow do i uninstall it and reinstall it16:42
YourPlaceOrMineanyone have an idea why i can't pin google chrome to plank?16:43
YourPlaceOrMineall other app's do16:44
lyntoodlsensei: http://pastebin.com/PkGn73aJ16:44
kostthe way of installing ubuntu is to go (the simple) on their custom site, then you are going to follow the step that says for install it with usb.16:45
AziroshinGah, I configured all the /run related tmpfs filesystems in a custom fashion in /etc/fstab, but somehow something is still mounting different tmpfs instances ontop of them.16:45
dlsenseino i just need to reinstall software center16:45
dlsenseiits corrupted16:45
lyntoobefore reinstall, you must remove and purge the program16:46
dlsenseii used deepin software center and got corrupted with ubuntu one16:47
imLOSTis DWG viewer available for Ubuntu ?16:48
sacarlsonimLOST: there are many dwg viewers in ubuntu, there should be one setup as default that will work from nautilus16:49
lyntooI only use synaptic, never bug16:50
sacarlsonimLOST: oh maybe you mean dwg like autocad file viewer?16:50
AziroshinLet's see what happens if I disable all /run related mount points in /lib/init/fstab.16:50
dlsenseii need to change my software update to ubuntu server16:51
imLOSTsacarlson, Autocad one16:51
andlabsHi. Is there a ppa-purge that does NOT depend on aptitude? Thanks.16:52
PhantomPhreak53Hey I messed up and removed /usr/local/bin/php. I have tried apt-get purge php5 and to reinstall it but it won't restore that directory. What am I missing?16:52
sacarlsonimLOST: look like there is dwg viewr support, I'm not sure what version of autocad they will view http://lx-viewer.sourceforge.net/16:53
imLOSTsacarlson, so not official viewer from AutoDesk for Ubuntu ?16:53
imLOSTok I wish they had one, why do not they even release the viewers16:54
daftykinstalk to them16:54
lyntoophp5 is on /usr/bin/php516:55
imLOSTdaftykins, I did but they say we do not support those platforms yet16:58
daftykinsimLOST: good stuff.16:58
plotinodo you know what is the program or plugin that alows to open a bash shell in the current position from a nautilis window16:58
sacarlsonimLOST: I see some of autodesk software on linux but not autocad as far as I know.  you can export dwg to dxf  and use tools in linux to edit and do anything with them16:58
onlawhat means "Download this executable and place it into your path." Where should I place it?16:58
onlawhat is "my path"? I wgetted it to my home dir but it doesn't work16:59
EriC^^onla: in a directory in $PATH16:59
EriC^^onla: open a terminal and type echo $PATH16:59
onlaok tks16:59
EriC^^onla: np17:00
onla/usr/bin/env: zsh: No such file or directory17:00
EriC^^onla: you can create a bin directory in your home17:00
onlaHmm this comes, when I try run this app now. This is the app http://www.soimort.org/translate-shell/17:01
EriC^^onla: it will be added to your $PATH when you login17:01
EriC^^( ~/bin )17:01
onlaOk. I placed it to /usr/local/bin17:01
onlaDo I need to install the zsh environment? I don't think they mention it on the site17:01
onlasays on site though that bash or zsh is enough, but seems bash is not enough17:03
sacarlsonimLOST: also dwg version 10 looks to be fully supported in 3rd party and opensource linux http://www.linuxcad.com/17:04
jacobmischkaI'm having touchpad detection problems on a new laptop. The weird thing is, it was detected on boot once and worked perfectly, but I can't get it to do it again. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.17:04
onlaaight thanks. it works now with zsh installed17:05
=== nuke__ is now known as nuke1989
EriC^^onla: ok, great17:05
EriC^^onla: np17:05
JQhey i have a portable drive..2 partitions are encoded in Win Bit locker encryption17:09
nusr_i set my laptop to not prompt for password when it comes back from suspend..but i must be doing something wrong (maybe screen blank?) because i still have to enter my password. how can i turn that off?17:10
AlexPortableanyone can help me starting chromium with custo profile?17:14
daftykinsAlexPortable: 'custom' ? since yesterday you could've looked it up17:14
AlexPortabledaftykins: i did. but things are not working17:15
daftykinsAlexPortable: "things" huh?17:15
SchrodingersScatAlexPortable: --user-data-dir=DIR  ?17:15
AlexPortableSchrodingersScat: nope17:16
AlexPortabledaftykins: just starts with default new profile17:16
AlexPortablelike you would first start chromium17:16
daftykinsevery launch?17:16
daftykinsas in it doesn't save anything?17:16
=== metallic_ is now known as metallic
nusr_daftykins: sorry to ask about something like settings to turn off password prompt when coming back from blank screen (the check box is empty) but i'm still getting prompted to enter pw. i installed xubuntu17:17
daftykinsAlexPortable: you're being about as clear as mud17:17
daftykinsnusr_: i have no idea why you highlighted me there17:17
JQanyone can troubleshoot my prob17:17
SchrodingersScatcould even --incognito17:17
daftykinsJQ: not until you explain it17:17
nusr_daftykins: i asked earlier but no one replied, and i just saw you here so you are convenient target17:18
JQ hey i have a portable drive..2 partitions are encoded in Win Bit locker encryption17:18
=== jottr_ is now known as jottr
AlexPortabledaftykins: it laucnhes with default profile17:18
JQhow can iaccess in xubuntu17:18
daftykinsAlexPortable: you can't explain something in MORE detail by using the *exact* same words.17:19
daftykinsJQ: i don't think it's supported, but i don't have anything to back that claim up - did you find anything when researching this?17:20
AlexPortabledaftykins: well, when i do that command it launches a new profile. not the profile i want17:20
SchrodingersScatJQ: http://www.hsc.fr/ressources/outils/dislocker/download/README.txt seems that the internet says this might be able to read them, wouldn't be supported though17:20
JQthanks both17:21
JQbut its a general prob.It has to be dealt17:22
=== jmis is now known as chismatsu
SchrodingersScatJQ: the general problem was choosing a proprietary encryption scheme, your beef is with microsoft, not us.17:22
JQSchrodingerscat: dont pull my leg..17:24
daftykinsJQ: i think SchrodingersScat made a very correct and succinct point.17:28
LemonSqueeze1729 people in this room you'd think there were more people chatting17:29
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: it's a support channel, not a chat channel.17:29
LemonSqueezei see17:29
daftykinsquiet = good17:29
SchrodingersScatLemonSqueeze: this is support, traffic can be random, !offtopic is more general chat, !guidelines still apply.17:30
LemonSqueezewell my question is:17:30
JQdaftykins :Yes.so portable disk manufacturers onus lies to provide encryotion that works in any os17:30
daftykinsJQ: i don't know what point you're trying to make, either way it's not relevant here17:31
LemonSqueezeI have just installed ubuntu, not familiar, but did a clean install over windows. I have a nVidia graphics card and had installed steam, but when playing a a game I found that it could only play smoothly on really low quality17:32
LemonSqueezeso i looked around17:32
LemonSqueezeseeing if there was a was to download or enable my graphics card17:32
daftykinswhat card?17:33
LemonSqueezenvidia geforce 560M17:33
LemonSqueezei looked around17:33
daftykinsoh laptop then :(17:33
daftykinsyeah look into nvidia-prime via the additional drivers menu17:33
AziroshinJQ: That's possible. If that's the case, then please give them a _really_ hard time about it. And, of course, if applicable, even try to get your money back. Manufacturers that are hostile to to a free society understand only one language: money.17:33
daftykinssounds like an nvidia optimus setup17:33
LemonSqueezebut I read online (reddit) that a guy with my exact graphics card is running games on ubuntu perfectly17:34
LemonSqueezei did some looking around17:34
daftykinsyeah, probably with drivers installed17:34
LemonSqueezeand came across this thing called bumblebee17:34
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: yes, looking around 3x now.17:34
daftykinsbumblebee is the older approach, i'd try nvidia-prime first.17:34
LemonSqueezewhere do I find nvidia prime17:35
JQAziroshin:Thanks for understanding..17:35
LemonSqueezeand undo the harm that i did with bumblebee17:35
LemonSqueezecause now my screen is blown up to a lower resolution17:35
daftykinsoh right so you've already tried with bumblebee? you didn't get so far as explaining that part17:35
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: it would also be great if you could type out complete sentences instead of using the enter key for punctuation17:36
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
LemonSqueezeSO with bumblebee, I used the 13.10 and after approach it listed on its wiki, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee, and did everything it said to do and restarted. Now my screens resolution is quite low, and steam apps run very slow at best. I assume I might have disabled my graphics gard, and now using the intel chip or something17:38
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: what version are you running?17:39
LemonSqueezeI am running 14.04 of ubuntu17:39
daftykinsare you typing from something else right now?17:40
daftykinsi.e. is the laptop unusable or are you just using it with the low resolution?17:40
LemonSqueezeno, i am using my PC that i have it installed on17:40
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"17:41
LemonSqueezeok, will get back with results17:41
=== MeltedLux is now known as MeltedDed
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
LemonSqueezeok, I entered both17:43
daftykinsyou should have a link to paste here showing a log file from your system17:44
josmalaPlayonlinux problem: err:module:load_builtin_dll failed to load .so lib for builtin L"WLDAP32.dll": /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libgcrypt.so.20: undefined symbol:  ??17:44
LemonSqueezeis this it?17:44
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: yep, one moment17:44
josmalaI have some playonlinux vs libraries compatibility problem on 14.10 http://pastebin.com/LmHScq9v17:46
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: first step then, restore it to working order. "sudo apt-get purge bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia primus" then reboot17:47
LemonSqueezeok reboothing will be back soon17:48
JQdaftykins: hey my AMD 780g motherboard has inbuilt 256MB graphics memory...how can i check its operating17:50
LemonSqueezealright, im back, and it worked. I have the right screen resolution now17:51
ultrixxJQ, to check what? the memory?17:51
daftykinsJQ: is your monitor connected to it? can you see a picture?17:51
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: ok please run "lspci | pastebinit"17:51
ultrixxJQ, and no it doesn't have 256mb built in. it uses 256 mb of your ram for graphics17:52
JQmeans when i run a game..how can i be sure thats the graphics memory is being used17:52
daftykinsbecause it works17:53
lyntoogrep -i --color memory /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:53
AziroshinJQ: A "real world" test could be to run a game where you know that a certain setting (say, textures) is supposed to use a certain amount of video memory. Starcraft II would prove handy in that regard, as you can choose a setting that is too high. If it is, the textures on the map will have black stripes.17:54
JQultrixx:really thats the concept of integrated graphics17:54
ultrixxJQ, yes17:55
JQAziroshin: i m new to xubuntu.Is there a MAME versin for ubuntu17:56
AziroshinJQ: are you asking because you feel a game you're running isn't using all the resources available? In case it's not a native game, but you are running it through wine, there is a registry key called "VideoMemorySize (source: http://wiki.winehq.org/UsefulRegistryKeys).17:56
AlexPortableSo anyone can help me out?17:56
AziroshinI can't seem to find your question.17:57
ultrixxJQ, i tried to explain that to you because you said the memory is built in the motherboard graphics17:57
JQultrixx:I got it.Thnx17:58
ultrixxJQ, thats what most hw vendors try to trick customers into believing they got a huge bad ass gfx on the board17:59
JQAziroshin:Thnx for info.17:59
josmalaAlexPortable: What is your problem you need help with?18:00
JQultrixx:Fault was on my part.Shud have researched deeper.18:00
dunnowho<sayan> how to find more topics on network security?18:01
LemonSqueezedaftykins: is there anything I can do to help at the moment, or are you still looking at the paste file?18:01
dunnowhohow to find more topics on network security?18:02
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: oh i never saw it as you didn't use my nick :)18:02
xangua!alis | dunnowho18:02
ubottudunnowho: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*18:02
LemonSqueezedaftykins: want me to paste it again?18:02
AlexPortablejosmala: starting chromium with custom profile18:02
dunnowhothanks. am new into the linux world.18:02
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: nah it's ok i found it. please re-run "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"18:02
LemonSqueezedaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8791845/18:03
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: hrmm ok i can't see any sign of intel graphics, looks like your laptop might be nvidia only, which would be odd. if you click on the settings icon on the dock to the left, then run 'software and sources' i think it's called, then switch to the additional drivers tab on the far right (it'll take a few moments to refresh)18:05
Basketballlllanyone here use rtcwake18:07
LemonSqueezedaftykins: ok i am there, 5 show up 4 proprietary, and one open source. I have legacy binary driver- version 304.117 from nvidia updates (proprietary) selected18:08
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: check how your games perform18:09
bwallumAnybody have any insight in how to recover deleted files from a SSD?18:10
daftykinsbwallum: not a chance18:10
bwallumthought so18:10
ooloookay, when I have my headphones in, my volume bar goes a little crazy when I try turning it up or down18:11
ooloolike, the volume bar rapidly goes lower when I make it higher, and I have to fiddle with it a lot to get it the way I want it18:12
LemonSqueezedaftykins: what a hero, everything works great now. Thanks for a good first impression of this community18:13
daftykinsLemonSqueeze: ^_^ no problem, glad it worked out!18:14
LemonSqueezei'll be back with more problems in the foreseeable future, thanks18:15
andlabsthat's the story of all of us18:15
daftykinshey, i don't come here with problems! :P18:15
lyntoodon't forget the online documentation and web search18:17
=== Basketballlll is now known as Basketball
Valduarehi guys i got a terabyte drive here with bad superblock18:20
Valduareis there a way I can mark it off and use this drive still18:20
bekksValduare: How old is that drive?18:21
bekksValduare: And did you run a full filesystem check yet?18:21
Valduarelaptop is under 4 years old18:22
=== stephane is now known as Guest97179
ValduareI tested it with dd-ing an image to it and it will boot18:23
Valduarebut smart complains about read tests18:23
IonaBlu23most hard drives are warrantied for 3 years... some for 5.18:23
Valduaredont have receipt for it18:23
IonaBlu23well - just saying it might be better to replace it.18:24
IonaBlu23depends on the importance of the data.18:24
Trudkowols_ the ssd18:24
IonaBlu23and honestly, really important data should be on hard drives, on a server in a RAID array, imho18:25
bekksValduare: You did not answer my questions yet.18:25
bekksValduare: How old is that drive, and did you run a full fileystem check yet?18:25
Valduareit is under 4 years old18:25
daftykinsValduare: can you share the SMART output from smartctl?18:26
Valduareand yes i’ve run checks thats how i know what i know so far lol18:26
bekksValduare: 1 day or 4 years?18:26
MagicSpudhello does anyone use popcorn time? the copy pasting magnet links is not working for me18:26
Valduareits from a dell inspiron n711018:26
bekksValduare: Did you run "fsck -f" yet, from a live cd? And can you pastebin the entire smartctl output for that drive?18:26
Valduarewill -f let it get past just stating bad superblock?18:27
bekksValduare: Can you please pastebin the full output you can see, along with the command that produces that output?18:27
bwallumyou could try a repair by using a back up superblock18:28
sns_anyone experienced any troubles with ubuntu-xboxdrv in 14.10?18:29
bekkssns_: How does that poll help you? Do you have a specific question? :)18:29
sns_I can't get the xbox 360 controllers working in emulators. All emulators show that there are 4 xbox controllers assigned to the pc and none seem to be working18:31
sns_and the led flashes like it does when xpad driver is controlling it - but xpad is blacklisted18:32
=== prawnsalad is now known as prawnsalad_
=== prawnsalad_ is now known as prawnsalad
parkerwhats up dood18:36
Foxhoundzis it possible to install xubuntu on an existing Ubuntu box?18:38
FoxhoundzI want xfce :(18:38
FoxhoundzI hate Unity :(18:38
bekkssudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop18:38
jhutchins_wk!install xfce18:39
Bitwise_Hello. I just installed Ubuntu server 14.04 on VMWare with Windows 7 as the host. During the initial setup the network configuration failed, I think because I'm using a wireless adapter on the host. Is there a way to run that same reconfigure script from inside the tty1? I need it to be bridged so I can port forward to the VM.18:39
jhutchins_wkFoxhoundz: xubuntu is just ubuntu with xfce, you can install as many different desktop environments as you want.18:39
jhutchins_wkBitwise_: VMware should present the network interface as a virtual network adapter with it's own address.18:40
jacobmischkaI've read the guidelines and it doesn't really say how long you should wait before trying to ask again, so I'm wondering if an hour and a half is reasonable enough or not. Can anyone help me troubleshooting my touchpad? It was detected on boot one time, but I can't get it to do it again, nor do I know why it worked that one time.18:41
Bitwise_jhutchins_wk, NAT won't give the VM it's own IP address on my LAN?18:42
Foxhoundzjhutchins_wk: well the thing is I installed the xfce4 package18:44
Foxhoundzbut when I log in it still goes into Unity18:44
FoxhoundzI want to completely disable any traces of Unity, including that hideous purple login screen18:44
Foxhoundzand use the xfce login and desktop environment18:44
FoxhoundzThere were no options in the login screen to select a DE18:45
Foxhoundzas far as I know18:45
jacobmischkainstall xubuntu-desktop18:45
bekksFoxhoundz: In the login screen, you can select the environment to be used.18:46
=== MeltedLux is now known as MeltedDed
Valduarewhen you reformat a hd does it get a new superblock?18:48
daftykinsValduare: still waiting on that SMART data18:49
bekksValduare: that will not fix a bad block.18:49
Foxhoundzbekks: where in the UI?18:50
Valduaretryin im not on irc on same computer the drive diagnostics on18:50
bekksFoxhoundz: In the login screen.18:50
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest85286
sns_anyone gotten xboxdrv working in 14.10? I can't seem to be able to use the xbox wireless controller with emulators18:51
Guest85286hi i'm no more able to restore the grub2....i'm using a 1404 live to restore it....what's happening?18:51
=== Guest85286 is now known as grubissue
jacobmischkaxboxdrv is working fine for me in 14.10, though I've had it installed since 12.1018:51
Finetundrahas anyone, managed to install ubuntu onto an IBM xSeries 225 type 8647? I18:51
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
grubissuei want to restore my grub from the terminal18:52
bubbasauresgrubissue, Sure, context?18:52
grubissuebubbasaures: i'm running 14.04 live , i want to restore a grub2  i was trying to chroot into mnt but i get an error...18:53
grubissuebubbasaures: if i try ionly grub-install i get an error too18:54
jacobmischkasns_, did you install it using the ppa?18:54
sns_yes that's right18:54
bubbasauresgrubissue, Have you chrooted before?18:55
grubissuewith another version of ubuntu18:55
Valduarehey I think I repaired the superblock18:55
Valduaresmart overall assesement says disk is ok18:55
grubissuehttp://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/AmministrazioneSistema/Grub/Ripristino  i used this bubbasaures18:55
jacobmischkaoh, it's apparently included in the universe since 14.04, you installed that then I'm guessing?18:56
daftykinsValduare: i'd still prefer to see SMART data18:56
Valduarewhats the command18:56
Valduarei’ll try and make pastebin thats short enough for me to type on this computer by hand lol18:56
bubbasauresgrubissue, The first mnt command is the error?18:57
grubissuesudo chroot /mnt at this one18:57
daftykinsValduare: install 'smartmontools' and 'pastebinit' then run "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit"18:57
grubissuechroot: failed to run command ‘/bin/bash’: No such file or directory18:57
Valduaregot them instaleld18:57
sns_jacobmischka, was it pointed towards me?18:57
bubbasauresgrubissue, Are you sure the previous commands complete, IE the first partition mount to, as a staart?18:58
jacobmischkayeah, sorry18:58
sns_I installed ubuntu-xboxdrv from a ppa. Apparantly it's supposed to do everything automagically18:58
grubissuewhat do you mean bubbasaures18:58
sns_jacobmischka, https://launchpad.net/~rael-gc/+archive/ubuntu/ubuntu-xboxdrv18:58
jacobmischkasns_, had you tried simply installing xboxdrv itself? yes, I'm looking at that page already18:58
grubissuebubbasaures: i should mount sda   right?  not sda4  ecc ?18:59
bubbasauresgrubissue, As you run each command it should show no error.18:59
Valduaredaftykins: pastebin.com/aQ9DCs0118:59
bubbasauresgrubissue, sdXX is the hard drive and the partition where grub is.18:59
sns_jacobmischka, I tried. But I get a permission error when I try to run it in userspace18:59
jacobmischkasns_, I've always had to run it as sudo, but it's worked fine19:00
daftykinsValduare: ok disk health looks *mostly* ok, what's there could be down to a bad SATA cable if it's a desktop19:00
grubissuebubbasaures: the grub should be in the partition where i intalled linux or ....where?19:00
Valduareits a laptop19:00
mrkirby153Okay. I'm runnin exim but http://mxtoolbox.com/ is saying that my smtp server isn't responding19:01
Finetundraon a different note, why does ubuntu's video freeze when doing graphic intensive things( such as playing a game)?19:01
Valduarewhats that “type” column that syas pre-fail or old-age mean19:01
sns_jacobmischka, so I did a "apt-get purge ubuntu-xboxdrv", then "apt-get install xboxdrv", and finally xboxdrv19:01
sns_shows: http://pastebin.com/D1rV4Td819:02
PupilliamWhat did you say?19:02
sns_jacobmischka, and now xbox controller is blinking in parelel between two-two leds19:03
jacobmischkasns_, have you tried running it as sudo?19:03
bubbasauresgrubissue, Grub is in the boot of root of the install and in the mbr which is sdX just the HD. try this link, http://www.tuxgarage.com/2011/07/creating-chroot-ubuntu.html?m=1  It would help if you gave more info as to why and what this grub issue is.19:03
mbalmer_as_ sudo?19:03
daftykinsValduare: it indicates that values on that row may increment typically due to being pre-failure or just from old age.19:03
mbalmeror _using_ sudo?19:03
daftykinssudo isn't a user. you cannot *be* sudo19:03
sns_done. did not give segmentation fault, but still blinking19:03
sns_not assigning the controller to one slot19:04
jacobmischkausing sudo, yes.19:04
lyntooi can confirm right now fresh install of xboxdrv with emu and work without any permissions, controller work perfectly plug to usb19:04
Valduarewhat could have caused the superblock to go bad19:04
grubissuebubbasaures: cant' boot linux after win8 decided to install the 8.1 update19:04
sns_It's a wireless controller, lyntoo19:04
lyntoo(the official xbox360)19:04
sns_lyntoo,  it's the official wireless xbox 360 controller19:05
bubbasauresgrubissue, The dual boot with W8 should have been part of your inquiry is all, I can't help you there, a few on occasion here can.19:05
sns_(with pc usb connector in the package)19:05
bubbasauresgrubissue, If your msdos not gpt I can help.19:05
lyntoothats what i have19:05
lyntoooups wired only19:06
daftykinssns_: *USB dongle19:06
lyntoono dongle19:06
lyntooi don't think thats work dongless19:06
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:06
sns_daftykins, How would I proceed to restore the default xubuntu settings for gamepads? I installed the ubuntu-xboxdrv and xboxdrv packages19:06
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: Does it appear that grub was overwritten by windows?19:07
Valduaredaftykins: the selft test log structure section   in the pastebin shows some tests Completed: read failure19:07
daftykinssns_: not a clue.19:07
daftykinsValduare: oh i didn't realise you ran any... that thing's probably toast.19:08
Valduarethe last test I ran after I replaced the superblock from a backup now the overall health states the drive is fine19:09
Valduareso are these results from the past few tests i ran before I replaced the superblock?19:09
grubissuejhutchins_wk: sure because it does not pop up anymore19:09
daftykinsValduare: won't stop it reading badly if the controller's gone.19:09
daftykinsValduare: disk tests don't have anything to do with the file system state, you're confusing things19:10
Valduaresmart tests19:10
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: Follow the RestoreGrub procedure above then.19:10
daftykinsValduare: there is no distinction19:10
grubissuebubbasaures: jhutchins_wk  why doesn't fdisk -l show my linux partition? gparted does....but fdisk -l doesn't19:10
jhutchins_wkValduare: If you're seeing read errors in the log it's time to go hardware shopping.19:11
bubbasauresgrubissue, Try sudo parted -l19:11
bubbasauresgrubissue, pastebin that parted command19:11
Valduarei already bought new drive for the laptop and ddrescued the contents to the new drive  now im playing around with this old drive19:11
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: fdisk doesn't deal with gpt correctly.19:11
Valduareso far i’ve been able to restore the superblock and now smart tests states its fine19:11
daftykinsValduare: oh right, and you keep playing with the file system when it's faulty? that's fine and all for your own time, but not much point involving others19:12
andlabsHi. Is there a ppa-purge that does NOT depend on aptitude? Thanks.19:12
grubissuejhutchins_wk:  bubbasaures  you're right  nice command parted -l i didn't even know it now it's better let me retry the procedure.19:12
Z3Hi, why with  nouveau driver the screen looks darker than nvidia proprietary driver? It always happened to me, with different nvidia graphic cards and ubuntu versions. Sometimes like in "openarena" graphics are much more darker than nvidia proprietary driver.19:12
daftykinsValduare: i would zero fill that disk and read the SMART info after.19:12
Valduarethe drive had windows 7 on it before and some bad viruses and destroyed its ability to boot windows in a timely mannar19:12
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: Remember you want to install grub to /dev/sda, not to a partition like sda1.19:13
grubissuejhutchins_wk: sure so it detects also other os ?19:13
=== michaelgoulet is now known as xendo
grubissuejhutchins_wk: having trouble to umount what i mount on /mnt lol ?   busy?19:15
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: The BIOS points to the root of the boot drive for the first stage bootloader.19:17
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: Doesn't actually have anything to do with the other OS, that's detected when you run update-grub.19:17
grubissuejhutchins_wk: umounted it umounting firts sys proc and stuff .... strange19:17
Valduareits zeroing out now wonder how long a terabyte 5400 sata 3 drive will take19:17
grubissuejhutchins_wk: ah sorry it's true19:17
Wordsmanhello all   got a questions...i am tryign to copy some fonts to usr/share/fonts so i can use them with the app infinality .. so i installed gksu and created a context menu entry "open as root" and now i can access, create and delete, but i can not paste into any folder that requires root access.... need ehlp thx19:18
DreamPCsHey guys, quick question. If I'm sharing a printer over SMB (Ubuntu host) do I need a CUPS driver to share to a Windows client or can I have the real drivers?19:18
daftykinsValduare: hours19:18
Valduarethese drives are getting too big19:19
Valduarecode needs to get smaller and smarter lol19:19
JokesOnYou77Hi all19:19
daftykinsDreamPCs: you only share the driver from the host if you want it to be auto, you can just install it manually on the Windows end19:19
grubissuejhutchins_wk: partition table gpt what dos that mean? strange i'm having trouble mounting the right partition19:19
Wordsmani believe that any windows box that adds the printer will search locally for a windowes driver so u dont need cupts19:19
Wordsmanerr cups19:19
jhutchins_wkWordsman: Use the command line.  Running file managers as root is very dangerous.19:19
DreamPCsdaftykins Ok but do I need a special CUPS driver or can I use the regular hardware driver that came with the printer19:20
JokesOnYou77I want to see if installing a manufacturer's driver helps fix a LAN speed issue.  If it doesn't, how can I revert to what is installed by default (possibly without internet)?19:20
=== epzil0n is now known as Guest14170
daftykinsDreamPCs: standard driver...19:20
Wordsmanyes u can use the driver that came with the printer19:20
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: wired interface?19:20
DreamPCsWordsman:  try opening the original directory with gksu (where the fonts you want to copy are) and copy the fonts, navigate (using the same window) to /usr/share/fonts and paste it19:20
Wordsmanyeah yeah i dont have time to move 600 fonts over with the mv command....19:21
JokesOnYou77daftykins, yes.  And the computer doesn't have wifi19:21
DreamPCsOk cool, thanks daftykins19:21
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: in what scenario are you seeing poor performance?19:21
Wordsmanok i will try that19:21
DreamPCsWordsman typically using mv is quicker than using a GUI to do the same thing.19:21
=== DreamPCs is now known as DreamPCs-AFK
grubissuejhutchins_wk: look : http://pastebin.com/MGi7xJPm  bubbasaures19:22
bubbasauresgrubissue, Is this a OEM windows? i wonder if you are efi booting.19:24
Wordsmanok using the move command in the context menu as root worked.... sadly this has to be either an issue with Mate or nautilus cause i never had this issue on my laptop running 14.04 xfce19:24
JokesOnYou77daftykins, primarily download speed.  On the local LAN.  Running iperf between the computer in question and a server connected through a 100 Mbit switch results in less than 100 Mbit speeds (by a lot).  Same test worked fine several months ago (was still on 12.10 then)19:24
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: you know you have to adjust the TCP window size yes?19:25
daftykinswith iperf.19:25
grubissuebubbasaures: it's a toshiba so...yes i mean...everything that is not its  windows  i try to boot.....i boot it using CMS boot.... UEFI doesn't work from the beginning19:25
JokesOnYou77daftykins, ?19:25
grubissuethis 14.04 live is so fast on my i519:26
Wordsmanok thx for the help  tc all19:26
hyponicI am trying to install ffserver. i installed ffmpeg where ffserver is supposed to be a part of the package but it is not. can anyone help?19:26
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: ok run "iperf" and read the info about the TCP window size :)19:26
grubissuegonna use mii-tool monday morning lol i'm making a new network rack with coloured cat5 jhutchins_wk bubbasaures19:27
bubbasauresgrubissue, As other info, the W8 key will not work for the W8.1 update if you try to reinstall W8.1 so clone that install, on booting I'm not sure.19:27
JokesOnYou77daftykins, but, between two other servers running the same test on the same LAN I get 70-95 Mbit/sec19:27
daftykinsbubbasaures: grubissue - there are ways to feed an 8 key to 8.1. very simple.19:27
LemonSqueezeI'm sure this question is asked a lot, but my num pad is not working (but it does scrool when on internet pages) .... did some looking online and saw many people finding out it was acting as their mouse, I looked and found out that is not the problem, looking for other solutions. THanks19:27
grubissuebubbasaures: i can't understand...everything is pretty stock however....it's just linux to be fixed....19:28
bubbasauresdaftykins, Hmm, so your suggesting breaking the rules in the MS contract, right on the ubuntu channel.19:28
jhutchins_wkLemonSqueeze: Not exactly a common problem.  What kind of hardware ?19:28
grubissuei need to eat now....19:28
grubissuejhutchins_wk: http://pastebin.com/MGi7xJPm19:29
daftykinsbubbasaures: i think you misunderstand.19:29
bubbasauresdaftykins, Yes, I know of several ways, however having a clone covers all your bases, was my point in short.19:30
daftykinsbubbasaures: ok, totally unnecessary though19:31
JokesOnYou77daftykins, I see the option for the window size in the man page, but I don't know what I should set it to?19:31
LemonSqueezejhutchins_wk: intel core i7, nVidia 560m, 12 gb ram... that kinda of hardware? Its a g74sx, so a laptop with a full keyboard19:31
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: experiment with multiples of 8KB19:31
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: have you tested *actual* disk to disk transfer rates?19:31
bubbasauresdaftykins, sigh th opinions abound,this is such a waste of time and ego fueled.19:31
jhutchins_wkLemonSqueeze: Numlock?19:32
daftykinsbubbasaures: oh not at all, i'm sorry you think that way - i just don't believe i would suggest to take a lengthy process when there's a legitimate course of action.19:32
JokesOnYou77daftykins, Yes.  Repeated transfer of 2.5 GB file saturated 100 Mbit LAN speed at 12.2 MB/s19:33
LemonSqueezejhutchins_wk: no, no numlock key, replace with a calculator quick key... which does work....19:33
JokesOnYou77This was before I upgraded to 14.04 though19:33
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: but somehow you say your internet connection isn't up to speed?19:33
JokesOnYou77daftykins, Yeah.  Started noticing about two weeks ago.  Haven't had time to debug until today19:34
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: so what have you done to actually test this?19:34
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: though i can certainly tell you that changing 'driver' is a waste of time since LAN transfer works fine19:34
daftykinsthere isn't anything magically different about internet connectivity versus LAN19:35
daftykinsother than that your internet connection could have issues / your speed tests not great19:35
LemonSqueezejhutchins_wk: did some more digging since you got me on another train of though, check this out: http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?5642-How-to-turn-Numlock-LED-off19:36
jhutchins_wkLemonSqueeze: Yeah, sounds like you've got some pretty special hardware there that doesn't even support Windows 8.19:38
JokesOnYou77daftykins, file transfer did work fine several months ago.  Last week tried to transfer a similarly sized file and got a tenth of that speed.  Thus my problem19:38
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: and how is it today?19:39
LemonSqueezejhutchins_wk: So just suck it up with no num pad from now on?19:40
JokesOnYou77daftykins, Really crappy.  But Now I'm wondering if it's hardware.  This is a home LAN and I'm using re-purposed routers as switches, some of them very old.  It may be my configuration that's changed since my last tests.  But something is still hinky because my download speed from the internet is also slow and now I'm wondering if Verizon is really the one to blame...19:42
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: switch switch then :)19:43
LemonSqueezejhutchins_wk: so it just like a driver issue? It's not completely disconnected or something, I mean 4286 act as arrowkeys, +-*/, work correctly, and " . " acts as a delete key....19:43
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
JokesOnYou77daftykins, It looks like it was the switches :P  SHould have known better than to accuse the software.19:48
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: struggling with 100Mb is pretty funny, i've run gigabit for what feels like 10 years now and i saturate that. 110MB/sec+19:49
=== eniLCP_ is now known as PCLine_
jhutchins_wkLemonSqueeze: If there are a lot of people using linux on that laptop someone will probably come up with drivers for the unusual hardware, or ways to map it.19:49
LemonSqueezejhutchins_wk: ok thanks19:49
JokesOnYou77daftykins, Well, the router itself is gigabit, but ofc I don't have enough ports.  When I was in school I couldn't afford new hardware so I just repurposed old stuff, but now that's getting silly :P19:50
AlexPortableHow do I reset everyhint when something freezes?19:52
bekksPress the power button19:52
freezeveeI am trying to sudo chmod user:user a folder and it completes successfully but the owner does not change19:52
bubbasaures!reisub | AlexPortable19:52
ubottuAlexPortable: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key19:52
AlexPortablein 10.04 i had alt+printscreen+k19:52
freezeveeany ideas ?19:52
daftykinsfreezevee: sounds like it's on an NTFS volume?19:53
jhutchins_wkfreezevee: Wrong command.19:53
jhutchins_wkfreezevee: You want chown.19:53
daftykinsah yes ^19:53
freezeveechown* sorry my mistake19:53
freezeveeI wrote chown19:53
=== DreamPCs-AFK is now known as DreamPCs
freezeveeactually it's ubuntu as a vbox guest in a mac os host19:53
daftykinsfreezevee: so what file system is this on?19:53
freezeveeand I mounted a vboxfs volume19:54
freezeveedaftykins: aha do you think that this matters19:54
daftykinsfreezevee: undoubtedly, what is the file system?19:54
freezeveedaftykins: is there something I can do for it ? It doesn't change any other than root:root19:54
freezeveedaftykins: vboxfs says19:54
LemonSqueezejhutchins_wk: i figured it out, I had to enable numlock through the bios and the terminal, did it all on one restart... thanks for helping find the way19:55
daftykinsfreezevee: er, what? pastebin the output of "mount"19:55
AlexPortablebubbasaures: so how do i log out?19:55
jhutchins_wkLemonSqueeze: Wow, good on ya!19:55
freezeveedaftykins: can't do that because it runs in vbox but I can type it19:56
MagicSpudhello anybody uses popcorn time? copy pasting magnet links is not working for me and it is version 3.419:56
daftykinsfreezevee: i don't follow?19:56
xangua /j #popcorntime19:56
bubbasauresAlexPortable, Not sure your exact issue, my link was a full freeze up option.19:56
freezeveedaftykins: vmSites on /media/sf_vmSites type vboxsf (gid=999,rw)19:56
JokesOnYou77daftykins, out of curiosity now, I'd still like to look at my LAN driver as I'm not sure how to revert it, or compare it to what I get from the manufacturer.  I have the output of lshw but the version there looks newer than what's no the manufacturer's website, which is confusing19:57
daftykinsfreezevee: is it a disk image you tried to mount?19:57
v3zzif you install ubuntu on top of lvm  with enryption, using full disk, and after that if you break your system partition and cannot boot, how can you restore data from  /home /media/myData ? is it possible at all?19:57
freezeveedaftykins: nope19:57
freezeveedaftykins: it's a vbox share19:57
v3zzi believe if you cannot boot - you cannot decrypt...19:58
daftykinsfreezevee: ah, go ask in #vbox then19:58
freezeveedaftykins: roger that19:59
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: i really don't tend to think of LAN drivers as things you update or change, in Linux - as you do with Windows. so i'm no use there19:59
JokesOnYou77daftykins, actually, scratch that.  It ain't broke I won't break it.  I have a a different problem.  I looks like just having those switches on my network is cutting my speedtest.net download speed in half.  Is it possible those old switches are actually clogging the network somehow?20:00
jhutchins_wkJokesOnYou77: What manufacturer is this that supplies a linux driver outside the kernel tree?20:00
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: speedtest.net is rubbish, try some actual Linux ISO downloads from local mirrors20:00
boopdropanyone help me out really quick? having a problem installing on my new computer20:02
daftykinsyou have to explain what's happening first20:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:02
JokesOnYou77daftykins, don't need to be good or bad.  Ran 10 tests with the old networks on my LAN and then 10 after.  AVG DL speed decreased by 8 Mbit/s (and I only pay for 25 down so that's a lot).20:02
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: i don't know what you're saying. 'good or bad'20:03
JokesOnYou77jhutchins_wk, realtek: http://www.realtek.com.tw/Downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=13&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false#220:03
JokesOnYou77daftykins, rubbish -> bad ?20:03
JokesOnYou77"JokesOnYou77: speedtest.net is rubbish, try some actual Linux ISO downloads from local mirrors"20:03
JokesOnYou77I was just making the point that the source of the test is irrelevant to what I was observing20:04
daftykinsit actually is entirely relevant20:04
JokesOnYou77I can do an iperf with a remote host, think that would be better?20:04
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: my internet connection consistently performs better in real world versus the stats speedtest.net shows, so that makes it a rubbish test.20:04
grubissuejhutchins_wk: since i'm using irssi... did you reply?20:04
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: iperf isn't meant for that20:05
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: i already said how to test more effectively :)20:05
JokesOnYou77daftykins, the point I was trying to make is that it looks like having those old switches on my LAN is clogging the network somehow and I was wondering is that was possible.  I can try the ISO download as well but it seems pretty clear that something is going on to me20:06
=== stephen is now known as Guest1821
daftykinsJokesOnYou77: i prefer results over discussion of theories :)20:07
* shaarad bored20:08
ubuntuaddictedhow do i determine what modules a package was configured with? for example, i want to see if the nginx package provided in the ubuntu repos has the rtmp module configured in it20:08
Guest1821Guys, after some help - I have Xubuntu 14.04 installed on my Laptop but i get random crashes. (laptop completely locks up)20:08
Guest1821I'm unable to exit to TTY20:09
Guest1821Not sure which log i should be looking in20:09
IonaBlu23you know... sometimes, if not many times, it's perfectly okay to let someone else believe something, even if you know it's not true.  It's not necessary to correct other people's ideas, due to stubbornness, lack of open mindedness, or impatience.20:09
JokesOnYou77daftykins, I'm downloading from the main ubuntu site but I'm not sure that's what you meant20:09
daftykinsGuest1821: have you run memtest?20:09
XCVBhow do I autostart a user in the background20:09
Guest1821Yes, i ran two passes and it passed20:09
Guest1821No errors20:10
daftykinsGuest1821: disk healthy?20:10
Guest1821Yep, brand new samsung SSD20:10
daftykinsIonaBlu23: keep your thoughts to yourself in future20:10
Guest1821This is a pretty fresh install too20:10
daftykinshmm, no ideas here then20:10
Guest1821It only happens like once a week20:10
Guest1821but still.... It shouldn't happen.20:11
Ben64Guest1821: check logs?20:12
LinnakHi. I read a test on internet about GPU testing with linux "built in" drivers and NVIDIA drivers, and with NVIDIA drivers the speed was almost 10 times faster. When I choose my card on NVIDIA site and download it for linux 32bit it always fu**s up my system. No signal or just terminal. What can I do then?20:12
Guest1821Ben - Which log should i be checking?20:12
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Ben64Guest1821: is ssh still active (if you don't have ssh server installed, install it)20:12
Ben64Guest1821: all of them20:12
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
jhutchins_wkGuest1821: Sounds hardwareish.  Have you installed lm_sensors?20:12
Guest1821I havent tried SSH, i shall install it20:13
Guest1821Nope - Should i?>20:13
Ben64Guest1821: sometimes a computer can lock up but you can still ssh into the computer, its very handy20:13
jhutchins_wkGuest1821: Yeah, it's a good idea to have it available.  install it and run sudo sensors-detect.20:13
grubissuejhutchins_wk: my problem is really hard.....20:13
jhutchins_wkGuest1821: The problem is that when something locks up, it usually stops logging before anything useful gets logged.20:13
Guest1821Im installing it now20:14
Guest1821Once this is installed. How will it help me track down the issue?20:14
Guest1821I've had a look in the xorg log and syslog and couldnt see anything that indicated the problem20:15
IonaBlu23and so the true face shows itself.20:16
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: Sorry, didn't see you come back.20:16
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: Not sure what your issue is.  Maybe you have an odd partition scheme?  Figure out why it's not finding that module file.20:16
kambayahi there20:16
daftykinsIonaBlu23: if you have a question please ask it20:17
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: You can actually run apt-get from within the chroot if you need to reinstall something.20:17
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: You might want to fsck the (unmounted) partitions before you go further.20:17
jhutchins_wkgrubissue: Do you know what caused the problem?20:17
jhutchins_wkGuest1821: Once you get it installed and configured it should log to /var/log/syslog, and you can see ifyou're getting high temperatures or voltage problems.20:18
kambayaall: any help on installing program in ubuntu20:19
grubissuejhutchins_wk: nightmare see this... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2223856&page=320:19
frank_ok1l_: its ubuntu's fault its relying on python for such stuff in the first place. how should i know that if i modify python my whole system will get messed up?20:19
frank_ok1l_: this is clearly bad strategy on ubuntu's part. more nature unix-like os'es do not rely on python for basic low-level or shell-related stuff. doing that is like taking a private jet to go visit your next door neighbor imho.20:20
frank_ok1l_: * more mature unix-like os'es, sorry20:20
=== DreamPCs is now known as DreamPCs-AFK
k1l_frank_o: i am fine with you using whatever you think i more mature. but changing stuff that is systemrelevant and then wondering if something breaks and then blaming ubuntu, well, that is not surprising to me.20:24
kostkonfrank_o, same thing will happen if you modify your glibc. Your logic doesn't make any sense. Python is just another programming language.20:24
bazhangthis is hardly the correct channel for such a debate, however20:28
Parameziusi installed the application "gramps" in ubuntu 14.0420:29
bazhangtry the mailing list frank_o20:29
bazhang!lists | frank_o20:29
ubottufrank_o: Mail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com20:29
Parameziusthere is sme kind f bug.it chashes while starting20:29
kamxsory am new here,,,, what this chanel dealing with?20:29
bazhangkamx Ubuntu OS20:29
andlabsis there a ppa that provides xutils-dev with xorg-macros.m4 1.18? 14.10 ships with 1.1720:29
bazhangandlabs, check the search ppa page, thats independent of what we support here20:30
kamxthanks bazhang20:30
teaearlgraycoldHow do I update from Python 2.7.6 to 2.7.8?20:30
teaearlgraycoldWithout compiling from source20:31
Parameziusis there anybody here who could run gramps in ubuntu 14.04 ?20:31
bazhang!info gramps20:31
ubottugramps (source: gramps): Genealogical research program. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.4+dfsg-2 (utopic), package size 5648 kB, installed size 34150 kB20:31
bazhangtry starting from the terminal Paramezius20:32
bazhanglook for any errors there20:32
trijntjeI'm trying to restore a backup of an ubuntu install. I've put all the files back and set the UUID of the partition to that of the original system, but booting fails with: "Alert! /dev/dis/by-uuid/b3423... does not exist. Dropping to a shell!" How can I fix this?20:33
Parameziusbazhang, it shows me a lot of errors :S20:33
bazhangParamezius, pastebin them then, give the url to the channel20:33
xentity1xI'm having trouble starting civ 5 on steam. It was working yesterday but today it suddenly stopped. I think it's having trouble running it on my nvidia card.20:34
xentity1xAnyone have advice20:34
bazhangtrijntje, what does sudo blkid show20:34
andlabsbazhang: thanks20:34
bazhangxentity1x, what card20:35
Parameziusok, one moment please20:35
trijntjebazhang: if I run that from the live system it shows the same UUID for root as fstab. In fact, I've set the UUID of the partition to the value in /etc/fstab, using copy/paste20:35
bazhangtrijntje, this was home right?, or did you try to restore the / partition20:36
xentity1xbazhang, http://pastebin.com/zCWUy0Sg20:36
trijntjebazhang: I only had a single partition on the original system, so everything was under /20:37
bazhangtrijntje, pardon, I did not see the method of backing up/restoring; was it clonezilla, or something else20:38
bazhangxentity1x, is that card supported with the prop drivers? ie in the additional drivers area? how did you install drivers for it, if so20:39
Parameziusbazhang, here you are20:39
trijntjebazhang: no, I just used rsync from a live system to copy every file under / to an external drive, using sudu rsync -avrxH. And I restored the backup with the same command20:39
bazhangrsync and chroot?20:40
kamxhow to shut down computer with command20:40
AtomiconHow would I enable the source repo for utopic?20:40
xentity1x<bazhang> . It's supported under the additional drivers. Right now I think I'm using primus to run the game.20:40
Atomiconkamx, shutdown -h now or halt20:40
kamxthanks Atomicon20:41
papyopen joke20:41
AtomiconI don't know how you checked that20:41
trijntjeAtomicon: you can use the program 'Software & Updates' to edit repositories20:41
AtomiconBut you're welcome20:41
balu_How to send a popup message to a win7 pc in intranet?20:41
AtomiconI needed to select main server20:41
Atomiconin order to download source code20:42
kamxwhat does "sudo" mean and what are the capabilities of sudo?20:43
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo20:43
kamxthanks obutu20:44
ex-parrotdoes anyone know how to update the lowerdir when using the overlayroot package?20:45
kamxusually on windows os the programs extension ends with .exe..... what are extensions that identifies the linux based programs?20:48
ex-parrotthe concept doesn't map directly kamx20:48
ex-parrotexecutable files in a unix-like environment typically just have their 'executable' bit set in the filesystem20:49
kamxi mean the executable files in ubuntu are basically replaced with what extensions?20:49
ex-parrot'file extensions' is a DOS concept, it doesn't directly map to unix-like environments like ubuntu20:50
kamxok! i got you.20:50
k1l_kamx: file-extensions is a windows setup. you dont need file extensions if the file says what it is in the header of that file20:50
ex-parrotlook instead for an 'x' in the output of ls -l or stat when listing the file20:51
k1l_kamx: and as a hint: on ubuntu you dont load all the stuff from websites like on windows. you first look if ubuntu already ships that in the official ubuntu package system20:51
kamx i tried to download XAMPP for ubuntu but i failed to install it. but it now the downloaded file is located in DOWNLOADS forder20:51
k1l_kamx: and there we go! don use xampp20:52
kamxKil_ : y dont i use xampp20:52
k1l_kamx: ubuntu already ships all you need as packages . just install the lampp20:52
k1l_!xampp | kamx20:52
ubottukamx: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.20:52
k1l_xampp is a heavy security issue.20:52
hinderakerHow can I make "sudo mount --bind /srv/www /home/hinderaker/www" permanent? Need this as symlinks does not work about DefaultRoot in proftpd.20:53
kamxok! i wil try that: obutu20:53
hinderakerHow would that line look in /etc/fstab?20:53
hinderakerabow *20:54
hinderakerabove .. ---__---20:54
hinderaker<- tired c",)20:54
kamxthanks for support! heavy night here,, see u later20:55
LeidenfrostHi all. For some reason fp ide cant open compiler messages window on a terminal emulator, but it does open on a tty. Any help please20:56
Fleuvhisto, How to clean the cache of the favicons at my local apache2 webserver for my firefox browser?20:58
rypervencheFleuv: That will be in your browser. Browsers cache favicons very well :P21:00
rypervencheFleuv: http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/clear-favicon-firefoxs-cache-31354.html21:01
Fleuvrypervenche: Doesn't seem to work21:02
rypervencheFleuv: Try ctrl+r to refresh the page.21:03
FleuvOf course i did that already21:03
Fleuvrypervenche: ctrl+shift+r also doesnt work21:04
rypervencheFleuv: It is not "of course" for us. We can't know what you've tried. Are you sure you've fixed it on the web server? Are you able to view it correctly in another browser?21:04
FleuvYes I just replaced it with another favicon21:05
Fleuvthe current favicon21:05
=== MeltedLux is now known as MeltedDed
rypervencheFleuv: I would try some of these suggestions: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2208933/how-do-i-force-a-favicon-refresh21:06
rypervencheLike I said before, they are a pain to update :P21:07
CheckDavidDoes ubunto work well on hybrid PCs?21:08
CheckDavidThe more affordable ones.21:08
BlasterHey I'm having trouble with a fresh install of Ubuntu.  RhythmBox won't play any of the mp3 files I backed up from my 14.04 installation and that used to play fine.21:10
BlasterUbuntu 14.10 that is.21:10
=== max is now known as Guest76829
EriC^^Blaster: did you install the restricted-extras21:10
GoldwingBlaster : did you check the "Intall 3rd party plugins" during installation21:10
GoldwingEriC^^ : heh, beat me to it :)21:11
BlasterYes I installed those.21:11
EriC^^Blaster: any error from rhythmbox?21:11
EriC^^Goldwing: :)21:11
BlasterI'm just trying to copy the files over again. One minute.21:12
EriC^^Blaster: try to install gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly21:13
EriC^^if it doesn't work21:13
ubuntuaddictedwhats the command to get a service to run at boot up if i added it to /etc/init.d/?21:14
BlasterUgh everything is crashing on a fresh install.  When I double click an mp3 it opened in the video player and then that crashed.21:15
BlasterAnd RhythmBox won't play the mp3's for some reason.21:15
GoldwingBlaster : did you check the installation medium for error's?21:16
BlasterGoldwing, no.  I installed from a USB.21:16
BlasterHow do I verify it?21:16
ubuntuaddictedBlaster, did you verify its checksum before writing the iso to the ubs?21:16
EriC^^Blaster: start by doing a checksum on the iso you used.21:16
GoldwingBlaster : i had a similar problem, did a fresh install from USB but every time i installed the videocard was not recognized, mouse didnt work and LAN didnt work.. i remade te USB and reinstalled, and everything worked like a charm21:17
BlasterHmm interesting.21:17
BlasterIf the checksum verifies, does that rule all that out?21:17
GoldwingBlaster: somehow the part that handeled the modules was corrupted on the USB21:17
Goldwingblaster : yes21:18
EriC^^Blaster: you can run a integrity check on the usb when it boots, so you know the usb isn't faulty21:18
CheckDavidhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-ubuntu-desktop - why doesn't this link tell me how to put Ubuntu on the USB first?21:18
=== jason__ is now known as DreamPCs
Ben64CheckDavid: who cares what order they're in?21:19
CheckDavidBen64: order?21:19
k1l_CheckDavid: it does one page before you got to that page21:19
Ben64usb is right under dvd21:19
BlasterGoldwing, the checksum is different.21:19
CheckDavidBen64: that link doesn't tell about it at all I'm confused.21:20
BlasterBut I downloaded it right from the Ubuntu site, so how could it be different?21:20
EriC^^Blaster: are you positive?21:20
k1l_CheckDavid: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop  scroll down to "easy ways to switch to ubuntu" and then from windows21:20
GoldwingBlaster : rebuild the USB, and connect the USB directly to the computer, do NOT use a USB HUB21:20
EriC^^md5sum /path/to/iso21:20
BlasterGoldwing, what's a USB hub?21:20
CheckDavidk1l_: not really. I didn't find anything about it in the previous page. The previous is just download21:20
CheckDavidk1l_: I'm on Debian now21:20
k1l_CheckDavid: see my 2nd answer21:21
k1l_CheckDavid: well then just dd the image onto the usb21:21
EriC^^Goldwing: Blaster how does rebuilding the usb help21:21
CheckDavidIt's just as simple as DD?21:21
BlasterGoldwing, what if I download Ubuntu again and the checksum is still different from the one on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes21:21
Goldwingblaster : a USB hub is a device to connect more devices to a single USB port21:21
EriC^^Blaster: you need to use rsync to patch up the iso21:21
k1l_CheckDavid: yes, since ubuntu uses "hybrid isos"21:21
EriC^^Blaster: read above ^^21:21
BTJusticeI am installing Ubuntu onto an Acer Laptop.  Whenever the desktop loads, the screen goes completely black.  I have to hold down the FN key and press the left arrow key to get the brightness back up where it needs to be.  I tried editing grub with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_osi=Linux" but that does nothing.  Any pointers?21:21
CheckDavidk1l_: oh wow wth I'm impressed. I remember having an hard time with other Linux distros21:22
BlasterEriC^^:  Why would I do that when I could just download the ISO again?21:22
CheckDavidThanks k1l_21:22
EriC^^Blaster: cause it doesn't make sense to download it again21:22
k1l_np CheckDavid21:22
EriC^^Blaster: rsync can just download the missing parts in a couple mins21:22
EriC^^Blaster: it uses a differencing algorithm21:23
GoldwingBlaster : do what EriC^^ says, it's faster21:23
BlasterEriC^^: How do I do that? I'm doing this on OSX by the way, since my Ubuntu PC has been borked.21:23
BlasterActually I'm not sure if I verified the checksum properly.21:23
EriC^^Blaster: ok, first are you positive about the iso's checksum?21:23
ubuntuaddictedanyone familar with init scripts? i need some assistance please.21:23
BlasterWhere do I find the SHA256SUMS.gpg file for ubuntu-14.10-desktop-amd64.iso so I know what hash to compare against?21:24
EriC^^Blaster: md5sum /path/to/is21:24
BlasterEriC^^:  I guess my hashes do line up.21:26
BlasterI thought they didn't but I was mismatching SHA256 and MD5.21:27
EriC^^did you install the gstreamer package?21:27
BlasterSo I guess I don't need to reinstall Ubuntu.21:27
EriC^^Blaster: try to install gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly21:27
BlasterI think so but let me make sure.21:27
BlasterRhythmbox prompted me to download that initially I think.21:27
BlasterEriC^^: Yep already installed and latest version.21:28
BlasterHmm, really weird that RhythmBox won't open the mp3 files.  They worked fine when I had 14.04.21:28
BlasterActually it works now, not sure why. :)21:29
EriC^^cool :)21:29
BlasterI reopened RhythmBox and it finally worked.21:29
BlasterNow to figure out how to prevent RhythmBox from crashing when I plug my iPhone into USB for charging.21:29
dreamminderdo you know any mod that changes terminal look to some oldschool stuff ? :p21:30
dreamminderlike you know, these old green CRT fonts21:30
EriC^^dreamminder: define oldschool stuff21:30
bekksdreamminder: Just change the color?21:31
ubuntuaddictedcould someone please help me make this init script see my nginx that I installed in /usr/local/nginx/sbin please? https://github.com/Fleshgrinder/nginx-sysvinit-script21:31
SchrodingersScatdreamminder: https://github.com/Swordfish90/cool-retro-term21:31
dreamminderis it possible to do it in the native terminal?21:31
EriC^^dreamminder: you mean gnome-terminal?21:31
EriC^^dreamminder: or a tty?21:31
dreamminderwow this is beautiful21:31
EriC^^tput setaf <number>21:32
arshadaslam o alekum21:35
BTJusticeI am installing Ubuntu onto an Acer Laptop.  Whenever the desktop loads, the screen goes completely black.  I have to hold down the FN key and press the left arrow key to get the brightness back up where it needs to be.  I tried editing grub with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_osi=Linux" but that does nothing.  Any pointers?21:36
CrellHi all. I'm not sure if this is the right room for this but I'm unclear what would be.  I've a vagrant box running locally, mapped to a 192.168... IP address.  My /etc/hosts file has that IP mapped to a domain name.21:37
CrellI can ping that domain name from the command line and it loads fine. When I try to access that domain in a browser, though, it says it can't connect.21:37
CrellWait, hang on...  Ignore me for a moment.21:38
BlasterI have 3 monitors and when I open a video file it causes all three monitors to go black for a second, and then when they turn back on, only 2 monitors are enabled.  Then I have to open another video file to reverse it.21:40
BlasterIt's super annoying!21:40
mrkirby153can anyone explain why exim4 isn't recieving email? Some site says it can't make an SMTP connection21:40
Bashing-omCrell: Awaiting, in the meantime, where is "Domain Nmae Serve"r defined ?21:40
CrellBashing-om: huh?21:41
_TrulloBlaster, they are changing resolution or something21:41
Blaster_Trullo, why are they doing that when opening a video?21:42
Bashing-omCrell: As ping works, but the 'name' does not, generally indicitive that DNS is not enabled .21:42
CrellActually I figured out the issue. My vagrant setup script is failing to install apache correctly for as yet unknown reasons.  Which would of course make browsers fail at connecting. :-)21:42
Crellapt is giving this error when installing apache2: error setting ownership of `/var/www/html.dpkg-new': Operation not permitted21:44
CheckDavidI got a boot error while trying to boot my usb21:44
Bashing-omCrell: Great ! good trouble shooting ! .. When you are good, you are good.21:44
CrellI have my vagrant root mapped to /var/www/, and there's a web directory in there that is supposed to be my docroot.21:44
CheckDavidI wonder why. Maybe because I had other files in the USB?21:44
CrellI am assuming that's related, but I don't know why it would be an issue now when it wasn't on my office computer.21:44
EriC^^CheckDavid: unlikely21:44
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
CheckDavidThen why? EriC^^21:45
EriC^^what's the boot error?21:45
CheckDavid"Boot error" EriC^^21:46
CheckDavidJust that. 2 words.21:46
Guest81906Is it normal for internal errors to popup if you restart using `sudo shutdown -r now`?21:46
=== Guest81906 is now known as Blaster
Bashing-omGuest81906: No, that is not "normal" !21:46
EriC^^Guest83482: no21:46
EriC^^CheckDavid: did you checksum the iso?21:47
CheckDavidI didnt21:47
CheckDavidIs there a checksum tool in Debian that I can use?21:47
EriC^^md5sum /path/to/iso21:47
BlasterI keep getting internal errors, this time it's from /usr/lib/upower/upowerd and it says it crashed with SIGSEGV in service_client_free().21:47
CheckDavidNever checksummed anything EriC^^21:47
=== Joshua^Dunamis_i is now known as Joshua^Dunamis
CheckDavidThanks EriC^^21:47
BlasterShould I set it to ignore problems of that type?21:47
k1lCheckDavid: did you dd that iso plain onto the "dev/sdx" or a partition? did you checksum the iso?21:48
CheckDavidk1l_: I drag and dropped into my usb21:49
Bashing-omCheckDavid: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM , Windows: http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows .21:49
EriC^^CheckDavid: that won't work21:50
CheckDavidWhy not? ;(21:50
EriC^^you need to extract the iso21:50
EriC^^is there unetbootin for debian?21:50
=== m0nk is now known as Guest62543
CheckDavidk1l_: told me that is not required. :o21:50
EriC^^CheckDavid: you can use dd too21:51
CheckDavidI thought I could download and dd21:52
EriC^^CheckDavid: so you did use dd?21:52
EriC^^you just said you dragged and dropped21:52
EriC^^dragged & dropped = dd21:52
CheckDavidThat's what I am assuming it is21:53
EriC^^no, dd is a program21:53
* Hulio is in the house21:53
CheckDavidLool omg21:53
EriC^^hehe :)21:54
CheckDavidI'm feeling so bad.21:54
BlasterFrom reading the manual dd it didn't seem obvious how that tool is used to create bootable media.21:54
CheckDavidWhat is dd again?21:54
EriC^^Blaster: it's a low level copier21:54
EriC^^"dd - convert and copy a file"21:54
CheckDavidWhat? How does that work?21:55
Goldwingdd = Copy and Convert21:55
BlasterConvert to what?21:55
bekksdd is a tool that operates on block level and which can be used for various things - even for copying a file onto an USB.21:55
Goldwingonly "cc" was allready used in *nix, so they called it "dd"21:55
EriC^^it is a low level copier, it can make bit for bit copies, like if you want to image a hard disk (including the partition tables and everything) it can do that21:55
bekksBlaster: To whatever you use it for. :)21:55
AlexPortableWhy is my cpu fan constantly turned on?21:56
Ben64AlexPortable: quite normal21:56
AlexPortableon windows my system was quiet21:56
BlasterI mean in the case of bootable Ubuntu media, what's it converting the iso/img to?21:56
GoldwingAlexPortable : to much pr0n?21:56
bekksBlaster: No.21:56
Goldwingsorry.... :)21:56
bekksBlaster: It just copies the iso file onto the usb device.21:57
AlexPortablerebs: what is that command supposed to do?21:57
rebswrong server :p21:57
rebsit lists available servers for somewher i idle21:57
Blasterbekks, I think it must do more, because it's a series of directories and files on the usb device after using dd command, not just an ISO file.21:58
bekksBlaster: It doesnt do more.21:59
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest12593
bekksBlaster: It copies all blocks of the iso file to the USB. It doesnt care about the content,21:59
kklimondaanyone familiar with how is dnsmasq configured in ubuntu, and its interaction with vpns?21:59
BlasterI think it must extract the ISO or something.  The ISO must be an archive.21:59
EriC^^Blaster: it can transfer a hard disk into a file, and a file back to a hard disk21:59
bekksBlaster: It does not extract the iso whatsoever.21:59
Blasterbekks, then why does it appear to be files and directories on the bootable medium after using the dd command, and not simply just an ISO file?22:00
bekksBlaster: BEcause it copies all bocks of the iso file and doesnt care about the content.22:00
CheckDavidHow do I did EriC^^ ?22:01
Blasterbekks: Isn't that file extraction?22:01
bekksBlaster: No.22:01
bekksBlaster: It is "copying all bytes of that thing to the target, and not caring what those bytes actually mean."22:01
EriC^^CheckDavid: first make a fat32 partition on the usb if it's not there already22:02
EriC^^CheckDavid: sudo parted -l will list the partitions and disks22:03
CheckDavidAh must format the USB first. And me thinking I would only need to DD lol22:04
bekksCheckDavid: no, you dont need to do that.22:05
bekksCurrent iso images can be transferred as is to the USB.22:05
NoobsFlyVFRHello, I installed an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server on a headless server with LUKS-Encrypted LVM, but every time it starts up, it asks for the passphrase. Is there any way to automatically decrypt it on boot?22:07
BlasterI'm trying to install an Ubuntu guest through libvirt, but when I use virt-viewer it's just sitting at that Ubuntu screen with the 5 circles blinking below it.22:08
blaaaNoobsFlyVFR:  It is not easy if you want the encryption to make sense22:09
BlasterIs it because 256mb of ram is not enough?22:09
EriC^^CheckDavid: unmount the usb ( sudo umount /dev/sdx )22:09
NoobsFlyVFRblaaa, so it's not possible?22:09
=== Red_M is now known as Guest75466
EriC^^CheckDavid: then dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdx bs=1M22:10
bekksBlaster: Use the nomodeset kernel option for booting. And 256M is far too less for a reasonable good Ubuntu experience, when using a desktop.22:10
NoobsFlyVFRI've seen articles on how to get it to work by invoking ssh in init.d but I want it to boot without having to SSH to it.22:10
EriC^^CheckDavid: make sure you have the usb's /dev/sdx22:10
bekksNoobsFlyVFR: Automatically decroyting it would make no sense, and would make the encryption useless.22:10
Ben64NoobsFlyVFR: if you want it to decrypt automatically, then what is the point of having it encrypted at all22:10
Blasterbekks, I only want a server.  I guess I need to figure out how to install it using CLI.22:10
blaaaNoobsFlyVFR: it is possible, but you will need to store the key in some way accessible to the server22:10
k1lCheckDavid: sorry for the confusion. i thought for a  debian user, dd was a known program.22:10
bekksBlaster: Just use the server iso.22:10
EriC^^CheckDavid: as a mistake in the /dev/sdx could destroy the disk22:11
NoobsFlyVFRWell, that makes fair sense.22:11
blaaaNoobsFlyVFR: if the key is accessible to the server, it is difficult to have it not accessible to someone with access to the server22:11
NoobsFlyVFRBut can I invoke OpenSSH daemon at startup?22:11
NoobsFlyVFRSo I could enter the passphrase from SSH?22:11
blaaaNoobsFlyVFR: you could have the volume mounted after a system with sshd is running22:12
Ben64NoobsFlyVFR: are you sure you need encryption? it just makes everything more difficult22:13
NoobsFlyVFRI am certain I do not need encryption, although the problem remains, it used to be the HDD from a desktop, which I moved to a headless server.22:13
skinuxSomehow, Weather Indicator for KDE is popping up in Ubuntu default DE?22:14
CheckDavidk1l: the thing is that I am an odd guy. I am a non geek using Linux.22:14
blaaaNoobsFlyVFR: to unlock the volume remotely only makes sense if you have some way to check if the hardware and software are safe and untampered with22:14
CheckDavidEriC^^: I am going the unetbootin route I guess22:14
Ben64NoobsFlyVFR: so reinstall without encryption22:14
EriC^^CheckDavid: sounds good22:14
blaaaNoobsFlyVFR: Ben64 has a good suggestion I'd say22:14
NoobsFlyVFRReinstalling seems like a lot of work. Although it might be the only way I have left, now. I've checked the article http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/5017/ssh-to-decrypt-encrypted-lvm-during-headless-server-boot which seems relevant.22:15
NoobsFlyVFRBut it explains the procedure for dropbear.22:15
NoobsFlyVFRIf I install dropbear if I already have OpenSSHd running, does it cause a problem?22:15
blaaaNoobsFlyVFR: you could just transfer the contents of the (decrypted) encrypted volume to a new unencrypted volume22:15
NoobsFlyVFRTrue that, blaaa.22:15
k1lCheckDavid: i doesnt really fit into the nerd picture myself, but its a good sign that linux works for regular users nowadays :)22:16
blaaaNoobsFlyVFR: you could also look into using a TPM (tpm-luks) and trustedgrub etc, but that only has limited value22:16
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lamphi guys, i am trying to rewrite the url on ubuntu 14 lts apache. i need all requests to go to index.php in the root directory. i cant get it to work. i have enabled mod_rewrite. and my .htaccess works on an older version of ubuntu22:18
NoobsFlyVFRWell, my server doesn't come with a trust platform module, but trusted-grub seems promising.22:18
CheckDavid:p k1l only because you guys help me on IRC lol22:19
mrkirby153So, why is it that Mxtoolbox can send emails to my server just fine but gmail can't?22:20
skinuxCan Bazaar be used to download source files from Launchpad?22:20
SchrodingersScatlamp: and you have the right settings in apache2.conf ?22:21
lampcool nick, checking right now22:21
SchrodingersScatlamp: i'm not great at that, but when i was having .htaccess problems I added some AllowOverride and etc. and then suddenly .htaccess rules were being followed.22:23
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pukehey guys. i installed sublime text, and checked /usr/share/applications/. there's a .desktop file there. but sublime text isn't in the launcher. what causes this?22:36
BTJusticeI am installing Ubuntu onto an Acer Laptop.  Whenever the desktop loads, the screen goes completely black.  I have to hold down the FN key and press the left arrow key to get the brightness back up where it needs to be.  I tried editing grub with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_osi=Linux" but that does nothing.  Any pointers?22:41
l0rdn1xBTJustice, sounds like a graphic driver issue.22:42
NoobsFlyVFRI tried to bypass the LVM LUKS-Encryption passphrase prompt by replacing the lines $cryptkeyscript "$cryptkey" | $cryptcreate --key-file=- ; then with echo -n "PASSWORD" | $cryptcreate --key-file=- ; then in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local-top/cryptroot in order to put the password straight into the decryption part of the code instead of prompting the user.22:42
NoobsFlyVFRBut this hasn't worked.22:42
NoobsFlyVFRAny idea why?22:42
BTJusticeThere is no graphic driver installed by me.22:42
BTJusticeIt is usung whatever the default for the Intel chipset is.22:43
BTJusticeAnd there is nothing listed under Additional Drivers.22:43
l0rdn1xBTJustice, is this 14.04 ?22:43
pukehey guys. i installed sublime text, and checked /usr/share/applications/. there's a .desktop file there. but sublime text isn't in the launcher. what causes this?22:43
BTJusticeUbuntu MATE22:43
l0rdn1xBTJustice, I'm not familiar with that distro22:45
BTJusticeIt is awesome and i have installed it onto many computers, but this Acer laptop is the first time this issue has happened.22:45
l0rdn1xBTJustice, I've always had issues with Acer for Linux that's why I stop buying them.22:45
lampSchrodingersScat you are not only a physics phenomena - you are a genius!22:46
lampthank you22:46
BTJusticeIt is for a client.  Not my personal laptop nor choice of one, lol.22:47
SchrodingersScatlamp: great, have fun22:47
pukeis there a way of reloading the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications/?22:47
Finetundra why does ubuntu's video freeze when doing graphic intensive things( such as playing a game)?22:49
Finetundravideo drivers are the correct ones22:49
testerbithow can I allocate more diskspace to an existing partition?22:49
Finetundratesterbit, i believe you can manage it via gparted22:50
Surendiltesterbit: gparted22:50
testerbitwhere is the documentation?22:50
CrellOK, the folks in #httpd just sent me back here.22:50
Surendilhi everyone22:50
robert__is there a good way to find the correct video drivers?22:50
CrellI have an apache vhost configuration that is not loading.22:50
CrellI'm on a freshly installed 14.04 vagrant box.22:50
testerbitFinetundra: problem is this is a remote host, can this be done from terminal22:51
=== n is now known as Guest98436
Finetundratesterbit, i honestly don't know.22:51
Surendiltesterbit: gparted is gtk22:51
Finetundrahave you googled it?22:51
testerbitSurendil: is their a way to do from terminal?22:52
Surendiltesterbit: if you use lvm yes, i don't know if it's possible with ext3 or ext422:53
Finetundratesterbit, perhaps this will be of some use:  http://gparted.org/display-doc.php?name=gparted-live-manual#gparted-live-working-with-terminal-window22:54
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pukehey guys. i installed sublime text, and checked /usr/share/applications/. there's a .desktop file there. but sublime text isn't in the launcher. what causes this?22:57
EriC^^puke: open the dash, type sublime and drag the icon to the launcher22:58
EriC^^puke: you mean it's not in the dash?22:58
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=== Joshua^Dunamis_i is now known as Joshua^Dunamis
pukeEriC^^: but doesn't it have to be in the dash or launcher in the first place23:01
pukeEriC^^: i mean the panel on the left23:01
Sunstreamdo not forget for those who have a "daylight savings time" in your area tonight (for the US at least except Arizona) you need to set the clocks back an hour at 2AM23:02
EriC^^puke: i don't follow23:02
EriC^^puke: if it's in /usr/share/applications , you can type it's name in the dash and it should show up23:02
pukeEriC^^: if there's a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications/, doesn't it have to have an icon in the launcher?23:03
daftykinsSunstream: that was last night. it happens sunday AM23:03
pukeEriC^^: i guess dash is the panel that opens when i press the super key.23:04
EriC^^puke: yes23:04
pukeEriC^^: i'm not talking about that. i'm talking about the panel on the left.23:04
EriC^^puke: ok, the launcher23:04
EriC^^if there's a desktop file in /usr/share/applications23:04
pukeyou know, there's trash there. there's amazon thingy when you make a fresh install.23:04
pukethe launcher?23:04
EriC^^it can be there and not be in the launcher, yes23:05
pukeEriC^^: what causes this?23:05
EriC^^what do you mean?23:05
pukedo i have to add new info to .desktop fie?23:05
EriC^^i still don't follow23:05
SunstreamThats right23:05
trismpuke: the icons in the launcher are in: gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites23:05
EriC^^what exactly are you trying to achieve23:05
trismpuke: they are just names of .desktop files from /usr/share/applications/ (or ~/.local/share/applications/)23:06
EriC^^puke: you mean it doesn't have an icon?23:06
SunstreamReset  clock23:06
EriC^^it has a "?"23:06
iseneSamsung laptop (NP900X, series 9) - running "samsung-tools -c silent" (to turn off the incessant fan) reveals "CPU fan control is not available" (I did get fan control on my old, identical machine that was upgradet from 12.10/13.04/13.10/14.04, but with my new laptop and a clean 14.04 install, I cannot control the fan). I have googled and googled and yet some and keep running into a brick wall here. Anyone with a bit more brain juice than me 23:06
EriC^^puke: open the dash, and type the name of the program, and then drag and drop it into the launcher, it'll appear there23:07
puketrism EriC^^ i'm trying to put an icon to launcher. i have to have a .desktop file for that, but it already is a .desktop file23:07
pukeEriC^^: how can i do that in the console?23:07
SunstreamI forogt that was last night okay silly me23:07
pukeEriC^^: it happens when I drag and drop. but how can i do it in command line?23:08
trismpuke: just add it to the list in the gsettings key I just listed23:08
puketrism: thank you very much23:08
pukeEriC^^: thank you very much23:08
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willpowersI created a guest VM using libvirt (quemu+kvm) and I can't figure out how to connect to it via SSH.23:12
willpowersI think I am using bridged networking.23:12
willpowersvirsh -c qemu+ssh://demo@localhost/system says connection refused on port 22.23:12
reisiowillpowers: same way you connect to any install via ssh23:12
willpowersI installed OpenSSH on the guest.23:13
iseneTrying to install an earlier package (easy-slow-down-manager from http://code.google.com/p/easy-slow-down-manager/downloads/detail?name=easy-slow-down-manager-dkms_0.15_all.deb&can=2&q=), I needed first to install dkms and got this; "Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.13.0-37-generic (x86_64)" and the same when I then installed the easy-slow-down-manager package. Is there a known issue with dkms?23:13
reisiowillpowers: that's a start23:13
kevinhey guys. tried to do-release-upgrade and i got an error of unmet dependency that cannot be installed (ubuntu-desktop), here is some relevant information: http://pastebin.com/E1xDrZtZ can anyone assist? thanks.23:13
mcnunyohttp://xdcc.kametsu.com/?search=fractale kametsu23:13
willpowersreisio, how can I figure out the issue?23:14
reisiowillpowers: what issue?23:14
willpowersWhy I am unable to connect to the guest via SSH.23:14
willpowersI can connect using VNC.23:14
jribkevin: what ubuntu versions?23:15
compdocwillpowers, not using user 'root' are you?23:15
willpowerscompdoc: Nope.23:16
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jribkevin: also, pastebin output of "apt-cache policy gnome-session-common"23:16
kevinjrib: uhhmm i think i was going from saucy to trusty. here's the output: http://pastebin.com/EdLr9H1e23:17
jribkevin: I assume these gnome-session- packages came from unofficial repos?23:22
kevinjrib: i cannot recall, but i guess so...?23:22
jribkevin: this is what is causing your issue.  Saucy had version 1 (simplifying to integers), your unofficial repo had version 3.  And now in 14.04 only version 2 is available.  so apt sees that you have the later version and won't install the earlier stuff23:23
jribkevin: you can either add the unofficial repo back assuming they have packages for trusty or remove/downgrade all packages it provided and finish upgrading23:24
kevinjrib: oh i see. thank for breaking it down for me. after i take one of those resolution methods, how do i continue the upgrade? do-release-upgrade says there's no upgrad, and "lsb_release -a" already says i'm at trusty23:26
jribkevin: start with "dpkg --configure -a" to configure any packages left to configure and then just do a normal "apt-get dist-upgrade".  But pay very close attention to output before agreeing since sometimes you might end up with apt wanting to just remove half of your system do to deps issues23:27
miceikenmiceiken@clusterbrain:~$ sudo -u mangos -H screen -x mangosd23:27
miceikenCannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check.23:27
miceikenwhat can I do about this?23:27
=== Blaster is now known as willpowers
willpowersWhat's the proper networking type for a libvirt VM so you can access it via SSH from the host?23:27
kevinjrib: alright, thanks for the help.23:29
reisiowillpowers: should work as long as the ip isn't the same as the host's23:30
reisioI'd imagine nat23:30
reisioask #kvm23:30
Loshkiwillpowers: Dunno what libvirt is, but for vmware/virtualbox I usually use bridged networking. That way, the VM instance looks just like another IP host sitting on the same network segment.23:40
willpowersLoshki, how do you find out the IP of the guest VM when using bridged networking?23:41
EriC^^dourmo: bonsoir23:42
dourmopremiere fois que j'installe ce client irc23:42
rom1504lequel ?23:42
dourmoil faut dire je debute linux23:43
EriC^^dourmo: c'est bien23:43
dourmoj'ai lancé irssi à partir de la console23:43
dourmoen fait je prefere la console23:43
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.23:43
dourmopour les installations23:43
Loshkiwillpowers: that's up to the guest. But generally, the same way it would if it were running native. Either you tell it, or it asks DHCP...23:44
Loshkizut alors!23:45
willpowersLoshki, so if I do ifconfig on the guest, that would print the IP I would SSH to from the host?23:45
Loshkiwillpowers: yep, just like if it were running physically on your iron. Note the host and the guest are on the same network but have different IP addresses, just as would 'real' machines sitting on your network.23:48
vxnukeI have a new laptop and the touch pad does not work in ubuntu. Where would i go to to get help.23:48
vxnuke...looks like no ones here................23:50
XD4rkerblah blah23:51

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