zacariasIs it a good choice to connect two audio interfaces by line level? For instance, if I have an interface connected to a computer with some (say, 4) mics connected and then I add a second interface with two more mics connected and I connect the two by jack cables?00:23
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Guest007Hi all! How to make enable hibernation on power manager settings and session menu?10:16
FedeWolfieHi all, just installed Ubuntu Studio and it's fast as hell :D16:12
Carogahi all!17:00
Carogagot a question, how would one connect to a server from the file manager ? I was able to connect to a server, using webdav, from nautilus, but this is absent in ubuntu studio default installation.17:01
deltstill somewhat confused about input from multiple sound cards.....21:39
deltpavucontrol for some reason shows me my sb live's mic input, but my mic works only when plugged into the hda (motherboard internal) card...21:39
deltanyway, i'll be back later, going to my parents house in a few min.21:41

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