AirbanderHi guys00:57
Airbanderi have  a message ask me to update from 14.04 to 14.10 so should i do it ?00:57
xubuntu283it is very handy to have this available while installing Xubuntu04:27
xubuntu283anybody here run on an odroid?04:27
Hundxubuntu283: I do.04:31
xubuntu283which model?04:31
Hundxubuntu283: LG G2. Im getting the Note 4 soon. :)04:31
xubuntu283not exactly what I was asking.  Check out hardkernel.com04:32
Hundxubuntu283: Oh.04:35
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Guest79532sorry Hund, my system was done installing and rebut04:39
Guest79532what was said after I mentioned hardkernel.com?04:39
HundGuest79532: I said "Oh". :P04:41
HundGuest79532: I just thought you missspelled Android.04:42
Leviticus!ops | yo rww in here ban me waaaaa04:57
ubottuyo rww in here ban me waaaaa: ops is Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - gnomefreak, TheSheep, Myrtti, Pricey, knome, bazhang, ikonia, Flannel, elky, mneptok, Pici, pleia2, Unit193, holstein or genii!04:57
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Guest79532No problem05:17
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linux-eHello everyone08:52
linux-eis there anybody out there08:54
baizon!ask | linux-e08:55
ubottulinux-e: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:55
xubuntu13whello !09:00
xubuntu13wcan some one tell me what the benefits are of getting a home server?09:01
xubuntu13winstead of a NAS09:01
xubuntu13wi would like to use a free server software package and have a webUI09:02
linux-ehow can i learn my rams information from terminal? ddr3 or ddr2, hz information09:05
lindneris there a way to force tumbler to create thumbnails for a specific folder and its subfolders?10:36
BisIs anyone here?13:02
cfhowlettBis, only a few thousand.13:02
* Bis hugs cfhowlett 13:03
cfhowlettBis, ?13:09
BisYou're my pet13:11
cfhowlettBis, I'm nobody's pet.  ask your ubuntu support questions.13:11
koen2Hello! I have a support question. Is this the right place to ask/13:54
recon_lapkoen2: sure is , if it about xubuntu13:55
koen2yes it is, thank you.13:55
koen2I just did a fresh install of Xubuntu 14.04 on a machine on which it was previously running just fine *after an upgrade from 13.1013:55
recon_laphey all, I added a faulty menu item, now it shows up in the menu but not the menu editor. how do i delete it?13:55
koen2but my keyboard is not recognized anymore13:56
koen2Everywhere I look in the settings and files, it says that my keyboard is Swedish *my keyboard is Swedish13:56
koen2but it produces the wrong characters anyway13:56
recon_lapkoen2: could you be missing the Swedish language pack?13:57
koen2I tried to edit /etc/default/keyboard but it was already OK13:57
koen2of course13:57
koen2how do I install it_ The last time I installed Xubuntu kept nagging me about that not all language packs were installed13:57
koen2this time it didn\t13:57
koen2*now I remember(13:58
koen2thanks >(13:58
koen2that\s a smiley13:58
koen2got it13:59
koen2settings /> languae support13:59
koen2i think, i will browse around there13:59
xubuntu42oI'm new xubuntu user, what's firstly do after install xubuntu?14:18
GridCubeif you didn't tick to install the media controls with the installer you should installthe xubuntu-restricted-extras,after that, have fun14:22
koen2I can\t get my keyboard to work properly in a fresh install of Xubuntu 14.04.114:47
koen2I have a Swedish keyboard, I installed all missing language packs. All options everywhere seem to point to this being my keyboard, but it still does not work14:48
koen2/etc/default/keyboard looks as expected14:48
koen2I have installed and removed ibus14:48
koen2nothing seems to have any effect14:48
koen2logged out / logged in14:48
koen2is ibus needed if you only want one keyboard layout>14:49
recon_lapkoen2: and you select Swedish in the "Layout Settings" for the keyboard?14:51
koen2Yes, I have tried both that and checking @use system defaults@14:52
ubottuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale/14:53
koen2thanks, I\ll check that out right now14:53
koen2do i need ibus if I only have one keyboard layout?14:54
GridCubei don't know14:55
koen2GridCube: thanks but that info doesnt really contain anything that I did not already know15:00
koen2for keyboards on desktop environments, it just says to go to settings15:01
GridCubehave you choosen your language at the login stage?15:03
koen2now I added a new language to the language list (Albanian), moved it to the top, deleted it, and now my keyboard is Swedish!15:03
koen2I will log out and back in and see if it works, thanks for your support :)15:03
koen2GridCube: Thanks for your compassion15:40
koen2It did not work15:40
koen2I gave up, and added a setxkb command to my start-ups15:41
koen2this does the trick15:41
GridCubewell, fill a bug report against ibus koen215:42
koen2I think this is a well-known bug, at least it seems so browsing the forums15:42
koen2also, I did not have ibus installed15:42
koen2people who do a fresh install experience it, not upgraders15:42
GridCubeoh... well, then probably thats your problem15:42
JQhey i have a portable drive..2 partitions are encoded in Win Bit locker encryption17:05
JQhow can i acess them in xubuntu17:05
athlonI used to have windows. And the shutdown works well.17:14
athlondoes anyone here have idea why I can't seem to turn off my xubuntu?17:15
athlonlike it did turn off going blank etc but then it'll turn on by itself like restart. The difference are only in timing..17:17
athlonhow would i know that i wasn't because of virus or anything a like?17:21
Alexfrenchwhich version ??17:26
athlonthe 14.0417:27
athlonalmost all linux though17:27
athlonnot just xubuntu.17:27
Alexfrenchi have this too on virtualbox17:27
athloni read that it maybe ". Basically when the laptop is connected to the charger, it always restarts, it cannot be shut off whether by holding down the power button or issuing a shut down command from the OS."17:27
athlonwas that even possible?17:27
athlonAlexfrench: you also had the same on virtualbox?17:28
athlonor was it the "wake on lan" bios option that caused this restart?17:29
athlonI already have my windows deleted.17:30
Alexfrenchyes ido17:31
athlonAlexfrench: is there a fix to that problem?17:32
Alexfrenchbut my laptop is always plug on the sector17:32
Alexfrenchwithout battery indeed17:32
athlonAlexfrench: i too. plug on without battery.17:33
athlonAlexfrench: does the light power still blink after shutdown?17:33
Alexfrenchyou don't have shutdown button ???17:33
athlonAlexfrench: I have the power button with light.17:34
athlonAlexfrench: when it shutdown the light off but then after a while it turns on again.17:35
athlonso no fix to this problem?17:35
Alexfrenchmine after shutdown no light17:37
Alexfrenchjust a litle one beside power plug17:37
athlonlike that.17:37
athlonmistake, "after shutdown".17:39
athlonweird because this problem really didn't showed up on windows. Shutdown perfectly. Doesn't reboot/restart after that.17:41
Alexfrenchit is a virtualbox xubuntu or an hdd one ???17:42
athlonAlexfrench: not a virtualbox17:42
athlonAlexfrench: installed linux into my laptop17:43
BalTunin settings of battery i see on mouse statistic tab an icon of battery. And when battery is loading, i see mouse instead of battery icon. How to fix this bug ?17:43
Alexfrenchto shutdown your desktop what do you do ???17:43
athlonAlexfrench: the shutdown option.17:44
athlonAlexfrench: the log out option then shutdown.17:44
Alexfrenchok and it reboots ?? that it ??17:44
athlonAlexfrench: yes. it reboots.17:45
athlonAlexfrench: umm... more like it shutdown. then 2-3seconds it started by itself.17:46
elfyathlon: try looking BIOS for WOL - there appears to be bug, where shutdown is falsely identified17:47
athlonAlexfrench: reboot is right way after shutdown with no time gap.17:47
athlonelfy: wouldn't WOL also affect windows then? But it didn't?17:48
elfyathlon: I'd guess so - but wouldn't be able to say for sure - long time since I used it17:48
athlonelfy: the last time I logged to windows. It shutdown prefectly. But if i login to linux, that problem appears.17:50
athlonwhat to do if I already have the WOL turned off but that problem still persist?17:51
athlonI don't know how to fix bios in linux...17:52
Alexfrencha bios bug ??17:52
elfynot said anything about fixing bios - just turning off an option if you have it turned on17:52
athlonIt could probably be a bios bug...17:53
elfyother than trying it I don't have the issue and hence never dug too deep, WOL was just first in search engine17:53
athlondo you know how to fix/upgrade bios in linux?17:54
athlonafter the bios upgrade I did in the past, the option to disable optimus were gone.17:55
athlonso i thoughtit might be the bios bug or something17:55
elfyno idea I'm afraid17:55
elfymight be a bios bug, who knows, you'd have to search for it17:56
Alexfrenchtry to see the administrator rights for shutdown/reboot/hibernation maybe17:56
athlon?? where?17:56
athlonAlexfrench: where?17:59
Alexfrenchsorry i am looking where on google, i read this on a forum18:00
Alexfrenchread this in english18:01
Alexfrenchi don't know if there a issue but it seems to be a known problem18:02
athlonAlexfrench: thanks.18:11
Alexfrenchok i still searching18:12
Alexfrenchhere on a french forum one guy say maybe it is an acpi problem18:14
athlonAlexfrench: the only thing i know was : http://superuser.com/questions/615201/computer-restarts-on-shutdown18:14
athlonI'm using Acer18:15
sns_Hi there. I've ran into some issues on 14.10 using xboxdrv18:28
sns_Seems it was not enough to do a install of ubuntu-xboxdrv like in previous versions. I still can't get the controller to be assigned to one of 4 controller slots and have the leds stop blinking like crazy18:28
sns_any takers?18:28

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