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akiva-thinkpadt1mp, hey o/13:58
bzoltanhello all15:47
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nik90hey bzoltan15:57
bzoltanHello nik90, we missed you in DC15:57
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nik90bzoltan: yeah sry I couldn't make it..15:58
mhall119bzoltan: what, were you not picked on enough in DC without him?15:58
bzoltanmhall119: what? Was I picked on? All I felt was love and support :)15:58
nik90mhall119: do you have a link to the tutorial which shows how to create a hangout and link it properly to the session page.. I need to create one in another 2 hours16:01
* nik90 is a bit rusty16:01
balloonsnik90, I can help with that16:03
nik90balloons: cool16:03
balloonsnik90, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Sessions16:03
startechHey Everyone. Are we starting soon?16:03
balloonsmhall119, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Sessions should be linked on http://uds.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/join-a-session/ I think16:04
startechJust refreshed webpage. says starting soon16:05
mhall119startech: we just got the hangout setup, it should be live now (or soon, depending on lag)16:07
mhall119refresh the page if you don't see it16:07
bubbly193While we wait, has anyone gotten bzr working on Win 8.1 x86_64?16:07
mhall119nik90: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Sessions has those details16:07
nik90yup got it16:07
mhall119bzoltan: where have you gone?16:08
bzoltanmhall119:   how to join?16:08
mhall119bzoltan: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYewFZvSrU9IiIzXG0DGVIjp2LMD4v_dStM5McxgGtme21BsfQ?authuser=0&hl=en16:09
startechthe dreaded mute button strikes again16:09
bubbly193Not gonna work on Android Browser (ICS)...16:10
bubbly193Going to switch to chrome16:11
rickspencer3QUESTION: Are you planning to do anything to hook into didrocks "Ubuntu Developer Center" work to make it easy to install and maintain the latest development environment on a stable release?16:17
rickspencer3QUESTION: Are you planning any work to make scopes development easier? (improvements to the template, javascript support)16:17
mhall119rickspencer3: you mean for installing the SDK PPA and packages?16:17
rickspencer3mhall119, yes, installing and maintaining16:18
rickspencer3instead of using a PPA, etc...16:18
* rickspencer3 nods16:19
aquariusQUESTION: were Kits sent by the devil to make life complicated? :( I don't understand why I need to care about kits -- why can't I just tell Ubuntu SDK about Devices, and then Kits are some internal thing which I never have to see? I know Qt Creator thinks they're important, but I think they're just confusing and Ubuntu SDK can do better.16:20
mhall119welcome aquarius :)16:20
aquariusheya mhall119!16:20
balloonsaquarius, +1 ;-)16:21
aquariuslove you too bzoltan :)16:22
aquariusbzoltan, I understand why there are different targets. What I do not understand is why Kits and Devices are not the same thing -- I can create a Device without having a Kit for it, I have to add Kits to a project separately in the Build tab. Just let me choose "run on this device", and if you SDK people need a "kit" to do that, create it for me and use it without telling me :)16:23
mhall119aquarius: mentally s/kit/target/16:24
aquariusmhall119, but I can't think why I -- an app developer, not an OS developer -- why I would ever, ever need a Kit without a Device, or a Device without a Kit.16:24
bubbly193QUESTION: I missed alot, so is there any underlying framework that let's an app be compiled once and run on any device, like Android's Dalvik platform?16:24
mhall119bubbly193: if you use QML only, then yes16:25
aquariusmhall119, you also have to add the Kit to the project in the Build tab. Which I always forget to do.16:25
mhall119if you use C++, you'll need to compile different packages for different aches16:26
aquariusmhall119, if we were designing this stuff from scratch, we'd surely just have a "run on device: (list of devices)" button.16:26
mhall119aquarius: again, s/kit/target/ and yes you have to add targets to your project, that makes sense16:26
t1mpaquarius: a device (hardware) can have different versions of the the software installed16:26
aquariusseriously, you guys are all looking at this from the perspective of OS developers. Sure, one kit can work for different devices. If when I add a new device there is a kit which already applies to it, then definitely you should use the same kit for both... but you don't have to *show* me that you're doing that16:27
startechhardware arch recognition is a balancing act. Hardware stacks are like grains of sand16:28
aquariust1mp, that's an invisible implementation detail, in my opinion16:28
aquariust1mp, it's certainly important, but it's not important *to an app developer*. It's important to the SDK internals.16:29
t1mpaquarius: if you have a newer framework available, you can use newer APIs, and you need to know in your app which APIs to use16:29
aquariust1mp, ah, that is, in my opinion, the wrong way round. I don't start with my device and say "what can it run?". I start with the api docs and say "what can I build", and then work out how to make devices run it.16:31
bubbly193QUESTION: Does the SDK have adb like functions? I assume yes but I haven't made my full migration from Android dev yet, and haven't done much with SDK16:32
zbenjaminbubbly193: the devices are actually running adb16:32
mhall119bubbly193: Ubuntu Phones uve adbd16:32
bubbly193Good, from and android dev standpoint that makes thing easier16:33
kenvandineyay for qmake!16:35
zbenjaminkenvandine: :)16:36
aquariusyay for not needing any sort of make tool at all16:36
bear_paintinghi all16:36
bear_paintingsimple... drop the non LTS releases16:39
t1mpbear_painting: we are using features of newer versions of QtC and Qt that are not (in the Qt version) on LTS16:41
bubbly193Any closing points for any Android SDK Migrators?16:44
bear_paintingmark is next16:44
t1mpbzoltan: I'm keeping a doc for the track summary by the end of the week16:48
startechthanks guys16:48
matv1thnx everyone16:48
aquariuscheers, folks!16:48
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popeynik90: heya17:56
popeynik90: you starting the hangout?17:56
nik90yeah sure17:57
popeysuper super17:57
* balloons is coming!18:01
kenvandinei really miss the timer18:07
kenvandinei relied on that when eating at our favorite fondue restaurant :)18:10
balloonsI'll also mention this session tomorrow; which we will examine this in a bit more detail: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22396/writing-unit-tests-for-qml-applications/18:17
mzanettitechnically nothing would prevent you to verify an alarm has been set successfully in the system in qmltests... not really to drag down the indicators and see if it's in there. but then the question is if that isn't out of scope because there are other tests that verify the indicators18:25
mzanettisnoozing the alarm might be more complex. I would suggest AP for that too18:26
nik90mzanetti: ok I will look into that18:32
balloonsmzanetti, feel free to pop into the session tomorrow. We're going to try and demo what nik90 has done with clock and spread that to the other core apps and beyond18:34
balloonsbasically getting tests running as part of your cmake build, and expanding your qml tests18:34
mzanetti-1 for running them as part of the build though :)18:36
mzanettiexcept if you do like cmake -DINCLUDE_TESTING=118:36
mzanettior something like that18:36
balloonsmzanetti, ahh, well good points to bring up.. but yes, the default cmake I think now is include testing18:37
* balloons not 100% sure.. might just be the unit tests18:37
mzanettihmm... so far I haven't seen the check target being automatically included in ALL18:38
ahayzenthat sounds like a familiar issue, eg with media-hub/ms2 changes causing the music-app to require multiple versions to run18:40
vthompsonahayzen, it does. I haven't been watching the clock discussion until now. Are we going to be able to have 2 different clicks in the store?18:45
jounihhey hey hey18:45
ahayzenvthompson, i just woke up ... maybe? but probably not for rtm? ... i wasn't sure from the discussion lol popey ^^ ?18:46
balloonshe's discussing now18:46
ahayzenthanks nik90 :)18:47
nik90thnx elopio18:47
nik90hi jounih18:48
vthompsonahayzen, balloons, as for the music app, hopefully supporting multiple frameworks and more importantly ms2 APIs, if need be, just means we need tests that are not dependent upon one version or another.18:48
ahayzenvthompson, its only the move to background playlists which could be fun trying to get into one click version :P18:49
popeynik90: sorry, delivery arrived..18:49
vthompsonahayzen, oh right. That sounds scary actually.18:49
ahayzenvthompson, we can't tell from the QML ... if frameworkVersion === X then ?18:49
nik90popey: no no its fine...I didn't have other points to discuss18:49
ahayzenvthompson, and more to the fact i don't *want* to have if frameworks all over our code18:50
nik90mzanetti: hey, I will be hosting a session along with balloons tomorrow about my experience with writing qml tests18:50
popeyahayzen: vthompson I'll setup the hangout for music in a few minutes, okay?18:50
ahayzenpopey, cool thanks :)18:50
popeyLetozaf_: you joining music too? ☻18:50
vthompsonpopey, thanks!18:50
nik90mzanetti: I would feel much better if you were there to correct my mistakes and ensure everythign is alright ;P18:50
mzanettiI'll see what I can do18:50
mzanettisend me a calendar invite please18:51
ahayzenvthompson, did i remember all the raised design points and put them in the etherpad? i couldn't think of any others?18:51
Letozaf_popey, ok sure18:52
nik90ahayzen, vthompson: what's the ETA for music remix replacing the current music app by default?18:52
ahayzennik90, very soon, the latest click is basically ready18:52
nik90looking forward to it18:52
Letozaf_popey, the link ?18:52
ahayzennik90, just we need to get autopilot running on device again...as it is broken in trunk/remix18:52
nik90ah ok18:52
ahayzennik90, we've been failing on the CI dashboard since forever lol18:53
nik90ahayzen: same with clock lol18:53
* vthompson walks away slowly18:53
ahayzennik90, like the first test or no tests will pass...but it works fine on desktop :)18:53
popeyLetozaf_: yeah, 5 mins18:53
vthompsonahayzen, nik90 seemed like a mocking issue to me. We tried to investigate it a bit in DC, but we were too busy to get anywhere18:54
ahayzenvthompson, yeah it is a mocking thing18:54
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popeyballoons: you around for music too?18:55
balloonspopey, nope, have manual testing session18:57
popeyahayzen: vthompson Letozaf_ https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYd8CiZAV5jSWDmQoTZF3FIXkKZAuKKbloOLa16YnXFuLnGIig?authuser=0&hl=enhttps://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYd8CiZAV5jSWDmQoTZF3FIXkKZAuKKbloOLa16YnXFuLnGIig?authuser=0&hl=en18:59
popeyjust the one link needed18:59
loolthe hangout URL actually has "lool" in it19:00
looland I was wondering why I was invited to this session19:00
popeyballoons: do you have ideas on how we can fix the mocking issue on music app to get it to pass ap tests?19:03
jdstrandsearch! :)19:08
ahayzenpopey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/134181419:08
udsbotuLaunchpad bug 1341814 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Using search in the header can sometimes have a text field from a different tab" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Tim Peeters (tpeeters)19:08
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balloonspopey, sorry I can't be there ;-( We managed to fix fm and calendar, I'm sure we can find a workaround until the metabug is fixed (aka the helper is complete)19:09
popeyballoons: ok, it's blocking us uploading music to the store.19:10
balloonsI thought it was fixed by ahayzen however19:10
popeynope, sadly not.19:11
ahayzenballoons, i didn't fix it? do you think the same fix would work for music?19:11
balloonssorry; let's discuss after19:12
jdstrandQUESTION: curious on bug #1251624. is this still blocked on media-hub functionality? (I just heard talk of recently played, perhaps just going backward from there would work...)19:13
udsbotubug 1251624 in Ubuntu Music App "back button should not be random when in shuffle mode" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125162419:13
ahayzenjdstrand, we are/were waiting for background playlists to be done in media-hub19:14
ahayzenjdstrand, as the shuffle management would be done by them then if i understand it correctly....but if we have time we could implement ourselves but as that code is going to be ripped out soon it is a low priority item19:15
jdstrandalso, since I have all of you here-- scrolling can be slow in 'Songs' mode. Curious if you all thought about using cacheBuffer with the ListView (it helps with loading offscreen elements)19:16
ahayzenjdstrand, "slow"? .. the frame time is <16ms now19:17
ahayzenjdstrand, do you mean the thumbnailer is slow at rendering the image?19:17
jdstrandit is jerky on my n419:17
ahayzenjdstrand, is this on the new app?19:17
jdstrandI was up to date as of this morning...19:18
jdstrandI see empty thumbnails getting filled in during the scroll19:18
ahayzenjdstrand, hmm with the remix that should be much much faster and not jerky ...you should get thumbnailer loading in async so they can be blank for a bit19:18
jdstrandah right, I'm not running remix yet19:19
ahayzenjdstrand, try the remix ;)19:19
ahayzenjdstrand, it has been massively optimised like eg delegate time from ~160ms->15ms19:19
ahayzenjdstrand, oh the remix is confined as well btw :)19:20
jdstrandoh nice!19:20
jdstrand(on both counts)19:20
jdstrandre rhythmbox: daap support would be awesome :)19:22
ahayzenDLNA as well would be cool19:22
jdstrandahayzen: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/music_remix/20141104/trunk/ still has com.ubuntu.music_2.0.726_all.click. is that what I should be using?19:22
ahayzenjdstrand, yep :)19:22
* jdstrand would use the music-app on desktop except for daap19:23
ahayzenjdstrand, instructions in the readme in the folder /music_remix/19:23
jdstrandwow, the remix is really nice :)19:29
ahayzenjdstrand, thanks :)19:29
jdstrandahayzen: otoh, is there a bug on existing playlists?19:30
ahayzenjdstrand, define bug19:30
jdstrandie, I go to playlists, it says there are X songs, I click on the playlist to play something, and it says 0 songs19:30
jdstrandlet me be less general19:30
jdstrandI created a car playlist a while ago19:30
ahayzenewwwww has the playlists conversion gone wrong? or were your playlists bad before?19:31
jdstrandit has 369 songs19:31
jdstrandI click 'Playlists' and see the car playlist19:31
ahayzen..thats exactly the same amount of songs i have on device lol19:31
jdstrandit says there are 369 songs. I tap the car playlist. there are no songs19:31
jdstrandI used this playlist last night19:31
ahayzenhmmm we may have to look at that then sounds like something bad has happened :/19:32
jdstrandI can file a bug if you like19:32
ahayzenvthompson, ^^ playlists conversion might be broken?19:32
* jdstrand files a bug19:33
vthompsonahayzen, hm19:34
jdstrandI don't mean to derail the session19:34
ahayzenjdstrand, yeah probably best would you be able to copy your database files into the bug as well? and the logs?19:34
vthompsonjdstrand, I wanted to talk to you a bit about whether click apps should be able to play music from ~/Music? Right now media-hub does not allow it.19:34
jdstrandvthompson: that is a slightly complicated question. in an ideal world, the media-hub would ask apparmor if an app can access the file it is trying to play, and then allow or disallow it19:37
jdstrandvthompson: however, apparmor doesn't have a file query api yet, so media-hub can't ask that question. instead, it has hardcoded a few things19:37
jdstrandvthompson: so it does things liek 'if the profile name is 'unconfined', allow it, if it is 'music-app' and in ~/Music, allow it, if neither of those, is the file in the apps directory, allow it19:38
jdstrandwhich is icky, but temporary until apparmor has a clean file query api19:39
vthompsonjdstrand, do you know when media-hub might be able to make that query?19:39
jdstrand(which is actually not straightforward to implement, but there is a bug on it)19:39
jdstrandvthompson: jhodapp knows the exact location in media-hub it is doing it19:40
jdstrandI could pull the source... you could grep for apparmor19:40
vthompsonjdstrand, cool. jhodapp has pointed out the code he has that does it19:40
jdstrandahayzen, vthompson: fyi, bug 139202219:40
udsbotubug 1392022 in Ubuntu Music App "0 songs reported after selecting playlist after updating to remix" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139202219:40
ahayzenjdstrand, thanks19:41
vthompsonjdstrand, cool, thanks!19:41
* ahayzen hopes playlist conversion isn't now buggered19:44
ahayzenjdstrand, are you able to attach the latest log from .cache/upstart (the latest one with music in it)19:45
vthompsonahayzen, I'll do a quick test by removing the app and the .local and try it19:45
ahayzenjdstrand, and the database which is in .local/share/com.ubuntu.music IIRC19:45
ahayzenvthompson, hopefully this won't result in a 3hr chase over a 1 line fix like last night :P19:46
* vthompson walks away slowly again19:46
ahayzenvthompson, i have a nuclear bunker you can hide in with me?19:47
ahayzenvthompson, i19:48
vthompsonahayzen, no nuclear bunker is safe from music app bugs19:49
ahayzenvthompson, i'll check through the code to see if there is anything obvious19:49
ahayzenvthompson, that one last night canLoad = false causing the queue to magically repopulate \o/ blew my mind at like 4am lol19:49
vthompsonahayzen, I know. I went back to vivid and I think it's also fixed there now! But I didn't test as much because, quite frankly, I was sick of retesting :)19:50
ahayzenvthompson, \o/ i'm still unsure if i should be running rtm-proposed or vivid-proposed ?19:51
ahayzenvthompson, i heard of certain media-hub fixes landing in vivid which i want so i may make the jump :)19:51
vthompsonahayzen, well the water is nice in vivid19:51
ahayzenvthompson, trunk playlists are db version 1.2 right? with the old chaos of multiple tables with weird ids?19:52
vthompsonI assume so... I doubt we fixed playlists there19:53
jdstrandahayzen: http://people.canonical.com/~jamie/ahayzen/19:54
ahayzenvthompson, so it is probably something in that horrible conversion going wrong19:55
ahayzenjdstrand, thanks19:55
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ahayzenjdstrand, your second bug 1392028 .. it starts in 3.0-3.3seconds for me19:55
udsbotubug 1392028 in Ubuntu Music App "[remix] slow to launch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139202819:55
vthompsonahayzen, I just tested with a playlist of 1 song and it worked. I'll test again with a lot more19:55
jdstrandahayzen: yeah, it comes up fast, but isn't responsive for a long time19:55
jdstrandie, it sits there on Albums for a long time19:56
jdstrandwhen it comes up, I don't have any thumbnails19:56
ahayzenhmmm what is going on in the logs at that moment in time19:56
ahayzenif you do a $ tail -f19:56
jdstrandI have 'Unknown Album' and the artist name, with no thumbnails19:56
jdstrand(after it is usable that is)19:57
ahayzeneg when it is frozen is it attempting to load the thumbnails or is it pushing the tracks to the queue...it sounds like the former?19:57
ahayzenvthompson, ^^ thumbnailer continues to get worse? lol19:58
jdstrandahayzen: it looks like it dumps everything into the log19:59
ahayzenjdstrand, is that the full log you have put in the archive?19:59
jdstrandqml: {"album":"Moving Pictures","art":"image://albumart/artist=Rush&album=Moving%20Pictures","author":"Rush","filename":"/home/phablet/Music/rush/rush - moving pictures - 01 - tom sawyer.ogg","title":"Tom Sawyer"}19:59
jdstrandqml: {"album":"Diary Of A Madman","art":"image://thumbnailer/file:///home/phablet/Music/Ozzy%20Osbourne/Diary%20Of%20A%20Madman/Tonight.mp3","author":"Ozzy Osbourne","filename":"/home/phablet/Music/Ozzy Osbourne/Diary Of A Madman/Tonight.mp3","title":"Tonight"}19:59
jdstrandahayzen: re archive> yes19:59
ahayzenjdstrand, yeah they are as it is pushing to the queue in the background thread19:59
vthompsonjdstrand, ahayzen when thumbnailer can't find a proper thumbnail it seems to take a long time... maybe since jdstrand has so much music with no metadata it just takes for ever?20:00
ahayzenjdstrand, vthompson, i see this in the logs... music-app.qml:652: TypeError: Cannot read property 'filename' of undefined20:00
vthompsonyea, which has been fixed in the recent click20:00
ahayzenjdstrand, and i don't spot any playlist conversion output in the console20:00
* jdstrand put the click he used in that same dir as the tarball20:01
ahayzenoh 726!20:01
ahayzenjdstrand, there is a newer one!20:01
* jdstrand would be happy to test20:01
ahayzenjdstrand, sorry you should have tried this one http://people.canonical.com/~alan/music_remix/20141112/trunk/20:01
ahayzenjdstrand, 736 vs 726 lol20:01
jdstrandI thought that is what I grabbed...20:01
vthompsonahayzen, I just don't think the playlist conversion would be broken in an older click20:01
* jdstrand tries again20:01
vthompsonjdstrand, if you reopen the app and and go to Playlists does it still say 369 songs?20:02
ahayzenvthompson, yeah same i think it isn't displaying the data correctly most likely those bugs we have fixed?20:02
vthompsonIf so it probably isn't conversion that's the issue20:02
vthompsonahayzen, I hope so.20:02
ahayzenvthompson, same20:02
jdstrandin 726, I tried the playlist multiple times. it reports as 369 until I tap on it, and it says 020:02
jdstrandI tried to let it sit there on the '0 songs' screen for a while, but it didn't right itself20:03
vthompsonjdstrand, yea, that must be some display issue with 726 being broken20:03
ahayzenyou can see if definitely has 369...20:03
ahayzenqml: called LibraryListModel::filterPlaylist()20:03
ahayzenqml: {"count":369,"name":"Car"}20:03
vthompsonI'll test 726 on my device and see if playlists are broken20:03
ahayzenbut yeah try the latest click please :)20:03
jdstrandahayzen: right, it is after that that I tap on the 'Car' playlist and shown the screen to 'Play all'. it is that one that is 020:04
jdstrandlet me try 73620:04
ahayzenat least that suggests the data is still there...just not being displayed correctly20:04
jdstrandok, 736 isn't slow to load. I'll update the bug20:05
vthompsonjdstrand, ahayzen and 726 is REALLY slow to load the initial Albums tab20:05
jdstrand736 still says 0 songs20:05
ahayzenvthompson, yeah do you remember it before the new column flow :)20:05
ahayzenjdstrand, we rewrote that whole view so it should be much faster20:06
jdstrandok, 1392028 closed20:06
ahayzenjdstrand, sweet, now onto your playlist issue20:07
ahayzenvthompson, have you got the archive of the log and db we should be able to have a look inside the db right?20:07
vthompsonjdstrand, does the playlist work in 736?20:07
jdstrandvthompson: no20:07
jdstrandsame behavior as with 72620:07
jdstrandhow can REM not have a thumbnail? :P20:09
ahayzenjdstrand, i know right...maybe try R.E.M. ?20:10
vthompsonjdstrand, they have a new song called "Losing my Thumbnail"20:10
jdstrandit actually is R.E.M. :P20:10
ahayzenjdstrand, note R.E.M. does have art in the artists tab for me ;)20:10
jdstrandwow, 736 is nice and smooth20:10
jdstrandgreat work :)20:10
ahayzenthanks :)20:10
ahayzenvthompson, why don't we just use jdstrand 's database in place of ours and see whats going on? ... would that work?20:11
vthompsonahayzen, we should force users to use the old app before they use the new one so they appreciate it more20:11
ahayzenvthompson, +120:11
vthompsonahayzen, ah that should/could work20:11
ahayzenvthompson, only thing i can think of is the restoring of the queue may foobar but we could comment that out20:12
jdstrandit is fun seeing some of the artist art20:12
jdstrandI had no idea what some of them looked like :P20:12
ahayzenvthompson, which SQLite viewer do you usually use?20:13
jdstrandis there anything beyond sqlite3? :P20:14
vthompsonahayzen, it's called sqlitebrowser, quite nice20:15
ahayzenvthompson, cool :) yeah i just saw that in the app scope20:15
* ahayzen installs20:15
vthompsonahayzen, jdstrand OK, I copied jdstrand's database and I get the same issue with the playlist20:15
ahayzenjdstrand, good news is your data is still there :)20:16
ahayzenvthompson, the database looks good right? the one starting "d332"?20:17
vthompsonyea, db seems OK20:18
ahayzenvthompson, jdstrand yeah i get the same this is strange20:21
ahayzenvthompson, the filterPlaylistTracks() is coming back empty20:23
ahayzenvthompson, oh damn,... this will be failing for us? musicStore.lookup(dbItem.filename).art20:23
ahayzenvthompson, L218 in playlists.js and then being caught and returning [] ?20:24
vthompsonahayzen, jdstrand ah ha! If a song in the playlist no longer exits that is what you get20:30
ahayzenvthompson, omg!20:30
ahayzenvthompson, so we need to jump over that one song and not return totally false20:30
ahayzenvthompson, this goes back to wanting a signal from ms2 to tell us the tracks that have been removed20:30
ahayzen(as then we could tidy things up)20:31
vthompsonahayzen, yea, skipping over would be sufficient, but maybe we should clean up and remove it from the list20:31
jdstrandah, interesting20:31
jdstrandoh, that probably happened when I was doing testing for an apparmor update20:31
jdstrandlet me guess-- lost tribe? paramore?20:32
ahayzenjdstrand, vthompson guess we can update the bug description title now20:32
ahayzenjdstrand, paramore \o/20:32
jdstrandcool, that was fast20:33
jdstrandnice :)20:33
ahayzenjdstrand, ok we'll probably have a fix tonight20:34
jdstrandgreat! :)20:34
ahayzenvthompson, shall i work on ^^ fix or do you want to?20:36
ahayzenvthompson, you take the autopilot issue i'll take the playlists20:37
* ahayzen runs quickly away laughing20:37
vthompsonahayzen, get back here! Ha20:39
ahayzenvthompson, i've already branched too late !20:39
vthompsonahayzen, you can take the playlist one. I think balloons  might be doing the AP one. I need to run some errands shortly20:39
ahayzenvthompson, do we want to remove the erroneous tracks from the playlist or leave them?20:40
vthompsonahayzen, I think either is a decent solution. If you liked the song enough to add it to a playlist... maybe you'll add the song back to the device again?20:40
ahayzenyeah it would be quickest just to skip over it20:41
vthompson... but maybe not in the same location20:41
ahayzen...and the count is then incorrect20:41
vthompsonyea, count would be wrong. Let's remove it from the list20:41
ahayzenvthompson, ok so, as i would expect, it is trying to remove every track from the playlist (as none of them are on my device), but i can see the performance needs improving a little20:47

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