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Wumpus42question about /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg. How does One determine into which "section" (cloud_init_modules, cloud_config_modules or cloud_final_modules) to put a module? I wanted to try out the resolv-conf module, but it wasn't listed in the default /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg created by the yum install of cloud-init.17:37
Wumpus42I tried it in cloud_config_modules:, then just before final-message in cloud_final_modules, which seemed to work. Is the intent that you can put any of the modules in any of the sections? Or are they intended to be part of just a particular section?17:40
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Wumpus42Also: Is order important? Does where you put the module in the .cfg file affect when it's "run"?17:40
Wumpus42over :)17:41
Wumpus42Umm... another also: The example at http://cloudinit.readthedocs.org/en/latest/topics/examples.html#configure-an-instances-resolv-conf seems to be wrong (for 0.7.5 anyway). It should be "manage_resolv_conf: true" not "manage-resolv-conf: true"17:45
smoserWumpus42, order is important.18:36
smoserand some modules wont mnatter where you put them, but others would need to be run sooner or later.18:37
smoserWumpus42, you're probably right about that dock.18:37
Wumpus42but they do get "run" in the order in which they are in their section?19:06
Wumpus42thanks for the feedback. is the doc error a bug report? I didn't see anything on the page itself that lent itself to feedback19:07
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