ScottKRiddell: Can you go to the release schedule planning session at 1600 UTC tomorrow?  I'm not available.00:03
soeegood morning07:18
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lordievaderGood morning08:36
soeehey :)08:37
lordievaderHey soee, how are you?08:37
soeelordievader: waiting for my yerba dring to be ready :) sleepy day it is, you ?08:38
lordievadersoee: Yerba dring? Doing good here :)08:40
soeelordievader: yeah http://www.mokate.com.pl/centrum-prasowe,loyd-yerba-mate,54,227.html08:41
soeei do not dring coffee so i have some replacement :)08:42
lordievaderCheck ;)08:42
* bkerensa drive by hugs valorie 08:54
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Riddellshadeslayer: what happened at bluez talk?10:07
RiddellScottK: I don't suppose you can see why plasma isn't transitioning?10:20
Riddellkwrited is the issue I can see10:20
Riddellbut I've no idea what's wrong with it, I removed kwrited-data and it shouldn't be needing it any more10:20
Riddellapachelogger: kdeplasma-addons merged10:40
apacheloggerthanks all green now10:40
Riddellsgclark: remember to make commits to kubutnu_vivid_archive branch rather than master (make them in master too if you want but mostly I'm leaving debian merging up to debian people)10:40
Blizzzis it me? dependency issues on upgrading. http://paste.kde.org/psdxjgdhy10:51
NaproxenoHello everyone. I was going to ask the very same question. Package kubuntu-desktop is broken for me after the last update to backports PPA: http://scarlettgatelyclark.com/2014/kubuntu-kde-plasma-5-1-1-utopic-backport-ready-and-other-news/.10:51
BlizzzI am on Plasma 4 yet10:52
RiddellBlizzz: on utopic/14.10 ?10:52
BlizzzRiddell: yes10:52
Naproxeno(me too)10:52
RiddellBlizzz: and what are you upgrading from and to?10:52
RiddellNaproxeno: same question ↑10:53
BlizzzRiddell: with backports and kubuntu ppa10:53
NaproxenoRiddell: Exactly. Same situation.10:53
Riddelloh she's put it into backport when it should be in next I guess10:53
RiddellBlizzz, Naproxeno: do you want/expect plasma 5?10:54
BlizzzRiddell: full output http://paste.kde.org/pry9wpv4610:54
NaproxenoRiddell: plasma-desktop wants to be updated to 4:5.1.1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10~ppa110:54
RiddellNaproxeno: right, but did you want or expect that?10:55
NaproxenoRidell: I didn't want Plasma 5 but I thought I could update *only* plasma to 510:55
BlizzzRiddell: i want  to stay at Plasma 410:55
Blizzz… production/work machine10:55
NaproxenoRidell: I think now I can't have neither a working Plasma 5 (missing essential packages) nor Plasma 4 (broken packages)10:56
apacheloggerthat should go to next not backports10:56
apacheloggeror well, next-backports (which I'd find stupid)10:56
Riddellapachelogger: I guess I'll delete the plasma5 packages from there, what do you think10:57
apacheloggerRiddell: yes10:58
apacheloggeralso put out an advisory somewhere ... people should ppa-purge to recover from an upgrade10:58
apacheloggersomewhat unfortunate this is10:59
NaproxenoRiddell, apachelogger: I've updated plasma-desktop already, which removed kubuntu-desktop and many essential "KDE 4" (I know, wrong terminology). Any tip on how to recover? I don't mind being a guinea pig if you need one.11:00
apachelogger[11:58:51] <apachelogger> also put out an advisory somewhere ... people should ppa-purge to recover from an upgrade11:01
apacheloggerin your case that'll probably be ppa-purge && apt install kubuntu-desktop11:02
Naproxenoapachelogger: Thank you very much and apologies for the impatience. This is my work machine...11:03
RiddellNaproxeno: appologies for the problem11:04
apacheloggerone would advise to not run backports on a workmachine, and only run dist-upgrade after careful review of the intended changes :P11:05
Riddellone would but where's the fun in that?11:05
Blizzzapachelogger: backports served me well in the past, but i am careful what i dist-upgrade :)11:05
NaproxenoRiddel: No worries! I know how hard the life of a developer is and you do this for us so thank you!11:05
apacheloggerthat's why I run unstable CI builds that break my system every 4 hours xD11:06
Naproxenoapachelogger: You're completely right but I don't mind "learning" the hard way. :-)11:06
apacheloggeralso, background auto-upgrades, so I don't know when my system was flipped over11:06
apacheloggerit's like a package lottery11:06
Blizzzpackage roulette11:07
apacheloggerhah, yeah 11:07
Riddellpackages removed, I wonder which ones need to be recreated11:08
soeeRiddell: are you going to move 5.1.1 (14.10) to Kubuntu Next ?11:10
Riddellsoee: maybe later but for now we need to fixup backports with plasma 411:10
soeeok :)11:10
Naproxenoapachelogger: lol. I still have a lot to learn about the Debian package system but broken packages (and asking how to fix them when I can't) must not intefere with fun. Once more, thank you for you work! I probably wouldn't have a Kubuntu to install in the first place without it. :-)11:11
apacheloggerRiddell: were there plasma4 backports in there?11:11
apacheloggerfor utopic11:11
Riddellapachelogger: oh good point, no there were not11:11
Riddellonly telepathy11:12
Riddellok so i'll leave it up to sgclark to put 5.1.1 in kubuntu-ppa/next for utopic11:14
RiddellNaproxeno, Blizzz: is ppa-purge working?11:15
BlizzzRiddell: i did not upgrade, so I guess and update should work for me?11:16
BlizzzRiddell:  sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_kubuntu-ppa_backports_ubuntu_dists_utopic_* && apt-get update does the job. I want to keep kde telepathy 0.911:19
RiddellBlizzz: yes although I'm not sure how long it takes for the packages to disappear after I run the delete command so do check they've gone11:19
NaproxenoNaproxeno: I'm on it. It has finished running just now. I'm going to install kubuntu-desktop next.11:19
BlizzzRiddell: plain update did not, or I would have needed to wait longer11:19
RiddellNaproxeno: what command did you run?11:23
beluga_Hi from the LibreOffice QA team. Can anyone reproduce this bug: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=83053 (easy to test)11:24
ubottuFreedesktop bug 83053 in Presentation "UI: unable to modify styles due to window not drawn" [Normal,Unconfirmed]11:24
Riddellhi beluga_ 11:24
NaproxenoRiddell: sudo ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports; sudo apt-get update (just in case); sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop11:26
Riddellbeluga_: I can't follow the steps to recreate (but also I'm on plasma 5 which doesn't use the oxygen style so it may not be valid)11:27
beluga_Riddell: yep. It might not be reproducible11:27
beluga_maybe specific to the reporter's set up & hardware..11:27
beluga_if you guys are feeling adventurous, here is a search that shows all unconfirmed bugs with "kubuntu" either in the summary or in some comment (15 bugs): https://bugs.freedesktop.org/buglist.cgi?bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&f1=short_desc&f2=longdesc&j_top=OR&list_id=493104&o1=substring&o2=substring&product=LibreOffice&query_format=advanced&v1=kubuntu&v2=kubuntu11:28
Riddellbeluga_: I'm installing kubuntu 14.04 now, will test when that's done in a minute11:28
beluga_the LibO QA team has been working like a pack of monomanic squirrels and the bug tracker is starting to get quite clean11:31
NaproxenoRiddell: Everything seems fine on first look. kscreensaver wasn't installed but I guess I installed it manually back in the day.11:32
Riddellbeluga_: here at kubuntu we're all busy moving from KDE Plasma 4 to Plasma 5 so I guess less focus on the finer details, currently I can't work out why libreoffice doesn't use the kde oxygen style when running under plasma 511:33
beluga_Ridell: ok I'll make a note to ask about Plasma 5 on the QA channel and maybe test it myself in a VM or something later11:34
beluga_I have Manjaro KDE on a laptop and Plasma 5 is already in their "testing" update channel since 3 weeks so next up is stable11:38
Riddellhmm, another variant of arch11:39
Riddellone day I'll look at arch and see what makes it so popular11:39
beluga_I wanted rolling and it has been great :)11:41
Riddellbeluga_: 'choose the "Modify style" on the menu' is that Edit Style in the right click menu?11:44
beluga_Riddell: yes that's one way to get it11:46
Riddellbeluga_: working fine on kubuntu 14.04 in virtualbox 11:46
Riddellwhich does use the kde oxygen style11:46
beluga_Riddell: which version of LibO?11:46
Riddellpackage version 1:4.2.4-0ubuntu211:47
beluga_Riddell: ok that actually matches the reporter's version.. thanks, I will comment to the report :)11:48
Riddellbeluga_: I also can't reproduce on kubuntu development version using libreoffice 4.3.2, but that's without the kde oxygen style as I say11:57
Riddellwhich I think it a likely culprit for the reporter's problem11:57
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soeeRiddell: correct me ig my anserw is invalid https://plus.google.com/115409429955408963270/posts/8ruyrfhJ4CE12:20
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:23
soeehiho BluesKaj12:24
BluesKajhey soee12:24
Riddellsoee: looks good thanks, you can also give them this command to tidy it up   sudo ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop12:24
soeeok, ill update it12:25
apacheloggerwgrant: if I requestDeletion() will the status flip away from published somewhat immediate or only when the next publisher run is?12:28
wgrantapachelogger: Immediately.12:29
sgclarkmorning, ugh I guess I made a mess sorry12:39
Riddelloh hi sgclark12:41
Riddellsgclark: not much I don't think most people have backports enabled for utopic12:41
Riddellsgclark: we hadn't discussed where plasma5 backports should go but I think we now know it should go to next and not backports ppa :)12:42
Riddellsgclark: are you able to put it into next?12:42
sgclarklol yeah12:42
sgclarkRiddell: yep, will do that now12:42
soeesgclark: also update blog post :) 12:42
sgclarksoee: oh yes right! ty12:43
ScottKRiddell: I think it's libkscreen related.12:43
ScottKLook at it on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt12:43
ScottKpowerdevil too.12:44
RiddellScottK: mm right12:44
Riddellokular depends on libkscreen112:44
RiddellScottK: why do you think it's powerdevil?12:50
ScottKIt's not migrating, but it may be disconnected from the larger problem.12:51
ScottKI suspect though that it'll end up causing a problem with kubuntu-desktop migration once okular is sorted.12:52
shadeslayerRiddell: "emacsrookie (@emacsrookie) is now following you on Twitter!"12:59
shadeslayerBut I use vim! :D12:59
apachelogger:open twitter13:02
soeesgclark: with  5.1.1 updates package kwrited-data is ghoing to be removed - this is intended right ?13:03
sgclarksoee: yes13:05
soeesgclark: ok nice, though there was message, something like: dpkg: kwrited-data: problems with dependencies, removing by request: kwrited depends on kwrited-data (= 4:
sgclarkRiddell: ^ you made that change :)13:09
Riddellthat should be fine13:09
Riddellbeginning to wish I hadn't now, seems more hassle than it's worth :(13:09
soeeok but teh whole upgrade dinished without further errors13:11
soeeim back :) all seems to work just fine13:19
soeethough, there was some update last days to kdm i think, after it was upgraded it was set as default, now if i try to switch to sddm it does not loads13:20
Riddellapachelogger: can you update https://community.kde.org/Plasma/InstallingNext ?13:21
Riddellsome confused people in #kubuntu13:21
apacheloggervalorie: ^13:21
apacheloggerhow many pages are there with duplicate dinformation?13:21
apacheloggervalorie, Riddell: maybe we should just make a page commonuity.kde.org/Kubuntu/PlasmaNext and link there from everywhere else13:22
Antisoundhi folkz!13:31
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Mirvplasma-desktop (still in proposed) seemed to start up fine :) other than that I didn't find away to show the bottom panel on both displays.13:50
soeeMirv: the same panel ?13:51
Mirvsoee: yeah, the same panel13:52
MirvI thought there might be an option "show on all displays" or such.13:52
soeenope i think i loked for it to, i ended up with 2 separate13:52
Mirvright, I could try that next time13:52
soeeand in Plasma 5.1.0 on each reboot they were moved to the same screen, now in Plasma 5.1.1 seems to be fine, but have to test it more13:53
Riddellapachelogger: yeah14:04
RiddellScottK: new owncloud uploaded for trusty-proposed for bug 1384355 awaiting approval14:04
ubottubug 1384355 in owncloud (Ubuntu) "ownCloud should be removed" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138435514:04
Riddellthanks for testing Mirv 14:10
RiddellMirv: I'm upload okular without old kscreen dependency so hopefully that'll help it move out of proposed14:10
RiddellMamarok: you're not coming to munich? shall I take you off https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2014/11/de/Munich ?14:14
Riddellshadeslayer, allee, apachelogger, ovidiu-florin, yofelL yous all coming to munich?14:15
Riddellhi Antisound 14:23
ovidiu-florinRiddell: will you ?14:23
ovidiu-floringreat :D:D14:27
soeeany idea if firefox for devs will land in ubuntu ?14:29
Antisoundhi Riddell14:30
AntisoundRiddell: where's my daily live build from plasma 5.1.1 ;-)14:30
RiddellAntisound: not yet I'm afraid, something is blocking plasma-desktop from going into the archive and I'm not sure what14:33
AntisoundRiddell: ok14:37
Antisoundalready thought there's something like this cause the status is unchanged for about 2 days i think14:38
MamarokRiddell: no, unfortunately I will not be able to come, please take me off that list14:38
shadeslayerRiddell: yep14:45
yofelRiddell: yep14:58
RiddellScottK: sddm in New queue should you be lacking for things to do15:08
Tm_TI assume this is fixed/in the pipeline? https://www.kde.org/info/security/advisory-20141113-1.txt15:12
Riddellnope, not see than15:13
Riddellapachelogger: kubuntu_vivid_archive made in kde-extras/qtcurve15:30
Riddellapachelogger: the debian and kubuntu packaging seem to be unrelated15:30
apacheloggerRiddell: do we actually do a multibuild for qt5 or is that a separate source?15:33
Riddellapachelogger: seems to be all 1 source15:33
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sgclarkRiddell: I have to run an errand before the storm gets bad, what is top priority on the long to-do list?16:06
Riddellsgclark: I guess put your backport into next16:12
sgclarkRiddell: I already did16:12
Riddelloh rocking16:12
Riddellsubmit receipts from akademy to canonical16:13
RiddellI've been putting that off for days16:13
sgclarkRiddell: did that long ago16:13
sgclarkRiddell: okies I am off, if you come up with something just ping me, thanks!16:14
* Riddell out16:55
valorieeither way is good for me - I'm atm staffing the KDE booth at USENIX/LISA18:27
sgclarkfun! how is the weather up there valorie? we have a fun little ice storm going on18:33
valoriecold and sunny in Seattle18:41
valorieunsure in Black Diamond -- the power was off for a whole day before I left to come here (Tue)18:41
sgclarkyeah very cold here18:41
valorielots of people still without power18:41
valorieI think my husband might spring for the gas-powered generator now....18:42
valorieI hope I don't come home to cold and dark18:42
sgclarkyeah that is no fun18:42
sgclarkit is way to cold for no power18:42
valorieI guess one of the large branches of my birch tree came down18:43
sgclarkoh no :(18:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: piinng18:44
santa_sgclark: I sent a patch to kubuntu-devel a few days ago, did you see it?19:02
santa_sgclark: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2014-November/008910.html19:04
santa_what do you think?19:04
sgclarkumm I thought we stuffed all those dumb qml things back in. /shrug19:06
alleeIf added okular to the affected pkgs by bug  134838419:18
ubottubug 1348384 in libspectre (Ubuntu) "evince and okular do not render eps files correctly resulting in a black background" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134838419:19
alleeI check b.k.o if it's already supported.  Any kuubntu group I should subscribe to the LP bug?19:19
alleeRiddell: yes, I will be (well, I am) in Munich next week for the PIM & KUBUNTU sprint19:22
valoriesgclark: did I already miss your session(s)?19:36
valoriebetween the power outage and being here at usenix, I'm half out of every loop possible19:39
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Antisoundsgclark: how about the backport?21:28
Antisoundahh i just saw on your blog21:29
Antisoundit's ready21:29
* Antisound updates to 5.1.121:47
valorieok, expo is closing, so if there are still sessions pending, I'll miss 'em21:49
Antisoundback on 5.1.122:10
Antisoundthx sgclark for your hard work22:11
sgclarkvalorie: internet in and out here today, well more than usual. uos sessions all tomorrow22:28
rxhi. i need the steps to upgrade from plasma stable in kubuntu 4.10 to plasma daily. https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Packages#Kubuntu is outdated (package kubuntu-plasma5-desktop no longer exists and i must be doing the steps in the wrong order because it doesnt work to just update plasma-desktop). thx23:06
shadeslayerrx: sure it does23:18
shadeslayerkubuntu-plasma5-desktop is a meta package anyway23:18
shadeslayerso if you install the plasma 5 14.10 ISO and then add the ppa and upgrade23:18
shadeslayerit should work23:18
shadeslayeralso, I'm heading to bed23:19
rxsgclark: you write a blog post about what im doing ;-)23:23
rxon kubuntu.com it says sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next || sudo apt update || sudo apt install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop || sudo apt full-upgrade23:24
rxin your instructions you skip the kubuntu-plasma5-desktop part23:25
sgclarkrx: hmmm? daily? not sure that I did. Let me look..23:25
rxand when i tried to do the same magic with daily (ppa:kubuntu-ci/unstable) it didnt upgrade plasma-desktop and apt got confused23:26
rxalso, with the daily ppa, package kubuntu-plasma5-desktop wasnt found23:26
sgclarkI know for a fact I have NOT written about the ci because it is not ( in my opinion ) a good ppa for most people, aka it breaks, alot. it is unstable.23:28
rxi can live with23:29
sgclarkrx: disable the ci ppa for now. then enable this https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/next23:29
sgclarkrx: then go through the steps you read with kubuntu-plasma5-desktop23:30
sgclarkrx: after all of theat is complete and without error. you can add back the ci ppa, if you are positive you can live with the notion your system may break.23:31
rxi will give it a try23:31
sgclarkrx: when you use ci, if packages are broken, wait a few hours and try to update again until resolved23:31
apacheloggerbreakage potential to be reduced tomorow23:31
sgclarkrx: and don't reboot with broken packages23:32
sgclarkwoot apachelogger23:32
rxi used to build from source from time to time but i like the idea of daily builds23:32
sgclarkrx: ok cool, well first get a working next install, then you  can ci all you want23:33
sgclarkoh nice23:33
apacheloggergets populated from the live ppa if everything built to >=unstable and installs properly23:34
sgclarknice :)23:34
rxwill heppen soon?23:35
sgclarkrx: tomorrow we hope23:36
rxi will wait23:36

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