jimmy51_hello all.  wife's PC just did a dist upgrade to 14.04 the other day.  now PDF's are opening in GIMP.  why would that happen?  okular is still installed.01:01
jimmy51_they're actually xcf's not PDF's01:04
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rxhi all, kubuntu 14.10 installer doesnt work for my (rendering glitches). i know its all "nouveau" fault but what can i do? i need to see something to actually get the thing installed.01:37
rxnvidia 7600gs01:37
rxcommand line switch to ignore nouveau ?01:43
krytarik!nomodeset | rx01:44
ubotturx: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:44
rxi dont understand why nouveau works with gnome and not kde01:49
rxlonnggggg standing issue01:49
rxthis is really weird... i did use nomodeset but i still see rendering glitches01:54
indercan any of you kubuntu gods help me with a couple of issues im having with 14.1002:16
chehey can anyone hear me?02:36
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Guest83285hey can anyone hear me?02:37
Guest83285first time using irc02:37
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hays_is the most recent version of kubuntu utopic?04:52
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soeegood morning07:18
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lordievaderGood morning08:36
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yossarianukhi will kubuntu 14.10 be getting KDE 4.14.3 in its normal repos ?09:43
beluga_Hi from the LibreOffice QA team. Can anyone reproduce this bug: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=83053 (easy to test)10:04
ubottuFreedesktop bug 83053 in Presentation "UI: unable to modify styles due to window not drawn" [Normal,Unconfirmed]10:04
yossarianuki.e will kubuntu 14.10 get KDE 4.14.3 without having to add the backports PPA ?10:19
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NaproxenoHello everyone. Package kubuntu-desktop is broken for me after the last update to backports PPA: http://scarlettgatelyclark.com/2014/kubuntu-kde-plasma-5-1-1-utopic-backport-ready-and-other-news/10:43
NaproxenoUpdating plasma-desktop has uninstalled packages from "KDE 4" (I know that's not the right terminology) but I can't install kubuntu-desktop again either10:45
Riddellbeluga_: you're from libreoffice qa team?11:21
Riddellbeluga_: please join #kubuntu-devel if so11:21
Riddelland ask there11:21
beluga_Riddell: ok thanks11:23
xieyidoes anyone use netbeans on kubuntu 14.10?11:28
hateballMost certainly someone does11:30
hateballxieyi: are you taking a poll or do you have a question?11:30
xieyihateball: I cant launch my netbeans on 14.1011:30
xieyiI tried the several method provided on the web11:31
xieyiand havent got it launched11:31
xieyiI want to make sure whether it is a bug or an independent problem11:32
hateballxieyi: Did you install it from the repos or... ?11:33
xieyiactually I tried to reinstall it several times11:33
xieyiit has been installed since the last version11:33
hateballxieyi: Launching it from a terminal, do you get any errors?11:33
hateballI don't have a 14.10 machine handy right now11:33
xieyijava.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/nio/file/InvalidPathException11:34
xieyiat org.openide.filesystems.FileUtil.normalizeFileImpl(Unknown Source)11:34
xieyiat org.openide.filesystems.FileUtil.normalizeFile(Unknown Source)11:34
xieyiand several lines following11:34
hateballWell, now you've provided more information so perhaps some knows and can help at least11:35
xieyiI hope so11:36
hateballxieyi: Is this a clean install or upgrade?11:38
xieyibut I uninstalled netbeans11:38
xieyiand tried to install again to solve the problem11:39
xieyibuy nothing changed11:39
hateballxieyi: are all the dependencies properly installed, like jdk?11:40
xieyiI use jdk for daily work11:40
yossarianukxieyi: one thing to try is to purge the package then reinstall11:51
xieyihow to do it? I uninstalled it before11:52
yossarianukapt-get --purge remove packagename  - then - apt-get install packagename11:52
yossarianuktry with --purge.11:52
yossarianukits worth a go.11:52
xieyiI will try it thx11:52
hateballI'm not familiar with netbeans, perhaps it stores things in ~/.config/netbeans or some such, and that settings from an older version are incompatible or whatever11:53
hateballif so, backup that stuff and start fresh just to try11:54
yossarianukor add a temp new user and try from that user11:54
xieyipurging doesnt help. I will try to remove the config directory11:54
yossarianuk<< also not used netbeans previously11:54
yossarianukok - well worth a shot..11:54
xieyiremoving the config directory cant solve the problem either11:55
xieyibut thx11:55
hateballquestion is if it can be re-produced on a fresh system, but sadly I have none such available11:59
xieyiyeah, I am wondering about that11:59
xieyiIt seems like a bug of the new version11:59
xieyiat least a bug of version upgrade12:00
xieyiand another tool ruined when i upgrade to 14.0412:02
xieyicant be used since last upgrade12:02
hateballxieyi: ruined how, as in does not start?12:04
xieyiit crashes once being launched12:05
xieyiMNG error 11: Function is invalid at this point; chunk MHDR; subcode 0:012:05
xieyithis is the error message12:05
hateballnice, I see it segfaults for me as well on 14.0412:06
hateballxieyi: I'd file a bug on launchpad if I were you12:06
xieyiwhere can i file the bug?12:07
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BluesKaj'Morning folks12:23
LinnakHi, What is kde-active package?12:27
BluesKaj!kde-active | Linnak12:32
BluesKajlook it up in the software center12:33
hateballLinnak: it's meant for tablets/notebooks12:33
hateballerr... netbooks12:33
hateballlike, small touchscreen stuff12:33
hateballit's just another plasma shell12:33
LinnakNo. I'm installing Ubuntu Minimal CD, and there are three kde options at added packages: 1 kde-actice 2. kde-desktop 3. kde-full12:34
LinnakI found nothing about kde-active12:34
hateballYes, so you choose if you want plasma active or plasma desktop12:34
hateballor the whole she-bang12:35
BluesKajLinnak, maybe the term is incorrect12:35
LinnakA couple of minutes and I will see it again because I reinstall it in virtualbox12:35
LinnakI want to install the least KDE apps. I like the look but I want the apps that I choose12:36
LinnakOkay here is the three option1. kubuntu active2 kubuntu desktop 3kubuntu full12:49
LinnakThe question was what is kubuntu active12:52
LinnakAnother question if i remove an app which comes with ubuntu desktop will it remove the whole desktop?12:53
BluesKajthat question was answered, same as kde-active12:53
BluesKajdepends which app12:54
LinnakAll right thanks12:55
LinnakFor example gwenview12:55
BluesKajtry to remove it and if the list includes kubuntu-desktop then don't ]12:56
Linnakthank you12:57
denysoniqueCannot add PPA: 'ppa:neon/kf5-snapshot-weekly'.13:06
denysoniquePlease check that the PPA name or format is correct.13:06
denysoniqueHow to fix this?13:06
denysoniqueUbuntu 14.0413:06
BluesKajdenysonique, did you apt-get update after adding the ppa and make sure you added the signing key13:12
denysoniqueBluesKaj: this is what I get when adding the ppa13:13
denysoniqueBluesKaj: signing key? do I need an extra key if this is from the main ppa server?13:13
BluesKajwhat command are you using or are you copy and pasting the ppa to your sources.list?13:14
BluesKajbenonsoftware, check for a signing key listed on the ppa page13:15
hateballif you use apt-add-repository it should fetch keys automagically13:16
denysoniquehateball: thats what I am using13:16
hateballdenysonique: do you have the '' in your command? those are not needed13:16
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:16
Riddelldenysonique, BluesKaj: neon5 is gone13:17
hateballThat explains that then :D13:17
denysoniquethats what I think13:17
Riddelldenysonique: where are you finding instructions? we probably need to update some docs13:17
hateballMy guess is https://community.kde.org/Plasma/InstallingNext13:18
hateball(first google hit)13:18
denysoniqueRiddell: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=kde5+ubuntu&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=ubuntu&channel=fs&gfe_rd=cr&ei=lK9kVMSVB5eBcIDLgvAH#safe=off&channel=fs&q=ppa:neon%2Fkf5+site:kde.org13:19
denysoniquegoogle: ppa:neon/kf5 site:kde.org13:19
BluesKajok thanks Riddell13:20
denysoniqueRight, https://community.kde.org/Plasma/InstallingNext13:20
denysoniquewhat is the current ppa for KDE5?13:21
denysoniqueor should I go back to Gentoo13:21
BluesKajhmm, btw add-apt repository doesn't always add the the signing key IME13:21
soeedenysonique: you are on 14.10 ?13:24
denysoniquesoee: 14.0413:24
* denysonique kurwa!13:25
denysoniqueI want it nao, packaged, without compiling13:26
soeedenysonique: please behaveyourself13:26
soeedenysonique: for me teh easiest way is to jump to 14.10 and use ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next13:27
ahoxHi, my system tray of plasma 5 does not show non-qt app icons like thunderbird or truecrypt.13:31
ahoxIt does show skype and all the "system" icons (nm-manager, battery, volume, etc)13:32
ahoxAny idea how to get those icons back?13:32
denysoniquesoee: you sure there are no builds for 14.04?13:34
soeeahox: skype works for you with systray in Plasma5 ? not for me13:39
ahoxsoee: yes. It is the only non-kde application I use which works. I always assumed it's because it is also written in Qt.13:40
soeedenysonique: im not sure13:40
ahoxsoee: I just noticed that my skype has a dbus enty com.Skype.API /org/kde/statusnotifieritem/13:45
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lelamalHi all. Kubuntu doesn't automount my external HDs anymore, since I reinstalled it, although everything seems to be set correctly in System Settings. Can anyone give me a helping hand, please?14:45
EvilRoeylelamal:  same here15:19
EvilRoeyI did dmesg after I re-plugged it back in, and the kernel apparently doesn't see it.15:19
lelamalIt's annoying Kubuntu doesn't automatically mount my external hard drive after a fresh install, because Ktorrent and aMule complain at startup as they don't detect the storage volume15:22
yossarianuklelamal: it won't you need to add a fstab entry15:22
yossarianukby default kubutu will not mount all stoarge.15:23
lelamalyossarianuk: I thought it was enough to set "Enable automatic mounting of removable media" in System Settings, to have my external HD mounted at start up. In the past, it used to work. It's like the system is ignoring my setting, then, isn't it?15:25
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yossarianuklelamal: not seen that setting myself...15:28
yossarianukin that case ensure you do NOT have an fstab entry15:29
yossarianukfor the device15:29
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lelamalyossarianuk: I just checked it, and there's no entry in fstab for my external HD15:31
yossarianukok - well you 'could' add one - however that could be bad - say the drive was removed your system may not boot - it sounds like a function isn't working, you could report a bug?15:33
lelamalyossarianuk: ok, thank you for your support. I will report it. I would be grateful if anyone else could shed some light on this issue, meanwhile. Thank you!15:36
BluesKajlelamal, I haven't added an entry for the external drive, but it should show up in the devices in dolphin by default15:38
BluesKajI mean added an entry in fstab that is15:39
lelamalYes, there's an entry for that. Also, I can see the HD in the Device Notifier. That's where I manually mount it, after Ktorrent and aMule complain about the missing drive.15:40
lelamalBluesKaj: but still, I would prefer it to be automatically mounted at startup, like it used to be in the past releases.15:41
BluesKajktorrent doesn't like to use the external as target for files IME15:41
BluesKajlelamal, I'm testing 15.04 and the external automounts without any issue\15:42
lelamalBluesKaj: I see...15:43
BluesKajlelamal, I've switched to qbittorent and no longer have that issue15:43
lelamalBluesKaj: the issue is not that Ktorrent complains, it has all the rights to complain if it doesn't find the drive when the application starts :)15:45
BluesKajagreed but I had probs with 14.10 and ktorrent putting the downloaded file in the external drive15:46
lelamalI see15:47
lelamalI may switch to the application you suggested.15:47
lelamalBut still, I would have that automount issue.15:48
BluesKajsometimes running sudo blkid helps, but I'm not certain15:50
BluesKajautomount seems kind of a flaky issue in 14.04 and 14.1015:52
lelamalBluesKaj: Thank you for your time. I did that, and now am going to restart to check if anything changed.15:53
BluesKajlelamal, ok , good luck:)15:54
lelamalI'm back. Just wanted to say that BluesKaj's suggestion didn't work, for the benefit of anyone who was following the chat. Thanks anyway, I will report a bug against it.16:01
BluesKajlelamal, bummer, sorry to hear that :(16:05
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Guest56867jst tu ktos ?16:15
goodseed_jest tu ktos z polski ;)?16:18
lordievader!polish | goodseed_16:19
ubottugoodseed_: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.16:19
mokushare we supposed to use the backports ppa only with plasma5?16:32
mokushit seems to have overwritten the plasma-addons package, so no longer have plasmoids like icon-tasks in 14.10 with plasma416:33
BluesKajmokush, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable16:34
mokushBluesKaj: this seems to also have a lot of 5.x stuff. I just want icon-tasks back into plasma416:35
BluesKajok , I misinterpreted your question, ...nevermind:)16:36
mokushoh, ok.16:37
rodolfojcjI have some alias for ssh connections defined in ~/.ssh/config, so from a shell I execute "ssh hostalias" working fine16:49
rodolfojcjbut from dolphin when I do "sftp://hostalias" it fails with "Authentication failure" message showing in a red bar with no more details16:49
rodolfojcjauthentication to "hostalias" uses public key (no password authentication allowed)16:49
rodolfojcjit is on Kubuntu 14.10, but it also happened on Kubuntu 14.0416:49
rodolfojcjdoes anyone has a clue of that failure cause and possible solutions?16:49
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BluesKajrodolfojcj, is hostalias a legit command or is it a link to 'user@IPaddress'16:59
BluesKajset in ~/.bashrc16:59
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Guest92238Добрый вечер, подскажите, пожалуйста,  Kubuntu 14.10 Plasma5 при запуске программ рядом  с  курсором не прыгает символ запущенной программы.  В Plasma4  был. Как можно включить  эту анимацию?17:16
BluesKaj!ru | Guest9223817:19
ubottuGuest92238: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:19
LinnakHello. I'd like to know which theme should I install to make synaptic look good on KDE17:31
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sysop2trying to setup a sixaxis controller under kubuntu 14.04 as a pointing device and was wondering if I had to patch the bluez like you used to?  ie bluez4.118:37
sxarIs there a known workaround for enabling transcodes in amaroK for 14.10?18:38
PasNoxHi, when trying the "smbtree" command, that does print list using hostname (\\FREEBOX\XYZ) when i try to mount that I get this error: mount error: could not resolve address for FREEBOX: Unknown error19:10
PasNoxwhat i can do to make it works correctly ? i did not find a way to list ip's instead of hostnames19:10
lordievaderPasNox: Does 'nslookup FREEBOX' resolve?19:25
PasNoxlordievader: yes it does19:25
PasNoxlordievader: ho sorry, no it does not, but nmblookup FREEBOX does19:26
lordievaderPasNox: Does 'FREEBOX.local' resolve?19:27
lordievaderPasNox: Also how are you trying to mount it?19:27
PasNox.local no better luck.19:28
EvilRoeythat's what she said19:28
PasNoxlordievader: like that: << QString( "mount -t cifs \"%1\" \"%2\" -o _netdev,rw,users,iocharset=utf8,uid=1000,gid=users,sec=none,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,domain=WORKGROUP" )19:28
PasNox%1 being the share and %2 the mount point19:29
lordievaderPasNox: What is the full output of that nmblookup command?19:35
PasNoxlordievader: FREEBOX<00>19:35
lordievaderPasNox: Allright, what is the output of 'nslookup'?19:35
PasNoxlordievader: http://paste.opensuse.org/2063216219:36
lordievaderPasNox: That is the reason he cannot look it up. Add the host name to /etc/hosts or use it's ip.19:38
PasNoxlordievader: i would like to avoid the need of editing system files because the application as to works as is within all the computers running it19:39
PasNoxi will use nmblookup to resolve names then :/19:39
PasNoxthank you!19:39
PasNoxlordievader: in the other hand, any possible command so see ip instead of names in smbtree ? the man page does not seems to have that19:40
lordievaderRarely, to never, use smbtree.19:41
PasNoxxD ok, so i will probably use libsmb directly. ;)19:42
lordievaderThat is probably wisest ;)19:43
mcgodinaterI need some help. Whenever I boot up my Kubuntu 14.10 iso in Virtualbox, it boots past the bootloader just fine, but when it gets to Ubiquity, it glitches on me and my Virtualbox window goes wide and I get stripes of colors.20:22
mcgodinaterNo background, no Ubiquity, no nothing.20:23
mcgodinaterA giant mouse cursor comes up sometimes if I move it around enough but that20:23
mcgodinateris it.20:23
mcgodinaterIf you need a screenshot, here it is: http://imgur.com/wwOxBfe20:25
mcgodinateri have a problem with my kubuntu iso20:26
mcgodinaterwhen i boot it i get this: http://imgur.com/wwOxBfe20:27
mcgodinaterits version 14.10, plasma 4.20:27
mcgodinaterand right now im downloading 14.04 to see if that'll work fine.20:27
EvilRoeymcgodinater:  hey20:28
EvilRoeyhahahahha great nick20:29
EvilRoeythanks for making me laugh :)20:29
mcgodinaterim having trouble with my just-downloaded 14.10 iso20:29
EvilRoeydid you run a checksum verification on it20:29
mcgodinaterhold on20:29
mcgodinaterwell at least 14.04.1 works fine20:32
mcgodinaterhuh thats weird20:34
mcgodinaterthe checksums are exact20:34
mcgodinaterfor 14.10 but20:35
mcgodinaterits giving me this when i boot: http://imgur.com/wwOxBfe20:35
mcgodinateroh well20:36
mcgodinateri can download updates for 14.04 and then upgrade later20:37
robertbellarminewhat command do I add on the CLI so that when I close terminal it doesn't close the program I opened in that same terminal. I remember using it before it was something like gk added before the program name20:50
lordievaderrobertbellarmine: nohup <program>&20:56
robertbellarminelordievader: kk let me try that20:56
robertbellarminelordievader: I add the & at the end of the program name, just making sure I understand it correctly.20:57
lordievaderrobertbellarmine: No, include the 'nohup20:58
lordievaderThe & makes it run in the background, but if the parent dies, the child dies too.20:58
robertbellarminelordievader: thanks, it worked.21:01
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rxhi. i need the steps to upgrade from plasma stable in kubuntu 4.10 to plasma daily. https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Packages#Kubuntu is outdated (package kubuntu-plasma5-desktop no longer exists and i must be doing the steps in the wrong order because it doesnt work to just update plasma-desktop). thx22:37
m_tadeuhi....my akonadi is not starting...the log is like this http://pastebin.com/Q5ZMdmFM22:48
aloo_shuAnybody here could assist with LibreOffice Writer, by chance? #libreoffice is a bit sleepy right now..22:50
m_tadeualoo_shu: maybe...what kind of help do you need?22:53
aloo_shum_tadeu , I have a book in plain text format. I opened it with LO Writer and so far have converted the part, sub-part and chapter titles into header1, header2, header3 within the default style. Also, I have placed footers under all pages and numbered the pages there. Now I want to create a table of contents.23:03
m_tadeualoo_shu: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Create-a-Table-Of-Contents-in-OpenOfficeLi/?lang=pt23:06
aloo_shum_tadeu looks promising, thanx, shall read. wish I could help you with akonadi.23:12
aloo_shuoh, m_tadeu , since you seem to be knowledgable on LO, on #libreoffice there is a guy who needs to build a custom dictionary for working on a 19th century text. should I ask him over?23:16
m_tadeualoo_shu: I never did such a thing....and my guess is that the dictionary (for ortographic error detection) don't belong to LO but to the system...just a guess23:17
aloo_shubiiiiig thanks m_tadeu , cosmetics apart, this did exactly what I wanted. Now I want to know WHY it worked, but that's for an other day23:29
m_tadeualoo_shu: cool :)23:29
aloo_shuyep, cool indeed, m_tadeu, and since you assisted, here's a link to the book. Not meant for public upload, but private should be ok. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Q65y_ZBQyEUEVGSExGM2J5dWM/view?usp=sharing23:40
m_tadeualoo_shu: from the TOC sounds interesting....almost like the doors to spiritual perception23:44
aloo_shuwell, m_tadeu , it does not work from one day to the other, but it's much more practical than huxley,leary&co. Have you downloaded it, so that I can take the link away?23:51
m_tadeualoo_shu: yes...I did23:51
m_tadeuwill surely take a while to explore it23:51
aloo_shum_tadeu, this book is a gem!23:52

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