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gomedunCan anyone help me out with this wierd issue I'm getting?04:19
gomedunMy ethernet doesn't seem to work04:19
gomedunand I've checked on the name, I've tried adding it to /etc/network/interfaces04:20
gomedunI've tried both manual and dhcp04:20
gomedunyet no matter what I can't even ping my router.04:20
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acmeraptorso who feels like helping me jack up my system?05:26
holsteinacmeraptor: just ask, and maybe a volunteer can assist05:27
acmeraptori'm working on getting a wireless usb wifi adapter.  i have a set of instructions from a forum page but am having a problem actually compiling a driver05:28
holsteinyou shouldnt need to compile a driver05:29
acmeraptorbasics... netgear n900 dual band wifi usb adapter on ubuntu 12.0405:29
acmeraptoroh yea??05:29
acmeraptorooh... i think i already know where you're going05:29
holsteinideally, in the modular linux kernel, where drivers are included, a driver will be able to support the hardware.. if not, you can ask the manufacturer to supply you one like they promise and supply for the other operating systems05:30
holsteintypically, if a device is not "plug and play" in linux, then, it can be challenging to provide support05:30
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:30
acmeraptorso this is my starting point.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1942689&page=405:30
holsteini would literally just plug the device in, and i'll do that with just a few live environments.. i'll try and find the chipset using the information from !wifi05:30
holsteinacmeraptor: your starting point should be with the manufacturer05:31
acmeraptornetgear doesn't make or support linux drivers05:31
holsteinacmeraptor: they are freely able to look at all of linux.. its all open.. anyone can write a driver or module.. or release information for the driver to be made.. if they (the manufacturer) dont, then, there can be little you can do to just create one from scratch.. or "compile" one05:32
holsteinacmeraptor: its more about the chipset.. if the netgear device ships with a chipset that supports linux well, then, it will and can work well05:32
acmeraptori understand that. they choose not to support it.. which brought me to the link i posted and to here05:32
holsteinacmeraptor: i would literally plug the device in, and check for the chipset.. what chipset is the device using?05:33
acmeraptorwell that's where i was going. the chip mfg has uncompiled code05:33
holsteinacmeraptor: sure.. i understand. but, you *can* return the device and get one that *does* support the operating system you are using05:33
acmeraptorthe mfg is ralink05:34
holsteinacmeraptor: the "chip manufacturer" should have directions on how to use what they have.. they may have specific kernel requirements, that may *not* be the kernel you are using05:34
holsteinpersonally, those things are just *too* cheap these days to hassle with them05:34
holsteini plug them in, if they dont work, if i bought i, i return it.. if i cant return it, i sell it.. if i cant sell it, i give it to a windows use friend, and get one that *does* support linux05:34
holsteinotherwise, you can try and find the directions from the chipset manufacturer, and link them here, if you need help05:35
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:35
acmeraptorit's detected and usable in ubuntu 14.. however my cheap p.o.s. hp desktop can't run 14 due to some weird graphic card hiccup05:36
holsteinim sure someone can look.. *or*, you can go upstream to #ubuntu , since this is a general driver support issue.. or, a general linux channel..05:36
holsteinacmeraptor: 14.04*05:36
acmeraptoryea i installed 14.04 successfully, and it used the adapter with no input from me other than the wpa key.  but when i try to login for the first time, it hangs due to the video glitch i just half-described05:37
acmeraptori'm not a complete n00b man05:37
holsteinacmeraptor: ?05:37
holsteinacmeraptor: i didnt mean to imply you are.. and i know i didnt say that you were..05:38
holsteinacmeraptor: i would test the hardware.. seems like you may have something else going on that could be causing your issue...05:38
acmeraptoryou didn't. i just meant to say that i have done some research prior to resorting to asking others for assistance05:38
holsteini'll force the vesa driver, and test05:39
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:39
holsteinshould be able to do that from the live 14.04.. and see if the wifi is working..05:39
acmeraptorno. it's just that 12.04 doesn't have anything that supports this particular usb adapter. which is why i need to compile the supplied code to get it to work05:39
holsteinregardless, you shouldnt need to complie any drivers05:39
holstein12.04 lubuntu doesnt have *any* support at all05:40
holsteinits eol05:40
acmeraptorif i can steal a module from 14 without forcing the 12.x kernel to be updated i'm all for it05:40
holsteinmain ubuntu 12.04 is still supported. on the desktop.. for a bit05:40
holsteinyou can just plain run the entire kernel from 14.04.. but, i think you have a larger hardware issue05:40
holsteini would test with nomodeset and see if that actually addresses the issue05:41
acmeraptorallow me to state this plainly.  i cannot use anything higher than 12.04 on this hp desktop.  I've tried... multiple times... the graphics thing makes it just hang on the login screen05:41
holsteinacmeraptor: sure. i'll try and be more clear as well. have you tried the vesa driver in 14.04 on the hardware? if not, i would..05:42
holsteinacmeraptor: you can do that with..05:42
holsteinsafe graphics mode. or, an xorg.conf that forces vesa05:43
acmeraptori've tried about every safe mode of installation that the installer software offers.. same problem05:43
acmeraptorand i know why. it's a cheap hp system i got from a big name store05:43
holsteinacmeraptor: the vesa driver, specifically.. i would rather use the vesa driver in 14.04 than unsupported 12.0405:43
acmeraptori'm not even sure that would work. it's another one of those lame ass built in video adapters. not an add-in graphics card05:44
holsteinacmeraptor: im actually quite sure05:44
ubottuvesa is the default video driver if X can't find a better one. Also see !x05:45
holsteinits actually made for just that scenario05:45
acmeraptori think i still have 14 on a usb drive to install with.. i can give it another go.. but if i don't come back on tonight... i'm going to have ill will towards you, probably wish that you have some uncooked brocolli for dinner tomorrow.. unless you like raw veggies, then it's a reward.05:47
acmeraptorbut you get my meaning :)05:47
acmeraptordude you should work for microsoft.  upgrade. buy better stuff. etc05:48
holsteinthere are 2 different "14" versions.. the one from april (.04) and the latest from october (.10)05:48
holsteinacmeraptor: i *never* said, nor implied that you should buy anything..05:48
holsteinacmeraptor: i said, thats what i *choose* to do.. buy things that support the operating system im using05:48
holsteinbut, that is likely not the issue.. since it *does* work in 14.0405:49
holsteinthe manufacturer may not give support for the 12.04 kernel version..05:49
acmeraptorwe may be typing the same language but we are clearly having a communication problem05:50
holsteinacmeraptor: i only mean to be helpful05:50
holsteinacmeraptor: 12.04 lubuntu is *not* supported any longer.. i (and most other folks) suggest using 14.04.. i would do whatever it takes to get on 14.04..05:50
acmeraptori realize that. which is why i am trying to not be rude.  i thank you for the advice, but haven't even been able to ask what i wanted to ask05:51
holsteinacmeraptor: just ask, friend05:51
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:51
acmeraptorfair enough buddy :)05:51
acmeraptoras i stated, i have the code supplied by the chip manufacturer.  i'm simply having trouble compiling it05:52
holsteinacmeraptor: sure.. as i stated, that can be (and likely is) due to them not supporting the 12.04 kernel05:52
holsteinacmeraptor: did you ask them? does the documentation state it supports the 12.04 kernel version?05:52
acmeraptordo i need to be in a specific directory in order to make the 'make' command work?  i did it once already, however i had issues after that...05:53
acmeraptorthe adapter actually connected to a wifi network. but froze ubuntu entirely shortly after.  bad enough that i had to do a power on reset05:53
holsteinacmeraptor: whatever issues you have, you'll need to ask them about it. its not our code.. all i can do is ask you again if you would like to share the directions from the site05:53
acmeraptori'm not blaming anyone on the ubuntu side!05:54
holsteinacmeraptor: you mean, lubuntu 12.04 froze?05:54
acmeraptoryou guys rock!05:54
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution05:54
Unit193'make' is run from the source directory.05:54
holstein^could you get to tty?05:54
acmeraptori have a terminal open now05:54
holsteinacmeraptor: im talking about, in the future, when that wifi device allegedly freezes lubuntu 12.04, try tty05:55
acmeraptorcan try anything when the whole computer freezes.  i gave it a few hours one time. it wasn't some loop that timed out. it just stopped working altogether05:56
acmeraptor*cannot try..05:56
holsteinacmeraptor: were you able to get to tty? yes or no? did you try?05:56
acmeraptori was not able to even attempt it on newer versions of ubuntu. which is why i'm still working with 12.04. it's the only version stable enough to let me attempt things and stay running05:58
acmeraptorbelieve me. i'd love to go to 14.0405:58
holsteinacmeraptor: lubuntu 12.04 is *not* supported05:58
acmeraptori know that05:58
acmeraptorbut it's the only one that stays running05:59
holsteinacmeraptor: personally, i think you have a lager hardware issue that is causing your other issues.. maybe a bad ram stick or loose parts.. bad hard drive.. etc..05:59
holsteinif you have a "system freeze" try accessing tty..05:59
acmeraptorno. it's just a piece of shit hp desktop that i got from best buy for 400 dollars about 3 years ago06:00
acmeraptori can't exactly build my dream system though right now.06:00
holsteinyou can use xubuntu 12.04 for a bit longer06:00
acmeraptordude. by freeze, i don't mean slow. i mean dead in the water. only after a hard boot i can actually type or do other human input06:01
holsteinacmeraptor: sure, i understant that, friend.. did you actually try the key combinations for a tty?06:01
holsteinacmeraptor: it can be vey helpful to know if the system is frozen, or its a kernel panic, or etc06:02
holsteinacmeraptor: all you need to do is read when i ask "have you tried tty" and answer, simply "yes, and that didnt work either"06:02
acmeraptorfair point. i used a wireless keyboard/mouse adapter.  after that did nothing i switched to a wired keyboard. still nothing06:02
holsteinacmeraptor: still, that doesnt rule out to me a larger hardware issue06:03
acmeraptori hope you get this analogy dude.  i'm trying to climb an ant hill. you want me to climb a mountain.  i do thank you for your responses and suggestions.  we're just not talking about the same things.  have a good night man!  (only eat raw brocolli if you want too, i won't say anything bad about you :)06:06
holsteinwell.. that happened06:07
Oe_edenwhen installing libreoffice it should also really install libreoffice-gtk(3) otherwise it looks ugly, took me some time to figure out...10:01
Oe_edenwhere/how can I request this?10:01
hateballWell, apt-cache show libreoffice tells you "You can extend the functionality of LibreOffice by installing these10:04
hateball packages:"10:04
silverlionOe_eden, write an email to https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/lubuntu-users10:05
silverlionOe_eden, you. are. a. genious ;)10:10
silverlionthanks for that protipp :D10:10
Oe_edenuh sure :)10:53
silverlionOe_eden, I'm working with the Lubuntu developers so consider your tipp as received and being worked on ;)11:11
silverlionI just did install that package and I'm blown away ;)11:11
Unit193!bug | Oe_eden11:11
ubottuOe_eden: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.11:11
silverlionUnit193, I'd not say that's a bug or anything ;)11:12
silverlionhe just gave an additional advise11:12
Unit193He wants libreoffice to recommend libreoffice-gtk, that's not a mailing list discussion that's a bug to report.11:13
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Oe_edeneither way is fine by me :)11:26
crystolbonjour a tous14:06
AladiahShould it work better with 14.10 version ?14:21
testdrAladiah: what bar? windows, panel... and what click? Touchpad, mouse-usb/ps2 ... pen14:21
Aladiahthe navigation bar14:21
Aladiahwhere we have the button menu, wifi etv etc14:21
Aladiahit takes longer longer to react14:22
Aladiahor not react at all14:22
testdrAladiah: what is the navigation-bar? Ok - that is the panel(bar) - lxpanel - and for 14.10, you can try the live-version(boot from usb) to check if its the same and it could be for new hardware-support its fixed there.14:22
Aladiahi will14:23
testdrAladiah: and you should provide the full name of your hardware - i can only guess it may be a laptop?14:23
Aladiahiam creating a usb persistent with my linux software14:24
Aladiahit is a laptot14:24
testdrsounds more like :   lap-dead14:24
AladiahPackard Bell easy not le69Kb series14:24
testdrfull manufactory naming14:24
testdrAladiah: this-> Packard Bell Easynote LE69KB-45004G50Mns14:26
Aladiah4500g50mns i cant find on the laptop14:26
testdrAladiah: ignore the last Number - it says something about memory, harddisk, cpu14:27
Aladiahamd dual core e1-250014:28
Aladiahamd radeon hd 124014:28
Aladiah500 har disk14:28
Aladiah4g ddr314:28
Aladiahamd radeon hd 824014:29
Aladiahtestdr: do you think is something can be solve with console commands to improve graphic compatibility or not at all ?14:32
testdrAladiah: on a quick-search - i could find one hint about Ubuntu-12.04 with an Packard Bell EasyNote LE69KB (in italy-forum) and it says the fglrx-update may fix a not working graphics-screen.14:33
Aladiahhow to do that ? i can try it14:34
Aladiahplease tell me the console command for it .14:34
testdrAladiah: but you did not support the info about what click you are using - built-in touchpad or external mouse?14:34
Aladiahiam with the laptop normallly14:35
Aladiahwith out external prerphericals14:35
Aladiahits a friend of mine laptop14:35
Aladiahthen i will do for mine. i hope it will work14:35
Aladiahits an amd too. iam afraid14:36
testdrAladiah: thats no excuse - i ask this for a way to fix and to make shure its only the kind of using the built-in-touchpad (there are known problems with such kind of devices)14:36
testdrAladiah: if you have a usb-mouse around - it is an easy way to plug it in, boot the laptop and check if the delay for mousclicks with the usb-mouse is not the same14:37
Aladiahdo you think the problem is with the buillt in14:37
Aladiahi dont have on at all14:37
testdrAladiah: you have all updates installed?14:38
Aladiahbut i dont think it is, because it freezeee14:38
Aladiahi didnt nothing on it yet14:38
Aladiahits virgin14:38
Aladiahupdates only during installing14:38
testdrAladiah: thats the first thing after the install - to get new drivers and possible fixes for different hardware14:39
Aladiahdist upgrade and update?14:39
Aladiahcan you put me the command ? iam a little newby14:39
testdryes - you know the apt-get commands already?14:39
Aladiahsudo apt get distupgrade14:40
Aladiahis that ?14:40
testdrits "apt-get"14:40
Aladiahsudo apt-get update&distupgrade ?14:40
Aladiahis this ?14:40
testdrdo it in two steps:    sudo apt-get update14:40
Aladiahwicg is the best14:40
testdrand watch the downloads of the update for new packages and then if it works the : apt-get distupgrade14:41
testdrits:  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:41
Aladiahi need reboot to make efect doesnit ?14:44
testdrAladiah: if its the first update - there will be kernel-updates and those will only take effect after a reboot14:44
Aladiahok lets try14:45
testdrAladiah: you have already done the update and dist-upgrade? I dont believe this laptop so powerfull14:45
Aladiahyes, iam rebooting14:47
Aladiahnow it worse14:48
Aladiahafter entering password to log in14:49
Aladiahit show me the environment for a second a come to login again14:49
Aladiahwhen i enter as a guest it enter and open an Error box, saying no session for pid 129414:49
Aladiahok lubuntu 14.10 is ready i will try it now in try mode usb14:52
testdrAladiah: i need the proof you did update the software (this error sounds like an old one from some time ago) - and it maybe quicker for you to check if a 14.10 with more default up-to-date drivers will work better14:52
holsteini would try the vesa driver14:53
holsteini wouldnt expect moving forward with software versions and drivers and the linux kernel to be more supported by the hardware14:53
holsteini would try the vesa driver and see that that even addresses the issue..14:53
holsteinalso, i suggest *not* doing a persistent install, but, just a normal install to the USB stick.. you can use the mini iso or an alternate/server iso to get the ubuntu base installed with grub on the USB stick.. then, you have a "normal" installation14:55
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:55
testdrthe AMD Radeon HD 8240 - should have full support from: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver14:57
Aladiahmini install for 64 bits ?14:58
holstein"should" be just baked in, and work "out of the box"..14:58
Aladiahthere is an iso for 64 bits mini install ?14:58
Aladiahubuntu will have same problems doesnit ?14:59
holsteinAladiah: there are "alternate" installers that allow you to install grub where you like during the installaiton, in 64bit.. correct14:59
Aladiahiam trying 14.10 now14:59
holsteinAladiah: lubuntu *is* ubuntu14:59
Aladiahi have an usb with mini iso, but i made it for an old acer lapop 32 buits. it will work with this ?15:00
holsteinAladiah: here is the factual issue with using a normal desktop iso of lubuntu or any of the other flavors to do an install to the USB stick.. you will get grub on the internal hard drive15:00
holsteinto deal with that, you use an installer that allows you to install grub where you like.. right on the USB stick15:00
Aladiahok 14.10 is working ifine15:00
holstein*or*, you can take the iso and the stick you want to make to a machine that has *no* hard drives15:00
Aladiahif it works fine on triwl it will work after install doesn it ?15:01
holsteinAladiah: i think its more with either the way you have made 14.04, or the iso..15:01
Aladiahi made them on same way15:01
testdri still suspect the update+upgrade was not really done - he made it super quick15:01
holsteinAladiah: there are *no* guarnatees from AMD that it will work after install. though, they are free to provide you that guarantee15:01
Aladiahbefore i made  with my linux windows software , first i made with usb creater or something like tht and results were the same15:02
testdrAladiah: if 14.10 works - you should install it and upgrade it in a year or two years to the next LTS version15:02
holsteinAladiah: personally, i would work with 14.04.. but, if 14.10 is the path of least resistance for you, go for it..15:02
Aladiahseems like it got to do with update on 14.10 doesnit ~'15:02
holsteinAladiah: im saying, i dont agree that it seems to be with the 14.10 update.. but, if you want to use 14.10, go for it15:03
Aladiahi my knowledge would richer and greater as yours i will saty with 14.04.1 o15:03
holsteinAladiah: i dont think we have isolated enough to assume 14.10 vs 14.04 is the issue..15:03
Aladiahi want 14.04.115:03
Aladiahbecause is lts15:03
Aladiahnow i will15:03
Aladiahi forgot to test on my lap top15:03
Aladiahi have to create an 14.0.1 version again then15:04
testdrAladiah: then use 14.04.1 but do the update+upgrade and prove it with the pasted output (the link of the pastebin service) here15:04
holsteinto test what?15:04
Aladiahi forgo15:04
Aladiahi have another new laptop here, this one is mine the other one i from a friend of mine~~15:04
Aladiahwe bought at the same time15:04
holsteinanyways... you *could* have newer hardware that is supported by the kernel provided in 14.10 and not in 14.0415:04
Aladiahmine is a toshibva15:05
holsteinregardless, there is nothing wrong with using 14.10..15:05
holsteini have a toshiba satellite with AMD graphics.. i have to force vesa driver15:05
Aladiahc70b d 10 x15:05
holsteinnot that that is your issue...15:05
Aladiahbut is nit  a lts15:05
Aladiahwe have support until when ?15:06
holsteinAladiah: "is nit a lts"? ?15:06
Aladiahis´nt it LTS15:06
holsteinAladiah: are you asking about the support cycle of 14.10 ?15:06
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.10 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UtopicUnicorn/ReleaseNotes15:06
holsteinyou are welcome to use it as long as you like, and support it yourself15:06
Aladiah5 month ?15:06
holsteinyou have *3* months after 15.04 is release15:06
Aladiahit already ends up?15:06
holsteinAladiah: no15:07
Aladiahso then i need to upgrade to 15.04 doesnit ?15:07
holsteinAladiah: what does support mean? its simply, that the software repositories that canonical pays to be hosted are up, and patches are released15:07
holsteinAladiah: you never *need* to do anything.. you choose to upgrade, if you need15:07
Aladiahmeans come here and be ansewered15:07
Aladiahby you !15:07
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142515:08
holsteinin april of 2015, 15.04 will be released.. you still have 3 more months of support past that date for 14.10..15:08
holsteinso, there *is* overlap15:08
Aladiahmy friend will stay with 14.10 if it works after install, an then i will create a usb again to try in mine .15:08
Aladiahthen 15.04 will be supported too doesn it ?15:09
holsteinAladiah: it will be supported as the documentation states15:09
Aladiah9 month15:09
Aladiahduring 9 months doesn it ?15:09
holsteinAladiah: 9 months for "normal" releases.. LTS's are 3 or 5 years, depending.. the flavors can decide what they do15:09
holsteinbut, again, what does that mean?15:10
Aladiahbut 15.04 will not be LTS doesn it?15:10
holsteinit only means the canonical provided supprot is not there15:10
holsteinone can choose to support *whatever* they like, for as long as they like15:10
holsteinAladiah: you can read above about !15.04, and how its not planned to be an LTS, but a normal release, suppored for 9 months..15:11
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142515:11
Aladiahthank you for all15:11
holsteinwhat i suggest is, go with what works, and relax.. you literally get *no* support on this level from any other operating system15:11
Aladiahi will bring here fedd back about it later15:12
holsteinsystem updates and patches to the OS"s come in for OSX and windows, but, not *all* software in the repos like most linux distros do it15:12
Aladiahyes , for streess, windows 8 is more then enought. i will erease it15:12
AladiahMicrosoft should pay us an indeminization, because it work so slowly that it gives us stress desease .15:13
holsteinwhat does that mean if the support term ends? what is compromised and how? and how would one maintain themselves? etc..15:13
holsteinAladiah: if you dont want windows, just dont buy it.. otherwise, folks use it, and like it.. and thats fine15:13
Aladiahit comes with laptop. no chouce15:13
Aladiahno choice15:13
holsteinAladiah: there is *always* choice, friend15:14
Aladiahno, in the store i was dont15:14
holsteinAladiah: you bought that machine with the promise of windows and guaranteed windows support15:14
holsteinAladiah: you can purchase with linux support, if you want linux support.. and not run into the issues you are running into15:14
holsteinyou will pay more, but the time you spend setting up linux will be less, since the burden of support is shared with the creators of the hardware15:15
Aladiahbut i could be able to find a store in my country with 17 inchs screens with ubuntu15:15
Aladiahonly 15 screen15:15
holsteinAladiah: so, that *is* a choice15:15
holsteinAladiah: you chose the convenient purchase of a machine with the screen size you want over linux support.. which is fine15:16
Aladiahi wil pay in my country for a ubuntu 15 screen and lower specs for an igher price, i choosed travel to neighborwood country, and buy with igher specs, 17 screnn and lower price15:16
holsteinthe only issue is, expecting linux support form something that promises window support..15:16
Aladiahyou are extremelly right with your point of view15:17
Aladiahi think it is actually a fact .15:17
AladiahBut choice will be, to have at least one store in my country in 200 km around with 17 screen ubuntu, even at a igher price, but 17 screen not at all!15:19
holsteingoing to a box store and buying a linux machine may not ever be a reality15:19
AladiahIn my country is15:20
holsteinat least, not a linux distro like ubuntu or debian or fedora, or whatever15:20
AladiahJumbo stores from Auchan group .    .  . the corner supermaket have it! but all bigger screens are 1515:20
holsteinthe issue is, buying anything and expecting to use it differently than intended and supported.. you take that support on yourself15:20
Aladiahthat supermarkets sales ubuntu machines for 400 euros around15:21
holsteina team of experts were hired to make sure the machine works with what operating system is advertised to be supported.. when you go with a different one, you take that on yourself..15:21
Aladiahand you see higher specs machines with windows at same price15:21
Aladiahin same store.15:21
holsteinAladiah: sure, friend.. but *after* you get that machine home, and try and put linux on it, it takes time.. and may not work well15:22
holsteinAladiah: these factors, for me, have *actual* value15:22
Aladiahonce agina you are very right!15:22
holsteinguaranteed linux support, or out of the box linux support..15:22
holsteini choose to pay extra for that.. and, as more and more do, the market will reflect.. and i dont have to spend as much time adapting the hardware to the operating system i want to use15:23
Aladiahi should choose install third party software during instalation ? Or it enought to install lubuntu restricted extras after install ? OR doesnt hav enothing to do ?15:23
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:24
holsteinAladiah: there is no "should".. just what fits your needs.. i think the creators of the content *should* support open standards that can be included by default with linux.. but, you may find you need codec support that is easily installable15:24
Aladiahbecause they say 3rd party got to do with mp3 and mpeg and i think that comes with lubuntu restructed extras doesn it ?15:25
holsteinAladiah: the link above explains *all* of that..15:25
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:25
Aladiahok i will check it15:25
holsteinAladiah: the larger restricted extras packages includes support for many restricted formats15:26
AladiahI think i will put windows under a virtual box for my friend . It safer doesn it ?15:27
holsteinAladiah: no15:29
holsteinAladiah: "safer" is also a matter of opinion and use case15:29
holsteini prefer windows in VM's becuase i can save snapshots, and i like having it in a virtual hard drive.. but, its no more "safer".. just more isolated from physical hardware.. its the same product from microsoft15:30
Aladiahlast time i tryed it Vista in lubuntu VM , with a low specs laptop, i downloaded the iso from internet and it didnt ask me for serial . . . !15:31
Aladiahthat it is a great advant15:32
holsteinif you are not getting the software from microsoft, then, you are taking a risk.. that *is* not safe..15:32
Aladiahthe bad news was the laptop suddently stopped working. i think it burn15:33
holsteinjust like the linux iso's you download.. you are trusting the source providers.. there are security keys in place.. etc..15:33
Aladiahi always check up it15:33
Aladiahin linux15:34
holsteinthat doesnt provide any security though15:34
holsteinits just an integrity check..15:34
holsteinif i were an attacker, and had access to the iso files, i would have access to change that md5 sum15:34
holsteinthere are keys and credentials setup for forlks to have access to place iso's there... and you trust the security of that process15:35
holsteinif you go to "random-torrent.com" and get some windows iso, you have *no* idea who put it there, and what is in it..15:35
Aladiahthats right15:35
noobiiehey, I just installed lubuntu 14.04, but it appears that it didn't create my user account :(  it only shows 'Guest Session' at the login prompt, and even if I chose 'other' and enter the user name and password manually, it doesn't work.17:25
noobiiedoes anyone have an idea how that could have happened?17:25
noobiieoh and I used the alternate install CD17:26
noobiiemaybe that was the problem?17:26
noobiieI logged in with a guest session, and used gksudo which gave me a list of users to chose from (even though it wouldn't let me switch user ID)17:30
testdrnoobiie: never had this and cannot imagine what it could be. Best is to do the install again - and check during install for the time you provide the first user settings - it should ask for the password. If you are shure about your user-data - maybe try the console login on first console, you get it with strg+alt+F117:30
noobiieand the user I created wasn't in that list17:30
noobiietestdr: I know I entered the password twice. I also tried the console login already :/17:30
noobiieI just want to prevent going through the installation again with the same issue17:31
testdrnoobiie: the only way this happens is if someone uses the live-version and did not do a installation17:31
noobiietestdr: hmm ok. I did use a custom boot opion (F6 on the install screen), because I had to select -forcepae for my old CPU17:32
noobiiemaybe that caused it?17:32
noobiieaww damn, I guess I'll just try from scratch again17:33
testdrnoobiie: enlight me?17:33
noobiietoo bad it takes ages on this old laptop17:33
noobiietestdr: what do you mean?17:33
testdrnoobiie: you said: "damn, i guess.."17:34
holsteintry tty login..17:34
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution17:34
holsteinnoobiie: ^17:34
holsteinyou are likely still booting the installation media17:34
noobiieyeah I tried the tty login already, didn't work either17:34
testdrholstein: noobie swears the created user is not in the list of installed users --17:34
noobiiehaha no, I removed the CD :)17:34
testdrnoobiie: then its what i guessed - you are using the live-version17:35
noobiiewell gksudo didn't show the user in the list after I logged in as guest17:35
holsteinnoobiie: what did you install? and how? lubuntu 14.04?17:35
noobiielubuntu 14.04 i386 alternate17:35
noobiiewith the 'forcepae' boot option17:35
holsteinso, no live session during install. then17:35
testdrholstein: sound he rebooted without remove of the install cd and did not notice it17:35
noobiienope no live session17:36
noobiietestdr: believe me I removed the CD rom, and even went into bios to change the boot order before booting into lubuntu17:36
holsteinnoobiie: if you can get to the recover console in grub, you can make a user..17:36
holsteinnoobiie: http://askubuntu.com/questions/161074/i-unexpetedly-deleted-administrator-account-and-the-other-accounts-are-asking-ro17:36
holstein^ you can try that to add a user to the install..17:37
noobiieholstein: thanks, I'll check that out17:37
noobiieI still wonder why it didn't create the user in the first place :(17:37
holsteinnoobiie: try making the user you want. the alternate iso is for doing more advanced installations.. anything could have been responsible for that17:38
testdrnoobiie: the only thing i cant imagine is a corrupted install (without write-back of all changes) and then there might other things broken too.17:38
noobiiehmm. would you guys recommend doing the installation again before messing around with the recovery console?17:39
GITSaitotestdr +117:40
holsteinnoobiie: with the normal live iso17:40
noobiiecan I use custom boot options with that as well?17:40
noobiiecause it won't work without forcepae17:41
holsteinnoobiie: i would try adding the user, login and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"17:41
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info17:41
noobiieunfortunately this laptop can't boot from USB17:43
noobiieso I have to use an install CD with forcepae I assume17:44
holsteinnoobiie: the iso is what i refer to.. boot however you like17:44
testdrnoobiie: i already did a install with such old hardware - there is the "plop"-bootmanager as a workaround to boot from usb-stick17:45
noobiiethe normal live iso installer doesn't come with LVM full disk encryption though, right?17:46
holsteinnoobiie: they *all* should come with a normal user account17:46
noobiieyeah that's what I thought as well17:47
holsteinnoobiie: i say, step one.. try the recovery console, add a user, try the update commands17:47
holsteinnoobiie: if that doesnt work, try a different iso.. *anything* you did custom in the installation can have broken the install17:47
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:47
holstein^ that is the iso i prefer to use.. so i can get the base install as i want, the simplest and quickest way17:48
holstein*then* after that looks good, and tests correct, i add desktops or whatever else17:48
noobiieI think there is no mini iso for lubuntu though17:48
holsteini would do that ^ after having done the other suggestion (adding a user in the recovery console) and the other suggestion of using a stock live iso (if that meets your needs)17:49
holsteinnoobiie:  the mini is just mini17:49
holsteinnoobiie: the mini gets a base installed.. no lubuntu or unity or lxde. or desktop at all17:49
noobiieah I see17:49
noobiiesounds like I can mess up too much with that. I'm no expert ^^17:50
noobiieanyway, I will just run the installation again and try something else such as recovery console if I still don't get a user account17:50
holsteinnoobiie: you would instal with the mini *if* needed, adding no packages at install.. you would have a quick and easy path to install with whatever lvm or pae or whatever and test that base.. *then* install whatever yo ulike17:50
holsteinnoobiie: please try adding a user in the recovery console17:50
holsteinnoobiie: that will litearally take a minute..17:50
noobiieholstein: like I said, I'm no expert and don't wanna mess this system up as it's going to be kind of important to me17:51
noobiieI will re-install, and if it fails I will try that approach17:51
holsteinnoobiie: cool.. good luck17:51
noobiiethanks. and thanks for the help.17:51
holsteinit literally wont hurt anything to try adding the user *now*17:52
holsteinrunning the other commands will tell you if anything is "wrong" with the install..17:52
holsteinit also doesnt prevent you from resintalling *after* you try the suggestion17:52
noobiiehmm that's a good point17:53
noobiieI think I'll do that after all. but first I gotta get something to eat. again thanks for the help, really appreciate it17:54
holsteinsure.. anytime17:54
Ahmuckdoes aptitude not remove all dependencies asociated with a package with "sudo aptitude purge packaged-name"?19:20
ianorlinI don't think it does19:21
Ahmucki thought that was the idea behind aptitude, is that it cleaned house better when removing a package19:31
anjo-aladiahLubuntu 14.10 dont show me wireless connection . How can i know what king of bcm i have with command console ?19:34
anjo-aladiahmy old laptop come with bcm4311 1example19:36
anjo-aladiahafter using lspci i got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/8992046/  related to Lubuntu 14.10 dont work on my bcm43142. Some one help me analyze this ?19:40
testdranjo-aladiah: have you installed the paket:  linux-firmware-nonfree    (maybe the necessary firmware is there - or its on the manufacturer homepage) --!! and what other error-messages are for trying to use wlan (like from dmesg and /var/log/syslog)19:44
anjo-aladiahtesdr i will. i installed it without internet. but now i have a usb 4G internet i will installl it . This is same thing as lubuntu restritecd extras ?19:51
testdranjo-aladiah: i dont know if its automatical in the restricted-extras-meta-paket -- but you can install it by its name:  apt-get install  linux-firmware-restricted19:52
anjo-aladiahiam reading something about Broadcom STA Wireless driver (Proprietary) for bcm43142 . it come with ubuntu restricted extras or nonfree ?19:54
testdranjo-aladiah: in this paket are some bcm-firmware blobs to enable those wlan-sticks, but i dont know if there is one for your hardware (thats why i did suggest to check the manufactorer homepage too - some dont allow the firmware-part to be provided)19:54
ianorlinanjo-aladiah: IF you can plug it in with ethernet somewhere the easeites way is to go to the menu prefrences additional drivers20:05
anjo-aladiahi went . but nothing ther e20:05
ianorlinit takes a while to show up so be paitent20:05
anjo-aladiahi installed non free, now i did sudo apt-get update20:06
anjo-aladiahnow iam doing sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:06
anjo-aladiahthen i will reboot20:06
ianorlinthen next thing to do is get bcmwl-kernel-source20:06
ianorlinthat is what you will need unfortanetly20:07
anjo-aladiahok... thanks . . i will try20:07
anjo-aladiahiam reading this out, but it dont help much for me https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx20:07
anjo-aladiahianorlin: in my old laptop with bcm4311 i use to do this http://paste.ubuntu.com/8992429/   do you think modeprob will help ?20:09
anjo-aladiahacessing modeprobe.d then put an # sign before line  blacklist bcm43xx ?20:10
anjo-aladiahianorlin: so after dist-upgrade will be sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source  ?20:11
anjo-aladiahis like that the command ?20:12
Noskcajgilir, Are we able to sync lxdm? It seems the debian version is based on our one20:47
wxlwe're not switching to lxdm fom lightdm, even in light of qt, no?20:48
Noskcajwxl, Not that i know of, it's just debian has it now20:48
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explodingmangoHello, I have a problem with the photo manager Shotwell in Lubuntu which doesn't happen in Ubuntu. If I import a photo, give it a tag, then try to make sub-tags in the left pane, after 3 or so new sub-tags the keyboard input stops working.21:44
explodingmangoI can make it happen from a Lubuntu 14.04 LiveCD, and it doesn't happen on the Ubuntu 14.04 LiveDVD.21:44
explodingmangoSeems to happen on both the version in the default provided repository (0.18.0 I think) and also in the latest version from their own repository (0.20.0 I think)21:47
testdrexplodingmango: does it happen in a LUbuntu-14.04 with all updates installed?21:47
explodingmangoThis computer I'm typing from is 14.04 with all updates installed and has the problem, however it also says the kernel is tainted because I'm using forcepae. Is that enough to go on, or should I try to get a LiveCD to that state on another computer first?21:48
explodingmangoThe LiveCD test was on a different computer, so no forcepae there.21:49
testdrexplodingmango: shotwell is a gnome-application - there is nothing special using it with a different desktop-manager if all libs used are installed. But i dont use shotwell - so i dont know. But like you say - if there is one version working, it should be not primary a Lubuntu problem. could be some weird combination, but for this you have to find more information.21:53
explodingmangoOkay, looks like it's on me to get some more info first. So I need to test from a fully updated Lubuntu, but can that be done while running from a LiveCD (i.e. can you install all the updates there)?21:54
testdrexplodingmango: another way is to get in contact with other users of shotwell - i did not check if there is some more info at the gnome-channel or if its a special gnome-application-channel22:00
explodingmangoI know about irc.gnome.org's #shotwell and #documents, are you talking about some other channel I haven't heard of?22:01
explodingmango(But yeah, I've got a plan of action now, LiveCDs can't install updates I can use a persistent LiveUSB)22:02
explodingmango*if LiveCDs can't install updates22:02
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gilirNoskcaj, yes, probably a good idea since lxdm was not update in ubuntu since a log time ago ... I didn't check it but feel free to sync it if you think it's good enough22:23
anjo-aladiahLubuntu 14.10 dont give me sound in a Toshiba Satelite23:17
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anjo-aladiahI cant see control sound at all23:30
anjo-aladiahI dont make any idea why lubuntu 14.10 dont give me sound and no sound applet at all . Someone can help me ?23:41
anjo-aladiahsystem is recognizing my sound card but i have no sound nether sound applet on menu bar http://paste.ubuntu.com/8995214/23:49

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