ahayzenvthompson, heh i've just started a similar thing00:01
ahayzenvthompson, i still wonder if the settings one needs to be wiped as well00:01
vthompsonahayzen, maybe. Something broke for me. The app won't play music--the tracks don't seem valid. I see no errors in the logs though00:06
ahayzenvthompson, i aborted mine as i wanted to tweak it a bit more00:07
ahayzenrpadovani, when is the duckduckgo scope landing on my device it looks awesome :)00:12
rpadovaniahayzen, thanks :-) Hope very soon, I want to have a working version - atm you cannot click on results, so it's useless :-)00:13
ahayzenrpadovani, aww but the progress looks good so far :)00:13
ahayzenvthompson, Ran 18 tests in 395.359s OK00:13
ahayzenvthompson, do i push my changes?00:14
vthompsonooo, ahayzen yes do so. I can't verify anything now because music won't play :(00:14
ahayzenvthompson, cool will do00:14
rpadovaniahayzen, it's quite easy to develop a scope, tutorials are easy and template is good for everything. And DuckDuck rocks hard. My final destination is to implement all of this:00:14
ahayzenrpadovani, ah cool :) i use duckduckgo all the time so it'll probably be one of my default scopes :)00:15
rpadovaniall that data are waiting only a pretty interface :-)00:15
rpadovaniahayzen, are you developing a scopes for the contest?00:16
rpadovani(and noob english question, is scopes plural form of scope?)00:16
ahayzenrpadovani, nope sole focus is getting music-app in the store lol00:16
rpadovaniahayzen, that is a great focus :-) I want to use it on desktop, because I don't like any of the music player I tried00:17
ahayzenrpadovani, its pretty awesome on the desktop now as well :)00:18
ahayzenvthompson, pushed and commented00:19
vthompsonahayzen, woot00:19
ahayzenvthompson, just gonna run again to double check00:19
vthompsonso now both the db's are cleared00:19
ahayzenvthompson, yeah do you agree with my diff?00:19
vthompsonI want to see if I can get my device working again, but I'd like balloons or someone to run to double check00:20
ahayzenvthompson, note i just wipe the whole dir not just Databases...which also conveniently fits within the 79char limit :)00:20
vthompsonahayzen, yea, I didn't think we'd need to clear the settings as we ensure the shuffle/repeat is in the state we need... but it doesn't hurt00:20
ahayzenvthompson, well it clears queueIndex which could cause console errors as well remember00:20
vthompsonahayzen, yea, and the queue is cleared... so the index should be00:21
ahayzenvthompson, it makes sense :)00:21
ahayzenvthompson, have you tried restarting your device?00:21
vthompsonahayzen, yea, let me push a click and see if maybe the music files got corrupted or something00:22
ahayzenvthompson, i push everything manually across don't try click-buddy aha00:22
ahayzenvthompson, it passed again \o/00:26
ahayzenpopey, we have working autopilot \o/ ... at least on my N4 :)00:26
popeysuper stuff.00:27
vthompsonahayzen, woot, rebooting with a new click as well seemed to bring the app back into a working state. Running now00:27
ahayzenvthompson, sweet00:27
ahayzenpopey, this the mp if you haven't been following https://code.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/drop-ap-mocking/+merge/24163100:27
* popey click-buddy's it00:29
ahayzenpopey, note to run it on your device you'll have to move all your music elsewhere and you'll lose your playlists00:29
ahayzenpopey, as in to run autopilot00:29
popeymusic shmusic00:29
popeyit's all backed up in the cloud00:30
popeyor something00:30
ahayzenpopey, but assuming that lands as #738 at some point the readme is ready, so as soon as it is merged you can probably fire off click builds00:30
ahayzenpopey, heh that is what they tell us anyway "in the cloud"00:31
popeyhm, should "phablet-test-run -v music_app" work?00:31
popeyFileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/phablet/.local/share/com.ubuntu.music'00:32
popeyamong other interesting messages00:32
ahayzenah hmm00:32
ahayzenvthompson, guess it fails if the dir doesn't exist?00:32
ahayzenpopey, let me patch it up00:32
vthompsonahayzen, yea, good call. Thanks for breaking things popey!00:33
vthompsonahayzen, Ran 18 tests in 438.598s00:34
ahayzenvthompson, popey pushed try pulling now00:34
ahayzenvthompson, ...did they pass?00:34
vthompsonahayzen, yep. I'll pull, remove both directories, and retest for the issue popey is seeing00:34
ahayzenvthompson, thanks :) but its sounds like we've got this sorted00:35
popeythats better00:37
popeyhaha, only just realised one of the songs in the test suite is from the old nokia advert00:38
popeynicely done00:38
vthompsonahayzen, the only thing I think we kinda need is a README telling devs/testers to do a "mv ~/home/phablet/Music ~/home/phablet/.Music; restart mediascanner-2.0" before they attempt to test00:39
ahayzenpopey, which one?00:39
ahayzenvthompson, do you want to add that?00:39
vthompsonahayzen, I'll do so. It'll be short, but just want to make people aware of how to test00:40
ahayzenvthompson, yeah probably best00:40
popeyahayzen: the guitar one00:41
ahayzenpopey, one of the tracks is from the example content in ubuntu00:41
ahayzen...i think00:41
popeyGran Vals00:41
ahayzenah right :)00:41
popey21 years ago!00:42
ahayzenpopey, hah omg!00:42
popeyjust realised that's before you were born :|00:43
ahayzenthats why i don't remember it :P00:44
popeyRan 18 tests in 379.830s00:45
* popey runs again00:45
ahayzenvthompson, ^^ ... i think we're good :) are you doing the readme?00:46
vthompsonahayzen, I stole the clock app's README.autopilot and am mod'ing it now00:47
ahayzenvthompson, cool00:47
popeyquoting nik90 "Borrow it from another place" - not stealing ☻ http://nik90.com/ubuntu-component-store-lets-collaborate/00:49
ahayzenvthompson, is the "build the music-app" bit right?00:51
ahayzenvthompson, is that just what click-buddy does underneath?00:51
vthompsonpopey, :)00:51
vthompsonahayzen, it is. I could take it out I suppose00:51
ahayzenvthompson, i don't mind00:52
vthompsonahayzen, you don't need to build to run on the desktop for the music app00:52
ahayzenvthompson, yeah exactly take it out ;)00:52
vthompsonwill do00:53
popeyi used click-buddy fwiw00:53
vthompsonI always use click-buddy00:54
popeyThanks so much for getting this sorted.00:54
ahayzeni use a mash of things via a script these days00:55
ahayzenvthompson, re approved...do we go for top approval?00:55
vthompsonahayzen, SO, I just thought about this. We do have some level of verification (now) that this will work on a clean device... but what if we merge and then do the switch to have remix be trunk and we get failures?00:56
ahayzenvthompson, it should work...why wouldn't it?00:57
vthompsonahayzen, agreed that it should.00:57
popeyi dont understand under what scenario you're envisaging it won't?00:58
vthompsonI just want to make sure the agreement wasn't get the old app passing (which we CAN do if need be), then swap the two out00:58
popeywe didnt agree to get old app passing00:58
popeyI asserted that I want new app passing before I ask for blessing to get in the store00:58
vthompsonSounds great then. I think we're good to merge then00:59
vthompsonballoons, thanks for getting this kickstarted!00:59
ahayzenthanks balloons :D00:59
ahayzenvthompson, are you top approving or am i?01:00
vthompsonI can01:00
ahayzendo it!01:00
popeylets get it landed, update readme and I'll ping out a mail first thing in the morning with a new click, and update the wishlist to get it in the image.01:00
ahayzenpopey, i've updated the readme already...you just need to wait for it to land01:00
popey"Drop AP mocking on device" should say "Fix autopilot failures and add ponies"01:01
popeysee if anyone reads it01:01
ahayzenpopey, technically that is what it is though? drop AP mocking on device?01:01
popeyif you want to be boring ☻01:01
ahayzenjust happens that it fixes the issue01:01
popeythere is that, yes.01:02
ahayzenboring is simple ;)01:02
veeberspopey: heh, always happy patches to autopilot, especially if they include lifestock :-)01:02
ahayzenanyway dinner time vthompson popey hopefully that'll land and we'll have a new click ready for the store by morning :D01:02
veeberss/happy patches/happy to receive patches/ :-P01:02
vthompsonahayzen, yay! Hump Daaaaayyyy01:03
popeyThanks guys. Really awesome effort!01:03
* vthompson camps out on the Update manager screen01:03
veeberspopey: but seriously, is there something from us for autopilot that is blocking what you mentioned? or is that autopilot failures as in failures of autopilot tests?01:05
popeynope, not ap issues AIUI01:05
vthompsonpopey, ahayzen, balloons, the really awesome part about this is that not only will the new design show up on the image/in the store, but we will also be green again. You can't get better than that!01:06
popeyalso, new screenshots01:07
popeywill do that at the same time as we upload01:07
vthompsonyes, and that01:07
popeyok, it landed01:12
popeyahayzen: vthompson mail sent!01:22
popeywill add to wishlist barring fire/flood tomorrow01:22
popeythanks again, nn01:22
vthompsonpopey, woohoo01:24
micah68I can't find the UI page in the SDK for updating click package settings (version, framework, developer, etc.). The Publish page just shows me the click validation controls. Anyone know what I'm missing?04:05
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micah68I can't find the UI page in the SDK for updating click package settings (version, framework, developer, etc.). The Publish page just shows me the click validation controls. Anyone know what I'm missing?05:29
=== verterok` is now known as verterok
ahayzen_micah68, you should have a manifest.json file somewhere in your project, open that in QtCreator and that will allow you to change the framework version etc05:32
micah68That's what I was looking for! Thanks, ahayzen_05:35
ahayzen_micah68, no problem :)05:35
micah68Isn't there also a UI for the AppArmor profile?05:38
ahayzen_micah68, there was can't remember where you get to get it up05:50
ahayzen_micah68, but editing the apparmor JSON directly isn't too bad05:51
liuxgI have a QString, how can I convert it to a std::string, and its encoding is utf-8?05:53
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rpadovanimzanetti, dpm do we have weekly hangout?09:24
dpmmorning rpadovani, I thought we'd move it to UOS, I think popey got in touch with you guys for a time that worked for everyone?09:25
mihirpopey: i have got MP with bottom edge for calendar.09:25
dpmrpadovani, there's a session on http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/2014-11-14/display09:26
rpadovanidpm, yes, I know, but I thought we do both :-)09:26
mihirbut there are some issues or with my understanding with BottomEdge , i have already spoke to renetu & boiko..i'll be in touch base with them soon.09:26
rpadovanidpm, np, see you tomorrow then!09:26
dpmrpadovani, mzanetti, I'm happy to do the call today too if you want09:26
rpadovanithere is nothing urgent I think, so we can do it tomorrow :-)09:27
dpmrpadovani, ok, sounds good. Not sure I can make it tomorrow, though, as I've got a conflicting session. popey, mzanetti, rpadovani - would it work for you to swap the Reminders and Calculator sessions on http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/2014-11-14/display ?09:31
rpadovaniI have to attend both, so no problems for me :D09:31
dpmok, cool, let's see if it works for mzanetti before doing any changes09:32
popeyfine by me09:32
dpmrpadovani, did you see my reply to the new edit UI MP?09:32
rpadovanidpm, in this moment - sorry for that, my bad09:34
dpmrpadovani, np, let's just be careful and not quickly top-approve at this time09:35
rpadovaniwill do09:35
dpmrpadovani, does Qt Creator run the app using a desktop kit for you?09:39
rpadovanidpm, let me check, I use CLI09:39
dpmI've used only emulator or phone kits for a while09:40
dpmI just thought about testing the app on the desktop09:40
dpmand running cmake complains of Unknown CMake command: qt5_use_modules09:40
rpadovaniI'm building...09:40
=== rmescandon|afk is now known as rmescandon
dpmI'm probably missing a -dev package09:42
rpadovanidpm, no problems here09:42
rpadovanihey mardy o/ So, I have an AccountServiceModel with includeDisabled: true. I want to know how many accounts I have, so I use id.count. On PC works well, but on phone it returns always 0....09:44
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Kindness Day! :-D09:46
dpmmorning zbenjamin. I'm getting a weird QtC message when specifying a cmake argument on the UI, am I doing anything wrong? http://imgur.com/gPWNT5N,9v4wEO9#0 and the error message - http://imgur.com/gPWNT5N,9v4wEO9#109:54
zbenjamindpm: yes, its -DCLICK_MODE=off :)09:56
zbenjamindpm: but why do you want to disable click mode?09:56
dpmzbenjamin, ah, great, thanks. Because I wanted to test on the desktop09:58
zbenjaminah ok09:59
mzanettidpm: hey10:02
mzanettiI'm sooo sorry10:02
dpmmzanetti, for the new editor landing? No worries, not the end of the world, let's just make sure we have a tighter control of landings in the upcoming weeks10:04
mzanettino. for missing the meeting10:05
mzanettidpm: ^10:06
dpmmzanetti, no worries at all, we can talk some other time10:06
dpmmzanetti, would it work for you if we swap the reminders and calculator planning sessions on http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/2014-11-14/display ?10:07
* mzanetti looks10:08
mzanettidpm: I guess so, yeah10:09
dpmpopey, if you're around, could you swap the reminders and calculator planning sessions on http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/2014-11-14/display ? Thanks!10:10
mardyrpadovani: could it be that the service is not set to what you expect it to be? do you have accounts for both the sandbox and the production servers?10:13
dpmthanks popey!10:18
dpmmzanetti, it seems like autopilot is still choking on the arguments for the URI handler branch. Any ideas how to make it happy?10:19
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mzanettidpm: yeah. just pushed a commit10:20
mzanettihope that'll finally fix it10:20
mzanettihave been fighting with it already yesterday10:20
mihirpopey: are we going to skip meeting and continue on UOS ?10:50
popeymihir: yeah, lets do that11:05
mihirpopey: great , will get time to take dinner then :P hehehe11:05
rpadovanimardy, thanks, found the solution :-)11:11
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mzanettiwill we have a designer with us?11:22
mzanettiwrong channel :D11:22
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gventurinik90: sorry I couldn't make it to the UOS session yesterday11:31
gventurinik90: watching the session now11:32
mzanettigventuri: not much design related happened there though11:32
gventurimzanetti: nik90: there's some discussion about roadmaps11:33
nik90gventuri: hi, no worries..most of the discussion was related to the next few weeks.11:34
nik90gventuri: I was told by alan that we will have designs for timer and stopwatch somewhere in January...until which I will be planning out the backend stuff with the platform developers11:35
gventurinik90: what popey said is 100% right... we are waiting for a few new resources in the design team11:35
gventurinik90: we still have two junior UX positions open11:35
gventurinik90: it's a shame we can't find the right people11:36
nik90true, but to be honest, if I had the designs now, I would still be blocked by the platform11:36
nik90since as of now, it is not really possible to implement a timer11:36
gventurinik90: we are working with email and calendar app11:36
nik90so I am glad to know the roadmap so I can plan ahead11:37
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
gventurinik90: it would be great if you could help them11:37
popey+1 ☻11:37
popeyalso, weather11:37
popeyand.. and..11:37
nik90gventuri: yeah I will be diverting my attention to the email client design as I promised to DanChapman11:37
* popey hugs nik90 11:37
* nik90 hugs back11:38
rpadovanidpm, mzanetti the tagsUI branch is ready :-) But we need an icon to indicate tags in the new toolbox, atm it uses the bookmark icon11:40
mzanettiawesome :D11:40
mzanettirpadovani: dpm found a few issues in the edit note, we're fixing atm11:40
* nik90 just noticed popey's "and...." ... too many, lol!11:40
rpadovanimzanetti, at the end I didn't change anything, I only added the tags row to the toolbox column :-)11:41
mzanettirpadovani: will check it out when done with the edit note fixes11:41
rpadovanimzanetti, cool, thanks11:41
dpmnice work rpadovani11:41
* rpadovani takes note to leave always topapproving to dpm, because he always finds bugs, no matter how time you spent doing review :D11:42
dpmrpadovani, no worries, feel free to top-approve as usual. Just for big changes, let's perhaps make sure everyone in the team has tested them, especially in the next few weeks11:43
DanChapmannik90: are you tied up in any UOS sessions at 2.30 today? we have the design meeting and wondered if you wanted to jump in? Or i can just bring you up to speed later on during the lunch break or something?11:43
nik9002:30 UTC?11:44
nik90DanChapman: The only UOS I am hosting today is at 18:00 UTC.. anything before that I can attend11:45
dpmmzanetti, so I'm happy to approve https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/editmode-fixes/+merge/241665 as they are already a big usability improvement. For the TODO images, it seems it's a bit more work and it's rather minor, so we can do it in another branch11:45
DanChapmannik90: darn had my UK brain on. Its 14.30 UTC... it clashes with the toolkit roadmap session11:45
nik90DanChapman: ah ok..sure I can join your meeting11:45
mzanettidpm: ah ok11:45
dpmmzanetti, ok. Let me see if I can find some time to create the icons real quick now11:46
mzanettilet's agree on a channel11:46
mzanettidpm: so whatever you decide is fine with me. we can either merge the old proposal (just delete the new one and set the old one back to needs review/approved)11:47
mzanettidpm: or, create the icons, add to the new one and merge that11:47
mzanettiit's up to you11:47
mzanettimaking the icons might be a bit fiddly though11:47
DanChapmannik90: awesome, I just sent you an invite (I think)11:49
rpadovanimzanetti, if you have 2 minutes, there is this one line change to fix issue with multiple account on the phone11:53
mzanettirpadovani: you sure we want to get rid of the service property here?11:54
rpadovanimzanetti, we dont't use it in the AccountServiceModel we use to actually do login11:54
rpadovanimzanetti, I don't find any issue with that11:55
mzanettigreyback_: hmm... actually you're right... so one could have a snadbox and a production account and switch between those11:56
nik90DanChapman: got it..accepted11:56
mzanettirpadovani: ^^11:56
mzanettisorry greyback_ :)11:56
rpadovaniman, you scare new users :D11:57
mzanettilol... no... gerry is not a new user :D he's just having troubles with his wifi chip11:58
rpadovanilol :-) Lunch time, see you later o/11:58
greyback__:) network issues today11:59
greyback__for once, it's not my wifi's fault11:59
=== greyback__ is now known as greyback
mzanettirpadovani: so your fix does work, but if the account isn't authorized, the "tap to authorize" doesn't work12:17
popeybeuno: there is an app in the store (XKCD Comic viewer by mvo) which shows up in my click scope and I can click install but it fails to install.12:18
popeyCannot install /home/phablet/.local/share/ubuntu-download-manager/Downloads/com (5).ubuntu.developer.mvo.xkcd-webserver_0.2_all.click: Framework "ubuntu-core-15.04-dev1" not present on system (use --force-missing-framework option to override)12:18
mzanettidpm: see last comment here when you have a minute: https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/reminders-app/1392197/+merge/24166812:19
popeybeuno: surely it shouldn't show up in the click store list?12:19
beunopopey, it should not12:19
popeybug in click scope?12:19
beunopopey, I'm not sure, lets try and find out12:19
beunopopey, do you know how to list out the frameworks on your devices?12:20
beunosergiusens, ^^^12:20
beunopopey, can you please?12:20
popeyls -l /usr/share/click/frameworks12:20
davidcallepopey, beuno, when trying to run a new app/scope from the SDK, same thing, the framework used by default in the manifest is 15.04-dev1 as well.12:20
beunok,so not there12:21
beunodavidcalle, but not -core12:21
beunopopey, either the scope is not filtering by frameworks12:21
beunoor the store has a bug12:21
davidcallebeuno, core it is12:22
sergiusensbeuno: popey there's an interface for that click framework list12:22
dpmmzanetti, thanks, added my reply12:23
popeysergiusens: ta12:23
beunodavidcalle, what's the exact string?12:23
beunoby default in the SDK12:23
mzanettidpm: no, there is a second AccountsServiceModel which is used for the actual login12:24
davidcallebeuno, from a new scope project : ubuntu-core-15.04-dev112:24
* beuno sighs12:24
beunobzoltan, ping12:24
beunowhy is that?  ^^^^12:24
mzanettidpm: this one is just to list all the accounts. but yeah, given that we only switch between sandbox/production with a cmd line argument, I guess we should keep it here too12:24
bzoltanbeuno: hello12:24
zbenjaminbeuno: because its the most recent framework as returned by the store API12:25
beunozbenjamin, the store doesn't have any sorting12:26
beunoI guess the SDK does the sorting and decides?12:26
zbenjaminbeuno: the sdk sorts by version nr12:26
beunozbenjamin, so that's not going to work as we introduce new platforms12:27
zbenjaminbeuno: so what is the right version to choose?  i can assign multiple different chroots to the project... on project creation i have no idea what the user is going to do12:28
dslulhello, anyone knows how i can get the name (or id) of the selected filter for a scope?12:29
beunozbenjamin, lool usually makes that call, but I understand we need to encode that into the api call12:29
zbenjaminbeuno: that would be awesome12:30
loolthe scope is supposed to send supported frameworks12:30
looland the store to only return results in the supported set12:30
zbenjaminlool: what we talk about here is the list of available frameworks the SDK uses to provide a default value on project creation12:31
zbenjaminlool: right now it comes from the store api12:31
zbenjaminbut there is no way to decide what the default value should be12:32
loolzbenjamin: ohh ok12:33
loolzbenjamin: why doesn't it come from click chroots?12:33
loolzbenjamin: also, we could filter it for *touch* for the touch projects12:34
zbenjaminlool: you mean substituting it automatically when the project is build?12:34
beunolool, maybe we need some namespacing here per platform?12:34
zbenjaminlool: so the idea would be to always use the highest framework the chroot provides i would guess12:35
loolzbenjamin: yes; that seems sensible12:35
zbenjaminlool: ok i'll look into that12:35
zbenjaminme, showstopper right on the first look.... no click package in the chroots :(12:36
loolbeuno: on the store side? interesting idea but I kind of feel SDK templates ought to cover this in some way, like the QML framework would be using the qml framework12:36
loolzbenjamin: ah bummer; we can add it though and fallback to listing framework files in the mean time; so click is run on the host but the frameworks are taken from the chroot? feels weird12:37
beunolool, I'm happy with less work.12:37
zbenjaminlool: hm i can maybe lookup whats in /var/lib/schroot/chroots/.... but its kind of hacky12:38
loolzbenjamin: well it ought to be "click chroot run click framework list" or something like that, but in the mean time it might have to be "click chroot run ls /usr/share/click/frameworks"12:39
loolzbenjamin: or we could store everything store side (beuno's proposal); that might be easier to deal with, but requires development12:40
zbenjaminlool: also changing the framework automatically means also updating the apparmor policy ...12:40
zbenjaminand there is no guarantee the apparmor files are stored in the project somewhere i can automatically find them12:40
loolzbenjamin: changing the framework automatically?12:42
loolzbenjamin: I might have misunderstood, but I understand this is picked when you start a new project?12:42
beunozbenjamin, the SDK checks that the framework isn't obsoleted, right?12:52
zbenjaminlool: right atm yes, its picked up on  a new project. A different approach would be to automatically substitute it to the framework the current build chroot supports, but that would require also to change the aa policy12:55
zbenjaminbeuno: not yet, i just provide the list of all available frameworks.12:55
zbenjaminbeuno: i also could change to automatically choosing the most recent non dev framework12:56
kalikianazbenjamin: while you're at it, make it harder to accidentally screw it up by scrolling the combo box13:04
zbenjaminkalikiana: need to check if i can disable that13:04
DS-McGuireGuys is http://developer.ubuntu.com/ down for anyone else?13:05
kalikianazbenjamin: it would help if there wasn't 20 in there almost identically named…13:06
kalikianadidn't you have some code to pick names that *make sense* to humans?13:07
beunozbenjamin, lool, I think that given that there might be other non-touch frameworks, it needs to be a bit smarter than that13:07
sverzegnassiDS-McGuire: it works on my pc13:08
DS-McGuireAh, works for me now too... Weird. Thanks anyway sverzegnassi13:08
mzanettirpadovani: do you still have the link to that guy that complained about reminders only supporting 200 notes?13:24
mihirkunal: ping , we can skip meeting and can have UOS directly at 15:00 UTC13:24
mihirkunal: also , i've finished updating those MP when you get time can you look at that ?13:24
rpadovanimzanetti, I'll find it :-)13:38
mzanettirpadovani: not *that* important, just wanted to tell him that it's fixed now13:38
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rpadovanimzanetti, and here we are :D13:54
=== karni is now known as karni-lunch
mzanettirpadovani: ok. hope I didn't blame myself too much with my poor italian skills13:57
rpadovanimzanetti, it's better than my english skills :P13:59
mzanettinot so sure about that13:59
dslulwhere can i find the unity8 ebay scope source code?14:07
davidcalledslul, if it's for C++ hints, it won't help you it's in Python and sent to the dash from a server :) http://pad.lv/p/ubuntu-rest-scopes14:08
dsluli wanted to understand better how filters can be handled, and the ebay scope seems to have them14:09
davidcalledslul, I've just answered your email. And yeah, the ebay code won't help you for that, it's a different API.14:09
dslulgreat! i'll see what i can do14:10
dslulthank you for your help14:10
davidcalledslul, np :)14:12
gventuripopey: hi14:33
gventuripopey: sorry we are a bit late14:33
popeygventuri: yo14:33
popeygventuri: late for?14:33
popeyI am in another session for dekko, DanChapman will be there.14:33
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popeymihir & kunal can you please join #ubuntu-uds-appdev-214:59
mihirpopey: done :D14:59
mihirpopey: how can i join hangout , i didn't see any option15:00
dpmfor whoever wants to learn more about scopes ^^15:03
davidcalledpm, missed a part of Thomas intro, are filters going to be covered?15:03
dpmdavidcalle, he only mentioned departments15:04
davidcalledpm, thanks15:04
dpmdavidcalle, but I'm sure they can talk about them if we ask them to15:04
davidcalledpm, :)15:04
renatudpm, hey could you review this: https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/sync-monitor/sync-monitor-i18n/+merge/24168415:08
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renatumihir, did you fix the problem with bottom edge?15:10
mihirrenatu: not yet, didn't get time to play with that , i left what we have left last chat15:10
mihirrenatu: i am left with file  bug  (If it is bug)15:11
renatumihir, did you get my message explaining the real problem?15:11
mihirrenatu: i guess not15:11
renatumihir, is not a bottom edge bug,15:11
renatumihir, the problem is that the NewEvent component only update the fields values on Component.onCompleted15:11
renatumihir, it does not update the fields if the "date" property changed15:12
mihirrenatu: i see.15:12
mihirrenatu: but i don't understand why it works on second time , does that mean it loads afterwards15:14
balloonsnik90, so I listened to the comments on you extending UbuntuTestCase. What do you think now?15:38
balloonselopio, actually might be useful to have your 2 cents here. Any thoughts on upstreaming qml test helpers?15:38
nik90balloons: I am in a bit of doubt here since it looks like SDK devs want to support one kind of helpers which atm are the autopilot helpers.15:39
elopioballoons: anything common to all tests should be in UbuntuTestCase15:39
nik90and it makes sense from their perspective since ideally they don't want to support two kinds of test suites15:39
elopiobut things like selecting a value from a date picker simulating mouse interactions, probably not.15:39
nik90elopio: why not?15:39
* balloons opened a bigger can o' worms15:40
nik90elopio: I agree it doesn't make sense to add those kind of helpers to UbuntuTestCase15:40
elopioballoons: nik90: in a qml test, you shouldn't use the mouse to set a value on a date picker. I think.15:40
elopioyou can just directly set the value property15:40
nik90elopio: I can (and that's what I do atm)15:40
nik90elopio: but that doesn't simulate a real user though15:41
elopio the SDK developers should already be testing the mouse interaction, so no need to duplicate that.15:41
balloonsI would agree.. I would set all the properties I need already15:41
balloonswho wants to wait for that anyway :-) For a custom component though, it's on you15:41
nik90here's a bug that would be exposed only by mouse interaction -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/137169415:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1371694 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "TimePicker behaves erratically after changing system timezone" [High,Triaged]15:42
nik90if I set it by directly assigning a value to the datetime picker, this bug won't be visible15:42
elopionik90: that test should be done in the SDK, not on the clock.15:42
nik90elopio: ah15:43
elopioIMO, once they fix it with a regression test, you are safe just to set directly the value.15:43
balloonsyep.. I found a bug from changing the ordering as well, but it's the same deal. They fix the bug, they add a test15:44
nik90ok that makes sense..15:44
elopioI think that on the clock QML tests, what you are testing is that the integration of a group of SDK components into a form work correctly.15:44
elopio that the specific SDK components work correctly.15:44
nik90so instead of typing into a textbox, I should directly set the value of the text instead in a qml test case15:46
elopiothat would be using QML tests to excercise only the code you wrote.15:46
elopionik90: that's what I would do in most cases. It will run faster, and anyway I would have a higher level autopilot test for checking that a user can add a city.15:47
elopioon that last part is where we don't fully agree. But that's ok.15:47
elopiojust think if with the code you wrote, there's a chance of breaking the user input.15:48
ahayzent1mp, ping15:48
elopioif there is not, then setting the value directly sounds ok.15:48
balloonselopio, right so again if it's not a custom component I don't see the point in testing it out15:49
elopioballoons: as long as it's already tested upstream.15:49
nik90balloons: yeah I already for unit tests to cover custom components that I have.15:49
elopioand as long as we trust upstream to do good tests.15:49
balloonswell, testing assumptions you make about upstream is a bit different15:50
balloonsyou consume there API; you can certainly test it out15:50
* balloons wonders if he broke something on vivid with clock15:54
nik90balloons: let me guess, the alarm is created 3360 days from now ?15:54
ahayzennik90, i had that last night15:55
ahayzennik90, i tried to create an alarm like 45mins later than now and it wouldn't lol15:55
nik90ahayzen: its a bug in EDS.. Only affect vivid. EDS assumes the year is 1970 :)15:55
ahayzennik90, magic \o/15:56
nik90ahayzen: it was an issue in utopic as well, but they patched it quite early. That patch isnt in vivid yet...15:56
ahayzennik90, damn you're now telling my utopic is infront of vivid?15:56
nik90we are in the 70s according to the clock..simpler times15:56
ahayzennik90, i just moved because utopic seemed behind lol...they are so out of sync15:56
* ahayzen wants new media-hub things to land 15:56
nik90ahayzen: why aren't you using rtm?15:57
nik90isn't that what we should be testing against atm?15:57
nik90or were you referring to the desktop15:57
ahayzennik90, i was until yesterday :) ... music-app is ready and was working on rtm so i thought i would try vivid :)15:57
ahayzenturns out 1 part of our theming doesn't work in vivid15:58
nik90ahayzen: well you get to keep the broken pieces :P15:58
* nik90 goes to make coffee15:58
ahayzennik90, yeah exactly i'm not sure which i should be on as i want bug 1368300 to be fixed on my device which has a silo in vivid15:58
ubot5bug 1368300 in Media Hub "Pause playback when output device status changes" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136830015:58
ahayzenballoons, thanks for the help last night with autpilot :)15:59
balloonsahayzen, you are most welcome15:59
balloonsI think seeing the mp was easier than explaining it eh?15:59
nik90ahayzen: ah...yeah tell me about it. I have a few bugs which I need desperately fixed in rtm...starting with the ability to disable an alarm15:59
ahayzenballoons, hopefully we'll be green on CI ...if and when we land in the store15:59
ahayzenballoons, yeah it was thanks :) took me a while to remember how to run autopilot on device as well lol16:00
ahayzenpopey, how is the progression to promoting to the store going?16:01
popeyahayzen: just checked.. approved16:02
popeywill do it at 17:00 :D16:02
ahayzenpopey, OMG \o/16:02
popeyballoons: if you're around in 1 hour, we need to update music app in store, and update screenshots.16:02
balloonspopey, wahoo!16:03
balloonsI'll be in a session, but more than happy to make some time16:03
popeyballoons: 17:00 is lunch16:03
balloonsahh right16:04
popeywell. "lunch"16:05
kalikianamore like high tea16:23
kalikianabut then again you have those funny people saying tea when they mean dinner16:24
brendand_davmor2, kalikiana is calling you funny :P ^16:38
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balloonspopey, so let's make music right?16:51
* balloons hums 'let's make music together'16:51
* popey hums "Let's get it on"16:54
* ahayzen is listening to "Let's get it started"16:54
popeyballoons: is jenkins building remix clicks?16:55
balloonsoh noes! I lost my vpn's :-(16:56
popeyhttp://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/click/  i dont see it there16:56
popeyballoons: can you take my click from http://people.canonical.com/~alan/music_remix/20141113/trunk/com.ubuntu.music_2.0.738_all.click  ?16:56
balloonspopey, I most certainly can. How'd you build it?16:56
popeytested and autopilot tested on my device16:57
ahayzenpopey, what is the plan once it is in the store? ... eg do we merge lp:music-app/remix into lp:music-app or do we keep them separate or ..?16:57
popeyi would, then we get jenkins building for free. we dont need to support old music app once we hit the store16:58
popeyremix becomes old ㋛16:58
balloonsyes, trunk becomes /remix and /remix becomes trunk16:58
popeysergiusens: who is able to replace screenshots in the store? Only you?16:58
balloonsoh ohh, pick me!16:58
ahayzenok so we merge in that will be a fun diff :)16:58
balloonsyou just set dev focus, should be fine16:59
sergiusenspopey: no, but I don't remember who else has the keys either16:59
balloonsI can ;-)16:59
popeyballoons: just forwarded you zillions of screenshots16:59
balloonsyou want ALL of them?16:59
popeywhen you upload music, please replace them16:59
popeywhen I say "zillions" I mean "10"17:00
balloonshehe.. it reads like a pink floyd advert17:00
* balloons whips up a software song ss17:01
balloonsclick is pushed, updating screenshots17:02
popeyballoons: feel free to trim if you think it needs it17:03
popeygood to show at least one of each view17:03
balloonspopey, the click failed review17:05
balloonsohh neat, more new store stuff17:06
balloonspopey, I have to request a manual review now17:06
popey - security_policy_groups_safe_music (music_files_read)17:07
popey        (MANUAL REVIEW) reserved policy group 'music_files_read': vetted applications only17:07
popey - security_redflag_fields (apparmor.json)17:07
popey        found redflagged fields (needs human review): read_path, write_path17:07
popey/tmp/com.ubuntu.music_2.0.738_all.click: FAIL17:07
popeythats fine, it always does that :D17:07
balloonsnew screenshots are fine17:08
popey\o/ done17:08
balloonspopey, yes the change is only on my end. It forces me to ask you to review it.. the bot tells me I was bad :-)17:08
popeyThanks chaps!17:08
* balloons updates music17:08
popeystupid usain17:08
balloonsgo little phone17:08
ahayzenpopey, "always does that" it should be better now as it isn't unconfined just needs certain r/w paths and policies17:09
nik90woohooo music 2.0 Remix17:09
popeyahayzen: true ☻17:09
popeyahayzen: feel free to spam the internet about it ☻17:09
popeyI won't take your glory ☻17:09
ahayzenpopey, i'm attempting to write a blog post with DC sprint + music-app 2.0 right now :)17:10
balloons^^ I'll just reshare.. ahayzen you and vthompson go forth!17:10
ahayzenpopey, also gonna try and do a before/after screenshots17:10
ahayzenballoons, popey, thanks guys i'll let victor know to break open the champagne17:11
balloonsbah, lol, my music is all backed up from the testing :-(17:11
popeyenjoy the nokia tune!17:11
popeyon repeat17:11
popeyalso, nice timing http://design.canonical.com/2014/11/community-interview-victor-thompson-and-andrew-hayzen/17:12
ahayzenpopey, yeah i saw that :D17:13
* ahayzen runs to old app to screenshot it and realises how legacy it feels now17:21
rpadovaniHey guys :-) So, I  just started to work to preview in a scope - I have the basic template file (and it works well) and I want to add action as described in the tutorial, but I have a error17:22
rpadovanithis is my code: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8990308/17:22
rpadovaniand this is the error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8990338/17:23
nik90rpadovani: dude, duckduckgo is amazing idea to make as a scope..I started using it more frequently the past few days...it is awesome17:35
nik90after seeing your post :)17:35
rpadovaninik90, I agree, for some things is definitely better than google. Do you know it has also documentation as istant answer? Try 'python import' or 'vim commands'  :D17:37
nik90rpadovani: yeah I am discovering new instant answers every day...I wish they support qt searches better ;P17:38
akiva-thinkpadif there are any ubuntu sdk people in here; having you here at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22319/roundtable-creating-a-theming-standard-for-qml/ would be very appreciated.17:59
mzanettinik90: so that session is in half an hour, right?18:32
nik90mzanetti: yes18:32
mzanettiwant me to join the hangout? or just watch it?18:35
gcolluranik90, you can theme everything with the cyanogenmod theme system18:36
gcolluranik90, from sounds to single application colors18:37
nik90gcollura: you might want to join #ubuntu-uds-appdev-1 for the discussion18:37
zsombinik90: I'm watching your session now...18:39
nik90zsombi: you want to join it? :D18:40
zsombinik90: in which channel are you?18:41
nik90zsombi: ^^18:41
nik90mzanetti: ideally I would like you to join the hangout and provide more insight into qml test writing for writing unit test cases etc.18:46
nik90mzanetti: if you are free at that time that is18:46
nik90mzanetti: I am in a hangout at the moment, hence the delay :)18:47
akiva-thinkpadcommunity qanda going on19:03
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Beyond the core apps; what areas need contribution?19:04
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: What are Ubuntu Locos?19:05
mihirakiva-thinkpad: wrong channel :)19:05
akiva-thinkpadthanks mihir19:05
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Randy_Oquestion: are there any good documentations on how to write an offline scope? I'm hitting some walls here fumbling around inthe dark.20:48
mzanettipopey: thanks... because you uploaded all those cool images I want a feature in reminders to set an image as wallpaper now20:50
popeyhaha ☻20:50
popeythat would be awesome20:50
labsinAnyone know how I can access images I builde with my scope. I'd like to add a queryResult with the 'Next" results and want to set an icon for it. But the docs say it needs a full image path21:37

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