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LaibschCan I manipulate the status of bugs' release pockets?16:32
LaibschIOW, set all karmic bugs to wontfix16:32
LaibschI want to do this with the e-mail API: https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface16:33
tewardAIUI "Won't Fix" is a unique, controlled-access status...16:38
Laibschdoes that answer my question in any way?16:41
Laibschif it is relevant, I can set that status without any problem via the web interface16:41
tewardLaibsch: that's the first thing I was checking, yes.  :P16:45
Laibschthen I do not understand the answer16:46
Laibsch-v, please16:46
* teward never gave you a full answer16:46
Laibschare you playing games with me?16:49
* Laibsch is starting to get annoyed16:49
tewardno, i'm not sure of the answer, so i'm searching too16:49
tewardso patience, or wait for someone who knows the system better to answer (I asked #launchpad as well since they may know even more)16:51
tewardwell i haave an answer to Laibsch's initial question - thanks to cjwatson in #launchpad for it, because the documentation didn't show the functionality20:25
tewardgoing to put out a serious question: is there any reason the bugs listed at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+bugs should be left open, or can we mark them as "Won't Fix" if we have the rights to?21:50
penguin42I don't see why they should remain open - obviously only the karmic part of bugs that have parts for multiple versions22:00
penguin42I'd be tempted to kill off the new and confirmed and see what's left22:01
tewardi've already made a huge list of commands to send to edit@bugs to close them all... I'mma redo it to target new and confirmed for now...22:01
tewardmaybe triaged.22:01
tewardnew confirmed and incomplete actually22:02
tewardhggdh: ^  (related to the PM I sent)22:07
tewardin case you want to loop in your opinion publicly :)22:07
hggdhthey can be either invalid or wontfix, provided that a blurb is given asking to open a new bug on a supported release22:10
tewardheh.  a lot of these appear to be Fix Released for the main bug task...22:10
hggdhso it would be a backport -- which will not happen. As such, safe to close wontfix.22:11
tewardi'm going to close the 6 karmic bugs against amsynth all at once as "Won't Fix", so lets see if I did this right... I'll add a form comment manually after... too bad there's no email interface for staging, then i would be able to test this a lot more thoroughly...22:18
tewardwell, goody, it worked.22:26

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