imgbot=== trainguards: IMAGE 19 building (started: 20141113 02:05) ===02:04
imgbot=== trainguards: IMAGE 19 DONE (finished: 20141113 03:25) ===03:24
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/19.changes ===03:24
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oSoMoNtrainguards: hey, can silo 6 be published, please?10:29
oSoMoNping, any trainguards around?10:57
MirvoSoMoN: o/11:00
oSoMoNMirv, note that there are packaging changes, they have already been acked by kenvandine11:02
oSoMoNMirv, see his approval here: https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/sanity-unit-tests/+merge/24154311:02
MirvoSoMoN: oh, excellent, I was just about to ping og_ra on them11:03
MirvoSoMoN: that doesn't include the autopilot dep changes though11:03
oSoMoNah, right, it doesn’t indeed11:03
oSoMoNogra_ to the rescue? ;)11:03
Mirvyes. ogra_ : https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-006-2-publish/37/artifact/packaging_changes_webbrowser-app_0.23+15.04.20141113-0ubuntu1.diff11:04
Mirvlooks correct, autopilot-touch depends on python3-autopilot plus autopilot-qt5 which depends on libautopilot-qt11:04
ogra_hmm, i hate that i cant see which section these changes are in11:04
Mirvogra_: https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/depend-on-autopilot-touch/+merge/24003911:04
ogra_yeah, doesnt help :P11:05
Mirvwell that of course doesn't help :D11:05
MirvI agree, it's annoying11:05
ogra_(same diff)11:05
Mirvyou can guess since you see the first line of description...11:05
oSoMoNyup, it would be cool to be able to display the entire file in launchpad’s diffs11:05
ogra_ok, took a bit (dug up the complete file from the branch) ...11:08
cjwatsonoSoMoN: Could you file a bug on Launchpad itself suggesting that, please?  I had a quick look and nothing similar appears to have been filed already.11:10
oSoMoNcjwatson, sure, will do11:11
oSoMoNogra_, Mirv: thanks!11:17
oSoMoNlp timed out when trying to file a bug against it :/11:19
oSoMoNnow it got through11:19
oSoMoNcjwatson, bug #139228211:19
ubot5bug 1392282 in Launchpad itself "Feature request: show entire file in diffs generated for merge requests" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139228211:20
ogra_it just wants to make you think twice ;)11:20
oSoMoNor it’s a clever way of devising the perfect product: no bug reports, no bugs :)11:21
cjwatsonoSoMoN: thanks11:23
cjwatsontimeout> oops id or it didn't happen :)11:23
oSoMoNdarn, I close the page, didn’t keep the oops id at hand11:23
cjwatson(but it might just be one of the gazillion problems that will be fixed once the new database servers are installed)11:24
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bzoltanslangasek: We need your eyes on the new qtbase candidate which brings the multiarch cross supporting qmake11:42
Mirvslangasek: there's a debdiff of Zoltan's work at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/190250795/qtbase-opensource-src_5.3.2%2Bdfsg-4ubuntu2_5.3.2%2Bdfsg-4ubuntu3~vivid1~test1.diff.gz (don't mind the changelog stuff, I'd do a proper build after there's agreement on the method)11:43
mvo_Mirv: nice, that looks pretty straightforward11:48
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boikorobru: hi, would you mind reconfiguring vivid silo 22 again? I had to add one more MR to it13:25
Mirvboiko: he's not awake for 3.5h more hours, but I'm here for a bit still13:33
boikoMirv: ah ok, would you mind reconfiguring the silo then?13:34
Mirvboiko: yep already done13:37
boikoMirv: thanks!13:37
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silDroidDropped in for a moment to check how things are going14:06
silDroidI see the landing gates are closed already?14:06
silDroidAny topblockers remaining? :)14:06
ogra_silDroid, sure, lots14:07
ogra_silDroid, but we have a ggood RC candidate14:07
ogra_looks like we'll make it for tomorrow promotion ;)14:07
silDroidNo waaay!14:07
ogra_processes processes processes ;)14:07
* ogra_ does the ballemt14:07
silDroidAnyway, great news, thanks for handling this guys14:09
silDroidMy turn in the queue, good luck everyone and keep on rocking!14:21
silDroidSee you later ;)14:21
sergiusensogra_: do I need to bribe you these days for silos?15:03
sergiusensor Mirv and rsalveti still good candidates?15:04
* sergiusens wants one for line 7215:04
sergiusensshould be a quick one15:04
rsalvetiI can do it15:04
ogra_sergiusens, Mirv and robru are the trainguards15:04
ogra_i do the landing tea, duties beyond that15:04
ogra_*team too :P15:04
rsalvetisergiusens: silo 615:04
sergiusensogra_: so you are above everyone? sort of like a manager :-P15:05
sergiusensrsalveti: thanks15:05
ogra_kind of ... the amount of meetings i have agrees15:05
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Mirvogra_: one landing tea for me, please!15:38
* ogra_ goes brewing :)15:38
* Mirv likes fast service15:38
jgdxcihelp: we (uss team) are having some issues with the otto test runner e.g. [1]. Tests are failing, then timing out, then a Java error. Any clues as to why this happens? Thanks! :) [1] https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-vivid/109/consoleFull15:39
davmor2ogra_: you don't do landing coffees man you're a drinkist who knew15:47
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ogra_davmor2, lol, for myself i only do coffees :) but there is a missus here in the house too ;)15:51
davmor2ogra_: oh you mean there is a boss in the house right ;)15:52
ogra_yeah :)15:52
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fgintherjgdx, I'll take a look. First question I have, are these desktop tests providing useful results over the tests that are running on touch?16:05
jgdxfginther, yes, they have so far.16:15
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jdstrandtrainguards: can I have a silo for line 73?17:24
ogra_robru, you around ?17:25
bzoltanslangasek: ping17:27
slangasekbzoltan: hi17:28
bzoltanslangasek:  would you have few secs to check my change proposal for the qtbase packaging?17:29
bzoltanslangasek: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?distro=ubuntu&q=landing-01617:30
bzoltanslangasek: details -> https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/kubuntu-packaging/qt5-qmake-cross-armhf/+merge/24156817:30
bzoltanslangasek:  this will enable the SDK to use the x86 qmake binary with the armhf dev packages... namingly enable the qmake project types in multiarch click chroots17:31
slangasekbzoltan: currently on a call, sorry17:35
bzoltanslangasek:  no worries :) pong me when you have few minutes for me17:35
robruogra_: hey what's up?17:53
robrujdstrand: rtm 217:53
jdstrandrobru: thanks!17:54
robrujdstrand: you're welcome17:54
ogra_robru, just wanted to know if you are there since you werent at the meeting ... (i would have looked for another llander for the US TZ then)17:56
robruogra_: ah sorry, just missed my alarm. I'm around now if you need me to handle anything18:02
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ogra_robru, no, all fine ... RTM is still frozen hard anyway18:08
brendand_ogra_, it's starting to look like this MTP issue is real18:13
ogra_brendand_, hmm, hwo long/often do i need to connect to actually see it18:14
ogra_(i tried three times since the meeting and cant manage to get it)18:14
brendand_ogra_, you have to leave the device disconnected for a little while18:15
ogra_bah ... and saying that  ...18:15
ogra_i did18:15
ogra_three times18:15
ogra_and just tried again now18:15
ogra_and got it :(18:15
brendand_ogra_, and i rolled back to 151 and couldn't get it18:16
ogra_brendand_, but18:16
ogra_brendand_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8991048/18:17
ogra_this is clearly a hos issue18:17
ogra_please check your PC logs18:17
brendand_ogra_, which log was that?18:17
ogra_dmesg on my laptop18:17
ogra_there is either something going on on kernel level on the device or on driver level on the PC18:20
brendand_ogra_, i actually get http://paste.ubuntu.com/8991087/18:21
brendand_ogra_, so what's the deal with it working on 151 then?18:21
ogra_brendand_, that log looks fine18:21
ogra_and i have to take back everything i said ... my screen was locked18:21
* ogra_ slaps forehead18:21
brendand_ogra_, are you looking the directory i told you or seeing what nautilus is doing?18:22
ogra_brendand_, not yet ... i was double clicking nautilus and noticed it didnt open the device18:22
ogra_then checked my dmesg18:22
brendand_ogra_, didn't open at all?18:22
ogra_but indeed you need to unlock the screen before connecting18:22
ogra_totally forgot about that18:23
brendand_ogra_, well you can unlock after too18:23
brendand_ogra_, if the phone is locked then there will be something in 'ls $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/gvfs' but nothing in that directory18:23
brendand_ogra_, if it's unlocked then you will see directories for the Internal storage and SD card18:24
brendand_ogra_, unless you get the bug described then there will be nothing in gvfs18:24
brendand_ogra_, davmor2 confirmed independently18:25
davmor2ogra_: it's true sorry I blame you, brendand_ is nice and blames cyphermox18:25
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ status mtp-server18:26
ogra_mtp-server stop/waiting18:26
ogra_thats probably the reason18:26
brendand_ogra_, yeah that would be it i guess18:26
brendand_ogra_, but why did it stop? there's no crash file18:26
ogra_yep, a "start mtp-server" and re-plugging fixes it18:27
ogra_no crash file ...18:27
brendand_ogra_, indeed18:28
brendand_ogra_, well we can't expect our users to know to do that18:28
brendand_ogra_, obviously18:28
brendand_ogra_, so you can confirm it too then?18:28
brendand_ogra_, obviously :)18:28
ogra_just looking at the last changes18:28
brendand_ogra_, silo 18 was about mtp18:28
brendand_ogra_, landed around 155/15618:29
ogra_LP fooled me18:30
ogra_thats the right diff18:30
ogra_cyphermox, why did we add all this dbus stuff instead of blantly make it sleep 10 sec ?18:32
ogra_olli, so thats pretty bad news :(18:32
brendand_ogra_, well we just need to get a fix and retest it tomorrow18:33
olliogra_, what18:33
ogra_cyphermox, in pre-start of mtp-server ...18:33
ogra_olli, mtp is broken18:33
brendand_olli, we found a bug where mtp stops working if you leave the device disconnected for a little while18:33
brendand_olli, it's a regression from the last promotion18:34
ogra_brendand_, so you think just atomic testing is enough for that ?18:34
ogra_no full re-test needed ?18:34
brendand_ogra_, of the whole image? if that's the only thing that lands?18:34
ogra_brendand_, well ... (silent sigh) .... slangasek uploaded his livecd-rootfs change ... so shorts will be gone (which is wanted but adds another diff)18:35
ollipmcgowan, ^18:35
ogra_brendand_, i assume thats no biggie though18:35
brendand_ogra_, :/ this is why things need to be actually frozen18:35
ogra_brendand_, yes, i only saw the upload today when checking rtm-changes18:36
brendand_ogra_, anyway we found the bug, now we need to deal with it18:36
ogra_brendand_, right, i was fearing a full re-test run18:36
ogra_if we can handle that atomic then it is fine18:36
brendand_ogra_, if a full retest is really warranted then we might do that18:36
brendand_ogra_, not sure if jibel is around but it's probably up to him18:36
* brendand_ needs to go make dinner18:37
brendand_i'll come back later to find out what's happening18:37
jibelif the change impacts the upstart job of mtp-server only, I tihnk it's safe to re-run the sanity tests + regressions tests of mtp18:37
olliogra_, we might want to discuss whether it makes sense to pursue the promotion or not18:37
olli+to discuss whether18:38
ogra_olli, well, if we can just do an atomic re-test of the change we are still on schedule18:38
ogra_seems QA thinks thats possible18:38
jibelogra_, however there is the livecd-rootfs change.18:38
ogra_jibel, which just removed the shorts .click18:39
ogra_jibel, i could also temporary roll that one back for this one build and re-land it18:39
ogra_if that makes you feel better (though i generally trust slangasek's code usually)18:39
robruogra_: hey, question for you. I need to test some changes to the way the train builds source packages. the one I've chosen at random for testing takes a little while to build and is slowing my ability to iterate. Can you think of any source packages which we normally release through the train which is just a super trivial package that can be built18:40
ogra_jibel, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/190258118/livecd-rootfs_2.257_2.257%2Brtm.1.diff.gz18:40
jibelogra_, yeah expect the unexpected18:40
ogra_easy to roll back18:40
ogra_if needed18:40
ogra_robru, hmm18:41
ogra_robru, ubuntu-touch-session is only processing .install files iirc18:41
robruogra_: thanks18:41
slangasekogra_: what's the argument for rolling back livecd-rootfs?  I was told this needed to be out for RTM18:42
ogra_slangasek, we are in a hard freeze for RC18:43
slangasekand there are no code changes here, just adding one click to the exclusion list18:43
ogra_slangasek, and we found a regression that wequires us to re-roll18:43
ogra_slangasek, right, i think jibel agrees18:43
slangasekogra_: ok18:43
ogra_slangasek, and if disagreement comes up i'll take care to temporarily revert that (but dropping one click wont do harm to testing imho)18:44
cyphermoxogra_: mtp isn't broken, it's unnecessary to add straight sleep and sleep if the greeter is already available18:46
cyphermoxogra_: this definitely isn't brendand_'s issue if it works for a while and later stops18:47
ogra_hmm, k18:47
ogra_cyphermox, the gadget is fine too ... else adb wouldnt work straight away ... and it wasnt broken in 151 which was tested for several days18:48
cyphermoxwell, for some reason the usb device fails after a while, this has nothing to do with dbus or upstart18:49
ogra_right, but it didnt happen a few images ago ... must be something recent18:50
cyphermoxyes, we should find what recent change made this fail18:51
cyphermoxor if it's something that has always been the case, just never noticed before18:51
olliogra_, pls let me know the final verdict18:52
cyphermoxbrendand_: is there nothing in syslog?18:52
ogra_olli, yeah, seems we dont know what causes it :(18:52
olliagain, aborting and rerouting QA efforts is a valid option in my books18:52
pmcgowanor when it started18:52
ogra_cyphermox, well, mtp-server iis clearly not running when this happens18:53
ogra_olli, re-routing ?18:53
olliwhat we discussed earlier, regression/promotion vs silo testing18:53
ogra_olli, that would mean another three days for an image before we can promote18:53
cyphermoxogra_: it wouldn't be if the usb device got reset18:54
olliogra_, understood18:54
ogra_since it would have to be re-tested from scratch18:54
olliogra_, all I am saying is that we should discuss how to proceed when we know what's up with mtp18:54
ogra_olli, the way they want to do it is to fix the issue and validate on top of the tested one ... that way we can still be on time (if a fix is found tonight)18:54
cyphermoxogra_: is there nothing in syslog that indicates the usb device got reset?18:54
olliogra_, understood, this is assuming it's a contained fix18:55
olliso, let's see what the issue is18:55
ogra_cyphermox, there is some gadget noise, but i'm not  sure thats not just the plug/unplug of the cable http://paste.ubuntu.com/8991493/18:56
ogra_and it isnt unusual18:57
cyphermoxis it?18:58
ogra_gadget: high-speed config #1: android is a plug event18:58
ogra_try yourself18:58
cyphermoxworking on it.19:00
cyphermoxwait a second19:00
cyphermoxbrendand_: what computer are you using for this?19:00
cyphermoxare you plugging in to USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports?19:01
ogra_[3630479.605545] usb 2- new high-speed USB device number 31 using ehci-pci19:01
ogra_i'm in 2.0 here19:02
cyphermoxyeah, figured19:02
cyphermoxI'm probably never going to be able to reproduce this with this computer, I need to get the other, just a minute.19:02
* ogra_ uses not the terminal logged into his desktop this time :P19:02
ogra_[532498.720830] usb 3-1: new high-speed USB device number 19 using xhci_hcd19:02
ogra_cyphermox, what i dont get is that adb stays rock stable while this happens19:03
cyphermoxand is that the computer on which you're able to reproduce the issue?19:03
ogra_the gadget doesnt get reset19:03
cyphermoxthe gadget doesn't, but the usb device might19:03
ogra_E1113 19:59:21.748877  6737 MtpServer.cpp:174] request read returned -1: Input/output error [5]19:04
ogra_I1113 19:59:22.480207  6768 server.cpp:419] MTP server starting...19:04
ogra_thats from mtp-server.log19:04
cyphermoxI know19:04
ogra_but i guess you have seen that already19:04
ogra_how does MtpServer.cpp talk to the device ?19:04
ogra_any dbus involved ?19:04
ogra_(i guess not)19:04
cyphermoxhow would there be?19:05
cyphermoxit's straight USB19:05
cyphermoxthat's why you get I/O errors, at some point you're trying to read from the device, but it got reset or something, so that read fails19:06
ogra_how about suspended ?19:06
ogra_(but why would adb not be suspended then)19:06
cyphermoxand then you're probably hitting that multiple times while as you plug in, the device is trying to settle19:06
ogra_right, you get the upstart event from the plug19:07
cyphermoxbecause adb never gets stopped, it just runs, no?19:07
cyphermoxso upstart likely gives up on mtp-server after a while19:07
ogra_well, adb needs the gadget available19:07
cyphermoxI'd like to try respawn limit unlimited after I'm done trying to reproduce this bug19:07
ogra_it dies if it isnt there19:07
cyphermoxthe gadget is available19:07
cyphermoxseven minutes to go19:08
cyphermoxhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mtp/+bug/1392405 steps to reproduce19:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1392405 in mtp (Ubuntu) "MTP device cannot be mounted after some time" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:09
ogra_heh, i didnt time it for that long19:10
cyphermoxnah, it doesn't have to be that long19:12
brendand_cyphermox, no i just asked davmor2 to do 15 minutes to make sure19:12
cyphermoxit's not necessary to wait that long19:12
brendand_cyphermox, i've had it happen after much shorter periods of time19:12
cyphermoxit's usb, nothing is timed19:12
pmcgowancyphermox, this is my syslog at the time mtp log says it first failed http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8991687/19:13
ogra_its krillin, you never know :P19:13
pmcgowanthats from my mako, I can check the other they are both with the issue19:13
cyphermoxtrying something, now I just need to wait two minutes so I can actually see the difference in timestamps in the logs19:14
davmor2cyphermox: I just put in the steps I followed for it to work19:14
cyphermoxI have a fix ready19:14
brendand_cyphermox, \o/19:14
cyphermoxthis wouldn't be some new bug though19:14
ogra_but a new manifestation19:14
cyphermoxnot even19:15
cyphermoxjust new people noticing it19:15
ogra_that would be owrrying though19:15
ogra_*worrying too19:15
ogra_given these same people test every image19:16
cyphermoxthey don't always test the same way the exact same things19:16
brendand_cyphermox, no - it doesn't happen on 15119:16
cyphermoxand there's a bit of luck involved19:16
ogra_brendand_, you won the lottery ;)19:16
cyphermoxyeah, seems better19:18
davmor2ogra_: yeah but when you test the image it's one test after another the phone isn't idle for long so it wouldn't show up :)19:21
jibelcyphermox, it's recent and not luck19:22
cyphermoxjibel: it's debatable. The only reason you weren't seeing this while the previous version was in use is that it would fail before you'd get to that point19:22
ogra_davmor2, yeah, we need to add some long time tests perhaps19:22
cyphermoxand before that, you still had the same issue19:22
davmor2ogra_: not to the sanity tests, the idea there is they are quick not long :P19:23
ogra_davmor2, i bet you nnever hit the UI hang either in normal testing ... typically only something you see after long time usage19:23
davmor2ogra_: indeed I think you spout rubbish when you go on about these hangs ;)19:24
pmcgowanogra_, I see that error in a log I have from Monday if that means anything19:24
ogra_pmcgowan, what error ?19:25
cyphermoxpmcgowan: how should we proceed to land the fix, silo as per usual, or skip some steps and upload somewhere else?19:25
pmcgowanE1110 11:56:05.048171  2794 MtpServer.cpp:169] request read returned -1: Input/output error [5]19:25
pmcgowancyphermox, silo per usual19:26
ogra_cyphermox, right, silo it, have davmor2, brendand_ or jibel test and sign off the silo and i'll roll an image once it landed19:27
pmcgowancyphermox, do you understand when it was introduced or revealed?19:27
ogra_pmcgowan, ah, i thought you referred to the syslog paste :)19:27
cyphermoxit's probably from the first version of mtp ever released, just got hidden by the previous greeter issue19:27
pmcgowanogra_, sorry no the mtp server log19:27
pmcgowanah right, the greeter messages go away then19:28
cyphermoxif someone could appropriate bless https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mtp/+bug/1392405 that would be helpful19:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1392405 in mtp (Ubuntu) "MTP device cannot be mounted after some time" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:28
ogra_pmcgowan, olli ^^19:29
pmcgowanon it19:29
* ogra_ looks at the MP19:29
cyphermoxogra_: want to review https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/mtp/lp1392405/+merge/241733 ?19:29
cyphermoxah, yeah19:29
ogra_cyphermox, to slow, already approved :P19:29
cyphermoxrobru: can I haz a silo for line 74 please?19:30
ogra_can you silo it yourself ?19:30
ogra_or that :)19:30
cyphermoxah, actually I could just assign it myself19:30
cyphermoxvivid first, then rtm19:30
cyphermoxah, I see, spreadshett issue for me19:31
robrucyphermox: need help?19:32
robrucyphermox: my mouse cursor has gone invisible for some reason so I'm totally flying blind right now...19:32
pmcgowancyphermox, doesnt it already try to restart for a full 30 secs?19:32
cyphermoxmaybe, just waiting for google to let me refresh19:32
robruyeah spreadsheet seems down19:33
cyphermoxrobru: I think I'm good now, I'll do the assign myself19:33
robrucyphermox: coo19:33
cyphermoxoh wait, no19:33
cyphermoxwell, one day19:33
cyphermoxalright, silo 1519:37
ollicyphermox, thx for the quick fix19:38
pmcgowancyphermox, can you explain a bit how this will fix it, it seems it tried a long time to respawn even now19:40
olliogra_, if that's the remedy, then I think we are all +1 on your & QA's proposal of continueing with business as usual19:40
ogra_olli, right, let QA sign off the fix in the silo first :)19:40
olliogra_, just early unblocking the best case scenario19:41
cyphermoxpmcgowan: what do you mean?19:41
ogra_i just want to see QA give a thumbs up for the fix19:41
cyphermoxit's not about time but about the number of tries19:41
pmcgowancyphermox, sure but why wouldnt it restart within 30 secs19:42
cyphermoxI'm not sure where you get the 30 seconds from19:42
cyphermoxmtp runs when usb is connected, and stop when usb is disconnected, it's really only that19:43
cyphermoxbut as you connect or disconnect it, there is a short period of time where the usb device might come up and down a few times as it gets ready19:43
cyphermoxand that's what is causing the issue19:43
cyphermoxif it does that while mtp is starting (or stopping, really), eventually upstart would give up trying to restart mtp-server since it appears to not be useful19:44
pmcgowancyphermox, if I look at my mtp server log I see it try to start over a period of 30 secs, unlesss I read it wrong19:44
cyphermoxpmcgowan: I see what you mean now, indeed it's no longer being stopped at all. *sigh*19:52
pmcgowancyphermox, ogra_should we revert that last upstart change?20:01
ogra_pmcgowan, no, it will fix it20:01
ogra_or work around it20:01
cyphermoxI never touched the server low-level read code before, that will need to be improved but it will take longer to fix20:04
cyphermoxfor what we're trying to do now, the upstart fix will do the job20:05
olliogra_, cyphermox, no witchhunt, but do we know whether this is a regression and if so, when it slipped in20:08
cyphermoxit's not a regression, it has always been an issue, or at least easily since last year20:08
ogra_olli, no, this has been broken since day one, the recent change just exposes it more20:08
ogra_olli, there is some issue with how mtp talks to USB20:09
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
cyphermoxrobru: ^20:15
ogra_cyphermox, hmm, was there any reason to not land in parallel ?20:46
* ogra_ fears we wont have QA people alive anymore one the rtm silo is availabel for signoff20:47
cyphermoxnothing is truly in parallel, stuff just gets synced20:47
ogra_should have just dput'ed to both silos and manually megred the branch :)20:47
cyphermoxrobru: can you poke like 75 appropriately so things work?20:47
jibelogra_, cyphermox what's the ETA for the rtm silo?20:47
ogra_jibel, well, as long as it now takes to assign an rtm silo and build (plus a short test i guess)20:48
ogra_30min ? 1h at most i would hope20:49
cyphermoxit shouldn't even take that long20:49
fgintherjgdx, current round of otto issues have been resolved. A rerun of the MP you pointed me to is now passing - https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-vivid/115/20:49
ogra_cyphermox, well, depends if it ever starts :P20:57
cyphermoxrobru: ping20:57
cyphermoxok, rtm 1320:59
cyphermoxnow to copy20:59
ToyKeepercyphermox: When the mtp upstart silo is ready, I'll take it.21:00
ogra_just dupt the vivid source package worst case21:00
ogra_*dput even21:00
cyphermoxwell, using copy package, that's exactly what I'm going to be doing21:00
cyphermoxthere, copied... now to poke jenkins21:02
cyphermoxToyKeeper: despite what the spreadsheet or jenkins might be saying, the package is built and published in the PPA, so you can test it when you want21:06
cyphermoxoh wait21:06
cyphermoxI suck21:06
cyphermoxit *hasn't* been published yet :)21:06
ToyKeeperHeh, I'll wait a few, then.  :)21:06
robrucyphermox: are you binary copying or source copying?21:09
cyphermoxI was doing a binary copy21:09
robrucyphermox: oh ok, carry on21:09
robrucyphermox: source copies without manglign the version for rtm are frowned upon21:09
cyphermoxToyKeeper: it is published now21:10
cyphermoxrobru: yeah21:10
ToyKeepercyphermox: That's silo 13?  (woot, lucky number 13)21:12
cyphermoxin rtm21:12
olliogra_, cyphermox et al, jfunk just sent out some guidance how to proceed with the mtp issue in terms of promotion etc21:16
ogra_where did that go ?21:17
ToyKeeperPlanning to test the diff in detail, and otherwise stack on existing regression test results from 159.21:17
jfunkogra_: should be in your mail?21:17
* ogra_ guesses his mailserver is still busy processing warthogs :P21:17
ToyKeeperOh, plus sanity on 161.  :)21:18
ogra_jfunk, did you mean 160 ?21:20
ogra_(we are at 159, the re-build for the fix will be 160)21:21
jfunkogra_: yeah, for some reason 161 was bandied about, I thought it was due to the fix which went in for spanish build21:21
jgdxfginther, woot, thanks a bunch.21:22
ogra_jfunk, the fix for the spanish image wont affect the other ... version wise21:22
* ogra_ checks the spanish channel21:22
ogra_yeah, that has version 10521:23
jfunkso yeah, feel free to clarify on the thread21:24
jfunksry for any confusion21:24
ogra_well, i'm not sure if the fix for the spanish translation has landed yet21:24
cwayneit has21:24
ogra_so this could be 106 or 107 ... the normal channel will be and stay 160 though21:24
ogra_ah, then it should become 10621:25
ogra_great, same digits ... just different order :)21:25
cwaynebut there's another fix incoming though (the scopes order had been wrong21:25
ogra_bah, you broke the number scheme then :P21:25
* ogra_ decided to buold 10 no-change images in the normal channel so it can be 107 and 170 21:26
ogra_that will only dely us by 15h ...21:27
ToyKeepercyphermox: Er, W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/landing-013/ubuntu-rtm/dists/devel/main/binary-armhf/Packages  403  Forbidden21:32
cyphermoxwell, the dist isn't devel...21:33
cyphermoxthat should be pointing to 14.09 should it not?21:34
ToyKeeperI'm checking my citrain tools now...  this worked last time I tried it.21:34
ToyKeeperI think it's because devel-proposed points at 14.09-proposed, but that pointer isn't synced everywhere.21:36
ToyKeeperEasy enough to avoid.  :)21:36
jdstrandfyi, rtm silo 002 testing passed. I'm not going to mark it until I get the ok to push it21:44
jdstrandI did add something to the Comments to that effect21:44
ogra_jdstrand, nothing lands without QA signoff anyway21:49
jdstrandwell, I guess I can mark it21:49
pmcgowanogra_, did you test 13 already?22:00
pmcgowanhow fitting22:00
ogra_pmcgowan, ToyKeeper is on it ... just waiting for a go ... then i'll roll a new image22:00
ToyKeeperYes, it's in progress.22:01
ogra_pmcgowan, as someone who could repro it before you could indeed test it too to confirm it is gone for you ;)22:01
ogra_as extra datapoint22:02
pmcgowanyep installing now22:02
pmcgowanit seems to be recovering but so many retries22:11
ogra_yeah, it will need a better fix later22:12
ogra_but we know that22:12
ToyKeeperNot sure if it's a fluke or not, but this is also the first time in months I've seen mtp not show the SD card and its contents multiple times.22:14
alecuToyKeeper: hi! can you check if the app store shows empty for you too? we suspect something is wrong with our servers.22:16
ogra_alecu, popey saw that +22:16
ogra_(while nobody on the same immage in the meeting he showed it could reproduce)22:17
ToyKeeperalecu: Yes, it seems to be empty.22:17
ToyKeeperWay to go, you broke the internet?22:17
alecuogra_: hmmm.... so it might be only some of the servers22:17
pmcgowansearching finds apps though22:17
alecupmcgowan: good point22:17
ogra_alecu, well, i can it repro now as well22:17
ogra_alecu, i couldnt 5h ago when popey showed it to us22:18
alecuogra_: so, it seems the store front is broken, and it has propagated to the other servers too22:18
ToyKeeperSearch works, as pmcgowan found.22:18
alecugreat, I'm pinging the server guys, hopefully there's somebody around still22:19
ToyKeeperClick updates seem to work too.  (at least, the updates tool finds new revs)22:20
ToyKeeperHmm, scratch that news about no duplicated inodes.  That bug is still present.22:22
ogra_jfunk, it just strikes me that a new music app was approved today ... the new one might need re-testing too22:22
dobeyyeah, it's just the departments/hilights in the store that seems to be broken22:22
* ogra_ forgot about the app store22:22
popeyyeah, broken here too22:22
ogra_jfunk, it will be in the 160 build22:23
ogra_brendand, ^^^can we make sure music gets some extra love tomorrow ?22:23
pmcgowanogra_, oh why did that land during lockdown?22:23
ogra_pmcgowan, the bug was approved ... coordination issue22:24
ogra_sorry, i think that was my fault22:24
brendandogra_, oopsie22:24
pmcgowanogra_, first one of the year22:24
brendandogra_, seems like we left the freezer door open these few days :P22:24
ogra_heh, yeah22:25
jfunkogra_: can you add that to the email for me22:25
jfunkbrendand: can you let the team know22:25
ogra_jfunk, indeed22:25
brendandno biggie - as long as we don't get hit by another regression22:25
ogra_well, iits a completely new app ... cant have regressions only new bugs :P22:27
pmcgowancyphermox, so when the server reports that read error, why is it restarted22:28
alecuogra_: can you confirm it was 5 hours ago that popey found the problem, and not something like three? (there was a change server side three hours ago)22:28
popeyalecu: it was 17:05 UTC22:28
ToyKeeperMTP looks good.22:28
alecupopey: great, thanks.22:29
ogra_cyphermox, land it !!22:29
popeyalecu: what I saw was text under icons, but no icons22:29
dobeypopey: ok, that was probably a separate issue22:29
alecupopey: ah.... that sounds like a different issue. Right now we are not seeing any results at all.22:29
dobeyno icons == unity8 failed to load the icons for some reason22:30
ToyKeeperSo, new build and then we'll continue the regression suite.22:30
popeyalecu: yes, this is not the same thing22:30
pmcgowanToyKeeper, can you check your log22:30
ogra_ToyKeeper, yeah, take a break while we build it :)22:30
pmcgowanogra_, one sec22:30
dobeyno results at all == omgwtf :)22:30
alecupopey: thanks for pointing it out22:31
pmcgowanogra_, question here it seems it is continually trying to restart when there is no connection so the phone never suspends22:31
ogra_pmcgowan, the server is restarted because there is an issue with the USB communication (the core issue we need to fix)22:31
ToyKeeperpmcgowan: Lots and lots of retries in the log.22:31
pmcgowanso it continues to respawn until the usb is connected?22:32
pmcgowanbut the phone will never sleep then22:32
ogra_it should be constantly running22:32
ogra_why is that ?22:32
pmcgowanI am asking22:32
ogra_a userspace app shouldnt be able to keep the phone up22:32
ogra_not that way at least22:33
ogra_you might lose more cycles due to the log writing but thats all22:33
ToyKeeperpmcgowan: However, the retries paused for about 2 minutes at a time, starting about 5 minutes after the phone turned its screen off.  The pauses were intermittent though; sometimes it just kept retrying.22:33
pmcgowanwe wake up every 5 mins for push to check things22:33
ToyKeeperSo, do we proceed or do we wait on a proper fix instead of the band-aid we just tested?22:35
ogra_yeah, it isnt the preocess that wakes up the device22:35
ogra_it just participates22:35
ogra_(which is what i meant by "lose some cycles for log writing)22:36
ogra_ToyKeeper, that might take a few days22:36
ogra_and rolling back would bring us back actual  mtp crashes ...22:37
ogra_i think thats the best compromise atm22:37
pmcgowanogra_, yeah its ok but the push thing makes it worse, and I am not clear why its more frequent than every 5 mins here22:38
alecupopey: ToyKeeper: ogra_: pmcgowan: the store seems to have returned to normal now, thanks for the help diagnosing this.22:39
popeyalecu: so it has, well done! :D22:43
alecuwhat I did was just pinging the right people :P22:44
pmcgowanogra_, any idea what else is setting a 5 min wakeup timer22:44
ogra_pmcgowan, nope22:44
ogra_pmcgowan, how do you verify that btw ? you are aware that adb wont let the dveice sleep, right ?22:45
pmcgowanogra_, yes, looking at the log while it was disconnected22:45
pmcgowanthere are clearly two 5 min timers22:45
pmcgowanone matches push client22:45
ogra_there is cron once per hour ... not sure what other bits run on a 5min cadence though22:46
* ogra_ hugs cyphermox 22:47
* ogra_ thinks ubuntu-touch-session will start glowing at some point at that speed of rebuilds 22:49
pmcgowanogra_, its only on the krillin, mako is fine just push wakeups22:52
ogra_pmcgowan, well, then i blame the custom tarball or device tarball22:53
pmcgowanpossible, will file a bug in case22:53
ogra_either something in the android buold on krillin or some scope22:53
cwaynescope shouldnt have the ability to do that even if it wanted to22:55
ogra_liar :P22:57
ogra_ogra@styx:~/Devel$ rmadison mtp|grep 14.0922:57
ogra_ mtp | 0.0.4+15.04.20141104~rtm-0ubuntu1 | ubuntu-rtm/14.09/universe          | source22:57
ogra_ mtp | 0.0.4+15.04.20141113-0ubuntu1     | ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed/universe | source22:57
ogra_(i meant the bot, not you cwayne )22:57
pmcgowancwayne, maybe see if you have similar https://bugs.launchpad.net/barajas/+bug/139251722:58
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1392517 not found22:58
pmcgowanyeah I know22:59
cwaynein the midle of a flash, will check when its done22:59
ogra_image build triggered23:11
imgbot=== trainguards: RTM IMAGE 160 building (started: 20141113 23:15) ===23:13
* ogra_ twiddles thumbs watching https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/ubuntu-touch/23:36

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