mhall119belkinsa: are you around?00:28
silverliongood morning jono ;)09:07
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belkinsamhall119, what's up?10:38
silverliono/ belkinsa10:42
silverlionczajkowski, aloha10:44
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* dholbach spammed the internets about day 213:45
elfydholbach: going to do best to be there for the CC session13:46
dholbachgreat :)13:46
mhall119belkinsa: was going to let you know that i was workingon the lubuntu meeting issues, sent an email instead14:01
belkinsamhall119, I saw and I'm ready for the UOS session that is next14:58
belkinsaWhat is the channel for the room again>14:59
pleia2heh, several join requests to ~not-canonical this morning, including 2 with @canonical.com addresses, doh :)16:54
josebelkinsa: you're the one with problems?16:55
elfymmm - seems the vid is missing from http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22386/1504-release-planning/17:09
popeyhaha pleia217:10
joseelfy: gotta ping laney17:12
josemhall119: found a bug on summit, the date is too long :P17:13
elfyjose: why's that - these things not all done centrally?17:16
joseelfy: laney is the owner of that video, probably a settings thing17:17
joseif it's not settings, then the session is probably lost17:17
joselet's hope not17:17
elfyjose: okey doke17:17
czajkowskihe's over in desktop17:17
elfyfound him in release - which is appropriate :)17:20
belkinsapopey, thank you!17:21
* belkinsa hugs popey 17:21
belkinsapopey, I misread your e-mail or misunderstood it.  Do you have something that you want to talk about with Ubuntu Women?17:29
popeyyes, one topic17:29
popeywont take an hour though ☻17:29
belkinsaOkay, that works.17:30
popeybelkinsa: will other people be there?17:30
popeyor just me?17:30
belkinsaWe should have others but I'm worried that will be all done via IRC if no one else comes to the hangout17:30
belkinsaI'm trying to see if dholbach will come17:31
czajkowskibelkinsa: when is it ?17:32
belkinsaIn less than 30 minutes, 18 UTC17:32
popeybe depressing if I'm the only one there17:33
belkinsaYeah, but we can do all via IRC, right?17:33
elfyjose: ta - apparently youtube's lack of hamsters for the wheel that powers it is to blame17:34
joseelfy: hehe, /me sends a couple hamsters17:34
popeybelkinsa: yeah, we don't have to use video at all17:36
popeycan do it all on irc17:36
popeyno point having video if nobody is going to join17:36
belkinsaI think that's what we are doing, we need a way to say that on the UOS session page17:36
popeyi can edit that if you want17:39
popeyoh, i can't17:40
popeymhall119: who can edit http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22369/community-1411-ubuntuwomen/17:41
popeyto say that we're doing the session on irc only17:41
mhall119popey: it's updated from the LP blueprint, somebody can edit that but it takes an hour or so to sync17:51
mhall119popey: I can  update it in LP now if somebody will do it in lp17:52
mhall119otherwise my changes will be overwritten on the next sync17:52
popeyi thought the description came from a direct edit17:57
mhall119not if it's from a BP17:57
popeyoh okay17:58
wxlhey folks question about uos: do i need to set up the google hangout? and am i supposed to do something to get the fancy ubuntu footer? :)18:07
josewxl: yep, you should start it. the 'fancy ubuntu footer' can be gotten at Hangout Toolbox, the tool is called Lower Third18:08
josejust input color code #DD481418:08
wxlthx jose :)18:08
wxlyou're the best!18:08
wxli guess i could use the lubuntu color too ;)18:10
josewell, as long as you've got the hex code, you can use any color18:11
wxljose: what's the difference between the broadcast and hangout urls?18:17
josewxl: hangout URL will be the actual hangout people join, broadcast URL is a YouTube video *only for watching*18:17
wxlderp :)18:17
josehangout URL will allow people to join and speak18:17
wxlwher edo i get the damn url?18:28
wxlsorry wrong channel :)18:29
* wxl ducks18:29
wxlwhere do i find the toolbox again? that's the stuff on the side?18:32
wxloh i figured it out18:33
wxlbelkinsa: np18:36
wxli think i'm ready18:36
wxli *THINK*18:36
wxlomg will i ever stay on the right channel argh18:36
balloonswxl, Lp18:56
wxlballoons: hm?18:58
belkinsaAre the UOS session IRC channels logged?18:58
elfybelkinsa: yea - should be http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/11/12/%23ubuntu-uds-appdev-1.html18:59
balloonsbelkinsa, yes indeed they are18:59
elfyfor instance18:59
balloonsbah elfy beat me!18:59
elfyI do try :p18:59
czajkowskiwhooo San Fran here I come :D20:05
belkinsaGoing to visit pleia2?20:10
czajkowskiI hope so yes20:15
czajkowskiI'm there for the week to meet people20:15
belkinsaI see.20:15
belkinsaI have some family friends there.20:15
wxlok i have the possibly stupidest issue ever to raise to the community team. i want a unicorn shirt and i don't see one on shop.ubuntu.com yet. :)21:07
mhall119wxl: I want one too, not sure when they'll be available though21:21
wxlmhall119: push it upstream XD21:22

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