robert_ancellTrevinho, which function?01:08
Trevinhorobert_ancell: I've fixed it...01:09
Trevinhorobert_ancell: was mir_connection_set_display_config_change_callback01:09
Trevinhorobert_ancell: a display was passed, instead than a screen01:09
robert_ancelloh, I see your commit01:10
robert_ancellTrevinho, was there a particular app that was querying invalid monitors?01:10
Trevinhorobert_ancell: no, but it might happen... I was just reading the code01:11
robert_ancell-      count++;01:13
robert_ancell+      ++count;01:13
Trevinhorobert_ancell: well, it's just quicker... I tend to never use postfixed++ as it also return something we don't need there... but it's mostly a paranoic thing01:14
robert_ancellhow is it quicker?01:14
Trevinhovar++ means you've to store a temp var to return, while ++var just increases the val01:15
robert_ancellI'm pretty sure any compiler would optimise them to the same01:15
Trevinhowell, gcc might be smart enough to ignore that if the return value is not requested, though..01:15
Trevinhoyes, sorry.. just an habit, I can revert.01:16
robert_ancellWell, kind of an odd change to throw into an unrelated commit01:16
Trevinhoyes... commit -a got me :/01:17
Trevinhoouch, also I pasted uncorrect code -_--01:17
Trevinhog_clear_object should have been01:18
robert_ancellAnyone want a Google Inbox invite? I have one to give away...01:36
* TheMuso pats his IMAP/caldav/carddav only access to google services. :)01:43
TheMuso...and thats the way it will stay. :p01:44
Trevinhorobert_ancell: oh, if you still have one...01:44
robert_ancellTrevinho, what's your email address?01:44
robert_ancellTrevinho, there you go01:46
Trevinhothanks again :)01:47
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dufluTrevinho, still working all night?01:57
Trevinhoduflu: well no... I'm just hacking now :P01:57
Trevinhoduflu: mostly stoppped to do that, but sometimes, when my gf is not here... I'm still tempted to stay awake in the darkness :D01:58
dufluTrevinho: Yeah I understand01:59
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pittiGood morning06:50
seb128lut didrocks07:45
seb128good morning desktopers07:45
pittibonjour didrocks et seb12807:46
pitticomment allez-vous ?07:46
seb128pitti, lut, wie gehts?07:46
seb128pitti, j'ai un rhume :-( sinon ça va bien07:46
pittiseb128: gut, danke! Ich habe gestern das erste Mal Basketball gespielt :)07:47
seb128et toi ?07:47
didrocksbonjour pitti !07:47
pittiseb128: ouch, get better soon then! l'automne est froid maintenant :/07:47
seb128pitti, you mean first time in a team/you subscribed in a club?07:47
seb128pitti, merci!07:47
pittiseb128: yeah, not just for warmup, but for full two hours, and not just with the very reduced "Taekwondo" rules :)07:48
seb128how did you like it?07:48
pittiseb128: it was quite nice indeed, I want to do it more regularly over the winter at least07:48
didrocksI imagine than first time, 2 hours of game, you are tired then :)07:48
pittiit's too cold for me to run outside07:49
pittididrocks: heh, you bet; and my feet hurt, I played in my barefeet five-fingers07:49
pittije crois qu'il faut porter des vraies chaussures pour basketball07:49
didrockswaow, extreme for a first time :)07:49
didrocksoui, ce sera mieux avec des baskets07:50
didrocks(d'où le nom :))07:50
didrocksseb128: can you confirm this bug:07:57
didrocks- open an archive with file-roller07:57
didrocks- try to drag one file outside of the file-rollet window07:57
didrocks- if you didn't release the mouse button, and the window != nautilus, it will error07:57
didrocks(it's like if you released the drag, when you didn't)07:58
seb128no, can't confirm that07:58
seb128I can dnd over xchat-gnome, tb, firefox07:58
seb128I just see the row moving over while being dragged07:58
didrockshum, weird07:58
didrockslet me see if it's because of chrome07:58
* didrocks opens firefox07:59
seb128I can confirm the issue with chromium07:59
didrocksyeah, chromium/chrome07:59
seb128so yeah, chrome/ium issue it seems07:59
didrocksnot sure what they are trying to do with this drag07:59
seb128yeah, me neither07:59
didrocksthanks for checking :)08:00
didrocksI'll poke our maintainer and see08:00
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didrockswtf thunderbird?08:21
didrocksI have one email from the 10/11 which just disappeared between yesterday and today08:22
didrocksit was set as unread08:22
didrocksnot in inbox anymore08:22
didrocksnot in trash08:22
seb128imap? another client deleted it?08:22
didrocksI just have one client08:22
didrocksyeah, it's definitively nowhere…08:23
didrocksah, let's look in archive08:23
didrocksyeah, moved to archive…08:24
didrocksnot sure what thunderbird rules for moving things there08:24
* didrocks move it back and set it to unread08:24
seb128didrocks, you maybe hit "a" on the keyboard while it was selected?08:25
didrocksseb128: can be, weird to have a shortcut like that with just one keystroke08:27
* willcooke catches up with yesterday's videos08:43
didrocksmorning willcooke08:44
seb128hey willcooke08:44
didrocksseb128: mind accepting it for vivid? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-v-bluez508:56
seb128didrocks, done09:00
Laneyahoy hoy09:04
didrocksit's a Laney!09:05
didrocksor even, it's *the* Laney :)09:05
Laneyquick, catch it for our zoo09:05
seb128hey Laney!09:06
Laneyhey seb12809:06
Laneywhat's up09:07
seb128got a cold :-/09:07
Laneyoh :(09:07
Laneyvitamin c time09:08
seb128tea + lemon time09:10
didrocksand orange juice! :)09:10
didrocksor banana + lemon :)09:10
seb128banana against cold?! ;-)09:10
didrocksbanana + lemon is really great, it's cleaning your throat09:11
didrocksyou have the sweetness and acidity09:11
seb128oh ok09:12
seb128my issue is more a blocked nose atm though09:12
seb128thyme infusion ftw09:12
didrockswait a couple of days for it to move ;)09:12
Laneywho wants to NEW poppler and remmina? :D09:23
seb128looking at poppler09:23
Laneynot one thing required any changes this time09:24
seb128still a new soname09:24
didrockswell… poppler :)09:25
seb128yeah, exactly09:25
seb128they need to bump soname every single time09:25
seb128didrocks, want to do remmina? ;-)09:25
didrockswhy did I talk here?09:26
didrockswell… ok09:26
Laneyjust reject it09:26
Laneyit'll be fine09:26
seb128ok, poppler NEWed09:26
* didrocks presses and write "rejected on Laney's request"09:26
seb128Laney, do you need help rebuilding rdepends?09:26
Laneynope, https://launchpad.net/~laney/+archive/ubuntu/poppler/+packages http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/poppler.html09:27
seb128nice job ;-)09:28
seb128libreoffice builds on vivid with the current toolchain?09:28
seb128where is the fun09:28
Laneydon't think there were any pre-opening toolchain things this cycle09:29
LaneyI heard gcc5 is coming though09:29
didrocksremmina accepted09:31
seb128didrocks, thanks09:32
Laneymerci buckets09:32
* seb128 throw some bucket to Laney09:33
seb128stop mocking the french09:33
LaneyI'm mocking the English really :p09:34
didrockswillcooke: do you remember what was the intent on the "Dash support" in the udtc session?09:51
willcookedidrocks, it was just mentioned as a new thing to include.  I dont think there was any real actions around it, just "wouldn't it be cool if...."09:51
willcookeIMHO, it's not something we should spend time on at this point09:52
didrockswhat is it? My googling fails me09:52
willcookeoh, yeah, it's probably a typo - Dart09:52
willcookeeither way, IMO, not something we need to care about right now09:52
willcookee.g. www is much more important09:53
didrockswell, dart is easy, and you know I want to do it :)09:53
didrocks(it's like a day :p)09:53
willcookego on then!09:53
willcookesabdfl is keen on Arduino09:53
willcookeagain, should be easy09:53
willcookeplus I expect the upstream will be happy to help09:53
didrocksyeah, a little bit more work, not sure how I would be able to test it's working though09:54
didrocksdo they have emulators?09:54
willcookenot sure, I'll do some research09:54
didrockswillcooke: setting up a WI for you then \o/09:55
* didrocks pressed esc when having the WI section of a blueprint focused10:05
didrocksall cleared…10:05
seb128ajax for the loose10:11
didrocksseb128: mind accepting those for vivid:10:20
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didrockswillcooke: I proposed that we descoped the 2 others for this cycles seeing the number of WI10:20
willcookedidrocks, agreed - that's a lot of work already10:22
willcookeI just watched the U8 testing session, now I'm doing the Bluez 5 one10:22
Laney"Oh yeah, I'll test and sync the new glib"10:25
seb128didrocks, done10:25
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MagicSpudhello is there anybody knowing well how to use alacarte?12:45
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* didrocks goes for a run14:03
seb128didrocks, enjoy!14:04
didrocksthanks :)14:05
seb128Laney, there is a sponsoring request for g-t listed on version, not sure if you saw it14:20
willcookeLaney, do you need/want me to create a hangout on air for the 15.04 release planning session?14:50
willcookeI dont think I can anyway14:51
willcookebecause I'm in another session and I wont be able to have 2 hangouts on air running at the same time14:51
willcookesoooo, you want me to talk you through the process?14:51
Laneywillcooke: Umm, I was assuming slangasek would do it :-)14:52
Laneyseb128: oh, that's old, should have closed it with the update14:55
Laneyunless you mean the one in the queue which I just commented on too ;-)14:55
Saviqballoons, bregma, just watching your "testing unity8 on desktop" session, is there anything you need from us? (we're +100 on putting our autopilot and qml tests in autopkgtests, just never had the time to do so, and testing on bare metal would be something interesting too)15:06
bregmaSaviq, have you guys ever run the AP tests on the desktop?15:07
Saviqanother topic is elopio's integration test suite that should be taken into account (i.e. a lot of unity8's ap tests should actually be further up, as they're integration tests already)15:07
Saviqbregma, on X11 yes, not on Mir15:07
bregmaX11 is soo  twentieth-century15:08
SaviqI agree15:08
bregmaSaviq, where can I find more on this integration test suite?15:08
elopiobregma: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/ubuntu-experience-tests15:09
elopiobregma: it just has a couple of tests to get started.15:10
bregmata guys15:10
Saviqadt did get "native" support for autopilot tests some time ago IIRC15:10
elopiobregma: as saviq said, things like the unity8 autopilot indicators tests should be moved to this project.15:10
bregmaget to work on that guys15:11
attente_seb128: hi, could you sponsor https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-gtk-module/+bug/1307657 for trusty?15:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1307657 in unity-gtk-module (Ubuntu Trusty) "[SRU] UBUNTU_MENUPROXY should not be set in Xfce" [Undecided,In progress]15:11
* elopio looks at charles :)15:12
elopiobregma: all the work should be now in the developers backlogs. We just need managers to get the tasks to the top of the queue.15:13
balloonselopio, so you are migrating tests out of unity8 project directly?15:14
elopioballoons: no. Directly not.15:14
elopioballoons: we need to keep on unity8 the helpers to open an indicator.15:14
elopioand we need to test in isolation each indicator, so we get helpers for things like opening the clock from there.15:15
elopioand then we can add a new test to ubuntu-experience-tests that starts on the indicator, jumps to the clock, and goes back to check things on the indicator.15:15
balloonselopio, I ask because we wanted to achieve a couple things. First, get basic pre-seed testing for the unity8 images. But then ideally we'd add post-installation tests and running the acceptance tests was suggested15:18
balloonselopio, so there is to some extent a question of the best place to run some of this stuff15:19
balloonsSaviq, thanks for the offer btw. I intend to sort out the discussion and work items into the old blueprint. I'm sure we'll be in touch as we tackle some thing15:19
Saviqyeah, let's15:20
elopioballoons: to test unity on desktop, I would make sure that the qml tests fun on Mir. Then run the unity autopilot tests. Then run the indicators autopilot tests. Then run the scopes tests. Then run the ubuntu-experience-tests.15:20
balloonsIt seems to make sense to run everything as a post-installation test for the desktop side. And maybe we can even get the CI team to let us have some bare metal to do it15:20
elopioon ubuntu-experience-tests we should have desktop-specific things, like logging in with lightdm.15:21
elopioand to get things easier from the bottom up, I would push for the mir virtual framebuffer.15:22
elopiobut, that sequence of tests need a lot of work.15:22
balloonselopio, I suppose you make a good point about MIR. Do you know there current testing story?15:22
elopioballoons: they focus on low level unit tests, and are interested in the unity8 and ubuntu-experiences-tests for high level testing.15:23
elopiowhich is good IMO.15:24
balloonselopio, so in theory once we setup post-installation tests we could run things across the board15:24
elopiobut the vfb, I don't think that's top priority for them.15:24
bregmaSaviq, there isn't a lot of success running the AP tests under Unity 8 because some of them seem to be designed to start/stop the shell itself,  others seem to want to run on specific device emulators, and there are numerous errors opening /dev/fb015:30
bregmajust so you know15:30
elopioballoons: what do you mean with post-installation tests?15:31
Saviqbregma, yeah, they have to restart the shell, but that should be fine under unity-system-compositor, no?15:31
Saviqbregma, basically nowadays there shouldn't be much difference between a desktop and phone unity8 session?15:31
bregmaSaviq, I'm just trying to run th tests from the desktop, just like I do with Unity 7, and restarting the desktop can interfere with that15:32
bregmaevidently "stop unity8" is not a clever command to type in the terminal app15:33
balloonsmm.. I think best practice at this point would be the test leaves that to the test runner itself15:34
balloonselopio, I mean tests intended to run immediately following smoke installation testing. Install the image, then perform post-installation tests on the image15:34
balloonselopio, but I'm not sure if doing it there or at the distro package level is better. I assume both are needed, but integration tests probably make more sense as part of image testing?15:35
elopioballoons: for ubuntu-experience-tests, I was not thinking about doing an ubiquity installation. I was thinking of adding ubuntu-desktop as a dependency, and adt to do the installation for us.15:36
balloonselopio, right.15:36
elopiobut if you have a provisioning script that does the ubiquity installation, the adt will just start without installing anything.15:36
elopioit should work.15:36
Saviqbregma, right, you'd need to run from a different session15:37
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Saviqvt or so15:37
Saviqbut then you lack the upstart session details which we get on the phone15:37
Saviqso yeah there's definitely work ahead15:37
* Laney copies libreoffice just like that15:40
seb128attente_, hey, sure can do, adding to todolist15:45
seb128Laney, libreoffice maintainer!15:45
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didrocksmind porting libreoffice-impress to bluetooth?15:52
didrocksfor bluez515:52
LaneyOkay, uploaded15:52
LaneyTurns out that I am hosting this hangout on air ...15:52
Laneywhich URLs does summit want?15:53
didrocksyou have two to set15:53
didrocksyou can set your browser url as the first one (from memory)15:53
didrocksand on the bottom-right one, you can copy the youtu.be url15:54
didrocksit's the one for the broadcast15:54
Laneygot it15:54
ogra_did someone just say Laney is building a click for libreoffice ?15:54
didrocksogra_: after porting to bluez5, yeah15:54
ogra_ah, cool15:54
* ogra_ notes down15:54
Laneyit's already uploaded15:55
Laneyall of it15:55
didrocksand change the UI for ubuntu touch15:55
Laneydon't fear15:55
ogra_didrocks, you mean make it a scope ?15:55
didrocksogra_: oh right, right!15:55
didrocksogra_: but only after the rewrite in Go :)15:55
ogra_yeah, trivial15:56
didrockscouple of days at most :)15:56
ogra_he can take my port to shell and zenity as a base ... i'll do it on the weekend15:56
Laneythe bulk of the work is still in removing the German comments15:57
ogra_removing or porting them to french ?15:57
didrocksfrench, of course, what else?16:00
larsuwhat a non-question :P16:01
happyaronLaney: I wonder if you can partially auto-generate input-method packageset, add all ibus*, fcitx* and scim* source packages automatically?16:02
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happyaronor is there any concerns in the way of doing it?16:04
LaneyMaybe, if you want to write a script to generate it then we can look16:06
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didrockswith that, have a good night everyone!18:02
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