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RAOFdoko_: Re https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-7/+bug/138949305:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1389493 in openjdk-7 (Ubuntu) "Package dropped pulse-java.jar, breaking some development environments" [High,Confirmed]05:18
RAOFdoko_: As far as I can tell it seems to be a largely cosmetic issue, but a sufficiently annoying one that we should resolve it.05:18
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dokoRAOF, I'm not sure how. just adding the old name as a symlink doesn't work either05:36
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RAOFdoko: Urgh.06:10
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pittiGood mornin06:48
ari-tczewhello pitti06:51
NoskcajDoes seahorse-nautilus really need to depend on seahorse-daemon? if not, we can sync06:52
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Laibschnow that Debian is frozen will Ubuntu default to syncing from experimental or should I file appropriate bugs for this to happen for the packages that I maintain?09:10
LocutusOfBorg1+1 for Laibsch question, I hope the latter09:11
mitya57No, we will not sync anything from rc-buggy (aka experimental) automatically.09:15
mitya57Please use requestsync from ubuntu-dev-tools to request syncs.09:15
LocutusOfBorg1happy to hear that, I hope you will consider sync from maintainer requests :)09:15
LocutusOfBorg1wonderful thanks09:15
pittiyes, manually requested syncs are no problem, we just don't want to auto-import experimental stuff without checking09:16
LocutusOfBorg1yes, seems legit, I would like to avoid that too :)09:16
Laibschbug 1392236 it is09:36
ubottubug 1392236 in scanbd (Ubuntu) "please my packages from experimental" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139223609:36
Riddellwho can say why plasma-desktop isn't transitioning from proposed?10:06
RiddellI can see kwrited isn't happy about me removing the kwrited-data package which I'm confused about http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html10:06
Riddelleverything else should be ok10:06
dokoRAOF, hmm, would it help to place an empty pulse-java.jar there?10:15
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cjwatsonLaibsch: We don't have a mechanism to sync all your packages from experimental; unless you fancy doing some hacking on auto-sync I don't expect to have one in the near future.  Please just file explicit sync requests as needed for now10:41
cjwatsonThat is, per-upload10:41
cjwatsonEasiest is if you get PPU rights or better for your packages, and then you can run syncpackage yourself :)10:42
xnoxLaibsch: there is tool to do so in standard way to request syncs with the "requestsync" tool available from ubuntu-dev-tools in both ubuntu & debian.10:43
cjwatsonxnox: He was already pointed at that10:44
cjwatsonI just wanted to make it clear that the request in the text of bug 1392236 is not something that we actually have the technology put together to fulfil right now.10:45
ubottubug 1392236 in scanbd (Ubuntu) "please sync my packages from experimental" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139223610:45
Laibschcjwatson: I'd love to get that, but my request for @ubuntu membership was rejected in 2010 because I was contributing too much and had been doing so for too long a time (I kid you not!)10:48
Laibschafter that experience I  said to myself "WTF" and rolled over and simply ignored the nonsense process and never retried10:49
Laibschit is quite a bit of work and I only needed to waste my time on an application once10:49
LaibschI have pretty high clearance on bug triage in LP and I am Debian DM but apparently I need to get that @ubuntu membership for what you are suggesting and frankly, after that experience in 2010  I cannot be  bothered to waste my time on the application process once again10:50
cjwatsonLaibsch: OK, just wanted to let you know about the parameters that are available for syncing10:51
cjwatsonLaibsch: BTW it's not true that membership is required before PPU or other similar upload access10:51
cjwatsonLaibsch: getting upload access *grants* membership as part of it10:51
LaibschUbuntu processes evolve fast and have gotten complicated10:52
cjwatsonLaibsch: this has been the case as long as I can remember10:52
Laibschwhere is the doc describing the process?10:52
cjwatsonwhich links to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/ApplicationProcess10:53
cjwatsonI would generally say that developers should be taking this route rather than going through the general Ubuntu membership thing first10:53
cjwatsonand again, that's pretty much always been the case - sorry if you were misadvised before10:53
Laibsch"Joining the Per-package Uploaders Check out the general requirements for Ubuntu Membership. "10:54
cjwatsonyes, that means you need to meet the requirements10:54
Laibschit seems to be a requirement to me10:54
cjwatsonit doesn't mean you need to separately gain membership first10:54
Laibschbut I have to go through the nonsense one more time?  seriously, how many times would you beg someone for a key when he told you you are TOO skilled and trustworthy?10:55
cjwatsonyou don't have to go to the people who do general membership10:55
Laibschthat might help10:55
cjwatsonwhat this means is that the DMB will check for sustained and significant contributions as part of their process10:55
LaibschI remember I had to wake up at 3 in the morning and sit around for two hours twiddling thumbs10:55
Laibschto receive a rejection because I do too much10:56
LaibschI am still thoroughly pissed off10:56
Laibschyes, sustained and significant10:56
cjwatsonso they check the same requirements, but you don't have to go through two committees or whatever10:56
Laibschin my case too sustained (since 2005) and apparently too significant10:56
cjwatsonbeing granted any kind of upload access implicitly grants membership10:56
cjwatson(technically: because ~ubuntu-dev is a member of ~ubuntumembers)10:57
cjwatsonI'm sorry you had a bad experience.  I can't do anything about that, but I can suggest a more appropriate avenue that might yield better results10:58
Laibschthat is appreciated10:58
Laibschthis really should not happen, I hope it never happened again, but I cannot be sure10:58
LaibschI will keep my application efforts to a minimum this time, if I receive another rejection this time because "I did not proof my case" then that will be it for me.  I only jump through so many hoops to be admitted as a volunteer11:00
cjwatsonI left the community council in 2006, so I haven't been directly involved with the non-developer membership stuff since then ...11:00
xnoxLaibsch: yeah, developer membership board focuses on checking / verifying sufficient technical skills and knoweledge of release process (to make sure one syncs/uploads the right things at the right time). Looking over your profile, it looks to me like you have sufficient technical skill to apply for PPU (per package uploader).11:02
xnoxfor the packages that you are the mainter off in Debian already.11:02
xnoxand then you will be able to sync them yourself into ubuntu.11:02
xnoxps. I sit on the Ubuntu Developer Membership Board that grants such rights11:02
xnoxLaibsch: i have never been involved in the Community governance, I gained my ubuntu membership via Developer Membership board but becoming ubuntu contributing developer first, and later a core dev.11:02
xnoxwell, cjwatson chaired the meeting / voted to approve me :-)11:03
LaibschI'm sure that must help11:03
xnoxLaibsch: nah, he was skeptical, but fair =))))))11:04
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xnoxLaibsch: if you make application wiki page, and email it in, we can review you on the 1st of December 19:00 UTC as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/Agenda11:05
LaibschI hope I won't have to be present this time?11:06
xnox(one needs to apply at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting)11:06
Laibschthat's again middle of the night11:06
Laibschthe times are not good for Asia-based people11:06
Laibschlike I said, my application effort will be minimal, including wiki page (I will create a very simple one)11:06
Laibsch19:00 UTC is not possible for me to attend11:10
Laibschthat's again exactly 3 AM11:10
Laibschsorry, I love Ubuntu, but not that much11:10
xnoxLaibsch: those are generally irc interractive meeting.11:10
Laibschnot after that experience11:10
xnoxLaibsch: you can email, and request for an email application.11:10
LaibschI wonder where my old wiki page went?11:10
xnoxthe meeting on the 15th will be at 15:00 UTC11:10
LaibschI'd like not having to redo it11:11
xnoxLaibsch: if that's any better for interractive application.11:11
cjwatsonIf you happen to know the URL, try appending ?action=info to it11:11
Laibschhere it is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RolfLeggewie11:12
Laibschfound it11:12
Laibschdeeply buried in google ;)11:12
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ogra_does anyone have an idea why the fix for debian bug 169922 does not seem to be in ubuntu ?12:50
ubottuDebian bug 169922 in mount "umount doesn't remount fs read-only if force option is also used" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/16992212:50
* ogra_ tries to make adb on the phone actually force a readonly re-mount before killing the system on "adb reboot" ... seems "umount -f -r -a" does not work (nor does it work with a single mountpoint)12:51
ogra_according to that but this should work since 200412:52
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pittiogra_: I regularly do "mount -o remount,ro /", and that works fine13:22
pitti(as both dual-boot and the emulator are r/w by default, annoyingly)13:22
ogra_pitti, / is ro anyway ...13:23
ogra_pitti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8986920/13:23
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:~# umount -f -r /userdata13:23
ogra_umount: /userdata: target is busy13:23
pittiah, busy13:23
ogra_the bug above suggests this should work though13:24
ogra_even when busy13:24
pittiwell, if there are processes still having open files on that (for write mode), how is it supposed to work?13:24
ogra_(and indeed it is busy)13:24
pittiyou'd break all the running processes13:24
ogra_thats fine, we call reboot anyway (dircet kernel call)13:25
pitti(but I guess that's intended)13:25
ogra_i dont care about the state of the processes, but i do care about the integrity of the fs13:25
ogra_we see a lot of file corruption on the phone ... one of the reasons is "adb reboot" ...13:26
ogra_the logical option would indeed be to make it call /sbin/reboot ... but that takes long ...  i would like ot keep the convenience of speedy reboots in adb13:26
pittiogra_: so perhaps as a first mitigation sync; reboot -f?13:27
pitti(but yeah, forcibly unmounting/ro mounting would of course be betteR)13:27
ogra_the code already calls sync ... doe reboot -f gain me anything over the direct kernel reboot call ?13:27
pittiogra_: no, reboot -f is pretty much that -- don't go through init, just reboot the kernel; that's what I meant13:28
ogra_yeah, well, that is what happens already13:28
pittiogra_: hm, sysrq+u does forced r/o, I wonder if one can trigger that by some other means13:28
ogra_with the init layer ripped out inbetween13:28
pitti      MNT_FORCE (since Linux 2.1.116)13:28
pitti              Force unmount even if busy.  This can cause data loss.  (Only for NFS mounts.)13:29
pittiumount(8) also only talks about NFS13:29
ogra_well, the bug seems to actually use a real device13:30
pittiogra_: ooh!13:30
pittiogra_: echo u > /proc/sysrq-trigger13:31
ogra_hah !13:31
* ogra_ hugs pitti13:31
pitti(well, open() and fputc('u') in C, of course)13:31
pittiogra_: at least sysrq+u seems to work fairly reliably for me to reboot my machine after a crash and save the fs13:31
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:~# echo u > /proc/sysrq-trigger13:31
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:~# touch /userdata/foo13:31
ogra_touch: cannot touch ‘/userdata/foo’: Read-only file system13:31
pittiogra_: so, write 'u', sleep(0.5), reboot()?13:32
pittior maybe even just (1); the whole reboot takes long enough that an extra .5 s for your data safety probably doesn't matter13:33
ogra_well, adbalready has:13:33
ogra_188         execl("/system/bin/vdc", "/system/bin/vdc", "volume", "unmount",13:33
ogra_189                 getenv("EXTERNAL_STORAGE"), "force", NULL);13:33
ogra_which it calls right before rebooting13:33
ogra_i guess i can just replace these two lines13:34
pittiso you are saying that this doesn't work, or it doesn't apply to our internal storage, or we need to do it for other mounts?13:34
ogra_we dont use /system stuff in ubuntu indeed :)13:34
ogra_nor do we use vdc ...13:34
ogra_that code is a no-op currently13:34
ogra_but in adbd it is executed right before the reboot call to the kernel13:35
pittiogra_: so yeah, sounds good13:35
pittiI'd still give it a second to actually sync and remount13:35
ogra_so for our usecase just writing to proc instead sounds good13:35
ogra_yeah, i can add a sleep13:35
ogra_that will still be miles better than using upstarts reboot though :)13:36
pittiright, I didn't even realize that adb reboot didn't use the "proper" reboot13:36
pittiit takes long enough, after all (some 5 s here)13:36
pittiand I use it all the time13:37
ogra_pitti, hah, i gues you never used a normal reboot then ... thats more in the area of 20s13:40
pittiogra_: well, I did (long-press power button)13:41
pittibut I didn't really pay enough attention to wonder about the time difference13:41
pittiogra_: but these days most of what I do with the phone is to test/fix adt-run :)13:41
ogra_it is quite significant ... i always prefer adb reboot13:41
ogra_if i do work on the phone at least13:41
pittiogra_: so, thanks for fixing that!13:42
ogra_well, thanks for getting me on the righ track !!13:42
ogra_(i wouldnt have thought about sysreq ever)13:42
pittismoser: ok, SRU for bug 1391354 uploaded (it's fine in vivid)13:59
ubottubug 1391354 in systemd (Ubuntu Utopic) "Failure to boot ephemeral image for Utopic Fast Installer deployment: no ID_PATH for iSCSI device any more" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139135413:59
mterrywgrant, heyo -- I have a bzrlib script that I would ideally like to run even faster -- it's intent is to delete invalid tags.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/8987882/  Is there a cleverer way to do this?  (Or can you point me at someone else that would know?)14:24
Laibschcjwatson, xnox: what about the possibility not to have to attend the IRC meeting?  one of you mentioned a mail interview process?!14:25
xnoxLaibsch: yeah, in the application submission email you should state that you cannot attend either irc meeting times and wich to be processed via email.14:26
wgrantmterry: I don't know bzrlib well at all, but I'd look for a bulk revision-id lookup method.14:27
Laibschwell, I might be able to attend but I don't want another night session.  Even 1500 UTC is 23:00 here or even 00:00 if I am in Tokyo at the time and if it takes two hours like it did last time then I don't want that14:27
xnoxmterry: well that script is fast if the branch you point it at is local, rather than remote.14:29
xnoxmterry: so i'd clone it to a temp location first, find all tags to delete, and then delete them from target.14:30
xnoxit's equivalent of $ bzr tags | grep ? | cut -d\  -f1 | xargs -L1 bzr tag --delete14:31
mterryxnox, yeah that might be the best solution, I was hoping to do a nice bzrlib thing14:31
mterryxnox, but shell always wins  :)14:31
Saviqmterry, check out http://people.canonical.com/~mwh/bzrlibapi/bzrlib.repository.Repository.html#all_revision_ids14:31
Saviqxnox, that was the first thing we were doing, and it was _slow_ ;)14:31
mterrySaviq, oh really?14:32
mterrySaviq, just two bzr requests, I would expect it to be better14:32
Saviqmterry, one request per tag, no?14:32
Saviqmterry, `bzr tag --delete` does not seem to allow multiple tags (at least per man)14:33
Laibschxnox: I basically left my old application page from 2010 as is and only added a paragraph to the top explaining why I did so.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RolfLeggewie What are the next steps? Send e-mail to devel-permissions@lists.ubuntu.com and request for becoming a PPU dev?14:36
caribou_when merging a package from Debian closes outstanding Ubuntu bugs, should those be listed in the changelog ?14:36
Laibschcaribou_: You can add "LP: #123" in the changelog14:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123 in Launchpad itself "There's no direct way to see the project info when translating it" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12314:36
Laibschsimilar to "Closes: #123"14:36
caribou_Laibsch: yeah, that's what I meant14:36
caribou_Laibsch: I know that, I just want to know if this is part of a normal merge activity14:37
Laibschcloses is for the Debian BTS, LP: for Launchpad14:37
Laibschoh, you are wondering if you need to leave the changelog intact?14:37
LaibschI'm not sure I understand the question14:37
Saviqmterry, yeah, looks like pulling all_revision_ids() and matching to tags would be faster14:39
caribou_Laibsch: when updating the changelog during a merge to the development version and the merge brings in patch from debian that fix existing bugs,should the changelog flag those bugs with (LP: #{bugno})14:43
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xnoxcaribou_: add lp: #N reference in the debian/changelog, upload to debian, the rest will happen.14:43
caribouI would say I should, just need confirmation14:43
xnoxcaribou: you can add lp:#N references, if you can, during merge/before uploads.14:44
caribouxnox: "upload to debian" I suppose upload to ubuntu14:44
Laibschxnox: I believe he wants to know if he should fiddle with the changelog when the debian maintainer forgot to flag the LP bug14:44
xnoxcaribou: otherwise you will need to close bugs yourself.14:44
xnoxcaribou: don't modify other entries, just your own.14:44
caribouLaibsch: nope, I'm merging a package from debian into Ubuntu Vivid14:44
caribouxnox: indeed14:44
xnoxcaribou: e.g. "* merge from debian, remaining changes:14:45
xnox * foo bar14:45
caribouxnox: I meant in the section I'm adding following the merge14:45
xnox * Changes in debian fix LP: #1, LP: #214:45
caribouxnox: ok, that's what I wanted confirmed14:45
xnoxcaribou: yeah.14:45
Laibschxnox: I basically left my old application page from 2010 as is and only added a paragraph to the top explaining why I did so.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RolfLeggewie What are the next steps? Send e-mail to devel-permissions@lists.ubuntu.com and request for becoming a PPU dev?14:45
Saviqmterry, you there? connection issues it seems?14:50
Saviqmterry, if you didn't get it, there's a branch.repository.all_revision_ids()14:50
Saviqthat can be matched against tags14:51
mterrySaviq, yeah I found that, am working on revision (got sidetracked by a wizard issue)14:53
mterrySaviq, thanks14:53
Saviqmterry, no pressure, just wasn't sure you got the msg14:54
mterrySaviq, I hadn't14:54
mterrySaviq, I am having dumb irc problems indeed  :(14:54
mterrySaviq, tell me if this is faster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8988295/14:55
mterrystill seems slightly slow to me, but I think that's just my connection today14:56
mterrylocally is very fast14:56
Saviqmterry, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8988345/14:58
Saviqit's very slightly slower than the original one with hardcoded list14:59
Saviqmterry, so it's great14:59
mterrySaviq, heh14:59
mterrySaviq, well once we feel comfortable with this, please replace your copy of the script in chinstrap15:00
Saviqmterry, yup I will15:00
Saviqmterry, I'll just add some logging and display for when you can't write to the branch15:00
Saviqmhall119, hmm... how is it that sessions that were supposed to start at 1400 UTC are already finished¿?15:21
infinitySaviq: Because it's 15:24?15:24
infinitySaviq: 'date --utc' is your friend. :)15:25
Saviqinfinity, d'oh, I'm +1 now, not +2 ;)15:26
Saviqdamn DST15:26
Laibsch1I had in the past always been able to simply swap out my HD, put it into a different computer and boot my old system from it.  This seems no longer to be the case.  what do I need to now?15:49
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mhall119Saviq: lol15:52
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Laibschoops, wrong channel15:54
pittidoko: FYI, regresssion in https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/vivid-adt-python3.4/7/; (test.test_pyexpat.HandlerExceptionTest)16:31
pittiit was auto-synced, so no mail notification to you specifically16:31
dokopitti, succeeds on the buildd, and currently I can't see anything network specific17:04
pittidoko: no, indeed; test.test_pyexpat.HandlerExceptionTest doesn't sound network specific at all, neither does "RuntimeError: a"17:07
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pittismoser, infinity: btw, now would be a good time to reboot the wolfe host, or the remaining VMs (I suppose if I just reboot them from "within", they won't get teh changed qemu RAM config)17:35
* pitti slips in a quick dist-upgrade17:36
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smoserpitti, you rock.18:33
smoserthank you.18:33
smoseroh. i meant thank you for the help on that iscsi issue.18:33
smoserpitti, i'm sorry, wrt wolfe, what do you need ?18:33
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