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apwj4s0nmchr1st0s (N,BFTL), i don't think that makes any sense09:04
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tjaaltonis it normal that booting to a new kernel renders a drive in a md array broken? the server had uptime of 197 days and after booting (trusty) to -39 caused issues13:45
smbtjaalton, no13:49
tjaaltonI'll try an earlier one..13:50
tjaaltonit's a remote system so kinda awkward to test things13:50
smbtjaalton, question is how broken, broken means13:50
tjaaltonsmb: trying to access /dev/sda fails13:52
tjaaltonso no wonder it got dropped from the arrays13:52
tjaaltonit's a hp microserver that has worked ~4y without issues13:53
smbtjaalton, ok. but also the chance of a change in the kernel only affecting one drive sounds slim. I would rather believe in cosmic rays13:53
smbSome unfortunate coincidence with resetting the disk on reboot? 13:54
tjaaltonyeah could be13:56
smbSometimes weird shit happens. I had a SSD turning into a brick after resume... not any kind of pre-warning13:58
tjaaltonyeah one of mine broke while I was at the (last) uds14:03
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bjfzyga, trusty kernel and lts-hwe-trusty are being respun17:56
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