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muralihello good morning04:31
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dholbachhttp://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22380/development-1411-iso-l10n-uefi/ right now16:07
dholbach"ISO with l10 preloaded for LoCo + UEFI"16:07
joseTm_T: wat, you know Zeke Cao?16:14
Tm_Tjose: and?16:20
joseTm_T: I mean, the world is so small16:21
Tm_Tjose: Resistance core is small16:21
josewat, you Resistance too?16:21
Tm_Tbeen for 2 years now16:21
Tm_Tor so16:21
josegot initio?16:21
Tm_Tnah, I have no money for any that stuff16:21
Tm_TI barely could buy o2j and eureka patches to show my participation16:22
joseTm_T: email me your address and I'll send you a Darsana patch16:22
joseor a couple16:22
Tm_Tjose: snail mail? allright16:22
joseTm_T:  yep16:23
Tm_Tjose: at least I've got snail mail from Anne Beuttenm├╝ller16:24
joseI'm collecting bio cards16:24
joseonly got 516:24
Tm_TI have none of that stuff16:25
Tm_Tjose: I only spend ~3 hours a day on bike playing ingress + what ever I happen to do at work while sitting on top of a farm, not taking this seriously at all (;16:26
Tm_Tmaybe 5 000 km bicycling done this year, last year it was few hundred16:27
josewow, that's a lot16:27
joseI only walk16:27
Tm_TI get to work with bicycle, ~20 km one way16:27
Tm_T~50 km a day16:28
Tm_Tat this point of the year I don't let any weather or pain to stop me doing that, which could lead me being totally soaked in icy rain or slipping in ice and snow16:28
Tm_Twhich is fun!16:28
joseyou take care when doing that16:30
joseas I would tell NPCs, stay safe16:30
Tm_Tjose: ofcourse16:31
Tm_Tbelieve or not, but I felt more safe bicycling in Russia than in Finland16:32
josewell, both countries are cold16:40

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