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alan_galf_: @glib-main-loop-signal-custom couldn't we get some of it under test? (Or is that addressed in a later MP?)11:44
alf_alan_g: There are existing tests added with the previous implementation. Do you think we need something more?11:47
alan_gIt looks to me as though there's functionality added here without new tests. But maybe I'm missing something.11:50
alf_alan_g: No new functionality is added in this MP, we are just re-implementing GLibMainLoop::register_signal_handler().11:58
alan_gOK approved with caveat11:59
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kdub_alf_, have time for a re-review? https://code.launchpad.net/~kdub/mir/platform-operations/+merge/24156316:42
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josharensonAfter upgrading to 15.04, I get a black login screen.. anyone see this?21:44
greyback_josharenson: I first thought after upgrade is always, are there PPAs installed that could break stuff21:45
RAOFjosharenson: Unity8?21:45
greyback_josharenson: check if lightdm is actually running21:46
josharensongreyback_ its running21:46
josharensonI can restart it too21:46
greyback_josharenson: yet you saw no login screen at all?21:46
josharensonnothing at all ,just a black screen21:46
greyback_josharenson: is X running?21:47
josharensongreyback_ yes21:48
josharensonhumm... startx did something21:48
josharensonI see a desktop w/ no unity components21:49
greyback_josharenson: output of /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log and x-0-greeter.log could help21:49
josharensonok 1 min21:49
greyback_ah lightdm never worked for you?21:49
josharensongreyback, no it didnt... was using gdm21:50
josharensonx-0-greeter.log "Failed to open /dev/null: Permission denied"21:51
josharensonPermissions are 66421:51
greyback_here too21:52
greyback_but that's a strange error21:52
greyback_RAOF: ideas?21:52
josharensonI'm going to try making a new dev/null21:53
RAOFThat's a ridiculous error :)21:53
RAOFSo, I've been using 15.04 for a while now, and it's working fine for me.21:53
greyback_josharenson: can you run "/usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-greeter-session /usr/sbin/unity-greeter" as root?21:54
greyback_output of lightdm.log might help too21:55
josharensongreyback_ I'll try... recreating devnull did nothing (same symptoms, same error inthe log)21:56
greyback_josharenson: I doubt you could boot without a valid /dev/null21:56
josharensongreyback_ starting unity-greeter "Failed to connect to Mir: Failed to connect to server socket: No such file or directory"21:57
greyback_josharenson: aha, it's trying to use Mir.21:57
josharensonHow do I make it use X?21:58
greyback_josharenson: does this doc help? http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/using_mir_on_pc.html22:00
greyback_it has a 'if you wish to deactivate XMir' section22:00
* josharenson reads22:00
greyback_do you have a /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/10-unity-system-compositor.conf file ?22:01
greyback_if so, stick a # in front of the "type" line22:01
josharensonI don't have that file22:01
greyback_how about in /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/22:02
* ogra_ wonders how you got into that state in the first place22:02
ogra_its not like we magically switch people to Mir on upgrades22:03
josharensongreyback_ there are config files, but not for usc22:03
greyback_mterry: you about? Would you know how to help?22:04
mterryuh...  I can't remember how this works on the desktop22:05
* mterry scratches head22:05
josharensonMight just reinstall from a clean image...22:05
mterryjosharenson, do you have ubuntu-desktop-mir installed?22:06
greyback_josharenson: maybe. If you try to remove mirserver, I wonder if it'll clean things up22:06
josharensonill try that22:06
RAOFYeah, removing libmirserver should do *something* :)22:17
ogra_would be interesting to know what else that removes to see what dragged it in in the first place22:19
josharensonill keep you posted with what works22:25
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