elopioveebers: I got the output for debian packages working. The click packages are getting stuck during app launch. I'll figure it out when I get back from the gym. And I'll add the rest of the apps too.00:05
elopioveebers: do you want me to send you the directories with the results?00:06
elopioveebers: I need to go now. I'll take care of the nfss script also when I get back.00:13
veeberselopio: sorry was at lunch. Following up now00:35
veeberselopio: fyi, looking at the nfss script right night, will have something to show you a little later on01:04
veebers(if you can please review those MPs from earlier so we can burn those cards)01:04
elopiook, lets get this done03:31
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veeberselopio: you talking to me? :-)03:31
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balloonsround 2!13:20
DanChapmanballoons: hey! how's it going? Are you running any sessions tomorrow at 16:00 UTC? dpm kindly added testing topics to the etherpad so would be great to have you there to bounce stuff off if your available :-D13:23
DanChapmanballoons: dekko session that is13:23
balloonsDanChapman, hehe indeed. I know you know all about AP :-)13:23
balloonsDanChapman, I don't see any conflicts at that time, happy to join13:24
DanChapmanballoons: awesome thanks!! looking forward to it :-D . Although my AP skills are probably a bit rusty now ;-p13:27
rhuddieelopio, hey. when you are around could you give me a hand with getting health-check tests onto new project branch?14:39
elopiogood morning14:43
elopiorhuddie: I'm here.14:43
rhuddieelopio, great14:44
rhuddieelopio, I registered a new project to put the health-check tests on, but I'm having probs actually pushing code to it14:44
rhuddieelopio, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-health-check-tests14:44
elopiorhuddie: like this?14:46
elopiobzr push --use-existing-dir lp:ubuntu-health-check-tests14:46
rhuddieelopio, yes, I did try that, but I get this error: bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "+branch/ubuntu-health-check-tests/trunk/"14:47
elopioum, that sounds familiar14:48
rhuddieelopio, but I've also seen this one too: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8988200/14:48
rhuddieelopio, that one was where I tried to push from a branch of lp:ubuntu-test-cases/touch (to get the initial code populated before merging my changes)14:50
rhuddieelopio, I wasn't sure whether I should start with a branch of ubuntu-test-cases/touch, push that, and then try to merge my changes once that was done.14:51
elopiorhuddie: try pushing to lp:~ubuntu-test-case-dev/ubuntu-health-check-tests/touch14:51
rhuddieelopio, I'm fairly sure I tried that too, but let me double check14:51
elopiorhuddie: sorry, not touch.14:51
rhuddieyes, trunk14:52
elopiorhuddie: sorry, I don't know. But why are you making an independent project instead of merging it into ubuntu-test-cases/touch ?14:53
rhuddieelopio, that was the decision from yesterday's meeting14:53
elopiorhuddie: for all the project, or just for this one? I guess I missed that part.14:54
rhuddieelopio, just for the health-check one14:54
elopiorhuddie: got it. Maybe ask vila?14:55
rhuddieelopio, ok.14:55
elopioballoons: my sprint closing meeting is at the same time as the QML testing session.15:03
elopioballoons: was there something specific you wanted to ask me for that session? or just open discussion?15:04
balloonselopio, just open discussion15:09
balloonselopio, no worries if you can't make it15:10
elopioballoons: I think you know15:10
elopiomy mind.15:11
elopioI won't make it, but feel free to ping me if needed. I don't think thomi will bother for a couple of minutes.15:11
alesagepitti, adt-clarification: I'm reading from man adt-run that exit 4 signifies at least one test has failed--just want to verify (question from veebers): should we all be using 4 to exit?  (i.e. is this picked up in the infrastructure, informative, etc.)15:26
pittialesage: well, if you want to; but I think the usual "non-zero is bad" should suffice in most cases; just adt-run differs between "some failures", "no tests", "some skipped", "bad testbed", etc.15:27
pittialesage: e. g. unittest or autopilot already behave differently15:28
alesagepitti ok yes I thought I was just being more specific using 415:28
alesagepitti also I'd appreciate another review of that (our sprint is coming to a close ;) ) https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/lrt/lrt-to-dep8/+merge/24135315:28
pittialesage: oh nice, flight-mode just works as user?16:01
alesagepitti let me verify, appears yes :)16:01
alesage(either this or the indicator crashed :) )16:02
pittialesage: ah yes, it' sjust a d-bus call16:02
pittiphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ /usr/share/urfkill/scripts/flight-mode 116:02
pittidbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.URfkill.Daemon.Error.General: not authorized16:02
pittiit might be limited to a local session16:03
pittialesage: so this one is tricky; the script might be able to tell the network-indicator to do the request (as that's running in the unity session)16:04
pittiright, see /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.urfkill.policy16:05
alesagewe need a robotic hand to go in and re-enable instead :)16:05
pittialesage: also, adt-run isn't using phablet-shell (although it's fairly close -- still ssh); it might actually behave differently there16:06
alesagepitti interesting16:07
pittialesage: followed up to the branch with that summary16:10
alesagepitti thank you16:11
alesage(sorry in a mtg)16:11
elopiopitti: so, can we do reboots now?16:13
pittielopio: yes, sir!16:13
pittielopio: I figured that out for rhuddie, didn't know that you need it too16:14
elopiocool, just in time as I might need it now.16:14
elopiopitti: I didn't know either. Maybe the utah script I was looking at was doing a magic reboot16:14
pittielopio: that is, reboots in qemu have worked for a long time, but I figure you mean touch :) you'll need 3.7.1git2 from vivid16:14
* elopio updates16:14
pittielopio: hm, I didn't actually manage to get reboot working in UTAH16:15
pittielopio: that was the original plan, to do systemd testing in UTAH, but I remember debugging that with psivaa and we couldn't get it to work16:15
pittiso it became an autopkgtest instead16:15
pitti(in retrospect I'm glad, as it's also making kernel testing and the like much better)16:15
elopiopitti: tests look much better this way.16:15
rhuddiepitti, I tested the reboots earlier on touch, it was working perfectly, thanks16:15
elopioI'm puzzled as how this tests ever worked.16:16
pittielopio: well, we didn't actually run a lot of them16:16
pittiMax had a look at the utah error back then, but it was too hard to quick-fix, so we just gave up16:17
pittianyway, history16:17
elopioand we have a data file \o/16:35
elopiorhuddie: did you figure out the bzr problem?16:36
elopioping nuclearbob:16:37
rhuddieelopio, somehow!16:37
rhuddieelopio, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-test-case-dev/ubuntu-health-check-tests/trunk16:37
elopionuclearbob: I need some help with this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~veebers/+junk/app-startup-nfss-gen/view/head:/scripts/app-startup-nfss-datafile-generator.py16:37
elopiorhuddie: cool :)16:38
elopioalesage: what about you? are you missing something?16:38
alesageelopio in a minute, thanks--just writing an e-mail16:38
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elopiopitti: adt-run requires us to put a debian/changelog file. I found that weird. Is there a reason?16:45
pittielopio: oh -- I guess it uses that to determine the package version that you are trying to test, as we usually want this as an artifact16:47
pittielopio: but this can easily be rectified, you'd then just won't get such a version in the output if it's not there16:47
pittielopio: mind filing a but about it?16:47
elopiopitti: sure. What is the name of the project?16:47
pittielopio: autopkgtest package (not project)16:48
balloonsoO interesting16:49
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elopiopitti: I have the right version, but I got:16:51
elopio/sbin/autopkgtest-reboot: 3: /sbin/autopkgtest-reboot: cannot create /run/autopkgtest-reboot-mark: Permission denied16:51
pittielopio: ah -- missing root16:54
pittielopio: --- ssh -s adb -- -p s3kr1t16:54
pittielopio: you are apparetnly not using 0000 as password :) (that's the one it tries by itself)16:54
elopiopitti: I'm passing it: --- ssh -s adb -P 123416:55
elopioshould I add -- -p too?16:55
pittielopio: it's ssh -s adb -- -p 123417:00
pittielopio: the -- is important -- the -p is an argument for "adb", not to "ssh"17:00
pitti(and yes, the CLI is complicated -- you are dealing with three different programs :/)17:00
pittiadt-run, the virt runner (ssh), and the setup script for ssh (adb)17:01
elopiopitti: it is complex indeed. But I got the same error17:06
elopio$ adt-run -B --built-tree=tests/app-startup --setup-commands=tests/app-startup/debian/tests/setup --output-dir=output --- ssh -s adb -- -p 123417:06
pittielopio: can I have the full log, please?17:07
pittielopio: does it say anywhere something like "I have no root privileges"?17:08
elopiopitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8990168/17:08
elopiooh, sorry, that one went with both -P and -p. It's the same with the line I pasted before.17:09
elopioI don't see any other errors.17:09
pittielopio: ah!17:09
pittielopio: that's output from the test itself17:09
pittielopio: so, your test isn't running as root, thus it can't reboot17:09
pittielopio: Restrictions: needs-root17:10
elopiopitti: oh, but then I get back to the ubuntu-app-launch error of yesterday.17:10
pittielopio: argh -- I hope we won't need a suid root reboot helper :/17:11
pittielopio: when exactly do you need to reboot?17:11
pittielopio: i. e. would it be possible to have something like:17:11
pittiTests: autopilot17:12
pittiTests: some-rooty-bits-which-reboot17:12
pittiRestrictions: needs-root17:12
pittiTests: some-more-user-stuff17:12
pittielopio: or asked differently, why do you need a complete reboot, as opposed to a mere session restart?17:14
pittiif your tests run as user, they shouln't be able to break anything on the machine which you couldn't revert as user?17:14
elopiopitti: ted said: <ted> ricmm, We reset the environment variables to set them before unity starts.17:15
elopio<ted> ricmm, So you can restart the session, but makes as much sense to reboot.17:15
elopiopitti: how do I restart the session?17:15
pittielopio: in the simplest case, just kill -9 -1 :) but I'm sure that there's some more elaborate dbus-y way17:16
elopiopitti: that seems to do the trick allright.17:16
pittielopio: so if you need a full reboot, you can still do the Tests: split from above17:17
pittielopio: i. e. do preparation as root, then run the acual test as user17:17
elopioafter I killed the session, I can't adb into the device anymore. I might have to try the other one.17:19
pittielopio: ah right, you are killing adbd, it runs as user now17:20
pittielopio: so that (dbus session shutdown), or test preparation as root, then the test as user?17:20
elopiopitti: test preparation as root.17:21
elopiothat has the added benefit that I won't have to pass the setup script to adt.17:21
alesageo of course your desktop doesn't have flight mode, so you can't d-bus introspect to figure out which action to use >:(17:40
alesageneed d-feet for touch17:41
elopioalesage: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-test-cases/dep8-app-startup/+merge/24161317:43
elopioin case you have some time for a review.17:43
alesageelopio ok will switch to that17:43
pittialesage: gdbus introspect works quite well on the phone17:43
alesagepitti ok was wondering which to use thx17:43
pittialesage: in theory you can apt-get install d-feet on the device, and then use ssh -X to display it on your workstation; but it's pulling a ton of packages :/17:44
alesagepitti whoa actual x-forwarding :) , maybe I'll actually get to the point of wanting that soon17:45
alesagethat'd make a fun blog post17:45
pittialesage: that bit works just fine; but it's needing gtk, libx11 and all that17:45
pitti(on the phone)17:46
alesageright would probably stomp what limited space I have17:46
elopiothanks alesage.17:49
alesageelopio, ping17:58
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Letozaf_balloons, got time for filemanager ?21:19
dkesselballoons, knome - i am going to bed. just wanted to share a wip screenshot of my qa tracker branch: https://imgur.com/0dp7gsk .22:05
dkesselmaybe you have some comments. but all in all, i am working to build what you guys gave me as a screenshot...22:05
knomelooks good22:07
knomean good night!22:07
knomeand too22:07
balloonsdkessel, wow, that's pretty sweet already22:17

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