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sarnoldthe SDK provides a large weather scope when selecting "C++ scope with http/json" but that default doesn't compile / build / run for me regardless of which devices / kits I try to use. Is it supposed to work?02:17
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liuxg I have a QString, how can I convert it to a std::string, and its encoding is utf-8?05:54
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pittile huh, did we now drop the calculator from the standard install?08:44
popeywe shouldn't have.08:45
pittiah right, it's still in /usr/share/click/preinstalled/, so I figure installing/removing a local calculator click somehow made that invisible08:46
pittiso nevermind, probably pilot error08:46
pittii. e. it's not in "click list" any more nor in the dash08:47
lotuspsychjeyou guys working hard on RTM, should i install it on my n7 instead of devel?08:47
pittin7? do we support that even? (certainly not in RTM)08:47
popeyn7 2013 is supported08:48
lotuspsychjei mean i didnt receive any updates lately on devel version08:48
ogra_lotuspsychje, devel still points to utopic ... it can only be switched once there is the first image in the vivid channel ... which means we need a paromotion in vivid for which we dont have spare Qa resources09:00
lotuspsychjeso best stick to devel version?09:01
ogra_i wonder if i wouldnt be possible to create some community around devel promotions ... if you find enough testers to cover all supported devices ...09:01
lotuspsychjenormally i see a lot of touch updates passing by, but i didnt for a time now09:02
ogra_yes, as i said, only if vivid has been promoted once you will see updates in devel (because then devel can be linked to vivid)09:02
lotuspsychjethink worldwide there's a lot of devel version testers09:03
ogra_we cant make devel point to an empty channel09:03
ogra_and a minimal requirement for a promotion is "it boots on all supported devices"09:03
lotuspsychjei see09:03
ogra_nobody in the QA team has spare cycles to do such testing ... but ... if someone would organize a community testing that covers this minimal use case we could promote without QA involvement09:04
lotuspsychjeany news from bq and meizu yet?09:06
popeylotuspsychje: much of that meizu news comes from a random blog in italy it seems09:11
popeynot from meizu or canonical09:11
popeyso take that with a grain of salt ☻09:11
lotuspsychjepopey: yes i know still not official :p09:11
lotuspsychjeits taking like ages :p09:11
popeyMaking Phone OS's that could be used by millions is hard.09:12
lotuspsychjedvs doing a great job for sure on touch, easy stable and secure..09:12
lotuspsychjepopey: the main problem is unsecure apps that users cant miss09:14
popeythere's many problems to solve, that may be one.09:14
pittirhuddie: hey Richard! there: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/autopkgtest/3.7.1git209:45
pittirhuddie: with full reboot support on touch :)09:45
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Kindness Day! :-D09:46
pittirhuddie: note that you need to call /tmp/autopkgtest-reboot (I updated the documentation accordingly)09:46
rhuddiepitti, that sounds excellent, thank you!09:46
pittirhuddie: so you can get the deb from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/autopkgtest/3.7.1git2/+build/6566246/+files/autopkgtest_3.7.1git2_all.deb or wait until it's in vivid09:46
rhuddiepitti, I'll give it a try shortly. thanks :)09:47
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seb128Chipaca, hey10:44
Chipacaseb128: hi10:44
seb128Chipaca, replying here to the depends thing10:44
Chipacaseb128: listening10:44
seb128Chipaca, what is using -dbus or glib?10:45
seb128is that pyxdg?10:45
seb128in which case that package should have a depends on those (it doesn't atm and that would be a bug we should fix)10:45
Chipacaseb128: the helper itself uses them10:46
seb128how did it build before? just by luck/because something else was pulling those in?10:46
Chipacaseb128: and the package does depend on them10:46
Chipacaseb128: because the tests don't exercise the bit that uses it (because that would require a working dbus, with a working (mock?) system image service10:47
seb128ok, so those are not really build-depends10:47
seb128e.g it would still be fine without them?10:47
Chipacaseb128: but it would be surprising to have a build fail if we refactor code, adding no new imports, and the tests pass but it stops building10:48
seb128Chipaca, sorry, segfaulted xchat-gnome10:49
Chipacaseb128: but it would be surprising to have a build fail if we refactor code, adding no new imports, and the tests pass but it stops building10:49
Chipacaseb128: (i think that's all you missed)10:49
seb128Chipaca, ok, makes sense to me, thanks10:49
seb128Chipaca, approved10:50
Chipacaseb128: tks10:50
Chipacaseb128: do you know if anybody else is putting u-s-s on the train any time soon?10:51
seb128Chipaca, we almost have daily landings, so yeah no worry about that10:52
ogra_Chipaca, silo 00310:52
ogra_waiting for the thaw10:52
ogra_(and i see you have 014 too)10:52
ogra_(for testing)10:52
Chipacayeah, 014 was for testing this (for help with reproducing & understanding a bug)10:52
Chipacaand was against rtm10:53
Chipacabut then i thought this should be there all the time anyway, hence this10:53
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bzoltanmvo_: hello, are you active?11:30
* didrocks systemctl enable mvo_.service :)11:31
mvo_bzoltan: well, sort of, need tea, otherwise active11:32
bzoltanmvo_: Just a quick question. Do we have vivid click chroots? If not then when it is scheduled?11:34
mvo_bzoltan: yes, see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/click/ "add ubuntu-sdk-15.04 based on ubuntu-sdk-libs/ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev"11:34
mvo_bzoltan: its directly generated from these two packages so if you want to adjust the framework, you can just do it via the metapkg11:35
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bzoltanmvo_: ohh, I am silly to ask that late. It is available for ten days... One more question :)11:37
bzoltanmvo_:  what is the best way to backport the click to Utopic and LTS? I see that the phablet-tools PPA is not up to date. Colin gave me once a guide how to copy and rebuild for other series from the archive... I do not find it.11:39
mvo_bzoltan: as long as there are no new dependencies it should be really as simple as apt-get source click ; change debian/changelog with appropriate version e.g. 0.4.34~trusty1, upload to ppa. I wonder if you could even setup a auto-build-recipe for the ppa based on the lp:click branch to get this uploaded automatically11:42
mptHmm, System Settings launches so slowly now that the phone locks before it’s done11:42
Stskeepsg 14111:42
Stskeepser, ignore me..11:42
bzoltanmvo_: that would be the best11:43
bzoltanmvo_:  but do you think it is safe to automatically release the trunk of the lp:click?11:44
bzoltanmvo_:  or is it holly trunk like the UITK trunk? :)11:44
mvo_bzoltan: we use lp:click/devel for the development, once it lands in trunk its usually released11:44
mvo_(or I messed up lallaalala)11:44
bzoltanmvo_:  Okey, so it is a holly trunk...11:45
mvo_bzoltan: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds/GettingStarted <- best to try it in a tmp ppa and if its good thats probably the easiest way for you to get always-in-sync packages11:45
ogra_mpt, not here11:45
ogra_under 3 secomds11:45
bzoltanmvo_:  for the UITK project I do it since the beginning11:46
mvo_bzoltan: cool, thats even easier then :)11:46
mptogra_, took about 6 minutes here :-/11:47
mptI thought it was stuck11:47
bzoltanmvo_:  yay \o/ I did not know I can create packaging recipe for projects I am not in charge. But I can -> https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+recipe/click-daily11:49
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mptseb128, is the contents of indicator-messages controlled by unity8 or something?13:33
seb128mpt, the UI elements are13:34
seb128or ubuntu-settings-components13:34
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tedgkenvandine, So I modified the autopilot test in u-s-s, how do I run it?14:04
mhall119zsombi: please join #ubuntu-uds-appdev-114:06
kenvandinetedg, hang on, in a meeting14:06
tedgkenvandine, Tell those people I'm more important! ;-)14:07
jgdx$ autopilot3 run ubuntu_system_settings.tests14:10
tedgjgdx, In which directory?14:10
jgdxadd modules for more specific runs (autopilot3 run ubuntu_system_settings.tests.test_cellular.CellularTestCase.test_change_carrier)14:10
jgdxtedg, tests/autopilot14:10
kenvandinetedg, tests/autopilot14:10
tedgK, cool. Seems I'm missing packages.14:11
tedgIt seems to be calling /usr/bin/system-settings14:11
kenvandinetedg, it needs to be installed, to find your plugin changes14:13
kenvandinenot so much for the tests14:14
kenvandinebut the plugins that get loaded will be from /usr/share14:14
kenvandineand it's going to run /usr/bin/system-settings14:14
kenvandinebut it'll run the autopilot tests from your checkout if you are in the right directory14:14
tedgOkay, so let me build packages.14:15
jgdxI do $ sudo make install && ln -s /usr/local/bin/…  /usr/bin/…14:18
jgdxscores 10 on the dirt-o-meter14:18
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tedgOh, my. Yes. We should purge that suggestion from the IRC logs. :-)14:20
seb128jgdx, you better make install DESTDIR, easier to make sure you don't corrupt your system install14:21
jgdxbut if my system is not corrupted, how will I learn14:24
ogra_you mean "learn how the installer works" ?14:25
seb128that's how we ensure ubiquity gets regular testing!:14:26
jgdxNoskcaj, ubuntu is surprisingly resilient. You can throw a lot of stupidity at it before it buckles.14:28
jgdxNoskcaj, tab failure, sorry14:29
barrypitti: still having problems w/adt-run on device: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8988046/14:37
barrypitti: notice line 11014:37
barrypitti: that *ought* to be a valid option, but apt on the device is complaining.14:38
pittibarry: OOI, is that somethign at adt-run does by itself somehow, or part of your test? (the pastebin doesn't have the command line you ran)14:39
barrypitti: here's the command: adt-run -d -o /tmp/out system-image-common_3.0-0ubuntu1_all.deb system-image-dbus_3.0-0ubuntu1_all.deb system-image-cli_3.0-0ubuntu1_all.deb system-image_3.0-0ubuntu1.dsc --- ssh -s adb14:39
pittibut yeah, that looks really odd; it's an -o, after all14:40
barrypitti: yeah! :)14:40
pittibarry: do you get the same error if you run that command with phablet-shell?14:41
pittibarry: (you can try and install aspell-doc or something similarly trivial)14:41
barrypitti: let me try that14:41
pittibarry: at least I've never seen that before; maybe this is an option which RTM's apt just doesn't know about yet, but that's both unlikely and also doesn't quite match the error message14:42
barrypitti:  apt | | ubuntu-rtm/14.09 | source, amd64, armhf, i38614:45
barrypitti: i'm not exactly sure what that version number means ;)14:45
pitti$ sudo apt-get --quiet -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true -o APT::Get::force-yes=true -o APT::Get::Assume-Yes=true --reinstall install aspell-doc14:47
pittibarry: ^ hm, working fine here14:47
pittiand I have
pittibarry: I figure 1.0.9 broke something and they quickly reverted it14:47
pittibarry: I'll try to reproduce with an adt-run line like your's14:48
barryyep, that command works fine for me too14:48
barrypitti: ^^14:48
barrypitti: i can provide .dsc and .debs if you want to try to reproduce exactly.  also fwiw, host is on vivid14:49
pittibarry: host> same here; do we have any other desktop release? :-)14:49
barrypitti: there's this rumored 'devel' release :)14:50
pittibarry: yeah, but I've heard it's really hard to tell the difference14:50
pittiSetting up testpkg (1) ...14:51
pittibarry: hm, so doesn't reproduce with my little local test package14:51
pittibarry: the error certainly doesn't look pacakge specific, but just to rule that out, maybe put your files on people.c.c?14:52
barrypitti: what does `system-image-cli --info` say in phab-shell?14:52
pittibarry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8988270/14:52
barrypitti: looks like my device is on stable build 6.  let me try swapping it over to -proposed.  maybe there's something about the stable channel that's out of whack14:54
pittibarry: let me create an emulator with stable; may be easier than destroying your device14:55
pittiCreating "rtm" from ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09 revision 614:55
pittibarry: ^ that sounds like it would match?14:55
barrypitti: it does14:55
* barry hopes that -proposed wouldn't put his device on phaser overload14:56
pittibarry: I've never ran stable on any of my devices :)14:56
barrypitti: it does seem quaint :)14:56
pittibut then again I don't use it for "production" either, I just destroy the installs too quickly :/14:56
oSoMoNI just upgraded to image #159 on krillin, and wifi won’t connect, is that a known issue? 14:58
pittibarry: just to rule that out, you didn't specify a sudo password; I take it you use "0000" as I don't see anything in the log that woudl complain about not having root privs, right?14:59
pittibarry: and even then, the error messages should look totally different14:59
barrypitti: correct.  000015:00
mptkenvandine, I just relaunched System Settings: 2 minutes 34 seconds. So, what should I provide?15:00
pitti. o O { security! half of the company uses that :) }15:00
pittithe "give me adb, dammit!" passcode15:00
kenvandinempt, ok, grab a couple of log files15:01
pittibarry: still works in rtm-proposed emulator, trying rtm now15:01
kenvandineyou can just pastebin those15:02
pittibarry: oh, I found some more differences; I used -B, you didn't; will also try with that15:02
barrypitti: right, because i did *not* want the -dev.deb installed (that isn't installed on normal images, but it's built and listed in the .changes file)15:03
pittibarry: oh, specifying a .deb on the CLI does *not* install it15:03
pittibarry: it merely means that it will be included in the local apt-ftparchive, so that any test dependencies will be satisfied from that15:04
barrypitti: really?  hmm.  so is there a way to install just a very specific set of .debs or is it really "everything in the .changes file"?15:05
pittibarry: ok, I tried without -B on rtm (#6), and it still works15:05
pittibarry: as I said -- supplying a .changes or number of .debs merely "registers" those binaries -- they only get installed as part of debian/tests/control's Depends:15:05
mptkenvandine, forgive me, I’ve forgotten how to copy files from the phone15:06
pittibarry: due to not specifying -B it now installs all the build deps, but that's already way past the point where it fails for you15:06
pittibarry: so I suggest I'll try with your .deb/.dsc?15:06
barrypitti: oh, yes, of course, that makes sense.  my d/t/control file says: Depends: system-image-common, system-image-cli, system-image-dbus, ubuntu-download-manager, dbus, dbus-x11, python3-psutil, python3-xdg15:06
barrypitti: yep, let me upload them15:07
pittibarry: conversely, do you get the error with -B?15:07
barrypitti: p.c.c:~barry/pitti/*15:08
pittibarry: 40415:08
mptkenvandine, and clicking on the phone in Nautilus does nothing at all :-/15:09
kenvandinempt, sorry... use adb15:09
mpt(I guess that’s a separate bug)15:09
kenvandineadb pull /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/unity8.log .15:09
pittibarry: ooh, I looked in http://people.canonical.com/~barry/, nevermind15:09
kenvandineadb pull /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/dbus.log .15:09
barrypitti: chmod'd15:09
kenvandineadb pull /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/application-legacy-ubuntu-system-settings.log .15:09
pittibarry: (i. e. I looked in public_html); I'll scp them15:09
barrypitti: oops, yeah15:09
mptkenvandine, the last of those doesn’t exist15:10
kenvandineadb pull /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/application-legacy-ubuntu-system-settings-.log .15:10
kenvandinesorry, i typo'd it15:10
* kenvandine blames tedg for the annoying trailing - there :)15:11
pittibarry: orig.tar.gz, s'il vous plaît ?15:11
pittibarry: (and debian.tar.gz)15:11
tedgkenvandine, Patches welcome ;-)15:12
kenvandinetedg, it's more fun to blame you :)15:12
* tedg lies, he doesn't really want patches from kenvandine ;-)15:12
barrypitti: uploaded15:12
pittibarry: hah!15:15
mptkenvandine, thanks, I reported bug 1392349 with those three files15:16
ubot5bug 1392349 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "System Settings takes minutes to launch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139234915:16
kenvandinempt, thx15:18
pittibarry: so on the one hand I'm glad that I can reproduce; on the other, dear world: please stop finding bugs which are more and more obscure!15:18
kenvandinepmcgowan, i attached that info to bug 133720015:18
ubot5bug 1337200 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "High CPU due to excessive device changed signals from upower" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133720015:18
kenvandinepitti, ^^ the upower info15:18
barrypitti: i am the Breakor Of Things15:18
barrypitti: do tell!15:18
pittibarry: sorry, no, davmor2 is that already; at most you can be his depoty15:19
* barry is the Assistant Breakor Of Things15:19
pittibarry: and I re-confirmed it on rtm-proposed now15:19
barrypitti: a bug in apt?15:19
pittibarry: drilling down now15:19
davmor2pitti: but once the obvious bugs are out of the way it only leaves the obscure thems the rules15:20
pittibarry: meeting now, will continue after that15:30
barrypitti: thanks15:31
jgdxkenvandine, how'd you fix otto the last time around?15:35
jgdxbesides kicking it15:36
kenvandinepoked the qa folks15:36
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tedgjgdx, kenvandine, I'm confused, I can't figure out how to get a base class to use both the system and the session bus.15:52
tedgjgdx, kenvandine, What is "klass.dbus_con" and how can there be only one?15:53
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kenvandinempt, are you sure you're on rtm proposed r6?16:07
kenvandinertm proposed is currently at r159?16:07
mptkenvandine, oh, my mistake. I reflashed on Tuesday. I’m on r214.16:09
kenvandinehmmm... still doesn't sound right :)16:09
kenvandineadb shell system-image-cli -i16:11
kenvandinempt,  ^^16:11
barrykenvandine: stable is r6 i think16:12
kenvandinebarry, yeah, but what's r21416:12
barrykenvandine: proposed i think16:12
kenvandinei'm on 159 for rtm proposed16:12
barryah. then idk :)16:13
kenvandineso wondering what channel mpt is on16:13
mptkenvandine, channel: ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed-customized16:14
kenvandinei have no idea what's in that channel :)16:15
kenvandinebarry, is there a way for me to see what package versions are in a channel?16:15
jgdxtedg, that should be possible with two spawn_server calls, right? One where system=True and the other where it's not set at all.16:16
barrykenvandine: i don't think there's a manifest on s-i.u.c16:17
tedgjgdx, I did that, but I don't know what variable has the session bus, or where it goes.16:17
kenvandine        "version_detail": "ubuntu=20141111,device=20141106-572f18d,custom=20141110-423-19,version=214"16:17
kenvandineso i guess 20141111 is what's important there16:18
ogra_thats a cwayne test channel16:19
ogra_for testing custom tarballs16:19
jgdxtedg, spawn_server returns the connection object.16:19
jgdxtedg, are you trying to mock the gactions?16:21
kenvandinetedg, jgdx said it's hard to mock gactions... you should fix that16:22
jgdx(hard for me, not necessarily hard for others)16:23
tedgkenvandine, I'm trying :-)16:26
tedgjgdx, Yeah, I have it "written" now I'm trying to get it to run ;-)16:27
mptkenvandine, should I not be using that channel?16:28
mpt(I don’t remember having a definite answer to “Which channel should I be testing”)16:29
kenvandinempt, most of use use 14.09-proposed16:29
kenvandinempt, that's not causing your bug though (or i doubt it)16:29
kenvandinejust hard for me to know what versions of packages you have16:29
kenvandinempt, i still don't see anything in your log that screams out to me as an issue16:30
mptkenvandine, should I flash 14.09-proposed and retest?16:30
kenvandinempt, is your device plugged in while you are starting it?16:30
kenvandinempt, not yet16:30
kenvandinebut yes you should switch channels16:30
mptkenvandine, starting the device, or starting System Settings?16:31
kenvandinestarting settings16:31
mpt(I don’t remember, and yes, respectively)16:31
kenvandinecan you reboot your device and start settings without it being plugged in?16:31
mptok, bbi5m16:31
* mpt waits for the Dash to finish loading first16:33
mptkenvandine, 5 seconds16:34
mpt4 seconds, 5 seconds16:34
kenvandinei'm thinking you might have been suffering from bug 133720016:35
ubot5bug 1337200 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "High CPU due to excessive device changed signals from upower" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133720016:35
kenvandineyour dbus.log has tons of these16:35
kenvandine(process:2235): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.41.5/./gobject/gsignal.c:3101: signal id '33' is invalid for instance '0x19cf178'16:35
tedgkenvandine, jgdx, how do I know if the autopilot tests pass? Because they don't fail?16:36
kenvandinewhich i see spamming the log when upower is DOS'ing dbus16:36
kenvandinei have no idea how to figure out what causes those warnings16:36
kenvandinetedg, ^^ any suggestions?16:36
kenvandinetedg, it'll say OK16:36
kenvandinei think16:36
kenvandineif there are failures it gives you stats on pass/total16:37
tedgAh, there we go. dbus-test-runner was timing out.16:38
kenvandineif i tail dbus.log while dbus-daemon is chewing cpu... i see these warnings constantly16:38
kenvandinemakes me think it's a warning from something listening to upower16:38
kenvandineand mpt's dbus.log is just full of those warnings16:39
tedgI think the only people listening to upower are system settings and indicator-power.16:39
kenvandineand upower in rtm seems to DOS dbus16:40
kenvandinewhich causes system-settings to hang16:40
tedgI think that upower just passes events, so it's more the battery provider.16:40
kenvandineand i confirmed there are lots of change events16:40
tedgFile a bug on the kernel :-)16:40
kenvandinebut... those don't seem to get emitted on vivid16:41
kenvandinewith upower 0.9916:41
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kenvandinewhich is less noisy16:41
tedgPerhaps that's the fix, or different HW?16:41
pittikenvandine: your udevadm log just had 4 events every 10 s, that's not exactly "excessive"?16:41
kenvandinewe saw it on mako and krillin in the past16:41
kenvandinepitti, that was just over a minute16:41
pittiinitially I thought that the battery driver would send a gazillion events, but at least not in the udevadm log that kenvandine attached to the bug16:42
kenvandinei ran the same thing on my mako on vivid and had none of the power_supply change events16:42
pittikenvandine: but I take it you did that during a time when system-settings was spinning 100%?16:42
kenvandinepitti, no... it wasn't16:42
kenvandinethat was just idle16:42
pittiwell, then it doesn't say anything16:42
kenvandineand the system was sleeping16:43
kenvandinewhy change events when nothing changed?16:43
kenvandinepitti, i think what happens is settings is connected to those signals, and it sleeps16:43
pittikenvandine: well, because that was the theory -- lots of batter change events which are propagated through upower to system-settings16:43
kenvandineafter a while when the app resumes16:43
kenvandineit gets all the signals16:44
kenvandineso if you leave it plugged in for 8 hours sleeping16:44
kenvandineand resume the app16:44
kenvandineit gets flooded16:44
kenvandinepitti, so i'm thinking the problem is it's constantly sending those changed events, when nothing changed16:45
pittiok; we'd still need the udevadm log to confirm that then16:45
pittii. e. whether it's the android battery driver or upower going crazy after suspend16:46
kenvandinepitti, i was thinking it was all the dbus signals being sent to the subscriber when the subscriber resumes16:47
kenvandinenot necessarily when upower wakes16:47
kenvandinejust the fact that they happened while settings was suspended16:47
kenvandinepitti, so on vivid, none of the only change events i see is on battery16:47
kenvandinenot on ac, usb and wireless16:47
pmcgowankenvandine, pitti I added the upower output but just saw your comment16:48
pmcgowanneed to let it sit a while again16:48
pittikenvandine: ah, you figure that dbus-daemon or whatever queues up the signals for subscribers, and flushes them16:49
pitti... once they resume16:49
pittiso that they don't lose signals16:49
pittithat would actually make sense16:49
kenvandinepitti, am i making sense?  i don't think it's upower going crazy after suspend, just that upower is constantly emitting these signals while settings is suspended16:49
kenvandineand the fact that these change events keep happening when there isn't a real change16:49
kenvandinemakes them queue up pretty fast16:49
pittikenvandine: right; so an app which is subscribing to a signal would need to unsubscribe before it gets suspended, otherwise it's going to get all that flooding16:50
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
ogra_we see quite some noise of upower, dbus and indicator-power in smoke testing16:50
kenvandinepitti, i fear trying to do that will lead to lots of bugs16:50
pittibut so far it wasn't clear at all what's triggering those16:50
ogra_we have this "systemsettle" test ... where we check if the system goes back above 95% idle state16:50
kenvandinepitti, the situation is much better in vivid with upower 0.9916:50
pittiogra_: yeah, I know16:50
ogra_and these three usually are the noisy ones in the top ouotput in this test16:50
ogra_oh, right, i told you already16:51
pittiogra_: yeah, 5 change events from various sources (even AC!) every 10 s does pile up16:51
pittiso AC change events are indeed a bit pointless16:51
pittiit seems the android drivers just send out change events every 10 s no matter what16:51
ogra_well, there must be a way to quieten them16:51
kenvandinepitti, so in 0.99 those just aren't being forwarded right?16:51
ogra_(on the driver side)16:52
pittikenvandine: hm, that's surprising, as the data flow didn't really chagne; the particular signal changed, though16:52
kenvandinein 0.99 i only see the battery change16:52
kenvandineevery 10s16:52
pittiogra_: yeah16:52
pittiogra_: it seems rather simplistic16:52
kenvandinethe changelog said something about quieting those signals16:52
pittias if the AC change wouldn't generate a proper interrupt or so which would then trigger a change event16:52
kenvandinelike upower is smarter about it16:52
pittibattery events need to happen regularly, I get that16:52
kenvandineso 0.99 is perfect :)16:53
pittikenvandine: ah, so it might receive the uevents for AC, but see that the status didn't change and thus use that?16:53
pittikenvandine: ... to determine to not send another signal?16:53
pitticould be16:53
pittiit doesn't solve the fundamental problem of signals queueing up during suspended apps, though?16:53
kenvandinei think that somethign like that was in the 0.99 changelog16:53
kenvandinenot really16:53
kenvandinebut... it's usually not like this ;)16:54
pittias the battery level does change a lot all the time, so what works for AC doesn't work for battery16:54
tedgkenvandine, Okay, this works now. Do you have a way to run Jenkins on the rtm branch? It doesn't merge cleanly with trunk :-/16:54
kenvandine - Remove DeviceChanged and Changed signals (PropertiesChanged16:55
kenvandine   signals are sent instead) (Bastien Nocera)16:55
kenvandinepitti, ^^16:55
kenvandineso the PropertyChanged signal is probably smart enough to not happen when there is no change16:55
pittikenvandine: ah, and I guess that implicitly provides the "property didn't really change" filtering16:55
pittikenvandine: so upower itself would still wake up 4 times every 10 s16:55
kenvandineand removing that is part of the API change16:55
pittibut it doesn't propagate that16:55
kenvandineso backporting that to rtm is not likely :/16:56
pittiso that doesn't solve the system-settings spinning, but it helps ogra's load tess16:56
ogra_well, it is plars load tests ... i'm, only whining about them all the time :)16:56
pittiso, oh well, we have the transition done, we could in theory land it in RTM :)16:56
kenvandinepitti, it really makes a huge difference :)16:57
pitti(still doesn't fix bug 1337200 of course)16:57
ubot5bug 1337200 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "High CPU due to excessive device changed signals from upower" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133720016:57
ogra_put it on the bug wishlist16:57
pittiat least not with the current theory16:57
kenvandinehow many packages are affected by the transition?16:57
ogra_but i doubt olli will easily be convinced to replace the whole stack :)16:57
pittikenvandine: distro-wide: looots (bug 1330037)16:57
ubot5bug 1330037 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "upower 0.99.1 transition" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133003716:58
kenvandinepitti, it makes the bug practically go away16:58
pittikenvandine: on touch however, about 4 packages (upower, powerd, indicator-power, system-settings)16:58
kenvandineright, so for rtm it's a pretty controlled set16:59
pittikenvandine: hm, that's surprising; I'd expect the time of pegging CPU to be reduced to 1/4, but not go away16:59
kenvandineon vivid waking settings isn't even noticable16:59
kenvandinethere could be more chatter than that while sleeping for longer, not sure17:00
kenvandineoh... and what happens when it's fully charged?17:00
kenvandinethe change doesn't get emitted17:00
kenvandineonly when the level changes17:00
pittikenvandine, pmcgowan: I sent a summary to the bug17:06
pmcgowanpitti, kenvandine maybe a stupid question but why is the phone not suspending on AC17:08
pmcgowanI can see if its plugged into my pc but not when on the wall wart17:08
ogra_pmcgowan, adb keeps it up17:09
pmcgowanogra_, on a wall charger?17:09
pmcgowanit shouldnt right17:09
ogra_ah, no, that shouldnt17:09
pmcgowanI need to try that again, that was the original bug17:09
ogra_but i think thats behavior we inherit from android17:10
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pittibarry: ok, back from meeting and discussions from above and with elopio :)17:21
pittibarry: and I think I got the problem17:21
barrypitti: pebkac? ;)17:21
pittibarry: yes, (but my k and c)17:22
pittibarry: the fix is really embarassing: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/autopkgtest/autopkgtest.git/commit/?id=9b87f225c17:24
pittibarry: the fun thing is that it works just fine when calling it with that space on the shell (i. e. -o 'Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true ' -o ...)17:24
barrypitti: omg.  i looked at that code several times and didn't notice it17:25
pittibarry: so if you want to hot-fix that inline in your /usr/bin/adt-run17:25
barrypitti: yep, i'll do that and give it another run... but after lunch17:25
pittibarry: I'm not sure why it only happens with those three debs and not with e. g. aspell-doc and language-pack-touch-de17:25
kenvandinepmcgowan, i'll prepare a branch of settings that disconnects from those signals when it gets suspended17:25
barrypitti: what about doing ' '.join([...]) instead?17:25
pittibarry: that will forever remain a mystery of apt; but I tested it wit sytem-image now, and the tests are running happily17:25
kenvandinegotta figure out how to know when we are getting suspended17:25
pittibarry: nah, I don't want to introduce extra shells and quoting issues17:26
pmcgowankenvandine, there is a signal17:26
barrypitti: no worries.  anyway, thanks for digging in and finding this17:26
pittibarry: whenever possible I run commands as argv vector17:26
kenvandinepmcgowan, do you know what i provides that signal?17:26
pittibarry: the last test fails, FYI17:26
pittiPermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/etc/system-image/tmp3fq6s05m'17:26
pittibarry: but I'll leave that to you :)17:26
kenvandinepmcgowan, and ideally prior art, something else that does this already17:27
pittibarry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8990395/17:27
pittibarry: but I guess you should run it without -d17:27
barrypitti: right, the tests are still in flux.  need to figure out reboot and post-reboot verification17:27
pittibarry: want/need that in vivid, or is local fixing ok for you right now?17:28
barrypitti: long term: vivid, but for now i can do a local fix17:29
pmcgowankenvandine, hmm cant seem to find the api17:33
pittibarry: yeah, I'll most certainly do another upload this week, was just wondering how urgent it is17:34
ogra_oh neat ... copy/paste worked for me for the first time !17:47
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Riku-sanok, so I just installed ubuntu-touch/trusty-customized on my grouper19:37
Riku-sanit's pretty stable19:37
Riku-sanbut either the wifi or the browser isn't working right19:37
Riku-san(I have WiFi that I need to sign in to after I connect)19:38
Riku-sanwell, it was stable19:39
Riku-sanit just locked up because the USB cable came unplgugged19:39
Riku-santhe interface likes to lock up, but it still goes in and out of suspend19:41
Riku-sannvm seems to be stable and wifi working after a reboot19:44
Riku-sannew question: how do I go into desktop mode? on the device19:45
popeytwo things, 1) we no longer support grouper, 2) there is no desktop mode (yet)19:45
Riku-sanpopey: why do you no longer support grouper? other than the fact it's 2 years old19:47
Riku-sanit would seem like it would have the best support since there's official linux support from nvidia19:47
popeyWe're focussed on other faster / newer devices - Nexus 4, Nexus 7 201319:48
Riku-sanwhy isn't it seeing my bluetooth keyboard?19:48
Riku-sanin settings it says 'Connect a headset:'19:48
Riku-sanbut it won't see my keyboard?19:49
popeywe currently only support audio devices - headsets / speakers19:49
Riku-sanhow is this supposed to be better than the scrapped ubuntu mobile?19:49
ogra_it is a phone OS19:50
Riku-sanI have a 3.5mm port for audio, keyboards are more useful19:50
ogra_dont expect it to be anything else yet19:50
Riku-sanhow can I MAKE it support my keyboard?19:50
Riku-sanI was pointed here as a solution to an xorg bug in ubuntu mobile19:50
ogra_who pointed you ?19:51
Riku-sanpeople from #ubuntu and #ubuntu-arm19:51
Riku-sanbecause 'ubuntu mobile is no longer supported'19:51
ogra_well, they definitely pointed you wrong19:51
ogra_ubuntu mobile was never supported19:51
Riku-santheir solution was use touch instead19:51
ogra_it was a testbed for building the underlying bits of ubuntu touch (minus the UI)19:51
ogra_in preparation to build a phone OS19:52
Riku-santhis is a terrible portable computer if I'm stuck with a touch keyboard tbh19:52
ogra_which will *later* also become a teblet and desktop OS19:52
Riku-sanbut ofc the device I just spent money on is no longer supported19:52
ogra_and replace the current ubuntu19:52
Riku-sanreplace desktop ubuntu with THIS?19:52
ogra_in two-three years19:52
ogra_first we need a stable phone OS to build on19:53
Riku-sangreat I have two-three years before I have to switch to debian if it's gonna go windows 819:53
ogra_huh ?19:53
ogra_why would it19:53
ogra_the desktop wont be much different to todays ubuntu desktop19:53
Riku-sanwell I don't use unity in the first place so it may not affect me19:54
ogra_right, you will likely use one of the flavours ... not sure they will follow suit19:54
Riku-sanI just use Ubuntu Server for everything19:54
ogra_(though if they are clever they will )19:54
Riku-sanbecause it still fits on a CD19:55
ogra_the new thing will fit on less19:55
ogra_what we are building is way way smaller19:55
ogra_and has unbrekable upgrades19:55
Riku-sanis their a technical way to make my keyboard work?19:56
ogra_for sure ... its just bluetooth after all19:56
Riku-sanit worked on ubuntu mobile, why does it no longer work on a newer release?19:56
ogra_just look up how to connect a kbd via commandline19:56
ogra_oh, you mean its not BT ?19:56
Riku-sanannnd it locked up trying to show the onscreen keyboard19:57
Riku-sanit is bluetooth19:57
Riku-sanI know how to use OTG19:57
ogra_well, OTG is likely disabled in your touch kernel now19:57
Riku-sanhow is this useful?19:57
ogra_(i dont think we enabled it)19:57
Riku-sanit's lacking features that android has...19:57
ogra_it serves fine as day to day phone OS19:58
ogra_and will go on sale on phones soon19:58
Riku-sanif I wanted a day to day phone OS I would be running android...19:58
ogra_well, but that is what it is19:58
Riku-sanand locked up before I could even unlock it19:58
ogra_yes, the tegra android driver is brioken19:59
ogra_which is the main reason we dropped support for ti19:59
ogra_it wont run Mir or wayland ...19:59
kenvandinetedg, if i want to do something when settings suspends, can i just connect to SIGSTOP ?19:59
ogra_kenvandine, iirc Mit sends you a nice signal you can liten to20:00
Riku-sanI have a modified image with the proprietary nvidia drivers, how can I flash it?20:00
ogra_you mean you jave added newer android drivers to the android container ?20:00
Riku-sanI added the files into the tar.xz20:00
kenvandineogra_, so it's mir... thanks20:00
Riku-santhey patched into lib and etc20:01
kenvandinestd::signal would be nice :)20:01
Riku-sanI pulled them from the latest TegraForLinux package for the T30L on the nvidia site20:01
ogra_that cant work20:01
ogra_you need android drivers20:01
Riku-santhey're armhf drivers... for linux20:01
Riku-sanwhy do I need android drivers?20:02
Riku-sanI'm not running android20:02
ogra_and touch uses a container in which the android HAL runs20:02
ogra_which uses android drivers20:02
ogra_linked against bionic ... not libc20:02
Riku-santhis is why I miss mobile20:02
Riku-sanhow can I build a newer image of mobile myself?20:03
ogra_mobile (as i said before) was a testbed to get the unerlaying architecture working20:03
Riku-sanand it's (at least from what I can see) a normal armhf system20:03
ogra_you could simply take the old mobile and upgrade it20:03
Riku-sanI have successfully run JRE 8 and a minecraft server on it20:04
ogra_but afaiik the tegra4linux drivers do not run with newer xorg20:04
Riku-sanI learned that the hard way20:04
Riku-sanit made my touch act up more20:04
Riku-san(touch input)20:04
ogra_they wont even be used in touch20:04
ogra_no matter how much you try :)20:04
Riku-sanhow would I go about upgrading the old image?20:04
Riku-sanyes that's how I soft bricked my device20:05
ogra_but it will break the graphics stack20:05
Riku-sanbecause that happened20:05
Riku-sanit also broke wifi so it became next to worthless and I had to reflash20:05
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dobeyogra_: i don't think Riku-san is running ubuntu-touch, but is trying to get touch screen working in armhf ubuntu desktop20:10
dobeyat least, that was my understanding20:10
ogra_my undertsanding was that it started with desktop ... then was switched to touch ... then the l4t drivers were put on top20:11
ogra_which ... well ... is pointless since they are a no-op20:11
tedgkenvandine, No, you need to get the lifecycle event from Mir, once you've got the SIGSTOP it's too late.20:15
kenvandinetedg, so is it something in mir_toolkit/mir_client_library.h20:15
tedgkenvandine, I don't know, I think there should be a QML event on the application object.20:15
tedgkenvandine, You need to know to save work, etc.20:16
kenvandineyeah, i need it in cpp20:16
tedgkenvandine, Once you've got SIGSTOP, you can be killed without notice.20:16
tedgOh, I figured QML was better :-)20:16
kenvandineusually :)20:17
kenvandinei see a mir_lifecycle_state_will_suspend state20:17
kenvandinebut not sure what to connect to to get that :)20:17
ogra_kenvandine, watch the app log while putting it in bg20:21
ogra_iirc it prints the signal name20:21
* kenvandine tries20:21
kenvandinei think it's MirConnection with mir_connection_set_lifecycle_event_callback20:21
greyback_kenvandine: right now I've wired up the lifecycle event from Mir to QML's Qt.application.active property20:27
kenvandinegreyback_, from cpp should i use mir_connection_set_lifecycle_event_callback ?20:27
greyback_kenvandine: it's already used in qtubuntu, not sure if the callback supports multiple callees, might do thougg20:28
kenvandinegreyback_, so here's what i need to do20:28
kenvandinein system-settings, i need to see the app is suspending and disconnect from upower dbus signals20:28
kenvandineand on resume connect again20:28
kenvandineto prevent getting DOS'd on resume with signals queued while suspended20:29
greyback_kenvandine: in C++, connect to the https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qguiapplication.html#applicationStateChanged signal and act on the Active/Inactive states20:30
greyback_is that enough?20:30
kenvandinethat's easier than mir :)20:30
kenvandineyes... thanks20:30
kenvandinei tried just using std::signal, but that wasn't good for SIGSTOP20:31
greyback_nah, you can't interrupt that20:31
* greyback_ sees Qt::ApplicationState has a Suspended state, that might be better to use in future20:32
ogra_i think that is what apps print in their logs actually20:32
ogra_(and the respective status like "suspended")20:32
greyback_hmm, posible20:33
ogra_and i think there is even a way to get that info in QML20:33
kenvandinethere is20:34
greyback_yep, Qt.application.active20:34
greyback_or Qt.application.state (active deprecated)20:35
jgdxkenvandine, seems fginther solved the otto issues and I got a pass just now.21:22
kenvandinejgdx, WOOT!21:23
kenvandinepmcgowan, pitti: system-settings only connects to device-added and device-removed, not device-changed21:26
kenvandineanyway, i have a branch that disconnects and connects21:27
kenvandineso maybe with upower 0.9 upower is sending those as added/removed?21:28
kenvandinei'm looking forward to CI builds21:28
kenvandineoh crap...21:28
kenvandineCI build will be against vivid21:29
kenvandineguess i need a silo21:30
kenvandinejhodapp, has there been any movement on media-hub being able to fetch additional items?  like panpipe needs to fetch songs from pandora to stream while the app is suspended?21:37
jhodappkenvandine, it can do that if it's just a simple web stream21:38
jhodappkenvandine, just call open_uri21:38
kenvandinejhodapp, we need to get additional uri's21:41
kenvandineeach song is a separate uri, and we can't fetch them far in advance21:41
jhodappkenvandine, describe the scenario a bit21:41
kenvandineso we give play one21:41
jhodappkenvandine, oh I see, so you need background playlists essentially21:42
jhodappthat's not in yet21:42
jhodappit's mostly coded, but needs more love21:42
kenvandinei was just wondering if you had an idea when?21:42
jhodappbut it should be coming up soon, maybe in a sprint or two21:42
kenvandinethe panpipe guy has been asking me21:42
kenvandineand panpipe isn't very useful without it :/21:42
jhodappkenvandine, I've been thinking about it, I'll make sure it gets on our backlog in the next sprint or two21:43
jhodappI'd like to see it21:43
kenvandinei really miss pandora :)21:43
jhodappso would the music-app guys21:43
jhodappkenvandine, me too! I want a pandora client like Pithos (though better)21:43
jhodappit'd be awesome if it were integrated into our music-app21:43
kenvandinepanpipe is getting some love now, but he isn't super motivated to finish it until we can do this21:43
jhodappis panpipe a pandora client?21:44
kenvandinebut we have something at least as good as pithos already :)21:44
jhodappso this is probably the one major thing that you are missing21:44
kenvandineit is21:44
kenvandinetry it out though :)21:44
kenvandineit works... just can't let it suspend :)21:44
jhodappit probably works as an unconfined app no?21:44
kenvandineunconfined still suspends21:45
jhodappwell not through suspend of course21:45
jhodappbut I meant in the background21:45
kenvandineit works confined21:45
kenvandinejust not background21:45
kenvandineplayback works until it runs out of songs21:45
kenvandinewhich i think right now it only fetches 121:45
kenvandineit could fetch multiple, but we don't want to abuse the api21:45
jhodappyep, expected21:46
kenvandinethey want you to fetch additional songs as needed21:46
jhodappkenvandine, yeah, I'll bring that up a week from Monday when we have our next sprint planning meeting21:46
jhodappkenvandine, we'll get this on the list21:46
kenvandineanyway, when we an have background playlists... this thing should get polished up quickly21:46
jhodappfantastic, I use Pandora a lot too21:47
jhodappkenvandine, does it support paid subscription?21:47
kenvandinei used to listen to it on my phone all day...21:47
kenvandinei miss it21:47
jhodappwe'll get it21:47
kenvandinenot really any different actually21:47
jhodappdifferent URIs right?21:47
kenvandinejust no adds, the free account the adds get put in21:47
kenvandinei think we use the api the same way21:48
jhodappit should have higher fidelity too21:48
kenvandinethey just give us different uri depending on the login21:48
kenvandinei have a paid account21:48
jhodappme too21:48
jhodappok trying that app right now21:48
kenvandinebut i rarely use it now... because of media-hub... cough cough21:48
ogra_write a scope21:48
jhodappkenvandine, haha, no comment21:49
jhodappkenvandine, is it using media-hub right now?21:51
kenvandineyou've talked to him about it on g+ :-D21:51
jhodappoh haha, I can't remember anything these days...must be getting old21:51
kenvandinemicah losli21:51
jhodappright, rings a bell now21:52
kenvandinein the car i set my phone to never sleep so i can listen :)21:52
kenvandineworks great, as long as you focus panpipe before the song ends21:52
kenvandineor even after... it'll catch up :)21:53
pmcgowankenvandine, maybe a bug in upower sends more than the events you requested as those are all change events flooding us22:21
pmcgowankenvandine, but we must get changes for the battery graph no?22:22
kenvandinepmcgowan, that's different22:37
kenvandineit's not the graph22:37
kenvandineit's the EntryComponent in the main grid22:38
kenvandinenot the battery panel itself22:38
kenvandinepmcgowan, you can try it out in rtm silo 1622:39
Riku-sanogra_: I'm not running the image with the l4t drivers22:40
Riku-sanhowever if someone could tell me how to update the ubuntu-mobile image to 14.04 or above that would help22:41
Riku-sanie take the new version of ubuntu armhf and make it into a .img that I can flash with fastboot22:42
ogra_why would you expect that to be any different to an apt upgraded install (note it wont)22:44
Riku-sanmaybe because I could install working drivers beforehand?22:45
Riku-saninstead of after it's got no gui and no network22:45
ogra_there are no working drivers in l4t that work with the xorg in 14.04 (or later)22:45
Riku-san'do-release-upgrade' didn't even successfully upgrade, just break the gui and wifi22:46
Riku-sanwell they don't work properly in 13.04 either22:46
ogra_yes, i didnt say anything about do-release-upgrade at any time22:47
Riku-santhen how should I go about doing it?22:47
ogra_the debian way22:47
Riku-sanwhich is?22:47
ogra_hack yur sources.lits to the next version and use appt22:47
Riku-sanoh, I see22:47
ogra_but this is far beyond the topic of this channel22:47
Riku-sanI had my sources.list on the debian repos because raring is dead22:48
ogra_did you installl any package from there ?22:48
Riku-sanI installed a lot of things22:48
* ogra_ gives up 22:48
popeythats a bad idea22:48
Riku-sanopenssh server, libreoffice, byobu22:48
Riku-sanpoper: why is that a bad idea?22:49
popeyraring isn't dead, it's just not where you expected it to be22:49
popeydebian != ubuntu22:49
Riku-sandebian packages = run on ubuntu22:49
ogra_not at all22:49
Riku-sanit didn't cause me any problems22:49
Riku-santhey all ran fine22:49
popeythat doesn't make it right, or guaranteed to work22:49
popeyanyway, raring is in the same place as all EOL releases22:50
popeyhowever, this plan seems somewhat fraught.22:50
Riku-sanat least it's better than ubuntu touch...22:50
ogra_heh, yeah22:50
ogra_and pretty unfounded22:51
ogra_since based on totally wrong data :)22:51
popeyso your choices are a broken unsupported ubuntu mobile or a broken unsupported ubuntu touch.22:51
Riku-sanIf I wanted a day to day phone os, I'd be running Android 4.4.4 with it's 1 billions apps22:51
Riku-sanhowever, I want a desktop OS22:51
popeyok then22:51
popeyI want a pony.22:51
ogra_so use android on your grouper ...22:51
ogra_thats the best you can do with it22:52
dobeyinstall android and a vnc client22:52
Riku-sannobody said I wanted a day to day phone os22:52
ogra_neither of the ubuntu options will make yoou happy22:52
Riku-sandobey: that requires me to use my terrible laptop22:52
dobeyif you don't want a tablet, buy something not a tablet22:52
Riku-sanI want a tablet...22:52
ogra_there will be breakage everywhere no matter which of the options you chose22:52
dobeythen install the tablet OS22:52
Riku-sannot an android tablet22:53
dobeybuy a different tablet then22:53
dobeyor buy nvidia and release proper open source drivers that work on current platforms22:53
Riku-sanfind me a solution that doesn't involve spending money22:53
Riku-sanor don't22:53
ogra_take the old release, upgrade to 14.04 using apt, use the fbdev xrog driver unaccelerated with lubuntu-desktop ... learn how to set up bluetooth keyboards via commandline, learn how to fix wlan drivers ...22:55
popeyor ubuntu mate ☻22:55
Riku-sanbluetooth already works fine on ubuntu mobile22:55
popeybut lubuntu might be leaner22:55
popeyuse that then!22:55
popeysuper, problem solved.22:55
ogra_yep, and didnt cost a cent :)22:55
Riku-sanumm yeah unity on there uses 548 MB of the 976 MB of RAM22:55
ogra_uses 80MB here22:56
Riku-sanbut it general terms unity = bad22:56
popeyOther desktops are available.22:57
Riku-sanI know22:57
dobeyuse twm then22:59
ogra_wmx !22:59
ogra_oh,, damn ... wmx isnt in the archive anymore :(22:59
ogra_wm2 then22:59
Riku-sanwell that looks touch friendly...23:00
dobeyyou're trying to run libreoffice on a nexus 7, and you're worried about "touch friendly" ?23:00
Riku-sanhmm although it would look really cool23:01
popeyuntil you actually wanted to use it.23:02
Riku-sanwait, but unaccelerated graphics?23:04
Riku-santhe goal is here is actually to play minecraft23:04
dobeyinstall android, install minecraft for android23:04
Riku-sandobey: not a solution23:05
Riku-sanminecraft 1.823:05
Riku-sannot pocket edition23:05
Riku-sanand don't say use a laptop23:05
dobeyof course not23:05
Tassadardon't play minecraft)23:05
dobeyfind a pick axe, go find some rocks, start hammering away, and then in about 50 years, exhange all the gold you found for money, and buy a laptop23:06
Riku-sanreally there's nothing wrong with the ubuntu-mobile image except that touch stops working right mainly when using the unity dash or firefox23:06
Riku-sanI have a laptop already23:06
Riku-sanbut it plays minecrtaft at 10 FPS and the battery lasts less than 20 minutes23:06
dobeyyou think running a java app on a nexus 7 is going to somehow do better?23:07
Tassadarhint: it's not23:10
dobeyopenjdk + minecraft 1.0 + nexus 7 == frozen23:11
Riku-sanjava 8 hardfloat + minecraft 1.8 + nexus 7 + UNITY == really laggy23:11
Riku-sanjava 8 hardfloat + minecraft 1.8 + nexus 7 - UNITY  == potentially playable23:11
Riku-santhe difference is 500 MB of RAM23:12
sarnoldRiku-san: maybe add some more swap? eventually most of unity would be paged out, right?23:13
Riku-sanhmm maybe23:13
Riku-sanbut how?23:13
sarnolddd if=/dev/zero of=/something bs=10240 count=80000    -- or something similar, that ought to make an 800 megabyte file full of zeros -- then mkswap on the file, swapon with the file, check /proc/swaps to see that it worked23:14
=== raj` is now known as raj
Riku-sanbtw what do I change the sources.list to?23:52
popeywhats the goal?23:52
Riku-sando the sketchy update23:53
popeyfrom what to what?23:53
Riku-sanI was told to change them to the ones for 14.04 or something23:53
Riku-sanfrom ubuntu-mobile 13.0423:53
popeythis sounds unwise to me.23:54
popeybut hey ho.23:54
popeyʰᵉᶫᶫᵒ ʷᵒᶫᶠᶫᵃʳˢᵒᶰ23:55
wolflarsonubuntu touch is slow at times23:56
wolflarsoncan you fix?23:56
wolflarsondo you think you can rewrite the whole thing really quick?23:56
popeysure thing.23:57
ogra_what ?23:57
ogra_the slowness is a feature !23:57
wolflarsonoh ... now you tell me!?23:57
popeypay us extra and we'll slow it down some more23:58
* wolflarson starts pulling out fistfulls of cash23:58

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