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dbarth_we're starting in 1 minute now13:59
dbarth_you can ask questions during the presentation14:05
dbarth_and you can also join the hangout14:05
* dbarth_ waves at marcustomlinson :)14:10
* marcustomlinson \o14:10
alecuQUESTION: can you guys publish the url to the slidedeck?14:12
alecuQUESTION: what does the name "Repeater" mean in that example?14:18
alecudbarth_: mardy: ^14:18
dbarth_alecu: the deck is at https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/presentation/d/1_BnaAASynFES-kwHoiIh2e9V2nBpYak5h_vmLfAbSIA/edit#slide=id.g187887df3_2014:18
dbarth_i will also share it on the event page afterwards14:18
alecuah, I understand about the Repeater now, I thought it was part of Online Accounts.14:19
alecuthanks too :-)14:19
* alecu loves the Online Accounts API for Scopes14:28
dbarth_:) thanks alecu14:28
* marcustomlinson me too! :)14:29
tedgmardy, Does the plugin UI have to be QML? Or just connect to Mir?14:33
alecuQUESTION: what's the security model for the Online Accounts Plugins? Is the QML run confined or in the same process as the Online Accounts main UI?14:34
tedgSpecifically thinking about things like HTML UIs14:36
tedgThat seems like a bug :-/14:37
tedgCool, it'd be nice to make them confined and just rely on the Mir connection.14:38
alecugetting rid of the manual review sounds great, thanks for working on that.14:38
tedgThat way we don't restrict app devs who might have a different toolkit already working.14:39
dbarth_tedg: yep, makes sense; it's coming soon, as mardy had just started a sprint on that very task14:39
dbarth_has just started14:40
tedgmardy, dbarth_, is there a diagram or doc on how it's expected to work in *the future* :-)14:40
dbarth_tedg: hmm, not really, but we could start from the detailed diagram in the presentation14:41
dbarth_you guys want to join the hangout at the end?14:42
tedgdbarth_, Eh, don't know that I have anything to add, just want to stay ahead of the changes.14:42
dbarth_nw, we could interview alberto to draw that diagram update for ex.14:43
alecuI'm also using online accounts via the scopes API for the click scope14:53
alecuthanks guys for this session14:53
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dobeyit's not oauth at all14:57
alecuthanks, cheers!14:57
dbarth_thanks mardy, marcustomlinson, alecu and tedg for contributing to this session14:57
mardydobey: OK, my mistake14:58
dbarth_and dobey!14:58
dobeyit's a password authenticated REST API which you can get a token from, and that token is compatible with OAuth 1.0a. so the signing requests side is the same as oauth, but the token acquisition is completely different14:59
dobeywhich is why we have the library and are storing things differently15:00
popeymihir: I'll paste the link15:00
popeymihir: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYeQJLw8gmBlyU2wetYPVBTMwXHJQkEilB-ZHePxp9ing5XXrQ?authuser=0&hl=en15:00
dobeyanyway, different session now :)15:01
popeykunal: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYeQJLw8gmBlyU2wetYPVBTMwXHJQkEilB-ZHePxp9ing5XXrQ?authuser=0&hl=en15:01
kunalI will come back, I need to change my laptop15:03
mihirhi WIP pad http://pad.ubuntu.com/DnXPSYyHVF15:06
mihirkunal: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYeQJLw8gmBlyU2wetYPVBTMwXHJQkEilB-ZHePxp9ing5XXrQ?authuser=0&hl=en15:06
DS-McGuireQUESTION: Are we only talking about it on the phone? Or are we talking about the tablet as well?15:09
mihirgventuri: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYeQJLw8gmBlyU2wetYPVBTMwXHJQkEilB-ZHePxp9ing5XXrQ?authuser=0&hl=en15:09
gventurimihir: still doing the email revew ;-)15:10
gventurimihir: 5 minutes15:10
mihirgventuri: no issues, whenever you get time :)15:10
SidPaytonQUESTION: Sorry for beeing of topic. Will there be a weather app session? Can't find it. I'm really burning to See the new design.15:18
DS-McGuireSidPayton, I can't see one for this week: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/2014-11-13/15:19
mihirpopey: re-joining15:24
popeygventuri: http://pad.ubuntu.com/DnXPSYyHVF15:26
DS-McGuireYou need a license to sync with exchange? God damn...15:33
DS-McGuireWhat about getting events from an email?15:34
DS-McGuirepopey, What about getting events from an email?15:34
kunal_DS-McGuire, Can you provide some example for the same ?, do you mean to parse email and create evnt ?15:35
DS-McGuirekunal_, Like this on the iPhone: http://www.imore.com/how-send-calendar-event-invitations-using-iphone-or-ipad15:36
kunal_DS-McGuire, thanks15:37
DS-McGuirekunal_, No problem :)15:38
DS-McGuirepopey, Yes, and you can add it to your calender.15:39
dobeypopey: calendar invitations have a special MIME attachment15:40
dobeyMIME was developed and added to e-mail explicitly for such things15:40
dobeygmail sees the ical attachment15:41
DS-McGuirepopey, using the content hub?15:42
popeythanks dobey15:43
popeyDS-McGuire: perhaps, yes.15:43
dobeyif you send yourself an event e-mail, you can see what evolution, thunderbird, gmail, etc all do for it15:44
DS-McGuireNope, I am all out.15:44
dobeywhy not automatic? if you have location magic enabled in the calendar app, why not have location automatically show you "today is a public holiday"15:51
dobeydon't add events to the calendar, but just have it be a separate calendar source15:52
DanChapmanit would be cool to import ical/ics from dekko. We have it in place to export the attachments but no where to send them to atm15:53
* dobey recalls his time of working on evolution15:54
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popeythanks everyone15:56
popeydobey: noted ☻15:56
DS-McGuireThanks guys :D15:57
didrocksmhall119: want me to join this one?15:57
mhall119didrocks: if you can, I think you'd add valuable insight15:57
mhall119https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYeMQsFeC6JDpf1_tvsWfXh3L6DvrdFqpNLS8RuLpEMovXJZIQ?authuser=0&hl=en for anybody who wants to join15:57
* didrocks remove the hl=en :p15:57
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dholbachpopey, mhall119: is anyone of you guys going to run this one?17:54
mhall119I assume you are, since you're the creator17:54
popeydholbach: not me.17:57
dholbachanyone wants to join the hangout?18:00
* alecu looks18:07
dholbachany more input from IRC?18:17
alecudpm: I see that djangosnippets.org is based on Cab: https://github.com/django-de/djangosnippets.org/tree/master/cab so, QUESTION: were you able to find out if forking from djangosnippets is better than just using cab?18:19
alecuI found out about that while checking if this would support syntax highlight in languages other than Python and HTML/css18:20
alecu(the answer is: yes, since it's using Pygments which supports way too many languages)18:20
alecuawesome that the devels are interested in us using it, and willing to help18:22
alecusorry, the bit about pygments was not supposed to be a question :-)18:22
dpmnp :)18:25
alecuI think it's a great idea. I've used the "Python Recipes" site hundreds of times, and having something similar for scopes and apps would be great.18:31
dpmalecu, is it this one? ^18:32
alecuyes, that one18:32
alecuI don't know18:33
dobeydid stream just die?18:33
alecudobey: I still hear it18:33
dholbachdo you want to join the hangout too? :)18:34
dobeyit's back after reloading. i just suddenly got the fuzzy "an error occurred" screen18:34
alecudpm: dholbach: on the other hand, more and more snippets in python are being posted in stackoverflow, which seems to have a nicer voting/comenting mechanism...18:34
alecuand stuff in stackoverflow always shows up first in google.18:34
alecuI mean, any stackoverflow result always shows up first.18:35
alecuso, it would be great if this had good SEO18:35
dobeySO's pagerank is funky, because there's like 10,000 SO sites, and they all link to each other :P18:36
dobeyit's like a spam newtork that's actually helpful18:36
dpmany more feedback/ideas?18:39
dobeyall my ideas are crazy :)18:40
dobeyif you want a site that has comments and voting and launchpad integration, you could just bring back brainstorm and fix up the theme :P18:41
dobey(see, it's crazy)18:42
alecuthanks guys for the session!18:43
alecudholbach: something nice about the python recipes site: "Fork this recipe" in each page.18:45
dholbachnice one18:45
dpmoh, nice18:45
* dholbach notes down in the pad18:46
alecuwhat I find nice about the djangosnippets is that there's a place for markdown... something that's missing in a recipe site like https://gist.github.com/ (where forking seems to be very well done, though)18:49
alecudpm: so, if I had it my way, I'd like to have gist's forking capabilities, stackoverflow SEO and djangorecipes' flexibility :-)18:50
dpmdholbach, I think that sounds like alecu is volunteering to help in the project? ;)18:51
alecudpm: to test it, sure :-) I can't commit time for coding, sorry :-(18:51
dpmnp :)18:51
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