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dholbachdpm, I'll start the hangout13:56
dpmthanks dholbach13:56
* dpm starts closing browser tabs...13:56
dholbachdoes anyone want to join the Community Roundtable hangout?13:58
dholbachhello hello - anyone interested in joining the hangout?14:00
* popey stabs his webcam14:09
dholbachpopey, hippie14:10
popeysophie stole my headphones ☻14:11
dholbachpopey, found a new pair?14:11
popeyfound them14:12
popeyon her bed14:12
* skellat arrives fairly late14:18
YoBoY+1 highlight more translation, documentation and the others14:19
skellatYoBoY: Will you be present for the ISO localization session?14:19
YoBoYI'll try14:20
dholbachmore feedback from folks on IRC?14:28
skellatI've got nothing at the moment.  I've certainly nothing phone-related.14:32
YoBoY(sorry i have not followed, on phone at that time :\ feedback on what ?)14:32
skellatThat's what dholbach is mentioning14:33
skellatubuntu-lococouncil took some work items about that to a minor extent14:33
skellatEventually we're going to have to rename LoCo Council to Social Affairs Council at this rate14:35
* skellat may even be on-camera today...14:39
dholbachdpm, I'll start the CC feedback session14:52
dpmdholbach, thanks, I'll start the scopes one14:52
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belkinsadholbach, can you invite me to the hangout as I'm on my tablet15:00
belkinsaI thought I was going to late but I'm not15:00
* wxl swears15:01
dholbachlet us know if you want to join the hangout15:01
dholbachnotes here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uos-1411-community-council-feedback15:01
belkinsadholbach, invite me please15:02
wxlare you guys sure we can't swear while we wait? :)15:02
mhall119popey: are you available tojoin this one to discuss membership?15:03
popeymhall119: am in another session, sorry15:04
belkinsaThat was mine who asked.15:04
dholbachI'll start taking notes on http://pad.ubuntu.com/uos-1411-community-council-feedback15:09
dholbachplease help15:09
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/FAQ maybe?15:13
YoBoYin the past jono wrote an accomplishment app, perhaps we can use that at some point for the future ubuntu members (like the badges in other communities)15:15
czajkowskicrazy pug brb15:16
belkinsaSorry that I didn't say anything but I think a developer would of had the better idea than a community-focused person15:20
dholbachbelkinsa, you mean in terms of getting apps/charms people to apply for membership?15:23
dholbachbelkinsa, do you feel you'd need some more guidance to make a decision on applications from apps/charms people?15:24
belkinsaI don't know, I think this needs to be discussed with the Membership Board.15:24
wxlthat's how i perceived membership for a while. it seemed more like a badge than anything else.15:25
dholbachbelkinsa, I agree15:25
ali1234that's how i perceive it too15:25
ali1234i don't feel like i have anything at all in common with the ubuntu members15:25
wxlperceive*D* it, i said, just to be clear. :)15:25
belkinsaPerhaps, create some guidelines for what would count as good work with charms/apps15:25
YoBoYirc cloack and email alias are not fun anymore (who use that in the new generation ;) )15:26
belkinsaDiscounted domains.15:26
wxli was a contributor without being a member15:26
YoBoY(most of them don't know what are these things)15:26
wxlincidentially the *STUFF* didn't motivate me15:26
ali1234you get to vote on stuff15:27
ali1234nobody mentioned that?15:27
ali1234that's the biggest benefit IMO15:27
wxli became a member because i felt like it said i'm here and not going to be going away anytime soon. when i moved into a place of leadership that's when i felt that was very important.15:27
belkinsaI agree with Rick about the community gatherings being different15:28
ali1234wxl: i don't even know who is a member and who isn't15:28
wxlali1234: it's fairly easy to figure out. also if you're within a particular team, you tend to figure it out quickly. :)15:28
belkinsamhall119, I agree.  But who will control the Planet Ubuntu if we didn't have Ubuntu Membership?15:29
belkinsaI mean who can have their blogs on Planet Ubuntu15:29
wxli value the voting rights, too, although haven't been able to exercise those rights15:29
skellatwxl: Yet15:29
wxlskellat: right, which is why i said i value it15:29
wxlmaybe the membership board could make it a point to discuss with the new members15:30
ali1234well, i don't see any value to being allowed to vote in a ballot i know i will lose15:30
wxli realize that's a bit of extra overhead but it mgiht be a case of tl;dr :)15:30
* belkinsa does think that having the Membership is kind of pointness now 15:30
ali1234hence why i said before "i don't feel like i have anything in common with ubuntu members"15:30
belkinsaOf course some of the perks are nice/15:30
dholbachdoes anyone of you want to join the hangout?15:31
wxli can't quite yet. not on utc here :)15:31
dholbachok :)15:31
belkinsaskellat, we haven' t had any applicants for the last two meetings.15:31
czajkowskibelkinsa: why do you think it's pointless?15:32
czajkowskiwhat's missing15:32
czajkowskior what do you think it's not worth doing?15:32
YoBoYbelkinsa, some french members are writng their page, I'll try to provide you with new applicants very soon ;)15:32
belkinsaI think it's what dholbach said about the recognition is kind of of gone.  Having that @ubuntu.com e-mail address is kind of not worth it.15:33
skellatbelkinsa: I didn't know you haven't had applicants.  We can work on that.15:33
belkinsaSure, I get more readers of my blog but nothing else is worth it15:33
wxli don't feel like the recognition is gone15:33
belkinsaskellat, we have one for the next one15:33
belkinsawxl, depends where you are, I guess.15:34
cm-tbelkinsa: I think the @ubuntu.com is a good thing (but when I try to motivate our mate at ubuntu-fr to pass the member status, they said "we have already  a @ubuntu-fr.org"15:34
wxli do think, if i may, a lot of people are confused by the direction of ubuntu in light of canonical's guidance.15:34
ali1234the reason people are going to reddit and G+ is precisely to get away from the bureaucracy of ubuntu members and community councils, and yes the code of conduct15:35
dholbachwxl, can you expand? are you worried that new contributors feel like "only Canonical drives this project"?15:35
dholbachali1234, which bureaucracy?15:35
wxldholbach: yes. like it appears to me that many decisions are motivated by trying to make a profit.15:36
wxldholbach: for example, uds as a real thing is gone.15:36
wxlskellat: we need geek merit badges!15:37
belkinsaskellat, I love that idea!15:37
wxlnerd merit badges i mean http://www.nerdmeritbadges.com/15:37
linuxtechCan we do something about security of the universe archives?  See http://axs.org/Security_of_the_Ubuntu_Universe_Archives.html for one suggestion.  I think this is something the Community Council should take the lead on!15:37
dholbachfair enough, but a lot of things stayed the same: it's still an open project, it's still open for contributions from everyone, it's still free and there are a lot of different teams who all try to achieve something different with Ubuntu - maybe it'd help to see where Canonical's drive to make a profit actually stops new contributors from contributing (or makes it harder)15:38
dholbachlinuxtech, that's more of a question for the tech board15:38
ali1234dholbach: the process for becoming an ubuntu member is very bureaucratic in itself, when compared with actually making those contributions15:38
dholbachlinuxtech, or something to discuss on one of the development mailing lists15:38
dholbachali1234, really? it's about documenting your achievements, asking for endorsements and attending a meeting15:39
wxldholbach: it's a question of direction. obviously ubuntu hasn't changed, but that decisions are made based on trying to make a profit.15:39
dholbachwxl, like which? it's important to have specific cases to talk about15:40
belkinsa2000? Wow.  I never thought about the numbers being that large.15:40
skellatLarge space needed to fit that many people in15:40
wxldholbach: first i should be clear that i'm not necessarily complaining about this. i'm not sure whether or not it's true.15:40
ali1234dholbach: yes, that's too much for most people. just sounds like writing a CV and going to a job interview to me.15:41
dholbachwxl, right... I'm interested in it too - that's why I asked :)15:41
linuxtechhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2014-November/002025.html but no response about my suggestion.   I may be wrong, but my impression is no one wants to take responsibility for the issue, or they think it is someone else's.15:41
ali1234i don't want a second job15:41
wxldholbach: the example that was given to me was uds15:41
wxldholbach: anything beyond that is conjecture on my part so i'll keep that to myself :)15:41
dholbachali1234, right... personally - I think it's fair enough to ask for some documentation of your work15:41
ali1234dholbach: sure, i agree, you shouldn't just let anyone be a member15:42
wxli do think the "bureaucracy" is very important15:42
wxl+1 on a weekend event, whatever it may be!!!!15:42
wxl(i never heard anything about a call for feedback for dates)15:42
dholbachwxl, in applying for Ubuntu membership bureaucracy in generally?15:42
ali1234maybe you should just bestow it on people instead of making them apply15:43
mhall119wxl: it was sent to a bunch of mL's and blogged about15:43
ali1234"hey you! you're an ubuntu member now!"15:43
wxldholbach: i was responding more to ali1234.15:43
dholbachwxl, ahh ok15:43
wxlmhall119: which mls? i didn't see anything on the places i usually contribute. including #ubuntu-quality where balloons tends to usually forward things around15:45
mhall119wxl: community-annouce, devel (or devel-discuss), i think loco-contacts..can't remember where else15:46
wxlok i guess i need to join community-announce :)15:46
mhall119yup :)15:46
wxli'm sorry what i have to bring doesn't have more specific examples, but i've just heard it from a couple folks, that's all.15:47
skellatwxl: You're not the only LoCo leader who has heard it.  I've heard much the same in my capacity as Ohio leader.15:48
skellatMy response is that if folks don't like it, get off the sidelines and participate in governance.15:48
wxlNOT calling it UDS might help to get the community involved :)15:49
elfyhi CC15:49
linuxtechDC is too expensive...15:49
rickspencer3linuxtech, sorry, I was joking, I happen to live in DC15:50
skellatrickspencer3: Could you please stick around for the ISO localization session that follows?  Your input would be invaluable.15:50
skellatBye bye rickspencer315:50
rickspencer3skellat, ooh, that will be tough for me, I have a call that I really need to go to15:50
rickspencer3skellat, is pitti going to that session?15:50
rickspencer3I know that he wrote a tool a few years ago to support that15:51
rickspencer3also, willcooke, should be htere15:51
skellatrickspencer3: I'm not sure.  I may need to ping him.15:51
rickspencer3skellat, how about i I keep irc open?15:51
cm-tthanks you15:51
belkinsaThanks guys for this session15:51
* rickspencer3 hates to multi-task15:51
rickspencer3bonjour YoBoY :)15:51
wxltime for swearing :)15:51
YoBoYbonjour rickspencer3 :)15:51
YoBoY(also ate to multi task :D)15:52
wxlthanks everyone15:52
* skellat ducks out to refill his coffee cup before the next session15:52
dholbachdpm, which session do you want me to start?15:53
dpmdholbach, I don't mind, pick one :)15:54
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dholbachdpm, no, you pick one :-P15:57
dpmdholbach, ok, so to stay on the same room, you can start the iso one and I the incentives one15:57
dholbachalll rightie15:58
* skellat has no "Join This Hangout" link :-\15:59
dholbachbelkinsa, ah... you started the session already?15:59
belkinsadholbach, not yet16:00
dholbachor somebody did16:00
belkinsaI thought you were doing that one16:00
belkinsaakiva's one16:00
dholbachakiva's in community-216:00
belkinsaYeah, I thought you were going to do it16:01
dholbachit's started already16:01
Mirvand/or invite pls :)16:02
Mirvdholbach: ?16:03
dholbachMirv, YoBoY: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYekXqiF8m__ppYq00OXaZYmXGyVvkw249S9jneN9Ixx5le9Bg16:03
dholbachwrong link16:03
dholbachMirv, cm-t: do we need anyone else for this session?16:05
cm-tI've receive a email (ubuntu-devel) where fumihito say they have in japan a script to build it, work with UEFI but without secure boot16:07
dholbachcm-t, ok16:07
dholbachI just pinged people on #ubuntu-locoteams16:08
morpheecm-t i'm here if you whant16:12
cm-tcome on hangout if you can16:12
morpheeno i can't16:12
dholbachdo we have a list of bugs for the issues you were mentioning?16:14
dholbachor where these issues would need to get fixed?16:14
morpheewe use the command xorriso to do a ISO16:14
dholbachMirv, would you know where the UEFI issues might come from?16:14
YoBoYmorphee, do we use a script with that ? there is some place with it in ? (bzr or git or something else)16:16
YoBoY(if not we have to fix that morphee ;) )16:17
Mirvdholbach: no, maybe the signed bootloaders/kernels being talked about. and my way bypasses it since it doesn't touch those parts but just modifies the official .iso by hand.16:17
Mirvmaybe the "real building" of .iso is then more complicated and doesn't set all the right bits16:17
MirvI'm happy/lucky that my method happens to work16:17
morpheewe have a script but not on a website16:18
cm-tinnocent question: if we can have a grub, dos that mean it is booted? (this would be helpfull to have many iso arch/flavour in one bootable device)16:18
YoBoYan old project https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/Oneiric/LocalizedCDImageTools16:26
dholbachI added the works items on the bottom of http://pad.ubuntu.com/uos-1411-development-1411-iso-l10n-uefi16:26
MirvYoBoY: yeah, I remember that!16:26
dholbachmorphee, do you have any more feedback? or issues we should talk about=16:27
YoBoY(not working for 64bits uefi iso ;) )16:27
morpheethe script we have and timo have work in BIOS et UEFI in USB but NOT work in DVD16:28
YoBoYhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu-cdimage << the cdimage project16:28
au-sTablets? 5 years away?16:29
dholbachau-s, eh?16:29
dholbachau-s, we are currently in http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22380/development-1411-iso-l10n-uefi/ :)16:30
varsthis is still going?16:41
varsok cool:)16:42
Mirvnow finishing up16:46
varsubuntu membership?16:49
varsi dont follow...16:49
YoBoYthanks everyone :)16:52
varshow can i contribute into collaboration, for apps...16:52
varsI am waiting... :) for the release16:54
varshaha nah16:55
varsthank you16:56
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Mirvvars: ah, you may have wanted to be in #ubuntu-uds-community-2 which had the "Creating better incentives to contribute to Ubuntu" session?17:04
Mirvvars: this session that ended was the another Community session "ISO with l10n preloaded fro LoCo + UEFI"17:04
MirvI would have additionally noted that the log is at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/11/13/%23ubuntu-uds-community-2.html#t16:01 , but he left17:06
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belkinsadholbach, are you planning to talk in the Ubuntu Women Vivid Goals session?17:28
dholbachbelkinsa, no, i filed the appdev code examples17:43
dholbachdpm, ^17:44
belkinsaAH, I see.17:44
belkinsaBut we have figured out what to do.17:44
dpmdholbach, belkinsa, I'll be at the code examples one too17:46
dpmjust trying to set up a demo17:46
dpmnot sure I'll get it to run17:46
belkinsaDon't worry, we are doing all via IRC17:46
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belkinsaPlease note that this session will be done ONLY in IRC.17:50
belkinsaPad notes here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uos-1411-community-1411-ubuntuwomen17:51
belkinsaPlease note that this session will be done ONLY in IRC.17:52
belkinsaPad notes here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uos-1411-community-1411-ubuntuwomen17:52
belkinsaPad notes here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uos-1411-community-1411-ubuntuwomen17:56
belkinsaPlease note that this session will be done ONLY in IRC.17:56
belkinsaSorry, just doing it for the newcomers17:56
belkinsabelkinsa_ is the nick I'm using as I can see the notes17:58
belkinsa_Okay, we will start in a minute17:59
belkinsaPad notes here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uos-1411-community-1411-ubuntuwomen17:59
belkinsaSorry, just doing it for the newcomers17:59
belkinsaSorry, just doing it for the newcomers17:59
belkinsaPlease note that this session will be done ONLY in IRC.17:59
belkinsaSorry, ^^^ that's what I meant and we starting18:00
belkinsa_Who is all for the Ubuntu Women Vivid Goals session?18:00
belkinsa_We will start with popey's item that he wanted to talk about.18:01
* belkinsa_ turns the mic to popey18:01
popeySo for those that don't know I'm Alan Pope, and I work for Canonical on apps for the upcoming Ubuntu phone18:03
popeyWe have a community of people creating apps for the phone including music, calendar, clock, calculator, weather, rss reader, note taking app and so on...18:03
popeyhowever so far all the developers we have are guys.18:03
popeyWe do have some women who have contributed - namely Carla has done some awesome work on the QA side18:04
popeyso we have a lot of autopilot test coverage thanks to her.18:04
popeyI'd like to improve our diversity of developers in core apps.18:04
popeyWanted to know from the experts what I should be doing to achieve that?18:04
popeySpecific things I should or should not be doing.18:05
popeyGroups to reach out to, etc.18:05
belkinsaWe do have developers in Ubuntu Women but it seems that they are softspoken in the group.18:05
belkinsaBut maybe we can get more women into helping the Ubuntu Phone/Tablet project just as Carla has.18:07
belkinsaI don't have any ideas on what we can do but I think we can ask Carla to help us.18:08
belkinsaI don't know if she is subscribed to the list but I can CC the e-mail that will be sent to the mailing-list18:09
PendulumWe do get job notifications on the mailing list sometimes. It's worth putting out a general call/reminder because I'm not sure that everyone who is on the list actually looks for updates18:09
Pendulum*website updates18:10
popeyHm, I do like the idea of inviting via the mailing list..18:10
akkI don't generally see many calls for developers to get involved, so just asking might be a start.18:10
PendulumIt seems to me like we need a list of resources for this sort of thing, either projects that are specifically looking for more women or a list of resources for recruiting more women.18:10
belkinsa_I like that idea18:11
popeyIf I craft a mail, can I ask someone to proof read it for me before it goes to the list.18:11
PendulumIf we make a decision on which list we'd rather do, I can take the lead on researching/compiling the list18:11
popeyI am not subscribed to the list, do I need to, or will a moderator let it through?18:11
belkinsa_Sure, I'm welcome to help18:11
Pendulumpopey: feel free to send it to me.18:11
akkFor phone projects specifically, it would help to make it clear how to get involved -- like, is the hardware available, how much is it etc.18:12
PendulumA mod should let it through :)18:12
popeyThere's a work item right there18:12
belkinsa_popey, item added18:13
popey\o/ thanks18:13
popeythat was all I had18:14
PendulumFor those who aren't in the etherpad, I gave myself an action to work on a resource list18:14
belkinsa_Thanks popey and this is a great project that UW can do18:14
belkinsa_Our next topic is the Orientation Quiz18:15
belkinsa_    Working version of martix: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ds5VKE9Dj-mYJnJ459YQk9DDdJ_ihZFJT-23jr4XV9c/edit18:15
belkinsa_The matrix has grown from the basic one and I think this one is needed since there many paths for different people.18:16
belkinsa_I think we need to keep on tweak it now18:17
belkinsa[13:17] <akk> Does anybody else see "Orientation Quiz" and think "Why do they care about my sexual orientation?"18:20
belkinsa[13:17] <akk> I have to remind myself every time that they mean something else.18:20
belkinsa[13:18] <belkinsa> Maybe it's the wrong name for it for sure18:20
belkinsa[13:20] <akk> "quiz" is wrong too, I think it's meant to be a questionnaire?18:20
belkinsa[13:20] <akk> not something to test yourself on18:20
belkinsa_I do think Questionnaire might might be a better name.18:21
PendulumI think "Questionnaire" works better. We do need to make sure it's clear that it's purely for the user to gain ideas and that the info isn't anything that is being collected, nor is it required to do18:22
* belkinsa_ nods18:23
belkinsa_I can take the action item for reaming it18:23
akkI just tried the quiz/questionnaire, and it shunts me straight into documentation18:24
akknever asking whether I'm a developer18:24
belkinsa_With a differnt martix (a working one): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ds5VKE9Dj-mYJnJ459YQk9DDdJ_ihZFJT-23jr4XV9c/edit#gid=018:24
belkinsa_But we do need that question in that one18:24
belkinsa_Who wants to take that item?  I can do it if no one wants it?18:26
* belkinsa_ takes it18:28
belkinsa_And added it and the rename one also18:28
belkinsa_Okay, anything else?18:29
belkinsa_Okay, is it safe to move on?18:31
belkinsa_Okay, the next topic is:18:32
belkinsa_Project Harvest18:32
belkinsa_    http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ProjectHarvest18:32
belkinsa_    Svetlana Belkin (belkinsa) is still working on getting a bug sprint for the bugs (https://bugs.launchpad.net/harvest/+bugs): https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2014-October/004225.html18:32
belkinsa_    Getting a date and a time for the sprint can be done during the session18:32
belkinsa_    I brought up Harvest in this session: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22369/community-1411-ubuntuwomen/18:32
belkinsa_As I said, lets try to get a date and time in the session for the sprint, if possible18:33
belkinsa_Or a range of times and dates18:33
belkinsa_At least18:33
belkinsa_Guys?  Are you there?18:35
Pendulumwhat is the sprint actually for? just testing or fixing? or both?18:36
belkinsa_I think testing them to see if they are still worthwhile to fix.  Then later on we can find the developers as in Phase 2 to get the fixed as another sprint.18:37
belkinsa_No, testing for sure.18:37
belkinsa_I guess this maybe better do it via mailing-list since we have more there than here18:38
PendulumI think mailing list is good.18:39
belkinsa_Okay, I will take that item.18:39
Mikaelathere are also some who are here, but not at mailing list18:39
PendulumAlso, it's worth asking other projects who do sprints if they have any advice on when is good. For example, in my mind it would be hard to get people to show up between now and January, but that could be wrong.18:40
belkinsa_No, Pendulum, you are right.  So, I think we can aim for Feb.18:41
PendulumLate January/early Feb is definitely a time that's quiet for most people18:41
belkinsa_So late Feb and on will work?18:42
PendulumI know most other Ubuntu groups that do sprints are more tied into specific times in the release cycle, but they still may have ideas for what time of year (or time of month) tends to be the most successful18:43
PendulumI think late January and on will work.18:43
belkinsa_Okay, thanks18:44
belkinsa_I might need to look in what others are doing in terms of sprints then18:45
belkinsa_We have 10 minutes left and one topic left.  Should we move on?18:46
PendulumIMO, when you go to the UW mailing list, give a little bit of a deadline for when you need feedback by. Once you're past that date, pull the replies together and if there isn't a clear best weekend/set of days, just pick one that looks like it works in general.18:46
Pendulumnow I'm done :)18:46
dholbachdpm, mhall119, popey, balloons: who does which session?18:46
dholbachI'm asking because of the community q&a18:46
balloonsdholbach, I'm in app-dev now18:47
balloonswell, in 10 mins18:47
mhall119I was going to be in the community Q&A18:47
belkinsa_Alright, I will keep that in mine18:47
dholbachmhall119, can the MATE and Lubuntu folks create their own hangouts, etc.?18:47
belkinsa_It's clearly something that I need to do18:47
mhall119I'd imagine popey wants to be in the MAte session18:47
dholbachif not, I'd be happy to host for them18:47
dpmyeah, I was planning to be at the Q&A too if someone can run the other community track hangouts18:47
mhall119dholbach: we're not stopping them, if they have their google accounts setup to do it18:47
belkinsa_I think the Lubuntu folks have created it already18:47
dpmoh awesome18:48
dholbachin that case: rock and roll18:48
belkinsa_I think maybe a random idea for a another project, but we may too many on hand at the moment18:48
belkinsa_Some Collaboration Project between UW and Ubuntu Scientists18:48
belkinsa_    https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2014-October/004226.html18:48
belkinsa_    https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-scientists18:48
belkinsa_I think this should be for the next cycle in order for us to finish the other two projects.18:49
dholbachI'll let people know about the Q&A on the social media channels18:49
belkinsa_How does that sound to everyone?18:50
belkinsa_This the blueprint for this cycle as I forgotten to post the link: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-1411-ubuntuwomen18:50
PendulumI think putting that off is probably good. Harvest & the questionnaire are still big projects to be worked on18:51
belkinsa_And it will give me time to think on what to do with the other team, when I get them going again18:51
PendulumI think it also may need more definition when it's next presented, but if it works successfully it might be something that can then also be done with projects looking for more women in the future18:52
* belkinsa_ nods18:52
belkinsa_Okay, as we are running out of time.  I thank you for everyone for joining and having a successful session.18:53
dholbachdpm, mhall119: anyone of you creating the hangout?18:53
belkinsa_And understanding that we did it viaIRC.18:53
mhall119dholbach: I'm creating the one in -users-118:54
dholbachrock on18:54
* popey pings flexiondotorg 18:55
* flexiondotorg pongs popey 18:55
* popey sets us up the bomb18:55
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-uds-community-1 to: Track: Community | Ubuntu MATE Remix 15.04 | Url: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22355/ubuntu-mate-remix-1504/
popeyflexiondotorg: invited you to the hangout18:57
ali1234oh, ubuntu mate :)18:57
* flexiondotorg accepted18:57
popeycan't see you ☹18:58
flexiondotorgI'm not in your G+ profile for Canonical.18:59
flexiondotorgI just added you.18:59
popeyyou dont need to be18:59
popeyshould work18:59
josepopey: now hangout's got a feature that won't let explicitly invited people join, or had last time I hosted one18:59
popeystupid google19:00
popeyflexiondotorg: can't hear you...19:00
popeyheh, computer issues19:01
flexiondotorgpopey, Send that again please.19:02
ali1234yes, many times i have wished i could report bugs against ppa packages19:16
elfy+1 to that19:16
popeyflexiondotorg: guessing your pc crashed?19:17
ali1234because DBTS sucks :)19:17
flexiondotorgpopey, I've lost you.19:17
flexiondotorgNot just me then.19:17
popeyI'm still there.19:17
popeyi think i am anyway, just refresh the page19:17
ali1234i see popey trying to fill dead air...19:17
flexiondotorgpopey, No. Just the link is bad.19:18
popeyshould work.19:19
popeyshall we revert to using irc?19:19
linuxtechI tried mate on trusty and it would just spawn lots and lots of processes, probably something to do with an old gnome profile...19:19
popeyok, killed the hangout, sorry.19:20
popeyOk. So, we need a page on the site linking to the projects where users can file bugs?19:20
popeywe won't have launchpad projects for all the packages19:21
popeyso do you just want the bugs in the ubuntu-mate-remix project?19:21
flexiondotorgStream is just telling me to "Please wait."19:21
flexiondotorglinuxtech, You can't run MATE from the official 14.04 archive. It is busted.19:21
flexiondotorgpopey, I can add that. I think it might already be there.19:21
linuxtechI used the PPA19:21
popeythere's one link, yes19:21
popey" Ubuntu MATE Bug Tracker - Bugs! We love to squish 'em."19:21
flexiondotorghttps://ubuntu-mate.org/ Is the starting point19:23
flexiondotorgpopey, Is this getting through?19:23
flexiondotorghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate - This bug tracker is the one to use.19:23
popeyyour internet tubes seem clogged ☻19:23
popeyright, yes.19:23
flexiondotorgAll good.19:24
popeyOk, so assuming we have users filing bugs, you will then forward them to debian bts? and link to the upstream bugs?19:24
flexiondotorgI will19:24
popeyseems like a bit of work, but at least it gives us a filter19:24
popeyand stops people havin to use BTS19:24
flexiondotorgMike Gabriel the Debai nDeveloper is on the Ubuntu MATE team and has access to LP.19:24
popeyOk, good.19:24
flexiondotorgWe are working together on this and cross referecning already.19:24
popeyHave you started building vivid ISO images?19:25
flexiondotorgpopey, No.19:25
flexiondotorgI want to focus on getting everything in to Ubuntu proper.19:25
popeyDo we even want to do that?19:25
flexiondotorgAnd use the official build infrastructure.19:25
popeyI think it might be better not to even bother.19:25
popeyyes, +119:25
flexiondotorgI'll be wasting time maintaining my stuff.19:25
ali1234people seem to be prefering the LTS anyway these days19:26
flexiondotorgHowever, MATE packages are one thing.19:26
flexiondotorgWe need to get the Ubuntu MATE specific package into the official archive too.19:26
flexiondotorgWhich I require sponsors for.19:26
popeyYeah, but getting in 15.04 gives us the stepping stone towards 16.04 LTS19:26
popeyflexiondotorg: dholbach has offered to help.19:26
flexiondotorgdholbach, Has been very helpful already.19:27
flexiondotorgJust wondering if a few more sponsors could step up so when dholbach is busy I have someone else to call on.19:27
flexiondotorgLuke (accessibility) has also offered to help.19:27
flexiondotorgSo, my next thing is seeds.19:27
MichaelTunnellcan I view the hangout without being in the hangout? link?19:28
flexiondotorgMichaelTunnell, Hangout died.19:28
dholbach(in a different session, but...) make sure you always subscribe ubuntu-sponsors to bugs with patches, etc - that'll get it on the right bug lists19:28
flexiondotorgHow do I get the seeds merged?19:28
flexiondotorgAs I understand it, the seeds will be used to generate tasks for tasksel.19:28
MichaelTunnellflexiondotorg: oh ok19:29
flexiondotorgWho is my Ubuntu contact for that merging the Ubuntu MATE seeds?19:29
flexiondotorgpopey, Want to try and restablish the stream?19:29
popeyi can't right now, browser died here too.19:29
flexiondotorgpopey, OK19:29
dholbachI could imagine that getting somebody to push your seed branch to some place lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ should be good, and upload the package to Ubuntu19:30
flexiondotorgSO, I need someone to help with seeds. What with Colin Watson transition roles who should that be now?19:30
popeyogra may be able to help19:30
popeyI'll ask19:30
dholbachbut you might want to just mail ubuntu-devel@lists.u.c about the proper process19:30
amjjawadhello popey who is the leader of Ubuntu MATE Remix?19:30
flexiondotorgdholbach, Thanks.19:30
popeyamjjawad: flexiondotorg ^19:31
amjjawadthanks popey19:31
amjjawadflexiondotorg: hi there19:31
flexiondotorgamjjawad, Hi19:31
amjjawadI am the community manager of Ubuntu GNOME and as I have mentioned on Twitter, if you guys need any help, please let me know19:31
flexiondotorgI also believe that debian-cd and ubuntu-cdimage will need updating to support Ubuntu MATE.19:31
popeythese are minor changes though?19:32
flexiondotorgIs that down to me or does someone within Canonical do that?19:32
amjjawadyour project needs lots of energy and time at the start and I know how hard that could be so if you ever need any help, ping me :) flexiondotorgq19:32
flexiondotorgamjjawad, I remember. Hello cousin 😃19:32
popeyamjjawad: thanks, I think we're not short of energy, developers though...19:32
amjjawadflexiondotorg: hey :D19:32
flexiondotorgamjjawad, Many thanks.19:32
amjjawadpopey: are you involved with MATE too?19:32
popeyflexiondotorg: is this to support the mate packages required in things like ubiquity desktop session?19:32
amjjawadflexiondotorg: you are more than welcome19:33
amjjawadpopey: this is the case with all the flavours :(19:33
flexiondotorgI know how to modify debian-cd and ubuntu-cdimage but I am not sure which branch I should be merging with.19:33
amjjawadwe do need developers too with Ubuntu GNOME19:33
ali1234and Xubuntu :)19:33
flexiondotorgdebian-cd and ubuntu-cdimage are use to make the iso images.19:33
popeyflexiondotorg: as dholbach said I think this is a good one for ubuntu-devel list19:33
amjjawadali1234: all the flavours19:33
flexiondotorgali1234, Hi.19:34
amjjawadexcept Kubuntu because as far as I know, they have so many people19:34
ali1234hello :)19:34
flexiondotorgpopey, OK I'll raise all that backend stuff there and see who bites.19:34
flexiondotorgI need to merge my Ubiquity slides.19:34
popeyI think it would pay us to get this done sooner rather than later, speak to tech board and hopefully start getting isos built inside canonical dc19:34
flexiondotorgI have some outstanding merge proposal for light-themes but no one appears to be able to action though. No community representation.19:35
flexiondotorgpopey, Yes. I agree.19:35
flexiondotorgI have a minor patch for lightdm-gtk-greeter but I can't submit a merge proposal to the repo.19:36
ali1234flexiondotorg: xubuntu is maintaining lightdm-gtk-greeter, contact ochosi, bluesabre etc19:36
flexiondotorgAlso, Luke maintain an accessibility PPA. When enable all Orca and LightDM accessibility issue are resolved.19:36
flexiondotorgCould this not be uploaded into the official archive.19:36
flexiondotorgali1234, Thanks.19:36
ali1234for that matter i can review your MR, can't merge it though19:37
flexiondotorgI also have some minor patch for indicator-sound-gtk2 and indication-application which I also think the Xubuntu team maintian.19:37
ali1234no, we dumped gtk2 indicators, we only use gtk3 ones now19:37
flexiondotorgThe patches are tested with Xubuntu already to ensure they don't break Xubuntu.19:37
ali1234however, i am very familiar with those too19:37
flexiondotorgThey work just fine.19:37
ali1234i was just looking at those indicator bugs actually19:38
flexiondotorgBasically adds back some service files and adds support for the mate-sound-properties to the Sound indicator in MATE is running.19:38
ali1234sounds reasonable19:38
flexiondotorgIf you grab the Ubuntu MATE 14.04 iso and run the live session in a VM you'll see them working by default.19:39
ali1234the gtk2 indicators aren't maintained by anyone now afaik19:39
flexiondotorgali1234, Well I would be OK with taking that on then. Since I need it.19:39
flexiondotorgpopey, How do we acheive that?19:40
ali1234honestly... just make a gtk3 wrapper19:40
ali1234that's what we did19:40
ali1234our panel is still gtk219:40
popeyflexiondotorg: do what ali1234 says ☻19:40
ali1234the gtk2 indicators are old and crufty and will keep on breaking19:40
flexiondotorgali1234, We have one but it does appear to work with the Sounds and Network indicators. Other GTK3 indicators are working however.19:40
flexiondotorg*does not work with sounds and network indicator.19:40
ali1234well, i could take a look at that. we had many similar problems19:41
flexiondotorgali1234, I'd appreciate that.19:41
popeythanks ali1234 !19:41
flexiondotorgali1234, I can share what I know about getting indicators working in Ubiquity so Xubuntu can add that if you like?19:42
popeyali1234: does Xubuntu participate in Alphas?19:44
elfypopey: we'll be doing a2 this cycle19:44
popeymight be worth us syncing up and aiming for a2 on canonical infra?19:45
popey22nd jan19:45
flexiondotorgI am a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work required to make Alpha1.19:45
popeyindeed, hence suggesting a219:45
elfywe didn't alpha last cycle at all19:45
ali1234sorry, went afk there19:46
flexiondotorgI think I need to try and hit the alphas. They were extremely useful for feedback and fixing stuff.19:46
amjjawadelfy: is it okay to skip alpha and do just beta?19:46
flexiondotorgANd I know this trasition will not be striaght forward.19:46
elfyamjjawad: yep19:46
amjjawadelfy: good to know :)19:46
ali1234flexiondotorg: i'm not sure we don't already have indicators in ubiquity?19:47
ali1234i know we have them on lightdm19:47
flexiondotorgali1234, I noticed on Xubuntu iso images in the live session there are no indicators during the Install.19:48
ali1234hmm, okay19:48
ali1234i don't install often...19:48
ali1234sorry elfy :)19:48
elfymmm - checking19:48
flexiondotorgThey are useful for selecting language, keyboard, a11y, network configuration etc.19:48
elfyali1234: lol19:48
amjjawadflexiondotorg: how is Ubuntu MATE when it comes to RAM usage? I guess something between Xubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME, correct?19:48
ali1234xubuntu isn't really that light19:48
flexiondotorgamjjawad, I've not measure it recently.19:48
ali1234i think xfce/mate are similar19:48
amjjawadali1234: I know19:49
flexiondotorgSomeone did a week or so ago. They did it properly and say Ubuntu MATE require 20MB more the Xubuntu.19:49
elfyflexiondotorg: certainly we have indicators in the live session19:49
flexiondotorgWhich is consistent with my benchmarks on Arch Linux.19:49
flexiondotorgNo the desktop, in Ubiquity.19:49
amjjawadflexiondotorg: I will try to find sometime to test. What ISO you need testers for? 14.04 or 14.10 ?19:49
ali1234ah, i always use the live session to install19:50
flexiondotorg14.04 is best for testing Ubuntu MATE.19:50
amjjawadflexiondotorg: okay, will download it now :)19:50
flexiondotorgali1234, I will share what I learned so you can benefit.19:50
amjjawadelfy: I noticed you guys have Xubuntu Core ISO. Is that Ubuntu Mini with some basic XFCE packages?19:50
flexiondotorgali1234, What IRC channel should I find you in?19:51
elfyflexiondotorg: aah I see - yea if you go straight to install we have nothing19:51
ali1234flexiondotorg: #xubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-uk19:51
elfyamjjawad: yes it is19:51
flexiondotorgelfy, Yes.19:51
flexiondotorgali1234, Thanks. I'll be in touch.19:51
amjjawadelfy: very interesting :D19:51
popeyflexiondotorg: so i think we have a bit of a plan then?19:52
flexiondotorgLooks like Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu will be helpful for each other 😃19:52
flexiondotorgpopey, Yes.19:52
flexiondotorgI'll trawl these logs and make some notes.19:52
ali1234i made some notes on the pad19:52
flexiondotorgali1234, I can't access the pad 😞19:52
amjjawadflexiondotorg: you need to login19:53
flexiondotorgI am.19:53
amjjawadusing your launchpad login19:53
ali1234you need to be in ubuntu-etherpad-users group too19:53
ali1234or whatever it is called19:53
flexiondotorgEither you have not been granted access to this resource or your entitlement has timed out. Please try again.19:53
flexiondotorgali1234, OK19:53
popeyi can add people to that19:53
flexiondotorgpopey, Add me please.19:53
flexiondotorgI'll add my notes to that pad then.19:53
amjjawadflexiondotorg: post your launchpad url here ;)19:54
amjjawadto make life easier for popey19:54
popeydone flexiondotorg19:54
flexiondotorgIn 😃19:54
flexiondotorgThanks everyone.19:54
amjjawadthank you all19:54
flexiondotorgVery helpful.19:54
elfygood luck :)19:54
flexiondotorgI'll add my note to the pad now.19:55
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ali1234popey: i still don't understand this A2 thing - if xubuntu and mate share the same repos, doesn't that mean they are guaranteed to share the same components? or you mean "aim to get mate into ubuntu repos by A2"?19:58
popeyali1234: yes, exactly.20:00
popeyaim to get ubuntu mate components and the necessary seed changes done "by A2"20:00
popeysorry that wasnt clear20:00
IdleOneHello CC22:39
Idle1awesome stache Daniel22:40
IdleOnemhall119: what irc channel are you all in?22:42
IdleOneif it is a one time contribution like creating an app and then not seeing or hearing anything from the user again. I don't think that is enough to be considered sustained contribution22:48
IdleOneI think it is important to remember that membership is recognition by the community for being a part of the community. Just adding something to Ubuntu is not being a part of the community. Same way a dev at Canonical does not automatically get membership even though they may be adding heavily to the platform.22:50
IdleOnemhall119: I am not seeing what laura posted22:51
IdleOnenever mind22:52
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