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dpmfor whoever wants to join the hangout15:03
alecuThe Unity Scope Tool is a real time saver when developing scopes (compared to the emulator or even a device). I highly recommend it.15:21
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Guest60718Is building scopes with Python as supported as in qt?15:27
avoineQUESTION: is it to soon to use the golang api for building scope?15:27
dpmthanks Guest60718, avoine, we'll get to your questions in a minute15:28
pstolowskiGuest60718, python is not supported15:29
pstolowskiavoine, Go is supported15:29
pstolowskiavoine, we have go bindings for scopes api15:29
alecuQUESTION: how do you make the query refresh when a settings change?15:29
pasimakoQUESTION: Can I skip preview and execute url link directly from query results?15:30
thostr_avoine: see also https://godoc.org/launchpad.net/go-unityscopes/v115:31
avoineok, thanks15:32
avoineQUESTION: Can you explain how you would build a permanent cache for things like images for example.15:33
avoineor even json15:33
pasimakothank you15:34
dpmfast food on the menu!15:34
dpmadding location to your scopes in 2 minutes :)15:34
dslul_QUESTION: how can you change departments at runtime when, for example, a different filter is selected?15:34
avoinegreat thanks15:40
belkinsaWho is running the next session>15:51
dslul_QUESTION: is it possible to manually change the selected department from code?15:51
belkinsadholbach, which session are you going to be in?  This one or the ISO one?  And do you know who is hosting this one?15:53
dholbachbelkinsa: no idea - I just pinged dpm about it :)15:54
belkinsaI saw15:54
akiva-thinkpadhey all15:55
belkinsaAnd there he is! akiva-thinkpad, are you hosting it?15:55
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akiva-thinkpadbelkinsa, would rather not; I'm a hosting newb15:55
akiva-thinkpadthe session at least15:55
belkinsaOh, okay.  dholbach or dpm will do it for you.15:56
akiva-thinkpadcool beans15:56
avoinegreat session, thanks a lot!15:57
dpmhi akiva-thinkpad, I'll start the session in a minute and give you the link15:58
akiva-thinkpadsounds cool15:58
belkinsaI guess i need to start it...16:01
dpmakiva-thinkpad, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcjXBa0llihbI2UJGrENRz4ChJKvxtUie4x7C0PCCrm3W6xKw16:01
dpmbelkinsa, ah, just saw your message16:01
dpmhave you started a session already? Or are you joining that one ^ ?16:01
belkinsaNo, I haven't16:02
belkinsaI was confused on who was going to do it16:02
belkinsaI'm in16:03
belkinsaBah, stupid firefox16:03
belkinsaGo ahead and start it, I will join later, fi I can16:04
akiva-thinkpadirc good to go?16:05
dpmhi all, is the feed coming all right?16:05
belkinsaFeed is good and streaming16:06
belkinsaakiva-thinkpad, I think that is the common thing is that people do want to program16:08
belkinsa_This seems to related to this session as Ali said:  http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22335/howto-to-use-your-skills-and-experience-to-find-a-job/16:10
akiva-thinkpadyah I saw that16:11
belkinsa_Ah, good.  I was just checking16:11
akiva-thinkpadheh I sort of lamented this session after I saw that16:11
belkinsaThere we are!16:14
belkinsaHere is one example of one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/belkinsa16:16
belkinsaSorry, need to rejoin16:17
cheeseheadHall of Fame and Ubuntu Accomplishments fell into disuse for valid reasons. Any attempt to ressurect those should address those reasons16:17
belkinsaSorry, I thought everthing was working.16:22
toddcnba nice certificate of appreciation for loco's to use for greeters at events and places that offer meeting space or local contributions16:25
cheeseheadtoddcnb: Not clear to me - who is appreciating the LoCo?16:26
toddcnbwe use schools and restaurants to host meetings and events I would like to thanks them in some-way also we have a lot of non tech people that help with lots of loacal events that I often forget to say thank you for their help16:29
cheeseheadtoddcnb: Ah, so LoCos do the appreviating. Yes, that works.16:29
cheeseheadI generally see three types of positive feedback: Simple/automated, interpersonal/relationship, and formal16:30
cheeseheadSo far, we've talked about formal - the harest and most resource-intensive16:30
toddcnbif we had a nice official Ubuntu certificate for them to display16:31
toddcnbeven business that promote Ubuntu would like that16:32
cheeseheadtoddcnb: I don;t see why a recognized LoCo can't knock something lovely together. Just as official no matter who drwas it16:32
akiva-thinkpadhttps://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcjXBa0llihbI2UJGrENRz4ChJKvxtUie4x7C0PCCrm3W6xKw come join16:32
belkinsaMaybe the use of the LoCo with this peer to peer programing could give people reason to get their Membership.16:33
belkinsaAnd it could help the LoCo community grow.16:33
cheeseheadbelkinsa: Right. LoCos are an example of interpersonal/relationship incentive.16:34
belkinsaSome sort of LoCo Programing outreach program is what I have in mind but I think outreach may be the wrong word.16:36
belkinsaThis is could be also tied with those programming lessons that dpm and the others are working on.16:36
belkinsaI think App development days or whatever they are.16:37
toddcnbmany loco's like ours are mostly users few programmers but other loco's are able to assit programming projects16:37
ali1234the UK loco channel is pretty technical but we don't do anything technical towards ubuntu16:38
* cheesehead failed to join the hangout16:38
ali1234we all do our own things. the only thing UK loco people have in common is we live in the UK. many people there don't even use ubuntu16:40
akiva-thinkpadIf you went to the loco; what do you want to see in regards to an event?16:40
ali1234actually even that isn't true, plenty of people live abroad as well16:40
ali1234"went" to the loco?16:40
cheeseheadakiva-thinkpad: Many different kinds of events: Seimnars on topis, show-off meetings, installfests, bug sprints, etc16:41
cheeseheadGoing out and having coffee may be non-didactic, but it does build resume references. That's the networking part.16:42
ali1234the UK loco is pretty much just an IRC channel with people who speak english in it16:42
cheeseheadI know a couple people who got Linux jobs based on knowing people from a local user group.16:43
toddcnbubuntu hours are great to fix minor issues and chat with other linux users and show off programs and setups16:43
cheeseheadIs there interest in ressurecting automated feedback/incentives like Ubuntu Accomplishments, or soes everybody just want to get a job?16:44
cheeseheadSome of us already have non-technical jobs, and aren't interested in getting a Linux job.16:45
ali1234gamification feels like a way to get people to work for free16:45
ali1234maybe that's just me though16:45
cheeseheadali1234: Motivates some people, demotivates others. Not for everyone.16:45
akiva-thinkpadha ha16:46
belkinsaali1234, I agree and it doesn't really promote how good someone is16:46
belkinsaWait, I can read.16:47
toddcnbinstallfests are very popular for our community16:47
ali1234many of the old accomplishments weren't even automatic, you had get someone else to verify it16:47
akiva-thinkpadtoddcnb, really?16:47
belkinsagamification will promote getting people in but I think there should a way to prove how good people are.16:47
belkinsaIn the skills.16:47
toddcnbakiva-thinkpad: yes we do two each month but could do 4-5 if we had help16:48
belkinsaAli is applying16:49
belkinsaHe just said that on this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards#A22:0016:50
cheeseheadbelkinsa: I think we can all agree that gamification is inappropriate for gauging skills and advanced recognition. But there may be a place for it for new entrants and initial contributions.16:50
belkinsaI agree with it being a place to get people into the Community and get them started.  For there, because they learned the skills, they can maybe apply for the Membership or something like that.16:51
belkinsaBut how will that get them a job in real life, buT can get my answer in Ali's session.16:51
cheeseheadInstead of building new tools, perhaps we should look at existing tools - are we unintentionally giving null- or non-positive feedback to on-ramping contributors?16:52
cheeseheadLearning to Triage bugs in the Bug Squad, for example, is not easy. A simpler on-ramp may help reduce their turnover.16:53
belkinsacheesehead, +116:53
ali1234triage is easy16:53
ali1234just ask if they've tested on the most recent version and set the bug to incomplete16:54
belkinsaMaybe we need to reboot 5-A-Day or something like that16:54
cheeseheadbelkinsa: But why do 5-a-day? What's the incentive?16:54
belkinsaGood point.16:55
belkinsaNever mind16:55
belkinsaThanks for the session.16:55
ali1234btw, the ubuntu-sdk is not something i have ever needed to use while contributing, and i don't see myself ever needing to use it16:55
cheesehead5-a-day seems like a good candidate for gamification.16:55
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belkinsacheesehead, yes, but I  think that is only for bugs, but could be moved to development/coding16:56
akiva-thinkpadali1234, the sdk is still not complete either.16:57
belkinsaCould this help also: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ProjectHarvest16:57
akiva-thinkpadoh neat16:57
cheeseheadbelkinsa: +116:57
ali1234akiva-thinkpad: i only use xubuntu, i've no interest in QML app-dev or whatever it's supposed to be used for16:58
akiva-thinkpadali1234, A performance hound!16:59
ali1234i have contributed to ubuntu platform components only to the extent that they are used in xubuntu16:59
dpmthanks everyone!16:59
akiva-thinkpadali1234, qml is mainly for the phone which will eventually come out.16:59
akiva-thinkpadthe qml apps can work on xubuntu though16:59
ali1234yeah, again, not interesting to me at all16:59
* akiva-thinkpad finds the next session17:00
ali1234if you want me to contribute to that stuff the first thing you need to do is convince me to use it17:00
ali1234but that will be difficult17:00
cheeseheadali1234: Okay, how do we convince you to use a certain tool?17:00
akiva-thinkpadali1234, The pragmatism is strong with this one ~17:00
ali1234cheesehead: make it better than the others?17:00
cheeseheadali1234: So your only criteria is 'better'?17:01
cheeseheadNot more convenient?17:01
cheeseheadOr familiar?17:01
ali1234yes, for my personal definition of "better"?17:01
ali1234no, nothing to do with familiarity, i only switched to xubuntu a year ago17:01
akiva-thinkpadali1234, well qml's main selling point will be touch inteface with the phone. Do you see yourself eventually getting an ubuntu phone?17:01
akiva-thinkpadubuntu TV?17:01
ali1234i don't even have a TV17:02
cheeseheadali1234: If we don't know your personal definition of 'better', we cannot convince you of anything. So why would we bother? Do what you want.17:02
akiva-thinkpadtv's are evil time wasters17:02
cheeseheadali1234: It simply meant you're not a good consumer for the 'incentives' under discussion. You seem self-motivated.17:02
ali1234yes, very much. really the only way to make me contribute more would be to write even more buggy code17:03
* cheesehead writes that down17:03
akiva-thinkpadha ha17:03
akiva-thinkpadmental note: write more buggier code.17:03
akiva-thinkpadbtw thanks for joining the irc chat; it made it a lot easier to run my first uos session.17:04
cheeseheadakiva-thinkpad: Sure. Does this mean we can eliminate the get-a-job session later? We seem to have covered that ground.17:05
akiva-thinkpadcheesehead, doesn't matter to me.17:05
cheeseheadakiva-thinkpad: Nor me.17:05
akiva-thinkpadalthough truth be told; I would have cancelled it if I had known that session was going on17:06
* akiva-thinkpad grabs some pumpkin pie17:06
ali1234the reasons i prefer xubuntu involve a lot of things but largely: it is entirely designed for desktop, nothing else. it's a very small code base which is easy to learn all of, and it's a horizontal rather than vertical stack17:07
cheeseheadali1234: Xubuntu is nice. I used it for many years.17:08
ali1234by which i mean it shares pieces with a lot of other projects, rather than being a custom UI with custom toolkit running on a custom display server, none of which is used anywhere else17:08
akiva-thinkpadali1234, have you tried lubuntu as well?17:08
ali1234so if i fix a bug in Gtk it doesn't just help xubuntu17:09
genupulasso here anybody can talk ?17:09
akiva-thinkpadali1234, that is very true.17:09
cheeseheadgenupulas: Yes17:09
akiva-thinkpadgenupulas, yep;17:09
akiva-thinkpadali1234, so interestingly a developer from xfce was on linux unplugged podcast awhile back17:10
ali1234i haven't really tried lubuntu, no. i might if they get some reasonable Qt release going17:10
ali1234akiva-thinkpad: which one?17:10
akiva-thinkpadhe indicated that XFCE does need some contributors.17:10
ali1234yeah, i know, i've mostly been working upstream17:10
akiva-thinkpadI can't recall17:10
ali1234was probably nick17:11
akiva-thinkpadI'm not terribly familiar with xfce; but it was made out to seem that the developer community there was more enthuthiast as opposed to official.17:11
ali1234i don't think anyone anywhere is paid to work on xubuntu17:11
ali1234er, xfce17:11
akiva-thinkpadali1234, so that is interesting ; you contribute upstream to xfce?17:11
ali1234well, either really17:11
ali1234i contribute upstream to all projects17:12
akiva-thinkpadali1234, o_O17:12
ali1234i've patches in the kernel, gtk, more stuff than i can remember17:12
ali1234when i hit a bug and it affects me, i fix it17:12
akiva-thinkpadwhat are you working on these days?17:12
ali1234hence, i fix what i use17:12
ali1234last thing i sent a patch for was xfce task manager17:13
ali1234that was for a bug found in xubuntu testing17:14
akiva-thinkpadinteresting. Do you use github, launchpad, subversion?17:14
ali1234i use github and launchpad a lot. also errors.ubuntu.com. subversion... only as long as it takes to import the repo into git17:14
ali1234xfce also has it's own git repos17:15
ali1234what i think is really lacking is communication between distros and upstream17:15
ali1234i find so many bugs on distro bug trackers, especially launchpad17:15
ali1234and upstream doesn't even know about them17:16
akiva-thinkpadali1234, yah I get that a lot with my compiz bugs17:16
ali1234oh yeah, compiz17:16
ali1234i've got a commit on 0.8, but that was after canonical forked it17:16
akiva-thinkpadoh neat17:16
akiva-thinkpadwhat for?17:16
ali1234so probably nobody is using my fix17:16
ali1234fixing the ezoom plugin to work with multimonitor17:16
ali1234most of my patches are trivial as well, like anyone with a bit of critical thinking could find these bugs17:17
ali1234that and lots of free time17:17
akiva-thinkpadali1234, oh nice. best feature of compiz imo17:17
akiva-thinkpadali1234, what do you use for your ide?17:18
ali1234yeah, i agree, that's why i ported it to xfwm17:18
ali1234i don't use an ide17:18
ali1234i used to use gedit until they ruined it, now i use mousepad17:18
akiva-thinkpadvim emacS?17:18
ali1234if i am in a terminal i use nano17:18
akiva-thinkpadnever heard of mousepad17:18
akiva-thinkpadhave you ever tried geany?17:18
ali1234it's exactly like how gedit used to be17:18
ali1234i found geany to be slightly ugly and very slow17:18
ali1234i like gtksourceview *shrug*17:19
akiva-thinkpadI like geany because its easy to run python in it.17:19
ali1234tat's what terminals are for?17:19
akiva-thinkpadali1234, just saves a second.17:19
akiva-thinkpadali1234, one thing I also like is that it works with ubuntu's hud. That is really the selling point for me in unity17:20
akiva-thinkpadAnd what I missed in xfce.17:20
ali1234oh jesus no17:20
akiva-thinkpadnot the dash; the hud :P17:20
ali1234the hud is horrible, i used unity for over a year and the first thing i did when reinstalling is unbind alt17:21
akiva-thinkpadalthough I like the dash as well.17:21
ali1234the second thing i did was unbind the windows key17:21
ali1234the third thing was turn off overlay scrollbars and global menu17:21
akiva-thinkpaddifferent strokes for different folks. I love the hud with gimp because most of the options do not have a shortcut key associated with it.17:21
ali1234painting with keyboard... senseful?17:22
ali1234i really dislike this push towards keyboard shortcuts... for years ui designers told us how much users hate keyboard shortcuts and typing things17:22
ali1234ut now apparently they love it17:22
akiva-thinkpadha true that17:23
ali1234well, except when they are using apps... then it all has to be touch controls17:23
ali1234anyway, my feeling to getting more contributors... and this was raised in the previous session too... first you need to stop losing them17:25
ali1234and that's something i've been saying for years now17:25
akiva-thinkpadali1234, how do you do that?17:25
ali1234well, stop chasing users at the expense of people like me17:26
ali1234i used unity for years, tried to contribute, it was just a mess17:26
ali1234eventually gave up and went to xubuntu17:26
ali1234i reported many bugs in that time17:26
ali1234nearly all of them are still open17:26
akiva-thinkpadyah it would be good to perhaps indicate that unity7 or compiz are not in active development.17:27
ali1234the unity stack is huge and vertical and i never could even figure out which part was broken, let alone fix it17:27
ali1234unity 8 is no better... it is just different17:27
ali1234i do still watch the development17:27
ali1234in a way i am glad i never bothered to learn unity 7, because it's dead now17:28
akiva-thinkpadI have mainly contributed to the core apps; havn't delved much into unity8 itself17:28
ali1234the phone stuff isn't usable yet17:28
akiva-thinkpad I know the feeling of trying to track down what lever pushes what button.17:28
ali1234you need people who fix what they use17:28
ali1234first then, you need people using it17:28
akiva-thinkpadOne of my complains is sometimes it is unclear where to file bugs for certain projects17:29
ali1234right now, people can only use unity 7 day to day17:29
ali1234but that's dead, so even if they do fix it, it's not worth much17:29
ali1234constant API churn and rewriting things instead of fixing them has been a problem for a long time now17:29
ali1234it basically makes it impossible for people to fix what they use17:30
ali1234because the development version is constantly too buggy to use, and the stable version is maintenance only17:30
ali1234like i said, i've been harping on about these problems for years17:30
ali1234just ask popey; he's bored of listening to this rant now17:30
ali1234anyway, gotta go for dinner17:31
ali1234cya later17:31
akiva-thinkpadsee you around17:31
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dwvisserSatisfied Lubuntu 14.04 LTS user here. (Installed on 2 machines at home at several at work used for software development.)18:53
wxlwow we already got a convo going on neat :)18:53
dwvisseroops... *and* several at work18:54
joern_hi everyone!18:54
wxlyeah well i'm at work too :)18:55
dwvisserHello. Where is everyone in meatspace. I'm in the USA.18:55
wxlbut about to go at lunch to do this18:55
wxlok i'm headed for it18:55
wxl30 seconds18:59
wxlum is it up?19:00
ianorlinconfirmed up19:00
belkinsaAnd you are live!19:00
belkinsaI see you!19:01
joern_I'm watching it, too19:02
wxlcan you all see the slides/19:02
joern_but I still don't know how I can join and stuff :P19:02
belkinsaBlackscreen, wxl19:02
wxlblack screen?19:02
belkinsaI see them now!19:02
belkinsaVideo lag19:02
joern_yes, the slides are there19:03
amjjawadI can see it :)19:03
joern_hi amjjawad19:03
giliris there a link somewhere to join the hangout ? :-)19:03
amjjawadjoern_: hello :)19:03
joern_wxl: you are in a public toilet, aren't you?19:03
gilirLooks like a 1 man presentation for now :-)19:03
amjjawadbelkinsa: I failed to sleep :(19:03
amjjawadjoern_: hehehe19:04
joern_o/ gilir19:04
belkinsaThere should be a Join Hangout on the page19:04
phillwgilir:  http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22341/community-1411-latest-developments-in-lubuntu-development/19:04
belkinsawxl, which the side19:04
phillwyou need to me signed on, iirc19:04
amjjawadwxl: you need to post the link here so people could join19:05
amjjawadclick on "invite" on google hangout and copy-paste the link and post it here19:05
joern_hi phillw19:05
phillwho joern_19:06
joselink is on summit if you marked you were very interested in attending19:06
joseor are required19:06
belkinsaDid wxl forgot to switch the side?19:06
amjjawadjose: I know. Some other people don't though19:06
josethat's why I wrote it here :)19:06
amjjawadand that is why I asked wxl to post the link here to make life easier ;)19:07
gilirphillw, I am only on listen-only mode with this link, but maybe it's on purpose for the beginning of the session19:07
joern_me too19:07
amjjawadwxl: your slide does not work19:08
* belkinsa is listening too19:08
phillwgilir: belkinsa is the person to sort that out, that's why we have her :)19:08
joern_but that's better, I guess you don't want to hear my terrible english ^^19:08
amjjawadwxl: it is on the first page only19:08
belkinsaI think he can't see the IRC19:08
joern_that's right19:08
amjjawadbelkinsa: indeed19:08
belkinsaBut I think he post those sides somewhere19:08
MarcTNeed to change the slides19:08
belkinsaWho is in the hangout with him?  Tell me.19:09
amjjawadwell, someone with good English needs to join him and talk to him ;)19:09
belkinsaTell him*19:09
amjjawadNo one as far as I can tell19:09
ianorlinteam :D19:10
amjjawadbelkinsa: I thought you will attend my session :(19:10
amjjawadlooks like it is the time zone belkinsa19:11
belkinsaamjjawad, I don't have something sable19:11
gilirhopefuly, we will have the slides after the session :-)19:11
belkinsaI wanted to host one today but I wasn't able because my computer19:11
belkinsagilir, hopefully19:11
amjjawadbelkinsa: what is wrong with your computer?19:11
belkinsaYes, and I will fix it19:12
amjjawadbelkinsa: hope so :)19:12
belkinsaTo bad that you can't do hangouts on air on a tablet taht well19:13
* amjjawad when will wxl see the IRC?19:13
amjjawadbelkinsa: I do prefer computers rather than stuff like tablets ..19:13
amjjawadbelkinsa: I don't even have a tab and I don't want to19:14
belkinsaSame here19:14
joern_well if I could make Lubuntu completely running on my tablet, I would like it ^^19:14
joern_but the wifi isn't working19:14
amjjawadjoern_: It is not the system in my case, it is just that I feel myself with a keyboard and buttons19:14
amjjawadtouch thing is not my thing :)19:15
amjjawadjoern_: maybe when ToriOS is out, that would be possible :D19:15
amjjawadwhy this session about the team?19:18
amjjawadI thought it is about the dev side?!19:18
belkinsaWhat happened?19:18
joern_maybe something with the water closed he's obviously sitting on? ;-)19:18
* belkinsa thinks doing this session via iRC is better19:19
amjjawadjoern_: hahah19:19
wxlwhat the hell :(19:19
belkinsaYou need a new hangout and start again19:19
joern_wb Walter19:19
amjjawadfinally you looked at the IRC :D wxl19:19
belkinsastart that one and move one*19:19
wxlso the slides didn't work??? :(19:19
amjjawadyour slide wasn't working19:19
amjjawadwxl: nope19:19
wxlsorry it's hard to see slides and irc at the same time19:19
belkinsawxl, F5 and scroll through the,19:19
wxli'll try again19:19
wxli did belkinsa19:19
belkinsaOh, really?19:20
marcLBPSBNot able to hear or see anything?19:20
amjjawadif you click on the link, you should go back again wxl19:20
belkinsawxl is having problem19:20
phillwmarcLBPSB:  hangout reset... just re-starting19:20
marcLBPSBcool....back in19:21
marcLBPSBsound is echo now..hearing everything twice19:21
joern_no echo for me19:22
belkinsaQUESTION: Will the sides be posted somewhere?19:22
joern_there is someone in the background19:22
joern_bit small, but I see it19:22
amjjawadwxl: yes19:22
marcLBPSBcan see but sound is echo x 219:22
amjjawadcan you make it bigger wxl19:22
belkinsaNot really, no echo for me19:22
ianorlinI can see it19:22
amjjawadno echo here19:23
phillwno echo here19:23
joern_yay, scrolling slides19:23
belkinsaSorry for the repost19:24
belkinsawxl, QUESTION: Will the sides be posted somewhere? (if you want to answer it in the end go ahead)19:24
amjjawadwhy don't you guys join him?!19:24
amjjawaddon't be shy to share your voice :P19:24
belkinsaStill no scroll19:24
ianorlinlink ?19:25
MarcTI had two windows open at same time which explains the echo....sorry19:25
amjjawadMarcT: ;)19:25
belkinsaScrolling now!19:26
wxlgilir: are you ready?19:33
gilirwxl, yes, but I suppose to talk alone ?19:34
wxlgilir: just come on and you'll take over19:35
MarcTWhen will 14.10 become an LTS release19:35
joern_never :P19:35
ianorlinWhere do you report bugs with LXQt if you find them?19:35
wxlit's an automatic thing about hangouts19:35
joern_it's not supposed to19:35
gilirwxl, I'm already on the hangout19:35
wxlgilir: nope19:35
joern_wxl: I guess you need to invite or something19:35
gilirianorlin, https://bugs.launchpad.net/lubuntu-next19:36
giliror if you are sure it's upstream : https://github.com/lxde/lxqt/issues19:37
gilirwxl, I already click on the link, but I'm on listen-only mode19:37
wxlgilir: change that19:37
gilirwxl, how do you do that ?19:38
* gilir try to disconnect / reconnect19:39
belkinsaIs there an unmute for mic for you?19:39
wxlit's that he's not even in the hangout19:39
wxlcan ANYONE actually join the hangout?19:39
joern_not me19:40
phillwneeds an invite, iirc19:40
gilirwxl, I think nobody can join19:40
belkinsaWhat is the link again?19:40
phillwbelkinsa: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22341/community-1411-latest-developments-in-lubuntu-development/19:40
gilirI remember first UOS, you saw the people connected to the hangout19:40
gilirand now, I see nobody execpt wxl19:41
belkinsaUse the link that you have for the hangout that you are in.19:41
wxloh jeez :/19:41
* wxl facepalms19:41
belkinsaLink works19:42
belkinsagilir, use that link19:42
belkinsaI can too19:43
wxlhi jörn19:43
belkinsaWhere is gilir from?19:43
wxlfrance i believe19:43
belkinsaHe kind of sounds like Gru.  ;)19:44
joern_belkinsa: where did you get that link from? :D19:44
belkinsaThis one? https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYdAexc11cnL-K9M5hv4-NuvJixppCPs0lztE6XVus1cjW2dFA?authuser=0&hl=en19:44
belkinsaFrom wxl19:44
joern_yes that one19:44
wxlooh it's phillw19:44
belkinsaIt's the hangout link to be in it19:44
joern_good to know19:44
belkinsaFirefox, why you crash?19:45
phillwnot shaved... dropped camaera :)19:45
joern_come on phillw19:45
wxljoern_: 5 minutes left if you want to talk!19:50
belkinsaWho is the other guy, not ianorlin but the other one19:50
belkinsajoern_, is that you in the hangout?19:50
wxlbelkinsa: joern with the headphones19:50
joern_yes that's me19:50
belkinsaAH, I see.19:50
belkinsaIt's finally good to see you joern_ in person19:51
joern_if there is time, I would like to ask about btrfs support for Lubuntu19:51
joern_my fancy gaming headphone :P19:51
wxljoern_: ↑19:51
wxlwhen julien is done talking please introduce yourself19:51
joern_sounds fine19:52
belkinsa16.04 should the LTS but 15.04 or 15.10 can be the switch but more for testing it19:52
belkinsa16.04 LTS with the new thing, I mean19:52
wxlthat's what gilir is discussing19:52
belkinsaAH, I see.19:52
wxlwell 2 min left19:53
wxljoern_: go19:53
* wxl pets his beard19:54
belkinsaThanks for the this session guys19:55
wxlthanks for coming belkinsa19:55
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-uds-community-2 to: Currently no events are active in this room - http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/community-2/ - http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/11/13/%23ubuntu-uds-community-2.html
joern_ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubu…/+source/ubiquity/+bug/20418719:56
udsbotuLaunchpad bug 204187 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "No compressed file system option in ubiquity." [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:56
wxlbug 20418719:57
wxlall good buddy20:00
gilirthanks wxl :-)20:03
wxlthanks gilir !20:03
phillwgood session!20:03
phillwwxl: always good to bag the last one of the day... you don't get kicked off :D20:04
wxlexcept for the technical mishaps20:04
wxlshall we continue this conversation at the usual meeting place?20:04
phillwcan do :)720:04
wxlta all20:04

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