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gQuigsinfinity: https://plus.google.com/events/cphiehom1ihmqbns4lg8gj1r92c13:58
infinityapw: ^13:58
gQuigslet's try that again: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYfbzWsy8s-gssRKFksr9j920IwN1x90T15st-BUItGh1Pov6Q?authuser=0&hl=en13:59
apwgQuigs, not sure that is the right link at all13:59
infinitygQuigs: Err, is that the on-air URL?  I see no way to actually join the hangout.13:59
infinityOh, second one is better.13:59
willcookeDid you guys need a hand getting the hangout set up>14:01
infinitywillcooke: Looks like we've got it going.14:02
infinitywillcooke: gQuigs Just needs to smack the on air button.14:02
willcookeet voila :)14:02
argesyo. where is the video link?14:07
henrixarges: i was looking at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22353/when-should-we-stop-making-32-bit-images/14:08
cyphermoxhenrix: you see video on summit right now?14:09
henrixcyphermox: i can see it in the link arges just posted14:09
henrixcyphermox: but not on the one i posted14:09
cyphermoxthe google plus events link works to watch, but something isn't sufficiently configured so that video shows up on summit.ubuntu.com14:09
henrixarges: thanks, btw ;)14:10
balloonsI pushed the proper link to the page, a refresh should show the stream now14:12
argesballoons: yay it works now14:12
cjwatsoninstalling the 64-bit kernel is only really hard because we don't build it for i386 and rely on multiarch14:20
infinitycjwatson: yeah, that was covered.14:20
cjwatson(but that still doesn't mean impossible, just fiddlier)14:20
cjwatsoncool, I was a bit late14:20
cjwatson... and I make that about a minute lag14:21
cjwatsonI think that Debian would prefer to be relying on multiarch rather than having an -amd64 flavour on i386, FWIW14:21
cjwatsonit means more downloading on apt-get update for any i386 users14:22
infinitycjwatson: Did you want to hop in on the fishbowl?14:23
cjwatsonguess I can14:23
infinitycjwatson: Though, I tihnk we're close to done.14:23
cjwatsondid you already talk about the 32-bit UEFI issue?14:24
argesgood job14:42
gQuigsapw: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/development-1411-drop-x86-32 .. haven't moved stuff yet14:46
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balloonsno video guys?15:10
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* stgraber waves15:53
Laneydo I just paste the URL of the hangout or something?15:55
LaneyI gave it to summit already ...15:55
Laneywell: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYd1Z43GhaMVvkkEPrYg-Fsa_2hztiGM9XS7YjnqZzE0eqdyGQ?authuser=0&hl=en-GB ?15:56
infinityOh, the URL's here.15:59
cjwatsonI'm needed in a different session; may hop in at some point.16:00
LaneyI can't unmute16:11
Laneyfor some reason16:11
Laneywe're on the stable GNOME16:11
Laneydon't know16:11
shirgallGnome 3.15 beta is expected 2/1816:11
shirgall3.16.0 stable expected 3/2516:12
slangasekhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/ReleaseTaskSignup  "15.04 Alpha 2 QA contact: flavor contacts"; "15.04 Beta 1 QA contact: flavour contacts"16:16
slangasekyes you can see this page was prepared by a Canadian16:16
shirgallYou should really write your release notes today based on the current plan and adjust it as you go along. Makes it easier to see the goal.16:19
infinityslangasek: Ahh, it's obvious that someone else did the first two and I did the second. :P16:20
Laneysomething very weird is happening to my hangout16:23
Laneyor maybe I'm in a time loop16:23
LaneyI think the world would explode if I reset probably16:24
stgraberyeah, that seems probable16:24
LaneyI'm getting the current audio interleaved with audio from 2 minutes previous16:25
Laneysome youtube video started playing16:26
Laneyfixed :)16:26
stgraberwas about to suggest that :)16:26
Laneybut I hadn't touched the browser at all16:26
Laneyho hum16:26
belvisit's very nice to have a later import freeze16:26
stgraberyeah, the summit page auto-reloads somehow, had that happen to me in the past16:26
slangasekinfinity: I thought that's because the new release process is the one that has to be followed hung over16:40
infinityThough, often drunk, not hung over.16:40
LaneyUSB breathalysers16:41
stgraberthere's a pam module for that16:42
cjwatsonyes, possibly trimming the last few would be a good idea :)16:43
LaneyI don't even know how you post it to youtube, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo16:43
cjwatsonLaney: win16:43
shirgallToo late. ;)16:43
shirgallPosting to youtube now.16:43
LaneyI just pressed "stop"16:43
infinityI need a breathalyser on my phone to prevent drunk texting.16:43
LaneyAssume there's a post-upload editing facility16:43
infinityLaney: I believe you can trim ends, don't know about actual editing.16:43
Laney"Vote for your favourite moments!"16:44
* Laney does this16:44
shirgall"We can effectively revert things with copies if we cross our fingers."16:44
stgrabernow we need to edit the IRC log too... :)16:44
infinityEDIT ALL THE THINGS.16:45
LaneyI had to "hang up" a second time16:45
shirgallrevert 'stuff' I got the quote wrong16:46
shirgallDon't worry the video is unlisted.16:49
shirgall(Yeah, I checked)16:50
LaneyI found the editor16:50
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willcookevideo working?18:01
mhall119working now,yes18:01
CheeseBurgCan the slides link be placed here18:03
willcookeI'll get a link18:03
avoineindeed new indicators are really great18:10
mrbrownstone3gQUESTION:  Have the mor team looked into moving to libinput?18:10
mhall119QUESTION: What work needs to be done to support traditional desktop style stacked windows? How about traditional desktop, will it have a root window?18:11
avoineit is not clear that is it a swipe button tough18:12
CheeseBurgmhall119: Was about to ask something like that lol18:12
mhall119CheeseBurg: I was initially going to ask mrbrownstone3g's questions, so now you steal one of his18:13
* mhall119 spies libinput :)18:17
willcookemrbrownstone3g, does that answer your question?18:17
mhall119willcooke: the broadcast video hasn't reached that point yet, we have a minute or two lag18:18
willcookeah yes18:18
mhall119but I think it did, yes18:18
mhall119willcooke: did you say when rootless X windows will be supported in Unity Next ISO?18:20
CheeseBurgYea he is just finishing the slides18:20
mhall119QUESTION: When/how will we be able to record video directly from Mir? How about a Mir gstreamer source?18:20
* mhall119 knows about mircast, but it stores frames as individual image files, IIRC18:22
mhall119mirscreencast or whatever it's called18:22
CheeseBurgQUESTION: What is the estimated time for Unity 8 to be able to do traditional desktop stuff? Not interested in when it becomes default, just working.18:22
willcookeHOWTO:  Create videos from mirscreencast:  http://www.whizzy.org/2014/08/recording-screencasts-from-the-unity-8-desktop-preview/18:24
CheeseBurgOk so 15.04ish then?18:25
willcookeish :)18:25
kgunnlink to unity8/mir session https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1h-5cMRK3xsy9ayb4-74L0R2zld-CC5xcqO8bJQAVlvo/edit?usp=sharing18:25
CheeseBurgkgunn: Thanks for the slides18:25
balloonsQUESTION: Any thoughts on running my desktop with XMir and mir again?18:25
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Has there been interest in Mir outside from Ubuntu18:26
CheeseBurgoh snap it ended already lol18:26
balloonshehe, and the broadcast ends18:26
kgunnballoons: some people still do appearently, some folks tell of "improved performance" I think b/c it gives another buffer to prevent pipeline stall18:26
kgunnsome gamers use it18:27
kgunnCheeseBurg: yes, there has been outside interest18:27
CheeseBurgkgunn: Can you say who or is that NDA?18:27
kgunnthere have been some chip partners as well as some companies that do vm's18:28
kgunnCheeseBurg: yeah, i can't get too specific18:28
kgunni'll say there's been one project that actually did their own shell on mir...totally custom18:29
CheeseBurgI wish these projects would talk about it. I am interested in Mir usage outside of Ubuntu18:30
kgunni know it is frustrating at times18:30
kgunnavoine: @hard to tell it's a swipe...you can always file a bug and we can bring that up with design18:31
kgunnit doesn't mean they'll change it for sure, but always up for discussion from user feedback18:31
avoinekgunn: yeah, I'll18:32
avoinekgunn: that bring me an other question, where should I fill this "general" bugs that are not app specific, unity8?18:34
kgunnavoine: yes, if it's really something about the shell....then unity8 is the place18:35
kgunnanything shell is launcher, indicators/panel, dash, notifications18:35
kgunnthat sort of thing18:35
ali1234i am somewhat interested in using Mir in Xfce18:35
ali1234or Xfce in Mir18:35
ali1234but only because i looked at Wayland and said "nope"18:36
kgunnavoine: and don't worry about logging against the wrong project too much...bugs usually find their way18:36
kgunnali1234: does xfce have it's own toolkit or use gtk ?18:37
ali1234kgunn: it uses gtk18:37
ali1234kgunn: but more importantly it uses libwnck18:37
ali1234and doesn't agree with CSD and the "compositor does everything" model18:37
Trevinhoali1234: I maintain libwnck, and I think it won't be moved to anything different from X any time soon18:38
ali1234Trevinho: that's fine as long as something replaces it18:38
Trevinhoali1234: it can be replaced in some terms, but also Xfce will need to provide its own compositor also in a mir world18:39
ali1234Trevinho: again, that is fine, as long as we don't have to invent custom APIs for everything18:39
Trevinho(or a compositor based on something that is shared by others, if you prefer)18:39
Trevinhowell, mir has not a protocol by itself18:40
ali1234so what would be the place to start?18:44
ali1234the problems listed by the cairo-dock developer are pretty much identical to the ones i have identified18:44
ali1234running cairo-dock inside xfce is something xfce users would expect to be able to do18:45
ali1234but under the current model we'd both have to write our own (incompatible) compositors18:46
kgunnali1234: for the gtk aspect this is a nice link describing the current state18:47
kgunnali1234: have you used mir ? or played with the example apps/example shell ?18:47
ali1234it won't run on my graphics card18:48
kgunnali1234: ah...proprietary drivers18:51
kgunnfeel free to visit #ubuntu-mir18:51
ali1234i've used it on a phone actually... i ported the first ever ubuntu touch release to samsung galaxy18:53
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