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amjjawadHi everyone13:53
amjjawadLink: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcomfok7w8H_g--Uk240Grx2WUsMd9bZkQyobjfMkI6aa9hOg13:53
amjjawad7 mins to go :)13:53
balloonsamjjawad, excellent glad you are all setup13:55
amjjawadballoons: ready as usual :D13:55
amjjawadbut if I will sleep in the middle, don't blame me :P13:55
balloonsamjjawad, good evening to you :-) Though I suppose I can say morning now13:56
amjjawadindeed :D13:56
amjjawadgood morning to you too :D13:56
balloonshehe.. a good yesterday I hope13:57
amjjawadI am on 14th now :D13:57
amjjawadyou're still on 13th13:57
amjjawadwhat a crazy world :P13:57
balloonsI hope the 13th is a good day13:57
balloonsyea, the world is a bit fun13:58
amjjawadthanks to the internet13:58
amjjawadjust in case, I ate some cake and drank a trukish strong coffee13:58
amjjawadlet's hope I won't fall alseep :P13:58
balloonsok, so the sugar high needs to last longer than the session13:59
amjjawadlet's see how long that will last13:59
amjjawadOkay, here is the link again: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcomfok7w8H_g--Uk240Grx2WUsMd9bZkQyobjfMkI6aa9hOg13:59
amjjawad1 min to go14:00
amjjawadOkay, I shall start14:01
amjjawadballoons: do you need an invite? or you will not attend?14:01
balloonsamjjawad, are you alone?14:01
amjjawadlink is here in case: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcomfok7w8H_g--Uk240Grx2WUsMd9bZkQyobjfMkI6aa9hOg14:01
amjjawadwell, so far alone :(14:01
amjjawadI guess I shall start and if anyone wishes to join, he/she is more than welcome14:02
amjjawadam I online?14:04
amjjawadI started the session14:04
* balloons install is borked I can't see any video14:04
balloonsamjjawad, you look live14:04
amjjawadballoons: thanks14:05
balloonslaptop says yes14:05
akiva-thinkpadhey all14:38
balloonshey akiva-thinkpad14:39
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Did you speak of getting letters of recommendation from the opensource community?14:40
balloonsQUESTION: What is the best way to list your open source experiences14:42
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Have you had a patch accepted by the Linux kernel? Greg Hartman has said that this sort of thing really impresses employers.14:43
balloonsQUESTION: related to above, have you received positive feedback from employers in the past?14:44
akiva-thinkpadif you have ever developed for the linux kernel,14:45
akiva-thinkpadsay maintaining white space14:45
akiva-thinkpadsubmitting a patch to the kernel, and having it accepted is a big bullet point.14:46
akiva-thinkpadthat is a great tip14:48
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: What programming languages are best to learn for job searching?14:49
akiva-thinkpadwhat ide do you use?14:53
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION ^14:53
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION Do employers value knowing VIM or Emacs?14:53
qenghoakiva-thinkpad: I can'14:54
akiva-thinkpadIntegrated development environment14:54
qenghoakiva-thinkpad: I can't imagine any programmer *that you'd want to work for* would care about the detail of what editor you use.14:55
qenghoSorry. Any employer14:55
gQuigshangout URL for adobe flash session : https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcMbP96vJJHYk2mKpo0N8I9lpPe_HRoHFhiESdtKnJyWgXTmQ?authuser=0&hl=en14:55
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akiva-thinkpadQUESTION Whats your fav colour?14:55
amjjawadakiva-thinkpad: that is off-topic Q ;)14:56
gQuigsplease join for flash session -  https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcMbP96vJJHYk2mKpo0N8I9lpPe_HRoHFhiESdtKnJyWgXTmQ?authuser=0&hl=en14:57
gQuigsplease join for flash session -  https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcMbP96vJJHYk2mKpo0N8I9lpPe_HRoHFhiESdtKnJyWgXTmQ?authuser=0&hl=en15:01
mdeslaurwho says google will still be maintaining PPAPI Flash in 2017?15:03
dobeyoxide is based on the chromium engine15:06
amjjawadballoons: I did a very bad session :(15:06
amjjawadballoons: feel so bad :(15:07
gQuigsmdeslaur: nobody, true :)15:07
mdeslaurI'm not sure google will license the PPAPI flash to use on the Ubuntu browser :P15:09
mdeslaurso there's probably no reason to think that would be a solution15:09
balloonsamjjawad, get some sleep, no reason to doubt yourself!15:10
qenghoTrevinho: You were spewing noise.15:11
Trevinhoqengho: yeah, sorry it happened when switching bt profile :/15:11
amjjawadballoons: will do ... I will do my best to get read for tomorrow15:11
dobeyalso, nobody cares about java any more either15:12
qenghoTrevinho: Unmute yourself when you lile.15:13
dobeyeven if we did switch browsers, we couldn't do it because of flash anyway15:13
dobeybecause the ppapi flash only comes from google inside chrome15:14
Trevinhosorry, out of battery -_-15:16
willcooke-1 making it click to play.  I think Chad is right, if it's there - it should "just work".  Regardless of how Flash is perceived by us, it seems like a but punitive on our users.15:35
willcookeby all accounts Flash will go away soon anway15:35
alexmoldovan2yahoo email uses flash, no flash no email15:35
Trevinhoreally, freshplayerplugin is the only way to get newest flash working on firefox...15:36
Trevinhoit's already way better than using old flash 11 here...15:36
Trevinhohaving a simple way to instal it and download the ppapi plugin is the only way to keep flash working for people who still need it15:37
willcookewhich we should have real soon now with Chad's packaging of the plugins from Adobe15:38
Trevinhostart packaging inside ubuntu, that project would also help a lot15:39
gQuigsthanks everyone!15:41
willcookethanks guys15:41
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qenghoWhat's the URL for the upcoming video session?16:00
qenghowillcooke: Do you know?16:00
qenghoEr, to join the session, that is.16:01
balloonsqengho, ahh; https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYfTzTpqo6LMi-SfSWU2qGKqhJB8P7S6lS2UJ-cV-TBuDYZUnQ?authuser=0&hl=en16:03
or211QUESTION: Which version of Pidgin will be used in Ubuntu 15.04?16:05
or211Microsoft Lync are used in many Enterprise companies and the lack of Lync desktop sharing on Ubuntu are stopping many of our users from switching over to Ubuntu.16:05
or211Tieto and "one of the world's biggest telecom companies" are working on Lync desktop sharing for Pidgin 3.0.16:05
aquariusQUESTION: on the phone, apps have to use services to do background tasks such as download URLs *because* the apps get aggressively suspended. If on the Unity 8 desktop apps do *not* get suspended, surely people won't use the services and so a Unity 8 desktop app won't run on the phone?16:07
balloonsfeel free to ask questions as per above; just prefix with QUESTION. I'll be watching and we'll start answering them soon after the intro16:07
CheeseBurgSo late, what have I missed with the slides16:09
balloonsCheeseBurg, feel free to ask questions and / or watch the slides later16:09
balloonswe covered the desktop direction and gave an overview16:09
gQuigsor211: new pidgin would also let us drop gstreamer0.10.. but that's all dependent on when pidgin releases I think16:11
aquariuswillcooke, put the slides somewhere and stick a link in the etherpad?16:11
balloonsaquarius, nice question ;-)16:11
aikcharQUESTION: Will Unity 8 desktop use GTK plumbing (file manager, settings, etc.) or will Unity re-implement these things in QT?16:12
balloonsor211, gQuigs it would mean a switch back for default messaging client if you feel it needs to be the default. That has various integration requirements, but pidgin once was the default so :-)16:12
gQuigsballoons: we still depend on libpurple for empathy so it's still partly on the CD16:13
balloonswould empathy gain support as well then/16:13
gQuigsballoons: I'd guess so16:13
gQuigsQUESTION: any push to standardize the new "accessing a user file" security so that we can have better apparmor profiles for libreoffice/firefox/etc16:15
or211qQuigs: Lync desktop sharing should also work on Empathy with some minor work if they use the latest versions of the libs16:15
balloonsto anyone just joining, watching, please feel free to ask questions as per above; just prefix with QUESTION. We'll get to them in the order they are asked16:15
CheeseBurgQUESTION: What improvements will the desktop get with Unity 8? Like better HUD intergration or notifications.16:16
cjwatsond-bus is a freedesktop technology, technically :)16:16
aquariusQUESTION: perhaps I missed a stated thing, here, but... apps can't access D-Bus. Are "Unity 8 desktop apps" not going to be confined?16:17
cjwatsonaquarius: The confinement used on the phone isn't quite as strict as that; D-Bus is filtered16:18
aquariuscjwatson, really? blimey. I thought I was flat out banned from talking to d-bus except for half a dozen provided services. I am out of date then :)16:19
cjwatsonWell, I don't know the details of that "except"16:19
cjwatsonBut the fact that there are already exceptions means that it's a matter of policy, not technology :-)16:20
cjwatsonAt any rate, this is up to the AppArmor policy16:20
CheeseBurgI guess I was looking for specific features like how Gnome 3 talks about new features.16:21
balloonsCheeseBurg, better security (in various ways as described), easier and faster updates, and a dash designed from the groundup with more usable scopes and lens16:22
aikcharQUESTION: What is the Unity 8 desktop shell plan for feature/workflow parity with Unity 7? e.g. keyboard shortcuts, window management, notifications, virtual desktops, etc.16:22
or211QUESTION: Are any programs like VNC, NX, X2Go planned for Unity 816:22
TrevinhoCheeseBurg: ah, also no more HUD (at least it has been dropped from phone) :/16:22
cjwatsonwillcooke: I'm going to have to step over to the release planning session now; I'll stick around in the IRC channel here if needed, just highlight me16:23
aikcharNo HUD? {sad face}16:23
avoineQUESTION: you skipped the system update bullet point is it because they will be big changes there?16:24
CheeseBurgThanks balloons and Trevinho, I guess I am really just waiting for the desktop design discussion.16:24
aquariuscheers cjwatson16:25
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will Unity 8 update with new Ubuntu release or will they be disconnected?16:25
aquariusooh good question CheeseBurg :)16:26
gQuigsQUESTION: if you do the new update system, does that mean you have to reboot a lot more?16:27
or211If anyone want to test Lync desktop sharing in Pidgin 3.0 you can use this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~sipe-collab/+archive/ubuntu/ppa16:27
gQuigsoh, nice :)16:29
aikcharQUESTION: Will users be able to manually switch between desktop, tablet, phone UIs by 16.04 on the same device?16:30
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Fedora is making it mandatory for apps in their software center to have app data and screenshots. Will Ubuntu's store do something similar with the click format?16:31
gQuigsthat could be useful for testing.. Phone UI on desktop16:32
balloonsgQuigs, that is something we do via per application support. IE, launch with a flag to bypass the check16:36
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will windows do Client side decorations, server side, or DWD that the KDE guys are working on?16:37
balloonsany other questions guys? Get them in now, just prefix with QUESTION16:40
willcookeslides:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1tadNW3TYetwzMU02KC9j6Tsmaco_HYxNbCocddG7kJU/edit?usp=sharing16:42
aikcharQUESTION: Looks like a lot of work still remains. How can the community contribute today?16:43
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will Xmir be important to unity8's launch or will it come later?16:44
Trevinhoaikchar: testing mostly, and of course contributions16:44
balloonsthis is the session from yesterdayL http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22361/testing-unity-8-desktop16:45
aikcharThanks to all contributors to Unity 8!16:45
CheeseBurgOK thanks guys16:46
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mhall119dpm: and anyone else who wants to join: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYf3EBu_n-7eBHG-Z0o75vDay_KCXZOY1u7sN2jlcPCv5md5jw?authuser=0&hl=en18:55
marcus15Hello all18:57
dpmhi marcus1518:59
dpmhi all o/18:59
dholbachhey  hey hey19:00
dholbachbring your questions!19:00
mhall119if you have questions for us, ask them here starting with QUESTION:19:00
dholbachplease prefix them with QUESTION:19:00
akiva-thinkpadhey all19:00
akiva-thinkpadis there a hangout?19:01
dholbachakiva-thinkpad, yes - is it not online yet?19:01
mhall119it should start streaming any time now19:01
marcus15is tru the informaton ubuntu touch fetures may be integrated to ubuntu 16.04?19:01
akiva-thinkpadits online now19:01
mhall119marcus15: don't forget to start it with QUESTION19:02
marcus15oh thx19:02
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Is DPM hearing voices?19:02
mhall119akiva-thinkpad: it's jono's voice, saying "flesh it out your work items"19:02
akiva-thinkpadha ha19:03
mhall119we all have it, it's PTSD19:03
akiva-thinkpadc++ does that to you19:03
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: What new plans from UOS have developed so far?19:03
mhall119akiva-thinkpad: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22400/uos-1411-community-uos-feedback/19:05
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Beyond the core apps; what areas need contribution?19:06
marcus15thx for answer19:06
akiva-thinkpad QUESTION: What are Ubuntu Locos?19:06
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: What are some things that Ubuntu Touch will have that Android does not have?19:07
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: What happened to the old ubuntu font? Why was it axed?19:08
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Are any of you programming in Go at Canonical? What has your experience been like so far?19:09
marcus15QUESTION:  Ubuntu touch mobile is arrive but what about tablets? Fro example some tramsformer tab or something in the future?19:10
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Does working on the translation team need any technical knowledge? Or am I just given a list of words that need to be translated?19:11
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Oh; and does Ubuntu need help with Translations from the community?19:12
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: What the heck is this SystemD thing I keep hearing about? How does it effect ubuntu?19:12
halfmastQuestion: Can you explain what Ubuntu touch channels people should be on? I see a lot of work on RTM but nothing on the Utopic channel.19:13
akiva-thinkpadmhall119,  ; ?19:14
mhall119akiva-thinkpad: yes we need community translators19:14
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: What is this JuJu stuff I keep hearing about? What is a practical application of Juju for a regular ol desktop user?19:15
akiva-thinkpad\o/ Terminal!19:16
dholbachakiva-thinkpad, you're on fire! :)19:20
akiva-thinkpaddholbach, I am a warrior against awkward silences19:20
* dholbach hugs akiva-thinkpad19:20
dholbachif you want, I can talk about my last holidays :-P19:21
akiva-thinkpadthe OLD ubuntu font19:21
akiva-thinkpadit was a font19:21
dholbachakiva-thinkpad, http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120509165319/logopedia/images/4/44/Ubuntu_logo_old.png ← this one?19:21
akiva-thinkpadI remember having it19:21
dholbachany more questions from anyone?19:22
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Is there a chinese branch of Canonical?19:22
cheeseheadakiva-thinkpad: Ubuntu Font: See the ttf-ubuntu-font-family package, included with all the -desktop metapackages.19:23
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Any idea whether the phones will be able to work on a large range of providers?19:24
cheeseheadOld ubuntu fonts: See the fonts-ubuntu-title package19:24
* mhall119 hugs akiva-thinkpad for all the questions19:25
WittiI only chose Linux years ago to get rid of that Windows XP. I always hated the console. So how did you manage to get my computer even faster than it was before I upgraded from the 13 to the 14.10 version?19:25
dpmhalfmast, we'll come to your question, but in the meantime, this might help you: http://developer.ubuntu.com/start/ubuntu-for-devices/image-channels/19:26
linuxtechpid 1 anyone19:27
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Any idea whether F2FS or BTRFS will look to move as the default filesystem, particularly on the ubuntu touch phones?19:28
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: I heard there is an x86 tablet in the works with ubuntu touch; any news on that?19:30
linuxtechhttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/devel/Release shows Vivid.19:30
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: from Witti I only chose Linux years ago to get rid of that Windows XP. I always hated the console. So how did you manage to get my computer even faster than it was before I upgraded from the 13 to the 14.10 version?19:33
marcus15QUESTION:  Has MIR some extra system req. or is the same like xorg? What about old xorg programs full support or only some evulation??19:34
akiva-thinkpadWitti, just append "QUESTION" before your questions so they know19:34
akiva-thinkpadchinese employees19:35
akiva-thinkpadof canonical19:35
linuxtechI thought Mark Shuttleworth said in his keynote they were going to open branches in China, but haven't yet.19:36
akiva-thinkpadlinuxtech, yah heard something along those lines as well19:36
rickspencer3well, the phones should work, it's just a matter of getting fast internet19:38
rickspencer3it's not about hte providers, every provider should work19:38
rickspencer3the phones are open, so if you can pop in a sim, it will work19:38
rickspencer3but, in some cases you will not get 4g19:38
halfmastQuestion: I like seeing the new redesign for the apps. Is there anywhere I can see the updated designs?19:39
rickspencer3you'll be stuck with 2g or 3g19:39
CheeseBurgSoo late to this19:39
rickspencer3also o/ all :)19:39
jdstrandt-mobile works with their 4g thingie on my N419:39
akiva-thinkpadthanks rick19:40
artugWhat about tablets? Will tjey arrive this century?19:40
rickspencer3jdstrand, yeah, because Nexus 4 has compatible radio hardware firmware19:40
CheeseBurgQUESTION: What happened to the videos/blog post from the design team. I am more interested in the design decistions for Unity 8 on both desktop and mobile19:40
CheeseBurgand its apps19:40
WittiHaha, thank you very much for your answers!19:41
jdstrandrickspencer3: ah right, you need both bits. the software works fine, but gotta have the hardware :)19:41
rickspencer3jdstrand, yeah, sometimes you have the hardware, but not the firmware :(19:41
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: How does Ubuntu Touch plan to compete with the Open Moko? What unique features does Ubuntu Touch offer?19:41
WittiStill hanging on a desktop computer, and still amazed :)19:42
CheeseBurgakiva-thinkpad: Is open moko still a thing?19:42
akiva-thinkpadyou skipped a few DPM  QUESTION: Any idea whether F2FS or BTRFS will look to move as the default filesystem, particularly on the ubuntu touch phones? &&  QUESTION: I heard there is an x86 tablet in the works with ubuntu touch; any news on that?19:42
akiva-thinkpadCheeseBurg, yah; I think they make a wikipedia app19:43
akiva-thinkpadhear you rick19:43
akiva-thinkpadyes rick!19:43
akiva-thinkpadxxx600, hey19:43
jdstrandwe won't use btrfs in the short term19:45
akiva-thinkpadjdstrand, I find btrfs to be pretty slow; its not a performance filesystem per say, but a feature filesystem19:46
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Has there been any work to incorporate KDE 5 libs into the SDK19:47
akiva-thinkpadinteresting question.19:47
jdstrandwell, it isn't really ready yet for the general case, as you guys mentioned in the hangout19:47
akiva-thinkpad<CheeseBurg> QUESTION: What happened to the videos/blog post from the design team. I am more interested in the design decistions for Unity 8 on both desktop and mobile19:48
jdstrand(in terms of performance-- I'm not sure about all the other features)19:48
akiva-thinkpad<halfmast> Question: I like seeing the new redesign for the apps. Is there anywhere I can see the updated designs?19:48
marcus15thx for all bye19:48
CheeseBurgakiva-thinkpad: Thx but they already answered it19:48
jdstrandwe would also need to do some apparmor work to make sure that application isolation works well with btrfs19:48
akiva-thinkpadjdstrand, in a tech talk; they say performance is important, but it is a secondary priority. So I shouldnt say it is slow19:48
akiva-thinkpadCheeseBurg, :P19:48
CheeseBurgDon't worry about it ;)19:49
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: What Programming Languages does the Ubuntu SDK support? Does it support python.19:50
jdstranda lot has happened with btrfs. our kernel team looks at it, tuns it and tests it regularly. it has its uses, it might be the right choice for a default some time19:50
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Any updates on the Ubuntu Click Store? Like the ability to pay for apps, donations, and/or subscriptions?19:50
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will we see books or magazines be sold in the Click store?19:52
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Can I launch ubuntu touch apps from the ubuntu-terminal-app?19:52
akiva-thinkpad(All within the ubuntu phone)19:53
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Do you plan on eventually completely getting rid of Debian Packaging and having it all replaced by click packages?19:53
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jdstrandyes, you can launch from the terminal19:56
jdstrandstart application APP_ID=...19:56
jdstrandthe easiest way to see the different APP_IDs is to run 'sudo aa-status'19:57
dholbachthanks a lot for all the questions!19:57
dholbachand have a great rest of your day!19:57
akiva-thinkpadthanks great session19:58
akiva-thinkpadha ha19:58
sialamuchathanks guys19:58
rickspencer3great job community team, you guyses are awesome19:59
* dholbach hugs rickspencer319:59
mhall119thanks rickspencer3 :)19:59
dholbachsee you! :)19:59

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