MichaelPaoliUbuntu Hour San Francisco, 6p-7p http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2939-ubuntu-hour-san-francisco/    There's also Bay Area Debian (BAD) meeting shortly thereafter and close by.00:27
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]00:27
elkyout of curiosity, why the change of BAD venue?00:33
MichaelPaolielky Bay Area Debian (BAD) meetings to by "shotgun" rules - he/she who calls the meeting picks the location.  I though I'd vary it a bit this time as BALUG is meeting again at Henry Hunan's next Tuesday, and Chevey's is conveniently close to the Ubuntu Hour location (not that BAD has to be that close, but it is convenient for those that want to go to both).02:02
MichaelPaolielky ... uhm, typo, that's should be *go* by shotgun rules.02:05
elkyMichaelPaoli: oh so it's likely to go back, cool03:00
MichaelPaolielky ... or other locations, ... e.g. we did Debian's 21st anniversary/birthday meeting at 21st Amendment.03:01
MichaelPaoliLater all - packing it in to move to Bay Area Debian (BAD) meeting ... http://bad.debian.net/pipermail/bad/2014-November/003647.html03:02
darthrobotTitle: [ANNOUNCEMENT Bay Area Debian (BAD) meeting 7:15p W 2014-11-12 @ Chevys 201 3rd, SF]03:02
nhainesSo I'm kind of disappointed that Canonical is backing away from Unity 8.03:25
pleia2me too03:26
nhainesI'm also kind of shocked that OMG Ubuntu wasn't all over that.03:27
nhainesAlthough I haven't refreshed in the past 30 minutes.  ;P03:27
nhainesOn the one hand, waiting until it's ready is the right thing to do.  On the other hand, they clearly just don't have enough resources on it.03:28
DonkeyHoteiso it'll never ship now?03:28
nhainesIt's shipping now.03:28
pleia2I've come to appreciate how much work they do manage to get done with the limited resources they have, compared to the companies they're competing against it's miniscule03:28
nhainesBut they don't plan to use it on the desktop by 16.04 LTS.03:29
DonkeyHoteiin contrast, last i knew, the number of people working on kubuntu-active was: zero03:29
nhainespleia2: I'm trying to write a book and the slipping deadlines are really annoying.  :P03:30
nhainesI'm already using Windows 10 and Yosemite for all my other OS screenshots.03:30
pleia2nhaines: tell me about it :)03:30
DonkeyHotei10? since when is 9 released?03:32
nhainesOn the bright side, Google released the factory image for Android 5.0 for hammerhead, so I wiped my phone, I'm gonna put Ubuntu on there, and then I'm done flashing my phone for the rest of the year.03:32
nhainesDonkeyHotei: Windows 9 is not a thing.03:33
nhainesMainly because programmers use "Windows 9*" as a distinguisher between Windows 3, Windows 4 (i.e., 95, 98, and ME) and Windows NT (plus 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8).  Which proves that Microsoft is more pragmatic than I am because I would have broken all of that software on principle.03:35
nhainesBut on the other hand, Microsoft put .NET on github, so I'm okay with them not breaking everything.  They earned it.03:38
pleia2the future is weird03:38
nhainespleia2: in today's episode of the future, Microsoft decided to attempt to stay relevant.03:38
nhainesWindows 10 runs really fast on this dual-core AMD X2.  Of course, the thing as 8 GB of RAM.  But I'm still impressed.03:43
nhainesIf I can figure out why the onboard graphics keeps locking up I'll be even more impressed.  But this is happening in Windows and Ubuntu.03:43
ianorlinI have seen a screenshot of windows 10 that looked like lxde05:59
ianorlinalso yay launchpad let me finish reporting a bug that I started like 6 hours ago06:03
nhainesWell, I'm pretty proud of this if I do say so myself: http://i.imgur.com/fkMAjvY.png08:15
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nhainespleia2: I did arcane things to the meta release file for a screenshot.08:26
nhainesOn the other hand, 16.04 LTS is not likely to actually be called the "xanthy xylophone" release.08:27
nhainesOoh, for the Wine section I'm going to run Windows Solitaire from XP, I think I grabbed it from.  The perfect image would have GNOME Solitaire on one side, Windows Solitaire on the other, and the caption would read "Jokers to the left of me, clowns to the right..."08:30
nhainesBut if you quote song lyrics you have to license them and my book contract is very clear that's my responsibility.  :P08:30
nhainesI'll let the peanut gallery decide which Solitaire game should go on which side of the screen.08:31

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