jrwrenwhat you up to cmaloney ?01:39
cmaloneySitting at CHC playing with the MUG site some01:53
rick_h_code reviews!01:53
cmaloneyGoing to head to the parking meter. :)01:53
rick_h_anyone else need a review?01:53
jrwrenrick_h_: NO!01:55
cmaloneyGood morning12:04
brouschIcy morning. I hope you all survived the commute13:17
rick_h_the stairs were a little damp but ok :)13:20
brouschI saw no less than 10 crashed cars on my 4 mile commute13:23
mrgoodcatno ice on this side of the state13:24
mrgoodcatnot yet anyways13:24
brouschI stopped at Tim hortons half way to work and watched the salt trucks finally roll out13:25
cmaloneyManaged to see some flakes on the drive in13:30
jrwrenbrousch: how much snow on the ground?13:32
brouschMaybe 2"13:33
mrgoodcatit was snowing when i woke up this morning14:29
mrgoodcatalmost cried14:29
mrgoodcati don't actually mind snow as long as we have enough of it14:29
mrgoodcatlight snow is the worst14:29
nullspaceanyone know of a company looking for a devop like position14:56
cmaloneynullspace: I think there was one at the last MUG meeting. I kept a flyer from it but tossed it when I got home.15:20
cmaloneyPost to the MUG discuss list15:21
cmaloneyI'm sure there's at least one.15:21
jrwrennullspace: arbor networks has positions open looking for devops people.15:21
jrwrennullspace: hiring manager is Bryan Beecher15:21
brouschWow, this blog series is full of useful little tidbits http://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2014/11/how-to-create-a-raspberry-pi-video-capture-unit-part-1/16:14
cmaloneybrousch: Thanks for sending the snow this way. :P19:54
mrgoodcati don't see any snow...19:54
* brousch adjusts his blizcannon a bit19:55
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jrwrenIt was sunny and snowing here 1/2 hr ago20:34
greg-git's rained here last night, which is as special as snow in MI20:35
_stink_do you go out to make rainmen?20:35
akellingI have like 4 inchs on the ground here and high of 10.20:36
mrgoodcatwhere is 'here'?20:37
akellingSouth west part of CO is going to get a few feet of snow.20:37
akellingJust move to Colorado20:37
mrgoodcatoh cool20:37
mrgoodcati love colorado20:37
greg-gI'd love to move there as well20:38
akellingI really like it too. There are tons of hiking trails.20:38
akellingLot of people are moving to CO it seems.20:38
mrgoodcatdownhill mountainbiking20:39
jrwrenCO is the new Texas.20:39
mrgoodcati broke my bike last time i was in CO though...20:39
mrgoodcatmy carbon seatpost shattered and my bike basically exploded under me20:39
akellingDAMN mrgoodcat !20:39
mrgoodcatyea it was bad news20:40
mrgoodcatdidn't get hurt though so that's good20:40
mrgoodcatand Trek subsidized my replacement frame20:41
akellingYeah thats really good.20:41
mrgoodcatnot free but significantly discounted20:41
greg-gjrwren: the new tx?20:41
mrgoodcati think he means with people moving there and all that20:42
greg-gpeople did that for TX?20:42
mrgoodcatAustin TX had a population explosion recently20:42
akellingAustin would be the only place I would live in that state......20:42
mrgoodcataustin is overgrown20:44
mrgoodcatits cool but just way overcrowded20:44
mrgoodcatif i want to live somewhere crowded i'll go to Chicago20:45
akellingIts a fun young town.20:45
mrgoodcatmy cousin lives there and loves it20:46
mrgoodcatworks for some telecomm company20:46
mrgoodcatthe write software for voip office phones20:46
akellingI hear its a fun little weird city20:47
jrwrenwhat mrgoodcat said.20:49
mrgoodcatyour cousin works for some telecomm company?20:50
mrgoodcatinb4 no thats not what i meant20:51
brouschI cannot do Android dev on this tablet. There's just not enough RAM for Windows 8.1 + Android Studio + anything else20:52
mrgoodcati think i predicted that iirc20:54
mrgoodcatmaybe i was talking about visual studio20:54
brouschI got the emulator to run once, but with nothing else running20:54
brouschAnd android Studio sort of works, until the Java heap runs out of space20:55
mrgoodcat¯\( ° ʖ °)/¯20:56
mrgoodcatwhat can you do?20:56
mrgoodcati suppose you could add more RAM20:56
brouschPycharm and Kivy20:56
mrgoodcat2GB right?20:56
brouschYou cannot add more ram to this20:56
brouschThat'd be like adding more ram to a nexus 7 tablet20:57
mrgoodcatis it not slotted RAM?20:57
brouschI could try visual Studio Community and make metro apps20:57
brouschIt's a tablet. Everything is soldered on20:58
brouschI'm not sure I can even open this without breaking it20:59
mrgoodcatwhat model?21:00
jrwrenandroid emulator has always been a beast.  super slow.21:00
mrgoodcatwell it has to emulate ARM right?21:00
jrwrenis android emulator still the ugly grey gradient UI?21:00
mrgoodcator does android run well on x86 now?21:00
jrwrenmrgoodcat: android has run on x86 for a LONG time, but I don't think the android SDK works that way :)21:00
brouschI tried the ARM and x86 virtual devices21:00
brouschThe emulator isn't the real problem though - I could test on a real device21:02
brouschStudio dying on not very hard tasks is the problem21:02
jrwrenyay eclipse!21:02
jrwrenthis is what happens when software is java and jvm :p21:03
brouschAndroid Studio is not Eclipse. It's based on the android IDE from JetBrains21:07
mrgoodcatbesides that, the JVM is pretty good21:08
jrwrenI always thought android studio was based on eclipse.21:25
jrwrenso android studio is a free version of IDEA?!?!21:25
brouschYeah, They started making an Android IDE several years ago. Google bought it to replace Eclipse+ADT and has been improving it since then21:28
jrwrensounds nice. IDEA is a great IDE21:31
jrwrentoo bad its jabba :)21:31
brouschIf i could get Lubuntu on this I might have a chance at running it21:33
brousch~1.5GB free instead of 750MB21:33
akellingI assume you have dropped your settings down to basic on Windows?21:40
jrwrenservices.msc stop all servers :]21:42
mrgoodcatyou might be able to get lubuntu on it21:43
akellingwin 8.1 you can get it to be really light21:44
jrwrenthat is what I thought, because they target 1GB RAM tablets, but are there good guides on how to configure it that way?21:55
akellingI am sure there is.22:00
akellingDropping into basic graphics I think was as easy as going into display and turning off areo effects and going to classic mode.22:00
jrwrencouldn't that be actually worse because it won't use GPU and GPU memory?22:18
cmaloneyI can't fucking wait for this album.22:37

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