canthus13Ok. Got my new laptop. For 1300 bucks, this thing sure feels flimsy. and the touchpad is... weird.03:34
canthus13Also.. using unity is almost painful.  I can't wait to get awesome installed and tweaked.03:35
Unit193Ouch, that's a bummer. :/03:38
andygraybeal*reading about awesome now03:38
Unit193Has the quality of sys7* dropped that much, or just general.03:38
Unit193canthus13: ...Did I already ask you about i3?03:38
andygraybealwhat do you guys think about this open source .NET from microsoft?03:39
Unit193Not a fan of .NET or Mono, but otherwise I'd say that it's a plus.03:41
Unit193Most recent thing used it on, PandoraCaster. :P03:44
andygraybealis that a joke?03:45
andygraybealyou guys were joking that everyone is just making implementations of whatever web-based music apps are popular earlier .. right?03:46
* Unit193 scratches head.03:47
andygraybealokay sorry, i'm confused then03:48
canthus13Unit193: I don't think so.03:49
Unit193http://ridetheclown.com/wp/zzj-utilities/pandoracaster/ :P03:50
jenni[ PandoraCaster | ZigZagBlog ] - https://j.mp/1EDTTVB03:50
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skellatjrgifford: This may be relevant to you: https://identi.ca/alpacaherder/note/TQUDG2WpRxWh0ODTcWSwXw04:51
jenni[ UOS-1411 Day 1 - Identi.ca ] - https://j.mp/1EE3b3H04:51
skellatSo, who has the most snowfall?  It is pretty dark outside here in Ashtabula and I've gotten multiple SMS warnings from LakeTran that they've sent the Commuter Express buses down to Downtown Cleveland early and are trying to get every "Dial A Ride" unit possible off the roads of Lake County tonight.20:17
belkinsaNo snow here20:17
belkinsaskellat, did you see the question that I asked you this morning?20:20
skellatbelkinsa: I missed it20:22
skellatWhat was it?20:22
belkinsaIt was about Xubuntu and how things are done.  Why no UOS and why is it differnt?20:23
skellatWell, that has some history20:28
skellatThe 3 Nights of Xubuntu were a test20:28
skellatMostly the time of UOS falling wasn't good for anybody20:29
skellat(Noskcaj is located in Australia)20:29
skellatWe've tried meeting at the same time but outside the UOS hours20:30
skellatWe've tried meeting during20:30
skellatAnd it really doesn't fit our workflow20:30
belkinsaI see.20:30
skellatOur leadership team also has folks mostly in specific portfolio jobs20:30
skellatXubuntu Project Leader, Xubuntu Technical Leader, Xubuntu Debian Liaison, etc.20:31
belkinsaI see20:31
skellatThe folks in the various portfolio groups work on their matters which filter up to our Xubuntu meetings where things get disposed of20:32
skellatI don't really have a specific portfolio that I am assigned to though I work in Documentation and other matters that catch my interest from time to time20:32
skellatSomehow we make it work20:32
belkinsaAnd that's a good thing20:33
skellatThe only folks outside Xubuntu who build off what we do are Ubuntu Studio20:33
skellatAnd we stay in pretty good contact there20:33
* skellat just had to enter "killall firefox" yet again20:33
skellatThe list of the Xubuntu cabinet is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Leaders20:34
jenni[ Xubuntu/Leaders - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://j.mp/1uhe0Wz20:34
skellatWhile the governing team is shown here: https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-team/+members#active20:35
jenni[ Members : “Xubuntu Team” team ] - https://j.mp/1uhe7kZ20:35
skellatXubuntu meets pretty constantly on IRC so having a special meeting for UOS just doesn't make sense20:37
skellatThough I did miss this morning's meeting at 7 AM20:38
skellatAnd the meeting logs archive is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings/Archive20:40
canthus13Hmm. Aside from feeling flimsy and having less-than-stellar support and horribly slow service, this laptop isn't too bad.22:31

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