kbmonkeyMaaz, tell Kilos Hello.05:42
Maazkbmonkey: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:42
SquirmMaaz: Tell Kilos Hello05:48
MaazSquirm: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:48
bdukMorning 05:48
kbmonkeyMorning :)06:05
kbmonkeyoff to work I go, hi ho hi ho06:05
Squirmnot even 10 yet07:38
=== who_da_fly is now known as superfly
charlgood morning09:42
charlMaaz: coffee on09:42
* Maaz starts grinding coffee09:42
charlhi Kilos 09:43
Kiloshhi chsrl and others09:44
Kilosshortage of modems ans airtime here09:44
Kiloshi Squirm  kbmonkey 09:44
KilosThatGraemeGuy, superfly inetpro too09:45
charlKilos: grab some coffee while it's fresh09:45
charlmaaz is making09:45
Kilosthat recovery is using up all the resources in my pc. cant even move the mouse09:45
KilosMaaz, coffee please09:46
MaazKilos: Done09:46
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!09:46
charlMaaz: danke09:46
charlsehr gut, sehr gut09:46
Kiloson xubuntu here and xchat but no sound it seems09:46
KilosMaaz, ty09:48
MaazYou are welcome Kilos09:48
Kilosbushtech, its working09:49
Kilosthem android things are terrible for ballies09:50
KilosMaaz, google quassel for android cell phones09:51
MaazKilos: "Quasseldroid - Android Apps on Google Play" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iskrembilen.quasseldroid&hl=en :: "QuasselDroid: Quassel for Android – cross-platform mobile IRC client" http://opensourcehacker.com/2011/03/28/quasseldroid-quassel-for-android-cross-platform-mobile-irc-client/ :: "Can anyone recommend an alternative to Quassel09:51
MaazIRC client? : linux" http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/2kokgd/can_anyone_recommend_an…09:51
bushtechKilos,  you looking for irc client on android phone? Try Yaaic10:05
Kilosya when i go off here so i can have the modems sim card again ill get it10:06
Kilosok ill trythat too ty10:07
Kiloswhat a schlep it is trying to get upper case symbols in passwords10:07
Kilostook about 20 tries to get the right password for my gmail account10:08
Kiloswhile you scrolling through the symbols it keeps adding wrong ones10:09
bushtechwhat version android you running?10:09
Kilosi need a droid fone with a screen about 18 inches square10:09
Kilosdoes 2.1 sound right10:10
bushtechpossible but very old. current now about 4.410:11
bushtechdepends what your phone can handle10:11
Kilosit doesnt open about phone without a sim in10:12
bushtechif phone connected to internet you can go Settings/More/About device/Software update to check if newer version available10:13
Kilosi still dont see that more10:15
Kilosbut will look for an update10:15
Kilosi see settings then about phone at the bottom10:16
Kilosim poegaai now , been busy since 4am with all this stuff10:18
Kilosand still no rain, sigh10:20
Symmetriawtf, south african government is on crack10:23
Symmetriayou automatically qualify for a 5 year work visa if you have a cisco cert or an mcse now10:24
inetprodon't we have enough mcse guys who don't know what they're doing?10:36
inetprogood afternoon everyone10:37
inetproand hi Kilos10:37
Kiloson second thoughts10:37
somaunnhello guys13:30
Kiloshi somaunn 13:32
Kilosafternoon guys13:32
somaunnI want to learn a bit of how to create DB with OpenSource software such as LibreOffice or OoO13:34
somaunnSomeone to help ?13:37
ThatGraemeGuypeople actually use those DBs in the real world?13:46
ThatGraemeGuywhy not MySQL or Postgres, things that real people use13:46
somaunnThatGraemeGuy: I'm not a DB expert you see, want to learn and develop something that real people will use in real world (like you said) without big constrain13:49
somaunnI came to LO or OoO because I have read that they can create small DB's compatible with access for those MS citizen13:52
superflyLO's Base doesn't create Access databases13:54
somaunnsuperfly: Okay what to do then go for Kexi ?13:56
superflysomaunn: In the real world, people don't use databases, they use applications. Applications use databases, and people don't care what database it is.13:56
somaunnsuperfly: Yeah i agree14:04
somaunnfully agree14:04
superflySo, to quote Bigmore from Robots, "See a need, fill a need"14:08
magespawngood afternoon15:45
Kiloshi magespawn 15:45
magespawnhi Kilos15:46
Kilosstupid pc15:46
magespawnwhat is wrong Kilos?15:46
Kilosrecovery got to 100% of first run of scalpel the froze15:46
Kilosso whole day and night wasted15:47
Kilosi cant find how to tell scalpel to carry on where it left off15:47
magespawni have only used photorec and the other one15:47
magespawnlets have a look15:47
Kilosthe files it recovered are in the folders but it needs the second run to make them visible15:48
Kilosnow im back on my drive and resting, head not happy with all this stuff15:48
Kilosstupid xperia now charges then discharges on its own15:49
magespawnmaybe take the xperia for a service15:50
magespawnmight just need a new battery or charger15:50
Kilosno man i gotta fix stuff myself15:50
Kilosthe battery lasted whole day yesterday but last night started its nonsense15:51
magespawnsometimes that is not possible15:51
magespawni do not see anything in the scalpel man pages about restarting a run15:52
Kilosi have to or throw away. they charged a friend of my sister R75 just to set up her fone15:52
Kilosi rather use money for data than pay some thief15:53
Kilosya thats what i say i dont find a switch i think its called to start a rerun15:53
Kilosand before you can start a new run you have to delete the old output file15:54
Kilosi even looked if there was a #testdisk15:54
Kilosthere was but only me there haha15:54
magespawnat least you knew to look15:55
magespawnif you go to one of the netwrok cell shops they will usually be able to help you properly15:56
Kilosi will do it man. it now connects to the internet with 8ta sim and i can google here15:57
magespawnbut yes they are not cheap that is for sure15:57
Kiloswhat i must do is just sort the battery charge prob then walk 1k to a telkom hotspot15:58
Kilosi got 10g free wifi data with every 2+1 data bundle15:59
magespawni wonder if their T&C prohibit long range equipment15:59
Kilosi dont even know where it is. its close enough but i dont know what is there on that side of us16:00
Kilosmaybe a shop or something16:00
magespawnmost of those sorts of hotspots work on the premise that you have to be in or near the shop to use it, thereby limiting the number of users, and how much they can use16:01
Kilosi will walk there and see how strong their signal is, then decide whether i must make another yagi16:01
Kiloswill investigate some time when i got energy16:02
Kiloshow was your day magespawn 16:02
magespawngood, i managed to get several things sorted out16:02
Kiloslekker to have successful days16:03
Kiloshi JabberwockyA19 16:12
JabberwockyA19hey Kilos, how goes?16:13
Kilosok ty and you?16:13
JabberwockyA19I'm good, my pc not that great16:14
Kiloswhats happening16:15
JabberwockyA19installed bleeding edge packages to test if the problem I have still occurs in the latest versions and my PC locked up16:16
JabberwockyA19after a forced restart my file system was damaged, hopefully it's just a software thing as I used my new SSD :P16:17
Kilosyou on ubuntu?16:18
JabberwockyA19straight out of the box, never owneed a SSD before16:18
Kilosi dont even know what they look like16:18
JabberwockyA19currently on the work's lappy (macbook pro)16:18
Kilosoh not ubuntu16:18
Kilosis there no recovery mode in macs?16:19
Kilosubuntu has recovery mode and dpkg and some others16:19
JabberwockyA19I tried using dpkg, to force reinstall but no go16:20
JabberwockyA19when I run some of the basic commands bash just gives I/O errors16:20
Kilosfix broken command for mac?16:20
Kiloseeek i/o errors arent good16:20
Kilosgo look here JabberwockyA19 http://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-repair-damaged-zip-files-with-terminal--mac-4929416:22
Kilosor run some fsck command16:22
JabberwockyA19sorry was AFK for min, the hdd is still in my ubuntu box will give it another go a bit later16:27
JabberwockyA19downloading ubuntu iso first :)16:27
JabberwockyA19I don't have any problems repairing EXT filesystems, but I formatted my SSD to btrfs16:28
JabberwockyA19and I'm a btrfs noob16:29
grembleHey Kilos. Did you end up fixing that HDD?16:31
Kilosgremble, my pc froze when it was near the end16:32
Kilosso now ill run scalpel with less stuff to look for16:32
grembleAh ok16:32
Kiloshave you seen the scalpel conf file16:32
Kilosi made it look for everything16:33
grembleOh ok16:35
Kilosits a massive file with so much stuff i have no idea what most of them are so i made it do everything16:35
Kilosyou just uncomment the different things you want found16:36
Kilosbut the drive is working here now gremble only the /storage partition at the end i will recover when energy flows again16:39
grembleAh ok16:40
grembleI am really reading what you are typing16:40
grembleI just realised that my answers look extremely generic16:40
Kilosmathmeticians are like that16:41
grembleYou know many mathematicians?16:43
Kilosno but ive seen them potrayed in movies16:44
Kilosand my maths teachers at school were like that too16:44
Kilosone was very cute though, thats why i battle with maths, she had beautiful legs16:45
grembleI also have very beautiful legs *wink wink* *nudge nudge*16:45
JabberwockyA19laters, going to fix my drive now16:47
gremblecheers JabberwockyA19 16:47
Kilosgood luck jabb16:47
Kiloshi Tonberry 16:53
somaunnhi Kilos16:58
somaunni'm back16:58
magespawnme too16:58
Kiloswb somaunn 16:58
Kilosand magespawn 16:58
somaunnwho is the DB boss here ?16:59
somaunnwanna learn quick and fast 16:59
somaunni mean fast and better 16:59
Kilosi go eat now16:59
somaunnEat some codes for me please16:59
somaunnwhat are you going to eat bro17:00
somaunnchicken again ...17:00
magespawnwhich one are you looking to learn somaunn?17:00
somaunnbasic DB 17:01
somaunni'm good at DB at all and want to take time and learn, i've small DB saving peoples life when provinding with report on small job17:02
somaunni want to learn for me to be able to dev the same thing for my company17:02
magespawnas far as i know, and my knowledge is shallow in this area, there are more than one type17:06
somaunncan we take it off this channel or you prefer to it here ?17:08
somaunnmagespawn: Basically i een many  of them [Ms acces, OoO base, LO Base, kexi, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc....]17:10
somaunncan't chose one of them, must make sure of what is good for a beginner like me 17:10
Kiloscurry and pap and i fullup now17:18
somaunnwill you do poetgie on friday or saturday17:20
Kiloswhats that17:20
somaunnpoetgi course (hope i'm not wrong)17:21
Kilosim lost17:21
Kiloswb superfly mrs_fly 17:22
somaunnthe good food you cook and very old cooking "marmites"17:22
Kiloswhat language is poetgi17:22
Kilosand how do you make it17:23
magespawnpotjie, i think Kilos17:29
Kilosoh 17:29
Kiloseish magespawn 17:36
Kilosno wonder im battling for space17:36
Kilosgremble, was right17:36
Kilosthe /storage partition in sda6 not sda717:36
Kilos7 is home17:37
Kiloshow did i make such a mistake17:37
Kilosi was recovering off my 800g /home partition17:38
Kiloswhat a twit17:38
grembleKilos: Were you right, or was I right?17:38
magespawnthat is very easy, i always quadruple check myself, because i dd and wiped a drive like that17:38
Kilosyou were gremble i apologise17:38
grembleI love being right. I just don't know when I was right or why I am right xD17:39
magespawngood way to learn though17:39
Kiloswhen yopu said you cant recover so much off a 100g partition man17:40
Kilosyou too17:40
Kilosi normally open gparted to see what the partitions are before i recover17:42
Kilosdunno where i went wrong this time17:42
magespawnmaybe a way to go from here would be to write your own how to, so that you follow the same steps every time17:44
somaunnKilos: in case you want to recover files or partitions this tools will help you doing it easily www.hirensbootcd.org17:45
magespawnthat is something i struggle with17:45
magespawni get something right and then promptly forget how i did it17:45
Kilosi must have been half asleep or something17:45
Kilosor wrong glasses17:45
Kilossomaunn, i use testdisk photorec foremost and scalpel17:46
Kilosrun from hard drive17:46
Kilosand they all part of ubuntu repos17:47
Kilostiny downloads no a whole live cd full of data17:47
Kilosbut thanks for the link17:49
Kilosi think i originally followed this link somaunn http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/15761/recover-data-like-a-forensics-expert-using-an-ubuntu-live-cd/17:51
Kilosearly night for me. night all. sleep tight18:08
Kilossee ya morrow18:08
magespawngood night Kilos 18:08
magespawngood night all20:01

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